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Conference noted::object_oriented

Title:Object-Oriented Discussions
Created:Fri Jan 31 1986
Last Modified:Tue Jun 04 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:376
Total number of notes:1429
Number with bodies:0
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1.07SUMMIT::GRIFFINTue Aug 20 1985Welcome
2.034SPAGS::GRIFFINWed Aug 21 1985Object-Oriented Bibliography
3.011SIVA::SURTEESThu Aug 22 1985Smalltalk-8
4.03SPAGS::GRIFFINSun Aug 25 1985Traditional vs. OO Design
5.04SPAGS::GRIFFINMon Aug 26 1985Owl
6.02PBSVAX::KINGTue Sep 03 1985Owl- The Language
7.0BACH::VANROGGENTue Sep 03 1985PARSYM Digest Notesfile
8.01PBSVAX::KILIANTue Sep 03 1985Nomenclature
9.0PBSVAX::KINGTue Sep 03 1985Trellis - The Owl Environment
10.0PBSVAX::KILIANWed Sep 04 1985Owl Compiler Note - Methodology
11.05SPRITE::OSMANWed Sep 04 1985Smalltalk for the MacIntosh
12.01KIRK::BARATZTue Sep 10 1985Is there a Smalltalk for DEC?
13.05PBSVAX::KILIANTue Sep 10 1985Owl Inheritance Technique
14.04BACH::ROBBINSWed Sep 11 1985CLU for VMS or ULTRIX
15.02PBSVAX::KILIANFri Oct 11 1985Owl Compiler Hurdles
16.03SPAGS::GRIFFINTue Dec 03 1985MacSmalltalk
17.0DELNI::HARBOSat Dec 28 1985Req info on neon prog. lang.
18.04SPRITE::BERGERSENFri Jan 03 1986Object Pascal?
19.01ENGINE::VAGHULTue Feb 11 1986Smalltalk info?
20.08PARROT::GOUTALSat Feb 15 1986It does windows; does it wash cars?
21.05--UnknownUser--Sat Feb 15 1986Inheritence necessary? Peculiar to objects?
22.0MLOKAI::MACKSun Feb 16 1986Need "reference sites"...
23.09BRSOPI::BARDEZWed Feb 26 1986Concepts - Clarification.
24.02PBSVAX::OBRIENThu Feb 27 1986Object-oriented databases visit and talks
25.021OLORIN::HARBOThu Mar 27 1986C++ programming language?
26.06FNYFS::GAGEFri Apr 04 1986OO for User Communication
27.02PHOBOS::WICKERTFri May 16 1986VAXFlavors V2.
28.04TKOV58::SHIMONOMon Jul 28 1986the book "A Taste of Smalltalk"?
29.0JUNIPR::DMCLUREFri Aug 22 1986Announcing: Battle of the Languages
30.0122568::KHGOHSat Sep 27 1986Methods (IBM PC's smalltalk version)
31.02THEBUS::PERRONFri Oct 17 1986"ICON" computer language in BYTE.
32.0PBSVAX::KINGMon Oct 20 1986Alan Kay to speak at Hudson TSS
33.09PRAGMA::GRIFFINTue Jul 02 1991Course Announcements relevant to Object-Oriented stuff
34.06MLOKAI::MACKFri Nov 21 1986Seeking feedback: DFA & OOD together?
35.01RHEA::MICHONMon Dec 01 1986Owl Literature?
36.02PRSSUD::MARTINEZWed Dec 03 1986Smalltalk again and again
37.024822Fri Dec 19 1986Objective-C on a VAX
38.0357456::GORMANFri Jan 02 1987Object Oriented FORTH
39.05NGOV2Wed Jan 21 1987Maintosh fo Object Oriented Language?
40.0637993::KINGThu Mar 05 1987Hudson TSS on Using Type Inheritance ...
41.05MDKCSW::SUMMERSTue Mar 10 1987OOPSLA Conference
42.02993::AMARTINWed Mar 18 1987Hudson TSS - Bobrow on CommonLoops
43.014822Thu Apr 23 1987SMALLTALK under ULTRIX ??
