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Conference noted::on_the_road

Title:Business travel
Notice:Not the classifieds! Not for tourists. See 461.0
Created:Tue Apr 29 1986
Last Modified:Tue Mar 25 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:685
Total number of notes:4913
Number with bodies:2
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1.09DEREP::GOLDSTEINTue Apr 29 1986I'm on the road again...
2.019ORAN::ORANThu May 01 1986Good Time to fly TWA
3.018DELNI::GOLDSTEINThu May 01 1986Places to stay in Reading
4.03DELNI::GOLDSTEINThu May 01 1986Silly modern hotels
5.0SANFAN::WOODRISat May 03 1986San Francisco!
6.036MILDEW::DEROSASat May 03 1986Frequent Flyer Plans
7.033NMGVMon May 05 1986Airline Names???
8.01ENGGSG::GROLLMANWed May 07 1986Give me shelter!
9.025VIRTUE::STEINERWed May 07 1986Crimson Travel - Good or Bad?
10.049APPLE::MATUSMon May 12 1986Favorite airlines for business
11.07MMOMon May 12 1986Old, quaint hotels
12.034EXODUS::HARROWTue May 13 1986Manhattan (NY) Hotels
13.08NMGVWed May 14 1986Where to stay in Copenhagen
14.04GENRAL::CRANEFri May 16 1986Shrewsbury/Westboro area hotels
15.018CRVAX1::KAPLOWFri May 16 1986Special Meals on flights
16.03NMGVWed May 21 1986Where to stay in Tel Aviv
17.010NMGVMon May 26 1986 FF in Europe?
18.016CURIE::ARNOLDTue May 27 1986where to stay in Geneva
19.07EXODUS::HARROWWed Jun 04 1986Is Business Class OK?
20.043APPLE::MATUSMon Jun 09 1986Airport Limos -- not buses
22.0CROW::STEINERThu Jun 12 1986Be Careful at Logan
23.02COOKIE::WITHERSWed Jun 18 1986Guide Travel
24.013EXODUS::HARROWFri Jun 20 1986The GROUND part of a trip to Reading...
25.0MILDEW::DEROSASun Jun 22 1986Consumer Reports rates hotel chains
26.020MMOMon Jun 30 1986Someplace to stay in Bedford
27.06EXODUS::HARROWTue Jul 01 1986A weekend in Valbonne or Milano...
28.08NOD::DAMONMon Jul 07 1986Airline Clubs
29.02EXODUS::HARROWMon Jul 07 1986Milano: Hotels/Food...
30.04PUERTO::ALVAREZTue Jul 08 1986Place to stay in Tewksbury ??
31.033CRVAX1::KAPLOWTue Jul 15 1986Hotel phone gouging
32.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONFri Jul 18 1986Westboro/YWO hotels?
33.01GUIDO::PRESTIDGESat Jul 19 1986Running, Weight Training in Reading U.K.
34.02CARLIN::BANCROFTThu Jul 24 1986Travel light
35.01NMGVMon Jul 28 1986Schipol-->Nijmegen
36.01TWOCAD::PEPEWed Jul 30 1986Clonmel - what's happening?
37.04UNIQUE::MCKINNEYWed Jul 30 1986Fun in Boston?
38.03USHSThu Jul 31 1986Need a place to stay!
39.017ZEPPO::BANCROFTFri Aug 22 1986Anybody know a Network OAG????
40.011DAMSEL::JACKSONTue Aug 26 1986Travelling to Richmond
41.01TIGEMS::ARNOLDTue Sep 16 1986Going from Brighton to Reading?
42.0ZEPPO::BANCROFTTue Sep 23 1986El Paso, Texas
43.02VAXWRK::BRAGINSKYTue Sep 23 1986San Francisco | Any suggestions?
44.02TIGEMS::ARNOLDTue Sep 23 1986north conway, nh recommendations?
46.013TIGEMS::ARNOLDTue Sep 30 1986Downtown London hotels?
47.06FURILO::BLESSLEYThu Oct 02 1986Complete non-smoking USAir flights?
48.07NY1MM::MISRAHIThu Oct 09 1986Washington D.C.
49.01NY1MM::MISRAHIFri Oct 10 1986Bed and Breakfasts (B&B)
50.01OURVAX::BBROWNMon Oct 13 1986help on Mexico
51.08DARTH::HERNANDEZMon Oct 13 1986Cheap inter-european fares?
52.021FSTVAX::FOSTERMon Oct 20 1986Houston, TX info ???
53.06AMRETO::HIGGINSTue Oct 21 1986manchester_airport
57.01EXODUS::HARROWTue Nov 18 1986Business in Galway, Ireland...
58.014NY1MM::LONERGANMon Nov 24 1986Going to Atlanta @IPO Facility
59.06MMOTue Dec 02 1986Washington D.C. info needed
61.04NMGVThu Dec 11 1986Dutch National Sport
62.01ZEPPO::MAHLERSun Dec 14 1986Staying cheaply in Frankfurt ?
63.02CANDY::POTUCEKWed Dec 17 1986Northern N.J information needed
64.02DECNA::GOLDSTEINTue Dec 30 1986Aguadilla, Puerto Rico?
65.03TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Dec 31 1986hawaii info?
66.0NMGVWed Jan 07 1987IAPA??
67.01ENUF::BERENSONMon Jan 12 1987Travel in Austria
68.023CSSE::BANCROFTFri Jan 16 1987Colorado Spring, Colorado
69.034CURRY::SWARTFri Jan 16 1987How is Continental?
70.05NYMGR::MCCREADYSat Feb 07 1987Detroit?
71.07BIGMAC::TELSEYWed Feb 11 1987Toronto Suggestions?
72.02TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Feb 17 1987Hotel suggestions outside London?
73.02SNICKR::HAMERThu Feb 19 1987Albuquerque query
74.010BARNUM::RHODESFri Feb 20 1987Monterey, California?
75.046FURILO::BLINNFri Feb 20 1987Personnel Policy 5.11 -- Business Expenses
76.030IMNAUT::PEPEMon Feb 23 1987Passport updates?
77.01PLANET::TRACYWed Feb 25 1987Delta/Western Merger Info
78.0OPUS::STYLIANOSWed Feb 25 1987San German PR. Hotels
79.01--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 26 1987Hilton Head, Charlston, Savannah
80.09NMGVFri Feb 27 1987South Lawrence area (Mass.)
81.04PMRV7Fri Feb 27 1987HOTELS IN SCOTLAND??
82.04BOOVX2::BISCARDIWed Mar 04 1987Chicago ?
84.09STAR::KAIKOWSun Mar 08 1987(Non-)Smoking "Policies", airlines, hotels, restaurants, ...
