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Conference noted::hackers

Title:** Hackers **
Created:Sun Jan 31 1988
Last Modified:Tue May 27 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1838
Total number of notes:13578
Number with bodies:96
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1.08UFP::MURPHYSun Jan 31 1988Welcome to HACKERS Volume 2!
2.02UFP::MURPHYSun Jan 31 1988Conference policies
3.010UFP::MURPHYSun Jan 31 1988Conference Announcements
4.01DDIF::CANTORMon Mar 13 1989Pointer to QAR system information
5.03UFP::MURPHYSun Jan 31 1988Conference Directory Listings
6.032BMT::MISRAHIWed Feb 03 1988so many topics, so little info
7.07HOGAN::GALLUNThu Feb 04 1988Cross-process AST hack
8.01HLDGFri Feb 05 1988Finding volume 2
9.08SNDCSL::SMITHFri Feb 05 1988Sixel files!
10.062HOT::KARDONFri Feb 05 1988Spawning from detached process
11.03MISFIT::SALEHIMFri Feb 05 1988Vax To Fax
12.025DIODE::CROWELLMon Feb 08 1988Computer Virus'
13.02STKHLM::BERTILSSONTue Feb 09 1988Setting symbiont status from user modified rtn ?
14.05MORGAN::EMERSON_PTue Feb 09 1988queue management/monitoring
15.032FOO::BHAVNANIWed Feb 10 1988MAIL bug?
16.02JEREMY::DANThu Feb 11 1988Command recall using arrows in a program
17.013STAR::HEERMANCEThu Feb 11 1988Split.com
18.03FOO::BHAVNANIFri Feb 12 1988Reminder V1.
19.09CLOVAX::COBURNMon Feb 15 1988Help with uVAX2
20.01SMAUG::MENDELMon Feb 15 1988Can all bugs be debugged?
21.02BLITZN::ROBERTSTue Feb 16 1988PRO Proxies
22.06FRYAR::EMERSON_PWed Feb 17 1988it don't tell me much....
23.08MOSAIC::LONGWed Feb 17 1988Can I make a DCL slave process?
24.013HXOUTue Feb 23 1988BRDCSTS trapped by detached process
25.04RENKO::PROPPERWed Feb 24 1988Upping the number of users in VMS
26.02CELTCS::BULKAWed Feb 24 1988Run a foreign command /DETACHED?
27.014RHODES::WOODSThu Feb 25 1988Terminal Inter Session Clone
28.01ORACLE::KHANNAThu Feb 25 1988Looking for Graphics Hardware
29.04BEES::WILLIAMSFri Feb 26 1988Process Control Help Needed
30.02CADM::THOMASFri Feb 26 1988Redirecting SYS$OUTPUT
31.017MPGS::ORNSTEINFri Feb 26 1988HT access directory for sorting?
32.017CSC32::S_LEDOUXSat Feb 27 1988Here's the LAST utility.
33.07DEALIN::LORADITCHMon Feb 29 1988UIS menu driver for VWS?
34.011FRAOST::BTXEMWed Mar 02 1988AUTOLOGIN on LAT-Port
35.02AYOV18::STRACHANThu Mar 03 1988Automated Handover Book ?
36.032DEBUG::GALLOThu Mar 03 1988SAFE version of WATCH program!
37.08DIODE::CROWELLThu Mar 03 1988Get rid of BACKUP Warning msg's
38.02PLAYIN::VANGILDERThu Mar 03 1988? Net Update By Areas ?
39.02DEBUG::GALLOFri Mar 04 1988<CTRL>Z in a command proc?
40.049FROST::HARRIMANTue Mar 08 1988Is there a defense for VMS?
41.02AYOV18::STRACHANThu Mar 10 1988Permanent ENCRYPT key ?
42.025CHIRPA::OUELLETTEThu Mar 10 1988disassemblers?
43.024MTA::RATTRAYTue Mar 15 1988Restricted Programs on VMS ?
44.012MAADIS::WICKERTWed Mar 16 1988Program to clear error counts
45.08DIODE::CROWELLWed Mar 16 1988Licenced Products & LMF
46.06DIODE::CROWELLWed Mar 16 1988WATCH V5.
47.01LEPTON::HIRSTThu Mar 17 1988Time Prompt
48.02BMT::BERGThu Mar 17 1988Account username & DECNET proxy acct.
49.02BMT::BERGThu Mar 17 19883271 Protocol Emulator difficulties
50.02HLDGFri Mar 18 1988Binary from DCL
51.01TOOK::MICHAUDSat Mar 19 1988Yet Another VMS Breakin
52.031HOGAN::GALLUNMon Mar 21 1988$CANCEL and ASTs
53.020POOL::HALLYBMon Mar 21 1988Seek program to read all blocks on a disk
54.022FROST::HARRIMANTue Mar 22 1988It's that time again...
55.05MECAD::MCKINNEYTue Mar 22 1988Converting EBCDIC to ASCII
56.014DEBUG::GALLOTue Mar 22 1988DEALLOCATE anothers Device?
57.0829Wed Mar 23 1988show symbol/IDENT=<pid>
58.013CADSE::WONGThu Mar 24 1988Secondary passwords...
59.02LIBRAE::BAILEYFri Mar 25 1988Channel to Device ?
60.07BPOVFri Mar 25 1988Print a local file to a remote printer?
61.07SMAUG::MENDELFri Mar 25 1988Unloading drivers; Deleting UCBs
62.02LOWLIF::HUXTABLEFri Mar 25 1988Recursive command procedure and ctrl-Y
63.06SNDCSL::SMITHWed Mar 30 1988Fatal TPU internal error?
64.021SNO78C::MCLARENWed Mar 30 1988Ultra precise PI
65.04WIENER::SCHOELLERFri Apr 01 1988<ESC> and terminal displays
66.01FOO::BHAVNANIMon Apr 04 1988Command I/P from SYS$COMMAND
67.07MORGON::LECANNELLIERWed Apr 06 1988image activation
68.017MAADIS::WICKERTThu Apr 07 1988Interactive logins
69.08CADSYS::HEBERTThu Apr 07 1988PIPEDRIVER for VMS 5 available?
70.03SNDCSL::SMITHFri Apr 08 1988Copy/delete?
72.023SNDCSL::SMITHSun Apr 10 1988DECNET account passwords?
73.01CRFS8Sun Apr 10 1988PRO TMS Unit
74.09HANZI::WILLIAMLIMon Apr 11 1988how to check patched image on VMS
75.06VOX2::SIMMMon Apr 11 1988VAXcluster ELF patch
76.024TSG::PROIAMon Apr 11 1988Fixing broken directories
77.04MDVAX3::COARTue Apr 12 1988The tree that had no root
78.06BMT::MISRAHIWed Apr 13 1988Perfromance of many files in 1 dir.
79.0358348::HEAFEYThu Apr 14 1988Passing stuff to batch jobs...
80.08RANGLY::GRAZIANO_ROCSat Apr 16 1988VMSINSTAL Documentation?
81.03DUCATI::LASTOVICASun Apr 17 1988Cluster access to LAT modems & failover
82.02HGOVMon Apr 18 1988LAT Lock Terminal
83.08EAGLE1::DANTOWITZTue Apr 19 1988source file name in an object file
84.011MORGON::LECANNELLIERWed Apr 20 1988AST's and DBG
85.01VIKING::LONGWed Apr 20 1988How to get registered usernames?
86.08GALVIA::BREATHNACHThu Apr 21 1988DCL/CDU/CLI problem
87.03POOL::RICOThu Apr 21 1988CDU - no default for yes/no qualifiers?!?
88.09WRO8A::BLUMThu Apr 21 1988Disabling VAXmail's SPAWN command
89.05HPSVAX::RYELFri Apr 22 1988Pica::games
90.063FROST::HARRIMANMon Apr 25 1988Been working here too long, V2
91.06CADSYS::HEBERTTue Apr 26 1988Want to disable errors to SYS$OUTPUT in DCL
92.03FUTURA::MCNULTYWed Apr 27 1988How to create a list of permutations ?
94.017TOOK::MICHAUDFri Apr 29 1988Replace RMS attributes
95.010CHEST::WATSONFri Apr 29 1988"SET MESSAGE" from program
96.07SNDCSL::SMITHFri Apr 29 1988Multiple windows on NOTES
97.06ASD::WILLIAMSSun May 01 1988Looking for a TPARSE routine
98.09HALLEY::MUNROESun May 01 1988Save the TOOLSHED...
99.02FLYTRP::LENNIGMon May 02 1988Vaxstation TELL.COM
100.04RANGLY::GRAZIANO_ROCMon May 02 1988LNM$JOB Job Logical Name Table Size
101.01URSA::DOTENMon May 02 1988Patching warning messages out of an RTL .EXE file
102.080BMT::MISRAHIMon May 02 1988Undocumented VMS Features
103.07POOBAH::DOOLITTLETue May 03 1988VMS SOR$routines Performance Problems
104.017DCC::ALDENWed May 04 1988Undocumented Mail Features
105.02UNTADC::SACHSEWed May 04 1988ESC's to define answerback-message ?
106.05YODA::TRABUCCHIWed May 04 1988Rejecting unwanted mail
107.09FOO::BHAVNANIThu May 05 1988Another CDU/CLD question
108.017FOO::BHAVNANIFri May 06 1988CLI$DCL_PARSE help *please*!
109.018FOO::BHAVNANIFri May 06 1988Turkey Mail Warning
110.06FRAMBO::SCHABACKERMon May 09 1988Help With READ from Term. needed!
111.07SUOSW2::EHLERSTue May 10 1988print-screen -> file
112.012TARDS::TORKILDTue May 10 1988Set queue/preprocessor=convert_data.exe
113.01DECPRL::BERESKITue May 10 1988Does a one node cluster make sence?
114.06CGOSTue May 10 1988EXAMINE/DEPOSIT Utility
115.01ANGORA::ZARLENGAWed May 11 1988$QIO, set mode PASTHRU
116.010FLYTRP::LENNIGThu May 12 1988SECURITY suggestions
117.02ICEBOX::ELLISONThu May 12 1988Repeating qualifiers in CLD?
118.06WINERY::COLLUMThu May 12 1988nonpaged pool allocation in controller init routine
119.019LIBRAE::BAILEYFri May 13 1988Comment (re-invented?)
120.012CHOVAX::YOUNGSat May 14 1988Buffered Queuing routines.
121.06SEDOAS::KORMANTue May 17 1988Sustitute Device 'on the fly'
122.014--UnknownUser--Thu May 19 1988here's a resurrected encryption toy
123.010UTRTSC::VANSENTENFri May 20 1988CP/M Help request.
124.03MOSAIC::LONGFri May 20 1988Disable Terminal Driver Messages
125.010DELNI::MHARRISMon May 23 1988Zip-Code tapes available. Interested?
126.02ISTG::BHAVNANITue May 24 1988Reminder FT 2.*
127.01CSC32::S_JOHNSONTue May 24 1988Need getjpi & jpi$_phdflags help
128.06KIPPIS::SIROTue May 24 1988Output to term AND file???
129.0CLT::ORTHOBERWed May 25 1988colorsixel files
130.015DCC::ALDENThu May 26 1988Looking for FREEMEM for mem-starved VS2
131.07HOO78C::ANDERSONMon May 30 1988Converting DECnet areas to locations
132.0COLORS::WATERSWed Jun 01 1988Distribution List Mgr (From VAX Professional BBS)
133.027BMT::MISRAHIWed Jun 01 1988Load Balancing Across HSC Controllers
134.07MEIS::GORDONWed Jun 01 1988SET PROCESS/ID=pid/NAME= Tool
135.05KAOFS::READWed Jun 01 1988exit routine to run a programme ??
136.09CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed Jun 01 1988Please help a beginner get rollin' with SIXELs
137.017TAVThu Jun 02 1988"Where am I" function?
138.029CSC32::S_LEDOUXSun Jun 05 1988changing USERNAMEs and PROMPTs
139.03JOEL::BERMANMon Jun 06 1988Help with XMODEM and CP/M
140.03COPMon Jun 06 1988File with two keys skips record ??
141.01STKEIS::BYSTAMMon Jun 06 1988Is there a callable interface to MMS?
142.07SUPTue Jun 07 1988A common system disk build procedure
143.03TOOK::MICHAUDWed Jun 08 1988DEC1
144.04TAVWed Jun 08 1988Recover from procedure timeout
145.04STKEIS::MALMWed Jun 08 1988Specify a folder when sending a MAIL...
146.013MORGON::LECANNELLIERWed Jun 08 1988Exit Handler
147.011BMT::MISRAHIThu Jun 09 1988LOGINOUT/UAF.DAT record locks ?
148.02ACOMA::RGALLEGOSMon Jun 13 1988Searching for a program!
149.07AIAG::BILLMERSMon Jun 13 1988Mail folder with
150.03SNO78C::BRADLEYTue Jun 14 1988Creating Large Mailboxes?
151.01DPDMAI::SMITHTue Jun 14 1988Fakeout a RET to be like RSB?
152.05FOO::BHAVNANITue Jun 14 1988$ define mail$queue <my-queue>
153.01FAGEN::LORADITCHTue Jun 14 1988question with VAXC and RDB database inquiry to UIS
154.02HGOVWed Jun 15 1988Get Process by Name
155.06GAO::PMCBRIDEWed Jun 15 1988Redirecting All Terminal Output
156.014GAO::MMCMULLINWed Jun 15 1988Utility to find who is holding locks
157.05SMAUG::MENDELWed Jun 15 1988Power Failure Simulation
158.01PULSAR::WALLYWed Jun 15 1988LIB$TPARSE on arithmetic expressions
159.05CSOA1::CHAFFEEThu Jun 16 1988Key information from RMS
160.01MORGON::LECANNELLIERThu Jun 16 19888 bits DRCS , possible ?