44.05USHSThu Apr 23 1987OWL/TRELLIS Status
45.09DVINCI::BAKERMANThu Apr 30 1987What's current for OODBMS?
46.0337993::KINGThu Apr 30 1987TSS on Univ of Wash's Emerald Project
47.037993::HALBERTMon May 04 1987ECOOP '87
48.06ECC::JAERVINENMon May 18 1987Owl current status???
49.037993::KINGTue Jun 02 1987Hudson TSS on Smalltalk
50.01FDCV18::CHOAFri Jun 05 1987pointer for beginner
51.01CURIE::NORDLANDFri Jun 26 1987Ontologic offers Object course
52.02DENTON::AMARTINWed Sep 16 1987Spit Brook TSS - Object Oriented Design
53.06TLE::COURTNEYTue Sep 22 1987C++ conferencing
54.01TSG::QIDWAITue Oct 06 1987VISION anyone?
55.012ECADSR::FINNERTYTue Oct 13 1987Did you say "Smalltalk"?
56.015TKOV58::SHIMONOTue Oct 13 1987Little Smalltalk
57.07PBSVAX::KILIANThu Oct 15 1987OOPSLA '87 -- One man's viewpoint.
58.0PIXEL::TRAVISWed Oct 21 1987Nov 19 talk on OOP in C++ at GBC/ACM mtg
59.07MALLET::HODGEFri Oct 23 1987What OOP languages run on SUN workstations?
61.0TLE::COURTNEYSun Nov 15 1987Items from C++ workshop
62.0CLT::EARLEMon Nov 16 1987Another View of OOPSLA 87
63.08CLT::EARLEThu Nov 19 1987Interested in VAXFlavors
64.0CLT::EARLETue Nov 24 1987OOP Reference Material
65.0PBSVAX::OBRIENTue Dec 01 1987Technology assessment of oo systems
66.0TLE::COURTNEYWed Dec 02 1987C++ talk by Michael Tiemann
67.02CREME::BINGHAMWed Dec 16 1987Object-Oriented BLISS?
69.0CADSE::WGREENEMon Jan 04 1988oopsla '87 -- another
71.021NAC::HARBOThu Jan 07 1988C++ to be available internally (ULTRIX)
72.0PBSVAX::KINGMon Jan 11 1988Trellis: Jan Release, Online Docs, Notesfile
73.0PBSVAX::KINGMon Jan 11 1988DECUS discovers Objects
74.018NCCODE::WATERHOUSEFri Jan 15 1988OO Training?
75.05ATSEA::ELLISONWed Jan 20 1988C++ Notes file?
76.01BIER::HEUSERWed Jan 27 1988Will there be a conference OOPSLA'88 ?
77.03PBSVAX::OBRIENWed Feb 17 1988object-oriented strategy team
78.04PBSVAX::OBRIENWed Feb 17 1988replies to object-oriented strategy team
80.0PBSVAX::HALBERTWed Mar 16 1988ECOOP '88
81.011PBSVAX::KILIANThu Mar 31 1988OOL's and Parallel Processing
82.05CURIE::NORDLANDMon Apr 04 1988What about Hypertalk?
83.0REGENT::FARRELLTue Apr 05 1988USENIX C++ Proceedings Contents
84.0TLE::COURTNEYFri Apr 29 1988Brad Cox visit
85.06PRAGMA::GRIFFINFri Apr 29 1988Journal of Object-Oriented Programming
86.03TAMRC::MARITZTue May 24 1988ACTOR Dev. Package
87.01CLT::EARLEThu May 26 1988So you want to know whose using OO technology?
88.08BIER::HEUSERWed Jun 01 1988CEC Technical Report
89.0TKOVWed Jun 01 1988Objective-C
90.0CLT::EARLEWed Jun 08 1988OOPSLA'87 Attendee Survey Results
91.0TLE::FREBURGERThu Jun 09 1988Dr. Brad Cox to visit ZKO on 6/28/88
92.02AITG::VANROGGENSat Jun 18 1988The Common Lisp Object System & standardization
93.05UBRKIT::GRIERSun Jun 19 1988"Generic object" specification or std?
