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Title:Picking up on the phone
Notice:One Ringy Dingy
Created:Thu Mar 27 1986
Last Modified:Tue Jul 09 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:146
Total number of notes:514
Number with bodies:0
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1.07DONJON::GOLDSTEINThu Feb 14 1985The Telephone Connection
2.010PYRITE::WEAVERMon Feb 18 1985Nawthuhn Telecomm, y'all :-)
3.04ARNOLD::ROTHWed Feb 20 1985Ohio getting Teknekron ACD
4.02NY1MM::YANNIOSTue Mar 05 1985CPI-32
5.01DONJON::GOLDSTEINThu Apr 04 1985Secretarial coverage
6.03GVASA::NGUYENWed Apr 17 1985PBX info
7.0DONJON::GOLDSTEINFri Jun 28 1985Meridian DV-1
8.02ANNECY::CARLTONWed Aug 07 1985European PBXing
9.01SNOV17::JUNEEMon Apr 28 1986CPI & DMI queries
10.01ASYLUM::KNORRWed Apr 30 1986ROLM PBX Switch
11.02ASYLUM::LEVYThu May 15 1986Request for info on Stromberg-Carlson
12.012SIERRA::OSMANTue Jun 24 1986alternate dialing methods
13.02DELNI::HOLLANDThu Jul 10 1986P/FM V3.
14.09DMATE2::GERSTLEMon Jul 14 1986Getting Status Info from a PBX-based phone
15.04DELNI::GOLDSTEINFri Sep 05 1986ALL-IN-1 System for Telecom Mgt Sales Trng
16.02DEREP::HOLLANDMon Sep 15 1986DMW & CSI Merge
17.010ATLANT::SCHMIDTTue Sep 16 1986A-A1 Contact Closure for your PBX?
18.03DELNI::HOLLANDFri Sep 26 1986Cyber Digital's MSV & SMDR
19.06DELNI::HAMMONDFri Sep 26 1986AT Outside Connect Question
20.01ATLANT::SCHMIDTFri Oct 10 1986Computer-Integrated Telephony / PHONESLAVE / ETHERPHONE
21.02NY1MM::ZENZEROVICHTue Oct 21 1986C/FM cable mgnt ques.
22.01DEREP::HOLLANDTue Oct 28 1986ROLM CDR Direct Output
24.01TAVTue Nov 04 1986ESDI or CSL software?
25.01CSCMA::LAMPERTFri Nov 07 1986Info. needed on CENTRON PBX
26.02CSCMA::KNORRMon Nov 10 1986Anybody here of HTL?
27.09DECNA::HOLLANDWed Nov 19 1986Sales Support Training - A1 Telecom (PFM & CFM)
28.01TRCOThu Nov 20 1986All-in-One and SL/1
29.01MLNCSC::CESANIThu Nov 27 1986pbx on broadband ?
30.03CSCMA::LAMPERTWed Dec 03 1986Tracking #rings from SL1
31.04DEBET::GOLDSTEINThu Dec 04 1986DMI interface for the VAX
32.02CSCMA::KNORRFri Dec 05 1986Anyone ever here of Holbec?
33.02CSCMA::LEVYWed Dec 10 1986How does DEC respond in a changing industry?
34.01SHIRE::MBOWMANThu Dec 11 1986P/FM notes file ?
35.0DEBET::HOLLANDWed Dec 17 1986Sales Support (A1-Tel, P/FM, C/FM)
36.02MMOTue Dec 23 1986C/FM documentation
37.0CSCMA::LAMPERTWed Jan 14 1987AT&T System-75
38.0DEBET::HOLLANDFri Jan 23 1987RFI on TEKNO Industries
39.03PD75Fri Jan 23 1987NTI DMS-2
40.03BLGWed Feb 04 1987European policy on the PBX issue ?
41.0MDVAX4::NIEMANNTue Feb 10 1987ROLM PhoneMail Interface
42.01ARNOLD::ROTHThu Feb 19 1987Looking for answer/message gizmo
43.01ANNECY::DEIGHTONThu Mar 05 1987P/FM C/FM I would like an overview
44.011DUNE::DAHLGRENSat Apr 11 1987Voice Response Research?
