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Conference noted::netview

Title:TME 10 NetView and related productscts
Notice:Bugs-12; Kits-9; ECOs-20
Created:Tue Aug 24 1993
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2257
Total number of notes:7838
Number with bodies:215
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1.0 *TUXEDO::MINTZThu Mar 06 1997Welcome to NOTED::NETVIEW
1.0IMDOWN::MCPHERSONTue Aug 24 1993Conference Purpose
2.09TOOK::MCPHERSONTue Aug 24 1993Related Conferences and Other Pointers
3.04TOOK::MCPHERSONTue Aug 24 1993Conference Guidelines
4.06TOOK::MINTZFri Feb 03 1995NetView Tricks & Tips
5.04TOOK::MCPHERSONTue Aug 24 1993Conference Announcements
6.02TOOK::MCPHERSONWed Oct 27 1993Conference Keyword Listing
7.0+13TOOK::MCPHERSONMon Dec 13 1993NetView Association Information
8.03TUXEDO::MINTZWed Oct 30 1996Digital/Tivoli NetView Partnership
8.01TOOK::MCPHERSONMon Feb 21 1994Reserved for Software Product Descriptions (SPD).
9.0+22--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 24 1993Kit Announcements
10.017--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 24 1993Documentation Announcements
11.012TOOK::MINTZWed Nov 30 1994Migration programs
12.07TOOK::MINTZMon Apr 11 1994Problem Reporting (QAR/SPR/CLD)
13.0+8TOOK::MINTZMon Jan 17 1994Product Management Announcements
14.03TOOK::MINTZFri Jul 28 1995Sizing and Performance Lore
15.013TOOK::MINTZTue Aug 01 1995Problems Locating/Copying/Printing Documentation
16.01TOOK::MINTZTue Aug 01 1995Upcoming field tests
17.0+16TOOK::MINTZMon Nov 29 1993Kit copy & PAK problems
18.06HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Aug 25 1993OpenView Solution Partners program
19.04TOOK::MCPHERSONThu Aug 26 1993Migration Strategy for MSU?
20.08TOOK::MINTZTue Aug 01 1995ECOs/Patches/Updates
21.016MARVIN::ELLERBYFri Aug 27 1993ISV listings please
22.07SUOSWS::WUENSCHMon Aug 30 1993Migration plan for VMS Customers (MCC migration)
23.019ANGLIN::CLAYTONMon Aug 30 1993Info on Press Reaction
24.022TRKWSH::COMFORTTue Aug 31 1993NetView training req'd
26.0OHFSS1::COMFORTMon Dec 12 1994NVA catalog on the Internet
27.02NEWVAX::CBABERWed Sep 01 1993Remember the Emporor
28.01SVBEV::GALLOThu Sep 02 1993domains?
29.013TAEC::JARDINWed Aug 25 1993What about the support of non SNMP world (OSI - ASCII/TL1 etc..)
30.0SKIBUM::GASSMANFri Sep 03 1993DECmcc <-> NetView Differences
31.0TOOK::MINTZThu Aug 03 1995QAR/SPR database problems
32.01EVTIS9::ROGGEBANDMon Sep 06 1993Trouble ticketing & NetView
33.01TOOK::MINTZThu Dec 14 1995Need help certifying new processors
34.02MARVIN::COBBMon Sep 06 1993Commonality with OpenView?
35.03MARVIN::ELLERBYTue Sep 07 1993Porting NV6K to foreign platform ?
36.0EVTIS9::ROGGEBANDTue Sep 07 1993XMP API specifications
37.02WARNUT::PURNELLRTue Sep 07 1993IBM Management ?
38.033TOOK::MINTZFri Jan 19 1996Hubwatch and PNV
41.0TOOK::MCPHERSONTue Sep 14 1993Article: What is valued in SNMP-based "Framework" market.
42.05--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 14 1993Supporting datatypes
44.07CUJO::HILLWed Sep 15 1993A question about maps and customized icons in NetView
47.05WARNUT::2HFri Sep 17 1993Relationship to mainframe NETView & NM 6
49.07TOOK::MCPHERSONFri Sep 17 1993A: Pls reply with your questions...
50.0+30MLNCSC::BARILAROMon Sep 20 1993General third pary discussions
51.033TOOK::MINTZThu Aug 03 1995Cisco/Ciscoworks
52.010TOOK::MINTZThu Aug 03 1995Chipcom/OnDemand
53.06TOOK::MINTZThu Aug 03 1995Cabletron Spectrum
54.0COLThu Nov 02 1995Trouble Ticket and SNA connection for Netview
55.01OTOOA::BUTLERMon Nov 13 1995Sniffer and Remedy on OUR netview
56.05HLISC1::hlp674.uto.dec.com::PCWed Feb 14 1996Managing 3COM LANplex with Transcend
57.0SCASS1::GALVINMon Sep 16 1996Bay Networks' Optivity???
58.04SCSSRN::NELSONThu Sep 30 1993Integration Techniques
60.011ARRODS::NADERMon Oct 04 1993Netview solution required
69.05TRKWSH::COMFORTWed Oct 13 1993Can I justify NetView?
70.01GEOFF::SCHULTZThu Oct 14 1993How to develop management SW for NV6K?
71.09OSLACT::BJORNFri Oct 15 1993Any plans for PhaseV management from Netview, yer
72.011TOOK::PAQUETMon Oct 18 1993What are customers really using in DECmcc?
73.08PORLA::FRISKWed Oct 20 1993Ki research OpenDNM vs phase V
74.03ANGLIN::CLAYTONWed Oct 20 1993NV6K Manage AS4
75.06ZEKE::WEISENFELDMon Oct 25 1993NetView Association Announcement - Interop Europe
78.07TOOK::MCPHERSONWed Oct 27 1993NetView Association Membership Questions
81.03ADO75A::BOUCHERMon Nov 01 1993? Use of 'roles' in NetView; ? Reports Package?
86.01CTHQ::WOODCOCKWed Nov 03 1993MAP: ping or snmp?
87.01ADO75A::BOUCHERThu Nov 04 1993DECmcc & Netview together ?
90.02SKIBUM::GASSMANSat Nov 13 1993Digital, IBM, Microsoft NT announcement
91.02MOLAR::MALONEYMon Nov 15 1993POLYCENTER PathDoctor internal kit available
93.01HERON::PATEL_AFri Nov 19 1993some Q's arround CMIP and SNMP V2
96.02HERON::PATEL_AThu Nov 25 1993example reports any where ?
99.04HERON::PATEL_AWed Dec 01 1993what is "File table overflow" mess in update.log ?
100.01HERON::PATEL_AWed Dec 01 1993pls explain ovw: Xt Warning: Select failed; error code 9
103.022TOOK::MINTZThu Dec 02 1993Remote display problems?
104.013PRMSThu Dec 02 1993How does Polling/Auto-discovery (netmon) work?
106.03WARNUT::2HFri Dec 03 1993Multi Hub GUI support?
107.03TAVIS::LANDSBERGFri Dec 03 1993Need to run a shell script from Netview
110.04GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDMon Dec 06 1993Installing on NFS mounted disks
113.05EICMFG::MMCCREADYWed Dec 08 1993UCX V2.
114.08ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu Dec 09 1993Cable plant management for PNV?
115.01JOCKEY::GAMETThu Dec 09 1993U.B. netdirector ?
117.06ARRODS::GILLJFri Dec 10 1993PNV Questions?
121.0TOOK::FLETCHERTue Dec 14 1993what can you print .. you ask??
126.04TOOK::FLETCHERThu Dec 16 1993Do you think discovery is not happening? .. provide us the following data in QAR
127.03LYOISA::HAMELThu Dec 16 1993Loader error CXX_dispatch with action routine
129.012SMAUG::GRAHAMFri Dec 17 1993Handling string type MIB table indices
130.0BIGUN::ANDERSONFri Dec 17 1993letter to worried DECmcc customer
131.01WARNUT::2HFri Dec 17 1993NMC Demo available
135.0SKIBUM::GASSMANTue Dec 21 1993Questions to answer
136.04ANGLIN::ORTHOBERTue Dec 21 1993MSU Ingres Database Migration, Yes or No
137.01ATYISA::AJZENBERGWed Dec 22 1993IBM management
138.08GLDOA::MAPPLEGATEWed Dec 22 1993No icons on the maps
140.01HOFMAN::SYSTEMThu Dec 30 1993Integrating DECARC
144.02PRMSTue Jan 04 1994Local Loopback Interface Data Traffic
146.01YUPPY::CURRYThu Jan 06 1994CMIP support to manage DECnis
147.07LICAUS::LICAUSEThu Jan 06 1994Can multiple users run Netview to different displays?
150.07ANNECY::CHALANDFri Jan 07 1994How work the CPU & Disk Space Monitoring Applications ?
155.01MQOSWS::F_MONETTETue Jan 11 1994IS PNV working with Token ring Interface
156.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERTue Jan 11 1994Smart Downs, Inference Engine
157.02VNASWS::HAUSBWed Jan 12 1994IBM System management info needed
160.02WELTM1::CRIDDLEThu Jan 13 1994Line configuration option with a lot of interfaces.
162.02TKOV51::AOKI_HFri Jan 14 1994Migration tool plan ?
163.03ZTOIS1::VISTAFri Jan 14 1994Moving Icons on subMaps ???
164.04ZURFri Jan 14 1994How to ping multiple interfaces?
165.02PRSSUD::THOMASFri Jan 14 1994Informations PNV (communications, reports, ..)
169.01TKOV6Mon Jan 17 1994Standard SNMP Agent Questions
170.01ZTOIS1::VISTAMon Jan 17 1994POLYCENTER PathDoctor on PNV ??
171.02LICAUS::LICAUSEMon Jan 17 1994How to graph line utilization?
172.01AEOENG::TUAUXMon Jan 17 1994Application tools development
175.01HEN::PLESSASTue Jan 18 1994Any IP address database?
176.01ZPOVTue Jan 18 1994Helpdesk/trouble ticket on PNV?
177.01ZURTue Jan 18 1994Where is the "Comments" info stored?
178.02ZTOIS1::VISTAThu Jan 20 1994PNV eft 2.1 & Traps Customization (ACTION...) ??
180.02ZTOIS1::VISTAFri Jan 21 1994Defining & Launching external applications ??
181.03ZTOIS1::VISTAFri Jan 21 1994Polling any variable with PNV ??
182.0ANGLIN::ORTHOBERFri Jan 21 1994Netview Demo Experience
183.01ZTOIS1::VISTAMon Jan 24 1994PNV/MIB-based applications/Community Names ??
187.01ZURTue Jan 25 1994Which menu items should be greyed out?
188.01ZTOIS1::VISTATue Jan 25 1994PNV & Collector & Community Names ??
189.02CTHQ::WOODCOCKTue Jan 25 1994multi-network monitoring
190.01AEOENG::TUAUXWed Jan 26 1994Launching apllication with Debugger
196.02ADO75A::SHARPEWed Jan 26 1994PNV API's not compatible with OV?
197.03ADO75A::SHARPEWed Jan 26 1994OV 4.
201.01BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANThu Jan 27 19942 questions ...
204.0MCDOUG::dougFri Jan 28 1994OpenVMS Position Regarding POLYCENTER NetView
206.01AEOENG::TUAUXMon Jan 31 1994Launching an application several times
209.01DECWET::MIRIAMTue Feb 01 1994Question on Mib Browser's Retry timeout
214.01AEOENG::BOMMARTFri Feb 04 1994OV Postmaster + ORS questions...
217.01GUCCI::DMCCLOUDMon Feb 07 1994DEChub 9
220.0AEOENG::TUAUXTue Feb 08 1994PNV events and syslog
222.01PRMSTue Feb 08 1994GNMP Support Plans for PNV
224.06TOOK::MINTZTue Feb 08 1994OSF/1 patch for apparent agent problems
225.01AEOENG::TUAUXTue Feb 08 1994Security with PNV
228.02TROOA::GREENALLWed Feb 09 1994Few decnet questions and events
229.03DECIDE::MOFFITTWed Feb 09 1994NV6K customer questions
230.02OPG::SIMONThu Feb 10 1994Limiting NETMON scope
235.04ISIDRO::MAMORENOMon Feb 14 1994Versions and Compatibility ?
237.01YUPPY::CURRYTue Feb 15 1994DME current status?
239.01MARVIN::COBBWed Feb 16 1994Using PNV to manage DECNIS, WANrouter, etc.
240.05PRMSWed Feb 16 1994Problem Adding Background GIFS
242.03ANNECY::CHALANDWed Feb 16 1994Dual ethernet configuration
244.04AEOENG::TUAUXThu Feb 17 1994Compound Status source for a symbol
246.01HOBBLE::YOUNGThu Feb 17 1994Compiler Errors
249.04BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANFri Feb 18 1994Questions on submap control ...
251.03CAATS::SCHROEDERFri Feb 18 1994Error connecting with CI
252.06TROOA::GREENALLFri Feb 18 1994remote alarms?
254.06MQOSWS::F_MONETTEFri Feb 18 1994Auto-Discovery of DECnet with Cisco routers
255.0TAVTue Feb 22 1994Porting of LANNET application
256.03HDLITE::NEVESTue Feb 22 1994Netview and DCE,can they coexist?
257.02CAATS::SCHROEDERTue Feb 22 1994Event configuration questions and MIB browser
258.013YUPPY::CURRYWed Feb 23 1994FDDI ring mapping?
259.014SKIBUM::GASSMANWed Feb 23 1994Price of NetView around the globe
260.01DELNI::PUOPLOThu Feb 24 1994PathDoctor Customer Feedback Very Positive
261.06HERON::PATEL_AThu Feb 24 1994adding a network manualy - how managei it ?
262.01VNABRW::PARGFRIEDERThu Feb 24 1994lanview/cabletron
263.01PRMSThu Feb 24 1994Duplicate Symbols with Shadows
265.01PRSSUD::61715::baquetMon Feb 28 1994AIX Trouble Ticket/6
268.01KETJE::BUTTIENSTue Mar 01 1994Hermes & PNV
271.02PRMSTue Mar 01 1994Multi-User / PC Display Configuration Request
274.04DRAC::DSMAILWed Mar 02 1994CMOT and SNMP V2 in NETVIEW 6
278.02TROOA::FLOTNERFri Mar 04 1994Searching for NMS comparison papers/articles.
279.01PRMSFri Mar 04 1994Real Comments from A Real Customer
282.05TROOA::LEONGMon Mar 07 1994Positioning PNV
284.08HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Mar 09 1994question on map
286.03TOOK::MCPHERSONThu Mar 10 1994How to get a LOANER PAK for PNV?
289.02WARABI::CHIUANDREWSun Mar 13 1994Questions on DECnet Manager?
291.03MILBRN::TAYLORMon Mar 14 1994PNV Install & Swap space
292.05TOOK::MWILSONMon Mar 14 1994NVA Install & System Setup Notes
293.013TROOA::LEONGMon Mar 14 1994HP Openview Competition
294.04ANDRIS::putninsTue Mar 15 1994PAK fails if system date is incorrect
295.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneWed Mar 16 1994Dividing symbols into locations?
296.01HERON::PATEL_AWed Mar 16 1994U:Pointers to ON line PIDS please
297.04TRKWSH::COMFORTWed Mar 16 1994PNV and non-interactive use
298.02ZUREDU::MISERRAWed Mar 16 1994Associates and W/NT
299.0TOOK::MINTZWed Aug 02 1995Standalone Demo - see note 25
303.02COMICS::BUTTThu Mar 17 1994PNV Lan Monitoring.
307.03ADO75A::SHARPESun Mar 20 1994Object Oriented Network Management
308.01TROOA::GREENALLMon Mar 21 1994different link addresses
310.01PRMSMon Mar 21 1994Problem With Node Status
311.05PRMSMon Mar 21 1994Can I Move Sub-Map Icon from User Plane to App. Planllane
312.08WARNUT::THOMASATue Mar 22 1994OSF V2.
316.03SCHOOL::DESAIWed Mar 23 1994automated MIB walk thru?
317.01HERON::PATEL_AThu Mar 24 1994what is /usr/OV/conf/ovevent.dest for
318.03ANTIK::WESTERBERGThu Mar 24 1994Problem with PNV preSSB V2.1 and OSF/1 V2.
319.01DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Mar 24 1994Name/Address Association and Pathdoctor Questions
321.02DPDMAI::DAVIESFri Mar 25 1994local subnet=16 problem
322.0ZTOIS1::VISTAFri Mar 25 1994IMPORTANT INFO !! (PNV & INFORMIX coexistence)
323.01BELMNT::BEAZLEYSun Mar 27 1994DNM object repository question
324.05KAOFS::BOIVINMon Mar 28 1994Cannot allocate colormap entry... (&NetScape)
325.04HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon Mar 28 1994Ring Mapping & Bridge Topology?
326.06DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Mar 28 1994PC Subclass
328.04BKEEPR::BREITNERWed Mar 30 1994Old Sizing/performance note; see note 14
329.05UWORLD::ajsWed Mar 30 1994mail when nodes are down?
332.04DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Mar 31 1994IBM - HP relationship?
333.023ATYISA::ROGGEBANDThu Mar 31 1994NetView and Novell NetWare
339.01AEOENG::TUAUXWed Apr 06 1994How to generate events with a specific severity
341.05TOOK::MINTZWed Apr 06 1994ECOs/Patches
344.04BELMNT::BEAZLEYThu Apr 07 1994Too many files open ?
345.07TROOA::GREENALLThu Apr 07 1994questions on decnet manager
352.06MQOSWS::MQOP23::f_monetteMon Apr 11 1994PDM Traceroute Utility
354.04BIGUN::MAYNETue Apr 12 1994PNV application requirements
356.01EXOCET::ATTWOOLTue Apr 12 1994What more can I integrate in a demo ?
357.02HERON::PATEL_ATue Apr 12 1994explonation of status monitoring pls...
358.04CUJO::HILLTue Apr 12 1994NetView Demo: netmon is not disabled + error code 22
359.07AEOENG::TUAUXWed Apr 13 1994Pb with mib browser and extended ASCII string parameter
360.03HERON::PATEL_AWed Apr 13 1994what options in pnvsetup to inrecase db ?
361.01HGOVC::JOELBERMANWed Apr 13 1994Which map should be updated?
362.03BIGUN::MAYNEThu Apr 14 1994OSF/1 continuous events: "System Description Changed"
363.01BIGUN::MAYNEThu Apr 14 1994OSF/1 SNMP programming: libraries, man pages?
364.06HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Apr 14 1994Is DEC 2
365.07BIGUN::MAYNEThu Apr 14 1994Counter wrapped in MIB Browser
367.08HERON::PATEL_AThu Apr 14 1994is it possible to dump PDM db ?
368.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Apr 14 1994Change the USA-centric date format?
369.03BIGUN::MAYNEThu Apr 14 1994snmptrap doesn't send the right traps?
371.03SCAACT::DAVIESFri Apr 15 1994Blue DECnet Symbols, + more
372.02SCAACT::DAVIESFri Apr 15 1994Partial Symbol ethernet addresses with PDM
373.02SCAACT::DAVIESFri Apr 15 1994Traceroute doesn't respond
374.06CUJO::HILLFri Apr 15 1994XTEFF capability in NetView - Possible???
375.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneSun Apr 17 1994Grayed out Monitor menu entries
378.02SMAUG::GOWDAMon Apr 18 1994Querying Ethernet Stations
379.01TROU52::GREENALLMon Apr 18 1994demand polling for decnet
380.04TROU52::GREENALLMon Apr 18 1994pdmstatusd shows wrong status
381.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneTue Apr 19 1994Adding to general attributes (SNMPAgent, vendor)
382.04TKOV51::TANAKA_TWed Apr 20 1994NetView Telco of IBM?
384.03ANGLIN::CLAYTONWed Apr 20 1994PNV Better Than NV6k?
385.04OPG::SIMONThu Apr 21 1994Linker problem with a simple API program.
387.05HGOVC::GUPTAFri Apr 22 1994More info on XMP ?
389.01BELMNT::BEAZLEYFri Apr 22 1994TSM - "ccr" DECnet OSI V2.
391.01STKMCC::LUNDMon Apr 25 1994Syntax error in /usr/OV/conf/mibExpr.conf
392.09TROU52::GREENALLTue Apr 26 1994DECnis support yet?
393.04KAOFS::BOIVINWed Apr 27 1994pdmmopnmd fails after DECnet address change
395.03WARABI::LAMSIMONThu Apr 28 1994NCR's StarSENTRY vs POLYCENTER Netview
396.01MSDOA::REEDThu Apr 28 1994HELP NEEDED with RFP for Net Management
398.01DPDMAI::DAVIESFri Apr 29 1994HP Programmers Kit?
400.01SPECXN::LENGYELFri Apr 29 1994How can I view the RMON MIB?
401.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERSun May 01 1994Distributed name Service, How to use?
402.01GIDDAY::CHONGMon May 02 1994quicker notification of node up/down events
403.01BELMNT::BEAZLEYMon May 02 1994PDM Field Test Update - WHEN??
404.08SOLVIT::JNELSONMon May 02 1994Polycenter NetView Platforms
405.02ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon May 02 1994Polycenter applications question
406.05BELMNT::BEAZLEYMon May 02 1994trapd - last message: uds_accept failed with errno = %d
407.08BELMNT::BEAZLEYMon May 02 1994ELMS Commands - What?
408.03TOOK::PECKARMon May 02 1994PDM events 'sieveable'?
409.04GIDDAY::CHONGMon May 02 1994mcc_evc_send , event arrives but wrong severity
410.0ULYSSE::MORALESTue May 03 1994Mixed subnets
412.06BELMNT::BEAZLEYTue May 03 1994Multiple Interfaces on one NMS
413.02KYOSS1::GASIOROWSKITue May 03 1994need screen capture of NetView
414.05MARSWed May 04 1994Graph when more than 24 entries ?
415.02KETJE::BUTTIENSMon May 09 1994How large can an map be ?
417.01ATYISA::PERIEMon May 09 1994SNMP2 ?
418.02ATYISA::PERIEMon May 09 1994Agent Developpment
419.010BELMNT::BEAZLEYMon May 09 1994Fatal IPMap error.
420.01SKIBUM::GASSMANTue May 10 1994V3.1 features
421.06TOOK::MCPHERSONTue May 10 1994Why is snmpCollect so *fragile* ?!?
