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Conference 7.286::telephones

Created:Thu Dec 01 1988
Last Modified:Mon May 19 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:334
Total number of notes:2431
Number with bodies:8
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1.06BTO::JPETERSThu Dec 01 1988Charter Statement
2.0BTO::JPETERSThu Dec 01 1988From CSOA1::Electro_Hobby
3.018BTO::JPETERSThu Dec 01 1988Touch tone pointer
4.0BTO::JPETERSThu Dec 01 1988Line multiplexer
5.0BTO::JPETERSThu Dec 01 1988REN's
6.032BTO::JPETERSThu Dec 01 1988ringbacks and other numbers
7.0BTO::JPETERSThu Dec 01 1988small networks
8.0BTO::JPETERSThu Dec 01 1988RFI
9.03BTO::JPETERSThu Dec 01 1988Network interface
10.060BTO::JPETERSThu Dec 01 1988wiring
11.0BTO::JPETERSMon Dec 05 19882-wire to 4-wire interface
12.0BTO::JPETERSTue Dec 06 1988Cordless phone buzzes
13.0BTO::JPETERSTue Dec 06 1988dual => two single line conversion
14.0BTO::JPETERSTue Dec 06 1988Answering machines & ESS
15.0BTO::JPETERSTue Dec 06 1988Panasonic repair data
16.03BTO::JPETERSTue Dec 06 1988Hand crankers and model numbers
17.0BTO::JPETERSTue Dec 06 1988Low audio level
18.0BTO::JPETERSTue Dec 06 1988line impedance, other gabble
19.0BTO::PIPER_WTue Dec 13 1988What conference is this anyhow?
20.012BTO::PIPER_WWed Dec 14 1988Remote, 2 line?
22.03EMMFG::SAMPSONWed Dec 21 1988Corded Sound Quality??
25.08STAR::ROBIEThu Dec 29 1988faint ringing
26.04BINKLY::WINSTONThu Dec 29 1988In-use indicators
27.05RAINBO::HORTONFri Dec 30 1988Answering machine auto disconnect?
28.016MEMORY::SOVIETue Jan 03 1989AT&T cordless phone repair?
29.01CGVAX2::HARRISTue Jan 03 1989Cobra battery
30.04QARRY::FRANCINIFri Jan 06 1989Where have the real phones gone?
31.02WMOIS::SWEENEYFri Jan 06 1989Older model Pay Phones
32.06TLE::MAILMANTue Jan 10 1989Antique Telephones & Parts
33.02OCTAVE::ROCHThu Jan 12 1989Uniden
35.01YODA::BARANSKIMon Jan 23 1989Long Distance Companies?
36.029YODA::BARANSKIMon Jan 23 1989State Border Telephone Relay
37.02YODA::BARANSKIMon Jan 23 1989Long Distance "Access Charge"
38.08NEWVAX::PAVLICEKTue Jan 24 1989Modular wire vs. twisted pair
39.01BTO::JPETERSFri Jan 27 1989Catalogs
40.037VIDEO::PEACOCKMon Jan 30 1989Call Waiting question
41.02VAXRT::WILLIAMSTue Jan 31 1989NA numbering plan
42.02REGENT::MERRILLTue Feb 21 1989Conference Calls ???
43.01HPSCAD::FORTMILLERWed Mar 01 1989Long Distance Rates?
44.025DIXIE1::RIDGWAYMon Mar 06 1989Telephones and lightning
45.07ORT::ORTHOBERMon Mar 06 1989red black yellow green
46.010CSC32::S_ROSCIOTue Mar 14 1989PSTN Ringer specs
47.080COVERT::COVERTThu Mar 16 1989Calling Number Identification
48.018QARRY::FRANCINIMon Mar 20 1989Oh no, it's a Phoney Phone!
49.01DEBUG::GALLOSun Mar 26 1989Phone Alert schematic?
50.020SAGE::AUSTINSun Apr 02 1989Blocking Unsolicted Phone Calls ... Help!
51.09GLDOA::TREMBATHThu Apr 06 1989Phantom calls (and we aren't even an Opera !)