161.04FOO::BHAVNANIFri Jun 17 1988Merge old MAIL.MAI help
162.04KIRKWD::FRIEDMANFri Jun 17 1988PAK Expirations
163.07DIXIE1::SILVERSFri Jun 17 1988Limiting interactive DCL
164.02--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 17 1988BACKUP Dates
165.017RAINBO::MARKEYFri Jun 17 1988Reading MS-DOS floppies with a MicroVAX
166.09FLOCON::AUNGIERMon Jun 20 1988Verify VMS files V User Files
167.08OASS::M_HYDETue Jun 21 1988Can an image get the name of the file that ran it?
168.02HOTAIR::WENDERLICHTue Jun 21 1988is file NOBACKUP?
169.012RBW::WICKERTTue Jun 21 1988Controlling priorities by IMAGE
170.05EAGLE1::KIRKThu Jun 23 1988"No access" doesn't equal "Kernel Read"
171.05MEIS::WOLFFThu Jun 23 1988Channels hold by a specific process?
172.02HAMPS::JONES_SFri Jun 24 1988V5 Shared Image (mis)Behaviour
173.01CSC32::S_LEDOUXFri Jun 24 1988User Written Debug Example
174.03USMRM9::JMITCHELLSat Jun 25 1988 Editor Expertise needed!
176.01ASD::DIGRAZIASat Jun 25 1988Process = terminal to another process?
177.06HYEND::CSULLIVANMon Jun 27 1988DCL Prompt Quest....
178.045LDYBUG::GOLDMANTue Jun 28 1988For discussion - CS vs Eng background
179.05QBUS::MITCHAMWed Jun 29 1988Problem sorting by multiple lines of text...
180.04CSC32::S_HALLWed Jun 29 1988Send BREAK down terminal line ?
181.05CSC32::S_JOHNSONWed Jun 29 1988Need help with EXQUOTA message
182.011SMAUG::MENDELWed Jun 29 1988Avoiding ACCVIOS in kernel mode
183.03SHIRE::GOLDBLATTThu Jun 30 1988Too (?) big CDD files
184.014NOVA::ARNOLDThu Jun 30 1988AST problem!!
185.01BEING::POSTPISCHILThu Jun 30 1988Acquire Program Award
186.08ANGORA::ZARLENGAThu Jun 30 1988How do I find the baud rate ?
187.026STKEIS::MALMFri Jul 01 1988Why is VMS Base Date 17-Nov-1858?
188.011ISTG::CRAGGFri Jul 01 1988Securing an installed image
189.011RAINBO::LONGSat Jul 02 1988Booting a uVAX I
190.04UBEAUT::MACKAYMon Jul 04 1988How to get a processes rights ID's?
191.01TSG::BOONEWed Jul 06 1988(NET)driver altstart question
192.05CSC32::J_PARSONSWed Jul 06 1988Comparison time to Absolute Time---Possible?
193.01WHATME::BURNETTEWed Jul 06 1988help - self activating process
195.02CREDIT::ROYALThu Jul 07 1988DISK I/O per DISK DEVICE
196.02NRADM::SWARTZThu Jul 07 1988Patching in Debugger
197.09USACSB::OPERATOR_DKFri Jul 08 1988Prompt for more?
198.01AYOUTue Jul 12 1988Can VAXmate displays be enslaved?
199.03CABOOS::WRIDETue Jul 12 1988Time for a prompt?
200.03SMAUG::MENDELTue Jul 12 1988V5_VMSNOTES?
201.09FOO::BHAVNANIWed Jul 13 1988VMS 5.
202.05JENNA::SANTIAGOWed Jul 13 1988Wildcard Show Logical Routines?
203.01LIBRAE::BAILEYThu Jul 14 1988Hijack a TQE
204.08DIXIE1::SILVERSThu Jul 14 1988No. of users/image
205.08FOO::BHAVNANIThu Jul 14 1988Control # FAL links in NCP?
206.02DANUBE::SWEENEYThu Jul 14 1988Dual-ported disk?
207.011MOSAIC::HARRISFri Jul 15 1988RMS$_EOF and Beyond
208.05OLDBAY::HERRSun Jul 17 1988Problem with ASSIGN on TT
209.02SNDCSL::SYSTEMMon Jul 18 1988analyze changes it's mind?
210.09JGO::DEKKERSTue Jul 19 1988Backup leaves coomand procedure.
211.02MED::LAJEUNESSETue Jul 19 1988budget program?
212.011GIDDAY::GILLINGSWed Jul 20 1988Network security problem
213.04SHRFAC::SMITHWed Jul 20 1988Data transfer program??
214.02CAMONE::ARENDTThu Jul 21 1988Can't link to sharable image
215.01ACE::BREWERThu Jul 21 1988Hacker pubs wanted
216.02SCOMAN::JLOREMon Jul 25 1988DEC MOUSE
217.01FLOCON::AUNGIERMon Jul 25 1988Merging DCLTABLES
218.05CSC32::S_LEDOUXMon Jul 25 1988hack needed to validate SVA's.
219.03CRUISE::WBERNIERMon Jul 25 1988LA5
220.06HOGAN::GALLUNWed Jul 27 1988Bliss tutorial?
221.02UTOPIE::ASCHAUERWed Jul 27 1988ONE process faster than TWO?
222.02AYOV16::IGRANTWed Jul 27 1988Help windows note 96.
223.09WLDWST::ARGOWed Jul 27 1988HELP IBM PC XT <--> VAX MODEM
224.01LRGFMT::COLLUMThu Jul 28 1988V5 User written loadable image
225.024NRADM::SWARTZThu Jul 28 1988Winning by computers
226.019USHSThu Jul 28 1988Disabling Image Activation (RUN, foreign commands)) )
227.02CADSYS::SAVKARThu Jul 28 1988help with my sd.com
228.07DELNI::MHARRISTue Aug 02 1988Moving picture program needed.
229.05SMAUG::MENDELTue Aug 02 1988CHF, Frames, and such
230.04PNO::HEISERTue Aug 02 1988Anonymous Utilities
231.02COPCLU::GLARGAARDWed Aug 03 1988INSTALL image linked with /TRACEBACK?
232.06AYOV16::IGRANTThu Aug 04 1988A brain Teaser.
233.08BCSE::FLEMINGThu Aug 04 1988Show devices
234.03WIENER::RANISCHFri Aug 05 1988set term/inquire and 8bit-mode
235.05BDWISR::HEAFEYFri Aug 05 1988Print metrics
236.07CIMAMT::BANSALFri Aug 05 1988stop command recall?
238.07HSKWed Aug 10 1988Checking password
240.04MSEE::WATERMANWed Aug 10 1988NICE protocol examples
241.05CLAY::HUXTABLEWed Aug 10 1988Subprocess completes, parent hangs in HIB...?
242.04CHEST::WATSONThu Aug 11 1988Interactive vs. batch rights IDs
243.041CSC32::S_LEDOUXFri Aug 12 1988here's a password validator utility
244.04HOGAN::GALLUNMon Aug 15 1988Timer AST load on system?
245.020KIPPIS::SIROMon Aug 15 1988WARNING - my password will expire
246.03STKEIS::MALMTue Aug 16 1988Device Mount Count?
247.010MEIS::WOLFFTue Aug 16 1988XQP's Volume Lock Block.
248.04CSC32::S_JOHNSONTue Aug 16 1988Need LIB$CRF... Help
249.011FOO::BHAVNANITue Aug 16 1988Compress notebook?
250.016ANT::ZARLENGAWed Aug 17 1988How do I do "SET TERMINAL/WIDTH=132" inside program?
251.021FOO::BHAVNANIWed Aug 17 1988Code to generate calendar pages?
252.015TKOV6Thu Aug 18 1988VMS mailbox trace tool ?
253.010CHOPER::FLATLEYFri Aug 19 1988Recovering a file from init'ed disk
254.09WINERY::COLLUMFri Aug 19 1988Character counter?
255.05RBW::WICKERTSat Aug 20 1988RTE for response time measurements
256.06TAVSun Aug 21 1988Disconnecting a printer
257.04UNTADI::LAYMon Aug 22 1988Selfwritten symbiont help
259.03SALEM::LONGFELLOWMon Aug 22 1988help on output
260.01USMRM4::PKADOWTue Aug 23 1988Beware of John Richards
261.06SNDCSL::SMITHTue Aug 23 1988Banner program for VMS?
262.010ANT::AVONCAMPETue Aug 23 1988Why
263.05FSTTOO::GALLOWed Aug 24 1988Tab/Space converted needed
264.03EAGLE1::DANTOWITZWed Aug 24 1988UNSEEN NOTES and the CALLABLE interface
265.01WLDWST::MEYERSWed Aug 24 1988Looking for Calendar Manager
266.09BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOWed Aug 24 1988Copy file(s) between a client site and DEC...
267.02NOVA::HILLSONThu Aug 25 1988How to determine # users?
268.042EASY::JRThu Aug 25 1988In need of debugging help!
269.034BACK::HAYCOXSat Aug 27 1988Phone protocol anyone?
270.03SMAUG::MENDELTue Aug 30 1988Automatic XDELTA
271.02AKOV12::MILLIOSTue Aug 30 1988BATCH on a terminal?
272.02KIRKWD::FRIEDMANTue Aug 30 1988Systemwide file search?
274.01--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 31 1988Looking for TSDRIVER & DYDRIVER.MAR's files...
275.08GRGOVI::FIELDFri Sep 02 1988How to test if a node is reachable ?
276.01FOO::BHAVNANISat Sep 03 1988Random password generator
277.0MAAFA1::WYOUNGSun Sep 04 1988Need tape labeling prog.
278.03ARTUD2::DEMPSTERTue Sep 06 1988Help bringing an IMSAI 8
279.06DELNI::MHARRISTue Sep 06 1988Looking for SCANUAF (DEC Professional, Sep-88)
280.01ASD::DIGRAZIAWed Sep 07 1988Noncontiguous directory?
281.05SNDCSL::SMITHThu Sep 08 1988Unread mail counts from DCL?
282.0SNDCSL::SMITHThu Sep 08 1988DSP software on the net?
283.09GEOFF::G_SCHULTZFri Sep 09 1988Lock trace monitor
284.09MSDSWS::SECRISTSun Sep 11 1988DEC Hardware Graveyard ?!
285.02AKOV12::MILLIOSMon Sep 12 1988System Accounting...
286.03SUBURB::DANCEATue Sep 13 1988Configuring Security For DECnet Access
287.02CADSYS::HEBERTTue Sep 13 1988linker cluster question
288.03HPSRAD::ABIDITue Sep 13 1988 Recording terminal sessions
289.02MSAVWed Sep 14 1988Partial display with WATCH
291.07SMAUG::MENDELThu Sep 15 1988Expressions
292.02GIDDAY::GILLINGSSun Sep 18 1988Get VMS channel from FORTRAN LUN?
293.05WJG::GUINEAUMon Sep 19 1988T-Bit trap?
294.011SMAUG::MENDELMon Sep 19 1988Batch-mode NOTES interface
295.010PSG::CHANGTue Sep 20 1988EXEC - SUPERVISOR mode switch
296.05STKEIS::MALMTue Sep 20 1988Copying savesets to tape...
297.07DIXIE1::SILVERSWed Sep 21 1988Help with $LKWSET call
298.016PFSVAX::FECICHThu Sep 22 1988Show Users on a Cluster??
299.04MEIS::WOLFFFri Sep 23 1988$DASSGN in Special Kernel Mode AST.
300.04SSDEVO::POLIACFri Sep 23 1988system interrupts
302.03AUNTB::REEDSun Sep 25 1988DELETE/BEFORE command
303.08AKOV12::MILLIOSMon Sep 26 1988$STATUS isn't enough...
304.05DELNI::MHARRISMon Sep 26 1988Printing to remote node, other than via SYS$PRINT
305.0CSC32::J_PARSONSMon Sep 26 1988How to call $sndopr for other cluster nodes
307.0UTRTSC::VDBURGWed Sep 28 1988The FILESET utility
309.01SNDCSL::SMITHThu Sep 29 1988FAL$LOG for watching decnet access?
310.09BRSDVFri Sep 30 1988Using an *EXISTING* subprocess to edit notes
311.011QNTMSW::BERUBETue Oct 04 1988DCL in an image?
312.043Tue Oct 04 1988Mail can't get to UAF?
314.04MSAVWed Oct 05 1988Redirect sys$print to printer port ?
315.0ATLAST::LAMPSONWed Oct 05 1988Cannot parse 1147 byte symbol in DCL
316.04BENTLY::SOMERVILLEWed Oct 05 1988Interlocked Queue Removal
317.02DPDMAI::SMITHThu Oct 06 1988A $CHKPRO example?
318.08AKOV11::PERFORMANCEThu Oct 06 1988How do I get MY PCB address in VMS V5?
319.06369Sat Oct 08 1988Callable f$parse
320.07DITHER::FORKESSun Oct 09 1988Help with DCL Logic
321.010MEIS::WOLFFSun Oct 09 1988Devices allocated to a process.
322.01JEREMY::DANWed Oct 12 1988Batch queues
323.08AUNTB::BRILEYWed Oct 12 1988Which are the operator terminals?
324.05ENGINE::WARFIELDThu Oct 13 1988Configuring a Dedicated Batch Engine
325.011HGOVC::LAWRENCEThu Oct 13 1988Deleting NULL process, How?
326.01HGOVC::LAWRENCEThu Oct 13 1988Flag page co. name change, how?
327.06SKITZD::SOMERVILLEThu Oct 13 1988Executive mode locks
328.05SKITZD::SOMERVILLEThu Oct 13 1988Executive mode exit handler
329.017STEREO::CARDONFri Oct 14 1988How to show cluster processors?
330.02YARD::EBDONMon Oct 17 1988Exchange virtual volume --> Pro' RX5
331.06KELVIN::KOLTEMon Oct 17 1988CLI$ question.
332.02BDWISR::HEAFEYMon Oct 17 1988Synchronous printing...
333.02CXCAD::FONTANAWed Oct 19 1988Address Tracing
334.015AKOVWed Oct 19 1988SET FORWARD "feature" in VMSMAIL 5.x
335.02AKOV11::PERFORMANCEThu Oct 20 1988Where does <rev video> Interrupt <rev video> hide?