422.016HERON::PATEL_AWed May 11 1994problem with pdmmopnmd
423.03KAOFS::BOIVINWed May 11 1994Can't open input data file /usr/OV/bin/pdmIVtopd.submap
424.0BELMNT::BEAZLEYWed May 11 1994Customer Win/Questions
425.04BELMNT::BEAZLEYWed May 11 1994DLI on multiple interfaces
426.0LARVAE::BRYAN_FWed May 11 1994Dual Manager-Agent Role ?
427.07SKIBUM::GASSMANWed May 11 1994Memory - what does it buy you?
428.01SCHOOL::DESAIWed May 11 1994how best to stop unnecessary traffic generation
429.03TOOK::CLARKWed May 11 1994Explanation of cut/copy/paste rules
430.09WARABI::CHIUANDREWThu May 12 1994SNA manager on PVN?
431.04DPDMAI::DAVIESThu May 12 1994Ki's DNM vs Digital's PDM
432.04DPDMAI::DAVIESThu May 12 1994Blue SYmbol Questions
433.04DPDMAI::DAVIESThu May 12 1994PDM FT2 Questions
434.0DELNI::LICAUSEThu May 12 1994Labels not displayed on map?
435.02DPDMAI::DAVIESThu May 12 1994Problems with Advanced File System??
437.0BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu May 12 1994nvSnmpBlockingGetTable + DECagent9
438.03DPDMAI::DAVIESFri May 13 1994PDM FT@ Install problem
439.06KAOFS::BOIVINFri May 13 1994Reboot erases DECnet topology
440.04LARVAE::HOWLETT_TMon May 16 1994Where is List of MIBs?
441.03BELMNT::BEAZLEYMon May 16 1994PDM and NICE/CMIP Event sink nodes/
442.03HGODCS::RICHARDLAMTue May 17 1994startup & shutdown problems
443.012HGODCS::RICHARDLAMTue May 17 1994Different link address problem
444.03DPDMAI::DAVIESTue May 17 1994Symbol default colors, logging
445.02PRMSTue May 17 1994What is a PTF ???
446.06DPDMAI::DAVIESTue May 17 1994Severity level assignment, defaults rules
447.01DPDMAI::DAVIESTue May 17 1994New object address assisnment
448.03CUJO::HILLTue May 17 1994Data Collector test image needed.
450.012HGODCS::RICHARDLAMWed May 18 1994DECnet/OSI V2.
451.01NBOFS1::ZOETTLEINWed May 18 1994CLI for PNV ?#
452.05VFOVAX::GALVINThu May 19 1994management of Alpha???
453.01OPG::SIMONThu May 19 1994Data Collector API in the DECnet Manager.
454.04MSDOA::REEDThu May 19 1994OPTIVITY under PNV ?
455.01MCDOUG::dougThu May 19 1994PNV MIB Expressions
456.0ATYISA::ROGGEBANDFri May 20 1994PNV & DEChubs
457.07HERON::PATEL_AFri May 20 1994mcc_evc_send translation seems broken
458.03YUPPY::CURRYFri May 20 1994Problem installing DECnet Manager
459.010HERON::PATEL_AFri May 20 1994how des the isHUB field get set ?
460.03MLNCSC::LASAGNAFri May 20 1994pmd : can't initialize CMIP STACK pb
462.01TROU52::GREENALLMon May 23 1994router wrong map
463.01PRMSMon May 23 1994Internet_mom Process Going Bezerk :-(
464.0HGODCS::RICHARDLAMTue May 24 1994Turn off 9
465.06ZURTue May 24 1994different network Classes unsupported within a given network?
466.02ZURTue May 24 1994pnvsetup doesn't display netmon flags
467.07YUPPY::SEDTU6::KORMANTue May 24 1994DECmcc -> PNV/PDM functionality and migration??
469.06KAOFS::BOIVINTue May 24 1994DECnet discovery restricted to select area(s)??
470.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed May 25 1994RMONster/6
471.05BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu May 26 1994OVW not running, but it is
472.014CUJO::HILLThu May 26 1994DECnet Manager (PDM,DNM) questions
473.04BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu May 26 1994Getting and using submap IDs
474.03MLNCSC::LASAGNAThu May 26 1994Expression in MIB Application Builder?
475.05SKIBUM::GASSMANThu May 26 1994Workstation or Server?
476.0DELNI::FERREIRAThu May 26 1994NetView/TeMIP Strategy & Messages
477.04BACHUS::VANDENBERGHEFri May 27 1994can't start netmon
478.01BACHUS::VANDENBERGHEFri May 27 1994How to register en SNMP entity ?
479.02PRMSFri May 27 1994Turn Off Autotopology But Still Have Status Polling
483.0EEMELI::KINNARITue May 31 1994Printing and A4 paper size problem
484.02CUJO::HILLTue May 31 1994Inference engine highly desired.
485.011KAOOSC::boivinWed Jun 01 1994mcc_evc_send - Symbol doesn't change color (FT2)
486.03BACHUS::VANDENBERGHEWed Jun 01 1994No Event display
487.03HGSW32::RICHARDLAMThu Jun 02 1994Q? on portmap, OVc, .Xdefaults
488.01HGSW32::RICHARDLAMThu Jun 02 1994Move objects to partition internet submaps
489.09SMARIO::DAVIDSONThu Jun 02 1994presentation doc's?
490.01SMARIO::DAVIDSONThu Jun 02 1994snmpget error...
491.02ZURThu Jun 02 1994changing the size of the Event log?
492.01FPTVX1::ABRAMSThu Jun 02 1994Change of hostname/setld -c to reconfigure?
493.0FPTVX1::ABRAMSThu Jun 02 1994Managing Multiple Domains & Networks
494.0FPTVX1::ABRAMSThu Jun 02 1994pnv in Action w/SynOptics & Cisco
496.0SMARIO::DAVIDSONFri Jun 03 1994manage OSI stack?
497.01BELMNT::BEAZLEYFri Jun 03 1994Possible pnvsetup (configure) problem
498.014YUPPY::SEDTU6::KORMANMon Jun 06 1994Help with installation error pleeaasse!
499.03BACHUS::VANDENBERGHEMon Jun 06 1994Does PNV 21
500.03MSDOA::CUPERMon Jun 06 1994NEED:PNV Demo in Atlanta or Huntsville
501.011QPC1::MURPHYMon Jun 06 1994Decnet and Terminal server maps disappeared
502.01DECLNE::PEACOCKMon Jun 06 1994VMS SNMP and NetView?
503.010ZPOVC::PHENGKUETue Jun 07 1994Why doesn't Netview discover every node?
504.03KERNEL::EVANSNWed Jun 08 1994Sieve creation failed - event log problem
505.01BAHTAT::TAYLORWed Jun 08 1994Map customisation....cut/paste woes
506.02OSLACT::BJORNWed Jun 08 1994DEChub modules MIBs?
507.06DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Jun 08 1994Restricted Discovery of DECnet nodes problem
508.03TPOVC::ALLENCHENThu Jun 09 1994Save map in GIF format
509.02HAAG::HAAGThu Jun 09 1994PNV w/OSF1 V3.
510.05KAOOSC::boivinThu Jun 09 1994Installing PDM SSB kit killed Netview...
511.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri Jun 10 1994X Terminal recommendations?
512.02DPDMAI::DAVIESFri Jun 10 1994PDM Node names and local database
513.03BELMNT::BEAZLEYFri Jun 10 1994Bells and Whistles?
514.01LARVAE::HOWLETT_TFri Jun 10 1994Hi register a file descriptor?
515.01ANGLIN::CLAYTONFri Jun 10 1994Sluggish Performance
516.01HGSW32::RICHARDLAMMon Jun 13 1994Faster icon color change with shorter polling inte
517.02TOOK::MCPHERSONMon Jun 13 1994Probs. installing DECnet/OSI v2.
518.01MARSMon Jun 13 1994Use of HP Paintjet Colour 363
519.0MARSMon Jun 13 1994TRACEROUTE if serveral pathes ?
520.02MOLAR::YAHEY::BOSEMon Jun 13 1994SSB release of POLYCENTER PathDoctor V1.
521.02DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Jun 13 1994Saving maps between upgrades...
522.0DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Jun 14 1994Problem deactivating a filter.
523.04SKIBUM::GASSMANTue Jun 14 1994NetView using AFS
524.02BSS::TEMKINTue Jun 14 1994Event woes with target IP addresses
525.02STROP::LAYLANDWed Jun 15 1994What is interface traffic ??
526.0DAGWST::PIAZZAWed Jun 15 1994MSU compatability
528.04HGSW32::RICHARDLAMThu Jun 16 1994Starting Netview w/o Navigation & Tools windows
529.0HGSW32::RICHARDLAMThu Jun 16 1994Separate Control Desk for Graphs
530.06SIEVAX::ATTWOOLThu Jun 16 1994Objects User/Application 2.1-1 wierdness
531.04BACHUS::VANDENBERGHEFri Jun 17 1994gtmd problems with PDM
532.0BELMNT::BEAZLEYFri Jun 17 1994Protocol Switching
533.03SPANKY::SAWYERFri Jun 17 1994Thoughts and facts on 3rd party apps
534.02TROU52::GREENALLFri Jun 17 1994pnv with load requestor?
535.01SDOSSun Jun 19 1994Features/Benefits write up for NetView
536.01SIEVAX::ATTWOOLMon Jun 20 1994Detailed GIF images for backgrounds
537.02DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Jun 20 1994Restart DECnet discovery process only
538.05SIOG::PARKSTue Jun 21 1994How to change an icon colour ?
539.0ISIDRO::REJONTue Jun 21 1994Problem Installing PDM v1.
540.01TRLIAN::BENDECKTue Jun 21 1994DEC OSF/1 V2.
541.01IJSAPL::PEURSUMTue Jun 21 1994LightWatch/FiberMux/FX66
543.0HGSW32::RICHARDLAMTue Jun 21 1994Incorrecting Routing Event Meaning
544.027TROU52::GREENALLTue Jun 21 1994Decnet autotopology troubles
545.01SNOFS1::BELLMIKEWed Jun 22 1994Brixton Bridge
546.05ISIDRO::REJONWed Jun 22 1994Problen updating oid_to_type file
547.03DAGWST::PIAZZAWed Jun 22 1994How to Draw A Line
548.03ADO75A::SHARPEThu Jun 23 1994SSB NetView screws up netmask!
549.04BACHUS::VANDENBERGHEThu Jun 23 1994Events with time in the future
550.02BACHUS::VANDENBERGHEThu Jun 23 1994Background cards are disapearing
552.02BELMNT::BEAZLEYThu Jun 23 1994Can Events be sent about User Plane Objects?
553.0TROU52::GREENALLThu Jun 23 1994Adding select end nodes?
554.01TRUCKS::EVANS_MAFri Jun 24 1994Default views on opening appns.
555.0TOOK::WELLINGTONFri Jun 24 1994More IPmap Fatal errors
556.02HGSW32::RICHARDLAMSun Jun 26 1994User plane and application plane difference
557.05TRUCKS::EVANS_MAMon Jun 27 1994DECserver 5
558.06TRUCKS::EVANS_MAMon Jun 27 1994Setup, selection and ELMS support?
559.0GYPSC::WIENERTue Jun 28 1994What do Topology View and Customer Desk see ?
560.02GRANMA::NNICOLLWed Jun 29 1994X-station questions
561.0GRANMA::NNICOLLWed Jun 29 1994Selective polling/discovery?
562.02HAAG::HAAGWed Jun 29 1994PNV "synchronizing" for hours???
563.02EXOCET::ATTWOOLWed Jun 29 1994Reload menus for script files ?
564.05EXOCET::ATTWOOLWed Jun 29 1994Sassy Xdefaults for PNV required
565.02GRANMA::NNICOLLThu Jun 30 1994Graphing and ethernet data
566.06TOOK::BEAUDETFri Jul 01 1994PNV OSF/1 AXP V3.1 Phase O Announcement
567.0TOOK::BEAUDETFri Jul 01 1994PDM V2.
568.01PRMSFri Jul 01 1994PNV and PDM Database Questions
569.02HGSW32::RICHARDLAMMon Jul 04 1994Q? in setting permission codes
570.07HGSW32::RICHARDLAMMon Jul 04 1994IPMap Fatal Error
571.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Jul 06 1994Memory Requirements
572.01SAC::HERBERTThu Jul 07 1994Changes to oid_to_sym and oid_to_type
573.04HGSW32::RICHARDLAMThu Jul 07 1994Correct way of using seed files
574.019WELLIN::MCCALLUMThu Jul 07 1994PDM IVTOPD failure
575.06EXOCET::ATTWOOLThu Jul 07 1994pdmIVstsd dying with local DECnet database
576.04HAAG::HAAGThu Jul 07 1994PNV and Duplicate Addresses/Names?
577.02--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 07 1994TeMIP - PDM
578.0PRMSThu Jul 07 1994Moving a PNV and PDM Database to a New System
579.0RANGER::DORSEYFri Jul 08 1994experienced network managers needed
580.01DV78Fri Jul 08 1994Support for older phase IV nodes
581.01PRMSFri Jul 08 1994DME Network Management Option, DEC's Position ?
582.02SAC::HERBERTFri Jul 08 1994DECNIS interface status and netmon
583.09SKIBUM::GASSMANFri Jul 08 1994PNV Packaged Systems Announcement
584.02PRMSFri Jul 08 1994POLYCENTER NetView "Lite" ???
585.07ZPOVC::PHENGKUEMon Jul 11 1994Customised trap# for thresholds
586.0AEOENG::TUAUXMon Jul 11 1994PNV doesn't like fork process.
587.01HAAG::HAAGMon Jul 11 1994PNV Usage of DNS (Domain)
589.0MXOVTue Jul 12 1994POLYCENTER/Netview and PBX's Management?
590.05PEACHS::PV2PWR::BECHTOLDWed Jul 13 1994Netview support display types ?? 24Plane TrueColor Visual ?? or Psuedo Color 8Pln only
591.02GRANMA::NNICOLLWed Jul 13 1994Basic Netview questions...
592.06PRMSWed Jul 13 1994IBM Sales Saying Nasty Things about PNV
593.02SAC::HERBERTWed Jul 13 1994netmon - exited on signal 11
594.02BRADEC::CICELThu Jul 14 1994SNMP API Segmentation Fault
595.01STKMCC::LUNDFri Jul 15 1994pdmmopnmd.log
596.01AEOENG::TUAUXFri Jul 15 1994PNV and Messages Dialog Boxes
597.03CSC32::B_GRUBBSFri Jul 15 1994DECNet autotopology question
598.0HAAG::HAAGFri Jul 15 1994PNV Wins
599.02SMURF::DANIELEFri Jul 15 1994Host MIB IFT software for OSF/1
601.02GIDDAY::CHONGTue Jul 19 1994problem starting pmd
602.02TROU52::GREENALLTue Jul 19 1994Graph collected data crashes
603.05FPTVX1::MURRAYTue Jul 19 1994Defunct processes problem using trap customization
604.02SUOIS2::MGOLDWASSERWed Jul 20 1994contents of migration product?
605.0TOOK::MINTZFri Jul 22 1994Note on changing colors/status
606.07TOOK::MCPHERSONFri Jul 22 1994Put new feature requests here.
607.02USOPS::HARBFri Jul 22 1994setld error with PNV V2.1A ECO 1
608.01CUJO::HILLFri Jul 22 1994Not a good idea to encourage potential customers.
609.06USOPS::HARBTue Jul 26 1994More problems following PNV V2.1A ECO X1 installation
610.017DELDPN::C_MUNOZTue Jul 26 1994How can I discover End-Nodes with PDM?
611.01CSC32::PITTTue Jul 26 1994can't write to WorkSpace
612.04PRNRD1::SAUTHIERWed Jul 27 1994PNV21A+DECnet OSI 2.
613.01CGOOA::DURNINFri Jul 29 1994DECnis management platform recommendation ???
614.06GIDDAY::KINGSMILLFri Jul 29 1994Secondary IP subnets
615.02TPOVC::ALLENCHENMon Aug 01 1994Problem in installing Poly-decnet-mgr
616.01BONNET::POORTVLIETTue Aug 02 1994promotional material
617.05KERNEL::EVANSNTue Aug 02 1994Disk and CPU monitoring
618.0PRMSTue Aug 02 1994Network World Buyers Guide Article
619.02RUMOR::FALEKWed Aug 03 1994Netview apps for Pathworks, Novell... ?
622.01KAOOSC::boivinFri Aug 05 1994PDM DECnet Phase IV Status daemon error (exited on signal 11)
623.04BELMNT::BEAZLEYFri Aug 05 1994PDM - Access to a DECnet node not known in DNS?
624.03HGSW32::RICHARDLAMSat Aug 06 1994pdmIVtopd stays in NOT_RUNNING state
625.01SMARIO::DAVIDSONMon Aug 08 1994agent development and mib problems?
626.07VNASWS::ANDREASMon Aug 08 1994Reference Sites
627.01GYPSC::WIENERMon Aug 08 1994Enterprise Solutions Program (ESP)
628.0OOTOOL::CHELSEAMon Aug 08 1994addtrap won't add Application Alert Event
629.02PRMSTue Aug 09 1994PNV's RMON MIB Does Not Work with Packetprobe 9
630.010CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Aug 09 1994General Questions on NETVIEW capabilities
631.0HGSW32::RICHARDLAMWed Aug 10 1994Q? on zero line counter via Netview
632.01ATYISA::PERIEWed Aug 10 1994Memory Configuration
634.05TOOK::MCPHERSONWed Aug 10 1994Ok. Who's been eating my "$" again?
635.0AEOENG::TUAUXThu Aug 11 1994How a submap can be closed from an application
636.01USCTR1::NOTVMS::CLEGGThu Aug 11 1994DECnet Manager and OSF/1 2.1?
637.02HGSW32::RICHARDLAMFri Aug 12 1994HP Openview vs DECnet Manager on Netview
638.01TROU52::GREENALLFri Aug 12 1994remove from toolbox?
639.03TROOA::LEONGFri Aug 12 1994Compete with Cabletron Spectrum?
640.0OHFSFri Aug 12 1994PNV/Network General/Castle Rock
641.01GIDDAY::CHONGMon Aug 15 1994changing symbol status via snmptrap
642.03GIDDAY::CHONGMon Aug 15 1994netmon not starting on first go
643.03TKOVZZ::KANNAMIMon Aug 15 1994nvSnmpGetTable behaivor
644.04DELNI::LICAUSEMon Aug 15 1994Inconsistant IP vs DECnet map behaviour?
645.01BRADEC::CICELTue Aug 16 1994SNMP API enum_string
646.03KETJE::VANDENBERG_RWed Aug 17 1994netmon probabely died
647.06YUPPY::CURRYWed Aug 17 1994Problem with Filters & "From Objects Equal to Listt"
648.0TOOK::MINTZWed Aug 17 1994Octet string handling in traps
649.02DELNI::LICAUSEWed Aug 17 1994DECnet status...working?
650.02KETJE::GORREMANSWed Aug 17 1994RFP input?
651.02DELNI::LICAUSEThu Aug 18 1994Removed objects show up again!
652.0IJSAPL::DOOLAARDThu Aug 18 1994SMUX OSF1 agent
653.0KETJE::VANDENBERG_RThu Aug 18 1994Data Collector on HP-OpenView ?
654.04CTHQ::WUThu Aug 18 1994Report to display IP nodes
655.01KETJE::VANDENBERG_RThu Aug 18 1994PDM ELMS comments
657.02WELLIN::MCCALLUMMon Aug 22 1994Data Collector issues
658.02YUPPY::CURRYMon Aug 22 1994How to poll for a specific integer NOT threshold?
659.03TRLIAN::BENDECKMon Aug 22 1994Node Limit for DECnet/OSI?
660.02TROU52::GREENALLMon Aug 22 1994ovstart on startup?
661.01DELNI::LICAUSEMon Aug 22 1994Netview Crashes on Modify Object Operation
662.04TOOK::MINTZTue Aug 23 1994Copying maps
663.02BELMNT::BEAZLEYTue Aug 23 1994PNV Version 3.1
664.01YUPPY::CURRYWed Aug 24 1994Problem adding Object & Cut&Paste to submap
665.03YUPPY::CURRYWed Aug 24 1994How to ADD and Object previously DELETEd?
666.09VAXRIO::NASCIMENTOWed Aug 24 1994how to graph phase IV nodes?
667.02YUPPY::CURRYWed Aug 24 1994Problem adding crontab entries to clear log files.
668.07YUPPY::CURRYWed Aug 24 1994How to change background colour of Maps?
669.0AEOENG::TUAUXThu Aug 25 1994"open_event failed" message
670.02TROU52::GREENALLThu Aug 25 1994Same trap, different $ of variables?
671.02DELNI::LICAUSEFri Aug 26 1994Server or Gateway symbol for autodiscovery?
672.01BONNET::POORTVLIETFri Aug 26 1994Location orientated TS maps
673.01CSC32::PITTFri Aug 26 1994demand poll fails on Cisco rtr
674.02SAC::HERBERTFri Aug 26 1994DECNIS and network connections
675.01TOOK::MINTZMon Aug 29 1994Redisplaying hidden objects
676.05CSC32::PITTMon Aug 29 1994red on serial lines
677.01MUNSBE::WERBERTue Aug 30 1994black-and-white display ?
678.0ADOVTue Aug 30 1994DECnet questions
679.05AUSSIE::TAJALLIWed Aug 31 1994monitoring
680.02BACHUS::VANDENBERGHEWed Aug 31 1994Sieve deletion failed. Confirmation timeout
681.02BACHUS::VANDENBERGHEWed Aug 31 1994PDM problems
682.01ALCALA::ILOPEZWed Aug 31 1994MCC or NetView ?
683.0TOOK::MINTZWed Aug 31 1994Adding traps
684.0MRED::ROBBINSWed Aug 31 1994Wanted: People to Evaluate Network Mgr's Guides
686.01OURGNG::RIGGENWed Aug 31 1994Netview Manager over a X.25 line ?
687.0TPOVC::ALLENCHENThu Sep 01 1994NetView vs. SunNet manager ?
688.03YUPPY::CURRYThu Sep 01 1994How to clear out Objects Database?
689.01CSC32::PITTThu Sep 01 1994static addresses anywhere?
690.03SIOG::PARKSFri Sep 02 1994hostnames used in events window
691.01YUPPY::CURRYFri Sep 02 1994Problems creating Segment map & CUT & PASTE....
692.03SMARIO::DAVIDSONMon Sep 05 1994restrict auto discovery?
693.02ADOVMon Sep 05 1994PDMV1
694.04OSLACT::BJORNTue Sep 06 1994All NetView files under /usr/OV ?