52.07TALLIS::INGRAHAMSat Apr 08 1989Change street names for new 911 service?
53.03BTO::JPETERSThu Apr 20 1989Cluster name change
55.01HERON::WENGERPMon May 08 1989Cordless phone features
56.04PENNEY::PENNEYWed May 10 1989Phones: Good, Bad, UGLY...
57.07PENNEY::PENNEYWed May 10 1989AT&T and the Elderly
58.018PENNEY::PENNEYWed May 10 1989Line Noise...
59.02STARCH::GLASERMon May 15 1989"Home" PBX systems
60.04BTOVT::WORCESTERTue May 16 1989Special symbols for TTY., a proposal
61.02HPSCAD::FORTMILLERFri May 19 1989Toll Free 8
62.01ORT::ORTHOBERMon May 22 1989AT&T Genesis Phone Problem
63.01AMUSED::TOMLINSONFri Jun 09 1989Multi-media phone
64.05FSTVAX::FOSTERFri Jun 30 1989Wiring adjacent buildings
65.03HPSTEK::BELANGERFri Jul 21 1989Need Connections for 5-line ITT tellyfone
66.0DELNI::GOLDSTEINWed Aug 16 19891
67.01MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMTue Aug 29 1989What *is* this thing?
68.08HERON::WENGERThu Sep 07 1989Southwestern Bell cordless problem
69.0TELFON::MAILMANThu Sep 07 1989delayed ring of ATT 53
70.0TELFON::MAILMANTue Sep 12 1989For sale: Panasonic KX-T616 PBX
71.02FRAMBO::UNGEHEUERFri Oct 06 1989need smart card information
72.0ESPN::CALCAGNIFri Oct 20 1989Looking for Decorative Phones.
73.02JAWJA::GRESHTue Oct 24 1989Corldess Phones rated by Consumer Reports - 11/89.
74.04BTOVT::JPETERSThu Oct 26 1989Flaky AT&T 41
76.06MARX::FLEMINGMon Nov 13 1989ring light?
77.010WMOIS::R_ELWELLTue Nov 14 1989extensions
78.013CHOVAX::ALPERTWed Nov 22 1989Wiring an old desk phone
79.041CSC32::S_ROSCIOSat Nov 25 1989Caller ID - Howz it work?
80.06CSC32::S_ROSCIOMon Nov 27 1989Cancel billing the caller
81.010PTOMV5::FULTONTue Dec 05 1989Looking for modern "exclusion key"
82.01HPSCAD::FORTMILLERTue Dec 05 1989Area Codes
83.02CHOVAX::ALPERTFri Dec 08 1989Low volume tranmsitted by Princess phone
84.03LAIDBK::FRIEDMAN_MITue Dec 12 1989New Area Code: 31
85.03--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 04 1990Wanted: DECtalk units
87.05HOO78C::ANDERSONTue Jan 09 1990The joys of owning a cordless phone.
88.01BUNYIP::QUODLINGMon Jan 22 1990Voicemail Gridlock...
89.01BTOVT::JPETERSMon Jan 29 1990Incoming line buffer?
90.0STARCH::GLASERMon Jan 29 1990AT&T outage - official report
91.05VMSSPT::ECKERTThu Feb 01 1990Any details on NET rate increase?
92.0BUNYIP::QUODLINGMon Feb 05 1990Completely Handsfree Phone.
94.027HOO78C::ANDERSONTue Feb 13 1990Progress?
95.02KACIE::DEUFELWed Feb 21 1990Looking for Outdoor Cable Sources
96.05HOO78C::ANDERSONTue Feb 27 1990A new twist in junk mail / selling by phone.
97.0MSD36::RONFri Mar 02 1990Mura telephone schematics, anyone?
98.07BOOKIE::DAVEYWed Mar 07 1990Using US phone/answerer in UK
99.03MSBIS1::KINGFri Mar 23 1990curious problem occurs
100.01FOOBAR::KABELFri Mar 23 1990INMARSAT Codes
101.01COVERT::COVERTMon Mar 26 1990CCITT list of Country Codes
102.05SSGVAX::KOTOKTue Mar 27 1990Strowger and Rotary Switching: History
103.06BERNFri Apr 20 1990UK/Swiss phone differences?