336.01EVOAI1::GRISALFri Oct 21 1988f$cvtime in a program
337.0NEEPS::MCMILLANFri Oct 21 1988Multi threaded symbiont flag page.
338.02MSDSWS::SECRISTSun Oct 23 1988Parts Is Parts
339.014CASINO::GAUTHIERMon Oct 24 1988Need No_Auto_Repeat from within 3GL
340.012BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOTue Oct 25 1988Assisting Visually Impaired User
341.01MISFIT::SALEHIMTue Oct 25 1988How to update some mail fields on the fly
342.04KETJE::TRIGAUXWed Oct 26 1988copy LNM table to a detached process
343.06HOGAN::GALLUNWed Oct 26 1988DSBINT -> LOCK Question
344.07RUBIK::SELLThu Oct 27 1988MAIL Folder Names with Blanks
345.02DELNI::MHARRISMon Oct 31 1988DEC Professional : SUBCOM.COM
346.012LIBRAE::BAILEYTue Nov 01 1988SCN, print whole screen
347.07SMOOT::ROTHTue Nov 01 1988Humorous system messages sought
348.02AUSTIN::SHWIFFTue Nov 01 1988Honeywell <--> VAX flt. pt. conversion
349.08SRFSUP::LONGOTue Nov 01 1988MAILUAF.COM for VMS V5.
350.08CVG::CAMPANELLAThu Nov 03 1988Changing MAIL subject field
351.045DNEAST::PFISTER_ROBFri Nov 04 1988New Virus??
352.01AKOV11::PERFORMANCEFri Nov 04 1988EDTSECINI.* needed for VMS V5
353.08AKOV11::PERFORMANCEFri Nov 04 1988Changing my OWN dcl prompt from a program
354.01PUGH::JANEMon Nov 07 1988Restore from initialised tape ???
355.03DWOVAX::STARKTue Nov 08 1988Trapping RTPAD interrupts ?
356.01--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 09 1988Phantom new mail under VMS V5.
357.02GRYHWK::WITHERSWed Nov 09 1988Erroneous New Mail Count under VMS V5.
358.01LRGFMT::COLLUMThu Nov 10 1988Allocate physical memory in V5
359.0FOO::BHAVNANIFri Nov 11 1988Virus details
360.03CSSAUS::MOSSSun Nov 13 1988music printer program sought
361.03FRSTSC::LAUERMon Nov 14 1988"The answer is:...42!!!"
362.03LOWLIF::DAVISMon Nov 14 1988LAT Load Balancing
363.01CSC32::J_FELDMANTue Nov 15 198832
364.012TDCIS2::HOTLINEWed Nov 16 1988Recovering from BACKUP Parity Error
365.03DNEAST::GRAZIANO_ROCWed Nov 16 1988help with sys$getqui
366.02FOO::BHAVNANIThu Nov 17 198813
367.04EFGVFri Nov 18 1988REPLY/TO=nn from a batch/detached process ?
368.04BERNFri Nov 18 1988perm updated show def on VT3xx status line
369.01MCNTSH::LONGFri Nov 18 1988$CHECK_ACCESS Question
370.011SCOMAN::GAUTHIERFri Nov 18 1988Need Help to do Current day - 14
371.05GRYHWK::WITHERSFri Nov 18 1988Network Partner Exited?
372.06JEREMY::DANMon Nov 21 1988LAT or VWSLAT?
373.02MSAVTue Nov 22 1988On/Off switch for DECnet circuit?
374.02FNYFS::AUNGIERWed Nov 23 1988SYSDEVCTL libraries wanted
375.02SNO78C::BRADLEYThu Nov 24 1988Write unlabeled tape?
376.012SED75Fri Nov 25 1988Case Conversion in BASIC
377.011DWOVAX::YOUNGMon Nov 28 1988SHARE_UTILITY, field test...
378.01DNEAST::PFISTER_ROBMon Nov 28 1988roll your own CLI??
379.08FOO::BHAVNANIMon Nov 28 1988f$getjpi("","LOGIN") buggy?
380.014FOO::BHAVNANIMon Nov 28 1988Fetching Default Login Specification
381.04SED75Tue Nov 29 1988Column trouble.
382.01OLDBAY::HERRTue Nov 29 1988YFDRIVER for 38.4k
383.09BRSDVWed Nov 30 1988Log file for batch job
384.036KYOA::SACHSThu Dec 01 1988SMP idle process killer?
385.02MORGON::FARISFri Dec 02 1988Printing on offline printer
386.02UTOPIE::ASCHAUERFri Dec 02 1988Converting Macro32 to C
387.04MED::ARTHURFri Dec 02 1988Machine Check Recovery; Non-existant I/O
388.05KETJE::CORTEBEECKMon Dec 05 1988Virtual Vax ????
389.02PAULJ::HARRIMANMon Dec 05 1988Lowercase symbols in DCL?
390.021SED75Tue Dec 06 1988B-Tree?
391.03MQOUTue Dec 06 1988DISMOUNT & PAGEFILES...
392.01MISFIT::SALEHIMWed Dec 07 1988Advice on mail$ services
393.06LARVAE::BROWNThu Dec 08 1988help reading PRIME tapes
394.037MUSKIE::AWDEThu Dec 08 1988Monitoring % CPU Utilization and Process Count
395.03HILLST::KOPECThu Dec 08 1988What do others use for message retrieval?
396.0WKRP::LENNIGFri Dec 09 1988$SNDOPR query
397.05WFOOFF::HARRIS_RFri Dec 09 1988What is Usernet?
398.02PNO::KEMERERSun Dec 11 1988Breakins listed every week now
399.01HGOS72::BURANCELEUNGSun Dec 11 1988Incremental backup
400.03FNYFS::AUNGIERSun Dec 11 1988Electronic Xmas cards please
401.02GIDDAY::CULLENSun Dec 11 1988DMF-32 Parallel Port programming
402.066FERNEY::CAGNINMon Dec 12 1988TOGGLE VERIFY under VMS V5
403.0GALVIA::MOONEYMon Dec 12 1988Client/server file transfer help
404.015MEMVMon Dec 12 1988Problem with detached process interactions.
405.04AKOV11::PERFORMANCEMon Dec 12 1988SETLOGINS from a high-level program; V4->V5 help
407.04PENDER::HORMAN_CRMon Dec 12 1988SET HOST/DTE from .COM
409.08BODACH::JLENIHANTue Dec 13 1988Access to BULOVA ?
410.03TEACH::BOBTue Dec 13 1988Shadow Bound Volume Sets??
411.03KETJE::CORTEBEECKWed Dec 14 1988How to f$getdvi("tape","density") ?
412.011MCIS2::FRIEDMANThu Dec 15 1988VAX Identification
413.06SNO78C::MCLARENThu Dec 15 1988'Structured' Asyncronous Code'
414.0FOO::BHAVNANIThu Dec 15 1988Field testers solicited
415.016GEOFF::G_SCHULTZMon Dec 19 1988Down line Load Poison Pill Wanted
416.01MORGON::LECANNELLIERTue Dec 20 1988VERB utility, where ???
417.026CLO::FORNERTue Dec 20 1988Any takers for a day of week subroutine?
418.01SMAUG::MENDELWed Dec 21 1988How to guage NPP use
419.03UBEAUT::MACKAYThu Dec 22 1988Terminal output and <LF> question - which M to RT
420.01MORGON::LECANNELLIERThu Dec 22 1988Synthetic programming on the HP-41
421.02MED::ARTHURThu Dec 22 1988Multiply defined Transfer address
422.03SNOCThu Dec 22 1988mounted dismounted again
423.01ACE::WILLIAMSThu Dec 22 1988Is a VT32
424.07SNOCTue Dec 27 1988Remote node/username
425.09USMRM4::PKADOWFri Dec 30 1988Flowchart Generator?
426.05TINGAU::HEFELESat Dec 31 1988Need $QIO IO$_SENSEMODE Example
427.01COMICS::TREVENNORWed Jan 04 1989Cross Compilers conf.
429.07CVMS::DOTENSun Jan 08 1989Skip a disk from MicroVAX II sniffer boot?
430.07CVMS::DOTENSun Jan 08 1989Roman -> Arabic number conversion anyone?
431.0BERNMon Jan 09 1989SW to loopback asynch port
432.01FOO::BHAVNANIMon Jan 09 1989Cluster name from pgm
433.02GIDDAY::HERRINGETue Jan 10 1989want program like sho dev/files
434.01FRSTSC::LAUERTue Jan 10 1989compatibility VMS <---> CP/M???
435.0DYO78Tue Jan 10 1989need help pausing print ques.
436.04STKEIS::LJONSSONWed Jan 11 1989Problem with APPEND!
437.02ARTUD2::DEMPSTERWed Jan 11 1989"The Last Hacker" RMS/NYT/1-11-89/PB1
438.05NITTY::COHENWed Jan 11 1989Reading Cursor Position Within Image
439.02RBW::WICKERTWed Jan 11 1989Getting nodename of a system root
440.07DPDMAI::VIGILWed Jan 11 1989IEEE floating point & DEC?
442.04BANZAI::ARNOLDThu Jan 12 1989SMP channel problem
443.05SMAUG::MENDELFri Jan 13 1989Determine remote user within DECnet object procedure
444.018TALLUS::MACKAY_RANDYTue Jan 17 1989JIG Worm (Com File) Runs Amok
445.03UFP::MURPHYTue Jan 17 1989Let's Hold JIG Worm Discussions Down, Please
446.07ANT::ZARLENGATue Jan 17 1989Looking for help with STR$DIVIDE and STR$MUL
447.023DIODE::CROWELLWed Jan 18 1989The JIG Worm is Not Secret
448.02WIENER::SCHOELLERWed Jan 18 1989OPEN/RSTS on VMS ?
449.011WIND::DNCDEVWed Jan 18 1989Disables EXE$GRANT_LICENSE
450.09NETRIX::MICHAUDWed Jan 18 1989Line Printer Graphics
451.0WMBR::MAMROSThu Jan 19 1989VMS -> RX5
452.015RICKS::PEKKALAThu Jan 19 1989SUBMIT/NOCOMM Exists?
453.08FLOCON::AUNGIERThu Jan 19 1989I want to try to create special LN
454.02MOSAIC::HARRISFri Jan 20 1989$CHANGE_ACL not working as I expect
455.06CVMS::DOTENFri Jan 20 1989Elevate privs to LIB$SPAWN a procedure?
456.05ESDDEV::CATSBURGMon Jan 23 1989IO$M_LT_READPORT funct code in $QIO problem.
457.09DWOVAX::EROSMon Jan 23 1989Unexpected behavior for LIB$FIND_FILE
458.04KIRKWD::FRIEDMANMon Jan 23 1989Changing Parameters via MACRO
459.07NITTY::COHENMon Jan 23 1989SDA Problem / $TRNLNM question
460.05SMAUG::MENDELThu Jan 26 1989Q: logical links w/o Object
461.08SMAUG::MENDELThu Jan 26 1989Q: Find image link date at run time?
462.03LEDS::FEUERSTEINThu Jan 26 1989Cluster common accountng.dat?
463.01TINGAU::HEFELEFri Jan 27 198963nn Order Code?
464.0+9NSGFri Jan 27 1989Image file comparator
465.05KYOA::MIANOFri Jan 27 1989Compiler Sources on the net?
466.02LIBRAE::BAILEYMon Jan 30 1989Cluster Comment
467.04TKOV6Tue Jan 31 1989CDU and "@" command ?
468.01UTOPIE::LOEFFLERTue Jan 31 1989blocks currently in extent cache
469.044ISWSW::VILAINMITue Jan 31 1989List your favorite acronyms
471.03SNO78C::MCLARENThu Feb 02 1989Asynchronous RMS and retaining context?
472.03CIMNET::MIKELISThu Feb 02 1989More CLI$ woes
473.02KNOWAY::WOLFFThu Feb 02 1989System Owned Lock Conversion Problem.
474.04BROKE::LAVASHFri Feb 03 1989Problems accessing an exec mode shareable
475.049ER::MEYERSFri Feb 03 1989Where is Phantom???
476.01GIDDAY::GILLINGSMon Feb 06 1989Recover a backup saveset from overwritten tape?
477.04MED::ARTHURTue Feb 07 1989Exercising those I/O Devices...
478.02RAMBLR::MORONEYTue Feb 07 1989DECwindows Pseudoterminal information, anyone?
479.05PRAGMA::GRIFFINTue Feb 07 1989Resolving a runtime address in a shareable image
480.01FNYFS::SMITHWed Feb 08 1989Wanted - A way to display records
481.03FRSBEE::ZAPPIAWed Feb 08 1989Executing a seq. of editor commands from within a DCL procedure?
482.03DWOVAX::STARKWed Feb 08 1989Network Connect Objects, NCB format ?
483.017MISFIT::SALEHIMThu Feb 09 1989How to deposit a byte in another process's V.A. without XDELTA
485.011FOO::BHAVNANIFri Feb 10 1989How to send CC: in MAIL 5.
487.05FALEK::FALEKFri Feb 10 1989Get resource-use counts for process+subprocesses ?
488.03STKEIS::MALMFri Feb 10 1989An indexed file to spare...
489.08DWOVAX::YOUNGTue Feb 14 1989SMP and IPL synchronization?
490.04SANFAN::WHITEBITue Feb 14 1989Vaxmate Server as a LAD Router?
491.010KIPPIS::BACKSTROMTue Feb 14 1989Run image in a context of another user/account?
492.01ACE::WILLIAMSWed Feb 15 1989system-w-notallpriv
493.02SUBURB::WOODD1Thu Feb 16 1989File Sizes in a Program ?
494.014EST::ALFREDSun Feb 19 1989Self-Modifying Command Procedures
495.08HANZI::MARVINLAUMon Feb 20 1989Determine total absence of CLI qualifiers
496.011SMAUG::MENDELMon Feb 20 1989More DECnet Object Questions
497.01WLDWST::ARGOTue Feb 21 1989Pert Chart Software?
