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Conference noted::netview-nt

Title:Notes Conference for TME 10 NetView for NT NT
Created:Mon Apr 03 1995
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:540
Total number of notes:1903
Number with bodies:131
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1.0 *+1TUXEDO::MINTZThu Mar 06 1997Welcome to NETVIEW-NT
1.01TOOK::JAMESMon Apr 03 1995Welcome to the POLYCENTER NetView on Windows NT conference!
2.0+24TOOK::JAMESMon Apr 03 1995Kit Announcements
3.0+54TOOK::JAMESMon Apr 03 1995Introductions (Please introduce yourself)
4.02TOOK::JAMESMon Apr 03 1995Documentation pointers
5.02TOOK::L_GROSSMANMon Apr 03 1995Performance and sizing
6.01TOOK::MINTZFri May 31 1996PSNM has moved to Computer Associates
6.0TOOK::L_GROSSMANMon Apr 03 1995Reserved for future use!
7.03TUXEDO::MINTZTue Oct 01 1996Press Releases
7.0TOOK::L_GROSSMANMon Apr 03 1995Reserved for future use!
8.0TOOK::L_GROSSMANMon Apr 03 1995Reserved for future use!
8.01TUXEDO::MINTZWed Oct 30 1996Digital/Tivoli NetView Partnership
9.0TOOK::L_GROSSMANMon Apr 03 1995Reserved for future use!
10.0TOOK::L_GROSSMANMon Apr 03 1995Reserved for future use!
10.0NTVIEW::DAVEWed Oct 18 1995Performance and Sizing (on NT)
10.0SCCA::DaveWed Oct 18 1995Performance and Sizing Lore (for NT)
10.0SCCA::DaveWed Oct 18 1995Performance and Sizing lore for NT systems
10.0TOOK::L_GROSSMANMon Apr 03 1995Reserved for future use!
10.0TOOK::L_GROSSMANMon Apr 03 1995Reserved for future use!
20.0TOOK::L_GROSSMANMon Apr 03 1995End of reserved notes
21.010BIGUN::chmeee::MayneWed Apr 05 1995Where's the Alpha version?
22.01STKHLM::SAMUELSSONWed Apr 05 1995Some questions?
23.0TOOK::L_JOHNSONWed Apr 05 1995Field Test Announcements
24.03ZEKE::WEBSTERWed Apr 05 1995Demo Package Available
25.01OSLTue Apr 11 1995Increase your visibility?
26.011DELNI::B_KENNEDYThu Apr 13 1995User input and OSF comparsion
27.03DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Apr 24 1995Disk, cpu and memory requirements
28.03VAXSPO::GILSONWed Apr 26 1995Planned delivery dates???
29.04NAC::LICAUSETue May 02 1995Which version?
30.02WRAFLC::WOODALLFri May 05 1995bum install or bad doc?
31.05SUBURB::PEGGVThu May 11 1995Support for FDDI?
32.01MARVIN::MORRELLSat May 13 1995Can you create virtual network maps in Netview?
33.02VAXRIO::RICARDOMon May 15 1995Can't copy from TOOK::
34.07RDGENG::COBBTue May 16 1995DECnet management on WNT?
35.02GRANPA::NNICOLLThu May 25 1995Netview for NT end-user early release?
36.01NAC::LICAUSEFri May 26 1995Suggestion for MIB Browser enhancement
37.049ZEKE::WEBSTERFri May 26 1995Early Experience Kit - Quantity Request
38.01TAVTue Jun 06 1995CD
39.02BAHTAT::HILTONWed Jun 14 1995Agent or GUI Available?
40.06NWDMon Jun 19 1995PPT Presentation...
41.01TALE::LAWSONThu Jun 22 1995Network Mgmt products for Windows NT
42.03ZEKE::WEBSTERThu Jun 22 1995VERY Positive Appraisal from Jill Huntington-Lee
43.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Jun 22 1995SNMP?
44.07GENIE::GMUEREMon Jun 26 1995Client/Server capability for PNV NT
45.0COMICS::WOODWARDWed Jun 28 1995Demo info needed ..
46.01TROOA::BROWNWed Jul 12 1995PNV-NT vs IBM NW for Windows
47.06WARNUT::YATESTue Jul 18 1995NT ALPHA Interal Kit Locn?
48.01STRWRS::KOCH_PMon Jul 24 1995Difference between UNIX & WNT versions?
49.04PAD39A::WEBSTERMon Jul 31 1995Preliminary Product Brief
50.01GLRMAI::BARGOOTThu Aug 03 1995NTFS requirement - Convert FAT ?
51.0GRANPA::NNICOLLTue Aug 08 1995Competitive points for PNV on NT?
52.01GRANPA::NNICOLLTue Aug 08 1995Pricing established yet?
53.07GRANPA::NNICOLLTue Aug 08 1995Trial CD's, when shipping?
54.01KETJE::bphThu Aug 10 1995Netview NT - NMC4
55.05CHEFS::DAVIDSONSWed Aug 16 1995kit delivery update?
56.02MARVIN::ROBINSONMon Aug 21 1995MFC applications and NetView
57.01KERNEL::MCGOWANMon Aug 21 1995Multi-processors
58.02CHEFS:: Aug 24 1995NT Workstaion or NT Server?
59.01WMGEN1:: Aug 25 1995Stopping daemon processes & dual processor benefit
60.010VNASWS::ANDREASTue Aug 29 1995Error installing StonyBrook SW from Early Experiance CD
61.05KAOFS::kaop95.kao.dec.com::t_petersThu Aug 31 1995can't install early experience kit due to snmp crash
62.01GALVIA::BNOONANWed Sep 06 1995WNT Security tool ?
63.05PTOVAX::PEARLMANMon Sep 11 1995problems with installation of early experience kit
65.01GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Sep 19 1995PNV & PDM managing OSI on NT?
66.01WRAFLC::WOODALLThu Sep 21 1995is StonyBrook Router Demo on net?
67.02ESSB::BREEFri Sep 22 1995P.E.E.K. for Alpha
68.0BCFI::LJUNGBERGFri Sep 22 1995Addtrap and own events
69.01NZOVMon Sep 25 1995Mutliple consoles, 1 database on NT???
