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Conference noted::homeopathy

Created:Mon Oct 24 1988
Last Modified:Mon Apr 28 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:160
Total number of notes:1082
Number with bodies:7
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1.05CACHE::LEIGHMon Oct 24 1988Conference Guidelines
2.042CACHE::LEIGHMon Oct 24 1988Let's get acquainted
3.014CACHE::LEIGHMon Oct 24 1988What is Homeopathy?
4.023CACHE::LEIGHMon Oct 24 1988Books, Educational sources, Associations
5.010CACHE::LEIGHMon Oct 24 1988Distributors
6.047CACHE::LEIGHMon Oct 24 1988Doctors and Hospitals
7.0ROCK::LEIGHTue May 05 1992Notes listed by title
8.010ROCK::LEIGHTue Feb 04 1992Study groups, events, activities
9.019CLBMED::WOLOCHOWICZThu Oct 27 1988Side effects from remedies
10.028CLIMB::LEIGHTue Jan 03 1989Potency
11.010CACHE::LEIGHWed Nov 02 1988Sports aches & pains
12.032EXIT26::CAMACHOMon Nov 07 1988Homeopathy: Placebo effect or what?
13.014RATTLE::CANCROWed Nov 09 1988Allergies & upper respiratory
14.08TROT::LEIGHTue Oct 25 1988Success stories
15.04DEBIT::LINNELLThu Nov 10 1988Digital insurance and homeopathy
16.04VARESE::CARPENTERMon May 04 1992Methods of taking remedies
17.013DEBIT::LINNELLThu Nov 10 1988Scientific Research on Homeopathy
18.04DEBIT::LINNELLThu Nov 10 1988Legal Issues
19.09DEBIT::LINNELLFri Nov 11 1988Remedy Preparation
20.010MORO::NEWELL_JOMon Nov 14 1988Pregnancy and Baby problems
21.02CLIMB::LEIGHFri Nov 18 1988Feet & leg problems
22.08LOOKIN::HILLISFri Dec 02 1988hiatus hernia
23.03CHEFS::DEALMon Dec 05 1988colocynthis
25.02SRFSUP::PANCHANATHAMTue Dec 20 1988Homeo and other treatments
26.013ZGOVFri Dec 23 1988EARS
27.012EXIT26::CAMACHOThu Oct 27 1988Psoriasis
28.011CLIMB::LEIGHWed Jan 04 1989Poison Ivy, etc.
29.017GVAADG::RICEThu Jan 12 1989Insect bite sensitivity
31.05DEMING::ARSENAULTTue Mar 14 1989Tinctures?
35.04HPSMEG::ANDREWMon May 22 1989natural vitamins
36.03KERNEL::ROSEThu Jun 29 1989Fungal Infections
37.03YUPPY::MULLINSTue Jul 18 1989Excema
38.06EXIT26::SAARINENThu Aug 24 1989Muscle problems
39.013MORO::WHICKER_BIWed Sep 06 1989Headaches
42.04RICKS::WILLIAMSThu Oct 05 1989Matol's Km
43.01ROMThu Oct 19 1989Conjunctivitis
48.04FDCVWed May 02 1990DIABETES
49.011FDCVWed May 02 1990Astrology & Homeopathy
51.03OMNIMon Jun 25 1990Weber Christian's Disease
52.02CLARID::LEBIDOISMon Sep 03 1990Oligo Elements
53.06HOOK::TBAKERFri Nov 16 1990Homeopathic Software
54.016YUPPY::PLOWMANTue Dec 04 1990Urinary Tract Problems
56.04DSSDEV::LANGONEFri Jan 11 1991Persistent Sore Throat
57.02CRISPY::HARDYAFri Feb 01 1991Ferrum Phos
58.04THUBAN::TBAKERFri Feb 22 1991Nosodes
59.07THUBAN::TBAKERTue Mar 12 1991Rescue Remedy
60.013CADSYS::GADOUA::VINNIKOVAMon Mar 18 1991Depression
61.02THUBAN::TBAKERTue Mar 26 1991Frustration with others
62.03XCUSME::MATTHEWSMon Apr 08 1991Ecemza & Skin problems
63.02THOLIN::TBAKERThu Apr 11 1991Adventures in Prescribing
64.01THOLIN::TBAKERFri Apr 19 1991Mad Modalities
65.04AYOV27::LTALBOTWed Apr 24 1991Help for Gout!
