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Conference noted::mwdev

Title:ManageWORKS Developers Forum
Notice:MW-16/32 SDK for Intel and AXP in note 3.10
Created:Tue Dec 27 1994
Last Modified:Mon May 26 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:260
Total number of notes:747
Number with bodies:13
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1.0RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994Welcome!
2.032RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994Users Of This Conference
3.0+34RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994ManageWORKS Kits And Documentation online
4.01RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994ManageWORKS Product Management and Marketing
5.05RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994Proper Methods For Getting Product Support
6.0RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994Comments on the SDK documentation
7.01RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994Related (and other) conferences
8.01RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994Tips on searching for notes...
9.01RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994ManageWORKS SPDs and SSAs...
10.0RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994Conference Directory Listings
11.02RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994Keywords and their use
12.01RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994Public Directories and File Services/Shares
13.017RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994Troubleshooting Tips
14.0RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994ManageWORKS Job Opportunities
15.0RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994ManageWORKS Training...
16.04RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994Messages From Product Management
17.0RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994What do you think of MWDEV?
18.0RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994CompuServe Forum Information
19.0RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994ManageWORKS Release Notes
20.0RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994Licensing Information
35.0RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994Open Forum
36.0RANGER::HALTONTue Dec 27 1994[your new notes start here]
37.01VIVARA::LUSCIANOThu Feb 09 1995SPD help required
38.0RANGER::DORSEYTue Feb 14 1995usability test: volunteers needed
39.05VIVARA::LUSCIANOThu Feb 16 1995Manageworks and OpenVMS
40.04ATYISA::ALLUCHONMon Feb 27 1995Pb launching MWORKS V2.
41.013WRAFLC::WOODALLMon Feb 27 1995disk access error on NT V3.5
43.03MWORKS::RokickiWed Mar 08 1995error talking to event dispatcher
44.08DPDMAI::DAVIESFri Mar 10 1995Single Subnet IP Discovery Problem
45.01NAC::LICAUSESat Mar 11 1995Need SEARCH function in MIB Browser!
46.0TOOK::DITMARSTue Mar 14 1995Input on ManageWORKS SNMP
47.02SYSMGT::JOLYWed Mar 15 1995Future direction of WGA and PATHWORKS
48.01TLAVFri Mar 17 1995ManageWORKS on PNV? when??
49.0RANGER::TAGFri Mar 17 1995MW-16/32 SDK for Intel and AXP
50.02COPCLU::BJARNERTue Mar 21 1995NetCon in Europe
51.01TOOK::DITMARSWed Mar 22 1995restoring the database
52.01TOOK::DEROSIERWed Mar 22 1995On-line documentation location??
53.01NAC::LICAUSEWed Mar 22 1995Any Graphing Capability?
54.03HERON::DAIMIO::BEAUFri Mar 24 1995What 3rd party are working with us ?
55.01SNOFS1::PICKALANMon Mar 27 1995any dial-in support for LAN stuff
56.01ZTOIS1::VISTATue Mar 28 1995How to create specific ACTIONS ??
57.02DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Mar 30 1995Is Ping available?
58.01CSC32::J_MCCLELLANDFri Mar 31 1995Alarms in the works??
59.06NZOVTue Apr 04 1995Microsoft TCP/IP Support?
60.01NAC::LICAUSETue Apr 18 1995Bug in IP AutoDiscovery
61.03NAC::LICAUSEFri Apr 21 1995MIB Browser...launching?
62.01TOOK::DITMARSFri Apr 21 1995TCP/IP stacks: patch AND bundle
63.0ATYISA::ALLUCHONFri Apr 21 1995Autodiscovery Problem
64.02NYOSS1::TEDWARDSMon Apr 24 1995MW and Hubwatch OMM?
65.010HERON::guinea.vbo.dec.com::BALLETTAThu Apr 27 1995ManageWORKS as front-end to simulation tools?
66.01HGOVC::EDDYWANGFri Apr 28 1995file protection violation error
67.03NYOSS1::TEDWARDSTue May 02 1995DOS Drive & DOS Printer
68.08RUMOR::FALEKWed May 03 1995Trumpet Stack - has anyone gotten it to work?
69.01COMICS::REYNOLDSThu May 04 1995event dispatcher lost
70.02HGOVC::EDDYWANGFri May 05 1995canned demo
71.03MLNORO::GIAMMARINIWed May 10 1995Automatic ws creation???