105.0CHEESE::KAISERSun May 13 1990A bad time to fall asleep
106.014PFSVAX::FULTONTue May 15 1990Seeking Telephone Headset
107.08116BITS::DELBALSOTue May 15 1990What happens when we run outa Area codes?
109.022STAR::BANKSTue Jun 19 1990Phone breakin?
110.013KIPPIS::SUIHKONENWed Jun 20 1990Panasonic KX-T3
111.07BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Jun 27 1990mini-mini-PBX for home use required
112.0MUTTON::LAMBFri Jul 06 1990Telephone Mailorder Companies & Panasonic KX-T274
113.02TELFON::MAILMANFri Jul 13 1990Western Electric model numbers
114.01VAXRT::WILLIAMSWed Jul 25 1990wiring for an amplifying handset
115.06STAR::DZIEDZICThu Jul 26 1990Point-to-point or radial?
116.01AMELIA::SEGALFri Jul 27 1990Need Copy of Panasonic (2-line) KX-T3122 Manual
117.02SEMA::NEWFIELDFri Jul 27 1990Looking for 3 wire handset lead, suggestions??
118.0RUTILE::LETCHERThu Aug 02 1990UK-->French Answering Machines
119.031BOOKIE::DAVEYThu Aug 02 1990Calls I never made appeared on my phone bill
120.011REGENT::POWERSMon Aug 06 1990when/how were 9
122.05HOO78C::ANDERSONMon Sep 17 1990Circuit design request.
123.01MSBCS::KINGWed Sep 26 1990car phone antennas
124.0NRADM::CURRIEFri Oct 05 1990ANTIQUE FIELD PHONE (car phone?)
125.01TELFON::MAILMANFri Oct 05 1990Western Electric 5
126.041TYFYS::MUNNSWed Oct 10 1990Cordless Phone Q's
127.03TLE::OCONNORTue Nov 06 1990Wiring, Part 2
128.019MARLIN::WRESINSKIMon Nov 19 1990Answering machine problem
129.04GENRAL::BANKSTue Nov 20 1990Can't put line on hold until connection established?
130.0TELFON::MAILMANTue Nov 27 1990ITT 6
132.016CRLVMS::WOJCIKThu Dec 13 1990Smallest Cordless
133.03KAOA12::YUENMon Dec 17 1990Load number (REN) questions
134.03MACROW::SPECTORThu Dec 27 1990Nonstandard phone numbers?
135.03KAOA12::YUENThu Jan 03 1991Technical question on headset phone
136.0GENRAL::GENRAL::MATTHEWSSat Jan 05 1991Telephone line interface schematic
137.02CRLVMS::WOJCIKThu Jan 17 1991What does RJ48X really mean?
138.03TPS::SHAHWed Jan 30 1991Mail-order - recommendations
139.01LBDUCK::DEADERICKTue Feb 12 1991Voice Messaging
140.0KBOMFG::HILLThu Feb 14 1991schematics for KX-T42
141.03TAVIS::PERETZThu Feb 14 1991Visual ringing indicator
142.0OLYMP::RUEFFFri Feb 15 1991Panasonic cordless prices? Power consumption?
143.03CSC32::J_WETHERNFri Feb 15 1991Need DTMF decoder/receiver chips
144.08CANYON::LEEDSThu Feb 28 1991AT&T cordless DTMF duration too short
145.03OTTER::DFIELDMon Mar 11 1991Call tracing??
146.019RHODES::GREENETue Mar 19 1991Answering machine for 2 lines?
147.0COOKIE::GOVISat Apr 06 1991Need a copy of manual for Panasonic KX-T 2432
148.010WCSM::DELANYMon Apr 29 1991Encoding Voice over Telephone Lines
149.03NOATAK::TIMMERMANWed May 01 1991US Faxes & Phones work/legal in Germany ?