85.04--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 16 1987Far East help needed
86.015MANANA::RAVANThu Mar 19 1987Charlotte, NC
87.038NFL::GIRARDMon Mar 23 1987Rental Mentals
88.0NFL::GIRARDMon Mar 23 1987Tropical Island Accomodations - basic & memorable
89.08CAM2::BLESSLEYTue Mar 24 1987Samsonite System IV -- Not a Program Product Announcement
90.01AURA::SMITHMon Mar 30 1987Frequent Traveller Plan Cross-reference
91.0TRCATue Mar 31 1987get me to the plane on time
93.02CSSE::BANCROFTFri Apr 10 1987Atlantic City
94.01TIXEL::ARNOLDSat Apr 11 1987Way down under
95.0VMSDEV::FISHERSun Apr 12 1987Avoid TWA in SFO for a while
96.01NUTMEG::RYANFri Apr 17 1987*** OKLAHOMA CITY? ***
97.08VIDEO::FINGERHUTFri Apr 17 1987International Driver's License
98.05DEBIT::RANDALLTue Apr 21 1987Australia anybody?
100.037SQM::K_COLLINSThu Apr 23 1987How bad is parking at Logan?
101.010HSTSSC::PEURAMon Apr 27 1987Holiday Inn/Marlboro ?
102.0AKOVThu Apr 30 1987AA Keeps Hawaii
103.01CURIE::JOYFri May 01 1987Pittsburgh cheap?
104.010DSTAR::THEBERGEThu May 07 1987Travel to Valbonne, France ??
105.06AKOVThu May 07 1987American Express Travel
107.011BMT::MISRAHIThu May 21 1987Arlington Heights, Chicago
108.02MQOSWed May 27 1987Toronto!.. to play!...
109.011JAWS::DAVISFri Jun 05 1987Worst Hotel Experiences..
110.04STAR::KAIKOWTue Jun 09 1987Use Permanent Ink for Travelers Checks
111.01NAAD::NEWMANTue Jun 16 1987The FAA wants YOU!
112.04NMGVWed Jun 17 1987Seat Pitches
113.03KAOAMon Jun 22 1987Bad and Good eating and sleeping
115.011DIEHRD::MAHLERWed Jun 24 1987Want to know about Copenhagen!
116.05SHIRE::MARSHALLMon Jun 29 1987Out and about in Ottawa
117.09RTOADC::BACHNERWed Jul 01 1987Car rental in Canada ?
118.01VIDEO::OSMANWed Jul 01 19872-week furnished house available for rent
119.07NRADM3::FORANTue Jul 07 1987Passport, Hubba,Hubba!!
120.03DELNI::GOLDSTEINWed Jul 08 1987Hang on to your luggage at the airport!
121.09NECVAX::HODGESSat Jul 11 1987Canadian Dollars???
122.022MTBLUE::BEALE_GLORIATue Jul 14 1987Ride the Train
123.04--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 21 1987<Help about Cancun, Mexico>
124.032CRVAX1::KAPLOWTue Jul 21 1987#*@% Diners Club
125.013ATLAST::NICODEMWed Jul 22 1987Value Added Tax (VAT) when travelling abroad
126.02GERBIL::BOHLIGThu Jul 23 1987Tahiti, Aus/NZ Info
127.013GENRAL::RINESMITHTue Jul 28 1987Central Florida
128.09GOLD::OPPELTTue Aug 04 1987December DECUS at Disney
129.06NUTMEG::DEROSIERWed Aug 05 1987A Little Humor on Delta
130.02BESS::DSULLIVANMon Aug 10 1987Paris info/advice needed...
131.022TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Aug 12 1987Northwest experience
132.02ALIEN::RABAHYWed Aug 12 1987Marbella, Spain -> Gibraltar & Morocco
133.06CSMADM::POLAYMon Aug 17 1987Montreal Hotels--Help Pls
134.011EUCLID::PAULHUSWed Aug 19 1987'Able Bodied Passengers'
135.04CHESS::KAIKOWWed Aug 19 1987Sigh!
136.04MLNTSC::M_FRANZONIThu Aug 20 1987Ireland (c)lovers
137.04DIEHRD::MAHLERMon Aug 24 1987Airline Statistics Request
138.024DIEHRD::MAHLERThu Aug 27 1987What's the cheapest? Boston/NY --> Europe?
139.01IRT::MISRAHIThu Aug 27 1987PAn AM shuttle
140.01BCSE::KREFETZFri Aug 28 1987and now, on a serious note
141.03GENRAL::KAUFMANFri Aug 28 1987place to stay in Andover area?
142.08EXODUS::HARROWThu Sep 03 1987Vancouver, Canada?
143.04EXODUS::HARROWThu Sep 03 1987Info on Japan, please...
144.04DECEAT::HELSELThu Sep 03 1987Zurich?
145.07SUPER::HENDRICKSTue Sep 08 1987Advice sought on joining FF
146.037RAINBO::INGMANNThu Sep 10 1987Luggage checking
147.01BEING::POSTPISCHILThu Sep 10 1987Guide Books
149.012THE78Wed Sep 16 1987HWO biz trip experience?
150.0IND::MISRAHITue Sep 22 1987Carry-on luggage...revisited
151.03THE78Sun Sep 27 1987SFO parking alternatives needed
152.05CHESS::KAIKOWTue Sep 29 1987How to get travellers checks
153.08DECWIN::FISHERMon Oct 05 1987TWA White Card: What's the catch?
154.03WLDWST::C_LEETue Oct 06 1987What a way to fly!!
155.04MANILA::DEEREFri Oct 09 1987Why is tourist travel taboo in this file?
156.04BELKER::KOPECFri Oct 09 1987Denver hotels?
157.025NYOB::FOURNIERTue Oct 13 1987Avis Ideas - Car rental issues
158.01CSMADM::KLEBESThu Oct 15 1987Car Rental/ Westford MA
159.01THE78Fri Oct 16 1987Los Angeles
161.0AKOVMon Oct 19 1987USA Today for business travelers
162.01MANILA::DEEREWed Oct 21 1987San Juan, Puerto Rico
163.03IND::NAEGELYMon Oct 26 1987Digital Housing in Bedford
164.03CSSE::BANCROFTMon Nov 09 1987A technical question
165.02CSSE::BANCROFTTue Nov 10 1987Query on Northrop in Los Angeles
166.040HAM::SIMONTue Nov 24 1987Ma Bell Where are You?
167.02NEURON::MARTINTue Nov 24 1987Denver Stapleton information available
168.04VIDEO::FINGERHUTWed Nov 25 1987Are airline tickets transferable?
169.05--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 03 1987Use a GY-USA business trip as a start...
170.014SMAUG::GARRODFri Dec 04 1987Getting to and from the airport
171.03SRFSUP::GOLDSMITHTue Dec 08 1987When we lose a fellow employee...
172.027VIDEO::KUMARThu Dec 17 1987Singapore Suggestions
174.08SAHQ::LILLYThu Dec 31 1987New carry-on ruling
175.01CHESS::KAIKOWFri Jan 01 1988Full liability for auto rental
177.013CHESS::KAIKOWMon Jan 04 1988Airline Carry On Baggage Policies
178.05CHESS::KAIKOWMon Jan 04 1988DEC Hotel Guide
180.05CADSE::SMITHFri Jan 08 1988You can't leave home without it
181.01CHEST::WRIGHTTue Jan 12 1988Car delivery in USA
182.024BPOV1Mon Jan 25 1988triple the confusion
183.010LEROUF::GLIGORTue Jan 26 1988Marriott Westboro(ugh) Mass.