498.05CHOVAX::HORNUNGWed Feb 22 1989How does LIBRARIAN perform a replace?
499.03VISA::ZAAFWed Feb 22 1989Cluster Wide Mailboxes
500.04SUBURB::PEAKESThu Feb 23 1989Remote LAT Port Entry?
501.020MDCRAB::HERRThu Feb 23 1989Examples for delivering ASTs
503.05LIBRAE::BAILEYMon Feb 27 1989guide to writing Sixel files????
504.02ATLAST::FAILETue Feb 28 1989Is it a real VT or a Windowed VT?
505.016PNO::KEMERERTue Feb 28 1989F$ENVIRONMENT("PROCEDURE") within an image
506.03RAID::HILDEBRANDWed Mar 01 1989UAF file structure??
507.03DPDMAI::STEPHENSHWed Mar 01 1989CHMK - Online DELTA?
508.05KUDZU::FAILEThu Mar 02 1989Accessing a DHV11
509.0SMOOT::ROTHThu Mar 02 1989World's fastest programmer contest
510.01UKCSSE::EDMUNDSFri Mar 03 1989Working with locked files
511.04FLOCON::AUNGIERFri Mar 03 1989Tool or layered product with per application stats
512.0NEWVAX::PAVLICEKFri Mar 03 1989Hacker/Cracker Spy Ring caught?
513.01SUBURB::PEAKESMon Mar 06 1989Function mods? IO$M_LT_CONNECT? ETC?
514.01WEDOIT::BELDINMon Mar 06 1989Change BACKUP output drives on the fly?
515.04SMAUG::MENDELMon Mar 06 1989Is it a JIB? Is it a MUTEX? No - it's both!
516.03TAVTue Mar 07 1989/Notify to a detached process when job completes?
517.04GENRAL::WOODTue Mar 07 1989Account Quota Discrepancy
518.05LDYBUG::PINCKTue Mar 07 1989Can a SPAWN inherit CLD verbs?
519.0HANZI::MARVINLAUWed Mar 08 1989Can corrupted saveset be restored?
520.04WKRP::LENNIGWed Mar 08 1989change rms attributes??
522.0GRGOVI::SYSTEMThu Mar 09 1989FHM enabled ?
523.04SMAUG::GARRODThu Mar 09 1989How can FAL clients supply a parameter
524.06BOOTIS::BAILEYFri Mar 10 1989ECHO / NOECHO read ?
525.03FOO::BHAVNANIMon Mar 13 1989Sticky logicals
526.04IAMOK::ROMANOTue Mar 14 1989HELP!! Print from workstation to attached printer.
527.06GALVIA::BREATHNACHTue Mar 14 1989Investigate a Programs Call Tree Structure
528.04ULTRA::FERGUSONWed Mar 15 1989Printer Reset Escape sequences help needed
529.08MAMIE::EGHLIMAWed Mar 15 1989SET HOST command in a BATCH job
530.01COMICS::ANGERSThu Mar 16 1989DIR -- process RWAST
531.0TINGAU::HEFELEThu Mar 16 1989Download Standalone Backup??
532.07OTOUMon Mar 20 1989RMS records locking over DECnet... since when ?
533.014VISA::BIJAOUITue Mar 21 1989Creating a process on behalf another user
534.03ACE::WILLIAMSWed Mar 22 1989notify another account w/pw expires
535.01ESPN::KELLIHERWed Mar 22 1989Change queue title line
536.02GIDDAY::GILLINGSWed Mar 22 1989SITES_AT_RISK conference
537.01AIAG::SWARTThu Mar 23 1989RISKS Digest
538.035LOOP::RUSMERThu Mar 23 1989Confirmation possible??
539.08SMAUG::MENDELThu Mar 23 1989JUSTIFY function in LSE ?
540.0511SRUS::PUDERFri Mar 24 1989Stan Rabinowitz on Leap Years
541.07KIRKWD::FRIEDMANFri Mar 24 1989Boot My Own O.S.
542.05STOKES::KOLTEMon Mar 27 1989Procedure for digital logo needed?
543.013KNOWAY::WOLFFMon Mar 27 1989Restricting access to Batch queues thru Generic queue?
544.06CUJO::THURYTue Mar 28 1989User get's no print output!
545.019HGOVC::MICHAELWANTue Mar 28 1989VS31
546.011ATSEA::ELLISONTue Mar 28 1989Using $WaitEF instead of $Hiber?
547.04CIM2NI::GAUTHIERTue Mar 28 1989How do I get quota from COM file
548.07NEVATue Mar 28 1989LAT from VMS
550.02LIBRAE::BAILEYWed Mar 29 1989Screen_Uis
551.04SNDCSL::SMITHWed Mar 29 1989What's a "forced error" anyway?
552.03AYOU27::JBECKWed Mar 29 1989DCL to interactive program links
553.010NETMAN::STELLThu Mar 30 1989How do you change SET PASSWORD?
554.03MAAFA1::WYOUNGThu Mar 30 1989No operator coverage?
555.01BMT::MISRAHIThu Mar 30 1989help with DCL dates
556.02EGAVFri Mar 31 1989Appl. merge across clusters?
557.011INCH::BADMANFri Mar 31 1989Disable "BREAK" ?
558.020GSPMO::GREENEMon Apr 03 1989Restrict access to process running image?
559.013CVMS::DOTENMon Apr 03 1989Finding process defaults (and SMG)
560.03NACAD::N_FISHMANWed Apr 05 1989SCSI to PDP11/7
561.05TOOK::MICHAUDWed Apr 05 1989SPAWN/NOWAIT with a /DETACH
562.014POBOX::KALLEVIGBFri Apr 07 1989ALL-IN-1 Document Transfer
563.01CANYON::OSHAUGHNESSYFri Apr 07 1989Backup Journal File Documentation?
564.03AITG::DERAMOSun Apr 09 1989Why not $ set process/name=new_name old_name ?
565.07EST::ALFREDTue Apr 11 1989Time Zones and Remote Nodes
566.0VINO::VOBATue Apr 11 1989PVDRIVER for VMS 5.1?
567.011NITTY::COHENTue Apr 11 1989SUSPEND and REMOVE_NODE Question
568.06GIDDAY::MUNNWed Apr 12 1989Purge someone elses working set
569.0GIDDAY::MUNNWed Apr 12 1989bs+TTDRIVER=messy!
570.06XDELTA::SIMMWed Apr 12 1989More On The Internet Worm (from Cornell)
571.03VIATWO::ROYWed Apr 12 1989global section descriptor table is full
573.04COMICS::ANGERSThu Apr 13 1989qio with readprompt
574.02CECVThu Apr 13 1989F6 available without SET TERM/NOLINE?
575.06SMAUG::MENDELFri Apr 14 1989Convert 22
576.014OTOUFri Apr 14 1989PDP 11/
577.0COMICS::ANGERSSun Apr 16 1989Changing prompts
578.04MISFIT::SALEHIMMon Apr 17 1989How to link on 5.2 system for 5.1b
579.06ACE::WILLIAMSMon Apr 17 19895 level Baudot to ASC
580.012AITG::DERAMOTue Apr 18 1989"answer the PHONE" program?
581.09TARDS::TORKILDTue Apr 18 1989Reading input in batch
582.010TOOK::MICHAUDWed Apr 19 1989Wanted: PDP-8/e Software/Hardware/Documentation
583.06FUTURA::MCNULTYWed Apr 19 1989Private PHONE line?
584.09GIDDAY::GILLINGSThu Apr 20 1989Simple alternative to LIB$CALLG
585.011LOOP::RUSMERThu Apr 20 1989.COM to do the dirty work??
586.03CIM1NI::POWERSThu Apr 20 1989question on $qio for input?
587.09OLDS::HARRISThu Apr 20 1989Getting the creation date of a file from a FORTRAN program.
588.04PSW::WINALSKISat Apr 22 1989how to tell SET HOST
589.013INCH::HAYCOXTue Apr 25 1989Write attention AST on a directory ?
590.022CSOA1::FORNERTue Apr 25 1989BAS$EDIT for the novice?
591.016CSC32::K_PARRISTue Apr 25 1989Procedure for corrupted JBCSYSQUE.DAT (latest in .11)
592.03GIDDAY::GILLINGSWed Apr 26 1989Any TRACEBACK gurus out there?
593.011SNDCSL::SMITHWed Apr 26 1989Runs fine under the debugger!
595.02VICKI::BROOKSFri Apr 28 1989Anyone willing to offer some ethernet driver code?
596.01EXIT26::SAARINENFri Apr 28 1989Basic Form Feed Question
597.01KYOA::MIANOFri Apr 28 1989LALR error questions
598.03FOO::BHAVNANIFri Apr 28 1989Intelligent DIR command
599.02ATLV5::HOLLY_OSat Apr 29 1989Variable to Fixed
600.03HANDVC::WILLIAMLIMon May 01 1989Question on INSTALL images?
601.044USMRM4::PKADOWFri May 05 1989Blaster Command File
602.03POBOX::KALLEVIGBFri May 05 1989Gotta learn somewhere...
603.04ODIXIE::PACEMon May 08 1989% of cpu in a nutshell
604.03MISFIT::SALEHIMMon May 08 1989How to get a sysgen value from the program
605.04CVG::RENNICKTue May 09 1989Help/Banner
606.02UBEAUT::MACKAYWed May 10 1989*U* Help with rights ID and queue accesses wanted
607.04AITG::DERAMOWed May 10 1989Disk usage: DIR/SIZE vs SHOW QUOTA
608.06LARK::CRAIGThu May 11 1989Media reports DEC theft
609.0AIRONE::SICHERAThu May 11 1989A cookbook of useful C macros
610.03PNO::KEMERERFri May 12 1989A question on foreign network addressing
611.02TADSKI::HUMPHREYTue May 16 1989Remote printing
612.01COMICS::ANGERSThu May 18 1989CTRL-Y captive ??
613.06CGOSThu May 18 1989Byte count from TTDRIVER
614.038CSC32::J_RABOINThu May 18 1989New enhanced Watch checks Device Chars
615.06IND::BRASHFri May 19 1989Terminal emulator wanted.
616.09WFOV11::COBBSat May 20 1989ALTERNATE UAF?
617.018DWOVAX::YOUNGMon May 22 1989How to get NULL time in V5 ?
618.03COMICS::ANGERSTue May 23 1989LIB$TPARSE from pascal
619.06SKYLRK::OLSONTue May 23 1989trouble with repeated SNDJBC calls
620.0751378::SCHOUTENWed May 24 1989Protecting software distribution??
621.0SNDCSL::SMITHWed May 24 1989Datacheck error from IEX device?
622.03SMOOT::ROTHWed May 24 1989SYSTEM-W-DIRFULL, directory is full
623.01SKIVT::HEARNWed May 24 1989Where'd I go wrong?
624.0MLNBAS::SUPPORTOThu May 25 1989HSC Restore Problem
625.0+4SPIThu May 25 1989Ethernet Help
626.09ACE::WILLIAMSThu May 25 1989disable a image for a while???
627.04TRUCKS::PATTISON_MFri May 26 1989Info required on IUI
628.04RABIES::CRAIGFri May 26 1989Causes of CLIFAIL error?
629.07DPDMAI::HILDEBRANDSat May 27 1989Multiple VMS versions - single system disk
630.05DPDMAI::HILDEBRANDSat May 27 1989DUdriver Fork Lock Change?
631.01MSDSWS::SECRISTSun May 28 19898
632.01DUBWed May 31 1989Finding an assigned channel in a program
633.04ANT::DBELLETETEWed May 31 1989HELP control MAIL from DCL!
634.09KELVIN::KOLTEWed May 31 1989Equivalent of F$FILE for BASIC FUNCTION CALL.
635.03LARVAE::MITCHELLFri Jun 02 1989Guide to VMSINSTAL
636.02SPIFri Jun 02 1989Fast I/O in C
637.010POBOX::KALLEVIGBSat Jun 03 1989Starting Conference
638.05BOOTIS::BAILEYSat Jun 03 1989MESSAGE
639.011ZGOVTue Jun 06 1989Beeping terminal
641.03SHALOT::FAILETue Jun 06 1989Help with SMG$CREATE_MENU
642.0COMICS::ANGERSWed Jun 07 1989LBR$ obj example ??
643.03COMICS::ANGERSWed Jun 07 1989getting third field on remote login
644.021UFP::MURPHYWed Jun 07 1989For your enjoyment: The Hacker Test
645.03COMICS::ANGERSThu Jun 08 1989coral + c
646.04TRUCKS::PATTISON_MThu Jun 08 1989How to make a non debug prog debugable
647.010IND::BRASHThu Jun 08 1989Looking for multi-OS resource manager...
648.07POLAR::LACAILLEFri Jun 09 1989Multiple command symbol
649.06AKOVMon Jun 12 1989136
650.0SHRFAC::SMITHTue Jun 13 1989PIC->DDIF conversion need LPS4
651.03SNDCSL::SMITHWed Jun 14 1989UUCP mail spec?
652.033DPDMAI::HILDEBRANDWed Jun 14 1989Program to receive OPCOM messages?.
653.06HANDVC::TONYPOONFri Jun 16 1989Writable Sharable Image
654.012AKRON::RATASKIMon Jun 19 1989Converting system V semaphores -> VMS
655.06WJG::GUINEAUMon Jun 19 19892 ethernets in a microvax
657.025895::SIMMWed Jun 21 1989outbound calls from privileged shareables
658.0ANNECY::BULTEFri Jun 23 1989SETIME on KA65
659.013DPDMAI::AUGSPURGERSat Jun 24 1989Image Identification (IDENT=WHO.KNOWS)
660.06CARTUN::HACHEWed Jun 28 1989looking for cookie program
661.04SNDCSL::SMITHThu Jun 29 1989Tape directory structures?
663.01WFOV11::COBBFri Jun 30 1989Help with Ports
664.05HIBER::KAKASat Jul 01 1989Vms Tar?