67.06MACNAS::PMCGRATHThu May 16 1991Aromatherapy
68.07MACNAS::PMCGRATHTue Jun 11 1991Case-taking questionnaire
69.03ULTRA::BURGESSMon Jul 01 1991MRI - How non-intrusive ?
70.06MAJORS::REVELLMon Jul 08 1991Atrial Fibrillation.
73.02MFOIS1::TURCHIFri Oct 11 1991ionizers
74.02MACNAS::PQUINNThu Oct 31 1991kneecap problem
75.05SYSTEM::ZENTNERFri Nov 08 1991worts/verukas
76.04MISERY::BLUM_JOTue Dec 03 1991Treating Candidiasis
78.03HOTWTR::KELLY_LIThu Dec 19 1991Any cures for bedwetting?
80.04FMTACT::BORDENMon Jan 06 1992Low Thyroid Condition?
81.05AIAG::NEILPThu Jan 09 1992Cholestrol medicine ???
82.01AUSSIE::JAINThu Feb 13 1992cervical spondilosys
83.03AUDIO::MCGREALThu Feb 13 1992Homeopathy and Chronic Fatique Syndrome?
84.05ACESMK::GOLIKERIMon Mar 16 1992Coughs
85.04USCTR1::BWALKERWed May 13 1992Spring fever? Maple tree fever?
86.08THOLIN::TBAKERFri May 29 1992Naturopathic Doctors
87.026WLDWST::ZUDECKWed Jun 03 1992HERPES
89.013RDVAX::EIP_TEMPFri Jun 19 1992Anti-Inflammatory???
90.03SWAM2::RHODEWALT_BRTue Aug 04 1992Placebo test
91.02NEMAIL::EAGANThu Aug 27 1992Cancer
92.01MIMS::CONNER_CTue Sep 08 1992ant bites?
93.04NEWVAX::SGRIFFINFri Sep 18 1992Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
94.01AIMHI::LANDWEHRTue Sep 22 1992Estrogen Recomendations
95.0FSDEV::LESSARDWed Sep 30 1992 A new milk beverage
96.0STAR::WBLAIRMon Oct 19 1992Need participant in childbirth class in Nashua area
97.01SIOG::S_DOYLEFri Oct 23 1992Sounds Good !
98.03CACIQE::CLASSMon Nov 02 1992Cholesterol
99.03TRUCKS::STIMSONThu Nov 05 1992Rheumatic virus
100.067MIMS::LOKIETZ_SFri Dec 04 1992homeopathy lambasted - ouch!
101.01SAHQ::WESLEYTue Dec 08 1992Classic Formula C.A. and Wellness Formula
102.03JUMP4::JOYMon Jan 18 1993Arthritis relief?
103.0DBOTTue Jan 19 1993Homeopathy in Ireland?
104.03MCIS5::STELZNERFri Jan 29 1993Vascular Problem, need help
105.02GIAMEM::MURRAYMon Feb 01 1993Migraines/headaches
106.017STAR::YURYANWed Feb 03 1993Homeopathy Illegal in N. Carolina
107.013SPI4::AVANESSIANTue Mar 16 1993dizziness, loss of consciouness !
108.05SUBURB::HARWOODJFri Mar 26 1993Cramp
110.02HDLITE::ZARLENGAWed Apr 28 1993DEC corporate PP&P on selling "remedies"
111.05QCAVThu May 06 1993Urgent : Heart Problem for child
112.01PIETMon May 10 1993Homeopathic Testosterone
113.04ISLNDS::USHERWed May 12 1993Eye problem
114.02PIETThu May 13 1993Flower remedies
115.017PIPA::AVANESSIANThu May 27 1993Natrum muriaticum !