72.03RUMOR::FALEKWed May 10 1995Exiting Poller while polling blows away event dispatcher
73.02RUMOR::FALEKThu May 11 1995Insert SNMP Node display name bug?
74.01RUMOR::FALEKThu May 11 1995DEC UNIX Extensible Agent + ManageWorks ?
75.03ZPOVC::MONTYWONGTue May 16 1995Part number/contact/$$ of ManageWorks?
76.0RUMOR::FALEKThu May 18 1995SNMP Manager feature "wish-list"
77.04DELBOY::pcWed May 24 1995General Protection Fault under wfw on startup of Manageworks
78.01KAOFS::S_HYNDMANWed May 24 1995How do I launch Hubwatch with different community name?
79.02CSC32::D_PERRINWed May 24 1995which pathworks components???
80.0NAC::LICAUSEFri May 26 1995Suggestion for MIB Browser enhancement
81.01ANGLIN::SCHWEIZERTue May 30 1995CD for MW-16/32 SDK
82.07DPDMAI::KORNSTue May 30 1995MIB Compiler?
83.01DPDMAI::DAVIESTue May 30 1995MANAGEworks Trial CD
84.01DRAC::MARTOSFri Jun 02 1995Permissions, users, ... Services
85.01PRMSTue Jun 06 1995Need To Document Multivendor Network
86.01CROWN::GALEFFIWed Jun 14 1995Too Big Database discovery
87.02RUMOR::FALEKWed Jun 14 1995Adding my own specific traps to change icon color?
88.02RUMOR::FALEKWed Jun 14 1995Send SNMP traps from UNIX to Manageworks without Netview?
89.02CSC32::D_PERRINMon Jun 19 1995arp cache problem
90.0MKOTS3::HAHNTue Jun 20 1995NetWare NNS Support?
91.01PTOVAX::PEARLMANWed Jun 21 1995remote management?
92.02DPDMAI::DAVIESSun Jun 25 1995MIB Compile error "Internal Application Error"
93.0STRWRS::KOCH_PThu Jun 29 1995Making Manageworks work with Netrider product
94.01DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Jun 29 1995Print SNMP MIB Browser Output
95.01DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Jun 30 1995Manageworks, TCP/IP questions...
96.01CSC32::D_PERRINThu Jul 06 1995suggestion - include ip stack
97.0CSC32::D_PERRINThu Jul 06 1995MIB compiler patch
98.02BIS1::brh578.bro.dec.com::deboeverFri Jul 07 1995Poller problems
99.03HGOVC::MANJREKARTue Jul 11 1995Manageworks and Netview Integration
100.02CGOOA::BARNABETue Jul 11 1995Wfwg 3.11 snmp agent?
101.0CGOOA::BARNABEWed Jul 12 1995Duplicates in map
102.03BDX64::SYSTEMThu Jul 13 1995Alarms printing capabilities ?
103.01MIMS::OLSEN_GThu Jul 13 1995Where are the MIBs?
104.0ELTOOL::SYSTEMMon Jul 17 1995Need help quick on SNMP SETs via Mworks
105.07MIMS::OLSEN_GTue Jul 18 1995Support for NT?
106.01HGOVC::TIMOTHYKOThu Jul 20 1995Where is the field test kit ?
107.01WDFFS2::SENAKFri Jul 21 1995Export of database on 'short' list?
108.01NETRIX::"lehl@lehlMon Jul 31 1995Codebase Error 6
109.06HGOVC::MANJREKARMon Jul 31 1995Manageworks V2.2 ?????
110.01PCA1V::Simon WattTue Aug 01 1995V2.2 Alpha autodiscovery failures
111.05BPSERW::LENARTTue Aug 01 1995ManageWorks with Windows95
112.0OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PThu Aug 03 1995Q: What is status on MW (Workgr Adm.?) for Windows NT???
113.01NYOSS1::MONASCHFri Aug 04 1995MW 2.
114.01TRU116::WEISSWed Aug 09 1995Is there a list of included MIBs?
115.0TAVIS::ERANFri Aug 11 1995reference accounts ?
116.01WKOLWed Aug 16 1995Need help with and FTP installation
117.04DECWET::WHITEMon Aug 21 1995Cannot see Pathworks Domains
118.01FRSBOG::AWERNERWed Aug 23 1995ONM / Viewer - difference?