70.01BCFI::LJUNGBERGMon Sep 25 1995MIB Browser options
71.0BCFI::LJUNGBERGTue Sep 26 1995NT Event MIB
72.03RDGENG::rebma.reo.dec.com::kelseyWed Sep 27 1995SETUP fails when NTFS disk is served
73.03VNABRW::SCHMOELZER_RThu Sep 28 1995what doesis xxmap.exe
74.01VNASWS::ANDREASMon Oct 02 1995Reference Sites needed
75.07SMEDLY::MACOMBERTue Oct 03 1995Problem invoking dynatext viewer/docs
76.0TOOK::V_GILBERTWed Oct 04 1995Do not install pnv-nt SSB kit into root directory
77.03VNASWS::ANDREASWed Oct 04 1995another problem installing P.E.E.K.
78.01BOUGY::BRAUNThu Oct 05 1995routers with more than 16 subnets
79.01BOUGY::BRAUNThu Oct 05 1995Windows style
80.07BOUGY::BRAUNFri Oct 06 1995PEEK cosmetic suggestion box
81.02BAHTAT::HILTONMon Oct 09 1995Netview and SMS?
82.0VNABRW::SCHMOELZER_RTue Oct 10 1995How to launch HUBwatch from a Menu ?
83.03ROMWed Oct 11 1995Polycenter Netview on WNT alpha ?
84.0PORLA::FRISKThu Oct 12 1995Programming a Netview application - cus request
86.03BRIEIS::BARKER_EFri Oct 13 1995what database/s are used ?
87.02WOTVAX::BYNGNMon Oct 16 1995PNV vs Openview
88.010TROOA::MUSTAKIMMon Oct 16 1995Can only see myself !!!
89.04PRMSMon Oct 16 1995NetView, OpenView and Lotus Notes ???
90.0SPEZKO::MERMELLWed Oct 18 1995TEP Network System Mgmt session is now "sponsored"
91.01SNOFS1::WATTThu Oct 19 1995MIB Data Format - Customer Question
92.01EVOAThu Oct 19 1995WNT & PNV permanent processes ??
93.01EVOAThu Oct 19 1995PNV/WNT & Symbol STATUS ??
94.01SMEDLY::MACOMBERFri Oct 20 1995SMI V2
95.0ZEKE::WEBSTERFri Oct 20 1995Very Positive Faulkner Report Now Available
96.04NQOSFri Oct 20 1995Application Integration, training, competition, demo kit, Hubwatch
97.01OTOOA::TOMPKINSMon Oct 23 1995PNV-NT as client to HP OpenView?
98.02NQOSMon Oct 23 1995HP as in Hewlett Packard??
99.01LURE::CERLINGTue Oct 24 1995Performance (writable)
100.01DRAC::HUELVESWed Oct 25 1995PNV NT on Alpha ?
101.0TOOK::LEMMONWed Oct 25 1995Looking for a few good Alpha field test sites
102.09HEN::SCHNEIDERFri Oct 27 1995form vs function?
103.03HEN::SCHNEIDERFri Oct 27 1995Netview setup with different expiration date than the rest of the program?
104.05HLRGMon Oct 30 1995segment discovered twice.
105.01MARSTue Oct 31 19952 operators ? and SNA ?
106.0NQOSTue Oct 31 1995Client/Server implementation
107.01BIGUN::wills.cao.dec.com::PINKERTONWed Nov 01 1995Maximising SNMP under WNT / PNV
108.01MEOCThu Nov 02 1995Install problem - 1 Apr 96 version over 1 Nov 95 version
109.02VNASWS::ANDREASThu Nov 02 1995SUMMIT 95' please tell us what happened and why !
111.02MEOCFri Nov 03 1995Failure to discover automatically
112.02MSAMFri Nov 03 1995NetView for NT integration with SMS 1.1
113.01NETRIX::"robert.schmoelzer@grt.mts.dec.com"Mon Nov 06 1995Pagemate Software
114.012NETRIX::"robert.schmoelzer@grt.mts.dec.com"Mon Nov 06 1995RM/Autobahn and snmpcollect
115.01HEN::SCHNEIDERMon Nov 06 1995snmpcoldump showing real value for ifinoctets?
116.04RUMOR::FALEKTue Nov 07 1995MIB Browser only works 6 levels down
117.02OSLLAV::BJORNWed Nov 08 1995Stonybrooks demo available on the net?
118.01CSC32::PITTWed Nov 08 1995trapd dies
119.03RUMOR::FALEKWed Nov 08 1995Change color of application icon via trap
120.01RUMOR::FALEKWed Nov 08 1995trapd daemon dies from trap
121.0TOOK::LEMMONThu Nov 09 1995Alpha kit available (reposting of note 11
122.03LUXFri Nov 10 1995Pathdoctor on NT ?
123.04CSC32::PITTFri Nov 10 1995Monitor has been shut down
124.03HLFSFri Nov 10 1995NV without network still green
125.02HLFSFri Nov 10 1995Hubmanagers in different Root-map
126.01SIOG::PARKSFri Nov 10 1995NT event customisation --> VMS procedure
127.04CSC32::PITTFri Nov 10 1995How about a NAME for my object??
128.04BAHTAT::TAYLORMon Nov 13 1995 Event processing
129.05CSC32::PITTMon Nov 13 1995start and stop daemon icon question
130.03RUMOR::FALEKMon Nov 13 1995Netview NT doesn't handle RAS/PPP/DHCP lines properly
131.0RUMOR::FALEKTue Nov 14 1995dragging/resizing Netview windows sometimes doesn't work
132.06MEOCWed Nov 15 1995Autodiscovery SOOO !!! SLOOOOW !!!!
133.05CSC32::PITTThu Nov 16 1995the database that wouldn't die
134.02ROMFri Nov 17 1995Can I manage HOST from PNVNT?
135.0HERON::VANCOLLIEFri Nov 17 1995Hot network mngt job opening!
136.02WRAFLC::WOODALLFri Nov 17 1995Unable to load DataTable DLL?