46.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jun 25 1987Digitized Voice
47.09VAXWRK::NORDLINGERTue Sep 15 1987Phone that displays incoming number
48.0LDP::ROYThu Oct 01 1987Reseller design questions
49.014TLE::MAILMANMon Oct 26 1987Wanted: Telephone Switch
50.04LOVADA::SCHERRERFri Nov 06 1987Request on STANZA
51.02LEROUF::DENISFri Nov 27 1987A simple question / telephones.
52.03DPDMAI::PORTERFIELDWed Dec 30 1987SL1
53.03MDVAX1::HAYDENMon Jan 04 1988SL-1 & 825
54.010CASVMon Jan 25 1988P/FM Question
55.07GUIDUK::ROYThu Jan 28 1988E and M signal standards
56.04CRAKRS::KELTZTue Mar 08 1988Local Loop Restriction on PSET
57.0PETALE::DENISWed Mar 30 1988PBX Mgt - SS7
58.04UBEAUT::GILLWed Apr 06 1988acd's and uVAX phone enquiry system
59.01ODIXIE::CASTOWed Apr 06 1988T1 interconnection
60.05TEASE::NAUGLEThu Jun 09 1988AT&T System 85 interconnection
61.02DELNI::MCCONNELLWed Jun 22 1988RSC's, Sys 85's and CAS
62.04PAULUS::KAMINSKITue Jul 05 1988New Rolm PBX
63.07GUIDUK::KRUGTue Aug 30 1988Little red message lights?
66.02CSCMA::LEVYFri Sep 09 1988Question on Tenant Services, Credit Cards, Fed tax
67.0DELNI::LEVICKFri Sep 09 1988CIT Questions and Answers
68.0USATTue Sep 13 1988GTE sells PBX business to Fujitsu
69.01CTRLZ::COHENTue Sep 13 1988COOK RAN RECORDERS, CIT, SL/1's, et al
70.0KAOFS::READWed Sep 21 1988Perimeter Technology's RT-1
71.03EMASS::PUCHRIKMon Oct 10 1988IBX
72.03ORYGUN::KRUCKMANWed Oct 19 1988System-75 and Autodial
73.0CSCMA::LEVYTue Nov 22 1988CIT Support Seminar scheduled
74.0FOOZLE::MULLETTMon Dec 05 1988SL1 Test Info Needed
75.0RDGENG::CULLEYTue Dec 06 1988CIT v2.
76.03USATMon Dec 12 1988US PBX Line Shipments
77.0BTO::JPETERSWed Dec 14 1988bto::Telephones
78.04CSCMA::LEVYThu Dec 22 1988Is DIMENSION 2
80.0KCDEMO::MULLINTue Dec 27 1988Rockwell/ACD's Help?
81.01SKYWAY::JOERGENSENTue Jan 03 1989Documentation for CIT v1 or v2
82.04HGOVC::FARADAYCHONGWed Jan 04 1989CPI still alive?
83.01MEO78B::BENCOWed Jan 11 1989P/FM, C/FM Product Mgr??
84.01RDGENG::CULLEYThu Jan 19 1989Announcing CIT conference.
85.06JAIMES::WINGFri Jan 27 1989ROLM CBX still alive
86.09BSS::ANDERSONWed Feb 01 1989AT&T System 85/VAX interconnect
87.010DUBThu Feb 09 1989Security thru pabx
88.02USHSFri Feb 17 1989Rolm 9751 --> VAX ???
89.03USATThu Mar 09 1989PBX Market Statistics
90.02CARP::BULLENThu Mar 23 1989Anyone have P/FM available?