119.01WMGEN1::absTue Aug 29 1995Graphs and version ift2 on Alpha NT
120.09DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Aug 29 1995PW95 and SNMP problem
121.02HGOVC::SHUMCFTue Sep 05 1995demo kit expired
122.03STRWRS::KOCH_PTue Sep 05 1995Source for SNMP DLL/VBX for Visual Basic for sets & gets
123.0CSC32::D_PERRINThu Sep 07 1995get address function
124.0CSC32::D_PERRINThu Sep 07 1995mib browser view default
125.04FRSBOG::AWERNERSun Sep 10 1995one viewer - multiple omms?
126.01DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Sep 13 1995MIB info into Excel SPreadsheet
127.03DPDMAI::OTTERSONSun Sep 17 1995SNMP MIB counter data extract
128.03MIMS::OLSEN_GWed Sep 20 1995Out Of Resources Error
129.04DAIVC::IVANThu Sep 28 1995Alpha version released?
130.02HGOVC::MANJREKARThu Sep 28 1995Manageworks & PNV Integration...
131.0HGOVC::EDDYWANGSun Oct 01 1995Failover or "Hot Standby" features ???
132.01MLNORO::GIAMMARINIMon Oct 02 1995share list limitation
133.03MLNORO::GIAMMARINIMon Oct 02 1995Remote Boot Manager interface limitation
134.02PRSSOS::PEYRACHEMon Oct 02 1995Trouble using Snmp Mib Browser..
135.02MIMS::OLSEN_GWed Oct 04 1995FPA License and ManageWORKS?
136.01STOSS1::SEITZTue Oct 10 1995Value for Microsoft only network?
137.01HLISC1::hlp181.uto.dec.com::STOEKENBROEKWed Oct 11 1995Creating personal shares... how?
138.02CHEFS::CANTYFri Oct 13 1995SNMP network management question
139.02UNITED::thornd.olo.dec.com::davetMon Oct 16 1995can manageworks send mail on an alarm event?
140.02NAC::LICAUSEThu Oct 19 1995Can't start PING server?
141.02VMSNET::M_BIRCHThu Oct 19 1995MW for win95 pathworks customers
142.02GVPROD::ZAVADILSat Oct 21 1995DMI support?
143.04COPCLU::BIRGERTue Oct 24 1995Netware version and V2.2???
144.05SUTRA::HEMET::goldsteinWed Oct 25 1995collecting WAN information
145.04PTOJJD::DANZAKSat Oct 28 1995Kit for SNMP/Topology etc.
146.03EVOCDG::MHAMDIThu Nov 02 1995Looking for Monitoring Software With ManageWorks
147.04STRWRS::KOCH_PFri Nov 03 1995Can Manageworks send traps to other SNMP managers?
149.02CSC32::D_PERRINMon Nov 13 1995docs directories
150.02CSC32::D_PERRINTue Nov 14 1995post 2.2 install problems
151.02STRWRS::KOCH_PMon Nov 20 1995Training for this product?
152.04RANGER::ANDERSONTue Nov 21 1995Poller available - increased polling performance
153.01YOGI::ABEARWed Nov 22 1995WGA Installation Error - IS2
154.026ROMWed Nov 29 1995Autotest fault at
155.01SUTRA::FRANCOISThu Nov 30 1995distributed alarms?
156.01PRSPSU::JACQUOTWed Dec 06 1995Error 5....
157.01ROMMon Dec 11 1995ManageWORKs to save HUB9
158.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Dec 12 1995Error: The application to start could not be found
159.04OSLLAV::BJORNAUWed Dec 13 1995Support for Bull's implementation of IBM LAN Server?
160.01EVTAI1::BERTHENETThu Dec 14 1995Address
161.0COPCLU::copimi.dmo.dec.com::birgerTue Dec 19 1995HUBs and PCs and segments
162.03CRONIC::LEMONSSun Dec 31 1995ManageWORKS information, please!
163.01TROOA::FERROWed Jan 10 1996OVMS Management Station
164.01PTOJJD::DANZAKSun Jan 21 1996How to set-up IP? Where? duuh?
165.01PTOJJD::DANZAKMon Jan 22 1996Use WGA not SDK...
166.0HGOVC::MANJREKARTue Jan 23 1996MWA weaknesses ?
167.01BPSERX::BPHGAT::gallWed Jan 24 1996MW and PNV cooperation
168.01CSC32::D_PERRINThu Jan 25 1996mworks and supertcp?
169.02CHEFS::pgsp.hhl.dec.com::hewittcTue Jan 30 1996MW for appl/system mgmt?