695.05GIDDAY::KINGSMILLTue Sep 06 1994ovstart hangs
696.01OSANPO::TA_TANAKATue Sep 06 1994customization for i18n?
697.03CGOOA::KUHNENTue Sep 06 1994DNS services
698.05ISIDRO::MAMORENOThu Sep 08 1994rumor or actual ?
699.04MUNDIS::MBACHMANNThu Sep 08 1994quest. on snmpd, snmpCollect, orphanMaps
700.08YUPPY::CURRYThu Sep 08 1994Problem with Filtering Events -> Event window
701.01OURGNG::RIGGENFri Sep 09 1994Does Netview have any support for WILLTELL applications under OPENVIEW ?
702.0MUNDIS::MBACHMANNMon Sep 12 1994parent_object_id vs OVwListSubmaps
703.04TKTVFS::ENDOH_KTue Sep 13 1994Can I move several symbols at one time?
704.0KAOOSC::boivinTue Sep 13 1994Gripes about beacon::
705.01ATYISA::ROGGEBANDTue Sep 13 1994PNV 3.x Documentation / specs
706.0FRAIS::ORCHIS::MAASSWed Sep 14 1994Problems with OSF/1 V2.
707.0ADOVThu Sep 15 1994How does IP determine name ?
708.01MUNDIS::MBACHMANNThu Sep 15 1994submap creation
709.01KETJE::VANDENBERG_RThu Sep 15 1994OVc receive(Read) error
710.02MLNORO::MALACRIDAThu Sep 15 1994how is this "mirroring" functionality achieved?
711.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri Sep 16 1994NetView has only 2% market share?
712.03ZURFri Sep 16 1994IPmap application dies at PNV startup
713.07DPDMAI::COXBFri Sep 16 1994Netview to VMS?
714.02DV78Fri Sep 16 1994IBM databases -> AXP/OSF
715.02MUNDIS::MBACHMANNMon Sep 19 1994nvSnmpTrapOpenFilter or XTrapOpenFilter
716.02CGOOA::KUHNENMon Sep 19 1994Working MIBs ?
717.03DV78Mon Sep 19 1994Netview6
718.0TOOK::MINTZMon Sep 19 1994Various useful facts
719.03DELNI::LICAUSETue Sep 20 1994Netmon using 4
720.0DELNI::LICAUSETue Sep 20 1994Interface labeled as circuit...not subnet?
721.01WARS::KOWALCZYKWed Sep 21 1994UCX and NetView
722.03CSC32::PITTWed Sep 21 1994delete duplicate object?
723.03BELMNT::BEAZLEYWed Sep 21 1994V3.1 Announced .. When will it ship?
724.09TRKWSH::COMFORTWed Sep 21 1994Help needed w/ PNV 2.11 install
725.01ATYISA::PERIEThu Sep 22 1994SNMP Specific Agent
726.03SPANKY::SAWYERThu Sep 22 1994Netmon dying
727.0CGOOA::KUHNENThu Sep 22 1994Trap Customization
728.04ATYISA::ROGGEBANDFri Sep 23 1994Training material?
729.02WHOSFri Sep 23 1994New Design
730.02GRANMA::NNICOLLFri Sep 23 1994Pre-Packaged systems and 3.1?
731.02PRMSFri Sep 23 1994Location Of Cisco Management MIB
732.06TRKWSH::COMFORTMon Sep 26 1994Pointers to PNV & PDM ECOs
733.02OZROCK::BARTLEYMon Sep 26 1994Is there a way of mapping OIDs in SNMP traps to meaningful labels?
734.0MUNDIS::MBACHMANNTue Sep 27 1994daemon won't start from LRF
735.01TOOK::SMARTINTue Sep 27 1994Ki Research new version??
736.07OZROCK::BARTLEYWed Sep 28 1994Memory problems in nvFilterGet?
737.01OZROCK::BARTLEYThu Sep 29 1994NULL syntax in var binding?
738.01CSC32::PITTThu Sep 29 1994Polycenter Confusion?
740.0TKTVFS::NEMOTOFri Sep 30 1994disable/enable poll for selected nodes
741.0WELLIN::GRAHAMMon Oct 03 1994load bridge data from file ?
742.06KAOOSC::boivinTue Oct 04 1994Please make FT kits available on TOOK::
743.01SIOG::PARKSTue Oct 04 1994Different ovw registration file for different users ?
744.04MUNDIS::MBACHMANNTue Oct 04 1994ARF & LRF problems
746.04KETJE::VANDENBERG_RTue Oct 04 1994pdmmopnmd problem
747.02DELNI::LICAUSETue Oct 04 1994ovwdb dying in T3.1/T2.
748.0AEOENG::TUAUXTue Oct 04 1994PNV crash
749.01OZROCK::BARTLEYWed Oct 05 1994Freeing PDUs
750.01DELNI::LICAUSEWed Oct 05 1994Need documented tree of deamon relationships!
751.01CSC32::PITTWed Oct 05 1994network Breakin Detected
752.03GRANMA::NNICOLLWed Oct 05 1994Version control?
753.01CGOOA::KUHNENWed Oct 05 1994snmpcollect data file
754.07EWBVThu Oct 06 1994How to change TSM username?
755.0TOOK::MINTZThu Oct 06 1994Customized menus per user
756.07KERNEL::EVANSNThu Oct 06 1994Enterprise traps
757.0KETJE::VANDENBERG_RThu Oct 06 1994more info about addtrap ?
758.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Oct 10 1994How to pinpoint why it's red?
759.0ANTIK::WESTERBERGTue Oct 11 1994Another IP bind problem in PNV21B-
760.05DEMOAX::CLAUSONWed Oct 12 1994Supported Alpha platforms?
761.02CPARK::BEAZLEYWed Oct 12 1994Issuing commands with the ELMS GUI on PDM 2.
762.03CSC32::PITTWed Oct 12 1994DECnet socket connect failed
763.0TOOK::MINTZWed Oct 12 1994Pointer to MIBs
764.02CSC32::PITTThu Oct 13 19943comm not discovered?
765.0MUNDIS::MBACHMANNThu Oct 13 1994OVsnmpAddTypedVarBind
766.02STROP::LAYLANDThu Oct 13 1994What will I get from 9
767.0CSC32::PITTThu Oct 13 1994THANKS!!!!
768.0CGOOA::KUHNENThu Oct 13 1994Perhaps name server problem
769.04DOTTY::WITHERELLFri Oct 14 1994Icon (Symbol) Sizes
770.0SKIBUM::GASSMANFri Oct 14 1994Multiple users for PNV/NT
771.01TOOK::MINTZSat Oct 15 1994In case you don't like the copyright
772.04CPARK::BEAZLEYMon Oct 17 1994Map ICONS representing device vendor/model
773.02CSC32::PITTMon Oct 17 1994turn OFF autodiscover
774.02TOOK::MINTZMon Oct 17 1994How can I speed up status discovery?
775.0HGODCS::SUSANCHANTue Oct 18 1994MIB definition need
776.02MUNDIS::MBACHMANNTue Oct 18 1994shlib & thread
777.01ULYSSE::BAUDELLETue Oct 18 1994Netview Database Data model
778.01OTOOA::BUTLERTue Oct 18 1994No apps on OSF/1. Progress Report?
779.0TOOK::MINTZTue Oct 18 1994Customizing the graph
780.0TOOK::MINTZWed Oct 19 1994Address wildcarding in filters
781.0AEOENG::TUAUXWed Oct 19 1994How copying symbols by programmation?
782.0KETJE::VANDENBERG_RThu Oct 20 1994DEChub9
783.03SMURF::DANIELEThu Oct 20 1994Netview across SLIP?
785.01OHFSS1::COMFORTThu Oct 20 1994Training & Support
786.02KETJE::VANDENBERG_RFri Oct 21 1994DECnet still desperately BIG blue
787.01TOOK::MINTZFri Oct 21 1994Events Displayed from Unexpected Nodes
788.07TOOK::MINTZFri Oct 21 1994Where are NetView traps defined?
789.08QPC1::MURPHYFri Oct 21 1994Missing Icons - Decnet , Terminal server, Bridge
790.01JAYJAY::KORNSSun Oct 23 1994Amy creidts for ELMS or LTM
791.02HGODCS::RICHARDLAMMon Oct 24 1994DOCumentation on PNV error codes
793.0TOOK::MINTZTue Oct 25 1994Limiting access to maps (per user)
794.01PRMSTue Oct 25 1994Can You Retrive System Information From PNV Database?
795.0PRMSTue Oct 25 1994Automatic Report Generation
796.01HGODCS::SUSANCHANWed Oct 26 1994Netview management architecture?
797.01TOOK::MINTZWed Oct 26 1994Tuning to improve performance
798.01GSGLXT::CHMURAWed Oct 26 1994PNV Database access, hierarchical NW Mgt
799.0HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Oct 26 1994Network Troubleshooting Consultant?
800.04MUNDIS::MBACHMANNWed Oct 26 1994processes die on startup
801.02MUNDIS::MBACHMANNWed Oct 26 1994Interface down on wrong trap
802.02SMURF::YUSKAWed Oct 26 1994packetprobes and netview
803.0HGODCS::SUSANCHANThu Oct 27 1994SNMP V2...Plans?
804.05SAC::JEPSONThu Oct 27 1994Max. devices for Netview??
806.01--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 28 1994DECnet/ TERMSRV icons disappeared
807.011PRMSFri Oct 28 1994Questions on Netview for NT and NT Applications
808.01SKYLRK::SITZFri Oct 28 1994How big is big enough...
809.06LACVMon Oct 31 1994Competitive info and comparison matrix?
810.01PRMSMon Oct 31 1994"Unable to open specified catalog (ovsutil.cat)" errors
811.01YUPPY::CURRYTue Nov 01 1994How to delete an Object so it doesn't reappear?
812.03YUPPY::CURRYTue Nov 01 1994Is it possible to show hidden objects...?
813.07KAOOSC::boivinTue Nov 01 1994ERROR Network Name Resolution
814.0NETRIX::"trent.brennan@sno.mts.dec.com"Wed Nov 02 1994Perf. PNV vs Netview/6
816.06PRMSWed Nov 02 1994Node Not Found, Demand Poll Skipped Errors
817.08SPANKY::SAWYERWed Nov 02 1994Decnis, Debrouter, no autodiscovery
818.01LARVAE::HOWLETT_TFri Nov 04 1994Autodiscovery, How?
819.03MUNDIS::MBACHMANNFri Nov 04 1994workspace & filter
820.01KAOOSC::boivinFri Nov 04 1994pnv reports DECnis port status CRITICAL but port is up...
821.0EVTOC2::$RAOULTFri Nov 04 1994RMON/automatic report generation
822.05TOOK::MINTZFri Nov 04 1994When are optional commands for events executed?
823.01HEN::SCHNEIDERFri Nov 04 1994hp FUD
824.0HEN::SCHNEIDERFri Nov 04 1994performance information?
825.0NAC::LICAUSEMon Nov 07 1994Lauching Windows apps from Netview?
826.01TOOK::MINTZMon Nov 07 1994Highlighting non-IP nodes by trap
828.08WELLIN::GRAHAMTue Nov 08 1994PNV 3.1, PDM f/t 2 & Ciscos
829.01WELLIN::GRAHAMTue Nov 08 1994mop & decnet listening on different ethernets ?
830.02LARVAE::POETTWed Nov 09 1994Ethernet Load Monitor (XELOAD)
831.05PTOVAX::PEARLMANWed Nov 09 1994Sable and new workstations supported?
832.0STROP::LAYLANDWed Nov 09 1994Wan9
833.01TOOK::MINTZWed Nov 09 1994How to detach/relocate events window
834.01TOOK::MINTZThu Nov 10 1994How to create a host file from NV data
835.01MUNDIS::MBACHMANNThu Nov 10 1994pathdoctor
836.03COMBAT::LUNDThu Nov 10 1994Display on VMS workstaition makes event card top line text dissaper
837.0SCCA::DaveThu Nov 10 1994Seed nodes works....
838.04ZURFri Nov 11 1994DECnet Autodiscovery/Autotopology troubles
839.04WELLIN::GRAHAMFri Nov 11 1994pdmmopnmd abnormal termination of listener
840.02WELLIN::GRAHAMFri Nov 11 1994+ve feedback on bridges in PDM
841.0SIOG::PARKSFri Nov 11 1994Change font size in events window
842.01ZTOIS1::VISTAMon Nov 14 1994PNV 2.1B : MIB loading & TRAPS ??
843.0ZTOIS1::VISTAMon Nov 14 1994PNV V2.1B & TRAP monitoring ??
844.04NAC::LICAUSEMon Nov 14 1994Can't see PDM maps/icons T2.
845.02GRANPA::NNICOLLMon Nov 14 1994File generation of SNMP events??
846.02KAOOSC::boivinMon Nov 14 1994Events windows very slow after enabling BIND
847.05BREAKR::UDICKTue Nov 15 1994Pointer to kit/notesfile for PNV for Windows NT
848.01KAOOSC::boivinTue Nov 15 1994Progress on correct severity in Event Cards?
849.01--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 15 1994UK Consultants ?
850.0NAC::LICAUSETue Nov 15 1994Questions on xeload
851.04CSC32::PITTWed Nov 16 1994memory fault core dump
852.08KETJE::VANDENBERG_RWed Nov 16 1994Sizing request
853.01DELNI::FERREIRAWed Nov 16 1994NetView Assistance sought in Seattle
854.02GIDDAY::HAGANWed Nov 16 1994NetView BadAlloc on VXT2
855.0CSC32::J_WIELANDThu Nov 17 1994information no propogating to top level
856.03TOOK::MINTZThu Nov 17 1994Pointers on how to use the Internet
857.0STKHLM::BERGGRENFri Nov 18 1994Some customer questions
858.0HGODCS::PETERJONESFri Nov 18 1994Meaning of ENTERPRISE name
859.02EEMELI::OJUSSILASun Nov 20 1994BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
860.0MUNDIS::MBACHMANNMon Nov 21 1994killer of wellfleet
861.04ULYSSE::BAUDELLEMon Nov 21 1994Mcc_evc_send and Netview on RS 6
862.02NAC::LICAUSEMon Nov 21 1994DECnet Map badly flawed T2.
863.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Nov 21 1994Event to trigger icon color change
864.02CSC32::PITTMon Nov 21 1994netmon daemon dies every 3
865.010MFRNW1::SCHUSTERMon Nov 21 1994ovw hangs, can't clear database, ingres not running
866.06CSC32::PITTMon Nov 21 1994snmpget- undefined variable
867.01BCFI::LJUNGBERGTue Nov 22 1994Systems Monitor plans?
868.0ZPOVC::EDU_USERTue Nov 22 1994Ultrix V4.4 X-client gets BadDrawable error message
869.02LUXTue Nov 22 1994Help Desk Remedy ?
870.04KERNEL::EVANSNTue Nov 22 1994Memory fault(coredump)
871.0HGODCS::SUSANCHANTue Nov 22 1994DECnis Frame Relay status MARGINAL?
872.01TOOK::MINTZWed Nov 23 1994ICON color changing if threshold is reached ?
873.01TOOK::MINTZWed Nov 23 1994OVW calls from non-launched apps?
874.018PMRV7Wed Nov 23 1994PNVsetup Difficulties
875.02CGOOA::KUHNENWed Nov 23 1994DECnet MGR (PDM) and OSF/1 V3
876.01VNASWS::ANDREASThu Nov 24 1994Installation problem pnv 3.1
877.09OZROCK::BARTLEYThu Nov 24 1994How to load a MIB during installation of a product?
878.03IJSAPL::DOOLAARDFri Nov 25 1994Map updates through ingres
879.03HGODCS::SUSANCHANMon Nov 28 1994PDM FT2.
880.02OHFSS1::COMFORTTue Nov 29 1994"Managed Objects" Definition
881.015TOOK::MCPHERSONTue Aug 24 1993Not reserved for anything
882.0TOOK::MINTZWed Nov 30 1994Interface labels/duplicate interfaces
883.0TOOK::MINTZWed Nov 30 1994POLYCENTER NetView to Windows NT in the press
884.01TKTVFS::TSUJI_TAThu Dec 01 1994PDM on WNT?
885.0ZURThu Dec 01 1994How does PNV declare an IP-device as a Router?
886.02ZURThu Dec 01 1994Bookreader Documentation?
887.01FLYERS::WITHERSPOONThu Dec 01 1994File Transfer With Netview Enterprise ?
888.01UTRTSC::BEEKMANFri Dec 02 1994cannot load dec-hub9
891.06ZEKE::WEBSTERFri Dec 02 1994Know of a Lost Sale Because of No Applications?
892.0HGODCS::SUSANCHANSun Dec 04 1994draft spd for PDM V2?
893.03YUPPY::CURRYMon Dec 05 1994Cabletron SPECTRUM & NetView?
894.01ZURMon Dec 05 1994xnmsnmpconf - How using the Target/Proxy fields?
895.01WELLIN::GRAHAMMon Dec 05 1994pnv/pdm on T3.2-2
896.02DECWET::SUNMon Dec 05 1994source code availability.
897.01KAOOSC::boivinTue Dec 06 1994PDM V2.
898.010SWANDC::MAUTZTue Dec 06 1994PNV display to PC with Xcursion, etc
899.07CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Dec 06 1994monitor giving ICMP socket errors?
900.03HGODCS::SUSANCHANWed Dec 07 1994Netview incorporate HP Openview ?
901.02SWANDC::MAUTZWed Dec 07 1994Clearing part of the database?
902.04SWANDC::MAUTZWed Dec 07 1994PNV3.1a & PDM2.
903.03AEOENG::TUAUXThu Dec 08 1994Multiple icons for one object on one map
904.05WELLIN::GRAHAMThu Dec 08 1994Bridge and t/s daemons dying (3.1a, V2)
905.0F1Thu Dec 08 1994Can one PNV station manage two networks?
906.0TLAVFri Dec 09 1994using data collector when module9
907.01ULYSSE::LOUISSat Dec 10 1994Fatal IPmap error with PNV V3.1
908.03ZPOVC::COLINTONGSat Dec 10 1994PDM Terminal Server Management
909.06CSC32::PITTSun Dec 11 19943.1 on 2.1?
911.03AEOENG::TUAUXMon Dec 12 1994PNV internal event meaning?
912.0MQOU18::MQOP23::f_monetteMon Dec 12 1994Traffic generated by PNV over WAN
913.01ATYISA::BAYLEMon Dec 12 1994NETVIEW and SMS/PAW
914.0TOOK::MINTZMon Dec 12 1994Why is snmpCollect <> MIB Browser?
915.02NAC::LICAUSETue Dec 13 1994Questions on MONITOR utilities...
916.02GRANPA::DMCCLOUDTue Dec 13 1994Automatic Daemon Start on System Reboot?
917.02BADMXX::DICKERSONTue Dec 13 1994SNMP Get fails w/o a public community
918.01TAVWed Dec 14 1994Polycenter Netview + SNA+DECNET+TROUBLE TICKET
919.02ZPOVC::COLINTONGWed Dec 14 1994PDM Questions
920.03ZURWed Dec 14 1994PDM V2.
921.02TPOVC::AARONYANGWed Dec 14 1994Urgent!! Any Plan to port PROBEwatch to OSF/1?!
922.03ZURWed Dec 14 1994PDM V.2
923.03SPANKY::WALSHWed Dec 14 1994Socket error when starting pdmmopnmd
924.01WELLIN::GRAHAMThu Dec 15 1994ccr error
925.018NBOFS1::ZOETTLEINThu Dec 15 1994PNV for WNT availability ?
926.01SEOSS1::HARB_GEThu Dec 15 1994PNV V3.1 requires a Name Server??
927.01CSC32::PITTThu Dec 15 1994core dump in 3.1
928.01ANTIK::WESTERBERGThu Dec 15 1994PDM V2.
929.06MEO78A::BARNHOORNThu Dec 15 1994events to generate a beep
930.01MEO78A::BARNHOORNThu Dec 15 1994Paging Application ?
931.07HGODCS::SUSANCHANFri Dec 16 1994NCP and NCL command by point and click
932.0NAC::LICAUSEFri Dec 16 1994xrdb -merge .Xdefaults for ULTRIX && VMS?
933.02CSC32::PITTFri Dec 16 1994topology map is not right
934.0SPANKY::THOMPSONFri Dec 16 1994Target hotine mail & Cisco ethernet interfaces
935.01OTOOA::OTP149::typhairMon Dec 19 1994RAF/2 and NETVIEW and ....?
936.04CGOOA::KUHNENMon Dec 19 1994Terminal Server Access Info ?
937.02FIREBL::LEEDSMon Dec 19 1994managing SNA/IBM from NetView (OSF/1) ??
938.01DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Dec 19 1994Managing HP-UX from Polycenter
940.0WELLIN::GRAHAMTue Dec 20 1994HP managed by PNV ?
941.02SCHOOL::MARYATue Dec 20 1994Will Netview V2.1 run on OSF 3.
942.01COMBAT::JONSSONWed Dec 21 1994OVc open failed
943.01ANGLIN::HITTENMILLERWed Dec 21 1994Can I have multiple default community strings?
944.01CGOOA::KUHNENWed Dec 21 1994Mouse Movement
945.08BIGCAD::THOMPSONThu Dec 22 1994decnet autodiscovery
946.01NAC::LICAUSEThu Dec 22 1994How to alter symbol chars permanently?
947.02GIDDAY::CHONGThu Dec 22 1994PDM V2.
948.04BOZEMN::ANDERSONFri Dec 23 1994pnv / startup message and warnings...
949.05BOZEMN::ANDERSONFri Dec 23 1994Changing TCP/IP Address...
950.01VAXSPO::INTERD_MARIOMon Dec 26 1994Can't move from New Object Holding Area
951.01TPOVC::ERICHUANGTue Dec 27 1994Netview has included DECNET/OSI ?
952.02TPOVC::AARONYANGTue Dec 27 1994Urgent!! OSI Mgmt AM for PNV?!
953.02AEOENG::TUAUXWed Dec 28 1994Pb to start PNV
954.010NAC::LICAUSEWed Dec 28 1994Screens Freeze!
955.01COMBAT::LUNDWed Dec 28 1994mib.coerce
957.0314Fri Dec 30 1994Installation Problem with V3.1A on OSF/1 V3.
958.01OZROCK::BARTLEYTue Jan 03 1995Why does installation of PNV V3.1 on OSF/1 V2.