150.06PHONES::KOTOKMon May 06 1991Looking for a serviceable phone
151.025TPS::SHAHTue May 28 1991Experiences sought with Panasonic cordless's
152.07HPSCAD::WALLWed Jun 12 1991Crank Caller -- Suggestions?
153.05CSC32::J_RABOINSat Jun 15 1991Need Copy of Manual for Panasonic KXT-42
154.02BONNET::BORDENThu Jun 27 1991Party Lines
155.012NEWVAX::PAVLICEKThu Jun 27 1991Washington DC Telephone System Experiences Problem
156.017RANGER::RTRME::LichtenbergWed Jul 03 1991Leased data lines for home?
157.02NEWOA::MOOREWed Jul 03 1991N American hanset needed in England
158.0CRBOSS::PIERPONTSat Jul 06 1991Uniden XE777S HQ Owners manual wanted
160.02QUABBI::wojcikThu Jul 11 1991Cordless phone 9
161.09DEFOE::JAMIEThu Jul 18 1991Blue Boxing ?
162.05MSBCS::KINGWed Jul 24 1991telephone courtesy
163.03HERON::WENGERMon Jul 29 1991SONY contact in the UK ?
164.0OPAMP::VMILLERTue Jul 30 1991Telco surge supressor
165.022HOO78C::ANDERSONMon Aug 05 1991incompatible systems
166.020DANGER::INGRAHAMWed Sep 04 1991Where's the telco/customer demarcation point now?
167.039LABC::RUThu Sep 05 1991Why charge me for unlist phone?
168.0GIAMEM::CRONOSMon Sep 09 1991AT&T 52
169.0MERLOT::BASSETTWed Sep 11 1991Wanted: Webcor 6
170.06NEWVAX::PAVLICEKWed Sep 11 1991Search for News Leak Spurs Ohio Phone Sweep
171.07CSOA1::FOSTERThu Sep 26 1991phone activates answerer
172.0NUTELA::CHADFri Oct 18 1991German and Scandinavian phone wiring please
173.02MSBCS::KINGFri Nov 01 1991calls getting cutoff dialling into a DEC facility
174.01TALK::JARVISMon Nov 04 1991Panasonic KX-t2632 handset bad?
175.04MRMIPS::LichtenbergThu Nov 21 1991Telco's going to increase prices for BBS operators?
176.04CSOA1::FOSTERThu Nov 21 1991who controls an area code?
177.03MSBCS::KINGTue Dec 03 1991NE Tel Littleton, MA exchange out (5
178.020CSOA1::FOSTERFri Dec 13 1991AT&T Calling Card changes
180.01XLIB::SCHAFERTue Dec 24 1991Score: FAX 1, me
181.07HANNAH::OSMANFri Dec 27 1991pulse and tone SIMULTANEOUSLY ?
182.04MSBCS::KINGTue Dec 31 1991what is SLC?
183.01HOO78C::ANDERSONFri Jan 03 1992Thoughtless car phone users.
184.02HANNAH::OSMANMon Jan 06 1992hands-off walk-around operation ?
185.011OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Jan 16 1992Answering machines seem to call back ..
186.04HANNAH::OSMANFri Jan 17 1992buggy new collect calling scheme
187.05FROCKY::ROBERTSWed Jan 29 1992US Answering Device in UK
188.0EOS::ENGELHARDTWed Jan 29 1992Cordless phone for sale (cheap)
189.011TAVIS::PERETZMon Feb 03 1992Info about AT&T card system implementation
190.015ATSE::VMILLERFri Feb 14 1992"Ringmate" service - what is it?
191.04TAVIS::PERETZMon Feb 17 1992Very Large Scale Network
192.0HOO78C::ANDERSONFri Feb 21 1992More junk calls in the offing?
193.02PHONES::KOTOKFri Feb 21 1992Humor
194.036JURA::RYDERTue Feb 25 1992UK phone in France
195.01FROCKY::ROBERTSMon Mar 09 1992Needed: Manual for Panasonic KX-T246
197.029COVERT::COVERTWed Mar 18 1992The Death Knell for Telephone Solicitation
198.05MACNAS::BCOLLWed Mar 25 1992Need Call Forward black box!