137.04GRANPA::NNICOLLMon Nov 20 1995NMS and Netview on NT?
139.0HERON::KHANTue Nov 21 1995more mscrtv2
140.01HLFSTue Nov 21 1995Discovery nodes
141.01PTOVAX::PEARLMANTue Nov 21 1995what part no. for loan of products
142.0BIGUN::chmeee::MayneWed Nov 22 1995Competitive News
143.01AUSSIE::WAITESWed Nov 22 1995CHOICE Primitive Support?
144.01AUSSIE::WAITESWed Nov 22 1995SNMP V2
145.01SNOFS1::WATTWed Nov 22 1995Netview on AIX integration/coexsistance ?
146.0MSE1::RAOWed Nov 22 1995Event
148.04TOOK::JAMESWed Nov 22 1995Information About Autodiscovery
149.0PORLA::FRISKThu Nov 23 1995Create "clients" in PNV/NT v 3.
150.01CHEFS::ast186.olo.dec.com::Randall_MorrisonThu Nov 23 1995Customer queries on Netview NT, help please.
151.013SNOTTY::BARRYFri Nov 24 1995STOP: c
152.02HERON::KHANFri Nov 24 1995SNMP FOR WIN3.11
153.01CHEFS::JAMESHFri Nov 24 1995ex
154.02EVOAMon Nov 27 1995PNV/NT/Intel V3.
155.02EVOAMon Nov 27 1995PNV/NT & app-defaults ??
156.05BIS1::bhp683.bro.dec.com::drezeWed Nov 29 1995Netview and DHCP
157.05KETJE::bphThu Nov 30 1995are there dependencies for Netview/SMS integration
158.0HERON::KHANFri Dec 01 1995Object colour CHANGE???????
159.02SNOTTY::BARRYFri Dec 01 1995NVSetup
160.01NETRIX::"doug.duke@meo.mts.dec.com"Wed Dec 06 1995Sales Support (ABU)
161.0ZEKE::WEBSTERWed Dec 06 1995PEEK2 Now Available with Alpha Support!
162.0ZEKE::WEBSTERFri Dec 08 1995Finally - A Remedy for NT!
163.01--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 12 1995nvs_ClientAuthorised :perm. denied
164.02HLFSTue Dec 12 1995Graph. int. traffic in % ?
165.01CSC32::PITTMon Dec 18 1995visual C++
166.03VNASWS::ANDREASTue Dec 19 1995Can't change object property for DECconcentrator 5
167.01HLFSWed Dec 20 1995Graph-Interface trafic, scrolling
168.03CSC32::PITTThu Dec 21 1995demand poll ping vs ping ping
169.0GALVIA::BNOONANFri Dec 22 1995Phase
170.06MFRNW1::SCHUSTERFri Dec 22 1995Client/server support ?
171.01CSC32::PITTThu Dec 28 1995win32err 11
172.0BIS1::bhp683.bro.dec.com::drezeFri Dec 29 1995Extra actions in "trap setting"
173.01HLFSTue Jan 02 1996NV Navigation, black square
174.02RUMOR::FALEKThu Jan 04 1996NT perf2mib tool
175.01HLFSMon Jan 08 1996status madge switch not set
176.01TROOA::FERROMon Jan 08 1996DECnet Manager ?...
177.03HLFSTue Jan 09 1996Community changing
178.01HLFSWed Jan 10 19969
179.02COPCLU::GREGWed Jan 10 1996Optivity and CiscoWorks?
180.03COPCLU::GREGFri Jan 12 1996Competitive situation vs. IBM?
181.02GLRMAI::BARGOOTFri Jan 12 1996WIll PNV NT have compatability with client/server Unix NT ?
182.0NETRIX::"hans-detlef.kaden@frs.mts.dec.com"Thu Jan 18 1996HELP!HELP!: answew until jan. 19st 96: network- /event-management for 15
183.02HLFSThu Jan 18 1996ping answer too late??
184.06ZURMon Jan 22 1996Tool builder bug if MIB object ID > 8
185.01CHEFS::ATTWOOL_JTue Jan 23 1996OVw APIs, Console or Window'd ability ?
186.01BOUGY::BRAUNTue Jan 23 1996strange performance behaviour
187.01BPSERX::BPHGAT::gallWed Jan 24 1996MW and PNV co-operation
188.03GIDDAY::CHONGWed Jan 24 1996Current Event Application not responding
189.0116679::MAUTZThu Jan 25 1996Product Comparison/Positioning Help!!
190.04HGOVC::MANJREKARSun Jan 28 1996Stonybrook's RM , Midlevel Manager ?
191.03ZPOVC::COLINTONGMon Jan 29 1996How to configure trap source ?
192.03CHEFS::HARVEYTue Jan 30 1996Watchdog equivalent for PNV ?
193.01VNASWS::ANDREASTue Jan 30 1996which helpdesk to choose in NV/SMS enviroment
194.0116679::MAUTZTue Jan 30 1996NetView-NT Pre-Pack???
195.01VNASWS::ANDREASWed Jan 31 1996snmpcollect daemon not running PNV T 3.1.1
196.09PMRV7Wed Jan 31 1996Mibtable.exe - no data returned ?
197.01TALE::LAWSONThu Feb 01 1996Ungermann-Bass/Netview Integration
198.01HEN::SCHNEIDERThu Feb 01 1996mfc3
199.0CSC32::PITTFri Feb 02 1996Dynatext UGLY at 64
200.01EVOAMon Feb 05 1996loadhosts Syntax pb ??
201.05EVOAMon Feb 05 1996T3.1.1 & nvsendtrap ??
203.04SSRHQ::MICALIWed Feb 07 1996Lost Nav Tree...
204.01RCOCER::MICKOLMon Feb 12 1996How do we compete with Systemview?
205.01EVOAMon Feb 12 1996mibtable & appmon : sort Pb ??
206.02EVOAMon Feb 12 1996graph.exe usage ??
207.01NETRIX::"robert.schmoelzer@grt.mts.dec.com"Mon Feb 12 1996Clear database
208.05VNASWS::ANDREASWed Feb 14 1996Stonybrook RM Autobahn W/NT and Alpha AXP ?