170.01BPSERX::BPSPC4::KIRALYFri Feb 02 1996IP Discover a nd Community Name
171.01BPSERX::BPSPC4::KIRALYTue Feb 06 1996BMC Patrol
172.01NETRIX::"dekker@uto.dec.com"Thu Feb 08 1996Launch of user applications??
173.02SAPEC3::GREBEThu Feb 08 1996Could not compile AXIS 56
174.01TOHOPE::WSAMon Feb 12 1996UPDATE.EXE drive conflict
175.03EINE::ANDERSONTue Feb 13 1996problems printing GETSTART.PS
176.01COPCLU::GREGTue Feb 13 1996EVTD missing ??
177.01SUFRNG::MANDERSON_CThu Feb 15 1996PWMGMT GPF in module MFC25
178.02VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKITue Feb 20 1996WSM4
179.0MSBCS::MORINWed Feb 21 1996Another kit location for ManageWORKS Workgroup Administrator
180.03TENNIS::KAMFri Feb 23 1996Value in Network field?
181.02TENNIS::KAMFri Feb 23 1996Everything is "That command not yet implemented"?
182.01TENNIS::KAMFri Feb 23 1996Make SETUP more friendly
183.0EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Feb 26 1996IP-Discovery Behaviour Questions
184.05MIMS::TAYLOR_DWed Feb 28 1996Managing Win95 Shares
185.01ACISS2::SCHWEIZERMon Mar 04 1996Need Training for Customer ASAP
186.02EEMELI::BACKSTROMThu Mar 07 1996Ethernet switch in map view?
187.0NQOSThu Mar 07 1996ManageWorks/NetView White Paper
188.01NETRIX::"stefan.alsved@ugo.mts.dec.com"Fri Mar 08 1996Create SNMP trap types?
189.02QCAVMon Mar 11 1996CISCOworks under MW ??????
190.03EEMELI::LAITINENWed Mar 20 1996UAS with many users hangs manageworks
191.02MARVIN::ROBINSONThu Mar 21 1996ServerWORKS kit
192.01LATINA::MONJEThu Mar 21 1996ServerWORKS conference yes or not ...
193.05EEMELI::BACKSTROMFri Mar 22 1996SNMP Event Viewer/Logger marks DEChubs as 'Down'
194.01EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Mar 25 1996How do I create my own object (e.g., Sever.Compaq)?
195.01ALFSS2::OLSEN_GMon Mar 25 1996Manageworks 2.2 and Long filenames
196.01CSC32::D_PERRINMon Mar 25 1996another win95 problem
197.0HGOVC::MANJREKARThu Mar 28 1996Midlevel MAnager !!
198.03CHEFS::PADDICKMon Apr 01 1996UNcompressed SNMP files
199.01CHEFS::YATES_MTue Apr 02 1996serverworks problem with 95
200.03BPSERX::LENARTFri Apr 12 1996insufficent memory under Windows95
201.01STRWRS::KOCH_PSat Apr 13 1996Make MW run over the HUBwatch IP stack
203.04MARVIN::ROBINSONWed Apr 17 1996ManageWOREKS SDK kit location?
204.02CHEFS::PADDICKWed Apr 24 1996Mworks without Event Dispatcher??
205.0ZPOVC::SEOWHURNThu Apr 25 1996Any reference sites (again) ?
206.0RANGER::DORSEYThu Apr 25 1996usability testing: volunteers needed
207.0CSC32::D_PERRINMon Apr 29 1996data type conversion error
208.01NQOSTue May 07 1996ServerWorks SPD and Product Loan
209.01VMSNET::M_PROCTORFri May 10 1996GPF in module datacol.exe at
210.02BPSERX::BPSPC4::KIRALYMon May 13 1996alarm sounds and actions
211.01VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKITue May 14 1996Renaming and Deleting Local Community in ManageWORKS v6
212.0CHEFS::DAVIES_JTue May 14 1996Manageworks reinstall problem
213.01CITYFS::HIGGSMon May 20 1996Adding tools and apps to SNMP Event Dispatcher
214.0ALFSS2::TAYLOR_DTue May 21 1996Adding Printer Drivers
215.02LEMAN::JRSWed May 22 1996Questions relative to manageworks & its databases
216.0VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIAMon Jun 03 19963rd-party products updated list?
217.01VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKIMon Jun 03 1996MIB Browsing at set intervals logging info to file?