184.04LEROUF::GLIGORTue Jan 26 1988Comment Card Reply Humor
185.03TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Jan 26 1988Paris Hotel Recommendations?
186.014MSDSWS::DSMITHWed Jan 27 1988DRIVE VS. FLY
187.018ROMFri Jan 29 1988help needed Boston=>Colorado Spr.
188.05NUTMEG::RYANTue Feb 02 1988???IRVINE (LA) INFO NEEDED???
189.011DPDMAI::BOLDSun Feb 07 1988Helicopter Schedules
190.018LEROUF::GLIGORMon Feb 08 1988How To Fly Less Dangerously
191.07AURA::SMITHTue Feb 09 1988Swiss/European trains
192.01LEROUF::GLIGORFri Feb 12 1988An airline for Smokers?
194.03KAOOTue Feb 16 1988?Best Route to VRO and back to Airport?
195.08LEROUF::GLIGORSun Feb 21 1988Reading Highfield, UK
196.01--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 23 1988Matchmaker, matchmaker
197.01NCMWVX::MAYRTue Feb 23 1988Boyleston Info ???
198.03NCMWVX::MAYRTue Feb 23 1988New England Weekend Drive ?
199.010CHESS::KAIKOWWed Feb 24 1988DEC's Travel Expense Guidelines
200.030BPOV1Wed Mar 02 1988Are we getting value ?
201.018JGO::FITZGERALDWed Mar 09 1988Virgin??
202.01CHESS::KAIKOWTue Mar 15 1988OAG is blatantly inaccurate!
203.01--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 17 1988Q: T OR F - TAX AND PETTY CASH
204.03E2XE2X::MCCONNELLTue Mar 22 1988Boston to Blakney
206.04AKOVFri Apr 01 1988domestic Business Class
207.04JACKAL::SIMONThu Apr 07 1988JFK Parking?
208.03BLITZN::LITASISun Apr 10 1988I'm not guilty!!!
209.01DSSDEV::ELLISMon Apr 11 1988D.C.: A Hotel to Avoid
210.09JGO::FITZGERALDTue Apr 12 1988First Class...
211.010ESASE::GRAYWed Apr 13 1988per diem in USA
212.03BMT::MISRAHIWed Apr 13 1988Nashua
213.03SPGOPS::BERLOFFTue Apr 19 1988European route needed
215.07AKOVThu Apr 28 1988travel newsletters
216.06JGO::FITZGERALDFri Apr 29 1988More Top 1
217.02TENERE::GLIGORFri May 06 1988Airline Acronyms (Humor)
218.010TIXEL::ARNOLDTue May 10 1988Hotel Frequent Stayer Programs
219.01AKOV11::FRANKFri May 20 1988Searching for Cape Cod RV area for Memorial Day
220.02CAM2::BLESSLEYMon May 23 1988Complaining in writing to Avis
221.02BMT::MISRAHITue May 24 1988Free food or included in price ?
222.04AKOV12::HAGGERTYThu Jun 02 1988the aging airline fleet
223.014COOKIE::WITHERSWed Jun 08 1988Liquidation of Pan Am
224.08AKOV13::MATUSThu Jun 09 1988San Juan, Puerto Rico
225.04MELKOR::HENSLEYTue Jun 14 1988Portland OR: Hotel alternative
226.030AKOV12::HAGGERTYTue Jun 14 1988more airline statistics
227.08AKOV13::MATUSTue Jun 21 1988Extemely Poor Service
228.034TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Jun 22 1988Lost luggage advice
229.0TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Jun 22 1988Airline incentives
230.02CIMNET::SCHEIDMon Jun 27 1988Know Good Spot in Richmond, VA?
231.014HYDRA::ECKERTWed Jun 29 1988No corporate late arrival guarantees
232.044ODIXIE::RIDGWAYThu Jun 30 1988First time International Flyer
233.08EAYVThu Jul 07 1988...with the sounds of Munich
234.010DELNI::GOLDSTEINThu Jul 07 1988Any advice for San Diego trip?
235.02GAO::FMORLEYFri Jul 08 1988Californian Car Hire - HELP!!
236.05BPOVTue Jul 12 1988Heathrow Info
237.03BMT::MISRAHITue Jul 12 1988Paris->MADRID
238.01CAM2::BLESSLEYWed Jul 13 1988Acceptable meal expenses here
239.012TENERE::GLIGORFri Jul 15 1988Risk of Hijacking?
240.03LDP::WRIGHTWed Jul 20 1988ANAHEIM,CA. INFO.
241.02VAXRIO::MAURICIOThu Jul 21 1988Williamsburg, Virginia
242.017ODIXIE::RIDGWAYThu Jul 21 1988Merrimack, NH
243.02UTROP1::GROOTWFri Jul 22 1988Taxi/Heli from Logan to MKO
244.07COVERT::COVERTTue Jul 26 1988Pay phone ripoffs spreading
245.02CLUSTA::TAMIRWed Jul 27 1988Parking at Logan's Terminal E
246.08AKOV12::HAGGERTYThu Jul 28 1988air traffic control contract goes to IBM
247.015HYDRA::MEDLEYThu Jul 28 1988Collision/Insurance with AVIS on personnel hire
248.05GLDOA::SRINIVASANSun Jul 31 1988"Apartment type hotels near Marlboro??"
249.0749ER::C_LEETue Aug 09 1988AA and Singapore FF credit
250.07SMAUG::GARRODTue Aug 16 1988Digital helps get a car from AVIS
252.024TIXEL::ARNOLDFri Aug 26 1988Hotel suggestions for Philadelphia ACT area?
253.01LOWLIF::EAGLEFri Aug 26 1988Fall Foliage Ideas???
254.05CIMNET::STEWARTMon Aug 29 1988Ann Arbor
256.010SMAUG::GARRODSat Sep 03 1988Are expenses incurred because of a trip claimable?
257.04SMAUG::GARRODSat Sep 03 1988Claiming vacation in lieu of non-work travel time
258.0CSGWed Sep 07 1988AA Firstclass Upgrade Certificate
259.04NCVAX1::ASBYSat Sep 10 1988Dallas, TX
260.010TIXEL::ARNOLDMon Sep 12 1988Petty cash & Amex weirdness
261.01FOOT::RUSSELLTue Sep 13 1988American Airlines computer foul up?
262.05NSSG::SMITHSat Sep 17 1988AMEX exclusive on Aviation Services
263.0CHESS::KAIKOWSat Sep 17 1988Driving to Logan Airport
264.0ATEAM::POTUCEKWed Sep 21 1988A "Soap" Story
267.07USADEC::KWILSONThu Oct 06 1988Delta FF awards
268.01IRT::MISRAHIThu Oct 06 1988Pan Am semi-automation
270.014AIMHI::QUINNTue Oct 11 1988Atlanta?