209.01MEO78A::BARNHOORNWed Feb 14 1996blocking Different Link Address messages
210.0216679::MAUTZThu Feb 15 1996Multi-user PNV-NT??
211.04MXOCThu Feb 15 1996Installation problem
212.01WOODYS::SLOUGHMon Feb 19 1996Duplicate Address Detection, HP vs. PNV-NT
213.02CHEFS::WILLS_ATue Feb 20 1996Event viewer queries
214.03GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDTue Feb 20 1996Frame relay - ip unnumbered support?
215.0GIDDAY::CHONGWed Feb 21 1996Install error on EEK
216.0SNOFS1::WATTThu Feb 22 1996What RFC's supported ?
217.0TROOA::BROWNThu Feb 22 1996Nice review of NetView for Windows NT by Network World
218.05CHEFS::WILLS_AFri Feb 23 1996MIB loader problem
219.0HGOVC::ANTHONYCHIUSun Feb 25 19963 party's application
220.03STUTue Feb 27 1996"NuTCRACKER fatal error/SetEvent(
221.02GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDSun Mar 03 1996stonybrook routermanager t3.1.1 problems
222.01CHEFS::WILLS_AMon Mar 04 1996execCmd in trapd.exe problem
223.03HLFSMon Mar 04 1996Wild Card's in SNMP Specific nodes polling.
224.0BCFI::LJUNGBERGTue Mar 05 1996Events History, missing events
225.02BCFI::LJUNGBERGWed Mar 06 1996PNV manuals
226.09CHEFS::WILLS_AWed Mar 06 1996netmon woes!.
227.0PASAGE::PLUNKETTThu Mar 07 1996How to collect a list of bootp client nodes?
228.0BCFI::LJUNGBERGFri Mar 08 1996Unmanage does not help, help!
229.03USPS::FPRUSSFri Mar 08 1996New User, Netview over RAS?
230.01USPS::FPRUSSSat Mar 09 1996Why does a clear database automatically restart daemons?
231.0USPS::FPRUSSSun Mar 10 1996Subnet/Segment Names?
232.05BIGUN::wills.cao.dec.com::PINKERTONMon Mar 11 1996Installation error "creating empty database"
233.0HGOVC::CHRISTSANGMon Mar 11 1996Tiered management with Netview NT and Unix
234.02STUMon Mar 11 1996Expiration
235.01STUMon Mar 11 1996objects don't show up in the map!?
236.011USPS::FPRUSSTue Mar 12 1996When should PNV-NT offer a "heavy load"?
237.0VNASWS::ANDREASTue Mar 12 1996Icon problems
238.01COMICS::BILLINGJWed Mar 13 1996ibm's netview and netview-nt future ?
239.0VNASWS::ANDREASWed Mar 13 1996Error: Application "Tools" cannot be started
240.0USPS::FPRUSSThu Mar 14 1996Bulk changes to a Domain of VMS systems.
241.01OSLLAV::BJORNFri Mar 15 1996New nodes added as interface to the NV-system?
242.0HLFSFri Mar 15 1996Status color unnecesary RED ?
243.0+7KAOFS::M_LAMFri Mar 15 1996help!SNMP traps for WNT event logs?
244.011BCFI::LJUNGBERGWed Mar 20 1996API and ovwinit
245.0CSC32::PITTWed Mar 20 1996enterprise specific request
246.05TAVIS::ERANWed Mar 20 19963COM, CHIPCOM and CISCO
247.01BCFI::LJUNGBERGThu Mar 21 1996SNMP API - socket problems
248.0MARSMon Mar 25 1996several questions on functionnalities of PNV/NT
249.01GIDDAY::PARSONSMon Mar 25 1996T3.1.1 on Alpha NT VERY slow
250.03ALCALA::COLLTue Mar 26 1996History Event query
251.03MKOTS3::tcc145.mko.dec.com::laverdureTue Mar 26 1996trap to paging service supported?
252.04BARNA::DSMAILWed Mar 27 1996traps and command procedure
253.02CSC32::PITTWed Mar 27 1996symbols don't change color
254.0HGOVC::MANJREKARThu Mar 28 1996PNV-NT as midlevel manager
255.06TOOK::JAMESThu Mar 28 1996Replacement kit for PNV-NT T3.1.1
256.03FRAIS::65477::LEHLThu Mar 28 1996NetView with NT 4.
257.01CSC32::PITTFri Mar 29 1996speed node discovery
258.03CSC32::PITTMon Apr 01 1996BLUE. Mib browse works
259.08CSC32::PITTWed Apr 03 1996demand poll/cisco routers
260.04GIDDAY::PARSONSWed Apr 03 1996Sloooow performance after about a days use
261.04HLRGWed Apr 03 1996change number of lines in graph
262.02MOSCOW::FELIZHANKOTue Apr 09 1996xxmd exiting with Fatal Error
263.08GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Apr 09 1996DECnet problem
264.07MOSCOW::FELIZHANKOWed Apr 10 1996pdmdntopd exited on signal 1
265.01SCASS1::GALVINWed Apr 10 1996need an extension!
266.03PORLA::FRISKWed Apr 10 1996Local decimal notation in snmpCollect
267.05CGOOA::OWONGWed Apr 10 1996Evaluation/Demo CD
268.04PORLA::FRISKWed Apr 10 1996access over udp port 1161
269.0MOSCOW::FELIZHANKOThu Apr 11 1996PNV-NT and HUBwatch for Windows
270.04OSLLAV::BJORNFri Apr 12 1996NetView slow in V3.
271.01CSC32::PITTMon Apr 15 1996graph.exe and plotting expressions
272.06NETRIX::"robert.schmoelzer@grt.mts.dec.com"Tue Apr 16 1996Autodiscover in T3.1.2
273.03NETRIX::"robert.schmoelzer@grt.mts.dec.com"Wed Apr 17 1996Price for PSNM
274.05SIOG::PARKSWed Apr 17 1996Customising events with .bat file
275.01SNOFS1:: Apr 18 1996** Help with Alpha Install **
276.04MFRNW1::SCHUSTERThu Apr 18 1996HUB9
277.02EVOAFri Apr 19 1996PSNM install PB ??