959.01NAC::LICAUSETue Jan 03 1995Added node event filter not working?
960.0TOOK::MINTZTue Jan 03 1995What happens when a device changes IP address?
961.018BADMXX::DICKERSONWed Jan 04 1995More decnet autodiscovery fun
962.011BRIEIS::BARKER_EWed Jan 04 1995external event feeds into netview ?
963.02KOLFAX::FOG3::mbThu Jan 05 1995PNV and DNS clarification again
964.02KERNEL::EVANSNThu Jan 05 1995pdmIVtopd exited on signal 11, core dumped
965.07ANNECY::RONZANI_JPThu Jan 05 1995problems with SNMP API
966.04CSC32::PITTThu Jan 05 1995DECnet alarms?
967.05CSC32::PITTThu Jan 05 1995nothing from DECnet
968.01UTRTSC::BEEKMANFri Jan 06 1995Problem with Symbol status of SymbolClass "Computer"
969.04CSC32::PITTMon Jan 09 1995problems doing ovdelobj pdmivtopd
970.04KETJE::VANDENBERG_RMon Jan 09 1995Does anyone know about NMC4
971.06CSC32::PITTMon Jan 09 1995events from unmanaged nodes?
972.01JULIET::SINGER_THMon Jan 09 1995
973.02CSC32::PITTTue Jan 10 1995cxxshrda131, c++ shared library
974.03BOZEMN::ANDERSONTue Jan 10 1995Problem with MIB browser...
975.07WELLIN::GRAHAMWed Jan 11 1995TSM needs superuser to run ?
976.01TOOK::MINTZThu Jan 12 1995Customization for low speed link
977.02TKOVZZ::KANNAMIFri Jan 13 1995Can't get MIB data using nvSnmpGetTable
978.0TOOK::MINTZFri Jan 13 1995executable symbol -> script
979.09BOZEMN::ANDERSONFri Jan 13 1995Cant get status of DECnet Phase IV nodes.
980.01DPDMAI::GALVINSat Jan 14 1995Help with MCC???
981.01TLAVMon Jan 16 1995NetView coexists with Console Manager?
982.02UTRTSC::GUEDHAMon Jan 16 1995DEFTA-DA missing port b
983.0TOOK::MINTZMon Jan 16 1995Improving nameserver response
984.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSMon Jan 16 1995PDM release notes, enable symbol status prop.?
985.02WELLIN::GRAHAMTue Jan 17 1995yellow pdm daemons
986.04OTOOA::ZYZANSKITue Jan 17 1995PNV3.1A over OSF/1V3.
987.012DRAC::DSMAILTue Jan 17 1995Unable to connect to Network_Manager_s
988.08TOOK::MINTZTue Jan 17 1995Symbol colors, status propogation
989.01CRIME::GENTILIWed Jan 18 1995snmp-trap script ???
990.02NAC::LICAUSEWed Jan 18 1995Event filter files?
991.06YUPPY::CURRYWed Jan 18 1995PNV3.1aPDM2 Not discovering Terminal Servers.
992.02SPANKY::WALSHWed Jan 18 1995Paging capabilities built into PNV
993.01TLAVWed Jan 18 1995Can we promote PNV+PDM in DECnet only network?
994.03SPANKY::WALSHThu Jan 19 1995pdmbrtopd with vitalink bridges supporting bridge mib problem
995.01FROCKY::ROEDSZUSThu Jan 19 1995Looking for Resources
996.08NAC::LICAUSEThu Jan 19 1995Bridge map falls short!
997.0SHIPS::BRADSHAW_AFri Jan 20 1995Integration Whitepaper?
998.02CSC32::PITTFri Jan 20 1995DECbridge2
1000.0STKHLM::DUFVAMon Jan 23 1995PDM holds links to PCs?
1001.04KERNEL::EVANSNMon Jan 23 1995OSF Memory leak ??
1002.01DRAC::DSMAILMon Jan 23 1995Integrating PNV with PSW (POLY. System Watchdog)
1003.01TOOK::MINTZMon Jan 23 1995Problem with connection to ovmpd
1004.01TOOK::MINTZMon Jan 23 1995Report from the NV database?
1005.01LUXTue Jan 24 1995Some questions from a novice
1006.03OZROCK::PERKINSTue Jan 24 1995Please clarify the status of SNMP Agents.
1007.0PORLA::FRISKTue Jan 24 1995Config params integrity check of DECbrut 9
1008.02AEOENG::TUAUXTue Jan 24 1995Pb to change a symbol's Status Source
1009.02KAOOSC::boivinTue Jan 24 1995nvevents: error on resource values
1010.02LACVTue Jan 24 1995Architecture pictures?
1011.04DECPRG::PRNET::PilarFri Jan 27 1995NetView for Windows NT questions
1012.07ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SAFri Jan 27 1995PNV on AlphaStation 4
1013.03SNOFS1::LANDAUIRENEFri Jan 27 1995URGENT: PNV Time Sync capability
1014.010TOOK::CLARKMon Jan 30 1995PNV V3.2 requires DCE for new security features
1015.02OSLACT::BJORNMon Jan 30 1995Subnet not correctly displayed in routing table
1016.06TOOK::MINTZMon Jan 30 1995DNS hostname changes
1017.02CSC32::PITTMon Jan 30 1995A bridge with no name
1018.01EEMELI::OJUSSILAMon Jan 30 1995How to "half-manage" TCP/IP nodes
1019.01LUXTue Jan 31 1995NetView Association related questions
1020.0+4PORLA::FRISKTue Jan 31 1995DECNIS interface trap receive error??
1021.01WELLIN::GRAHAMTue Jan 31 1995Bridges in a ring (pdm V2)
1022.01NETRIX::"dickens@nacto.lkg.dec.com"Tue Jan 31 1995Must Netview have /usr writable ?
1023.0ZTOIS1::VISTATue Jan 31 1995LANnet MultiLAN Application ??
1024.01TOOK::MINTZTue Jan 31 1995Open topology problems with abnormal exit
1025.04PORLA::FRISKWed Feb 01 1995Cut and Paste crasches PNV/PDM 3.1/2.
1026.04PORLA::FRISKWed Feb 01 1995PDM access problem to DECbrut 9
1027.01PRMSWed Feb 01 1995Export of DECnet Topology to Oracle, When???
1028.02TOOK::MINTZWed Feb 01 1995Cisco routers not connected
1029.04CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Feb 01 1995pdmIVstst, error 52?
1030.0NAC::LICAUSEThu Feb 02 1995DECnet Area icon remains RED after....
1031.01SIOG::PARKSFri Feb 03 1995IntraCOMM bridge not discovered as a bridge ???
1032.0SIOG::PKIRKFri Feb 03 1995NV6
1033.0SEAWLF::COLEFri Feb 03 1995protocol packet decoders
1034.02LARVAE::HARVEYFri Feb 03 1995Support for VMS V5.5 ????
1035.01TOOK::MINTZFri Feb 03 1995ADVFS registration file error
1036.0TOOK::L_JOHNSONFri Feb 03 1995POLYCENTER NetView Field Test Announcements
1037.0TOOK::MINTZSun Feb 05 1995Loopback with IP address fails
1038.010HERON::SEDANMon Feb 06 199564 Mb memory requirement question
1039.01TOOK::MINTZMon Feb 06 1995IP Address as Interface Label?
1040.01TOOK::MINTZMon Feb 06 1995User defined fields in SQL/RDBMS
1041.01CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Feb 06 1995How do see subnets (in maps) beyond your own ?
1043.04WELLIN::GRAHAMMon Feb 06 1995Does date change have any affect?
1044.06TOOK::MINTZMon Feb 06 1995How to move maps between systems
1046.07KERNEL::EVANSNWed Feb 08 1995pdmstatusd symbol red but ovstatus says ok
1047.03CGOOA::KUHNENWed Feb 08 1995reachability testing
1048.07CSC32::PITTFri Feb 10 1995segmentation fault on pnvsetup
1049.01CSC32::PITTMon Feb 13 1995tuning netview for the network
1050.02CHTRBX::HESHELMANMon Feb 13 1995Customer's questions on product features
1051.01HEN::SCHNEIDERMon Feb 13 1995performance/configuration question
1052.02LUXTue Feb 14 1995References on DECmcc --> NetView migrations ?
1053.0MUNDIS::MBACHMANNTue Feb 14 1995FORWARD to another NetView
1054.01MUNDIS::MBACHMANNTue Feb 14 1995SNMP API on PNV31A
1056.02ROMA::POPPINSTue Feb 14 1995seed file but no remote subnet discovery
1057.06VLJISA::VANNIERWed Feb 15 1995Problem with PDM
1059.01CSC32::PITTWed Feb 15 19959
1060.03TPOVC::ALLENCHENThu Feb 16 1995Pathworks ManageWORKS interoperate with PNV ?
1061.05HLRGFri Feb 17 1995Alpha Server ?? OSF V3.2
1062.02TAVSun Feb 19 1995DECnet discovering on a pure DECnet/OSI network
1063.01SPANKY::WALSHSun Feb 19 1995Reduceing ICON sizes --- possible?
1064.05TLAVMon Feb 20 1995NetView demo scripts?
1066.010ZURMon Feb 20 1995DynaText: printing books??
1067.01COWBOY::MIRGHANEMon Feb 20 19954th generation Tools for Netview application development.
1068.03OSLACT::BJORNTue Feb 21 1995Symbols turned black!
1069.03SKIBUM::GASSMANTue Feb 21 1995Common vs Default Agent
1070.01PDVWed Feb 22 1995MIB for DEC 3
1072.09RDGENG::GREIDThu Feb 23 1995PDU Errors on NCL interogation
1074.02NAC::LICAUSEThu Feb 23 1995? Netview displayed on Alpha NT system ?
1075.02NAC::LICAUSEThu Feb 23 1995Need an address calculator!
1076.02YUPPY::HARVEYThu Feb 23 1995SNMP API??
1077.08LAOSS1::UDICK_STThu Feb 23 1995ovw: BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)
1078.0LARVAE::BROWN_DFri Feb 24 1995DECnet/OSI events - major bid dependancy
1079.05CSC32::PITTSun Feb 26 1995no objects to poll
1080.01KERNEL::EVANSNMon Feb 27 1995snmpcollect misses collections
1081.0MLNORO::BAREZZIMon Feb 27 1995BLINKING icons when the status change ?
1082.02CSC32::PITTTue Feb 28 1995pdm-ovdwb returned no field value
1083.03PTOVAX::PEARLMANTue Feb 28 1995a few customer questions
1085.01CSC32::PITTTue Feb 28 1995ems log agent
1086.07WARABI::CHIUANDREWWed Mar 01 1995PDM error in PDMv2.
1087.03LUXWed Mar 01 1995Resources needed in projects
1088.01YUPPY::CURRYWed Mar 01 1995PNV+HUBwatch->remote X-terminal?
1089.0TAVWed Mar 01 1995How to discover a net with 4
1090.0WARNUT::FODDYWed Mar 01 1995POLYCENTER integration with SAP
1091.05MEO78A::BARNHOORNFri Mar 03 1995more PDM and cisco questions
1092.02ZURFri Mar 03 1995pdmIVtopd and SNMP ?
1093.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSFri Mar 03 1995PNV 3.1a problems with snmp and Cisco routers
1094.05AEOENG::BONNASSIEUXMon Mar 06 1995Pbs with multiple xnmgraph
1095.03ZURMon Mar 06 1995PDM TSM priviledged commands??
1096.07TOOK::MINTZMon Mar 06 1995Discovering -> unmanaged
1097.05HEN::SCHNEIDERTue Mar 07 1995Daemon status and autodiscovery questions PNV3.1b, PDM v2.
1098.04ARRODS::PENDERGRASTWed Mar 08 1995PNV maps into POWERPOINT. Best way ?
1099.0TOOK::MINTZWed Mar 08 1995Valuable overview of databases and utilities
1100.04TROU52::GREENALLWed Mar 08 1995pnvsetup core dumps, netmon dies
1101.03HEN::SCHNEIDERThu Mar 09 1995problems with the latest release
1102.01HLRGThu Mar 09 1995pnv libraries
1103.04TAVThu Mar 09 1995Can't link shared object in non-shared link...
1105.011WARABI::CHIUANDREWThu Mar 09 1995pdm V2.
1106.02OZROCK::BARTLEYFri Mar 10 1995SNMP trap source addresses - a bug or am I just confused?
1107.02HLRGFri Mar 10 1995no autodiscovery
1108.02NAC::LICAUSEFri Mar 10 1995List of X parameters for Netview?
1109.07CSC32::PITTFri Mar 10 1995TSM and ELMS without DECnet please
1110.0NAC::LICAUSEFri Mar 10 1995Need SEARCH capability for MIB walker!
1111.03EEMELI::OJUSSILAMon Mar 13 1995Event window not started
1112.06HLRGMon Mar 13 1995ovtopmd and netmon stop running
1113.01ZURMon Mar 13 1995pdmbrtopd and "partial support of SNMP"
1114.04PRMSMon Mar 13 1995***** Node not found, demand poll skipped *****
1115.02STKEIS::BYSTAMTue Mar 14 1995SNMP trap from VMS?????
1116.01COWBOY::MIRGHANETue Mar 14 1995Manager to manager communication protocol and dev tools
1117.01COWBOY::MIRGHANETue Mar 14 1995executinng a remote shell procedure from Polycenter Netview
1118.01OSLACT::BJORNTue Mar 14 1995Auto-registering POLYCENTER applications?
1119.01KERNEL::EVANSNTue Mar 14 1995Preserving MAP customizations when database is cleared
1120.02NAC::LICAUSETue Mar 14 1995Graphing Multi-Line devices?
1121.0NAC::LICAUSETue Mar 14 1995MONITOR graphing w/o CONTROL DESK?
1122.05NAC::LICAUSETue Mar 14 1995Can't open r/w map!
1123.02CSC32::PITTWed Mar 15 19959
1124.0TRNThu Mar 16 1995TCP/IP on X.25 and Netview polling.
1125.04ZTOIS1::VISTAThu Mar 16 1995PDM V2.
1126.01KXOSRV::ALLEYThu Mar 16 1995pdmIVstsd hanging
1127.01BRIEIS::BARKER_EThu Mar 16 1995clearing one of many alarms on an object ?
1128.01TLAVFri Mar 17 1995PNV+ManageWORKS? when??
1129.05KERNEL::CHOPRAAFri Mar 17 1995CPU/Disk monitoring support???????
1130.04TAVSun Mar 19 1995Hardware requirements
1131.03SPANKY::WALSHMon Mar 20 1995CCR from within a script?
1132.02SWANDC::MAUTZMon Mar 20 1995Discrepancy between swapon and shpmon!
1133.03TROOA::WONGMon Mar 20 1995Can't manage node in other area with CISCO L2 router
1134.06CSC32::PITTMon Mar 20 1995ems log agent core dumps
1135.02MARSTue Mar 21 1995very long time to display event, why ?
1136.010CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Mar 21 1995pdmdeltopd corrupts DECnet database
1137.03WARABI::CHIUANDREWWed Mar 22 1995not-to-polled list in pdmIVstsd?
1138.01NAC::LICAUSEWed Mar 22 1995Need install options for PDM!
1139.03ZTOIS1::VISTAWed Mar 22 1995mcc_evc_send SEVERITY & LOGged severity ??
1140.03RDGENG::GREIDWed Mar 22 1995Bridge Map Labelling
1141.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Mar 22 1995PNV 3.1a, netmon won't runs, dies with signal 11
1142.0ZTOIS1::VISTAThu Mar 23 1995nvevents & event APIs : pb when ACTIONS ??
1143.02UBOHUB::THOMSONJThu Mar 23 1995rfc 1271,1448
1144.04ZEKE::WEBSTERThu Mar 23 1995PNV NT Technology Demo Now Available On-line
1145.0OSLACT::BJORNFri Mar 24 1995Application won't start !
1147.01OSLFri Mar 24 1995Netview on Windows NT database?
1148.01TAVIS::SHEFTELSun Mar 26 1995DECnet events process to Netview
1149.03MUNDIS::MBACHMANNMon Mar 27 1995non-router appears as router
1150.04OHFSS1::COMFORTMon Mar 27 1995Bay Networks LattisWare
1151.014PMRV7Mon Mar 27 1995Events window display taking forever to appear
1152.05EEMELI::OJUSSILAMon Mar 27 1995No graphs for selected node. All nodes works
1153.0NAC::LICAUSETue Mar 28 1995pnv object status not updated correctly!
1154.0HLRGTue Mar 28 1995more maps for one subnet
1155.05CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Mar 28 1995PDM eventd doesn't start at reboot
1156.010CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Mar 28 1995OSF V3.
1157.01MARSWed Mar 29 1995PNV in french, german ... when ?
1158.01HLRGWed Mar 29 1995PNV core dumps
1159.01TOOK::MINTZWed Mar 29 1995Error: logged event with problems.
1160.012RDGENG::GREIDThu Mar 30 1995Bridge reachability ?
1161.05AEOENG::SALOMON_DThu Mar 30 1995"System Description Changed to " events
1163.01HERON::POORTVLIETFri Mar 31 1995NT Windows event MIB
1164.0GIDDAY::KINGSMILLFri Mar 31 1995known problem
1165.0HGOVC::JOELBERMANMon Apr 03 1995Need Netview COnsultant in Hong Kong
1166.05OSLMon Apr 03 1995PNVNT3
1167.01OSLMon Apr 03 1995PNVNT3
1168.06OSLMon Apr 03 1995NetView for Windows NT/Alpha
1169.0MISENO::CIARAMELLAMon Apr 03 1995Diagnostic and Manintenance System based on Netview
1171.01HGOCS::ANDYNGTue Apr 04 1995Netview sees node bouncing up and down !!
1172.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneTue Apr 04 1995MLS+?
1173.0MSE1::RAOWed Apr 05 1995Multivendor support
1174.01SWANDC::MAUTZWed Apr 05 1995IP Autodiscovery & New Node Placement
1175.02CSC32::PITTWed Apr 05 1995UNdelete from all submaps? PDM
1176.0GENIE::GMUEREThu Apr 06 1995Quality loss of background graphics
1177.03GENIE::GMUEREThu Apr 06 1995Change of class network symbol labels
1178.03OSLACT::BJORNThu Apr 06 1995Monitor bridge graphing don t work for DB9
1179.0SCHOOL::MORELThu Apr 06 1995Help! All objects are Unknown.
1181.0PMRV7Thu Apr 06 1995Need help with Filters ..
1182.01CGOOA::KUHNENThu Apr 06 1995Graphing RMON history data
1183.0MUNDIS::MBACHMANNFri Apr 07 1995timezones
1184.01GIDDAY::KINGSMILLFri Apr 07 1995IP topology map with DECbrdige 62
1185.0TOOK::CLARKFri Apr 07 1995Volunteers to try new Security Services?
1186.03CSC32::PITTSat Apr 08 1995badwindow (invalid window parameter)
1187.04OZROCK::PERKINSSun Apr 09 1995CMOT agents
1188.0CGOOA::KUHNENMon Apr 10 1995packet probe rmon ?
1189.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Apr 12 1995Where to find "hot standby failover" doc?
1190.03RDGENG::GREIDThu Apr 13 1995DECnet map loses level 2 router
1191.021PULMAN::MAGAZUThu Apr 13 1995Console Hangs after Upgrade
1192.02CSC32::PITTFri Apr 14 1995cxxshrda121 or higher...where is it?
1193.05SPANKY::WALSHTue Apr 18 1995PDMncpmanagement window core dumping!
1194.03HGOVC::RICHARDLAMTue Apr 18 1995Manage terminal servers through DECnet link
1195.02KERNEL::EVANSNTue Apr 18 1995netfmt
1197.04HLRGWed Apr 19 1995Where are Event Notes stored ?
1198.02RDGENG::GREIDWed Apr 19 1995CLuster Alias symbol ?
1199.03WELCLU::GAMETWed Apr 19 1995Platform Size help
1200.02YUPPY::CURRYThu Apr 20 1995Discovery of CISCO 45
1201.02OTOOA::ROUFThu Apr 20 1995Yellow Page support
1202.02SSRHQ::MICALIThu Apr 20 1995SNMP PC Management ?'s
1203.0YUPPY::CURRYFri Apr 21 1995How to restrict when netmon runs?
1204.04BHT362::KNEUTSFri Apr 21 1995Relation of event and map object color change not clear.
1205.04MUNDIS::MBACHMANNMon Apr 24 1995pnvsetup and ARF
1206.09MUNDIS::MBACHMANNMon Apr 24 1995event times in nvevents
1207.01TOOK::MINTZWed Apr 26 1995How do seed files work?
1208.02MADMXX::HAMMOCKWed Apr 26 1995status object error
1209.03OHFSS1::COMFORTWed Apr 26 1995Switching to Oracle Whitepaper?
1210.03SWETSC::HAGLUNDThu Apr 27 1995syntax error in installation script?
1211.03FRAIS::ORCHIS::MAASSThu Apr 27 1995HP: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD)
1212.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Apr 27 1995Create root map, move IP, DECnet object into it?
1213.02DECWET::WHITEThu Apr 27 1995pnvsetup core dumps
1214.02CSC32::PITTFri Apr 28 1995can't read the titles/color question
1215.01TOOK::MINTZFri Apr 28 1995False interface add/delete events
1216.03SMOKN::MEAGHERMon May 01 1995Software Requirements for PNV
1217.03UEOIS1::METZTue May 02 1995MACINTOSH and NETVIEW
1218.02SPANKY::THOMPSONTue May 02 1995customized map icons
1219.09CSC32::PITTTue May 02 1995tsm and ds1
1220.01PULMAN::MAGAZUWed May 03 1995noniptopod - non-well-behaved question
1221.03NAC::LICAUSEWed May 03 1995Upgrade options?
1222.03SPANKY::THOMPSONWed May 03 1995check disk,memory,cpu utilization
1224.05CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed May 03 1995PNV 3.1b, PDM 2.
1225.012SNOTTY::BARRYThu May 04 1995pdmbrtopd dumps after upgrading to PDM T2.1
1226.06OSLACT::BJORNThu May 04 1995GUI for DECnet management?
1227.0DAIVC::IVANThu May 04 1995different inband net address
1228.02BIGUN::WULFFThu May 04 1995TSM and saving/and restoring terminal server configurations.
1229.01BIGUN::WULFFThu May 04 1995Clarification of DECnet/OSI events.
1230.02CSC32::PITTThu May 04 1995Cisco and HSRP
1231.01NAC::LICAUSEThu May 04 1995New system load pattern T4.1?