271.01CSSE::MILLERWed Oct 12 1988"kludge Bag" for Sale
272.03CURIE::JOYWed Oct 12 1988Perks with DC?
273.08CHESS::KAIKOWThu Oct 13 1988Flying in Winter:BOS to SFO
274.023ERIC::PATTERSONFri Oct 14 1988business class, still??
275.03NSSG::ROSENBAUMFri Oct 14 1988freq. flyer companion ticket awards
276.03TRCASat Oct 22 1988Boylston & Concord - Hotel and Best Route Please
277.02COGMK::MURPHYMon Oct 24 1988Seattle: sleeps and eats
278.02AKOV12::HAGGERTYMon Oct 24 1988a 'USA Today' business-person's guide
279.01HANJA::GREENWOODTue Oct 25 1988La Guardia to JFK
280.02CSCMA::BROWNTue Oct 25 1988Kalamazoo, MI?
281.02TIXEL::ARNOLDThu Oct 27 1988Eastern trying for new 'heights' in satisfaction?
282.04VIDEO::LIENThu Nov 03 1988travel document to Canada
283.01CHESS::KAIKOWSun Nov 06 1988Family Feud
284.01CHESS::KAIKOWFri Nov 11 1988Not a good way to keep business
285.05CSOA1::BERNARDSun Nov 13 1988Fares soar into the friendly skies
286.0322Mon Nov 21 1988Metropolitan Diary
287.09MAMIE::EARLYWed Nov 23 1988Question: Airline "Bonus Tickets" Anyone experienced with them ?
288.09BPOVWed Nov 30 1988Airline Gifts
289.030HAMSTR::LEVITTWed Nov 30 1988Worcester Airport
290.02BPOVThu Dec 01 1988TWA FF Changes
291.0CAM2::BLESSLEYThu Dec 01 1988New rules for Piedmont/USair and TWA FF Programs
292.0FENNEL::STEVENSONFri Dec 02 1988Barbeque in Winston-Salem
293.03CURIE::FINNEGANFri Dec 09 1988Place to stay in Waikiki
294.09ACUTE::MCKINLEYTue Dec 13 1988Hotels on VTX
295.06E2XE2X::MCCONNELLThu Dec 15 1988Opinions on L1
296.06CHESS::KAIKOWFri Dec 16 1988Has CO really improved?
297.05DELNI::GOLDSTEINMon Dec 19 1988Manchester, NH airport
298.015EAYVTue Dec 20 1988Westford Regency?
299.03AKOV12::HAGGERTYThu Dec 22 1988a moment for PA 1
300.0ALXNDR::LANDRONTue Dec 27 1988Tokyo/HK Travel Help Needed
301.06CSGSat Dec 31 1988Bos-Ft Myer RT TIX available
302.01RAINBO::INGMANNThu Jan 12 1989Direct Boston->Copenhagen?
303.08BPOVMon Jan 16 1989United Pacific Information
304.04CIMNET::JETSun Jan 22 1989AVIS Profitibility Enhancement Program?
306.03COOKIE::K_NORTONThu Jan 26 1989vegetarian food in Worcester/Shrewsbury?
307.0AKOV12::HAGGERTYMon Jan 30 1989HP gets AA contract
308.07GIVEME::JOYTue Jan 31 1989Cathay Pacific freebie
309.01CHESS::KAIKOWFri Feb 03 1989Getting to/from Logan Airport
310.08TIXEL::ARNOLDFri Feb 10 1989USAir can be really nice!
311.02DECWIN::FISHERTue Feb 14 1989TWA FFB Added miles March-June
312.0CSCOA3::CRAWFORD_HFri Feb 17 1989Chicago bound-to Rolling Meadows, Ill
313.0GERBIL::PACLFri Feb 17 1989Charleston, SC B&B?
314.04HYEND::JBOWKERThu Feb 23 1989Free Eastern Airlines Coupon
315.0LAIDBK::PFLUEGERThu Mar 02 1989The Rate Your Stay note
316.04QBUS::FLEMINGThu Mar 02 1989Sheraton/Lexington
317.03DELNI::GOLDSTEINFri Mar 03 1989Phoenix, Arizone tips?
318.09ATLS17::HOLLY_OSun Mar 05 1989Santa Clara, CA
319.016TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Mar 08 1989Eastern strike ramifications
320.03AKOV12::JOYWed Mar 15 1989Travel Seminars in AKO
321.05TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Mar 22 1989Special "program" on Continental?
322.04TIXEL::ARNOLDMon Mar 27 1989Getting from New York (Penn Plaza) to Newark?
323.08CHESS::KAIKOWTue Mar 28 1989AA, best US flag carrier (now)?
324.04ODIXIE::RIDGWAYWed Mar 29 1989Is there a "slack" day to fly?
325.02QBUS::MITCHAMMon Apr 03 1989Damaged luggage while flying Braniff
326.023CHOLLA::MARTYMon Apr 03 1989Laptops on airplanes
327.07QBUS::MITCHAMMon Apr 03 1989Ever heard of "British Airways Corporation" aircraft?
328.03HEWIE::RUSSELLTue Apr 04 1989European IBM'ers advised not to fly on American flag carriers.
329.06VIDEO::BATTISTATue Apr 04 1989HELP 1
330.08GIAMEM::J_TRACYTue Apr 04 1989But its not profit free
331.05CHESS::KAIKOWMon Apr 10 1989Somerset (near Piscataway), New Jersey
332.03WMOIS::FARHADIMon Apr 10 1989Lost/Stolen certificate
333.01SAFETY::SEGALTue Apr 11 1989Buffalo - Need recommendations
334.02MELKOR::HENSLEYFri Apr 14 1989Beyond Laptops: DON'T X-RAY MY DRIVE!
335.08CADSE::SMITHFri Apr 14 1989Stockholm
336.015DECWIN::FISHERFri Apr 14 1989Watch out for TWA's wonderful new "computerized" FFB tracking
337.049CHESS::KAIKOWFri Apr 14 1989American Express Travel at DEC
338.07TEMPE1::KWILSONTue Apr 18 1989Northwest $149 RT offer
339.02CIMNET::KLEEMon Apr 24 1989Carrolton, Texas Hotel Recommendation
340.02ULTRA::ELLISThu Apr 27 1989Oakland?
341.04GIAMEM::J_TRACYFri Apr 28 1989KIDS fly for $1 = I fly elsewhere
342.01INCH::PREECETue May 02 1989That HERTZ !!
343.02SX4GTO::HOLTTue May 02 1989Long term storage at Rhein-Main?
344.01PAAIEC::CAROLTue May 02 1989Munich to Vienna by rail?
345.06KLO::ALVAREZWed May 03 1989Is Shannon-JFK-SJ a good idea ?
346.01SICVAX::WYATTMon May 15 1989Traveler's Rights?