116.04STOWOA::RACINEThu Jun 03 1993Sun Blisters
117.02KAOOA::LBEATTIEWed Jul 21 1993Holistic vs Homeopathic
118.04BLGVS3::PRANDITue Jul 27 1993Children's car-sickness
119.010SISE::ZELTSERMANMon Aug 16 1993it's only vitamins
120.09SUBURB::HARWOODJWed Sep 15 1993Coping with Scars and Proudflesh
121.0SEIC::LINNELLWed Oct 27 1993HMO Elect - does it (should it) accept Homeopathy
122.02THOLIN::TBAKERThu Nov 04 1993Constitutional vs Acute Prescribing
123.07EST::AVANESSIANTue Nov 16 1993claustrophobia
124.04THOLIN::TBAKERTue Nov 23 1993This year's 'flu
125.02GLDOA::TREBILCOTTTue Dec 07 1993Lyme Disease
126.08ABACUS::MACDONALD_MTue Dec 21 1993K9 chronic ear problem
127.05JULIET::MUELA_RHMon Apr 18 1994Attention Deficit in Children
128.01MSBCS::NRAJANWed Jul 06 1994Radar 3.1 S/W
129.03VSSCAD::FITZGERALDWed Aug 31 1994non-traditional prep/treatments for 'morning sickness'
130.01DEMON::SMILESMon Oct 03 1994Ringing in the ears
131.02NAC::A_OBRIENTue Nov 08 1994info on 'cepia'?
132.01OFOSThu Nov 17 1994??? on "Antidoting" Oneself
133.01GROOVE::DADDIECOTue Jan 17 1995Colitis
134.0THOLIN::TBAKERThu Jan 19 1995Sinusitis
135.05THOLIN::TBAKERThu Mar 02 1995Just Chatting. No Topic Necessary
136.0EST::AVANESSIANWed Mar 15 1995Homeopathy Conferences in Baltimore
137.01DPDMAI::HUDDLESTONMon Mar 20 1995Nausea
138.012THOLIN::TBAKERThu May 11 1995Homeopathy Online
139.013ABACUS::MACDONALD_MFri May 12 1995Scleroderma
141.06THOLIN::TBAKERTue May 16 1995Homeopathic schools/education
142.02ROWLET::STOTZWed Jun 14 1995Need Poison Oak/Ivy Relief
143.01ASABET::GREENBERGThu Jul 13 1995Kali Brom
144.0SOLVIT::BARNUMThu Aug 24 1995Tourett's Syndrome Study
145.0GLRMAI::GRODBERGWed Aug 30 1995OCD Speakers Programs
146.03ASABET::GREENBERGWed Aug 30 1995Camphor
147.05MKOTS1::CORMIER_SThu Oct 19 1995Echinacea?
148.05SDTPMM::HAMPSONThu Oct 26 1995Alfalfa for Arthritis?
149.0TNPUBS::PAINTERWed Nov 01 1995Dioxychlor - for Candida
150.04CSC32::DECKERFri Nov 17 1995Gingko Biloba
151.01MARX::FLEMINGThu Nov 30 1995terms?
152.0THOLIN::TBAKERFri Dec 22 1995Coffea Cruda
153.03BRAT::MACDONALD_MFri Feb 09 1996homeopathic overdose?
154.0EST::AVANESSIANThu Feb 15 1996Homeopathy course in Boston area
155.0TPLAB::SMEKENSSat Mar 16 1996COMPOSOR 1 ?
156.03THOLIN::TBAKERMon Apr 01 1996Scarring
157.0+1STAR::YURYANWed Apr 17 1996House Bill #HR31
158.01TUXEDO::COZZENSFri Sep 20 1996What to avoid with remedies?
159.0 *+4RDGENG::HARWOODJThu Feb 27 1997Tooth Problems
160.0 *ADISSW::HAECKWed Mar 26 1997bursitis