1233.0CSC32::PITTFri May 05 1995SNMP error on GETNEXT of diskutil
1234.05OTOOA::MMCGREGORFri May 05 1995How do I move objects on the IP INTERNET map
1235.01CGOOA::KUHNENFri May 05 1995status propogation
1236.03DECWET::WHITEFri May 05 1995Which version of PDM?
1237.01PTOVAX::PEARLMANSun May 07 1995PNV support more than 1 DB at a time?
1238.01PTOVAX::PEARLMANSun May 07 1995IP address management?
1239.03PTOVAX::PEARLMANSun May 07 1995how are new tools added?
1240.0PTOVAX::PEARLMANSun May 07 1995PNV+PCM+Watchdog
1241.02CSC32::PITTMon May 08 1995recovering databases from dump tape
1242.01SPANKY::WALSHMon May 08 1995DECserver stays green when powered down
1243.04BIGUN::wulff.cao.dec.com::wulffMon May 08 1995pager software.
1245.04CSC32::PITTTue May 09 1995/etc/passwd file is corrupt
1246.01CSC32::PITTTue May 09 1995two decnet controllers
1247.02CSC32::PITTTue May 09 1995CUT CUT?
1248.01TLSETue May 09 1995PNV and PDM and ISO-CMIP ?
1249.0CSC32::PITTTue May 09 1995loading new mib loses everything
1250.01HOUBA::CAILLEWed May 10 1995Database management ?
1251.0--UnknownUser--Wed May 10 1995PNV lies...T4.1!
1252.02OFOSS1::CAREYWed May 10 1995Help with Agent Development Needed
1254.01WARABI::CHIUANDREWWed May 10 1995Upgrade of PNV to V3.1B?
1255.04YUPPY::DUNOYERThu May 11 1995Host MIB RFC number ?
1256.03GSRC::WHITINGThu May 11 1995Polycenter NetView VS. Sun NetManager
1257.06SPANKY::WALSHThu May 11 1995TSM from non-prived account?
1258.01OHFSS1::COMFORTThu May 11 1995Passing events from OpenView to NetView?
1259.0CSC32::PITTFri May 12 1995incorrect community name
1260.0NETRIX::"bartley@ozy.dec.com"Fri May 12 1995Permissions on filter file
1261.02NETRIX::"bartley@ozy.dec.com"Fri May 12 1995Handling trapd exiting
1262.0SHIPS::LYNCH_MFri May 12 1995Problems with topology map.
1263.0PTOVAX::PEARLMANMon May 15 1995customizing the tool bar per user?
1264.01DELNI::FERREIRATue May 16 1995NetView highly acclaimed; OpenView consistantly minimized
1265.06ZEDAR::simonWed May 17 1995Common agent kit????
1266.03MOLAR::RMURRAYWed May 17 1995Disappearing topologies - need your help!
1267.02KAOOSC::boivinWed May 17 1995Stopping Networker daemons kills trapd
1268.06PRMSThu May 18 1995Unable to Query System Using SNMP, Help!
1269.03KERNEL::EVANSNThu May 18 1995bridge icons are blue
1270.012WARABI::CHIUANDREWFri May 19 1995PNV V3.1B and PDMV2.
1271.0PORLA::FRISKFri May 19 1995Quicker maps
1272.03MLNCSC::FACCHETTIFri May 19 1995autotopology decnet don't work
1273.01CSC32::PITTFri May 19 1995not authorized to work with crontabs?
1274.0WOTVAX::HIGGINSZFri May 19 1995snmpCol: alive for 2 minutes..
1275.0HOUBA::CAILLEFri May 19 1995Is AccuGraph integrated to NetView ?
1276.01MUNICH::SCHWEMMERFri May 19 1995PDMcbd, call back daemon poller has exited
1277.0YUPPY::DUNOYERMon May 22 1995Netview GUI award ?
1278.04KERNEL::EVANSNMon May 22 1995Topology changes not required
1279.01ZEDAR::simonMon May 22 1995XOM and XMP versions!!
1280.04SPANKY::WALSHMon May 22 1995File an IMPT how?
1281.07WARABI::CHIUANDREWTue May 23 1995Questiions on features/functions on PNV/PDM?
1282.02TOOK::MINTZWed May 24 1995ovwdb cache size and performance
1283.01DRAC::DSMAILWed May 24 1995Problem with some GIF backgorund maps.
1284.08CAATS::SCHROEDERWed May 24 1995No LAN interfaces present, PNV 3.1B/UNIX X3.4-2
1285.0TOOK::MINTZWed May 24 1995V4.1 collection facility - group your devices
1286.04DECWET::WHITEWed May 24 1995ECO blows away symbolic link...
1287.01EEMELI::KOSKINENFri May 26 1995Trouble Ticketing & PNV ?
1288.0NAC::LICAUSEFri May 26 1995Suggestion for MIB Browser enhancement
1289.010ZEKE::WEBSTERFri May 26 1995PNV NT Early Experience Kit - Quantity Request
1290.03OSLACT::BJORNMon May 29 1995Sharing of data btw AIX and Alpha?
1291.01HLRGTue May 30 1995screen resolution
1292.03GIDDAY::MUNNTue May 30 1995Route Trace blocked at router
1293.02ZEDAR::simonTue May 30 1995Event priority bug
1294.0OHFSS1::COMFORTTue May 30 1995GUI Toolkit for Integrated Application
1295.0PORLA::FRISKTue May 30 1995Shift change take over??
1296.03CSC32::PITTWed May 31 1995snmpwalk hangs
1297.02MUNICH::FERSTLWed May 31 1995snmpCollect daemon stops with signal 11
1298.06MUNICH::FERSTLWed May 31 1995pdmeventd uses up CPU / pdmshutdown hangs
1300.04PRSSOS::BONNAFEThu Jun 01 1995bridge status monitoring
1301.01PORLA::FRISKThu Jun 01 1995Set manage/unmanaged from script?
1302.04TOOK::MINTZThu Jun 01 1995Forwarding Traps
1303.01DECWET::WHITEThu Jun 01 1995clearVISN?
1304.01SMURF::DANIELEThu Jun 01 1995Strategy for SNMP on Digital UNIX
1305.01SWETSC::ROSSFri Jun 02 1995DECNIS and wellfleet problems in Netview
1306.06KAOOSC::boivinFri Jun 02 1995nvserverd dies...
1307.0NYOSS1::BUONOMOFri Jun 02 1995books ??
1308.01KAOOSC::boivinMon Jun 05 1995QAR database for PDM
1309.0RDVAX::C_PHILLIPSMon Jun 05 1995DTJ paper featuring Polycenter product
1310.0WARABI::CHIUANDREWTue Jun 06 1995How to target via SNMP proxy?
1311.04GIDDAY::MUNNTue Jun 06 1995Where are the rest of my hosts ?
1312.03LYOTue Jun 06 1995PNV3.
1313.01TOOK::MINTZWed Jun 07 1995Step-by-step changing management station address
1314.04KERNEL::EVANSNWed Jun 07 1995error accessing help
1315.0ROMWed Jun 07 1995Traffic generator for pnv?
1316.0SEOSS1::mosThu Jun 08 1995How does Netview place objects in submaps?
1317.01WMGEN2::hornet.det.dec.com::SalesRepresentativeThu Jun 08 1995Install_openview_tools
1318.01CSC32::PITTFri Jun 09 1995not discovering dechub9
1319.01KERNEL::EVANSNSat Jun 10 1995Full user's guide
1320.01DAIVC::IVANMon Jun 12 1995Need PNV 3rd party apps info
1321.05WARABI::CHIUANDREWTue Jun 13 1995PDM/bridge auto-discovery of SNMP-bridges/DC9
1322.05HLRGTue Jun 13 1995API question
1323.01VAXRIO::63Tue Jun 13 1995Netview & TeMIP inter-operation
1324.07RUMOR::FALEKTue Jun 13 1995Using snmptrap without installing all of Netview?
1325.04FRAIS::ORCHIS::MAASSWed Jun 14 1995Icons changed to default icons
1326.01TAVWed Jun 14 1995decnet discovery throw WELLFLEET routers.
1327.02CSC32::PITTWed Jun 14 1995erroneous address on unterminated ports
1328.06CSC32::PITTWed Jun 14 1995yet another cisco problem
1330.09ZTOIS1::VISTAThu Jun 15 1995PDM V2.
1331.07ZTOIS1::VISTAThu Jun 15 1995event API to color OBJECT-icons ??
1333.04NETRIX::"bartley@matfin.ozy.dec.com"Fri Jun 16 1995Problem when manually multicasting traps
1334.0TOOK::MINTZFri Jun 16 1995Difference between event/trap logs
1335.0DPDMAI::GALVINSun Jun 18 1995PNV6
1336.0KERNEL::EVANSNMon Jun 19 1995Oracle questions
1337.0PRMSMon Jun 19 1995Problems With NetView and Banyan Vines TCP/IP
1338.02CSC32::PITTMon Jun 19 1995verify ems_log_agent and netmon.seed
1339.04VNZVMon Jun 19 1995PNV support on 21
1340.06HLRGWed Jun 21 1995API question
1341.0TOOK::MINTZWed Jun 21 1995Clear cache to fix flakey reachability problems
1342.0PMRV7Wed Jun 21 1995PNVSEUP Difficulties with DEFAULT settings
1343.03TOOK::MINTZWed Jun 21 1995Neat new stuff in V4.1
1344.010CHEFS::DAVIDSONSWed Jun 21 1995gtmd: Memory Allocation Error, Fatal IPMap error: Object not found
1345.03NYOSS1::YANNIOSThu Jun 22 1995NetView and SNA Peer Server?
1346.0+1TOOK::MINTZThu Jun 22 1995Copied symbols and status propogation
1347.08CSC32::PITTThu Jun 22 1995preinstalled pnv ugly
1348.011SHIPS::LYNCH_MFri Jun 23 1995Netview and Watchdog integration
1349.02VAXSPO::INTERD_MARIOFri Jun 23 1995pdmIVtopd reports inexisting X25 circuits!!!!
1350.01TOOK::MINTZSun Jun 25 1995Customized connections symbols?
1351.02CSC32::PITTMon Jun 26 1995modify describe menu
1352.01HGOVC::RICHARDLAMMon Jun 26 1995pdm symbol label questions
1353.01DRAC::COLLMon Jun 26 1995Integration of DTC manager ?
1354.01MSBCS::HURLEYMon Jun 26 1995InErrors from Monitor network config.
1356.02NETRIX::"henk.van.steeg@uto.mts.dec.com"Tue Jun 27 1995Problem with SNMP-API
1357.06HGOVC::RICHARDLAMWed Jun 28 1995how to scroll new object holding area?
1358.04HGOVC::RICHARDLAMWed Jun 28 1995inconsistent behavior of pdm symbols
1359.03KETJE::BUGGENHOUTWed Jun 28 1995OVwInit problem
1360.01TOOK::MINTZWed Jun 28 1995Uptime/Downtime from traps
1361.04KAOFS::BOIVINWed Jun 28 1995Titles missing in Event Cards
1362.02CSC32::PITTThu Jun 29 1995make it look like MCC
1363.03LYOFri Jun 30 1995can't get any more endnodes on maps with PDM2.
1364.01MOSCOW::JOUVINFri Jun 30 1995Pb with 4.1 FT2 install : ovtopmd not starting
1365.05ZURFri Jun 30 1995Multiuser operation with NetView V4.x?
1366.02VAXSPO::TOMETue Jul 04 1995df -i and large partitions - output WRONG !!!
1367.01TOOK::MINTZWed Jul 05 1995netmon core on SIA agent
1368.01CSC32::PITTThu Jul 06 1995GREAT!!!!!!!!!
1369.02MSE1::RAOThu Jul 06 1995<Re-configure MAP dtatabse>
1370.09HTSC19::IVANCHENGThu Jul 06 1995All nv???? deamons dand bridge network dying ...
1371.02SWETSC::ROSSFri Jul 07 1995Error with pdmIVstsd demon
1372.04SNOTTY::BARRYFri Jul 07 1995PDM Daemons misleading
1373.03NAC::LICAUSEFri Jul 07 1995Docs for V4.1 Correlation/Rulset/Collection?
1374.0MADMXX::WOESTEMEYERFri Jul 07 1995Setting Bridge Spanning Characteristics.
1375.06HGOVC::RICHARDLAMMon Jul 10 1995sink DECnet/OSI events to pdm
1376.02PRSSOS::BONNAFEMon Jul 10 1995Complete hierarchy creation
1377.0TOOK::MINTZMon Jul 10 1995Information on netmon options
1378.0CSC32::PITTTue Jul 11 1995repeater 9
1379.01CSC32::PITTTue Jul 11 1995T netmon related /trapd error
1380.02HEN::SCHNEIDERWed Jul 12 1995screen dumps for documentation?
1381.05HGOVC::RICHARDLAMWed Jul 12 1995run pdm on a station with two Ethernet NICs
1382.0HGOVC::MANJREKARWed Jul 12 1995Atm management with Netview ?
1383.01KAOFS::J_VORSTANDWed Jul 12 1995Counters from Chipcoms ?
1385.03CSC32::PITTThu Jul 13 1995/etc/networks: do we use it?
1386.02TOOK::MINTZThu Jul 13 1995Backup manager configuration
1387.07MSAMFri Jul 14 1995Puzzling maxusers
1388.04BELFST::SPS31::M_DOHERTYMon Jul 17 1995FDDI Management Info ?
1389.01MUNDIS::MBACHMANNTue Jul 18 1995filters and workspaces
1390.04HLISC1::64773::SMITWed Jul 19 1995TeMIP and SNA
1391.02SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWWed Jul 19 1995PDM V2.
1392.01NYANIU::ENGThu Jul 20 1995PDM 2.
1393.0HEN::SCHNEIDERFri Jul 21 1995new ordering for attributes?
1394.05HEN::SCHNEIDERFri Jul 21 1995terminal server names and locate
1395.09MSE1::RAOFri Jul 21 1995decpacketprobe
1396.02PTOVAX::PEARLMANFri Jul 21 1995CMIP CMIS libraries?
1397.04HLRGMon Jul 24 1995trapd on another port
1398.04CSC32::PITTMon Jul 24 1995ovw -verify
1399.03CSC32::PITTMon Jul 24 1995ovw_binary patch problem?
1400.0TOOK::MINTZMon Jul 24 1995Dealing with crowded icons
1402.02SNOTTY::BARRYWed Jul 26 1995Installing T4.1-3
1403.0CSC32::PITTWed Jul 26 1995more netmon won't start....sorry guys......
1404.01TKOV51::TAGUCHIThu Jul 27 1995NETVIEW with GIGA/FDDI
1405.03HGOVC::RICHARDLAMThu Jul 27 1995How to change ovxecho background color ?
1406.02CSC32::PITTThu Jul 27 1995demand poll mystery
1407.06TOOK::MINTZThu Jul 27 1995Copied objects vanishing
1408.04CSC32::PITTThu Jul 27 1995cml-e-unsupported?? pnv to VMS
1409.07HTSC19::KENNETHFri Jul 28 1995BadWindow when closing NetView window
1410.05HTSC19::IVANCHENGFri Jul 28 1995Incorrect icons for Level 1 routers ...
1411.03NAC::LICAUSEFri Jul 28 1995Data Collection & Thresholds Questions...?
1412.02CSC32::PITTFri Jul 28 1995tsm-'ouput' greyed out
1413.01MARSMon Jul 31 1995PDM on NT when ?
1414.01HGOVC::MANJREKARMon Jul 31 1995PID needed:PNV V4.1
1416.01SMURF::DANIELETue Aug 01 1995Questions: SNMP/V2 in V4.1; Configurable SNMP port
1417.04RDGENG::GREIDWed Aug 02 1995How to Add a MOP filter to a DECBridge 6
1418.03WELCLU::CARTERPWed Aug 02 1995Beginners Help&Porting Between Ultrix and DEC Unix
1419.02ATLBOO::ADAMSWed Aug 02 1995snmpget variable prefix
1420.07HEN::SCHNEIDERWed Aug 02 1995loop command canceled...
1421.01LYOThu Aug 03 1995netmon 3.11-4 core dump Signal 11 using IP Unnumbered & Secondary Address
1422.0LYOThu Aug 03 1995Event filter trouble... when using OBJECT IDENTIFICATION
1423.02ESSB::BREEThu Aug 03 1995Netview and TemIP
1424.01RDGENG::COBBThu Aug 03 1995Mid Level Manager (MLM) on Digital UNIX?
1425.02KAOFS::kaoxFri Aug 04 1995Eliminate "Different link address" without using filters?
1426.02SWANDC::MAUTZFri Aug 04 1995311 & 312 subsets/lrf files moved
1427.0HGOVC::MANJREKARSat Aug 05 1995Backup Manager - ISICAD CMS : Help
1428.012RDGENG::GREIDMon Aug 07 1995Common Agent causing PNV V4.1 to fail install
1429.01GIDDAY::CHONGTue Aug 08 1995Autodiscovery for some and manual for others ?
1430.0CSC32::PITTTue Aug 08 1995xtoolkit, cannot convert stream
1431.02COLTue Aug 08 1995Problems with IP and Bridge discovery
1432.04CSC32::PITTTue Aug 08 1995Bad allocation on ZOOM
1433.05COPCLU::SORENCWed Aug 09 1995PDM V2.1 makes a wrong license check (?)
1434.0DECWET::LIMWed Aug 09 1995UDP port specification in "Options->SNMP Configuration" problem and workaround
1435.06MSE1::RAOThu Aug 10 1995Multiple interface
1436.02TOOK::MINTZThu Aug 10 1995Problem discovering Cisco Catalyst
1437.0NAC::LICAUSEFri Aug 11 1995Event dispatcher fails on V4.1 Released code!
1438.02SWANDC::MAUTZMon Aug 14 1995Setting netmon options?
1439.01TOOK::MINTZTue Aug 15 1995How to treat ifType LAPB as Point to Point Serial ?
1440.014NZOVWed Aug 16 1995PDM2.1 mop daemon startup problem
1441.01CSC32::PITTWed Aug 16 1995SEC mib won't compile
1442.01TOOK::MINTZWed Aug 16 1995Problem discovery Cisco loopbacks
1443.01KERNEL::EVANSNWed Aug 16 1995System Name Changed
1444.01HGOVC::MANJREKARThu Aug 17 1995Can Import Intergrapgh File/Drawing ?
1445.01DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Aug 17 1995Spec 117
1446.01SPANKY::WALSHThu Aug 17 1995Create Dynamic Workspace not working
1447.01ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SAMon Aug 21 1995ECO for customers?
1448.07RUMOR::FALEKMon Aug 21 1995Out of store ...?
1449.02VAXRIO::63Tue Aug 22 1995License question
1450.04KAOFS::kaoxThu Aug 24 1995Subnets not connected on map (dual interface IP node)
1451.04SNOTTY::BARRYThu Aug 24 1995Error Messages when starting Netview V4.1
1452.010KAOFS::kaoxThu Aug 24 1995Support for Frame relay sub-interfaces on DECbrouter 9
1453.01CSC32::PITTFri Aug 25 1995OVc Receive(Peek) control error
1454.03PTOVAX::PEARLMANSun Aug 27 1995forwarding events?
1456.05DECPRG::PRNET::PilarMon Aug 28 1995Problem with pdmtstopd
1457.01MSAMMon Aug 28 1995SNA/SDLC/OS-2 connectivity
1458.0GTDANE::GOYETTEMon Aug 28 1995Displaying Enumerated Types ?
1459.04RUMOR::FALEKMon Aug 28 1995does Netview V4.1 ssb work with Digital UNIX 3.2C
1460.03HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEETue Aug 29 1995System swap space is at 187% capacity.
1461.04CSC32::PITTTue Aug 29 1995conversion of color failed
1462.0PMRV7Tue Aug 29 1995MAP Snapshots
1463.01PMRV7Tue Aug 29 1995Events - SAVE AS command not working properly
1464.03DPDMAI::GALVINThu Aug 31 1995how do I get started installing?
1465.04COMICS::PRICECFri Sep 01 1995ovstart , always from root ?
1466.0DECPRG::PRNET::PilarFri Sep 01 1995IP autodiscovery problem (DECNIS, WR25
1467.02CSC32::PITTFri Sep 01 1995converting to oracle: invalid username/password
1468.04GUIDUK::LINFri Sep 01 1995ovtopoconv error
1469.05MEO78A::BARNHOORNSun Sep 03 1995SONET and ATM mibs into PNV
1471.01MAIL1::GHAHRAMANITue Sep 05 1995pnv crashes under Digital Unix 3.2c
1472.01ZEKE::GHOSHTue Sep 05 1995AlphaStation 2
1473.05CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Sep 05 1995pathdoctor kit?
1474.01DECLNE::PEACOCKTue Sep 05 1995Openveiw vs. Netview & Hub9
1475.0MUNWed Sep 06 1995netmon core and AIX Netview 6
1476.03DPDMAI::GALVINWed Sep 06 1995why DEC C++???
1478.02DPDMAI::GALVINFri Sep 08 1995PathDoctor Problems???
1479.04DPDMAI::GALVINFri Sep 08 1995zoom display to remote station?
1480.07MARVIN::ROBINSONFri Sep 08 1995Display problem on AlphaStation 4
1481.01CRONIC::argyle.hlo.dec.com::lemonsFri Sep 08 1995Windows NT client for Digital UNIX server?
1482.01GRANPA::JBOBBMon Sep 11 1995When do new versions get to customers?
1483.0DPDMAI::GALVINTue Sep 12 1995can I print Maps???
1484.04DPDMAI::GALVINTue Sep 12 1995Netmon not the most graceful!
1485.01CRONIC::LEMONSTue Sep 12 1995Which RDBMS to use with NetView within Digital
1486.0CRONIC::argyle.hlo.dec.com::lemonsTue Sep 12 1995Which ORACLE Server product for NetView
1487.0CRONIC::argyle.hlo.dec.com::lemonsTue Sep 12 1995Allowing >1 management server per database server
1488.02ZPOVC::SUGUNAWed Sep 13 1995X Toolkit Warning: Select Failed
1489.03LATINA::DAPIAWed Sep 13 1995Brigde name in bridge topology map
1490.016ZAPATA::DALLAVOThu Sep 14 1995Problems with Symbol labels and Object cancellation/creation/copy
1491.01SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWFri Sep 15 1995DECnet address change, PDM does not work?
1492.02LATINA::DAPIAFri Sep 15 1995Problems with nvsec_admin.