347.05EVER11::KRUPINSKISun May 21 1989US Civil Air Regulations
348.0NEBR::HARRISONMon May 22 1989Hotel suggestion when in Milwaukee
349.05CHESS::KAIKOWMon May 22 1989DEC makes a tax profit when we drive our own cars
350.02TEMPE1::KWILSONWed May 31 1989Cockpit humor
351.0TELALL::MORRISEYWed May 31 1989Travel VTX
352.020CADSE::SMITHThu Jun 01 1989Business cards and telephone numbers
353.02NOVA::WASSERMANMon Jun 05 1989Anyone for MacArthur on Long Island?
354.04ACESMK::TUSIAWed Jun 07 1989Dulles to Baltimore
355.01ASPEN2::BOIKOWed Jun 07 1989DEC Hotel Rates and Petty Cash....
356.07SALEM::MAISTROSKYThu Jun 08 1989If you have a choice...
357.013CHESS::KAIKOWMon Jun 12 1989How to get to/from Calgary
358.06MISFIT::SCHLITZERMWed Jun 14 1989Colo. Sprg Hotel?
359.06BMT::MISRAHIMon Jun 19 1989Late reimbursements.
360.05BMT::MISRAHIFri Jun 30 1989Trump Shuttle
361.096DECWIN::FISHERFri Jun 30 1989Latest dope on Car Rentals
362.05WMOIS::FARHADIWed Jul 05 1989Continental Special
363.01AKOV12::HAGGERTYMon Jul 10 1989international pricing structure changes
364.04AKO569::JOYWed Jul 12 1989This is REALLY traveling for DIGITAL!
365.07MANMThu Jul 20 1989US$35
366.02TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Jul 25 1989Dublin hotel suggestions?
367.01AKOV12::HAGGERTYMon Jul 31 1989take a rental car van to the "T" at Logan
368.05MELKOR::HENSLEYTue Aug 01 1989Bellevue hotels?
370.04DECWIN::FISHERTue Aug 22 1989Avoid Australia internal airlines for now
371.01ROWING::FEENANTue Aug 22 1989PAN AM FF partnerships?
372.02CALLME::MR_TOPAZThu Aug 31 1989SABENA -- more gruesome than usual these days
373.03TAVFri Sep 01 1989Washington DC - Hotel recommendations
375.01STEREO::COUTURESun Sep 03 1989Hilton Honors program any good??
376.02TIXEL::ARNOLDThu Sep 07 1989Passenger rights when bumped/flight cancelled
377.0SHIRE::FITZGERALDWed Sep 20 1989Parking in Galway
378.05OASS::ARNOLD_JWed Sep 20 1989GMA to Dublin routing?
379.019TIXEL::ARNOLDMon Sep 25 1989Experiences with the "new Eastern"
380.04CURIE::SRINIVASANMon Oct 09 1989Official Rule or AmEx Rule ?
381.08TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Oct 10 1989Notes on currency exchange
382.01SLOAN::HOMThu Oct 19 1989Responsibility of Airlines in Emergency
383.07SLOAN::HOMThu Oct 19 1989American Airlines Advantage Gold
384.06WUMBCK::PELLERINThu Oct 19 1989Can't got to Europe :^(
385.0CHESS::KAIKOWThu Oct 19 1989Don't rely solely on VTX Travel data base
386.010ISLNDS::BAHLINThu Oct 19 1989Long haul commuting questions
387.019CHESS::KAIKOWFri Oct 27 19894
388.0OTOOWed Nov 01 1989Tucson Accommodations
389.0NACCEE::WILTSHIREWed Nov 01 1989Where to put Video Cameras ?
390.06DEC25::LITASIMon Nov 06 1989Want lodging near Maynard...
391.04CHESS::KAIKOWFri Nov 10 1989Park 'N Fly expansion
392.02DPDMAI::DAVISGBFri Nov 17 1989ABQ-ORD-DAL-ABQ for $32!
395.09AKOV12::HAGGERTYMon Dec 11 1989Conde Nast's Top airlines, hotels, cities
396.04AYOV24::TADAIRWed Dec 13 1989Flying to the US bucket class?
397.0CHESS::KAIKOWSat Jan 13 1990Galleria Park Hotel in san Francisco
398.0LOOKUP::MORRISEYWed Jan 17 1990Phone: U.S. Dept. Transportation
399.03SHIRE::FITZGERALDWed Jan 24 1990Pilgrimage time....
400.038DECWET::HELSELFri Feb 02 1990United
401.04CADSE::SMITHThu Feb 08 1990Travel Advisories
402.05VAXWRK::OXENBERGTue Feb 20 1990Sydney
403.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Feb 20 1990TWA is sued for breach of contract
405.02COVERT::COVERTTue Feb 27 1990Los Angeles Coupon Offer
406.04VAXRIO::MARCELOThu Mar 01 1990Alpharetta (ALF) How to get there
407.016MCIS2::LEEFri Mar 02 1990NEED TIPPING INFO
408.0ACESMK::HIGGINSMon Mar 05 1990Taipei, Taiwan
409.03KACIE::DEUFELFri Mar 09 1990Places to eat in New Orleans?
411.07COOKIE::KITTELLFri Mar 16 1990Where to Stay in Boston for Early Flight?
412.010NCDEL::SHARROWTue Mar 27 1990going to Orlando for class
413.02JAIMES::POLUCCIFri Mar 30 1990Suggestions For A Second Honeymoon
414.03CHESS::KAIKOWFri Mar 30 1990Use of VTX TRAVEL
415.016CHESS::KAIKOWFri Mar 30 1990Frankfurt
416.05DPDMAI::FIFESat Mar 31 1990Damaged Luggage - What do you do?
417.04AKO569::JOYWed Apr 04 1990Hotel near Brussels airport?
418.016SOTT::NAULTThu Apr 05 1990Frequent Flyer Credit Cards
419.05CHESS::KAIKOWThu Apr 05 1990Frankfurt-Eschborn
420.02ELWOOD::WAXMANTue Apr 10 1990New Motel in Marlboro, Mass
421.03DUGGAN::STEARMANThu Apr 12 1990Permission slip for Software to Europe
422.0OFFPLS::HODGESFri Apr 20 1990WATCH OUT for Philadelphia!
424.01TIXEL::ARNOLDMon Apr 30 1990How to ensure complaint letters are included?
425.08COVERT::COVERTTue May 01 1990Using real passengers' bags for bomb exercises
428.02CALL::SWEENEYWed May 16 1990Carlson Travel Group.
431.01CHESS::KAIKOWTue Jun 12 1990AMEX itinerary error in curreny conversion
432.06BUNYIP::QUODLINGMon Jun 18 1990Portable PC's for the traveller...
433.09CHESS::KAIKOWSun Jun 24 1990Amsterdam Hotels
434.0JGO::TILWed Jun 27 1990PIA Pakistan Airlines ??