94.08CESARE::ARGENTOFri Jul 08 1988Eiffel Language
95.014COUNTWed Jul 20 1988Is Ada an OO language?
96.0PRAGMA::GRIFFINFri Jul 22 1988SIGAda Summer '88 - OO Tutorials
97.0PBSVAX::OBRIENMon Aug 08 1988oodb workshop at oopsla
98.06MOSAIC::MCNALLFri Aug 12 1988Where is the Owl/Trellis notes conference?
99.0TLE::COURTNEYFri Aug 19 1988Phase
100.05TLE::DANIELSMon Aug 22 1988OO linkage considerations
101.01CLT::EARLEMon Aug 29 1988Smalltalk Port to VAX- Finally
102.010RISQUE::HAGELThu Sep 01 1988OOP in standard C -- examples?
103.0MALLET::EXTONTue Sep 13 1988Of possible interest
104.02DCC::BUCKMon Sep 19 1988CommonView by Glockenspiel
105.07STAR::SOLOMONTue Sep 20 1988Meyer's 2-day seminar on OO design & programming
106.01CLT::BBWed Sep 21 1988I've never been to California
107.02MJG::GRIERMon Oct 03 1988Multiple inheritance when both supertypes define operation
108.01MJG::GRIERWed Oct 05 1988Questions on minimal assumptions for object architecture
109.03CLT::EARLEMon Oct 17 1988OOPSLA'88 - Trip Report
110.05CLT::EARLEThu Oct 20 1988OO Intro Package
111.06BYENGTue Oct 25 1988Conference on OO Design
112.0PBSVAX::OBRIENFri Oct 28 1988Using OO technology? We'd like to hear from you!
113.0BANZAI::CARPENTERTue Nov 01 1988Database Systems Engineering Bulletin
114.03CLT::EARLEMon Nov 07 1988OO Intro Package Bibliography
115.03PULMAN::MACKTue Nov 08 1988OORA Course in Chelmsford -- Dec 12-16
116.01MJG::GRIERMon Nov 14 1988Questions about the Xtoolkit OO UI toolkit
117.04RIPPLE::ERICKSODAFri Nov 18 1988Object Oriented Cobol? RPG?
118.01MJG::GRIERTue Nov 22 1988Linn Rekursiv object-oriented machine
119.01VANILA::FRYSun Dec 04 1988 Practical usefulness?
120.01RABBET::FARRELLMon Dec 05 1988C++ & DEC/Shell
121.05AKAMAI::HILLTue Dec 06 1988Choices for oops under VMS?
122.01DECEAT::NAVKALWed Dec 07 1988Seek OO course
123.0KOBAL::EARLEFri Dec 16 1988Smalltalk up and running at ZKO
124.01PULMAN::MACKMon Dec 19 1988OORA Puzzles
125.0KOBAL::EARLEThu Dec 29 1988Other OOP Workstations up and running
126.02BIER::HEUSERTue Jan 03 1989Workshop on "Distribution and Objects"
127.014GL::EARLEFri Jan 06 1989Smalltalk/V tutorial - satisfied customer
128.01MJG::GRIERThu Jan 12 1989Constraint objects?
129.04KOBAL::EARLEFri Jan 27 1989Access to OO Documents - finally
130.0OTOOThu Feb 02 1989Eiffel update and performance question
131.01ERLPO::OBRIENThu Feb 02 1989phase
132.01KOBAL::EARLEFri Feb 03 1989Now TRELLIS is available for training
133.06PRSUD2::MERCIERFri Feb 10 1989Smalltalk on Pmax !?
134.01UBRKIT::GRIERWed Feb 22 1989Object databases, concurrency and transactions
135.04CAADC::PMWVESTUTOFri Feb 24 1989MACH o/s
136.04CIMNET::KYZIVATThu Mar 02 1989
137.07COOKIE::SANDERSONWed Mar 15 1989OO Diagramming
138.05KOBAL::LANDRYMon Mar 27 1989Universities?