1493.01HLFSFri Sep 15 1995POLYCENTER NetView, Monitor DOWN (NT version)
1494.0TOOK::MINTZFri Sep 15 1995New nodes discovered -> user submap
1495.04CSC32::PITTMon Sep 18 19954.1 window hang hitting wrong mouses
1496.016ZAPATA::DALLAVOMon Sep 18 1995pdmIVstsd and nvpagerd die
1497.05TOOK::MINTZMon Sep 18 1995How to use documentation
1498.02MARIN::JONESMon Sep 18 1995SNMP Agent ??
1499.01NPSS::WADEMon Sep 18 1995Handling of ErrorStatus=tooBig
1500.09OZROCK::THOMANTue Sep 19 1995WARNING: Unable to query this system using SNMP....
1501.0TPOVC::MOBBYLINTue Sep 19 1995Sample reporter required
1503.01BURTON::COMMANDERThu Sep 21 1995Event question
1504.02GRANPA::JBOBBThu Sep 21 1995Wants to change node name
1505.05CRONIC::PCUMMINGSThu Sep 21 1995no auto discovery - without ping ?
1506.0ZURFri Sep 22 1995settresh syntax?
1507.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSFri Sep 22 1995PNV 3.1B and ORACLE DB, ovtopmd error
1508.05CSC32::B_GRUBBSFri Sep 22 1995PNV 3.1B fails to install on 3.2A?
1509.018MSE1::RAOMon Sep 25 1995Ruleset Editor/Event Correlation general questions
1510.0STKHLM::DUFVAMon Sep 25 1995Cabling documentation tool?
1511.05LATINA::DAPIATue Sep 26 1995What means 'nvotSetSynchronousCreation.
1512.01SNOTTY::BARRYTue Sep 26 1995How to Clear selected statistics from the snmpCollect files.
1513.03CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Sep 27 1995PNV 3.1, more ORACLE problems
1514.03PTOSS1::PEARLMANWed Sep 27 1995Can the help files be extended?
1515.01HGOVC::MANJREKARThu Sep 28 1995Colour Indication in regards to Manageworks trap
1516.01CSC32::J_WIELANDThu Sep 28 1995setting environment variables in event scripts
1517.015LATINA::DAPIAThu Sep 28 1995More about snmptrap and icon color.
1518.0CHUECA::DAPIAFri Sep 29 1995More about icon color.
1519.0BRIEIS::BARKER_EFri Sep 29 1995Novell NMS auto-discovery ?
1520.02HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEFri Sep 29 1995Problem on PDM 2.1
1521.02MSE1::RAOFri Sep 29 1995Specifying in hex?
1522.06WELSWS::GRAHAMFri Sep 29 1995netmon fails with snmp error
1523.01OZROCK::THOMANTue Oct 03 1995CPU %age - internet_mom & snmp_pe.
1524.01MKOTS3::HAHNTue Oct 03 1995Type of Database License Required?
1525.02DPDMAI::GALVINTue Oct 03 1995CLIENT PAKs make strange bedfellows...
1526.07HTSC19::IVANCHENGWed Oct 04 1995Could not restart netview ...
1527.07OTOOA::BUTLERWed Oct 04 1995Polycenter Netview Services?
1528.02OZROCK::THOMANWed Oct 04 1995What size should TOOL bar gifs & bitmaps be ?
1529.0STEVMS::PETTENGILLThu Oct 05 1995Have you tested with an FDDI adapter?
1530.06HEN::SCHNEIDERFri Oct 06 1995documentation of new 4.1 features?
1531.01ZAPATA::DALLAVOFri Oct 06 1995Are VXT-2
1532.04PMRV7Fri Oct 06 1995Sorted Events by Severity
1533.03STKAI1::FRISKMon Oct 09 1995PDM MOP listening on PDM Client v 2.1
1534.02PORLA::FRISKMon Oct 09 1995Revert from IP/DECnet Correlation?
1535.01HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEETue Oct 10 1995TSM script problem.
1536.09DPDMAI::GALVINTue Oct 10 1995PathDoctor Conference???
1537.0--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 10 1995
1538.03PORLA::FRISKTue Oct 10 1995RPC fail message after PNV client removal
1539.05MSE1::RAOTue Oct 10 1995script
1540.05DPDMAI::GALVINWed Oct 11 1995PNV Meltdown...
1541.06CHEFS::ATTWOOL_JWed Oct 11 1995<user>.events not saved in PNV 4.1 ?
1542.03CSC32::BLACKMERWed Oct 11 1995FOLLOW ON TO 1513.
1543.01BALTMD::MALLORYWed Oct 11 1995BadDrawable problem on AlphaStation 2
1544.02HGOVC::SATYAThu Oct 12 1995PDM on NT release?
1545.01SIOG::DOOLEYThu Oct 12 1995Product Manager NSR ??
1546.0PORLA::FRISKThu Oct 12 1995Programming Netview API - cus request
1547.01SIOG::DOOLEYThu Oct 12 1995Product Manager in Europe
1548.03DPDMAI::GALVINThu Oct 12 1995Failed IVP for PDM21
1549.01DPDMAI::GALVINThu Oct 12 1995Backup the PNV data dictionary?
1551.05DPDMAI::GALVINThu Oct 12 1995PNV meldown, PARTII
1552.08PULMAN::MAGAZUSat Oct 14 1995nvserverd core dumps
1553.01CHEFS::ATTWOOL_JMon Oct 16 1995Correlation with terminal servers possible problem.
1554.02CHEFS::ATTWOOL_JMon Oct 16 1995GTMD Memory Allocation failure.
1555.03SPANKY::WALSHMon Oct 16 1995Events display problem
1556.0PRMSMon Oct 16 1995Netview, OpenView and Lotus Notes ???
1557.01LATINA::DAPIATue Oct 17 1995Option:Suppress Traps from Unmanaged Nodes.
1558.05QPC1::MURPHYTue Oct 17 1995Netview is reporting systems/circuits are down when they are up
1559.01PORLA::FRISKTue Oct 17 1995Open Topology MIB load problem PNV 3.1B
1560.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Oct 17 1995PNV 4.1 ovdelobj gives errors
1561.0OZROCK::BARTLEYTue Oct 17 1995PNV 4.1 installation is too intolerant of configuration problems
1562.08SNOTTY::BARRYWed Oct 18 1995"Failure to start the open view topology database" error message.
1563.06STKAI1::EGELANDWed Oct 18 1995pdmstatus-demon can't communicate with eventdemon
1564.01SPEZKO::MERMELLWed Oct 18 1995Technology Exchange Program
1566.09KAOFS::kaoxThu Oct 19 1995Using mcc_evc_send through firewall?
1567.02CSC32::PITTThu Oct 19 1995add trap privs
1568.04TOOK::R_SPENCEThu Oct 19 1995How to get hi res on a AlphaServer 4
1569.014KAOFS:: Oct 19 1995Current event stop being displayed ???
1570.03DRAC::COLLMon Oct 23 1995client questions
1571.04POWDML::MAGAZUMon Oct 23 1995System and address name change
1572.05CSC32::J_WIELANDMon Oct 23 1995Outgoing proxy information on PDM polling?
1573.01KAOFS:: Oct 23 1995Unmanaged nodes & event display
1574.02UFP::LARUETue Oct 24 1995Integrating PCM/DNM with Netview *clients*?
1575.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Oct 24 1995Problem defining event
1576.01CSC32::J_WIELANDWed Oct 25 1995lock-manager not registered
1577.0NGYOSC::KLUETZWed Oct 25 1995manager to manager protocol
1578.01ANNECY::MAIGRET_YWed Oct 25 1995Netview and License PAK
1579.01LATINA::ALFONSOWed Oct 25 1995ovw: Xtwarning: Select failed; error code 22
1580.03CSC32::J_WIELANDThu Oct 26 1995can't connect to oracle db, connect string wrong
1581.06MSE1::RAOThu Oct 26 1995ovstatus of actionsvr
1582.0MSE1::RAOThu Oct 26 1995fddi->netview
1583.01WOTVAX::CARTERPFri Oct 27 1995Want icon to flash/change colour
1584.0ROMFri Oct 27 1995DECbrouters 9
1585.08KAOFS::J_VORSTANDFri Oct 27 1995PDM daemons NOT starting ?
1586.02MARSMon Oct 30 1995several questions on PNV on NT
1587.0HGOVC::MANJREKARMon Oct 30 1995Network Management for redundant devices
1588.0NETRIX::"bachmann@epaMon Oct 30 1995dynamic workspace
1590.01PRMSMon Oct 30 1995Can I Migrate Databases To V4.1 Manually
1591.0HEN::SCHNEIDERMon Oct 30 1995Internet promotion of network management products?
1592.02SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWTue Oct 31 1995ifin/ifout include other protocols?
1593.03ZEKE::GHOSHTue Oct 31 1995PNV on Alpha station 25
1594.01DV78Tue Oct 31 1995PNV Paging
1595.02HLRGWed Nov 01 1995Developing PNV application
1596.01MSAMWed Nov 01 1995Enterprise id vs mib id, SNMP on Novell
1597.01PMRV7Thu Nov 02 1995NVpagerd Deamon - warning: message
1598.03UMEJNK::JOHANSSONThu Nov 02 1995Configuring the APM daemon.
1599.01ROMFri Nov 03 1995ruleset - how to use it in performance measurements
1600.02DPDMAI::GALVINFri Nov 03 1995Multiple Display Problems...
1601.02HERON::POORTVLIETMon Nov 06 1995DECpacketprobe & oid_to_sym
1602.04SNOTTY::MATTHEWMon Nov 06 1995PDM ELMS set ip address incorrect result
1603.02GUIDUK::KELLY_CRMon Nov 06 1995PDM pdmmopnmd problems - socket connect failed
1605.0COLMon Nov 06 1995Send alarms to SNA with phoenix
1606.03CSC32::PITTTue Nov 07 1995NO PDM but PDM startup fails
1607.07OSLLAV::BJORNWed Nov 08 1995Swap space 278 Mb not enough?
1608.02SWETSC::ALBINSSONWed Nov 08 1995Gost FDDI rings.
1609.03SNOTTY::BARRYWed Nov 08 1995Colour Printing
1610.03PORLA::FRISKThu Nov 09 1995Doc error, DECnet Toppoly daemon
1611.01OZROCK::THOMANThu Nov 09 1995Summit (EMS) results - what happened?
1612.05MFRNW1::SCHUSTERFri Nov 10 1995PDM: Enet Interface overload ? (NCL-Counters)
1613.0TALLIS::SCHULERFri Nov 10 1995EcoTOOLS for Digital Unix (?)
1614.011SCASMon Nov 13 1995PNV V4.1 and 128MB
1615.03OTOOA::BUTLERMon Nov 13 1995Export data to a spreadsheet?
1616.07DPDMAI::GALVINTue Nov 14 1995OVW: Died on signal 1...?
1618.04CSC32::PITTTue Nov 14 1995can't register netmon.lrf
1619.03ROMWed Nov 15 1995problems with PDM graphing, etc.
1620.04CSC32::PITTThu Nov 16 1995reactivating event filters
1621.02NECSC::LEVYThu Nov 16 1995Presales resources for PNV?
1622.0HERON::VANCOLLIEFri Nov 17 1995Hot network mngt job opening!
1623.04EVOAFri Nov 17 1995PNV 4.1 & nvsecd daemon ??
1624.01KAOFS:: Nov 17 1995Pager
1625.01CHEFS::ATTWOOL_JMon Nov 20 1995SNMP name cache ?
1626.01CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Nov 20 1995Where's the best place for event scripts to live ?
1627.010PMRV7Mon Nov 20 1995gtmd Internal Error messages
1628.02GIDDAY::MORANMon Nov 20 1995Windows SNMP agent available?
1629.04NBOFS1::RAFFTue Nov 21 1995ovw: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
1630.02STKHLM::DUFVATue Nov 21 1995Paging utility outside the U.S?
1631.02CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue Nov 21 1995Dropped Event Msgs ?
1632.05CSC32::PITTTue Nov 21 1995nveventd core dumps on 4.1
1633.05MARSTue Nov 21 1995Pb with PDM 2.
1634.01CSC32::PITTTue Nov 21 1995Canada has some requests
1635.0MFRNW1::SCHUSTERWed Nov 22 1995FDDI Interfaces support ?
1636.05SNOTTY::BARRYWed Nov 22 1995Navigator Window drag DEADLY slow
1638.0PORLA::FRISKWed Nov 22 1995Client reboot kills server processes
1639.04MUNICH::FERSTLThu Nov 23 1995gtmd.trace: Connection to thapplication is down ??
1641.01EVOAFri Nov 24 1995PNV 4.1 & snmptrap to color ??
1642.01JULIET::MOKBEL_SATue Nov 28 1995Event/Alarm help
1643.01HGOVC::MANJREKARTue Nov 28 1995PDM ( Terminal Server Manager)
1646.0MOLAR::CHURCHILLWed Nov 29 1995Feedback for PNV X4.1A field test
1647.04ODIXIE::SATTERFIELDThu Nov 30 1995Netview NT for Alpha AXP?
1648.02CSC32::PITTFri Dec 01 1995can't splice???
1649.01CSC32::PITTFri Dec 01 1995protocol type 86
1650.04DPDMAI::GALVINFri Dec 01 1995PNV.LOG file >>> /USR partition?
1652.03CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Dec 05 1995PDM 2.1 - can't get decnet status
1654.07MFRNW1::SCHUSTERTue Dec 05 1995PDM and GIGAswitch support ?
1655.07SCASS1::OTTERSONTue Dec 05 1995Pager nvpager problem
1656.06CHEFS::CURRYWed Dec 06 1995Traps from Intel's LANDesk (Novell)?
1657.02SCASS1::HITTENMILLERWed Dec 06 1995Nodes not displaying after upgrade to 4.1!
1658.05CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Dec 06 1995PNV 4.1 - ovtopmd complains 'could not get port'
1659.02CRONIC::PCUMMINGSWed Dec 06 1995attempt to monitor DECnet end nodes - status is blue
1660.0STKHLM::DUFVAThu Dec 07 1995Ruleset Editor or addtrap?
1661.07CRONIC::PCUMMINGSThu Dec 07 1995PNV Digital UNIX vs PNV WNT version comparison
1662.03SNOTTY::BARRYThu Dec 07 1995Novell NMS ??
1663.02HERON::KHANTue Dec 12 1995nvs_isClient:perm. denied
1664.02PTOVAX::PEARLMANTue Dec 12 1995SNMP/MIB support for the desktop
1665.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Dec 12 1995pdmOSIstsd concurrent node polling?
1666.03SSSAXP::LIVINGSTONETue Dec 12 1995How does one use DECbridge 61
1667.01HTSC19::IVANCHENGWed Dec 13 1995How to define seed node for each area ?
1669.011CHEFS::DAVIDSONSWed Dec 13 1995ip aliases?
1670.01LATINA::DAPIAThu Dec 14 1995pdmwatchd and Manager Submap
1671.02SWANDC::MAUTZThu Dec 14 19954.1a and/or ECO
1672.0CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Dec 14 1995question about acknowledge and map colors
1673.06CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Dec 14 1995PDM 2.1, decnet node doesn't show status colors
1674.02ZPOVC::YINGYONGSun Dec 17 1995Netview query for SNMP/MIB features
1675.04LATINA::DAPIAMon Dec 18 1995ifDesc AND the interface label name.
1676.02CSC32::PITTMon Dec 18 1995Setting the Bell permanantly
1677.08KAL::RUDQVISTTue Dec 19 1995Installation problem Error 48 binding stream socket
1678.02COMICS::BILLINGJTue Dec 19 1995Location of V3.1A and V3.1B ?
1679.01CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue Dec 19 1995UCX & NETview ?
1680.04RTP4ME::GALLAGHERTue Dec 19 1995Min. firmware versions?
1681.01CSC32::PITTWed Dec 20 1995changing symbol name for submap
1682.01ROMFri Dec 22 1995How create application traps to PNV ?
1683.01MFRNW1::SCHUSTERFri Dec 22 1995Change symbol type, name permanently ?
1684.01MFRNW1::SCHUSTERFri Dec 22 1995Reference information local on the PNV system?
1685.02CRONIC::LEMONSMon Dec 25 1995Strategy when many people run Netview
1686.0SCASS1::HITTENMILLERThu Dec 28 1995Problem printing zoomed topology maps for customer!
1687.05PRSSOS::NOBREFri Dec 29 1995mcc_evc_send without decnet-osi
1688.02IAMOSI::DANIELSun Dec 31 1995Segmentation Fault & Help Index task open.
1689.04COMICS::BILLINGJTue Jan 02 1996Patches for 3.1a 3.1b ?
1690.03CHEFS::EVANS_MTue Jan 02 1996Login error using rexecd in Client/Server
1691.011CSC32::PITTTue Jan 02 1996pdm crashes vms cluster
1692.02NETRIX::"rob.mayfield@ado.mts.dec.com"Wed Jan 03 1996
1693.02HGOVC::ANTHONYCHIUThu Jan 04 1996DECswitch9
1694.0COMICS::BILLINGJThu Jan 04 1996actionsvrd and defunct processes
1695.07ZURFri Jan 05 1996ruleset editor Check Route node?
1696.08CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Jan 08 1996Terminal Server Management over 2 network adapters ?
1697.0216679::MAUTZMon Jan 08 1996Postscript to GIF/JPEG Convert??
1698.01CHEFS::ATTWOOL_JTue Jan 09 1996Client symbol status not changed.
1699.01MARVIN::ROBINSONWed Jan 10 1996SNMPv2 support
1700.01PORLA::FRISKWed Jan 10 1996Odd behaviors of Collections
1701.0MOLAR::SIEGELWed Jan 10 1996WARNING: Using default snmp agent, DU V3.2D & PNV V4.1A
1702.03CSC32::PITTThu Jan 11 1996watchdog one more time
1703.02HGOVC::ANTHONYCHIUFri Jan 12 1996PNV for DECswitch9
1704.0COMICS::BILLINGJFri Jan 12 1996Interested in PNV training in UK ?
1706.01CHEFS::CURRYFri Jan 12 1996rulesets $NVA variable?
1707.01LYOMon Jan 15 1996"Command for Automatic Action" parameters string <"> or <'> - PNV4.1A
1708.03BACHUS::GOOVAERTSMon Jan 15 1996Crash Digital UNIX due to PDM?
1709.05CHEFS::ATTWOOL_JMon Jan 15 1996PDM eventd Socket already in use.
1710.0MSE1::RAOMon Jan 15 1996Port status poll from netview???
1711.03NBOFS1::JAKOBTue Jan 16 1996PNV-message : ?agent...
1712.0UTURBO::GUEDHAWed Jan 17 1996Navigation Tree vs Symbol color
1713.0TOOK::MINTZWed Jan 17 1996SNMP Collected data to Excel
1714.03MUNICH::FERSTLThu Jan 18 1996pnv 4.1, security and clients
1715.02NETRIX::"sf@uvo.dec.com"Fri Jan 19 1996Gigaswitch query and setting statuc addresses
1716.03DUKBIL::VaughnFri Jan 19 1996Not validating oracle user from root
1717.03HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEESun Jan 21 1996Trap found with no known format in trapd.conf(4)
1718.04HGOVC::ANTHONYCHIUMon Jan 22 1996PDM 2.1 for Phase 5
1719.05TAVTue Jan 23 1996Telecom applications using Polycenter Netview / WNT
1720.01TOOK::MINTZTue Jan 23 1996Ping without SNMP
1721.04ZURTue Jan 23 1996nvevents, maximum number of events?
1722.04PMRV7Tue Jan 23 1996Nvela Error Message
1723.05PMRV7Tue Jan 23 1996PNV41A Installation problems (Error Operating System Version)
1724.03COMICS::BILLINGJWed Jan 24 1996Closing PNV down tidily for backup
1725.01CSC32::PITTWed Jan 24 1996no data collect from one rmon probe
1726.0MSE1::RAOWed Jan 24 1996mcc_evc_send on other platforms
1728.05SCASS1::DAVIESWed Jan 24 1996Print a Topology WIndow??
1729.0CSC32::PITTWed Jan 24 1996copy/paste connector lines?
1730.01RUMOR::FALEKThu Jan 25 1996ovtopmd won't start, port in use?
1731.02ZPOVC::YINGYONGThu Jan 25 1996Different color for newly discovered nodes
1732.0ATYISA::CHAFFAUT_CFri Jan 26 1996Conformance to these standards ?
1733.01CSC32::PITTFri Jan 26 1996DCE creating LOGIN havoc
1734.0AZUR::BERREZMon Jan 29 1996phiv MIB element
1735.02KAOFS:: Jan 29 1996How to use a seed file to restrict subnet discovery?
1736.04SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWMon Jan 29 1996problem in PDM V2.1 on OSI V3.2A?
1737.0CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Jan 29 1996Monitor a VXT with PNV ?
1738.04MANMTue Jan 30 1996pmd: can't initialize snmp
1739.01KAOFS:: Jan 30 1996Demand Poll
1740.03CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue Jan 30 1996TS/MOP_sts_CRITICAL Events don't display DECserver name
1741.0216679::MAUTZTue Jan 30 1996Do we still sell the pre-packaged systems?
1742.06ALCALA::ANGELWed Jan 31 1996PNV & CDE
1743.08COMICS::BILLINGJWed Jan 31 19962 instances of hubwatch / autodiscovery
1744.04MUNICH::FERSTLWed Jan 31 1996ifOperStatus "down" for lo
1745.0AKSELI::OJUSSILAWed Jan 31 1996SnmpCollector, rearm value has too many decimals
1746.07VNABRW::BERANEKThu Feb 01 1996pdm discovering to much
1747.01CSC32::PITTThu Feb 01 1996KInet still a pdmIVtopd problem
1748.02TALE::LAWSONThu Feb 01 1996Ungermann-Bass/Netview Integration
1749.03CHEFS::DAVIDSONSThu Feb 01 1996backup syntax?
1750.02KAOFS:: Feb 01 1996unnumbered interfaces
1751.02PRSSOS::NOBREFri Feb 02 1996actionsvr core
1752.06NETRIX::"swetsc@swoosi.soo.dec.com"Mon Feb 05 1996TSC support
1753.02PRIVAT::OTTOMon Feb 05 1996How to Modify a Parent Object
1754.0STROP::LAYLANDTue Feb 06 1996Audit tracking of fault clearing ???