218.05TPOVC::DICKLIAOWed Jun 12 1996snmp trap
219.01UNITED::THORNTONTue Jun 18 1996manageworks demo cd has expired on day
220.04GIDDAY::MCKENNAFri Jun 21 1996Support for Windows NT
221.0GIDDAY::MCKENNAFri Jun 21 1996 Topology map with an FDDI ring
222.01NETRIX::"van-trung.truong@aty.mts.DEC.COM"Wed Jun 26 1996SBU France / Pre-Sales Support
223.04NETRIX::"van-trung.truong@aty.mts.DEC.COM"Wed Jun 26 1996Can't start manageworks on my PC
224.01VMSNET::KINSER_JThu Jun 27 1996wsm on 95?
225.0VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKIThu Jun 27 1996Double-clicking on node in map yields blank info message
226.0HGOVC::EDDYWANGFri Jun 28 1996Node not reachable !!
227.01ISTWI1::EKERWed Jul 03 1996ManageWORKS vs. Polycenter???
228.01TOHOPE::WSAWed Jul 17 1996"DEC offers their own version of SMS, which they support with Pathworks, DEC Polycenter"
229.0NETRIX::"paul.cordwell@sno.mts.dec.com"Tue Jul 23 1996MW, PW, Win95 and LAT
230.0LEMAN::JRSWed Jul 24 1996CiscoWorks; ServerWORKS; HP OpenView; Polycenter NetView???
231.0SYSMGT::CLABORNWed Jul 24 1996D&D: How do you tell when it's done?
232.0CSC32::D_PERRINThu Jul 25 1996what causes a "warning"?
233.0GIDDAY::ANDREASENDTue Jul 30 1996Auto-Discovery times out
234.0RUMOR::FALEKTue Jul 30 1996command line utility to send SNMP traps from Windows or NT ?
235.0VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKIWed Jul 31 1996Permit Tree in MW v2.2 does not affect all subdirectories/files
236.03VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKITue Aug 13 1996Distributed Management Setup and Install...How?
237.0CSC32::MAULUCCIFri Aug 16 1996manageworks event logger snafu
238.0GIDDAY::KULHALLITue Aug 20 1996Gigaswitch Traps
239.0PEARS::fkrnbi.fkr.dec.com::doyleWed Aug 21 1996mworks v2.2 and server with 2
240.0NETRIX::"Martina@akoexc1.ako.dec.com"Wed Aug 21 1996ClientWORKS Product Manager
241.0NETRIX::"tag@ako.enet.dec.com"Wed Aug 28 1996Closing Conf.
242.0SYSMGT::CLABORNTue Sep 03 1996Can't get SVN viewer to work with V3.
243.0+4HGOVC::RAMAKANTTue Sep 10 1996Require Documentation badly..
244.01NETRIX::"per.nordli@nwo.mts.dec.com"Tue Sep 17 1996sorting users
245.01ACISS2::MARESThu Sep 19 1996Need viewer save help
246.01HGOVC::MANJREKARSun Sep 22 1996MAnageWorks traps don't propagate to Netview submaps
247.0CSC32::D_PERRINTue Sep 24 1996mib compiler gotcha
248.0MOSCOW::AKHLK::moscow::khalyakoTue Oct 22 1996The message "this request is not ...
249.01BPSOF::BPSNKE.bps.dec.com::kiralyMon Oct 28 1996Status of SW/MW?
250.0ULYSSE::GUILLAUMOTFri Nov 08 1996EVTLOG protection Fault
251.0QCAVMon Dec 02 1996Unable to get information from Server.
252.0ALFSS2::TAYLOR_DWed Jan 22 1997PWMGMT GPF - resource issue?
253.0 *EVTAI1::9dhcp248.evt.dec.com::BERNEUILMon Mar 10 1997MIB Compiler internal error
254.0 *HEN::SCHNEIDERWed Mar 12 1997how can the database be exported to TEXT?
255.0 *CHEFS:: Mar 18 1997Go to MIB for Trap objects
256.0 *VMSNET::FARLOW_JThu Mar 20 1997ManageWORKS install error
257.0 *+1EVTAI1::BERTHENETTue Mar 25 1997AUTOTEST.EXE?
258.0 *MAASUP::PORAMBOWed Mar 26 1997Can't compile RFC1285
259.0 *EVTAI1::VISTAThu Apr 03 1997SW 3.
260.0 *UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue Apr 15 1997internal application error