139.08DUBMon Mar 27 1989info on OO databases in DEC
140.01BYENGWed Mar 29 1989Seeking for regular oo reports
141.07SELECT::CHUMMon Apr 03 1989Book by Shlaer and Mellor
142.03BROKE::KUSHKULEYWed Apr 05 1989Object-oriented calculus
143.01CLOVE::DRESNERFri Apr 07 1989OWL vs. ACA
144.01CESARE::JOHNSONMon Apr 10 1989Trip Report: Distribution and Objects Conference
145.0UBEAUT::BRYANTFri Apr 14 1989Analysis and design conf. created
146.04MJOFS::FAGLEYFri Apr 21 1989DEC OOP's products
147.01DNEAST::TAVANO_TONYTue May 02 1989OORA course summary
149.02EMC2::CATTELTue May 16 1989Desperately seeking for help on VDM and formal methods
150.07AIRPRT::GRIERTue May 16 1989"Bootstrapping" objects
151.01NWDThu May 18 1989
152.0BYENGFri May 26 1989COSIMA - PACKETS prototype
153.01YIPPEE::TARANTOLAFri May 26 1989Object Management Group
154.0CESARE::JOHNSONFri Jun 09 1989Object-Oriented Requirements Specification Available
155.04BYENGTue Jun 20 1989looking for Trellis/OWL Training
156.0AIS7::FORGEYMon Jun 26 1989Xerox Analyst
157.0KASINO::HEUSERTue Jul 04 1989Internal workshop @ OOPSLA'89
158.0PBSVAX::MOORETue Jul 11 1989Conference for object-oriented databases
159.08CESARE::JOHNSONWed Jul 12 1989Object Orientation: Tonic or Cure?
160.08TOOK::DUSOWed Jul 12 1989?OO,Methods,Comm. Products?
161.02KEEPER::THACKERAYThu Aug 03 1989DATABUS Phase
162.020SHALOT::WELTONThu Aug 03 1989In search of Object Management Services
163.0CURIE::BURDICKWed Aug 16 1989IDE's OO Design presentation
164.04SNOCThu Aug 24 1989Moved from TRELLIS Conference.
165.04LDP::LYSAKOWSKIThu Aug 24 1989Object Management Group Consortium
166.018CESARE::JOHNSONThu Sep 21 1989Decomposition Strategies: A Critical Comparison
167.07GOSOX::RYANTue Oct 03 1989Usenet object-oriented newsgroup - comp.object
168.03D::GEROVACWed Oct 04 1989Macintosh Programmer's Workshop (MPW) supports C++
169.01MANTue Oct 10 1989OORA-, OOD-Training
170.011DSTR29::MASTROTue Oct 24 1989Seeking Definition of an Object
171.0REGENT::FARRELLMon Nov 06 1989GB/SIGSOFT Object Oriented Panel Meeting
172.02IND::BOWERSTue Nov 14 1989OO Seminar Wanted
173.04ENTRE::LUWISHMon Nov 20 1989Whither [old] VAX SMALLTALK?
174.0DACAPO::YAKERWed Nov 29 1989Looking for Objectworks for C++
175.04CALL::SWEENEYThu Dec 14 1989I'm lonely at the new location
176.01ESIS::MAKIWed Jan 31 1990AI Courses at DLB12
177.01KYOA::FARESEThu Feb 15 1990RDD from Ascent Logic??
178.0HENRY::APFELBAUMFri Apr 06 1990Coad on OO analysis
179.0H2OHUT::WATERHOUSESat Apr 14 1990Betrand Meyer meets Richard Stallman!
180.01BERAQ::BAKERThu May 10 1990Trellis notes still on PBSVAX?
181.01BIGUN::ANDERSONSun May 27 1990Digital's position on OO?
182.0CRLVMS::SCHAFFERTWed May 30 1990OO Program Office
183.01CSGThu May 31 1990Dynamic Binding?
184.01CIMNET::MJOHNSONMon Jun 18 1990OO Prototyping Position Available
185.01HERON::BOSSARDTue Jun 19 1990Simula implementation ?
186.02CIMNET::MJOHNSONFri Jun 22 1990Formal Object Model Needed -- Any References?