1755.0TOOK::MINTZTue Feb 06 1996Symbol Colors in the NetView Maps (traps, readonly mapes)
1756.01CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue Feb 06 1996Events for CRC errors, collisions, Network Marginal, etc
1757.09CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue Feb 06 1996Multiple Popup windows for 1 event ?
1758.0PRIVAT::OTTOWed Feb 07 1996How to move Trees of maps from one symbol to another ??
1759.04CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Feb 07 1996I cratered the ruleset editor.
1760.03CHEFS::EVANS_MThu Feb 08 1996pdmtsmmgmt problems
1761.0IBThu Feb 08 1996traps from application on NT
1762.011SUFNWB::SAIERThu Feb 08 1996PNV 3.1B with FDDI-Interf, wrong status display
1763.03CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Feb 08 1996PNV 4.1 - query database ruleset problems
1764.01COMICS::BILLINGJThu Feb 08 1996netview not running after unix upgrade
1765.04GIDDAY::CHONGFri Feb 09 1996Errors accessing HELP menu
1766.0PRSSOS::NOBREFri Feb 09 1996script for add object
1767.0AKSELI::OJUSSILAFri Feb 09 1996ARP cache displays only on byte of IP address
1768.03AKSELI::OJUSSILAFri Feb 09 1996MIB APPLICATION with mib-2 and private values
1769.01RCOCER::MICKOLMon Feb 12 1996How do we compete with Systemview?
1770.01GIDDAY::POPPINSMon Feb 12 1996demo netview against IBM
1771.03EVOAMon Feb 12 1996D.UNIX V3.2c & PNV 3.1B ??
1772.02CSC32::PITTMon Feb 12 1996getting formatted data back from Sybase
1773.02PMRV7Mon Feb 12 1996Warning: Interface Applications incorrectly parented
1774.08ZPOVC::YINGYONGMon Feb 12 1996NVPAGE Config
1775.03LATINA::DAPIATue Feb 13 1996Event Workspace, is there a problem??
1776.02SCASS1::HITTENMILLERTue Feb 13 1996PNV startup failes after deinstalling DCE
1777.01HLISC1::hlp674.uto.dec.com::PCWed Feb 14 1996SystemView demo diskette
1778.09CRONIC::PCUMMINGSWed Feb 14 1996recover from "error retrieving mapdb field info: Null field value ?
1779.02GECWed Feb 14 1996PNV thru a DFU Firewall?
1780.06CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Feb 14 1996xnmevents -l trapd.conf - - heard this before??
1781.0CHEFS::DAVIDSONSThu Feb 15 1996Netview Security, DECsafe ASE, DCE
1782.01CHEFS::EDWARDSGFri Feb 16 1996Map builder for non-IP networks
1783.07COMICS::BILLINGJFri Feb 16 1996nvserverd not starting
1784.01COMICS::BILLINGJFri Feb 16 1996Error reading background file
1785.0CHEFS::DAVIDSONSSun Feb 18 1996change node name, address?
1787.016679::MAUTZTue Feb 20 1996Alarm/event "dependencies"?
1788.05GIDDAY::CHONGTue Feb 20 1996snmp_pe deamon not running
1789.0GIDDAY::MUNNWed Feb 21 1996SNMP Bulk Update ?
1790.0TKOV51::EGAWAWed Feb 21 1996PNV 4.1 and DU 3.2D
1791.01COMICS::BILLINGJWed Feb 21 1996permissions on /dev/null
1792.01ATYISA::PERIEWed Feb 21 1996Where is the doc ?
1793.08SWTHOM::NOBREWed Feb 21 1996autotopology decnet with Brouter 9
1794.0DECPRG::PRNET::PILARWed Feb 21 1996HP OV capabilities question
1795.01CHOWDA::VARANESEWed Feb 21 1996Can these configurations perform adequately?
1796.03SNOFS1::WATTThu Feb 22 1996What RFC's Supported
1797.05CHEFS::absip16.reo.dec.com::SALESPERSONThu Feb 22 1996PCs hang when Netview sends ping command
1799.04EVOAFri Feb 23 1996PDM V2.1 and "device description" ??
1800.07MOLAR::SIEGELFri Feb 23 1996DU V3.2D problem w/ converting to default snmp agent
1801.0SNOFS1::WATTSun Feb 25 1996RMON response plz
1802.01ATYISA::PERIEMon Feb 26 1996Log commands/Internationalisation on NETVIEW?
1803.04CSC32::PITTMon Feb 26 1996no DECNET ICON at root map
1804.01COWBOY::MIRGHANEMon Feb 26 1996present status of and commitment to OSF DME?
1805.01GIDDAY::CHONGMon Feb 26 1996excessive swap usage
1806.0ATYISA::Tue Feb 27 1996PNV UNIX and PAW integration questions.
1807.04CGOOA::KUHNENTue Feb 27 1996security problem
1808.02NBOFS1::JAKOBWed Feb 28 1996Getting event's...
1809.01CSC32::PITTWed Feb 28 1996default ACCESS password on tsm
1810.04NETRIX::"thanost@hel.dec.com"Wed Feb 28 1996Decnet Manager - I cannot see my own workstation
1812.06PMRV7Wed Feb 28 1996Nvserverd crashed when sending a selected event
1813.0SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWThu Feb 29 1996PNV V4.1A client/server questions?
1814.02PJLPC::PHILThu Feb 29 1996PDM polling interval on per object basis?
1815.01VAXRIO::63Thu Feb 29 1996Questions about drawing IP networks
1816.0IJSAPL::WILLEMSENFri Mar 01 1996Tivoli - NetView integration ?
1817.0TROOA::BROWNFri Mar 01 1996Network World Review of NetView for NT is an attractive SNMP alternative
1818.03CRONIC::PCUMMINGSSun Mar 03 1996Merge multiple IP Maps into one ?
1819.01CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Mar 04 1996Backup Manager in different subnet from primary NMS ?
1820.03SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWTue Mar 05 1996PNV client/server filters and TSM 'conversion'?
1821.0+3NETRIX::"hans-detlef.kaden@frs.dec.com"Tue Mar 05 1996HP Openview Agents for digital UNIX ?!
1823.02CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue Mar 05 1996Terminal Server Mgmt & hardware address xlation
1824.01KAOFS::kap43Wed Mar 06 1996snmpCollect & /etc/hosts
1825.03AKSELI::OJUSSILAWed Mar 06 1996Event display hanging
1826.0AKSELI::OJUSSILAWed Mar 06 1996How to monitor networks with Netview
1827.04CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Mar 06 1996oid_to_command syntax questions
1828.01ZPOVC::YINGYONGThu Mar 07 1996Add MIB Expressions ?
1830.01MSE1::RAOThu Mar 07 1996snmptrap
1831.03CSC32::PITTThu Mar 07 1996fatal error: cannot map libdce.so
1832.02EVOAFri Mar 08 1996PDM V2.1 auto-topology questions...
1833.04SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWMon Mar 11 1996how to pass agruments to automatic action box?
1834.05COMICS::BILLINGJMon Mar 11 1996'Map Last Closed Time:' not correct
1835.03ISTWI1::OZILTue Mar 12 1996multiple ip address detection
1836.06CSC32::PITTWed Mar 13 1996!ATTENTION! script not working
1837.02NETRIX::"kuhnen@cgoaWed Mar 13 1996Traps, I need clarification
1838.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Mar 13 1996PDM 2.1 - pdmevcd won't run
1839.02SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWWed Mar 13 1996problem with PDM V2.1 during installation?
1840.02KAOFS::kap43Thu Mar 14 1996snmpCollet & Collection file size
1842.05CSC32::PITTFri Mar 15 1996event deck-DECnet only
1843.01TKOV51::EGAWASat Mar 16 1996CMOT of PNV
1844.07BEJVC::HELENZHOUWed Mar 20 1996Start PNVV3.1b without GRAPHICS, WHY?
1845.02PMRV7Wed Mar 20 1996Nvserverd won't stop core dumping!
1846.02NETRIX::"dannylin@tpsps3.tpo.dec.com"Wed Mar 20 1996NetView problem about wellfleet and segment nodes count limitation
1847.01NYOSS1::YANNIOSWed Mar 20 1996Icons for additional loaded MIBs?
1848.02NETRIX::"dannylin@tpsps3.tpo.dec.com"Wed Mar 20 1996Format about topology printing
1849.0SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWFri Mar 22 1996Data collection on PDM objects and threshold?
1851.01LATINA::DAPIAMon Mar 25 1996DECsafe and Netview.
1852.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSMon Mar 25 1996How to shrink icons?
1853.06GIDDAY::CHONGTue Mar 26 1996community names issue with DEchub9
1854.04GIDDAY::CHONGTue Mar 26 1996portmap cannot be started
1855.01TRUCKS::WILLS_ATue Mar 26 1996Event History problem
1856.07CSC32::PITTTue Mar 26 1996mcc_evc_send error reading ACK
1857.01CSC32::PITTTue Mar 26 1996Performance Manager interface?
1858.02COPCLU::EBCWed Mar 27 1996PDM bridge over FDDI ?
1859.01HIGHD::FLATMANWed Mar 27 1996Monitor/Graph/Report on Ethernet Capacity Utilization
1860.02HGOVC::MANJREKARThu Mar 28 1996nvsnmptrap !!??
1861.03BACHUS::KNEUTSThu Mar 28 1996feeding phase IV events to phase V
1862.03LATINA::SOENGASFri Mar 29 1996Fatal ipmap error,cannot connect to database
1863.01TENNIS::KAMSat Mar 30 1996IBM to roll out apps for Digital networks
1865.01ZAPATA::DALLAVOMon Apr 01 1996Problems discovering an IP NET through a WAN ROUTER 9
1866.02CSC32::PITTMon Apr 01 1996DCE/Netview Security setup help needed
1867.01CSC32::PITTTue Apr 02 1996address changes
1868.03NQOSTue Apr 02 1996SNMP_PE Agent Errors during Demand Poll
1869.01SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWWed Apr 03 1996PDM V2.1 questions, Line Utilization and bridge daemo?
1870.01MUNICH::FERSTLWed Apr 03 1996One or more processes are incorrectly parented?
1871.01NBOFS1::RAFFWed Apr 03 1996How to save Control Desk
1872.02SCASS1::GALVINWed Apr 03 1996Can I manage a GigaSwitch?
1873.01ZURThu Apr 04 1996Problems with PNV 4.1 and DECmanager 2.1/
1874.03CSC32::PITTThu Apr 04 1996enterprise question
1875.0CRONIC::PCUMMINGSThu Apr 04 1996anybody using 2 displays out there?
1876.03CSC32::PITTFri Apr 05 1996list of pnv traps?
1877.03HEN::SCHNEIDERSat Apr 06 1996advise for database population wanted...
1878.01ZPOVC::CHARLIETANTue Apr 09 1996SNMPTRAP command on VMS
1879.0SCASS1::auodial1_port4.auo.dec.com::kornsWed Apr 10 1996Help finding duplicate addresses
1880.03CSC32::PITTThu Apr 11 1996dlsym: Unable to locate symbol
1881.02NBOFS1::JAKOBMon Apr 15 1996Event handling for terminal servers...
1882.07IBMon Apr 15 1996Differences between 4.1 and 4.1A + ECOs
1883.01SWTHOM::CLUGNACMon Apr 15 1996Connection: changing the line thickness
1884.04SWETSC::TORLIND_LWed Apr 17 1996Unable to open mopdev_to_service file
1885.010SPANKY::WALSHWed Apr 17 1996Yet another PDM problem
1886.02MARVIN::ROBINSONThu Apr 18 1996Problem installing with default agent on UNIX 3.2D
1887.02HGOM11::HELENZHOUMon Apr 22 1996can Modem be managed?
1888.03SPANKY::THOMPSONMon Apr 22 1996IP icon goes unmanged
1889.05ZAPATA::DALLAVOMon Apr 22 1996PDM - client/server interaction problem
1890.01GIDDAY::POPPINSWed Apr 24 1996netview nt traps, probes et al
1892.02VLNVAX::DEBARROSWed Apr 24 1996Interpreting Bandwidth Utilization Graphs
1893.02TOOK::MINTZWed Apr 24 1996Computer Associates announcement
1894.09CRONIC::PCUMMINGSWed Apr 24 1996PDM over FDDI vs. Ethernet ?
1895.02CSC32::PITTWed Apr 24 1996change labels on read-only maps
1896.010KNATTE::STENBORGThu Apr 25 1996Event cards disappear after a while, why ???
1897.05NBOFS1::RAFFThu Apr 25 1996FDDI CF-State with MIB Browser
1898.01KERNEL::TURPIENThu Apr 25 1996netview and atom compatibility
1899.03CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu Apr 25 1996Netview 4.1 - different link address - AGAIN
1900.03SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWFri Apr 26 1996How to pass interface when IBM_NVIDWN_EV is sent?
1901.01CHEFS::NORRISVFri Apr 26 1996contactable nodes from pnv database?
1902.0VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIAMon Apr 29 1996Can PNV monitor specific IP traffic?
1903.03CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Apr 29 1996ovbeep or ovecho to a particular a user ?
1904.05SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWTue Apr 30 1996Database interface & SNMP config questions?
1905.04CSC32::PITTTue Apr 30 1996NT windows emulation for Unix Netview
1906.03CGOOA::KUHNENThu May 02 1996Check for Process ?
1907.02WOTVAX::HILTONFri May 03 1996Netview on Alpha vs IBM Performance?
1908.01HEN::SCHNEIDERSat May 04 1996do we have these?
1909.011CGOOA::KUHNENMon May 06 1996Events hang, incorrect parent ?
1910.05MAIL2::GHAHRAMANIMon May 06 1996NEtview 4.1 + ASE
1911.01TPOVC::MOBBYLINWed May 08 1996monitor non-snmp devices?
1912.01HGOVC::ANTHONYCHIUThu May 09 1996How to receive Traps from GS/FDDI by PNV
1913.03CSC32::PITTFri May 10 1996only routers please
1914.02SWETSC::TORLIND_LFri May 10 1996PMD fails after reboot - Error 49 binding stream socket
1915.03CGOOA::KUHNENFri May 10 1996pnvsetup for paging?
1916.01NBOFS1::JAKOBMon May 13 1996Managing IP on two ethernet cards...
1917.04PRIVAT::OTTOMon May 13 1996color printing of maps
1918.01NETRIX::"feynmanlo@hgovc.enet.dec.com"Tue May 14 1996PDM map fails to reflect status of DECnet nodes
1919.05KNATTE::STENBORGTue May 14 1996Netview, event display hanging !
1920.01258Thu May 16 1996Changing DECnet addresses and areas with PDM
1921.01VIRGIN::BILLFri May 17 1996Netview and DCE Security
1922.04COMICS::BILLINGJFri May 17 1996ovxbeep and weird characters. ^H
1923.0HTSC19::IVANCHENGFri May 17 1996enterprise ID for Gigaswitch/FDDI
1924.08CSC32::B_GRUBBSFri May 17 19964.1a - dechub 9
1925.02DECWET::WHITEFri May 17 1996Fresh installation will not discover network.
1927.02BOOTM1::GRAHAMDMon May 20 1996UNIX & NT integration
1929.03COMICS::BILLINGJMon May 20 1996adding a daemon to PNV
1930.0ATYISA::PERIEMon May 20 1996DOES IT WORK ?
1931.01CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon May 20 1996DECnet event monitoring - sink node strategy
1932.01CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon May 20 1996pdmbrtopd and pdmIVtopd are red
1933.03HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEETue May 21 1996Need help on PDM + Brouter.
1934.02OSLLAV::BJORNTue May 21 1996Routing table information wrong from DB9
1935.02OSLLAV::BJORNTue May 21 1996RFC-1215 MIB?
1936.0UTROP1::DETWEILER_BTue May 21 1996AlphaStation Support for PNV
1937.04CSC32::PITTTue May 21 1996no response arrived before timeout
1938.01DECWET::WHITETue May 21 1996interesting error message.
1939.05258Wed May 22 1996core dump
1940.02258Wed May 22 1996Launching event script
1941.03CGOOA::KUHNENWed May 22 1996more paging ?
1942.0CHEFS::BRIGGS_RThu May 23 1996PNV from Netview/6
1943.04CRONIC::PCUMMINGSFri May 24 1996Can revision of Ethernet adapter effect what you see ?
1944.0ZPOVC::YINGYONGSat May 25 1996Unrecognised Decnet Node address
1946.04TAVMon May 27 1996Another event display problem
1947.0HTSC19::IVANCHENGMon May 27 1996trap problem ...
1948.03BARNA::DSMAILThu May 30 1996/sbin/loader:cannot map libcxx.so
1949.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSThu May 30 1996SNMP community when qeurying for sysobjectid?
1950.01ZPOVC::YINGYONGFri May 31 1996Inconsistency in IP addresses
1951.0BARNA::DSMAILFri May 31 1996NetScape is not installed ..
1952.02CSC32::B_GRUBBSFri May 31 1996oid_to_sym - defined system not found after change
1953.04ZURFri May 31 1996Some questions to pnv client / server setup
1954.02BRSISD::CAEYMANMon Jun 03 1996DECbrouter 9
1955.01MKOTS3::tcc145.mko.dec.com::laverdureMon Jun 03 1996NETVIEW/RS6
1956.0ALFETA::MAURICIOTue Jun 04 1996NetView as X.25 entity manager ??
1957.04CSC32::PITTTue Jun 04 1996file where Collections rules live?
1958.01VNASWS::ANDREASWed Jun 05 1996new monitor types (16
1959.0ZPOVC::YINGYONGWed Jun 05 1996What are the useful FDDI mibs ?
1960.01ZPOVC::YINGYONGWed Jun 05 1996TRAPS - not easy to handle !
1961.04CSC32::PITTWed Jun 05 1996demand poll question.
1962.01COMICS::BILLINGJThu Jun 06 1996registering own menus using ovw
1963.02COMICS::BILLINGJThu Jun 06 1996PNV X-client timeout with NT ?
1964.01LUXThu Jun 06 1996SNA mgt update
1965.03CSC32::PITTThu Jun 06 1996graph collected data 'thing'
1966.0MOLAR::CHURCHILLThu Jun 06 1996new alphastations 2
1967.0CSC32::PITTFri Jun 07 1996add trap en masse question
1968.01TPOVC::ERICHUANGSat Jun 08 1996How to statistic the traffic between 2 nodes
1969.02SSSAXP::PCUMMINGSTue Jun 11 1996DECnis symbol is address not nodenam
1970.09PRSSOS::NOBREWed Jun 12 1996problem configuring PNV client
1971.0+1SNOTTY::MATTHEWWed Jun 12 1996mibExpr.conf Formular question
1972.03WOTVAX::GAMETThu Jun 13 1996Object datadase problems ?
1973.02LATINA::DAPIAThu Jun 13 1996snmpset error
1974.02GNOMO::JOSEFFri Jun 14 1996DC5
1975.0EVOAFri Jun 14 1996PNV SNMP APIs questions for C ??
1976.01NETRIX::"mbaker@otooa.enet.dec.com"Sat Jun 15 1996Rulesets Question ?
1977.01NETRIX::"mbaker@otooa.enet.dec.com"Sat Jun 15 1996Event Clearing confirmation
1978.01NETRIX::"mbaker@otooa.enet.dec.com"Sun Jun 16 1996Flaky nvcorrd !
1979.0MEO78A::BARNHOORNMon Jun 17 19961 DECagent and multiple hubs
1980.01CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Jun 17 1996mounting /usr/OV/log as separate disk partition
1981.03CGOOA::KUHNENMon Jun 17 1996Global Variable ?
1982.01IJSAPL::SINKETue Jun 18 1996Netview on NT, license ??
1983.01COMICS::BILLINGJTue Jun 18 1996Loading mibs for 9
1984.02OSOV54::KISHINOWed Jun 19 1996Is it possible to watch the DS7
1985.02HGOVC::MANJREKARWed Jun 19 1996Problem managing Brouter with PDM
1986.01SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWThu Jun 20 1996Add a text string on a MAP ?
1987.02CRONIC::PCUMMINGSThu Jun 20 1996maximum -Exclude # for .lrf files ?
1988.07CSC32::PITTThu Jun 20 19964.
1989.01BARNA::DSMAILFri Jun 21 1996SNMP API - Segmentation fault
1990.07CSC32::B_GRUBBSSat Jun 22 199689a gif file formats wont load up as background
1991.06MARVEL::KHANRMon Jun 24 1996Netview 4.1B kit
1992.0TUXEDO::MINTZMon Jun 24 1996Integration Guide (cookbook) on the web
1993.07VIRGIN::BILLMon Jun 24 1996c_arf2srf crashes with segmentation fault
1994.03VIRGIN::BILLMon Jun 24 1996Different questions to pnv client setup
1995.01RDGENG::GREIDTue Jun 25 1996ELMS Commands don't work anymore
1996.02CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue Jun 25 1996What paging software is being used w/NETview these days ?
1997.04WOTVAX::DAVIESGTue Jun 25 1996Control Desk cannot be separated from default map
1998.09KAOFS::16.155.16Tue Jun 25 1996Manual claering and rulesets
1999.01EVOAWed Jun 26 1996PNV & Internet/Intranet Worlds ?
2000.01ROMWed Jun 26 1996PNV, PDM + TrueCluster
2001.01VIRGIN::BILLThu Jun 27 1996PNVBOOKS restricted to PNV server ???
2002.04MUNICH::FERSTLThu Jun 27 1996event in trapd.log, but not in current events
2003.01VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIAThu Jun 27 1996Questions regarding pdm
2004.0CHEFS::DAVIDSONSThu Jun 27 1996BIND DNS multiple networks one nodename?
2005.01NETRIX::"mbaker@otooa.enet.dec.com"Fri Jun 28 1996sap R3 agent and scheduler kit location
2006.03OZROCK::BARTLEYMon Jul 01 1996Can't link using 4.1B - "no rpds for proc"
2007.02VAXSPO::LOTITOMon Jul 01 1996Novell IPX/SPX Unix
2008.02PATS::NETWORKMon Jul 01 1996Map R/W mode, (and), PPP graphing questions.
2009.011ZPOVC::YINGYONGMon Jul 01 1996Cannot connect to OVW
2010.02CHEFS::NORRISVTue Jul 02 1996Netview help needed urgently
2011.02CSC32::PITTTue Jul 02 1996no match for font/alias font?
2012.01CSC32::PITTTue Jul 02 1996acknowledging objects
2013.03HDLITE::GRIESTue Jul 02 1996openveiw toolkits libraries
2014.01VNASWS::ANDREASWed Jul 03 1996maximum events/filters a system can handle ?