278.0GIDDAY::POPPINSMon Apr 22 1996lanprobes, mail, traps et al.
279.02HGOVC::CHRISTSANGMon Apr 22 1996Daemon processes not starting
280.010CRONIC::LEMONSTue Apr 23 1996PNV NT V3.1 docs?
281.03MEO78A::BARNHOORNWed Apr 24 1996PSNM on Alpha failes to install
282.03NQOSWed Apr 24 1996MAPI and DHCP questions
283.03HEN::SCHNEIDERWed Apr 24 1996remote control for NetView (PCanywhere32)
284.02HLFSThu Apr 25 1996Since V3.1 no more discovery serial interfaces
285.0CSC32::PITTThu Apr 25 1996AutoLayout OFF thru code?
286.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu Apr 25 1996MIB Load and Tool Builder don't start
287.03SNOFS1::CHUNGLAMFri Apr 26 1996Netview Datbase Guide
288.06HLFSFri Apr 26 1996V3.1 display's oject labels different
289.01CRONIC::LEMONSFri Apr 26 1996Can NetView host also be an SNMP agent?
290.03HERON::thelem.vbe.dec.com::beauMon Apr 29 1996Setup fais with Failed to call ChckServ.tcl, wrong # args: should be "source fil
291.04MOSCOW::FELIZHANKOTue Apr 30 1996PSNM and RouteAbout
292.01PMRV7Thu May 02 1996DHCP View -> DCHP not working properly
293.0VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIAThu May 02 1996Can Netview monitor specific traffic?
294.04PMRV7Thu May 02 1996PNV/NT will expire shortly
295.03MFRNW1::SCHUSTERThu May 02 1996Icons get red, although reachable (T3.1.2)
296.03NETRIX::"lehl@frs.mts.dec.com"Thu May 02 1996Installing PSNM2
297.0MOLAR::NANOVX::RAVITZFri May 03 1996How to View Events on a remote system using the Solutions Kit Enhanced Events
298.05HEN::SCHNEIDERSat May 04 1996documentation for PSNM?
299.04258Tue May 07 1996T3.1.2 questions and observations
301.0RUMOR::FALEKWed May 08 1996can launch .EXEs but not .BAT via registration file
302.0GIDDAY::PARSONSThu May 09 1996PNV sloow when not PDC
303.0MEO78A::BARNHOORNFri May 10 1996community string for MIB application
304.01MFRNW1::SCHUSTERFri May 10 1996Open IP-Map readonly ?
305.0MFRNW1::SCHUSTERFri May 10 1996Change Icon Colour with nvstatustrap.bat ?
306.04NETRIX::"lehl@frs.mts.dec.com"Sat May 11 1996PSNM crashes Alpha-NT 3.51
307.02IJSAPL::WILLEMSENMon May 13 1996NetView on a Multia ?
308.03WOTVAX::TAYLORTue May 14 1996Dumping SnmpCollect data
309.01OSLLAV::BJORNTue May 14 1996Development tools for SNMP-applications?
310.06PMRV7Tue May 14 1996mcc_evc_send request to PNV/NT system
311.02VAXSPO::INTERD_MARIOFri May 17 1996Pointer to PSNM kit & doc
312.02OSLLAV::BJORNMon May 20 1996Class C subnets not discovered, why?
313.01MOLAR::SCAERMon May 20 1996Looking for users to interview
314.02GRANPA::DJAMESTue May 21 1996PNV/NT and Cable Modems
315.02PMRV7Wed May 22 1996PSNM Installation troubles..
316.01MSE1::RAOThu May 23 1996netview/sms/assetworks
317.01ZEKE::WEBSTERThu May 23 1996Announcing V3.1, PEEK3, and other Sales Tools
318.01CSC32::PITTFri May 24 1996"cannot open a new event log file"
319.0BIGUN::wills.cao.dec.com::PinkertonWed May 29 1996PNV and All-in-1 (not MS-Mail)?
320.01HGOVC::CHRISTSANGThu May 30 1996Windows NT router compatible with PNV NT ?
321.0BIGUN::wills.cao.dec.com::PinkertonFri May 31 1996Differences between PNV3.
322.02WPOCS1:: May 31 1996Demo Scripts & ELM required for demonstration
323.0+2HLRGFri May 31 1996How to graph line 18 of a router?
324.04HLFSFri May 31 1996snmp polling: retry's not adjustable
325.01MEO78A::BARNHOORNMon Jun 03 1996PSNM Documentation and Status
326.01DECWET::WHITEMon Jun 03 1996Has NetView-NT 'grown up' yet?
327.01HERON::daimio.vbe.dec.com::beauWed Jun 05 1996NetView 3.1 & PAW v2.1 Beta 2 Integration: No go
328.0CSC32::PITTWed Jun 05 1996netview crashes wnt
329.01HLRGFri Jun 07 1996WNT 4.
330.01SIOG::PARKSMon Jun 10 19963rd Party Applications on PNV - NT ???
331.03TROOA::LWEBSTERMon Jun 10 1996What happened to the kits directories?
332.02HLFSTue Jun 11 1996NV v3.1 Hub-OBM unmanaged,still events
333.04HLFSTue Jun 11 1996NV v3.1 unmanage nodes not effective
334.01HLFSTue Jun 11 1996NV v3.1 no event on action : node unmanage
335.0PORLA::FRISKWed Jun 12 1996Trapd exits -118 PNV 3.1
336.0PORLA::FRISKWed Jun 12 1996PNV logs non-public community in PNV 3.1
337.01STOSS1::SEITZWed Jun 12 1996Private MIBS?
339.0HLFSThu Jun 13 1996Node unmanage, interface not effected
340.02HLFSThu Jun 13 1996node acknowledge, stays dark green
341.04MEOCFri Jun 14 1996Launching applications from the menu bar
342.0EVOAFri Jun 14 1996PNV SNMP APIs questions for C ??