187.08ESIS::JOHNSONWed Jul 18 1990AI Courses at DLB12
188.01DELNI::J_HEBERTThu Aug 16 1990Object Oriented Technology Curriculum/schedule
189.05GLORY::RUTTSun Aug 19 1990A plea for understanding
190.03BEAGLE::VIGIERWed Aug 22 1990database design problem
191.09GRANE::HEINTZEThu Aug 23 1990Wanted: References on OO Analysis and OO Design
192.01UTROP1::LEERKAMPFri Aug 24 1990OO-Tools VT2xx --> DEC Windows?
193.01DECWET::HANSENFri Aug 24 1990C++ Software Components
195.03GLORY::RUTTThu Aug 30 1990The "mixin" class for multiple inheritance
196.02WOOK::LEEFri Aug 31 1990Request for OOPSLA '9
197.0SYZYGY::SOPKASun Sep 02 1990Boston IEEE-CS: Brad Cox on "Impact of OO Tech"
198.0HPSRAD::KOMARThu Sep 06 1990building MI design with SI implementation?
199.02GRANE::HEINTZEMon Sep 10 1990Current Projects that incorporate OO
200.04GRANE::HEINTZEThu Sep 13 1990WANTED: INformation on OO languages
201.0HERON::SOPERSun Sep 23 1990Very good book on OO languages (in French)
202.03SIOG::DALYMon Sep 24 1990Intro to OO book required...
203.05LENO::GRIERWed Sep 26 1990Security in object-oriented applications
204.04CIMNET::MJOHNSONMon Oct 01 1990The Tower of Babel Public Library
205.01HARDY::EARLETue Oct 02 1990Good OO articles in 1
206.0HARDY::EARLETue Oct 02 1990Digital's Lydia Bennett interviewed in JOOP
207.04PRAGMA::GRIFFINFri Oct 05 1990Conference purpose questioned
208.08VARESE::ARGENTOThu Oct 25 1990About polymorphism
209.0WJOUSM::ZARRELLAFri Oct 26 1990Share your knowledge with DISDP, please.
210.01DECWET::REHMSun Nov 04 1990Looking for a CLU compiler...
211.05CIMNET::MJOHNSONWed Nov 07 1990Method Subclassing
212.010HENRY::APFELBAUMFri Nov 09 1990Booch book on Object Oriented Design
213.029PAVONE::ARGENTOTue Nov 20 1990C++ for large projects
214.01CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Nov 27 1990Framework Inheritance Principles
215.0CLT::RTL::WILPOLTWed Nov 28 1990classes/ software components wanted
216.01BIGUN::ANDERSONWed Dec 05 1990co- or contra- variance?
217.01OFFHK::MURRAYWed Dec 12 1990Info needed on OMG and HP work on OO standard terms of reference
218.0ESIS::NUZZOMon Dec 17 1990Free ! C++ Training: The Pilot
219.06DECWET::HANSENTue Dec 18 1990BOOCH C++ Library Components -- a review
220.08OSLACT::OLAVThu Dec 27 1990Which object does the operation belong to?
221.01PETRUS::HUCKERTThu Jan 03 1991Modula-3 from DEC?
222.02DDIF::GOUNThu Jan 03 1991Garbage Collection Position Papers from ECOOP/OOPSLA'9
223.011GLORY::RUTTFri Jan 04 1991Relationships: 1-M and M-M
224.0TOOHOT::ROCHAMon Jan 14 1991PCCC 3/27-29/91, req for participants
225.06ESIS::WILSONMon Jan 21 1991AI Courses at DLB12
226.0DECWET::NSHOMWed Jan 23 1991DEC C++ V1.
227.0NOVA::ZAGUREKWed Jan 30 1991ObjectMaker/Booch 9
228.01LUTZ::HEUSERFri Feb 01 1991Distributed Trellis announcement
229.02DUGHAL::PETERMTue Feb 05 1991DECmug meeting, with info about THINK's Class Libraries
230.0ULTRA::MYTHMon Feb 11 1991Object-Oriented Multi-User Game: LPmud
231.0NEGD::MCDONALDThu Feb 14 1991Port from Sun C++ to DECstation
232.0SUPER::EARLEThu Feb 14 1991I-Cubed - Digitally developed OO UI for managing distributed databases
233.02ALICIA::FODENMon Feb 18 1991Any Trellis Users Out There!