2015.0TUXEDO::CLARKWed Jul 03 1996Saving and restoring Collections
2016.01CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Jul 03 1996Event desk goes completely blank (nvevents died)
2017.05CRONIC::PCUMMINGSWed Jul 03 1996objects named as IP address and not IP hostname
2019.01ZURThu Jul 04 1996Problem with programming in the OVsPMD_API
2020.07ANNECY::DEBACKERFri Jul 05 1996Netview under Unix 4 ?
2021.01BIS5Fri Jul 05 1996Tool for generating GIF/XBM backgounds
2022.01BRSVMS::VDKERCKHOVEFri Jul 05 1996PNV for WNT information req.
2023.0GRANPA::DJAMESMon Jul 08 1996Help with graphing message
2024.0VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIAMon Jul 08 1996Netview as mid-level manager?
2025.01TRUCKS::BARRONMon Jul 08 1996SNMP over Internet wiring
2026.0CSC32::PITTMon Jul 08 1996ovw: BadMatch
2027.03258Tue Jul 09 1996PNV 4.1b questions w/DECnet Manager
2029.01KAOFS::maverick.kao.dec.com::t_petersTue Jul 09 1996ovtopmd, exited on signal 11, core dumped
2030.04CSC32::PITTTue Jul 09 1996snmp_pe: unable to acquire host information
2031.04CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue Jul 09 1996EF9
2032.01CSC32::PITTWed Jul 10 1996ovactiond dies
2033.07VOLKL::COOLIDGEWed Jul 10 1996PDM for Digital Unix V4.
2034.05SWETSC::ALBINSSONThu Jul 11 1996Will this cause any trubble ?
2035.0GRANPA::DJAMESThu Jul 11 1996FGL-4(#2) wrapped. Waiting for
2036.02KAOFS::16.155.16Fri Jul 12 1996Bug in command for automatic action field
2037.01VFOVAX::ZITELMANWed Jul 17 1996Monitoring for daemon failures
2038.0COMICS::CORNEJThu Jul 18 1996Novice question about number of (remaining) paths
2039.01CRONIC::PCUMMINGSFri Jul 19 1996DECnet event: No resources for a new connection
2040.01HGOVC::MANJREKARMon Jul 22 1996DAS ring failure ?
2041.04CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Jul 22 1996DECnet object w/bogus name ?
2042.04NETRIX::"bartley@ozy.dec.com"Wed Jul 24 1996The magic 484 byte PDU size
2043.01BIGUN::wills.cao.dec.com::PinkertonFri Jul 26 1996What is DEClma ?
2044.0CSC32::B_GRUBBSFri Jul 26 1996How to make IBM_NVNC_EV event fire off?
2045.012CSC32::B_GRUBBSSat Jul 27 1996Problems with paging, 4.1a ECO1 installed
2046.02GIDDAY::MUNNSun Jul 28 1996Symbols revert to generic form
2047.01MEO78A::BARNHOORNMon Jul 29 1996xnmgraph and printOnly
2048.02VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIAMon Jul 29 1996NetView and Heterogeneous Environments
2049.02SCASS1::GALVINTue Jul 30 1996PNV V4.1B installation failure (CXSHRDA???)
2050.06GIDDAY::CHONGWed Jul 31 1996Gigaswitch discovered on ethernet segment
2051.01258Thu Aug 01 1996unmanaged pc's when discovered
2052.06TAEC::WASSIFIFri Aug 02 1996Remote port byte order bug?
2053.01MGB::GILLOTTTue Aug 06 1996Looking for snmpwalk *only*
2054.0HGOVC::MANJREKARTue Aug 06 1996FDDI SMT Management ?
2055.01VNASWS::ANDREASTue Aug 06 1996Connection lines between bridges blue
2056.01HGOVC::SHUMCFWed Aug 07 1996Netview not running on Win/NT
2057.01CSC32::PITTWed Aug 07 1996ovw:bad param using CDE
2058.03WOTVAX::GAMETWed Aug 07 1996Registration files and fields
2059.05SOS6::PEYRACHEThu Aug 08 1996PDM won't start after V4.1B upgrade
2060.0AKSELI::OJUSSILAMon Aug 12 1996Connection two segments?
2061.02BBIVMon Aug 12 1996selling v/s IBM ....
2062.04RDGENG::GREIDMon Aug 12 1996Changing ROOT priority using MIB Browser
2063.02SWTHOM::CLUGNACWed Aug 14 1996node_deletion_interval : scope of usage
2064.03KAOFS::16.155.16Wed Aug 14 1996xnmgraph -printOnly
2065.02KAOFS::16.155.16Wed Aug 14 1996mcc_evc_send and rulesets
2067.0ZURFri Aug 16 1996Pathdoctor under Unix V4.
2068.0ZPOVC::YINGYONGSun Aug 18 1996Managing VMS 5-2 Cluster
2069.01MSAMSun Aug 18 1996OpenView, MIB-2 on Digital UNIX
2070.05TUBORG::PITTMon Aug 19 1996mib required for brouter??
2071.04CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Aug 19 1996Moving Event Config info between systems ?
2072.0CSC32::B_GRUBBSMon Aug 19 1996PNV - adding enterprise specific info
2073.01TKOV51::TAKIGAWATue Aug 20 1996PNV & DU 3.2G
2074.01NETRIX::"cheang@hhl.dec.com"Tue Aug 20 1996Regarding Note 9.57
2075.02CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue Aug 20 1996Monitor Ultrix w/NETview ?
2076.02MARVIN::ROBINSONFri Aug 23 1996Porting applications from NetView to OpenView
2077.01ZAPATA::DALLAVOMon Aug 26 1996DECnet connect timeout
2078.0ZAPATA::DALLAVOMon Aug 26 1996Problem with Cluster alias
2079.0ZAPATA::DALLAVOMon Aug 26 1996Questions about Dynamic Workspace
2080.01HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEETue Aug 27 1996Need help to disable the discovery
2081.01KEIKI::WHITEWed Aug 28 1996IBM Tivoli - merger how does this affect our Netview agreements
2082.01PRSSOS::NOBREWed Aug 28 1996 collection editor , nvcold core dump
2083.02HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEWed Aug 28 1996What is 'extended agent' ?
2084.0HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEWed Aug 28 1996No 'set spanning char' window.
2085.01MARSWed Aug 28 1996A method to do a full new installation ?
2086.0HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEThu Aug 29 1996Object/Symbol and Event question ?
2087.01HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEThu Aug 29 1996How does PNV discover the network.
2088.03SWETSC::ALBINSSONFri Aug 30 1996MIB for the fils system and cpu preformance ?
2089.05KAOFS::16.155.16Tue Sep 03 1996NVSERVERD NOT RUNNING message
2090.02CSC32::PITTThu Sep 05 1996Agent Policy Manager
2091.02BBIVMon Sep 09 1996Monitoring CPU ??
2092.04CGOOA::KUHNENMon Sep 09 1996SNMP Agent Check
2093.03CSC32::PITTWed Sep 11 1996traceroute causes discovery
2094.01BBIVThu Sep 12 1996problem with using oracle ?
2095.01NETRIX::"lucia.alvarez@sqo.mts.dec.com"Thu Sep 12 1996Netview and a Firewall
2096.02DECWET::SUNThu Sep 12 1996SNMP V2c/usec API in PNV V4.1B
2097.0NETRIX::"rudqvist@gotjns.goo.dec.com"Fri Sep 13 1996Configurate netview for Lattis hub
2098.03CSC32::PITTFri Sep 13 1996HOWTOS
2099.07CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Sep 16 1996no connection lines to IP objects
2100.02CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Sep 16 1996object labels blacked-out - ovxbeep related?
2101.02BBIVTue Sep 17 1996Ethernet problem ?
2102.03MSBCS::HURLEYTue Sep 17 1996fddi showin up as 1
2103.08SWETSC::TORLIND_LWed Sep 18 1996Problem with nvcold and collection editor
2104.01NETRIX::"ripoll@aty.mts.dec.com"Wed Sep 18 1996Proj. Mgr.
2105.01NBOFS1::JAKOBWed Sep 18 1996Trouble Ticketing in PNV...
2106.01NBOFS1::JAKOBWed Sep 18 1996Netview and X-Terminal's...
2107.04SCASS1::GALVINWed Sep 18 1996Optivity on NetView???
2108.05COMICS::BILLINGJThu Sep 19 1996Autodiscovery problem
2109.06SWETSC::TORLIND_LFri Sep 20 1996Enterprise netView, ? Trap found with no known format
2110.0+7CSC32::PITTFri Sep 20 1996Specified Trap is out of range
2111.02HGOVC::MANJREKARSun Sep 22 1996SNMP TimeOut problem ?
2112.06CSC32::J_WIELANDMon Sep 23 1996source nodes in traps not always matching
2113.04ZURTue Sep 24 1996pnv V4.1B subagent nv_mib doesn't start
2114.0SNOFS1::CHUNGLAMTue Sep 24 1996trap displays instance incorrectly
2114.03ZURWed Sep 25 1996nvevents maxLoadEvents ?
2115.05CSC32::B_GRUBBSWed Sep 25 1996PNV 4.1b uses sequel1 to talk to oracle database?
2116.01CSC32::PITTWed Sep 25 1996why two trapd.confs??
2117.0CSC32::PITTThu Sep 26 1996forced polling??
2118.02PRSSOS::CLUGNACFri Sep 27 1996event : clear selected => generates nvevent core ( pnv 4.1b)
2119.03PRSSOS::CLUGNACFri Sep 27 1996X Error of failed request: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
2120.04BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::Peter MayneMon Sep 30 1996Cannot connect to database; Unable to initialize tracing/logging subsystem
2121.02DECPRG::PRNET::praha::pilarMon Sep 30 1996DECnet manager availability on Digital UNIX 4.
2122.01ROMTue Oct 01 1996Client Server on NT (Intel/Alpha)
2123.04TUXEDO::MINTZTue Oct 01 1996Tivoli now also shipping NetView on NT
2124.09CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Oct 01 1996pnv_client setserver fails with /sbin/loader errs
2125.01ARPEGE::BUTINThu Oct 03 1996PNV 4.1b Filter events for nodes in Collection
2126.01ARPEGE::BUTINThu Oct 03 1996PNV 4.1b ruleset query database Field for inexistant field in ovobjprint
2127.02tun-4.imc.das.dec.com::HammMon Oct 07 1996Access Oracle Database via ODBC
2128.02ZAPATA::DALLAVOThu Oct 10 1996How to cut/paste a connection symbol?
2129.01DECWET::SUNThu Oct 10 1996need to access a SNMP V2c/usec agent.
2130.01HGOVC::MANJREKARMon Oct 14 1996PNV V4.1 polling problems !
2131.01ISAR5Mon Oct 14 1996Address list of one segment with PNV?
2132.03SWETSC::TORLIND_LTue Oct 15 1996pnv and supernetting ??
2133.05GIDDAY::CHONGWed Oct 16 1996 ovelmd deamon core dump
2135.02CSC32::PITTWed Oct 16 1996error reading mail file or mail file not found
2136.04SWETSC::TORLIND_LThu Oct 17 1996pnv GUI coredumps 1/day
2137.0CSC32::PITTThu Oct 17 1996variable bindings
2138.0AZUR::BERREZFri Oct 18 1996sprint_by_type function code
2139.02CSC32::PITTMon Oct 21 1996dunix mib for system resources?
2140.02ZURTue Oct 22 1996Events disappear after a while, feature or bug?
2141.02ZURTue Oct 22 1996PNV V4.1B Event correlation?
2142.01SWETSC::ALBINSSONMon Oct 28 19963 Questions from a customer.....
2143.01PRMSMon Oct 28 1996Kit for Mid Level Manager for Digital UNIX ???
2144.03TROOA::hxop14.hxo.dec.com::creaserTue Oct 29 1996Netview on NT vs UNIX
2145.01CSC32::PITTWed Oct 30 1996nvpagerd and pin number
2146.0ZURFri Nov 01 1996xnmgraph (show counters as Delta value)?
2147.05CGOOA::KUHNENSun Nov 03 1996PNV 4.1B ECO 1 problems
2148.0ZURMon Nov 04 1996Topology database fields?
2149.0FIRSC1::CASINIMon Nov 04 1996DECswitch 9
2150.0BARNA::DSMAILMon Nov 04 1996OVwSetStatusOnObject in client-server environment
2151.0ATYISB::$LAVALMon Nov 04 1996Auto/adjust polling question
2152.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGTue Nov 05 1996How to setup pager on netview
2153.04MSE1::RAOTue Nov 05 1996collector
2154.02MSE1::RAOWed Nov 06 1996Urgent - mcc_evc_send
2155.02SWTHOM::NOBREThu Nov 07 1996subagent nv_mib error
2156.01HGOVC::MANJREKARMon Nov 11 1996Netmon timeout error ?
2157.0MSBCS::HURLEYMon Nov 11 1996getting fddi interface counters
2158.02DECWET::SUNMon Nov 11 1996PNV 4.1B xnmgraph freezes
2159.01MSE1::RAOTue Nov 12 1996dhcp
2160.07VAXRIO::63Wed Nov 13 1996Standalone demo for PNV 4.1?
2161.01MSE1::RAOWed Nov 13 1996events
2162.0CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Nov 19 1996addtrap -N system list question
2163.04CSC32::PITTFri Nov 22 1996still problems with routers.
2164.0CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Nov 26 1996another addtrap command, single quotes around a parameter
2165.0+6HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEWed Nov 27 1996PDM for 4.x pointer
2166.01CSC32::PITTWed Nov 27 1996netmon.trace and polling confusion
2167.01OTOOA::16.155.16Thu Nov 28 1996mibExpr problem ! Help me !
2168.02CSC32::PITTTue Dec 03 19964.1b ECO location?
2169.03SWETSC::TORLIND_LWed Dec 04 1996Xnmgraph < output from snmpColdump ???
2170.0ZURFri Dec 06 1996Ruleset "Thresholds" node: limited functionality?
2171.01SWETSC::WELINFri Dec 06 1996Error retriwingMAPDB filed info:null filed vallve
2172.06SWTHOM::NOBRETue Dec 10 1996pnv under ase
2173.0CSC32::PITTThu Dec 12 1996question on executables
2174.04SCASS1::GALVINFri Dec 13 1996ovw: BadMatch(invalid parameter attributes)
2175.04AKSELI::OJUSSILATue Dec 17 1996nvevents dies. Using to much memory? read-write
2176.07VAXRIO::MIRIAMWed Dec 18 1996SPD for 4.1B
2177.0+7BACA::ESTESThu Dec 19 1996PAKS for V4.13 ??
2178.0JULIET::LOLA_JIThu Dec 19 1996Know of any Netview Consultants??
2179.0+3SCASS1::DAVIESFri Dec 20 1996SUpport for WNT V4.
2180.0+7SPANKY::THOMPSONFri Dec 20 1996PNV4.1C upgrade
2181.01CSC32::PITTTue Dec 24 1996all possible error messages....
2182.0ADCAThu Dec 26 1996Netview and SUNNEt
2183.02AUBER::NOBREFri Jan 03 1997pnv4.1c installation fails
2184.02BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneSun Jan 05 1997Create submaps based on hubs?
2185.01BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneTue Jan 07 1997PNV code: UNIX <-> Windows NT
2186.0+1HGOVC::SHUMCFWed Jan 08 1997Utilization measurement by Netview
2187.0+1PRIVAT::OTTOThu Jan 09 1997ovdelobj / ovaddobj error
2188.0ZEKE::GHOSHThu Jan 09 1997NetView Integration Requirements Phase Open
2189.01DECWET::SUNTue Jan 14 1997PTB support.
2190.04CRONIC::PCUMMINGSWed Jan 15 1997Configuration Polling
2191.0+1DEKVC::KEESANGLEEThu Jan 16 1997Hub 9
2192.0+3VAXRIO::63197::MeyerThu Jan 16 1997map and privileges
2193.0+3CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Jan 20 1997Status Poll - timeout adjustable ? Yes or No?
2194.0+1BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneTue Jan 21 1997gtmdump doesn't give much information
2195.01SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWTue Jan 21 1997PNV still polls un-managed subnet!
2196.0ISAR5Tue Jan 21 1997netview does not recognize 3Com router
2197.01ESDPTue Jan 21 1997Netview FOR NT bugs
2198.01COOKIE::MUNNSTue Jan 21 1997Tape Device Monitoring
2199.0+2SIOG::ASQUITHWed Jan 22 1997DUNIX 4.
2201.0 *+3CHEFS::ATTWOOL_JWed Jan 29 1997No symbols with 4.1C and Unix 4.
2202.0 *+9ZAPATA::DALLAVOMon Feb 03 1997Can't connect to server daemons - ERROR
2203.0 *+4CSC32::PITTMon Feb 03 1997dynatext and motif??
2204.0 *WOTVAX::DAVIESGTue Feb 04 1997Resources required for Project
2205.0 *+2EVTAI1::LAVALFri Feb 07 1997Control Desk font
2206.0 *CSC32::PITTFri Feb 07 1997whereis CXLSHRDA4
2207.0 *+4ZEKE::BECKERMon Feb 10 1997Ki Networks Provides DECnet Management
2208.0 *+4GIDDAY::CHONGTue Feb 11 1997 nvpaging fail after upgrade to V4.1B
2209.0 *CHEFS::ATTWOOL_JTue Feb 11 1997snmpColDump collected data on a non unix system
2210.0 *+4CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue Feb 11 1997Events Display - 2 entries for 1 MSK event
2211.0 *+5CSC32::PITTSat Feb 15 1997printtool core dumps
2212.0 *+6CSC32::PITTSun Feb 16 19974.1c Blues
2213.0 *+4IBMon Feb 17 1997PNV V4.1C snmpCollect daemon dying signal #11
2214.0 *+1IBMon Feb 17 1997PNV V4.1C pdmbrtopd dying could not get field id for Software Version OVwDb
2215.0 *MSE1::RAOThu Feb 20 1997Oracle
2216.0 *+1CSC32::PITTThu Feb 20 1997dce-NOT ?
2217.0 *+1CSC32::PITTTue Feb 25 1997WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?
2218.0 *+2BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneTue Feb 25 1997stdout to xnmappmon
2219.0 *+2GIDDAY::CHONGTue Mar 04 1997Segmentation fault on starting PNV after upg to V4.1C
2220.0 *+1CSC32::PITTTue Mar 04 1997Terminal Server name = address
2221.0 *WOTVAX::DAVIESGThu Mar 06 1997NetView 4.1B on same system as UniCenter 1.1
2222.0 *AUSS::GARSONTue Mar 18 1997Internal licensing of Netview client?
2223.0 *TRLIAN::COFFINFri Mar 21 1997no format in trapd.conf problem
2224.0 *OGOPW2::MAGAZUMon Mar 24 1997NetView and TrueCluster Support
2225.0 *+2SWETSC::TORLIND_LMon Mar 24 1997What timeouts are used when status polling is done due to receiving a trap
2226.0 *BIGUN::nessus.cao.dec.com::MayneTue Mar 25 1997Transcend on Sun integrating with NV on DU
2227.0 *+4CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Mar 25 1997SNMP cache corrupt, ovwdb core dump?
2228.0 *CSC32::A_LICAUSEThu Mar 27 1997How to correct for renamed domain?
2229.0 *ZEKE::BECKERWed Apr 02 1997Availability of NetView vendor catalog
2230.0 *+3SIOG::P_MCENROEThu Apr 10 1997Year 2
2231.0 *+1CHEFS::rasmodem8.reo.dec.com::HarveyThu Apr 10 1997NetView to OpenView information feed via TRAPS
2232.0 *+12ZAPATA::DALLAVOMon Apr 14 1997Autodiscovery creates a subnet with noname
2233.0 *+2CSC32::A_LICAUSEMon Apr 14 1997Graph's displayed incorrectly?
2234.0 *MSE1::RAOTue Apr 15 1997Urgent for a customer
2235.0 *+13CSC32::A_LICAUSEWed Apr 16 1997Managed entities disappear from map!
2236.0 *AUBER::CLUGNACFri Apr 18 1997nvevents questions
2237.0 *+1CSC32::A_LICAUSEMon Apr 21 1997Can't do multi-table join; Oracle nodeclass interfaceclass
2238.0 *+1DEKVC::THOMASCHAUThu Apr 24 1997PNV31B NO SYBASE
2239.0 *+1AUBER::NOBREThu Apr 24 1997pnv and Digital Unix upgrade
2240.0 *+1NETCAD::GALLAGHERThu Apr 24 1997Netview on Digital Unix Forum?
2241.0 *+2ZAPATA::DALLAVOThu Apr 24 1997nmdemandpoll delete a VMS node symbol
2242.0 *+1OTOOA::kap43Fri Apr 25 1997/usr/OV/databases backup/restore
2243.0 *ZURTue Apr 29 1997automated database maintenance?
2244.0 *+2GIDDAY::CHONGWed Apr 30 1997deleted object failed to be rediscovered
2245.0 *+3COLMon May 05 1997Troubleticket again
2246.0 *+4CHEFS::16.195.8Tue May 06 1997Netview/POLYCENTER queries
2247.0 *ULYSSE::DENISMon May 12 1997Iconic Maps ?
2248.0 *+3PRMSMon May 12 1997MIB Support in Digital UNIX, OpenVMS and Windows NT
2249.0 *+1NNTPD::"gaillat@mail.dec.com"Tue May 13 1997Evaluation copy for TME1
2250.0 *HGOVWed May 14 1997PNV for ATM network
2251.0 *KERNEL::COFFEYJMon May 19 1997Netview version and expected release date for digital unix v4.
2252.0 *SCASS1::sca-ras-2-p23.sca.dec.com::DAVIESFri May 23 1997SIngle license for Netview on DU and WNT??
2253.0 *+1EVTAI1::LAVALMon May 26 1997DECsiwth9
2254.0 *NNTPD::"francisco.rodriguez@sqo.mts.dec.com"Tue May 27 1997Pnv doesn't start with security ON
2255.0 *+2CSC32::A_LICAUSEFri May 30 1997What version of Motif is V4.1b Compiled with?
2256.0 *VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIAMon Jun 02 1997DEFPA-DA in a Digital Unix Looks Like Ethernet
2256.0 *+2VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIATue Jun 03 1997DEFPA-DA Looks Like an Ethernet Interface
2257.0 *SIOG::ASQUITHWed Jun 04 1997Problem with NVCORRD & NVSERVERD