199.014VAXRT::WILLIAMSFri Mar 27 19928
200.0SOLVIT::COOKEMon Mar 30 19924 line phone for sale $45.
201.013--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 09 1992Panasonic PBX Systems for Home
202.0TELFON::MAILMANSat Apr 11 1992For Sale: Old Telephones
203.05LARVAE::LEYTONWed Apr 15 1992UK Laptop Modem to French Phone Plug????
204.024DIODE::CROWELLSat May 09 1992AT&T "7
205.04REGENT::CIAMPAThu May 14 1992How does a phone dial?
206.0ROYALT::LITMANThu May 21 1992Cordless rings when others dial
208.018MISFIT::KINNEYDThu Jun 04 1992Voyeurs of the airwaves
209.07VAXRT::WILLIAMSThu Jun 04 1992central office eliminator
210.020TELFON::MAILMANWed Jun 10 19929
211.0UNXA::LEGAWed Jun 10 1992AT&T 53
212.011MINNY::STAMBERGERWed Jun 17 1992Calling card fraud
213.0SHIPS::MILLS_PThu Jun 18 1992Centrex and VPN Control S/W & Systems
214.0POTS::VISSERTue Jun 23 1992tiny cordless net?
215.01THEBAY::WIEGLEBDAThu Jun 25 1992International telephone numbers
216.02SMEGIT::ARNOLDMon Jul 06 1992Notebook PC, modem, phone in foreign country?
217.0STAR::DZIEDZICTue Jul 07 1992Mail order cordless phone supplier?
218.010DELNI::OFSEVITMon Jul 13 1992FAX and answering machine coexistence
219.04KADOW::PKADOWTue Jul 14 1992Meridian1 Phone lost Ring
220.02BEAD::KLIMASEWSKIMon Jul 20 19929
221.0TPSYS::SHAHMon Jul 20 1992Two cordless on the same line
222.09MINNY::STAMBERGERMon Jul 27 1992MCI Discount Offer
223.07PEACHS::MITCHAMMon Aug 10 1992No caller on the other end...
224.02DIODE::CROWELLSun Aug 16 1992Cell site location list, public info?
225.0+7LJOHUB::HORGANTue Aug 18 19928
226.08SOLVIT::COOKETue Aug 18 1992REN Topic. How is REN determined ?
227.02VAOUWed Aug 26 1992Alternative to Marine/Radiophone svc???
228.012AYOU18::RDODDThu Aug 27 1992US phones....UK net
229.0COLWed Sep 09 1992Instruction manual wanted
230.01BCFI::PURYERTue Sep 22 1992Telephone Banking
231.0ODIXIE::RIDGWAYThu Sep 24 1992Cobra Antennae needed
232.012MAST::FITZPATRICKMon Oct 12 1992How to make a cordless phone ring...
233.024MPGS::CHRISTENSENWed Oct 14 1992Caller-ID boxes...WHERE?
234.0DIODE::CROWELLFri Oct 16 1992AT&T FAX Mailboxes? Details?
235.05EDWIN::OUYANGThu Oct 22 19928
236.05SALSA::MOELLERThu Oct 29 1992Handset pin/wire assignments?
237.01PHONES::KOTOKMon Nov 09 1992For those of you having problems using Digital's FX lines...
238.0DECWET::SWANSONTue Nov 10 1992Recommendations of specific cordless models/brands
239.06SAC::RYDER_PWed Nov 18 1992U.S. PC Fax Card in U.K.
240.02RDVAX::KALIKOWFri Nov 20 1992Pls look @ HUMANE::DIGITAL note 2231.* WATN vs SDN $
241.03TROOA::635Sun Nov 22 1992Are all residential local calls metered in L.A.?
242.07ICS::SOBECKYTue Dec 01 1992Laptops, call-waiting, and local switches
243.023IBR5::MCCARTHYTue Dec 08 1992VERY strange Billing problem - Wrong #/country...