665.01STKEIS::BYSTAMSun Jul 02 1989SYSMAN or SMISERVER help wanted
666.06SNO78C::FORTINISun Jul 02 1989$unwind - CTLC AST
668.02DELNI::MHARRISThu Jul 06 1989BASIC SORT example sought...
669.011SMOOT::ROTHThu Jul 06 1989Need to extract few blocks from big file
670.018MAAAIC::FRYKMANThu Jul 06 1989a second level of security?
671.07WIENER::SCHOELLERFri Jul 07 1989Find Names of all Cluster-Members
672.06JGO::APETERSFri Jul 07 1989SET HOST + SOME MORE....
673.07PNO::LEADEREFri Jul 07 1989NBS time standard
674.022--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 07 1989Table Driven CRC generator/routine
675.0THELAB::ASBRIDGEFri Jul 07 1989EXEBYTE 82
676.03COOKIE::FONTANAMon Jul 10 1989elapsed time utility wanted...
677.03WFOV12::SMALLTue Jul 11 1989Edit from a procedure.
678.08SPITue Jul 11 1989Hacker Heaven....
679.028TAVWed Jul 12 1989synchronizing system clocks via DECnet
680.03BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOWed Jul 12 1989Looking for tool to check GUESSABLE PASSWORDS
681.04REGENT::MERRILLFri Jul 14 1989Fast Start for captive account?
682.010NITTY::COHENMon Jul 17 1989Determine if user is not current in LAT session
683.012SNDCSL::SMITHMon Jul 17 1989Macro to output a number?
684.09GIDDAY::GILLINGSTue Jul 18 1989Load balancing feature?
685.06NEWVAX::PHARMONTue Jul 18 1989Show process/cont stops short
686.03VNABRW::ACKERWed Jul 19 1989event-flages used by the debugger ??
687.05CURRNT::REVELLWed Jul 19 1989Shared data confusion !!!!
688.07TOOK::RASPUZZIWed Jul 19 1989Merging in .DIF files
689.02AYOV11::LBARRIEThu Jul 20 1989???? .COMS ????
690.0322552::TERENCEThu Jul 20 1989Need LNGSPL$ spec ...
691.01PEORIA::NELSONTue Jul 25 1989How to dump this global section????
692.01BIGIST::HARDINGTue Jul 25 1989Example of use of ALTSTART anyone?
693.02DUBWed Jul 26 1989From Cobol/PASCAL to DCL
694.01KAOA12::DUFFWed Jul 26 1989system service question
695.09DLOACT::HILDEBRANDWed Jul 26 1989Resource Wait fix'er up'er
696.04USMRM4::PKADOWWed Jul 26 1989TK5
697.0XDELTA::SIMMThu Jul 27 1989Privileged Application Design Question
698.016AITG::DERAMOThu Jul 27 1989Tricky VMS RENAME/COPY request.
699.018CSC32::S_LEDOUXSat Jul 29 1989How to set CPU affinity on a process
700.035AITG::DERAMOMon Jul 31 1989More "to hack"'s, fewer "or not to hack"'s?
701.05CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed Aug 02 1989Need a safe place in P1, got one ?
702.04AYOV11::LSTEVENSONWed Aug 02 1989Redirect Input
703.012AZUR::BODINWed Aug 02 1989Access Violation for a batch job
704.02VANISH::HARRISWed Aug 02 1989NCB optional data from DCL
705.05NEEPS::MCMILLANThu Aug 03 1989multi threaded flag page symbiont modification
706.019DPDMAI::SMITHFri Aug 04 1989Prevent unauthorized copies of software?
707.011ATSEA::ELLISONMon Aug 07 1989VMS variant of U*x SELECT service?
708.013ACE::BREWERMon Aug 07 1989PHRACK online?
709.03YUCATN::LASTOVICAWed Aug 09 1989program accessable traceback info/routine
710.05CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed Aug 09 1989Replacing global page(s) with private pages...
711.08YUPPY::EVANSJWed Aug 09 1989Process
712.010CRUISE::JBONINWed Aug 09 1989I want that MAIL message back!
713.08TINGAU::HEFELEWed Aug 09 1989Need help in TIMSYNCH on a LAN
714.07DELNI::MHARRISWed Aug 09 1989Comparing TIME values in DCL. Pointers?
715.01CIMNET::NIKOPOULOSThu Aug 10 1989Looking for a CLI stub
716.01SALEM::MELANSONThu Aug 10 1989horse race results, b-board?
717.07RUNTUF::ORNSTEINThu Aug 10 1989Need DCL to check free disk blocks
718.07ACE::WILLIAMSFri Aug 11 1989change personal name from .com????
719.01BERNFri Aug 11 1989USERS get access to another account
720.03TOWNS::KENOYERFri Aug 11 1989TEK 4
721.03CSC32::HAGERTYSat Aug 12 1989Image rundown doesn't $deq lock
722.01CRATE::REVELLMon Aug 14 1989ACL's and Global section's
723.0POOR::HEATHMon Aug 14 1989continue from an overflow fault?
724.07DUBTue Aug 15 1989Dhrystones & Whetstones...?
725.010SMAUG::GARRODTue Aug 15 1989How can I do fan out VMS MAIL forwarding?
726.03KAOFS::M_ROYWed Aug 16 1989How to use absolute time from F$CVTIME as input
727.03HPSRAD::KIRKWed Aug 16 1989Short interval timing
728.01IAMOK::DEVIVOWed Aug 16 1989ALERT re modified ELF software
729.010MU::PORTERWed Aug 16 1989overflow detection
730.013SPIFri Aug 18 1989A question for a friend....
731.07ASD::DIGRAZIAFri Aug 18 1989C, malloc, heap, zone watchpoints?
732.02AITG::DERAMOSat Aug 19 1989VAX MIX/VMS wanted
733.07WFOFAC::BILLTue Aug 22 1989Show system continuous????
734.0DUBWed Aug 23 1989Vax Xfer to a DG machine??
735.09SUBURB::WOODD1Fri Aug 25 1989File size tool
736.04JGL::JLENIHANFri Aug 25 1989Existence of PSICOPY ??
737.05WFOFAC::BILLFri Aug 25 1989Help for beginner at backup
738.03MADMAG::NORRISFri Aug 25 1989Who was logged in?
740.06OTOUMon Aug 28 1989Last access date of file
741.02SMAUG::MENDELTue Aug 29 1989Automatic <MARK>ing?
742.010GALVIA::JBROWNETue Aug 29 1989File size of different file types
743.03LOWLIF::DAVISTue Aug 29 1989Batch job log file problems
744.028SYOMV::DAVIDSONThu Aug 31 1989Symbol Substitution Blues
745.020CESARE::BELLONIThu Aug 31 1989Bypassing UAFALTERNATE mechanism?
746.05ROULET::GAUTHIERThu Aug 31 1989Need to DETACH a COM file
747.02FRAMBO::KRIEBELFri Sep 01 1989OPCOM MSGS to Printqueue ??
748.03UBEAUT::MACKAYMon Sep 04 1989How to 'SHOW QUEUE' for multiple queue names
749.04BERNWed Sep 06 19897-bit+parity characters
750.05LOWLIF::DAVISWed Sep 06 1989How to find device UCB
751.020ACESMK::HALLThu Sep 07 1989Need to force a process dump
752.02WFOFAC::BILLMon Sep 11 1989Mail flag high....
753.0MARVIN::WARWICKTue Sep 12 1989General purpose interface routines wanted
754.011UTOPIE::LOEFFLERTue Sep 12 1989batch job twice as slow as interactive!!
755.07DLOACT::HILDEBRANDTue Sep 12 1989File Placement Utility?
756.08CESARE::PIOVANOWed Sep 13 1989Clock-ing your terminal!
757.013LOWLIF::DAVISWed Sep 13 1989Need help on pgm to inc UCB$W_REFC
758.05BDWISR::HEAFEYWed Sep 13 1989Dynamically modifying SYSGEN parameters
759.01SUBURB::MILLSONMThu Sep 14 1989accounting file
760.03ARTMIS::HIGHAMMThu Sep 14 1989Multiple RIGHTSLIST.DATs
761.01HAMSUP::SONNENTAGFri Sep 15 1989How do I get Network data ?
762.05SHRFAC::SMITHMon Sep 18 1989Print QUEUE setups for a Mayfair?
763.014WFOFAC::BILLMon Sep 18 1989< Account held hostage by Privleges >
764.018VANISH::BAILEYTue Sep 19 1989Notes File(s) Summary stuff
765.04FROTHY::TATLOWTue Sep 19 1989Getting text from mailbox
766.09TRCC1::BRASHThu Sep 21 1989Multi-window support for VTxxx terminals...
767.016Thu Sep 21 1989Help - how to read shared image traceback names?
768.011SYOMV::DAVIDSONFri Sep 22 1989Hacking Executables
769.09ZGOM13::TGNGFri Sep 22 1989255 character constraint
770.013VESTA::BAILEYFri Sep 22 1989Complete Pending IO?
771.02ASD::DIGRAZIAFri Sep 22 1989CASE for Hackers (incremental compile & link)?
772.06FORTY2::BOONHAMFri Sep 22 1989Is the QUEUE MANAGER running?
773.07POBOX::BOCHONKOThu Sep 28 1989Who's Master lock node?
774.01SMAUG::GARRODThu Sep 28 1989Where is FAKE VM?
775.011DELNI::MHARRISMon Oct 02 1989Entering USERNAME/PASSWORD on a DECW VAXstation?
776.01OTOUTue Oct 03 1989Strange LATSYMB behaviour ???
777.04ROULET::GAUTHIERWed Oct 04 1989Help! GOTO label bombs
778.072EASY::TINGLOFThu Oct 05 1989Redirrecting SYS$ERROR AND SYS$OUTPUT
779.02ACE::WILLIAMSThu Oct 05 1989using ppsu from mail or ALL-IN-1
780.01CGOASat Oct 07 1989File Header Problem
781.02VANISH::BAILEYSat Oct 07 1989Toggle Verify / read-writes per file
782.0STKHLM::BERTILSSONSun Oct 08 1989SS$_EXBYTLM and $crmpsc make me curious
783.02CSC32::J_CHISHOLMTue Oct 10 1989>maximum
784.02CLO::FORNERWed Oct 11 1989Postscript translator anyone?
785.013IMSLOW::JBROWNEThu Oct 12 1989Find the number of files in a dir
786.01SVCRUS::WALLACEThu Oct 12 1989Marking $ prompt when spawned.
787.06CSC32::D_COHNFri Oct 13 1989OPCOM broadcast with double-wide characters??
788.06ZGOVMon Oct 16 1989Check whether a person has looged in or out
789.04XCELL::WOODMon Oct 16 1989who has what opened where???
790.03CSC32::J_FELDMANMon Oct 16 1989Notes commands from the EVE prompt
792.0GIDDAY::GILLINGSTue Oct 17 1989What to do if your clock stops
793.013LEDS::UYENOWed Oct 18 1989converting from binary time to ascii time
794.04MUDIS3::STEINMETZThu Oct 19 1989How can I read an open file?
795.016MILKWY::DICRISTINAFri Oct 20 1989SHOW USER across cluster for V5.*
796.02GIDDAY::SMALLMon Oct 23 1989Wildcard scan through logical name table?
797.03SHRFAC::SMITHMon Oct 23 1989F$MODE didn't return the correct value. (?)
798.04WHELIN::LAMBERTTue Oct 24 1989$CREPRC vs. LIB$SPAWN - neither seems quite right
799.01DWOVAX::BEHNKEWed Oct 25 1989Is SID predicatble after an upgrade?
800.03BPOV1Thu Oct 26 1989Quota lexical?
801.01CLO::FORNERFri Oct 27 1989Tape management anyone?
802.014CHRLIE::HUSTONMon Oct 30 1989VMS password encryption from non-VMS systems
803.06VISA::ZAAFMon Oct 30 1989File Type Detector
804.08DEC25::SHANNONTue Oct 31 1989Load a System to X%?
805.02JAZZ::BARNDTTue Oct 31 1989tool/method for monitoring CPU cycles?
806.013PETRUS::OFENSCHThu Nov 02 1989Who is Mr. Stan Rabinowitz ?
807.03GIDDAY::CULLENSun Nov 05 1989Identify Users Referencing Global Section?
808.02MOCA::JOHNSONMon Nov 06 1989Report Distribution Tool
809.01MOCA::JOHNSONMon Nov 06 1989Modification Logger
810.07PFLOYD::ROTHBERGWed Nov 08 1989Need some help with UUDECODE and ARC/VMSSWEEP
811.03BOTATA::DRABICKYWed Nov 08 1989VMS passwords: hashing to same value
812.08SNDCSL::SMITHWed Nov 08 1989Command line parameters to Fortran program?
813.011ACE::WILLIAMSThu Nov 09 1989Looking for binary program not in BLISS
814.020DIODE::CROWELLMon Nov 13 1989Code to swap bytes on VAX, MIPS
815.03MACNAS::RBROWNETue Nov 14 1989Modify LAT Server Chars Using QIO's
816.03PRSEIS::INFSERVWed Nov 15 1989*INTERRUPT* unwanted
817.02KERBER::KEWWed Nov 15 1989Cluster communication
818.059ULTRA::FERGUSONWed Nov 15 1989The all new VAX from Sears
819.02OOTOOL::LAVASHFri Nov 17 1989SYSTEM lock from a user mode program, without CVTSYS?
820.01FOO::BHAVNANIFri Nov 17 1989Happy 131st anniversary!
821.03RAIN::DELPHIASun Nov 19 1989Faking out Phone
822.010SUBURB::MILLSONMMon Nov 20 1989Unstoppable processes
823.05WFOFAC::BILLMon Nov 20 1989Process control block
824.02SUBURB::MILLSONMTue Nov 21 1989%HIX-W-NOMESG, what is HIX
825.05SCAACT::HILDEBRANDWed Nov 22 1989Per-process hotfiles utility?
826.03DELNI::MHARRISWed Nov 22 1989Sanity Check...