435.01CHESS::KAIKOWMon Jul 02 1990email to AMEX
436.012SMURF::TIMMon Jul 02 1990Several week luggage storage
437.07LEVERS::R_PEPEMon Jul 02 1990The "on-time" scam.
438.020PETERJ::JOHNSONFri Jul 06 1990Electric question
439.010WLDWST::C_LEEFri Jul 06 1990American Airline FF Award
440.0ACESMK::TUSIAMon Jul 16 1990Electronic Translators
441.09SVBEV::VECRUMBAWed Jul 18 1990Booking codes for airline flights?
442.03CHESS::KAIKOWFri Jul 20 1990More detailed AMEX itinerary is needed
443.06MUSKIE::SHARROWTue Jul 24 1990Policy on free business flights?
444.03MSDSWS::COOPERTue Jul 31 1990Andover ACT Hotel
446.021SVBEV::VECRUMBAFri Aug 03 1990"Take the last train" to Cardiff?
447.02DENVER::DAVISGBMon Aug 06 1990Mis-ticketing...
448.01STAR::CANTORThu Aug 16 1990Loopholes in nonrefundability rules
449.01BONNET::TETREAULTTue Aug 21 1990Another good deal gone
454.01AKOV12::HAGGERTYMon Sep 10 1990no more interplant mileage (25 miles or less)
457.01UNXA::LEGAFri Sep 21 1990Need Northwest $169RT coupons
458.0JOCKEY::BYNGNThu Sep 27 1990Wawsawa comes West!
459.06FORTSC::MOKMon Oct 01 1990Somerset ? Hotel in Nashua, N.H.
461.0DELNI::GOLDSTEINFri Oct 05 1990Conference-specific rules
462.01CHESS::KAIKOWSat Aug 19 1989Bureau of Lost Notes
463.01CHESS::KAIKOWFri Oct 05 1990It's tight all over, not just here
464.0CHESS::KAIKOWFri Oct 05 1990Caveat Absentee Voter
465.03CHESS::KAIKOWThu Oct 18 1990NW alert
467.01AKO569::JOYThu Oct 25 1990Phone numbers in Tokyo to change
468.03SMEGIT::ARNOLDTue Nov 06 1990Watch is missing -- what to do?
469.013DFACTO::NEWMANFri Nov 09 1990ticketing tricks
470.0XANADU::CHIASSONMon Nov 12 1990survey thank-you
471.025CSSE32::APRILWed Nov 14 1990First time overseas in Europe.
472.0CHESS::KAIKOWThu Nov 15 1990DEC should pay for AAA memberships
473.02CHESS::KAIKOWThu Nov 15 1990Fie on CO
474.08RAGS::SIEBOLDTue Nov 27 1990New York hotels for a December weekend?
475.020CHESS::KAIKOWFri Dec 07 1990Experiences with getting correct special meal on airline?
476.0CADSE::SMITHFri Dec 21 1990Foreign exchange methods
477.018COOKIE::WITHERSWed Jan 02 1991Airplane Nicknames...
478.07CADSE::MUDGETTMon Jan 07 1991questions about corporate credit cards
479.013SALEM::POTUCEKThu Jan 10 1991WARNING -- Travel Advisory
480.03SICVAX::SWEENEYThu Jan 10 1991Pan Am in bankruptcy
481.09TLE::ZEEBFri Jan 11 1991Problem with American Airlines
482.05LRGFMT::FIELDSTue Jan 15 1991New Travel Policy?
483.01CADSE::MUDGETTThu Jan 17 1991Travel advice requested: Wash DC next week
484.035CADSE::MUDGETTThu Jan 17 1991unconfirmed airport security rules
485.014RTL::WILPOLTTue Jan 29 1991Directions out of Logan for novices
486.010SLOAN::HOMThu Jan 31 1991Flying Standby with NO change/refund fares
487.06CHESS::KAIKOWTue Feb 12 1991Colorado Springs
488.03KAHALA::BHATIATue Feb 19 1991hotels in Ayr ?
489.06KAHALA::BHATIATue Feb 19 1991hotels around heathrow ?
490.0AKOCOA::HAGGERTYThu Feb 28 1991health hotline
491.022RDVAX::HAYESSun Mar 03 1991TWA's Survival and my FFB Miles
492.07ELWOOD::BERNARDMon Mar 04 1991Scary landing at Worcester.
493.07MTADMS::MAISTROSKYMon Mar 04 1991A tragic incident
494.03DRUID::GEORGETue Mar 05 1991Austin, Texas info, please
495.0HPSRAD::NOGUEIRAThu Mar 07 1991Parking at Bradley ??
496.0MTADMS::MAISTROSKYFri Mar 08 1991Another Shuttle Shuffle
497.08EICMFG::WJONESWed Mar 13 1991New UK-USA deal. Questions, questions...
499.02GIDDAY::ZANOTTOWed Mar 20 1991Connecting Flights !
500.010TOOK::ROSENBAUMThu Mar 21 1991BOS-SJC/MD-11/American
501.07GIDDAY::ZANOTTOMon Mar 25 1991What and Where !
502.05WMOIS::DEREZINSKITue Mar 26 1991Survey: Air Carriers/FFP
503.0MRKTNG::MILLER_COLETue Mar 26 19915
504.03WR2FOR::GIBSON_DATue Mar 26 1991Missed connections
505.01AKOCOA::HAGGERTYThu Mar 28 1991DEC's "Cost Captain for Travel" report
506.01--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 03 1991Paris Hotel Sofitel Directions
507.04CAPNET::BLESSLEYWed Apr 10 1991Mileage & Points Newsletter
508.04BOOVX1::FARHADIThu Apr 11 1991Secondary Car Rental
509.08FRYE::CASEYFri Apr 12 1991Delver/Colorado Springs: Itinerary + Hotel(s)
510.07SDSVAX::SWEENEYSun Apr 14 1991The Acceptance of American Express
511.01TPMARY::TAMIRTue Apr 16 1991New parking fees at Boston's Logan Airport
512.0GLDOA::DSMITHWed Apr 17 1991inter-france connections
513.019TLE::CHAPMANFri Apr 19 1991LOST LUGGAGE
514.011SUPER::HENDRICKSFri Apr 19 1991Meal guidlines for NYC?
516.01TALLIS::KOZIOLMon May 13 1991small hotel near Orly but AWAY from Paris
517.02RAGS::SIEBOLDTue May 14 1991UNITED AIRLINES Upgrade Certificates available
518.02KOLOA::FALCONEThu May 16 1991Best among DEC-approved NYC hotels?
519.0TIGEMS::ARNOLDSun May 19 1991Use your own rate negotiation at hotels
520.0TPMARY::TAMIRTue May 28 1991Callahan Tunnel construction
521.05AKOCOA::HAGGERTYTue May 28 1991news on Lauda Air "crash"
522.013MTADMS::MAISTROSKYThu May 30 1991Death watch for Pan Am
523.01PCOJCT::CHOWDHURYThu May 30 1991AMTRAK in Boston
524.024SUBWAY::MONASCHThu May 30 1991Continental
525.01CGHUB::YEZOMBEKWed Jun 12 1991United upgrades needed
526.022RAGS::SIEBOLDThu Jun 13 1991AVIS car for private use ?