234.01PAOIS::LHERAULTThu Feb 21 1991Design and Metrics for C++
235.0DDIF::SURTEESWed Mar 20 1991Prograph demo Monday
236.03SAHQ::ROSENKRANZThu Mar 21 1991MVC ??
237.06TROASun Mar 24 1991OO and Ada?
238.0MLNCS1::ANTONANGELITue Mar 26 1991Announcing Performances Improving Conference
239.01MILRAT::FROLICHFri Mar 29 1991Intro To Object-Oriented programming
240.01MJBOOT::ARAZAWAWed Apr 03 1991Schler Mellor CASE Tool for ULTRIX
242.0--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 04 1991C Programming Advanced
243.0NXTGEN::APFELBAUMWed Apr 24 1991Courses being developed?
244.0KYOA::BOYLEWed May 08 1991Needed: Specialized OOPS training
245.01OSLTue May 21 1991Graphics package?
246.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed May 29 1991Object World 91 Conference
247.04AIAG::FLYNNThu May 30 1991Anyone have Eiffel in-house?
248.03DELNI::BLISSTue Jun 04 1991Seeking Small-Talk
249.06MKODEV::NAGARAJANWed Jun 19 1991Seeking S/W Methodology using OO!
250.0TROAThu Jun 27 1991IBM+Metaphor=Patriot Partners
251.04HGRDWed Jul 03 1991Books on OO Graphics
252.0SNOCThu Jul 04 1991Paradigms: Request for info
253.01CESARE::CHIARINIFri Jul 05 1991OMG doc availability
255.0DDIF::GOUNMon Jul 08 1991Going to OOPSLA '91?
256.05BRADOR::HOOPERThu Jul 11 1991Back To The Future
257.02SUOSW4::GEISELHARTFri Jul 12 1991ECOOP 91, anyone ?
258.04BRADOR::HOOPERFri Jul 12 1991NOOOS
259.0HGRDTue Jul 16 1991Want Info on Debug
260.0RIPPLE::GAGE_GLMon Jul 22 1991Heavy Objects ?
261.0PCL::JAMESFri Jul 26 1991Corporate Class Library -- RFI
262.01BIGUN::ANDERSONThu Aug 01 1991OBJECT MAGAZINE : FAX number for subscription request wanted
263.0CLT::KOBAL::FREBURGERMon Aug 05 1991ECOOP'92: Preliminary Call for Contributions
264.05EEMELI::LEHTINENMon Aug 12 1991Objective-C anyone?
265.01LJOHUB::GIBIANMon Aug 12 1991In search of lightweight persistant objects.....
266.04IJSAPL::WOODROWThu Aug 22 1991Eiffel experience and Sather info-via USENET/ftp
267.017CHEFS::DONOVANDTue Sep 17 1991smalltalk?
268.03CPDW::RROGERSWed Oct 02 1991OOA&D Service of object vs. ObjectService
269.06OSLACT::OLAVMon Oct 07 1991"object_view" and "display_object", how to design?
270.02PHILIP::JOHNSONThu Oct 10 1991Any White Papers for Novices on ENET?
271.01DTIF::GOUNMon Oct 21 1991Trip Report: OOPSLA '91
272.05R2ME2::WILPOLTMon Oct 28 1991Anyone heard of "v4th"? (or, Wanted: Object Magazine July '91)
274.0BIGUN::ANDERSONTue Nov 05 1991TOOLS Pacific 91 : Sydney, Australia
275.0BIGUN::ANDERSONMon Nov 11 1991OO lives, Structured Stuff is dead!
276.0TRCOA::BROWNFri Nov 22 1991NeXT's OO message vs. the rest
277.0GLOSS::DULMon Dec 02 1991James Odell lecture and discussion
278.04SYOMV::KRASFri Dec 06 1991OO Fortran?