827.010PAULUS::OFENSCHThu Nov 23 1989Change my PID ?
828.06DENVER::THURYSun Nov 26 1989IPID_TO_EPID Interface?
829.0ULTRA::FERGUSONTue Nov 28 1989In Search of Printer documentation : LP25,26,27,LG
830.015LAIDBK::FRIEDMAN_MIWed Nov 29 1989Print on Attached Printer?
831.013EFGVThu Nov 30 1989Broadcast Interceptor Wanted
832.08KITKYE::C_MACKAYThu Nov 30 1989How does one mark MAIL as unread?
833.018CSOA1::YINGLINGThu Nov 30 1989VAX/VMS Files-11 Defragment w/one "instruction"
834.01UTOPIE::VERONIKAThu Nov 30 1989modify shutdown.com?
835.03MXOVThu Nov 30 1989ULTRIX tape -> VMS disk?
836.010SYSTEM::RUNDELLFri Dec 01 1989Dump messages in mailbox ?
837.05SYSTEM::RUNDELLFri Dec 01 1989SET WATCH document ?
838.01--UnknownUser--Sun Dec 03 1989Can't abort during test program
839.03NEEPS::MCMILLANSun Dec 03 1989RD53 physical info for formatter?
841.03CGOATue Dec 05 1989Help on LOOP in COM mode.
842.04MINDER::GRAHAMWed Dec 06 1989MOVL, MOVAL () - what's the difference
844.02COMICS::BURKEPFri Dec 08 1989OPCOM message interception using a MAILBOX
845.0CLAMBR::GREENINGFri Dec 08 1989Clear device table without reboot?
846.06KAOFS::S_MACDONALDFri Dec 08 1989EXEC exit (image) handler??
847.019CSSE::CIUFFINIMon Dec 11 1989Values for GETSYI(NODENAME), etc.. where from?
848.02CESARE::PIOVANOTue Dec 12 1989Write on terninal...
849.01SHALOT::FAILETue Dec 12 1989QIOs & escape sequences
850.03TROPPO::HORTONTue Dec 12 1989Unix style I/O under VMS, best way?
851.08MARVIN::COCKBURNTue Dec 12 1989pascal routine to 'tell the time'
852.02GIDDAY::GILLINGSWed Dec 13 1989%LINK-I-DATMISMCH, but you won't believe it!
853.03PETRUS::OFENSCHWed Dec 13 1989Does COPY use block IO ?!
854.05BUNNYS::MARTIN_SYSThu Dec 14 1989internals and data structures
855.02PETRUS::OFENSCHThu Dec 14 1989 2 INDEXF.SYS Questions
856.03EVTIS1::HOTLINEFri Dec 15 1989How to close a batch log file ?
857.03AZTECH::LASTOVICASat Dec 16 1989deliver AST to start the debugger
858.09USMRM4::PKADOWMon Dec 18 1989PC CYBorg, warning - don't use
859.06AITG::DERAMOMon Dec 18 1989April Fool's Day question :-)
860.04EICMFG::STANOFSKYTue Dec 19 1989PC virus stoned???
861.06RC3Tue Dec 19 1989To Determine if image linked with certain shareable image ?
862.04SUBURB::MILLSONMWed Dec 20 1989$SETUAI ....HELP !!!
863.08ALLVAX::BEERMANWed Dec 20 1989Avoid checking for shareable images?
864.07ACE::WILLIAMSWed Dec 20 1989do backups across the net???
865.03STKHLM::GANNINGThu Dec 21 1989VAXstation2
866.06VISA::ZAAFThu Dec 21 1989printing footnotes with $sndjbc
867.02BURYST::EDMUNDSThu Dec 21 1989MACRO macros anyone?
868.05MPGS::VASSELLFri Dec 22 1989RSTS to VMS
869.01PROXY::CANTORWed Dec 27 1989Find name of calling command file
871.019SMAUG::MENDELWed Jan 03 1990Dates: telling even weeks from odd?
872.010FNYHUB::PAXDEVThu Jan 04 1990modify condition handler - dynamically
873.05OTOUThu Jan 04 1990VMS 4 driver on a VMS 5 system
875.03VANDAL::BAILEYFri Jan 05 1990Top bit ASCII?
876.08RUTILE::HOLTAMFri Jan 05 1990How to test backup save sets for End
877.06GIDDAY::BRETTSat Jan 06 1990fork dispatching in a program ?
878.0SNOCSun Jan 07 1990gateways/database books???
879.05ODIHAM::PATTISON_MMon Jan 08 1990Problems with boot time on LAVC
881.04SMAUG::GARRODMon Jan 08 1990How much I/O to a file, pointer to HOT FILES?
883.07ACUTE::MCKINLEYMon Jan 08 1990$QIO to read nothing?
884.04ACE::WILLIAMSMon Jan 08 1990get nodename of a non-cluster VAX.
885.04KERNEL::MAUFETue Jan 09 1990watching logicals?
886.010PERN::LONGTue Jan 09 1990New File Detection???
887.01LEZAH::SCANLONWed Jan 10 1990Questionnaire for programmers and others!
888.09SMAUG::MENDELWed Jan 10 1990What's a Portal (in the networking sense) ?
889.012THEWAV::PFLUEGERThu Jan 11 1990Need help with a DCL mutex semaphore
890.010MQOUThu Jan 11 1990LOCKER???
891.02UTOPIE::KREISLERFri Jan 12 1990Unreadable characters after error-message
892.012TRNAF1::CRAVEROTue Jan 16 1990Transfer control to loginout
893.02CSC32::M_ANTRYTue Jan 16 1990Subprocess defines a parent process's symbols
894.02UTOPIE::KASPARWed Jan 17 1990BACKUP/LIST/SINCE all VMS Versions
895.08WFOFAC::BILLThu Jan 18 1990Version of layered products
896.06UTRTSC::LUBBERSFri Jan 19 1990Prompt to mailbox?
897.010UTOPIE::VERONIKAFri Jan 19 1990dismount -userfiles open- NO files open
898.06SMAUG::MURALIMon Jan 22 1990Faking a second port on a single ported DSH
899.01WLDWST::SOBHANIMon Jan 22 1990Downloading Standalone Backup
900.03STRATA::GAUTHIERThu Jan 25 1990Help, need large REGIS coord sys
901.01WFOFAC::BILLThu Jan 25 1990Inquire with a symbol for directory
902.03PNO::KEMERERSun Jan 28 1990Another date translation routine needed
903.04STKEIS::BYSTAMMon Jan 29 1990BASIC vs Pascal coding problems
904.04WIENER::SCHOELLERThu Feb 01 1990turn on/off Keyboard LED's
905.0SHALOT::FAILEMon Feb 05 1990Help with Pseudo Terminal Drivers
906.013THOTH::FILZTue Feb 06 1990extract/noheader
907.01SHALOT::WELTONTue Feb 06 1990Global symbols Object conflict
908.02GUIDUK::MILLERTue Feb 06 1990Error Status 8C from writedump
909.024MSAMWed Feb 07 1990Looking For Encryption Program
910.07TRNAF1::CRAVEROWed Feb 07 1990RWAST process into $DASSGN
911.014TUNER::COPPERSMITHWed Feb 07 1990$creprc and prc$m_batch?
912.01SCAACT::COXWed Feb 07 1990Hack for LMF database?
913.09UTRTSC::VDBURGWed Feb 07 1990Looking for translation routine PTE -> VA
914.018CURIE::BERNIERWed Feb 07 1990Extracting Device Errors Via DCL
915.09GALVIA::BREATHNACHThu Feb 08 1990String Pattern Matching
916.05STRATA::GAUTHIERThu Feb 08 1990Need to modify GPX window dimensions via 'C'
918.011OTOUFri Feb 09 1990BACKUP/IMAGE copies ?
920.08TPWEST::ECHANGMon Feb 12 1990Global Section vs AST for IPC
921.015CORREO::EDMUNDOTue Feb 13 1990!Help, Automatic Login need.
922.09LUNER::ALLENTue Feb 13 1990REQUEST/REPLY but I want the REPLY
923.02OTOUTue Feb 13 1990BOOT-F-ERROR Program Image not found DUA
924.07BDWISR::HEAFEYWed Feb 14 1990Tape drive in mount/dismount, NONEXPR
925.07THOTH::FILZWed Feb 14 1990386 base machine
926.07MINNY::SCHWARZRWed Feb 21 1990Question on $UPDSEC
927.07ROGER::GAUDETWed Feb 21 1990Network COPY fails, local COPY works fine!
928.07WKRP::LENNIGThu Feb 22 1990DFS/LAVC hack needed
929.0TRCC1::BRASHThu Feb 22 1990Keyboard input, SMG$READ_KEYSTROKE or QIO$...
930.02ENOVAX::DELPHIAThu Feb 22 1990Need "quick boot" for testing
931.01ACE::WILLIAMSSat Feb 24 1990disk will not dismount from .com file
933.04STRATA::GAUTHIERMon Feb 26 1990
934.08--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 26 1990Turning of Mvax2 clock
935.016HKOVC::TERENCETue Feb 27 1990SET HOST from within Image?
936.01THEWAV::PFLUEGERTue Feb 27 1990Getting substring form long symbol?
937.03SUBURB::WOODD1Thu Mar 01 1990DCL Symbols and HEX
938.016THOTH::FILZThu Mar 01 1990print vs copy
940.03BREW11::WICKETTThu Mar 01 1990hidden directories?
941.02THOTH::FILZThu Mar 01 1990rwswp means
942.03TKTVFS::NARITAFri Mar 02 1990Convert BIN data with high IPL?
943.014HPSRAD::KOMARTue Mar 06 1990How to call DCL f$... from a program?
944.03RAVEN1::TYLERTue Mar 06 1990Help the Learning Center
945.01GALVIA::BREATHNACHWed Mar 07 1990Balanced Trees
946.02THOTH::FILZWed Mar 07 1990Word_perfect
947.06MAJORS::REVELLWed Mar 07 1990Notify application users.
948.01FERRET::HAGELWed Mar 07 1990VAXcluster Load Balancing?
949.08THOTH::FILZFri Mar 09 1990Deleting Directory Files?
950.02MARVIN::COCKBURNFri Mar 09 1990Utility to change a process WSQUOTA and WSEXTENT sought
951.018DCC::COURTSMon Mar 12 1990Trapping CTRL-Y
952.05CLARKK::WISE_ERTue Mar 13 1990Lexical Brain Teaser?
953.07SNDCSL::SMITHWed Mar 14 1990Ethernet addresses and PROMs and such.
954.06NUKMAC::WALLACEWed Mar 14 1990ODS-2 stuff - home block, file header info
955.03HPSRAD::KOMARThu Mar 15 1990Better PRINT interface?
956.06DEBUG::GALLOSun Mar 18 1990Tool to identify NULL files?
957.08WNPVTue Mar 20 1990Export Advice/Contact point
958.08MACNAS::PMCBRIDETue Mar 20 1990ALL-IN-1 new mail count anyone ?
959.05CURIE::BERNIERTue Mar 20 1990help with MS-DOS commands
960.06ILOV14::JOCONNORThu Mar 22 1990Ignoring a $FORCEX Call?
961.06THOTH::FILZFri Mar 23 1990Connecting DECstation (PC) to VAX?
962.05HKOVC::TERENCEMon Mar 26 1990$CREPRC question
963.08OTOUWed Mar 28 1990What's the use of SYS$LANGUAGE
964.03OTOUWed Mar 28 1990F$GET_INDENTIFIER any taker ?
965.01OTOUWed Mar 28 1990Problem with BACKUP /CREATED on Opened files
966.02GIDDAY::GILLINGSNPWed Mar 28 1990PHD$L_WSQUOTA and WSEXTENT, offset by %X68?
967.04KAOTThu Mar 29 1990Executive mode $FORCEX?
968.010MARX::WALSHFri Mar 30 1990Autologging at a customer's site
969.011HARDY::SCHWEIKERMon Apr 02 1990C compiler problem with '\
970.02DIEGO::GASSNERTue Apr 03 1990Streaming a TK7
971.07ACE::WILLIAMSWed Apr 04 1990another time problem!!
972.05HKOVC::TERENCEWed Apr 04 1990Reply enabled?
973.08KYOV5Wed Apr 04 1990How to write program to check DISKQUOTA?
974.09WELMTS::HILLWed Apr 04 1990.WPL word count needed
975.03SHARE::GILBERTIWed Apr 04 1990Show files/blocks
976.01TRCC1::BRASHWed Apr 04 1990Need terminal info in sub-process PCB
977.04UNTADC::BRAEUThu Apr 05 1990Where is the traceback handler?
978.015SNDCSL::SMITHThu Apr 05 1990More virtual memory?
979.03BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOThu Apr 05 1990File was set w/NOBACKUP. Can I recover ?
980.018ENOVAX::BARRETTFri Apr 06 1990Using INQUIRE in DCL
981.07GIDDAY::CULLENSun Apr 08 1990Problem: Terminal IO from ASTDEL
982.01VLNVAX::TSMITHWed Apr 11 1990VMS2CAI system version mismatch at run time
983.05GIDDAY::GILLINGSThu Apr 12 1990Deadlock, RWAST and RMS locks between parent and subprocess
984.01SUBWAY::NAEGELYMon Apr 16 1990Macro32 Condition Handler Example?
985.05NEEPS::MCMILLANTue Apr 17 1990Where is the account field for the process accounting record stored?
986.03MSAMTue Apr 17 1990qio programming?
987.05GIDDAY::CLARKETue Apr 17 1990Scanned Images to ASCII text translators ???
988.01CSC32::J_PARSONSWed Apr 18 1990Reading inline data with READ in batch
989.01BLKPUD::THOMASAThu Apr 19 1990DCL prompt revisited easy MACRO program
990.014ZPOVThu Apr 19 1990Dynamic memory from the user stack
991.05TAGART::CARTYFri Apr 20 1990Help with DTE Session -- sending BREAK
992.013GUIDUK::MILLERFri Apr 20 1990POOLPAGING and S
993.08GUIDUK::MILLERFri Apr 20 1990Restarting VMS & processes
994.08SQM::ROYSat Apr 21 1990Fragmented file detection
995.03ROMCSA::ROGOMon Apr 23 1990ACL&AUDIT on a queue: is it possible?