527.03PLAYER::CASSELLSWed Jun 19 1991Ticket classes
528.08CSC32::BINGHAMThu Jun 20 1991Current Avis rates in UK/Europe?
529.0WLDWST::C_LEESat Jun 22 1991Cheap air fares computer?
530.01SMEGIT::LYNCHMon Jun 24 1991N. & S. Carolina Lodging Deals???
531.01MTADMS::MAISTROSKYTue Jun 25 1991New routes/service
532.04SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Jun 28 1991America West
533.041COVERT::COVERTFri Jun 28 1991Europe flies Business Class
535.013DELNI::GOLDSTEINTue Jul 02 1991Cheap motels as an alternative to double-up
537.028SHIRE::PHILIPFri Jul 19 1991U.S. Ports of Entry
538.04WOLVER::MEISSNERThu Jul 25 1991Hotel in Maryland
539.05CADSE::SMITHSun Jul 28 1991Request for a travel mentor
540.01CHESS::KAIKOWMon Jul 29 1991SAving DEC money and eating healthier when travelling
541.06FMTACT::BORDENFri Aug 02 1991Days Inn Woburn????
542.04CHESS::KAIKOWTue Aug 06 1991Hotel exercise rooms
543.0PIPPER::GEORGEMon Aug 12 1991Corpus Christi Lodging ??
544.0CHESS::KAIKOWThu Aug 22 1991DEC exercise facilities
545.012VSSCAD::RITCHIEWed Aug 28 1991Request for airport code
546.05TPMARY::TAMIRWed Aug 28 1991Something new on the expense vouchers
547.010EICMFG::DOUGLASWed Sep 04 1991avoiding jetlag
548.02CHESS::KAIKOWThu Sep 12 1991Data base of hotels
549.0MTADMS::MAISTROSKYTue Sep 17 1991Trump
550.01I18N::IRVING::MCCONNELLThu Sep 19 1991A Black-eye Red-eye
551.01CADSE::MUDGETTFri Sep 27 1991Gaithersburg, MD?
552.0--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 30 1991Free for the asking
553.09A1VAX::BARTHThu Oct 03 1991USAIR Premier Gold
554.03BOOVX2::FARHADIMon Oct 14 1991FYI from Mileage & Point newsletter
555.0CHESS::KAIKOWThu Oct 17 1991Warning: Destroy expired credit cards
556.014COPCLU::GEOFFREYMon Oct 21 1991Credit Cards - Europe
557.05IAMOK::BANCROFTThu Oct 24 1991NYC Convention hotel (Ramada)
558.02BONNET::HARDYTue Nov 12 1991Delays Late Compensation Refund Flight
559.01MTADMS::MAISTROSKYThu Nov 14 1991Midway shut-down?
560.04SMAUG::GARRODFri Nov 22 1991I saved DEC $8
561.05SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Nov 25 1991Sheraton
562.09SMAUG::GARRODMon Dec 16 1991My Social Security Number is PRIVATE INFORMATION
563.07--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 17 1991COMPACT CAR RENTAL !?!
564.011SHIRE::FITZGERALDMon Dec 23 1991The Ultimate Upgrade
565.0COPCLU::GEOFFREYMon Dec 30 1991News on SAS crash in Sweden
566.04CGHUB::JANEBTue Dec 31 1991Lost cash on business trip - any insurance coverage?
568.04MEIS::SACINOWed Jan 08 1992Hotel in Mayaguez ???
569.0BASCAS::BOARDMAN_KThu Jan 09 1992Parking at Heathrow
570.02RIPPLE::KOPEC_STTue Jan 14 1992WANTED: Hotels with exercise & data access facilities
571.05TPSYS::HORGANThu Jan 23 1992disk DRIVES and airport security?
572.0JMPSRV::MICKOLFri Feb 07 1992Where to Write/Phone
573.01TIGEMS::ARNOLDFri Feb 14 1992USAir "selected" flights w/LCD screens in seats?
574.05SMAUG::GARRODMon Feb 17 1992TWA offers 15% cash refunds
575.03GLDOA::REITERFri Feb 21 1992Duty Free Shopping
576.05SEMA::NEWFIELDMon Feb 24 1992Soap, Soap & more Soap...
577.06THEBAY::ALTMANNKEWed Feb 26 1992Status of antitrust action against airlines?
578.04ULYSSE::MILDERWed Mar 11 1992BA delay... Reimbursement?
579.06SNOFS1::GEORGETue Mar 17 1992Info on Paris-Geneva and Ferney-Voltaire
580.04CIMNET::BARATZWed Mar 18 1992Question on Registered Meetings
581.01APACHE::BROWNFri Mar 20 1992Sony training
582.03RENFRO::POWELLMon Mar 23 1992TimeZone Shifts < 6
583.01CGHUB::YEZOMBEKMon Mar 30 1992U.S. Air F/C Upgrade Wanted
584.02SHIRE::FITZGERALDTue Mar 31 1992NY Here We Come
585.05MTADMS::MAISTROSKYThu Apr 02 1992New Route Authorities
586.06A1VAX::BARTHTue Apr 21 1992Fares have been restructured
587.02COGITO::MUDGETTWed Apr 22 1992Travel bookstore near Harvard Sq?
588.0MUNICH::TUSIAThu May 07 1992looking for hotel in Spokane
589.0SHIRE::FITZGERALDFri May 08 1992FF in Europe
590.0TLE::CHAPMANTue Jun 02 1992Quantas $5
591.01BSS::GLODDY_RSun Jun 14 1992Maine, as in Dneast
592.07SMEGIT::ARNOLDWed Jun 24 1992Notebook PC, modem, TYMNET in foreign countries?
593.08MTWASH::MAISTROSKYTue Jul 14 1992CAL gets new wings?
594.03DABEAN::SIMONSWed Jul 15 1992Alberta info wanted
595.0ICS::MORRISEYTue Jul 21 1992Digital Helipad -Moving to Terminal A, at Logan
596.011PARITY::HUGHESTue Jul 28 1992Chapter 11 Flying Machines?
597.05EMDS::SEGALMon Aug 10 1992Registration in Germany -- DM vs dollars
598.0DENVER::DAVISGBFri Aug 14 1992Mouse on the plane...
599.011SNOFS1::GEORGEWed Aug 26 1992Dallas / Fort Worth Airport hotels?
600.011JMPSRV::MICKOLThu Sep 03 1992New UNITED Promotion
601.01KMHKMH::HAGGERTYWed Sep 09 1992Air Canada and PWA
602.03BLIZZ::BLIZZARDMon Sep 21 1992Training fares gone?