91.0USMVFri Mar 24 1989P/FM INFO
92.04JANUS::BRASHWed Apr 05 1989Information request - fault tolerance in PBX systems
93.04AMUSED::TOMLINSONMon Jun 12 1989Flashy Phone
95.05MEO78B::SMALLMANWed Jul 05 1989R2D Voice Signalling
96.01USATMon Jul 17 1989Fujitsu's PBX for the 199
97.03TLE::MAILMANTue Jul 18 1989PBX terms & acronyms
98.01TRUCKS::MCPHIE_JWed Aug 02 19892 Mbit/s(CAS) PSTN Connectivity in France
99.0USATWed Aug 09 1989IBM to Announce New Low-end PBX
101.0USATThu Aug 10 1989US Market Stats for Key & Hybrid Systems
102.02JANUS::RDAVIESWed Sep 27 1989Fractional T1 info required
103.0JAWJA::GRESHThu Dec 07 1989Alcatel, Siemens ink PBX spec
104.05SHIPS::SMITH_KTue Dec 19 1989NT ACD info please
105.0JAWJA::GRESHTue Jan 02 1990Tel Plus sell PBX customers to NEC America
106.01JAWJA::GRESHMon Jan 29 1990Matra Looks at InteCom
107.0JAWJA::GRESHMon Jan 29 1990For Sale By Owner: BT Stake in Mitel
108.02JAWJA::GRESHMon Mar 19 1990PBX User Satisfaction Survey
109.01KAZAN::MENEBHIFri Apr 06 1990Northern Telecom SNA XT
110.0JAWJA::GRESHTue Oct 02 1990Siemens Private Communication Systems (SPCS)
111.02HANNAH::OSMANWed Oct 10 1990can we discuss Meridian Voicemail here ?
112.01HANNAH::OSMANFri Oct 12 1990what REALLY happens with more than 3 minutes of messages
113.02LEVEL::OSMANWed Oct 17 1990no way to edit distribution lists
114.03ROYALT::DRAPERMon Nov 12 1990wish list for meridian voice messaging system
115.02HANNAH::OSMANMon Dec 03 1990what if I reply to a message from a non-subscriber ?
116.0RIPPLE::NICHOLS_DAMon Dec 10 1990Data/voice/video RFP help needed
117.03SIOG::TINNELLYFri Dec 14 1990Republic Telecom Systems
118.06BOMBE::GERSTLETue Feb 05 1991Product Idea - Hotel Voice Mail
119.05HANNAH::OSMANThu Feb 14 1991Meridian fails to forward call to voicemail !
120.03ATHINA::CHRONOPOULOSFri Feb 22 1991PBXserver compatibility
122.01SAHQ::GRESHTue Apr 09 1991Mitel To Close U.S. Office
123.0JAWJA::GRESHTue Apr 16 1991199
124.0TKOVOA::ANDO_SFri May 10 1991Suprevisory Protocol of NTI
126.0BREAKR::HAThu Jul 18 1991DSO on CXY
127.0DESERT::STARKEYThu Jul 25 1991nortel hold querry
128.01HPSRAD::COUGHLANThu Nov 07 1991Getting Around Merlin?
129.01DECWET::MCCADDONThu Nov 21 1991Swap Meet for PBX Equipment
130.01HXOUMon Dec 30 1991PBX card type...?
131.02PCOJCT::NAIRFri Jan 10 1992SL1
132.0HLRGThu Jan 30 1992DECmcc PABX AM for Ericsson MD11
133.02BACKUP::MAYNARDSat Feb 22 1992NT MTX or Meridian to FT systems interfacing
134.02DELSFri Mar 13 1992E1 to VAX-world interface needed
135.04SKIVT::INGRAMFri Jun 12 1992Where to find training on PBX's
136.01SHIPS::MILLS_PThu Jun 18 1992Centrex and VPN service management
137.05SUBWAY::JAUNGThu Nov 19 1992NT DSM-1
138.03ZPOVC::INDOThu Mar 18 1993MD1
139.01ZPOVC::INDOWed Mar 31 1993digital (vs analog) PABX and DEC devices
140.01MEXVFri Nov 12 1993VoiceMail->NT ??
141.03AKOCOA::SIDESWed Dec 01 1993Feature Group D??
142.04ATLANT::SCHMIDTFri Feb 25 1994Interface Standards for Digital PABXs and Digital Phones
143.0BRAT::CLEVELANDWed Mar 09 1994Telcom Technologies ACD
144.0ISTWI1::OZKANFri Jul 22 1994point7 protocol
145.02KETJE::63911::mylleMon Oct 10 1994Alcatel 52
146.03MXOCWed Jun 19 1996DID