996.05TKTVFS::KUSAKARIWed Apr 25 1990$SNDJBC, Reserved func sjc$_control_diagnostics
997.06PUGH::MILLSONMWed Apr 25 1990LTA devices from image
998.03EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Apr 30 1990Delaying Commands to application
999.08EPOCH::JOHNSONTue May 01 1990Help with symbol-assigment, quotes, lexs!
1000.04SUBURB::MALCOLMGTue May 01 1990A System Management tool
1001.01ENOVAX::DELPHIATue May 01 1990RSX/VMS 5.* network hack needed!!!
1002.01CUJO::MEIERTue May 01 1990Set processor affinity
1003.02TOTH::CHAVESWed May 02 1990color output for lj25
1004.06SNDPIT::SMITHThu May 03 1990Large memory array (what quota?)
1005.0KYOA::WINGFri May 04 1990Calling print symbiont routines??
1006.01VLNVAX::TSMITHFri May 04 1990865
1007.08ACE::WILLIAMSFri May 04 1990storage space on a tape???
1008.01OSLLAV::TORKILD_PSat May 05 1990Printing to disk
1009.07CLO::FORNERMon May 07 1990I need the Port #
1010.06SNDPIT::SMITHMon May 07 1990Default VMS fortran strings to call-by-ref?
1011.01EMASS::CAETANOTue May 08 1990Utility to read wpsdef.wpl????
1012.0SUBURB::WOODD1Wed May 09 1990DECDX/VMS extra byte problem
1013.05SUBWAY::FRIEDMANWed May 09 1990How to sense when a cluster member dies.
1014.06ODIXIE::PACEWed May 09 1990$EXPREG_S
1015.01SICKO::PATTERSONWed May 09 1990How do I get the count of Virt Pages?
1016.02MCGRUE::MILLSONMFri May 11 1990Context in SYS$GETUAI
1017.02ZPOVFri May 11 1990moving SET PASSWORD prompts
1018.04SQM::ROYFri May 11 1990PAUSE OR QUIT?
1019.03HDLITE::FLEURYFri May 11 1990Need to know Asynch or Synch within QIO
1020.03TINGAU::HEFELESat May 12 1990I need the BOOTHOST name in MI (or NI) cluster
1021.01MEXVTue May 15 1990Looking a Picture
1023.07WARABI::ZORBASFri May 18 1990Secure Auditing of Priv'd Users
1024.0CSC32::S_LEDOUXSat May 19 1990Debugging p1 space code with no image context ???
1025.08THOTH::FILZTue May 22 1990rainbow term to VT1
1026.09HPSRAD::KOMARTue May 22 1990problem: set host/log differs from terminal i/o. Work-around?
1027.08THEBAY::GOODMANTue May 22 1990How to disconnect someone else's terminal?
1028.025ESCROW::LANGTue May 22 1990Locking down a linked list ?
1029.08SUBURB::DARRALLDWed May 23 1990remove hidden/prot acl
1030.011WKRP::LENNIGThu May 24 1990U*X docs on VMS query
1031.02KTOV11::KUMEMon May 28 1990How to get usage of JTQUOTA & SHFILLM from program
1032.08UNTADI::BRETTMon May 28 1990Own Pagefaulting ?
1033.07RUTLND::GANZWed May 30 1990running applications across clusters
1034.02HPSRAD::KOMARWed May 30 1990load average from user mode?
1035.01SA1794::SEARSDThu May 31 1990Device questions
1036.08AUSTIN::LCOXFri Jun 01 1990SYSUAF.DAT, KEY 2 and KEY 3 ?
1037.05UKEDU::BUSHENFri Jun 01 1990how can I see if a batch job exists?
1038.02SHALOT::FAILEMon Jun 04 1990Network $QIOs?
1039.03FORTSC::MIRASSOUMon Jun 04 1990Getting a CLI for a symbiont process?
1040.05AZTECH::LASTOVICATue Jun 05 1990command procedure to change image idents in ISDs
1041.02VNABRW::PIEBERTue Jun 05 1990'file not accessed on channel - spooled device.
1042.0TAOVTue Jun 05 1990Editing of RECALL Buffer
1043.04UTOPIE::VERONIKAWed Jun 06 1990error logger cpu 3 sda>cpu 1?
1044.014UNTADH::SACHSEWed Jun 06 1990Problems using NODE"USER PW"::"TASK=SYS$NET:"
1045.04FOO::BHAVNANIWed Jun 06 1990Clusterwide Mailboxes?
1046.013RTOEU::HSTOECKLINWed Jun 06 1990accessing files
1047.02PUGH::MILLSONMFri Jun 08 1990Declaring Network Object - Help!!!!
1048.07SWSVAX::MORRISFri Jun 08 1990DCL version of ANALYZE/SYSTEM (ie, no SDA).
1049.03AIMHI::TINIUSMon Jun 11 1990Need write-only directory - how?
1050.06TKTV2Mon Jun 11 1990Virtual disk as disk alternative?
1051.03SNDPIT::SMITHMon Jun 11 1990Need 'more' program for VMS
1052.08HKOVC::TERENCETue Jun 12 1990Reply enabled?
1053.03KBOMFG::HAUCKWed Jun 13 1990CYMB and DSP?
1054.05PUGH::MILLSONMWed Jun 13 1990Extra bytes in non-transparent DECnet link?
1055.02CLARID::KREYERThu Jun 14 1990Looking for RAxx HDA Serial Number
1056.06MARMAT::JERRYMon Jun 18 1990The file's there but it really isn't?
1057.05TAOVTue Jun 19 1990SIXEL File from Page Memory
1059.04VLNVAX::TSMITHWed Jun 20 1990help starting DECwindows on an MI satellite
1060.072SWSVAX::MORRISWed Jun 20 1990request for a crackdown!!!
1061.01BLFAST::GRAINNEThu Jun 21 1990Examples of sys$check_access
1062.02ZGOVThu Jun 21 1990Help in maintaining disk quota
1063.04XSTACY::GORMANFri Jun 22 1990Send ctrl-Y to a sub proc ??
1064.03MARX::FLEMINGTue Jun 26 1990Modify Command Recall Buffer?
1065.06FSDBTue Jun 26 1990BATCH/DETACHED processes needs OPCOM messages
1066.03IJSAPL::CAMERONWed Jun 27 1990Killing a Vaxstation - DEAD
1067.02CGOOThu Jun 28 1990HOW TO MODIFY LATSYM ?
1068.011YENREF::POTTSThu Jun 28 1990Fast image activation...
1069.06EMILE::MASThu Jun 28 1990Nodenames and decnet addresses
1070.08GOONS::EYThu Jun 28 1990CTRLY AST HELP NEEDED !
1071.017SMAUG::MENDELThu Jun 28 1990Brain Teaser: Program writes itself
1072.08GYPMS1::HOLZERThu Jun 28 1990Tool to recover deleted files ??
1073.018ULTRA::FERGUSONFri Jun 29 1990Documentation for the NML$ interface anyone?
1074.016PNO::LEADEREMon Jul 02 1990Faster LOGIN symbols and logicals
1075.06CRONIC::SYSTEMThu Jul 12 1990Location of SALVAGE ?
1076.013PEACHS::BELDINSat Jul 14 1990Kill the *&$%^ bell on VT1
1077.08PIPA::SANTIAGOMon Jul 16 1990private_pages=>global_pages ??
1078.05MSAMTue Jul 17 1990to retrieve old mails in vms v5.1
1079.020337Wed Jul 18 1990High Honors for a Hacker
1080.05SALEM::NAGARAJANWed Jul 18 1990Password Encryption anyone?
1081.02CHEESE::KAISERThu Jul 19 1990On performance and portability
1082.04CLO::FORNERThu Jul 19 1990PBYTLM not documented anywhere
1083.01SKYLRK::KURATAMon Jul 23 1990Seeing processes on cluster nodes ?
1084.011TROAMon Jul 23 1990Set a thief to catch a thief...
1085.0STAR::CRITZTue Jul 24 1990Usage of secondary channels in drivers
1086.02ELIS::DOEVEFri Jul 27 1990Privileged image example needed
1087.04MCGRUE::MILLSONMFri Jul 27 1990Disk list from image
1088.07STAR::CANTORSat Jul 28 1990Tests for leap year
1089.012VMSDEV::WIBECANMon Jul 30 1990Julian date with BC years
1090.01THEWAV::GASSNERWed Aug 01 1990VA to PFN Routines??
1091.01PUGH::MILLSONMThu Aug 02 1990mntverifytimeout problem with sys$getdvi
1092.07CHOVAX::YOUNGFri Aug 03 1990How to SET HOST with proxies...?
1093.07RC3Wed Aug 08 1990How to get data from NPP to user-readable VM
1094.04SICKO::PATTERSONWed Aug 08 1990Why is extra space need after transfer vectors?
1095.010TRCAFri Aug 10 1990Fooling Clyde Digital's Auditor
1096.03VLNVAX::TSMITHTue Aug 14 1990TWA devices (only) hang
1097.02SIMD::SAEYSTue Aug 14 1990Reading NETPROXY.DAT?
1098.06ACE::BREWERTue Aug 14 1990How to? Bootable microcode?
1099.03ALLVAX::LUBYWed Aug 15 1990Command Recall via CLI
1100.010HKOVC::TERENCEThu Aug 16 1990Other process' display
1101.03TROPPO::RICKARDTue Aug 21 1990Editing forms ??
1103.02CSC32::D_COHNWed Aug 22 1990Which terminals does OPCOM have enabled??
1104.010PT73::MGRACEFFAThu Aug 23 1990Mail Compress Program/Utility for VMS
1105.0+3VAXSPO::PEDROFri Aug 24 1990Session log w/o SET HOST
1106.07OLDTMR::STCLAIRThu Aug 30 1990DCL am I synchronizing this correctly?
1107.012HPSRAD::ARTHURFri Aug 31 1990UN*X touch command under VMS
1108.010SCAACT::HILDEBRANDFri Aug 31 1990Hack for DEFINE/KEY?
1109.07SCAACT::HILDEBRANDSun Sep 02 1990Address of System Service?
1110.01PUGH::MILLSONMMon Sep 03 1990Link into live accounting file help needed...!!!
1111.07SMOOT::ROTHTue Sep 04 1990CHECKSUM.EXE help needed
1112.06DEMING::FISTERWed Sep 05 1990Is it possible to dial out?
1113.06NAVIER::LONGThu Sep 06 1990MBX DCL COMMAND lost
1114.04JUDYL::MUNROEThu Sep 06 1990Getting at /VECTOR=xxx informtion
1115.06GRANPA::SHORNUNGFri Sep 07 1990Performance question!!
1116.04CHOVAX::DADINOMon Sep 10 1990How get username of record locked
1117.05NAVIER::LONGMon Sep 10 1990Need pipe with PID
1118.05AZUR::CAPOZZITue Sep 11 1990DECnet session control required
1119.018POLAR::YUILLTue Sep 11 1990DCL READ From Batch VS Online
1120.01WEORKS::ROBBINSTue Sep 11 1990Need a program to turn on Fortran Carraige Control
1122.015ELIS::MARMOLANIWed Sep 12 1990PC prompting
1123.03GIDDAY::GILLINGSNPWed Sep 12 1990Strange RWAST state
1124.012RKBA::TUCKERThu Sep 20 1990Screen dump / snapshot / VT3xx
1125.03DPDMAI::EORDOGHThu Sep 20 1990Need help on Server Routines. Thanks
1126.04JURA::KENNEDYFri Sep 21 1990Need ELF-like FIND functionality...
1127.01AYOV18::SRANKINTue Sep 25 1990Intercepting OPCOM msgs for captive operators
1128.01CSC32::R_WILLIAMSWed Sep 26 1990Need way to emulate FORTRAN carriage control
1129.01DEKSW3::JAEHOLEEWed Sep 26 1990error log buffer structure
1130.06ROMThu Sep 27 1990Looking at SYSGEN parameters with SDA
1131.08CVMS::DOTENFri Sep 28 1990Change members of a Notes conference file directly
1132.010MAJORS::REVELLWed Oct 03 1990Forcing terminal input from one process to another.
1134.02TINGAU::HEFELEWed Oct 10 1990Looking for Null Symbiont
1135.03STKHLM::MAHLOUJIANThu Oct 11 1990Backup and Tape hacker?
1136.03ARTMIS::GOREIThu Oct 11 1990Installed Image Locked
1137.013NZOVTue Oct 16 1990LOGIN count for licencing
1138.08WFOFAC::BILLWed Oct 17 1990Edit 2
1139.013HLFSThu Oct 18 1990F$(GET_RIGHTS_IDENTIFIERS) ????
1140.01--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 18 1990PRINT/LOCAL command?
1141.017HKOVC::TSANGThu Oct 18 1990How to lock user in one directory?
1142.01TINGAU::HEFELEThu Oct 25 1990Hayes SET HOST/DTE Support?
1143.06MISFIT::FLOESERFri Oct 26 1990Side by Side Editing Application
1144.017SNDPIT::SMITHFri Oct 26 1990MAIL: send/edit default?
1145.0--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 29 1990Tape question
1146.05MISFIT::SALEHIMWed Oct 31 1990Is there a reply/enable equivalant?
1147.01CGOOWed Oct 31 1990vax-sun-silo help !!!
1148.013CANYON::MARSHALLThu Nov 01 1990CLASS Scheduler availability for VMS?
1149.08HGORS6::CULLENTue Nov 06 1990Label No Longer in HomeBlock under 5.4?
1150.04JUDYL::MUNROETue Nov 06 1990Why does patching the system service vector crash 5.4?
1152.01STKHLM::LINDGREN_PWed Nov 07 1990How to read a block with parity error?