603.01MERIDN::SIMONIANMon Sep 28 1992Car Plan B IRS/Tax deductions business travel
604.0CIMNET::BARATZTue Sep 29 1992Gas station near DCA
605.03STAR::CANTORFri Oct 02 1992New IRS ruling? Staying over the weekend on the boss
606.08CARTUN::FARHADIMon Oct 12 19928
607.020KAOOA::LAVIGNEMon Oct 19 1992Heading to MASS for 3 weeks
608.06KMHKMH::HAGGERTYMon Oct 26 1992more on expenses
609.0AKOFIN::LIZOTTEThu Oct 29 1992Zurich to Villengen GY directions.
611.02SAHQ::LUBERTue Nov 10 1992Need hotel recommendations in Westminster, Maynard
612.08PARITY::HUGHESTue Nov 24 1992AVIS "Select" status??
613.04CSOADM::ROTHFri Dec 04 1992Travelletter going away?
614.012JUMP4::JOYWed Dec 16 1992Cash advance and AmEx card
616.01SLOAN::HOMMon Jan 18 1993AVIS Preferred Experiences
617.011MACNAS::CBECKERWed Jan 20 1993Maynard Area Hotels/Public Transportation
618.016SNAZZY::DUANEMon Jan 25 1993Corp. guidelines RE hotel/meals
619.03CEEOSI::WILTSHIREMon Feb 15 1993Suite Hotel in Littleton, MA Area ?
620.034TNPUBS::STEINHARTWed Feb 24 1993Thomas Cook, new corp. travel agency
621.01AKOCOA::STERNBERGThu Mar 04 1993British Air upgrade?
623.0TENNIS::KAMWed Mar 17 1993AVIS PREFERRED RENTER PROGRAM - changing your profile
624.013CARTUN::FARHADIThu Mar 18 1993Corporate American express and Air Miles
625.0OASS::FLASHE::BURDEN_DTue Mar 23 1993Fun in Germany
626.0ELWOOD::BERNARDWed Mar 24 1993Unavailable may not mean "No Vacancy"
627.03CARTUN::FARHADIThu Mar 25 1993VTX Tavel and Hotel rates
628.0MTWASH::MAISTROSKYTue Apr 06 1993Electronic carry-on's
629.010ERLANG::BACKESTue Apr 20 1993Don't use your Corp AMEX to rent a car
630.0NWDFri Apr 23 1993Ever been ill on the road ?
631.0GVPROD::FITZGERALDMon May 03 1993Malev (Hungarian)
632.01GVPROD::FITZGERALDThu May 27 1993Avis Heathrow - No Cars
633.08SUBWAY::MONASCHWed Jun 16 1993First Class Seats
634.01MPO::SACINOMon Jun 28 1993travel to Ayr Scotland
635.015RCOCER::MICKOLThu Jul 08 1993Just got Cook'ed
636.03CARTUN::FARHADIFri Jul 09 1993TAF on free tickets
637.02TOOK::FAULDSWed Aug 04 1993Woodmark hotel info (San Jose)?
639.02GNROSE::HAGGERTYThu Sep 02 1993KLM mystery tours
640.011GNROSE::HAGGERTYTue Sep 21 1993AT&T to MCI
641.0ASDG::WATSONThu Sep 23 1993CO silver elite membership
642.0CSC32::METZLERFri Nov 12 1993AIRFARE/HOTELS for DECUS '93 in SFO
643.02CDROM::HENDRICKSTue Nov 16 1993Questions: Neuchatel, Eurail pass, Xmas in Europe?
644.02GVPROD::FITZGERALDMon Dec 06 1993Diary of a travel agent - from Internet
645.015--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 14 1993GTE Scam?
646.01ERLANG::BACKESTue Dec 14 1993Tahoe Info
647.02LABC::RUThu Dec 16 1993Lost ticket story!
648.02SMAUG::GARRODWed Jan 05 1994Digital squanders money on air travel
649.08GNROSE::HAGGERTYWed Jan 05 1994from AmEx/Diner's to Visa
650.01PEKKA::peuraMon Jan 31 1994ZKO helicopter service
651.01AKOCOA::DANIELMon Feb 07 1994New Manchester terminal
652.02GENRAL::CRANEThu Mar 10 1994Penang, Malaysia travel
653.0DSSDEV::DSSDEV::TAMIRMon Mar 14 1994United Airlines Upgrade Coupons for sale
654.01STUDIO::REILLEYThu Mar 17 1994Chelmsford recommendations?
655.03GVPROD::RICEFri Mar 18 1994Hotel needed in Jakarta
656.05ODIXIE::WESTCLFri Mar 18 1994Luggage Recomendations
657.011UBOHUB::BOARDMAN_KMon Mar 28 1994Hertz - to fill or not to fill
658.03TOOK::FAULDSMon Apr 11 1994Info on (SAV) Savannah,Georgia?
659.03GUIDUK::KRUGMon Apr 11 1994WARNING: rental insurance in FL!
660.0BLUFSH::BARATZTue Apr 19 1994Hints for US Employees overseas on voicemail
661.07HPCGRP::BURTONMon Apr 25 1994Problems with First Bank VISA
662.0WMOIS::DEREZINSKIWed Apr 27 1994Chopper/Charter Services Terminated
663.01ALFHUB::GCOAST::RIDGWAYMon May 02 1994Caracas, Venezuela
664.0RCOCER::MICKOLWed Jun 08 1994Venice Beach, CA ALERT
665.07JUMP4::JOYWed Jul 06 1994T.C. Travel Express?
666.0SLOAN::HOMWed Aug 03 1994Hotel blocking access lines
668.0MTADMS::MAISTROSKYThu Sep 08 1994Boston -> Glasgow
669.01JUMP4::JOYThu Nov 03 1994American Airlines now part of Digital discount program
670.013STOWOA::FARHADIThu Feb 02 1995You better pay your Visa on-time
671.0ULYSSE::ZITTAThu Mar 02 1995Hotels in France?
672.01CFSCTC::SMITHThu Mar 23 1995Possible problems with laptops and security sniffers
673.02SOUPER::COOPERFri Apr 14 1995Not Delta FF with Avis DEC rate
674.04SALEM::MAISTROSKYThu May 04 1995Network News
675.01MINOTR::BANCROFTTue May 16 1995Writing a PC Standard
676.03HOTLNE::CORMIERFri Oct 06 1995Garuda Airlines anyone?
677.01STOWOA::FARHADIWed Oct 25 1995Important to VISA holders
678.02VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTFri Jan 12 1996Prepaid Hotel?
679.0RCOCER::MICKOLMon Feb 05 1996United 5
680.0SALEM::MAISTROSKYMon Feb 12 1996Pan Am (again..)
681.04VARDAF::CHURCHMon Mar 04 1996Meeting someone at Logan/Boston what's best...?
682.0SALEM::MAISTROSKYWed Mar 20 1996Book seats via WWW
684.02SPSEG::PLAISTEDSun Jun 16 1996Minneapolis / Milwaukee drive time?
685.0 *+1AWECIM::LEVINEFri Feb 28 1997Commuting to Boston from Ashland during rush hour?