343.0PRSSOS::NOBREFri Jun 14 1996error in Books Online (Dynatext)
344.0MEO78A::BARNHOORNMon Jun 17 19961 DECagent, multiple hubs
345.0DEMON::F_SULLIVANMon Jun 17 1996Your Input on Online Help Needed
346.08VNASWS::ANDREASTue Jun 18 1996POLYCENTER Manager on Netview & ClearVISN
347.03CRONIC::LEMONSTue Jun 18 1996POLYCENTER NetView Web site?
348.02CSC32::PITTTue Jun 18 1996arp cache question.
349.05VNASWS::ANDREASTue Jun 18 1996Can't run Clearvisn Routermanager and Netview at same time
350.03IJSAPL::SINKEWed Jun 19 1996NETview on NT 4.
351.0HLFSWed Jun 19 1996demand poll ok, still no serial line
352.02HLFSWed Jun 19 1996node should come up sometimes for retry's
353.02ONOIS1::GAIRNSThu Jun 20 1996Problem with demo program and MIB brouser
354.03VNASWS::ANDREASFri Jun 21 1996PNV for W/NT on export hold ?
355.03258Fri Jun 21 1996netmon dying
356.01NETRIX::"robert.schmoelzer@grt.mts.dec.com"Sun Jun 23 1996Event Filtering
357.04NETRIX::"hans-detlef.kaden@frs.mts.dec.com"Mon Jun 24 1996SAP-MIB for Netview NT ??!!
358.05TUXEDO::ROMBERGMon Jun 24 1996Status of PNV-NT V3.1 and WNT 4.
359.04MEO78A::BARNHOORNTue Jun 25 1996cisco trap mib, error in loading
360.04IBTue Jun 25 1996SNMP traps from an NT application
361.05HLFSWed Jun 26 1996link addresses changed or reports different address
362.01EVOAWed Jun 26 1996PNV & Internet/Intranet Worlds ?
363.03MEO78A::BARNHOORNThu Jun 27 1996not seeing event cards from traps
364.01CSC32::PITTThu Jun 27 1996graphing SLO-OW
365.02CRONIC::LEMONSFri Jun 28 1996Setting up monitoring of a third-party MIB device
366.0HLFSFri Jun 28 1996event and no object on map
367.05MUNICH::FERSTLFri Jun 28 1996event in trapd.log, but not in current events
368.02OSLLAV::BJORNFri Jun 28 1996User access rights and distribution.
369.01MEOCMon Jul 01 1996RSH (remote shell) into NT from either VMS or Unix
370.09MUNICH::FERSTLTue Jul 02 1996Autodiscovery in a routerless network
371.05NETRIX::"robert.schmoelzer@grt.mts.dec.com"Tue Jul 02 1996PSNM status ???
372.02KAOFS::HXMPTue Jul 02 1996docs files locked on node TUXEDO
373.01NGYOSC::KLUETZWed Jul 03 19961 Display only ???
374.04PRSSOS::NOBREThu Jul 04 1996graph all collected data problem
375.09CRONIC::LEMONSTue Jul 09 1996"Tool HayesCentury2 is not a valid MIB tool"
376.05CRONIC::LEMONSTue Jul 09 1996IPMAP.EXE application exception
377.01CRONIC::LEMONSTue Jul 09 1996Sorting on MIB Tool columns
378.01CRONIC::LEMONSTue Jul 09 1996VMSclusters drawn outside of subnet segments
379.01DECWET::WHITEWed Jul 10 1996Where is Snover?
380.02MEO78A::BARNHOORNThu Jul 11 1996discard option for events, donot log it
381.04MEO78A::BARNHOORNThu Jul 11 1996adding to trapd.conf
382.01EVOAThu Jul 11 1996Finding on SNMPagent attribute ??
383.01EVOAThu Jul 11 1996Data Collector & Instances definition ?
384.01OTOUSun Jul 14 1996WWW needs updating ..
385.01WOTVAX::hunt_js.olo.dec.com::hunt_jsWed Jul 17 19963COM FMS Hub also Externally Trap support
386.02CSC32::PITTFri Jul 19 1996decnet manager
387.01VNASWS::ANDREASMon Jul 22 1996DEMO to Full Version upgrade question
388.02MEO78A::BARNHOORNTue Jul 23 1996incorrect info in trapd.conf, oid_to_type, oid_to_sym
389.03WEODOM::HUDSONWed Jul 24 1996Event filtering on address
390.02LEMAN::JRSWed Jul 24 1996CiscoWorks; ServerWORKS; HP OpenView; Polycenter NetView???
391.0PRIVAT::OTTOWed Jul 24 1996Event Config and Crash recovery
392.0WOTVAX::adnams.reo.dec.com::hunt_jsTue Jul 30 1996"Orphaned" Interface Submaps
393.01ODIXIE::RICHARDSONTue Jul 30 1996mapping,NutCracker crashing,mismatchlladdr,etc
394.0CGOOA::KUHNENWed Jul 31 1996snmpcollect ?
395.02MEO78A::BARNHOORNThu Aug 01 1996data collector graph problems
396.0NQOSThu Aug 01 1996Object Collections Availability
397.0CGOOA::KUHNENThu Aug 01 1996Autodiscovery ?
398.02NETRIX::"robert.schmoelzer@grt.mts.dec.com"Tue Aug 06 1996Status PNV & NT4
399.03NETRIX::"robert.schmoelzer@grt.mts.dec.com"Tue Aug 06 1996PSNM status
400.03LUXTue Aug 06 1996User interface questions and bugs
401.02HGOVC::SHUMCFWed Aug 07 1996Error opening of Netview on Win/NT
402.0MEO78A::BARNHOORNThu Aug 08 1996multiplie community names for autodiscovery
403.02KAOFS::16.155.16Thu Aug 08 1996Doc Router manager
404.02TUXEDO::L_GROSSMANMon Aug 12 1996Need ideas for a System/Network checkup utility:
405.0VNASWS::ANDREASTue Aug 13 1996Netview association related questions/news/changes
406.01MEO78A::BARNHOORNMon Aug 19 1996Event 589824
407.013ISAR5Wed Aug 21 1996Deamons don't start anymore
408.06SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWThu Aug 22 1996How to pass parameters from trapd to my appl?