244.01LGP3Mon Jan 04 1993Good, cheap under-$2
245.05NOVA::RAGHUWed Jan 06 1993Problems with AT&T 55
246.03XLIB::SCHAFERThu Feb 11 1993VoiceDialing
247.04MIRA1A::ALLENMon Feb 15 1993caller id and DEC switches
248.02SOLVIT::COOKETue Mar 16 1993Telephone Voltage level question ?
249.03MOUTNS::J_LAWSONThu Mar 18 1993Need wireless solution for telephone lines
250.06CSC32::S_MAUFEWed Mar 31 1993how to electrically isolate 2 lines?
251.0TPSYS::SHAHSun May 02 1993PROMATE Fax/phone switch, info needed
252.04KALEV::PIIPThu May 06 1993Need manual/s
253.04CLOVA::KINGTue May 18 1993What type of switch serves Merrimack, NH?
254.01MARX::YINGThu May 20 1993Anyone knows Windows Telephony standard
255.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Jun 16 1993Problem with AT&T model 42
256.0EZ2GET::STEWARTWed Jun 16 1993 Panasonic phones needed
257.05CSC32::VANDENBERGMon Jul 19 19932-line speaker phone recommendations
258.02PAMSRC::ALF::BARRETTThu Jul 29 1993Line switch?
259.0TAPE::LKLTue Aug 10 1993Radio Shack Duophone Cordless
260.0ALFAXP::MITCHAMTue Aug 10 1993(Digital) Answering machine recommendation?
261.0SUBURB::BRAYAFri Sep 10 1993Cordless frequencies
262.01CSC32::S_MAUFESun Sep 19 1993Speakerphones <==> hifi
263.05TELFON::MAILMANMon Sep 27 1993ISDN questions
264.01STRWRS::KOCH_PWed Nov 03 1993Can anyone offer a suggestion?
265.03TOOK::DELBALSOTue Nov 23 1993Any explanations for 8
266.03TOOK::MORRISONFri Jan 07 1994Slow busy signal when all circuits are busy
267.01TOOK::MORRISONMon Jan 10 1994Phone device that sounds alarm if phone is left off hook?
268.02NETRIX::michaudTue Jan 18 1994Voice Scrambling Cordless Phones
269.05ROWLET::AINSLEYTue Feb 01 1994Panasonic KXT-2365 murdered
270.0SWAM1::BASURA_BRWed Feb 02 1994Automated Collect Calls ???
271.014ROMWed Feb 09 1994device to disable international calls?
273.06KOALA::POSNIAKThu Feb 17 1994Caller ID question
274.01HGOVC::MAHUAHSINTue Feb 22 1994Is there two telephone standard ?
275.03TOOK::MORRISONWed Mar 16 1994Questions about So. Calif. phone outage
276.01EZ2GET::STEWARTTue Apr 05 1994 26
277.01APACHE::COOKETue May 31 1994Ring Generator design needed (DC powered)
278.0LANDO::CANSLERMon Jul 25 1994looking for crystal
279.05STAR::PRAETORIUSThu Aug 25 1994can't stop progress
280.09STOWOA::READThu Sep 22 1994Answering Machine records Dial Tone
281.0PERLE::glantzMon Sep 26 1994videophones
282.0CX3PST::SANDR::FRAZERTue Sep 27 1994We need a telephone system.
283.01ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon Oct 10 1994A Practical 1A2 Key Phone A-A1 Control Circuit
284.0ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon Oct 10 1994Radio Shack's closing-out their 2-line adapter!
285.010--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 26 1994WANT TO KNOW YOUR NUMBER
287.0JOBURG::HARRISTue Nov 15 1994Cordless 9
288.045Tue Nov 15 1994UK phone in Germany
289.01REGENT::POWERSThu Nov 17 1994High Capacity contest phone lines - 931-xxxx
290.0856953::MORRISONFri Nov 18 1994Home touch-tone phone with mechanical bell?
291.0556953::MORRISONThu Dec 01 1994Calling person with unlisted # in emergency?