279.0TLE::AMARTINSat Dec 07 1991SDT's Mary Ann O'Connor on A.G.s for O-O lang's at WPI
280.0DDIF::GOUNWed Dec 11 1991CDA OO Application Framework for RISC/ULTRIX BL4 kit
281.0COUNTFri Dec 13 1991Request for information on OO projects (internal or external)
283.0WILARD::SIMONIANWed Jan 22 1992OO Modeling using COAD,IEF,AD/W, Cadre, IDE
284.0NAVIER::SAISIMon Feb 03 1992Metric for reuse in OO implem?
285.06VOGON::HAIGHATue Feb 04 1992graphical OO modeller
287.0TANNAY::BETTELSMon Feb 10 1992I-WOOOS '92, Call for Participation
288.04MACNAS::DEVILLYFri Feb 21 1992Metis
289.02FASDER::AHERBSun Mar 08 1992Open Collaborative Environment?
290.03AOSG::CARDIMINOMon Mar 16 1992oo design tool/shareware...
291.0VOGON::HAIGHAWed Mar 18 1992Aid for the Third (Parties) World
292.0NEEPS::GEDDESMon Apr 13 1992Ontos - relationship info req'd?
293.03ROMFri Apr 24 1992OO tech for OLTP/Batch applications - Help!
294.0COUNTTue Apr 28 1992Report on OMG at UK Which Computer?
295.0HGRDFri May 01 1992Request for suggestion for academic project
296.0MSDOA::SECRISTThu May 07 1992Portable XLISP V1.1 (VMS,CP/M,MS-DOS,RT,RSX,OSF/1)
297.09STKHLM::STENSTROMThu May 21 1992Digitals OO strategy, papers?
298.011MSDOA::SECRISTFri May 22 1992Smalltalk not mainstream anymore ?
299.08THMAN::SCARSDALEWed May 27 1992Class Library Purchasing
300.02THEBAY::JENNINGSMon Jun 15 1992Where NEXT???
301.0ACESMK::MCKIMTue Jun 30 1992Leveraging our OO technology
302.05TPWSTWed Jul 01 1992OOPSLA '92
303.0MUDIS3::SWOBODAFri Jul 03 1992....class library interviews plus?
304.02CUSTOM::RUTTTue Jul 21 1992A partial application of OOA
305.0VOGON::HAIGHAThu Jul 23 1992Trellis vs the rest
307.0KAMPUS::HEUSERThu Aug 13 1992Upcoming CACM issue will include 2 articles about DOCASE and distrib. Trellis
308.0PIPE::ICYCLE::SMITHFri Aug 14 1992OO CASE QFD Session
309.0AZUR::SAMOUNThu Aug 27 1992
310.0QUABBI::"dosser@src.dec.com"Thu Sep 03 1992garbage collection test applications
311.0TLE::GRTVAX::THERRIENFri Sep 04 1992Announcing DEC C++ for OpenVMS VAX V1.1
312.0NMGDV4::DOEVEFri Sep 11 1992C++ course in Europe, any interest ?
313.01QUABBI::"fry@chilli.reo.dec.com"Tue Sep 15 1992Eiffel O-O Interest Survey
314.0MUDIS3::TKELLERERWed Sep 23 1992on-line Documentation ???
315.01WARNUT::TPCASE::PICKERINGSFri Sep 25 1992OODB vs relational db
316.01GANTRY::RUTTTue Sep 29 1992Review of book by James Rumbaugh, et. al.
317.03EISKFC::CAREYTue Nov 10 1992Object-Oriented Support
318.0STKHLM::STENSTROMThu Nov 26 1992OO development environment
319.06HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGFri Nov 27 1992OO COBOL ?
320.0SAAVAK::CHANDLERMon Dec 07 1992Info on DYLAN object-oriented language?
321.01QCAVTue Dec 15 1992Writeup on OOD Design Concepts
322.03TAVWed Dec 30 1992Mixing OO with non-OO approaches?
323.03BIGUN::ANDERSONMon Jan 18 1993Internet Newsgroup comp.object FAQ
324.03CHEFS::CARROLLAMon Jan 25 1993Link Lists??