409.01MSAMFri Aug 23 1996Netview support for IPX???
410.01MARVIN::ROBINSONFri Aug 23 1996Porting from NetView to OpenView
411.0CSC32::PITTTue Aug 27 199656kb circuit red.
412.01NETRIX::"robert.schmoelzer@grt.mts.dec.com"Fri Aug 30 1996Stonybrook WANservices Manager
413.03VNASWS::ANDREASFri Aug 30 1996Sizing question
414.0PORLA::FRISKMon Sep 02 1996Test Connectivity display messed
415.01HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEETue Sep 03 1996PNV31 on NT4.
416.0HGOVC::CHRISTSANGTue Sep 03 1996New version of Polycenter Netview on NT
417.03HGOVC::CHRISTSANGTue Sep 03 1996MIB for 3Com network equipment
418.05EVOATue Sep 03 1996NUTC.DLL Access Violation
419.012OTOUTue Sep 03 1996CA, Decnet and Netview ?
420.04NQOSWed Sep 04 1996problems with autodiscover
421.04VNASWS::ANDREASThu Sep 05 1996Installed PNV solutions at customer sites
422.05KAOFS::S_HYNDMANThu Sep 05 1996Re is Netview/NT dead or not?
423.06CSC32::PITTFri Sep 06 1996ETA for NETVIEW for 4.
423.0CSC32::PITTThu Sep 05 1996eta for pnv for wnt 4.
424.02GRANPA::DJAMESFri Sep 06 1996Three questions from customer
425.04GIDDAY::CHONGSun Sep 08 1996Current Event stop receiving events
426.02CSC32::PITTWed Sep 11 1996netview and fx!32 together?
427.0VNASWS::ANDREASThu Sep 12 1996PNV & SQL-Database question
428.01CSC32::PITTThu Sep 12 1996snmp and pnv
429.05SNOFS1::CHUNGLAMFri Sep 13 1996timeout/datacollect/polling
430.01BIS1::dbc275.bro.dec.com::dewilFri Sep 13 1996Overview document ?
431.02MSAMFri Sep 13 1996Seeing Netware node from Netview-NT
432.01PMRV7Fri Sep 13 1996changing NetView's name and address
433.01LILMon Sep 16 1996PNV/NT roadmap ?
434.01CSC32::PITTMon Sep 16 1996no serial line symbol for routers
435.01ATYISA::r161.aty.DEC.COM::RIPOLLThu Sep 19 1996"Quick and dirty" PNV-NT client ?
436.01IBMon Sep 23 1996Trouble to adjust polling intervals on critical nodes
437.03SCASS1::DAVIESMon Sep 23 1996Xwindow into NETview-NT???
438.01MANMMon Sep 23 1996Failed to call dofiles.tcl - Netview install err
439.01VNASWS::ANDREASTue Sep 24 1996DEC PCI FDDI Adapter supported ?
440.01VNASWS::ANDREASTue Sep 24 1996errorlog questions
441.04CSC32::PITTTue Sep 24 1996Submap Creation Help
442.02CSC32::PITTTue Sep 24 1996demand poll and sysName
443.0SNOFS1::CHUNGLAMTue Sep 24 1996any answers?
443.01SUOGRA::HARDTWed Sep 25 1996POLYCENTER Solutions
444.03CSC32::PITTThu Sep 26 1996no ovactiond.log??
445.01VNASWS::ANDREASMon Sep 30 1996dual-pentium question
446.08CHEFS::uksint1.reo.dec.com::williamsgTue Oct 01 1996Icon Colours?
447.01ROMTue Oct 01 1996Client Server on NT (Intel/Alpha)
448.01CHEFS::uksint1.reo.dec.com::williamsgTue Oct 01 1996Calling NVSTATUSTRAP
449.03ZURTue Oct 01 1996Netmon seed file with IP address wildcards?
450.01PTOVAX::PEARLMANWed Oct 02 1996What is the difference?
451.04VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIAFri Oct 04 1996NetView for NT and Transcend?
452.04VNASWS::ANDREASMon Oct 07 1996How many peoples working for engineering PNV ?
453.0MSE1::RAOTue Oct 08 1996NT mgmt MIB
454.01VNASWS::ANDREASWed Oct 09 1996How many customers ?
455.04NCMAIL::MCNALLTWed Oct 09 1996Need help with response to RFP requirements!
456.02BRSADV::HAESAERTSThu Oct 10 1996When to expect new version (v3.1.1 ???)
457.01ZOTTO::ENYAFri Oct 11 1996Memory leak problem ? V3.
458.0AZUR::BERREZWed Oct 16 1996where is sprint_by_type
459.01NETRIX::"robert.schmoelzer@grt.mts.dec.com"Wed Oct 16 1996Exclude nodes from Discovery
460.01GIDDAY::CHONGThu Oct 17 1996Netmon exiting
461.01USPS::FPRUSSThu Oct 17 1996More on TIVOLI?
462.01EVOAFri Oct 18 1996Launching *.BAT from REG files ??
463.01EVOAFri Oct 18 1996appmon & multiple selection (OVwSelections) ??
464.06CSC32::PITTFri Oct 18 1996NOT turning red
465.05ESTASI::ASTRUATue Oct 22 1996System sizing to control a large Network
466.02PMRV7Wed Oct 23 1996NetView daemons running as NT services ?
467.03WOTVAX::hunt_js.olo.dec.com::hunt_jsWed Oct 23 1996Netview & SMS V1.2 Event/Trap Tanslator
468.01VNASWS::ANDREASThu Oct 24 1996Networkmanagement Portfolio
469.04CHEFS::BARKER_EWed Oct 30 1996Any progress on support for NT 4.
470.01LEMAN::JRSFri Nov 01 1996When will the WWW interface be available?
471.01NEWVAX::KSCHOFIELDMon Nov 04 1996Multi-User support
472.05CSC32::PITTMon Nov 04 19963com routers red.
473.01NEWVAX::KSCHOFIELDWed Nov 06 1996Your experiences needed...