292.015DANGER::INGRAHAMFri Dec 30 1994Enhanced 911 service in Massachusetts
293.01DANGER::INGRAHAMFri Dec 30 1994Using long distance carriers for intra-LATA calls
294.04NETRIX::michaudThu Jan 05 1995Directory Assistence offers new feature
295.03TOOK::MORRISONMon Jan 09 1995Expensive out-of-state directories
296.03BIS6::POLLETMon Jan 09 1995PANASONICE @#235
297.019COVERT::COVERTThu Jan 12 1995Listening in on cordless phones now illegal
298.03--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 13 1995BEST cordless phone TODAY!
299.04TOOK::MORRISONMon Feb 27 1995Alarm to detect when phone line is cut?
300.0VMSNET::M_MACIOLEKWed Mar 01 1995Long Distance and cheap prices
301.0LANDO::OBRIENWed Mar 01 1995Cordless Phone Ratings
302.0NOVA::FISHERMon Apr 10 19951-888 toll free numbers
303.01STOWOA::CCALCAGNIThu Apr 13 1995THOMAS phones where??
304.09TOOK::MORRISONSat Apr 22 1995How to make coin toll call from Nynex pay phone?
305.02WRKSYS::INGRAHAMMon May 01 1995DEC phones calling personal vs. business 8
306.03NOTIME::SACKSWed May 03 1995FAX as scanner
307.04452Thu May 11 1995Escort 9
308.01SKYLAB::FISHERMon May 22 1995Another reason for scramblers
309.06VAXRIO::CONT_RENATOTue Jun 20 1995Callback systems...
310.048112::ANDERSONFri Jul 07 19951
311.03ATLANT::SCHMIDTThu Jul 27 1995Panasonic KXT-152
312.01SALEM::GILMANFri Aug 18 1995Cell Phones
313.01EVMS::MORONEYFri Sep 01 1995List of *xx special function codes?
314.0924523::NITTELWed Sep 20 1995How to reduce static from a cordless?
315.01SKYLAB::FISHERSat Oct 14 1995Is there a way to switch X-Country
316.01BAROJA::LUISFri Nov 03 1995Telephone comm with an alarm system ?
317.07HITEKS::DOTYTue Dec 19 1995answering machine answers on first ring
318.032MROA::DHOWEWed Feb 07 1996Holland/US
319.010ROWLET::AINSLEYWed Feb 07 1996Predictive Dialing
320.01HANNAH::OSMANThu Feb 08 1996pseudo-interactive answering machines ?
321.0+24REGENT::POWERSThu Feb 15 1996Area codes as overlays: threat or menace?
322.012HANNAH::FINGERHUTMon Feb 26 1996Getting a new phone number in advance of a move
323.037HANNAH::BAYWed Feb 28 1996What is "fast busy"?
324.08FIREBL::LEEDSFri Mar 29 1996caller ID with recordable rejection messages ?
325.012MKOTS3::COVEYMon Apr 01 1996Phone JAck Installers???
326.04z28.lkg.dec.com::MORRISONMon May 20 1996Is Nynex voicemail protected by wiretapping laws?
327.01ROWLET::AINSLEYThu Jun 13 1996Deregulation: Will you change any of your service?
328.05MXOCTue Jun 18 1996Lost in DID world!
329.0919584::FENSTERWed Aug 14 1996A way to identify the number/line that I am calling from ?
330.028ICS::KAHANEThu Aug 22 1996Hang-ups as Normal?
331.02IROCZ::MORRISONMon Sep 02 1996Blocking calls to dir. asst. from DEC office phones
332.0STOWOA::READMon Sep 23 1996Starplus II Programming ??
332.012STOWOA::READMon Oct 07 1996How do Stutter-Dialtone Voicemail Indicators work ??
333.0+5SKYLAB::FISHERThu Jan 16 1997Caller ID on Call Waiting AND CID with Name is an *extra* service
334.0 *SMURF::FENSTERSun Mar 09 1997Device that connects to a fax and counts the number of pages sent