326.0DATABS::PALMERWed Feb 24 1993Gov survey on use of OO
327.0DATABS::PALMERWed Feb 24 1993Call for Votes - OODB newsgroup creation
328.0DATABS::PALMERThu Feb 25 1993ComputerWorld Object app awards CFP
329.01ODIXIE::SHILLINGFri Mar 26 1993malltalk on OSF/1
330.01CARMEL::NUCKLESTue Mar 30 1993ENVY / HP competitive info.
332.04TKOVOA::KUDO_MThu Apr 22 1993OO reference sights
333.03MSAMTue Apr 27 1993CORBA
334.0HERON::BUCHANANTue Jun 01 1993European Smalltalk school
335.02EMC2::EMC2::MEHERSWed Jun 02 1993Project High/Low Level Design documents?
337.03CCAD15::KERRISKMon Jun 14 1993where is BYENG
338.0KAMPUS::STAUDENMAIERMon Jun 21 1993Next phase of object technology strategy
339.09TAOVMon Aug 30 1993OO Textbooks
340.01ROCKS::HOBBSMon Oct 04 1993Anyone using Jacobson Use Case Methodology?
341.01BBIVThu Oct 21 1993OO critique
342.05EMC2::EMC2::MEHERSTue Nov 09 1993Object Orientated Testing - papers on the internet
343.05FRUST::BERNHARDTWed Dec 22 1993object-oriented -> relational anyone
344.06AKOCOA::MOHANMon Jan 17 1994Help in OO* and Object Modelling
346.01GIDDAY::MILNEThu Mar 24 1994Comercial OO Databases
347.01TKOVOA::MATSUNO_RThu Mar 24 1994NextStep and PDO on Alpha
348.09NYOSFri Mar 25 1994Polymorphism: The GOTO of the 9
349.0HERON::BUCHANANFri Apr 08 1994Object Applications Awards
350.08MEOCThu May 19 1994IBM's `VISUAL AGE'.. is it any good?
351.01HGORS::KIMWAHNGTue Jun 07 1994Aggregation, Polymophism & Dynamic Binding ?
352.02GALVIA::BSMITHMon Jun 13 1994acticle on review/comparison of OO design methodologies
353.02MLNADFri Jun 24 1994How to model a GUI
354.0WAMMEY::NUCKLESMon Jul 11 1994Presentations needed
355.01CIM::LORENTue Jul 12 1994TNT Trellis
356.02EVTSG8::ESANUFri Aug 26 1994Help needed: automated testing tools for MS Visual C++ programs
357.01ADVLSI::HUIFri Sep 02 1994OOD Method
358.01GENIE::KALBERERWed Sep 14 1994Questions about OO Technologies
359.01EVTSG8::ESANUFri Sep 23 1994Need info to choose a defect control system
360.0KRYSTL::JOHNSONMon Nov 07 1994Looking for field interest in VisualWorks
361.0TAPE::GARDNERWed Nov 09 1994DEC Bought Smalltalk Licence?
362.01UNXA::RUCHFri Nov 11 1994Other OO Notesfiles? Gone?
363.04UNXA::RUCHFri Nov 11 1994OO CASE Tool User Survey
364.0STKHLM::STENSTROMMon Nov 21 1994The Big One - Strategy...
365.02RUNT::COOPERFri Dec 02 1994OOPSLA '94 - trip report
366.02BIS54::CORTEBEECKMon Dec 12 1994Objects : from business modeling to applictions
367.01OFOSS1::PUCHRIKFri Jan 13 1995OO Development on Alpha OSF/1
368.04PHDVAX::LUSKFri Jan 13 1995Patterns
370.01MAIL1::NAIRMon Apr 17 1995objectbroker's latency performance?
371.02UNXA::RUCHFri May 05 1995Booch & Rumbaugh: The Evolution of Object Methods
372.01TLALEG::AKKAMONMon Oct 09 1995Smalltalk on Digital Unix - Performance ?
373.0RUNT::COOPERThu Nov 30 1995OOPSLA '95 - trip report
374.0SAPEC3::TRINHWed Jan 17 1996Object Repository
375.02MXOCThu Mar 14 1996new object-oriented languages ?
376.0JIT79Fri Mar 22 1996smalltalk ExternalBuffer class ?