474.02DEKVC::KEESANGLEETue Nov 12 1996training and/or material
475.04MSE1::RAOWed Nov 13 1996polling <-> crash
476.07CSC32::PITTWed Nov 13 1996waiting from response from ovw_conf
477.01NEWVAX::KSCHOFIELDWed Nov 13 1996NT Event Log
478.01TLAVFri Nov 15 1996How to collect the usage of port?
479.01SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWSun Nov 17 1996snmpset syntax error?
480.03ZURMon Nov 18 1996The current events window crashes
481.07CSC32::PITTTue Nov 19 1996sms launch from object properties
482.0TUXEDO::BAKERTue Nov 19 1996netview-nt standalone demo available
483.0+11MARSThu Nov 21 1996*.PS documentation files are not printable ?
484.02RUMOR::FALEKTue Nov 26 1996problem using addtrap specifying commands to execute
485.0+2GIDDAY::CHONGTue Nov 26 1996error setting trap address
486.0CHEFS::uksint4.reo.dec.com::williamsgFri Nov 29 1996Setting symbol status
487.0CHEFS::EVANS_MFri Nov 29 1996Collector & SNMP Proxy Problems
488.02AZUR::BERREZMon Dec 02 1996graph versus xnmgraph behavior
489.04SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWWed Dec 04 1996loading mibs to PNV-NT AXP V3.1?
490.0NETRIX::"murray.penno@nzo.mts.dec.com"Thu Dec 05 1996Mailing events
491.0+6AZUR::BERREZFri Dec 06 1996x-axis scale problem with graph
492.0+16SCASS1::GALVINSun Dec 08 1996netview-NT supported on WNNT V4.
493.08CSC32::PITTThu Dec 12 1996install fails
494.05MOSCOW::FELIZHANKOMon Dec 16 1996How to set octet string?
495.01OSLLAV::BJORNMon Dec 16 1996PEEK3 expired, how to continue?
496.02WOTVAX:: Dec 16 1996Parameter Passing from a Trap?
497.06NETRIX::"robert.schmoelzer@grt.mts.dec.com"Wed Dec 18 1996SNMP Community and polling
498.04CHEFS::16.2Thu Dec 19 1996mib browser window too large
499.0+6NEWVAX::KSCHOFIELDThu Dec 26 1996NetView-NT Training?????
500.0TLAVMon Dec 30 1996Need registration file for DS4
501.02NEWVAX::KSCHOFIELDMon Dec 30 1996Events and how to clear them
502.01PMRV7Mon Jan 06 1997unmanaging DHCP nodes automatically?
503.0+10CSC32::PITTWed Jan 08 1997Clear Vision SNMP CONFLICT
504.0ZEKE::GHOSHThu Jan 09 1997NetView Integration Requirements Phase Open
505.05PMRV7Thu Jan 09 1997The Big Blue has bitten me!
506.0ESDPTue Jan 21 1997Netview NT problems
507.0+5RDGENG::ABRAMTue Jan 21 1997Who do you buy PNV on NT from ?
508.0+3WOTVAX:: Jan 22 1997Connect to Netmon with ONLY 15 "managed" nodes
509.0 *+1TAVMon Jan 27 1997Wrong destination in Routing tables
510.0 *+1RDGENG::ABRAMTue Jan 28 1997get snmp data reports problems with community names
511.0 *+1CSC32::PITTMon Feb 03 1997DEinstall?
512.0 *+2CHEFS::BARKER_EMon Feb 03 1997Printing maps ?
513.0 *+3COPCLU::EBCTue Feb 04 1997Documentation not avilable.
514.0 *+4CSC32::PITTMon Feb 10 1997SLOW--REALLY SLOW
515.0 *MSE1::RAOMon Feb 10 1997Visual Basic custom control
516.0 *+1CSC32::PITTMon Feb 10 1997ovtopfix trick??
517.0 *+1NEWVAX::KSCHOFIELDTue Feb 11 1997Not So Current Events
518.0 *AZUR::BERREZFri Feb 21 1997acccess violation in the nvsnmp.dll
519.0 *+1GRANPA::DJAMESMon Feb 24 1997Paging software for PNV/NT
520.0 *+1GRANPA::DJAMESWed Feb 26 1997Does PNV/NT support DDE?
521.0 *+18MSBCS::HURLEYFri Feb 28 1997final release copy
522.0 *+6NEWVAX::KSCHOFIELDFri Feb 28 1997Polling nodes when unmanaged
523.0 *+1ICS::cop-dhcp-2-243.cop.dec.com::schofieldkMon Mar 03 1997Embedded "'s in addtrap
524.0 *+1EVTAI1::VISTAThu Mar 06 1997License PB with official SSB kit pnvnt31.zip ??
525.0 *NEWVAX::KSCHOFIELDThu Mar 06 1997Re 521 and the Customer
526.0 *UTROP1::utodhcp-197-24Mon Mar 10 1997Collect and Graph apllications ?
527.0 *+3NETRIX::"penno@mail.dec.com"Mon Mar 10 1997Data collection question on octets
528.0 *+3HGOVC::CHRISTSANGTue Mar 11 1997Netview NT latest version download site
529.0 *+1ROMWed Mar 12 1997Netview V3.1 startup
530.0 *+2MBSVAX::SLOANThu Mar 13 1997Alpha zip file is too small...
531.0 *+3CSC32::PITTFri Mar 28 1997object color stays green
532.0 *+1NETRIX::"scott.hudson@nzo.mts.dec.com"Sun Apr 06 1997Discovered but not displayed
533.0 *+1RDGENG::ABRAMSat Apr 19 1997Patches for WinNT V4.
534.0 *+1CSC32::PITTTue May 06 19973.2 MUP?
535.0 *CSC32::A_LICAUSEThu May 08 1997NT5
536.0 *+2RDGENG::GREIDFri May 09 1997Netview V3.1 on NT V4.
537.0 *ISTWI1::AYTACFri May 09 1997Netview on windows NT hangs
538.0 *NNTPD::"slava@ukv.mts.dec.com"Thu May 15 1997unnumbered ip interfaces
539.0 *+1BARNA::COPIASFri May 16 1997Product manager?
540.0 *+1TAVWed Jun 04 1997Netview NT 5.