1153.023AURVAX::MOSIERWed Nov 07 1990SEARCH output into symbol or mailbox
1154.013GIDDAY::GILLINGSNPWed Nov 07 1990closing a system open file - is this a bug or a feature?
1155.01SMAUG::MENDELThu Nov 08 1990Any good Software Patent How-Tos?
1156.0NEWVAX::PAVLICEKThu Nov 08 1990Hack: GETJPI.MAR
1157.01SAC::WILLIAMS_AFri Nov 09 1990Get the LAT service name
1158.03ROMFri Nov 09 1990Timer queue question
1159.07THEWAV::GASSNERSun Nov 11 1990Ideas for a null debugger
1160.014KYOA::SILVERMANMon Nov 12 1990Tape to Tape or DOUBLE backups
1161.020SFCPMO::GREENEMon Nov 12 1990Help with TAB stops in text files?
1162.03PLAYER::VANPAMELFri Nov 16 1990Inverse routine of LIB$DAY - Conversion from number of days since ADT to ADT
1163.02NITTY::COHENFri Nov 16 1990Follow the index VBN Chain Gang
1164.09RBW::WICKERTWed Nov 21 1990Non-priv'd network task-to-task - more than two processes
1165.02DIBDIB::DBATESWed Nov 28 1990How much of S
1166.03SQM::ROYFri Nov 30 1990SYSMAN problem
1167.09NCEIS1::CHOQUETTue Dec 11 1990$ FORCEX/ID=pid ??
1168.01TLSEThu Dec 13 1990$SNDJBC in Fortran
1169.04MU::PORTERSun Dec 16 1990What are the rules for daylight saving time?
1170.02PDVWed Dec 19 1990GET Character under cursor ?
1171.04DWOVAX::EROSFri Dec 21 1990DIY VAX 6
1172.01--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 26 1990Conference directory listings...
1173.02CSC32::R_WILLIAMSSat Jan 05 1991How to code $FORMAT_AUDIT?
1174.02CIMNET::MIKELISMon Jan 07 1991$GETSYI values on a VAXstation 31
1175.03NCEIS1::CHOQUETThu Jan 10 1991GBL psect but COPY ON REF in shareable image
1176.011VOGON::AWILLIAMSFri Jan 11 1991Setting Dumpstyle dynamically
1177.011ENOVAX::DELPHIAMon Jan 14 1991Need a Cluster hack
1178.01FOO::BHAVNANITue Jan 15 1991Bug in LIB$SUBTRACT_TIMES
1179.05STAR::KENNEYWed Jan 16 1991Simulate CTRL/O with a program
1180.06STAR::KENNEYThu Jan 17 1991A collection of terminal hacks
1181.09HGORS6::CULLENFri Jan 18 1991Hashing Algorithm Examples?
1182.01RICKS::AKHIANITue Jan 22 1991C questions
1183.03ACE::WILLIAMSThu Jan 24 1991how to restore a save set if #1 was init
1184.02HAMPS::PATTISON_MThu Jan 24 1991start VWS before STARTUP completes ?
1185.04DSM::MUENCHThu Jan 24 1991how can you force a forced error
1186.03OTOUThu Jan 24 1991DECnet 4.7A installation
1187.04OTOUThu Jan 24 1991VAX PAD from a PC
1188.012PRCFS1::TERENCELEUNGMon Jan 28 1991Re-initalize TK5
1189.01TYSON::KURATATue Jan 29 1991$UPDSEC generates Page Owner error
1190.03CSSE32::SMITHTue Jan 29 1991Sizing INDEXF.SYS
1191.02SICVAX::WICKERTThu Jan 31 1991Converting an AST into a signal
1192.06HALIBT::MCCANTAThu Jan 31 1991Bookreader Printing tool?
1193.012TAVMon Feb 04 1991Auto Init of Subroutine Variables
1194.020AZTECH::LASTOVICATue Feb 05 1991mbx read detect close of channel by writer
1195.012JEREMY::NIMRODThu Feb 07 1991Want to handle a MCHECK condition
1196.04GIDDAY::MUNNMon Feb 11 1991alloc system space memory
1197.07MSAMTue Feb 12 1991Clear mag tape label?
1198.03PSW::WINALSKITue Feb 12 1991Unix-style pipelines from VMS
1199.05ESCROW::LIMWed Feb 13 1991how to suppress login info. when $CREPRC
1200.02LAIDBK::ELLISONWed Feb 13 1991Hunting dangling pointers...
1201.026NITEB4::ROBERTSThu Feb 14 1991Non-privileged RUN/NOSWAP
1202.09BEAGLE::MOSERFri Feb 15 1991Channel number for SYS$OUTPUT
1203.010DEALER::BAHIATue Feb 19 1991Traceback info from user written procedure
1204.017RDGENG::HAYWARDTue Feb 19 1991Shared Screen ?
1205.01--UnknownUser--Sat Feb 23 1991VMS 5.4 / DECWINDOWS
1206.03SUBWAY::TEDESCOFri Mar 01 1991Polling Protocols Anyone?
1207.024ROULET::GAUTHIERTue Mar 05 1991Can IO$_SENSE_MODE detect ReGIS Support?
1208.0VINO::PCOTEFri Mar 08 1991OPCOM's message buffer format
1209.06SAC::EXTON_MTue Mar 12 1991Offset from system clock
1210.04MAJORS::REVELLTue Mar 12 1991Resource wait
1211.03SHAWB1::TAYLORJThu Mar 14 1991XQP = eXtremely Quaint Program!
1212.02--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 15 1991QUORUM disk on a shadowed device?
1213.09DEKVC::SWSPKOMon Mar 18 1991$sh memory program
1214.05SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Mar 19 1991RSA Challenge
1215.04NITTY::COHENThu Mar 28 1991RMS: Area Number from bucket header (BKT$B_AREANO)
1216.03WKRP::LENNIGFri Mar 29 1991MACRO .LIS to .MAR?
1217.03SHAWB1::TAYLORJThu Apr 04 1991How to look at another process's logical names
1218.01TROAFri Apr 05 1991VAX-11/73
1219.06SKIP::MORRISFri Apr 05 1991it pays to make friends...
1221.016YOSMTE::OLDING_NIThu Apr 11 1991Detecting file aliases?
1222.03DIBDIB::DBATESWed Apr 17 1991mapping lbn to filename
1223.01CIMNET::MIKELISThu Apr 18 1991VMS_SHARE?
1224.05BUOVAX::MICCIOTue Apr 23 1991Set FAO for status message?
1225.07BUOVAX::MICCIOTue Apr 23 1991Trap ESC from terminal keystroke?
1226.07CADSYS::LEVITINWed Apr 24 1991How can I see batch log file before it's flushed?
1227.03RANGER::HARRISFri Apr 26 1991Looking for Utility to format Debug & Traceback records
1228.05WHEELR::BAHIAMon Apr 29 1991Protecting a shareable writeable image
1229.01COMICS::TURPIEWed May 01 1991determining current procedure depth
1230.02EMC2::TURNERMon May 06 1991SYS$GETQUI road map
1231.02PEEVAX::GIFFORDTue May 07 1991Finding out display of semi-remote decwindows application thing
1232.03MAASUP::KAHLERWed May 08 1991Debugging XQP -- XDELTA?
1233.01SHALOT::FAILEThu May 09 1991A Function Key Question
1234.0BRUMMY::BEATTIESun May 12 1991Comp.sys.Amiga
1235.021DEKSW3::JAEHOLEESun May 12 1991HOW to add user account without using AUTHORIZE
1236.09ESCROW::LIMMon May 13 1991what caused excessive DIO?
1237.01FRAGLE::GUILLERMOMon May 13 1991time tracking code request
1238.05GIDDAY::MUNNTue May 14 1991low impact start I/O driver routine ?
1239.02LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIWed May 15 1991TK5
1240.02XSTACY::GORMANThu May 16 1991qio & ast problem
1241.04UTRTSC::VDBURGFri May 17 1991FLUSHIT - flush all your disk caches
1242.011RBTRN::EERENBERGFri May 17 1991SYS$System and a RAM disk
1243.07KADOW::PKADOWWed May 22 1991PTYCON
1244.02FILMS::WIDDOWSONWed May 22 1991Bad block inducing SCSI driver
1245.0537822::YOUNGFri May 24 1991How to PATCH a driver with a default patch area?
1246.05SONATA::ARDINIFri May 24 1991Clearing Mountverify Timeouts?
1247.07STKAI1::ASPLUNDMon May 27 1991batch job to the cpu with less load
1248.0AUSSIE::HAINSWed May 29 1991MCR query
1249.02WIZZY2::WIRZBICKIWed May 29 1991INQURE COMMAND HELP.... Redirection of input
1250.07FILMS::POTTERThu May 30 1991Another MCR query
1251.06SIEVAX::LAWSat Jun 01 1991Quadword division?
1252.03DIODE::CROWELLSun Jun 02 1991What does UETP do?
1253.07MUHIS::HSTOECKLINMon Jun 03 1991getting another JOBs LNM$JOB_xxx Table in DCL
1254.01KADOW::PKADOWMon Jun 03 1991Disk mounted twice?
1255.034CARNTA::SIMMONSThu Jun 06 1991FORTRAN patching explanation?
1256.01POLAR::LACAILLETue Jun 11 1991using expiry date or lack of one
1257.01TAVThu Jun 13 1991Condition Handler, AST, and Fortran I/O
1258.042HAMSUP::SONNENTAGFri Jun 14 1991How to halt a system ?
1259.02VNASWS::OFENSCHFri Jun 14 1991Init tape from program ?
1260.02DEKSW3::JAEHOLEEMon Jun 17 1991global section monitor
1261.01DELNI::MCGORRILLWed Jun 19 1991hack to "fix" saveset corruption
1262.03RBTRN::EERENBERGThu Jun 20 1991Set File Mod Date to the Creation date?
1263.03SOLVIT::64189::HOWARDThu Jun 20 1991cluster wide $GETDVI
1264.0TKTVFS::HASHIMOTO_JSun Jun 23 1991Privilege Modify Utility
1265.02XSTACY::JOCONNORMon Jun 24 1991Sensing tape online
1266.02WMOIS::SWEENEYThu Jun 27 1991Responce Time
1267.013CARNTA::SIMMONSFri Jun 28 1991Message Files vs Other methods: Better? Different? What???
1268.01GIDDAY::MUNNSun Jun 30 1991better tape control
1269.05NEWOA::BROOMFIELDMon Jul 01 1991Collecting file transfer stats
1270.01CARNTA::SIMMONSMon Jul 01 1991SID number for 62
1271.02AUSSIE::HAINSTue Jul 02 1991Broadcast a message ?
1272.014BROKE::HANCKELTue Jul 02 1991Forcing a proc dump on a detached process?
1274.01SYSTEM::COCKBURNWed Jul 03 1991program to $resume a suspended process
1275.03PLAYER::DEBLOCKThu Jul 04 1991$BRKTHRU ???
1276.08VLNVAX::TSMITHTue Jul 09 1991Changing process name of another process
1277.0IJSAPL::WOODROWWed Jul 10 1991Need a "safe" way to ATTACH to another process.
1278.03MTVIEW::ECHANGWed Jul 10 1991Context switch path length
1279.011GIDDAY::MUNNFri Jul 12 1991sys$search like string matching
1280.08DEKSW3::JAEHOLEESun Jul 14 1991monitor pending global section
1281.01GUCCI::EWISEMon Jul 15 1991DEC Defragmenter
1282.015BILBO::PIPERTue Jul 16 1991Needed: driver for RRD4
1283.03CSC32::M_BANOVSKYFri Jul 19 1991F$FAO(!AF, ) in DCL?
1284.07KADOW::PKADOWFri Jul 19 1991Strange String of Char? L!B
1285.02BERNMon Jul 22 1991anal/image from within image itself?
1286.02TAOVTue Jul 23 1991Enable CTRL/C
1287.06CSC32::S_LEDOUXThu Jul 25 1991Creating process permanent memory without privs ?
1288.04CHRLIE::HUSTONFri Jul 26 1991checking sysgen LGI_BRK_DISUSER
1289.02TINGAU::HEFELEMon Aug 05 1991HSC5
1291.02NAVIER::LONGTue Aug 06 1991Memory Trashing Analysis Tools??
1292.03BREAKR::FLATMANThu Aug 08 1991"Writing" to a DDIF image file
1293.06AD::MEIERFri Aug 09 1991Need help with $QIO
1294.017KALISE::BURGESSWed Aug 14 1991Escape sequences in Vax Notes ?
1295.05RUTLND::MCKINLEYThu Aug 15 1991VTX from batch or command file
1296.0+18CVG::PETTENGILLTue Sep 03 1991Anyone have a virtual disk driver (not a ram disk)?
1297.04MSDOA::SECRISTTue Sep 03 1991Forcing Execution on CPU
1298.03NEWVAX::SPANNTue Sep 03 1991Self Submitting Command Procedure
1299.01CSC32::J_WETHERNThu Sep 05 1991Monitor TX/TT modem signals from VMS?
1300.01MALLET::VPCSFri Sep 06 1991Warm reboot from different system disk?
1301.01DEKSW3::JAEHOLEEMon Sep 09 1991How to detect fi a node goes down?
1302.02GALVIA::BREATHNACHTue Sep 17 1991Logicals & SPAWN problem
1303.0MU::PORTERTue Sep 17 1991Structure member alignment checker?
1304.011KBOMFG::ARMSTRONGThu Sep 19 1991Monitoring file access
1305.05SNDPIT::SMITHThu Sep 19 1991Mail_Watch?
1306.0732945::NAEGELYFri Sep 20 1991COBOL decompiler?
1307.0DPDMAI::JONESRTue Sep 24 1991dcx_routines
1308.01METSYS::ZENTNERWed Sep 25 1991show time behaviour
1309.011DELNI::MCGORRILLSat Sep 28 1991VUP-o-meter
1310.04XSTACY::PATTISONMon Sep 30 1991UUDECODE-preprocessor wanted
1311.03STAR::PINETTEMon Sep 30 1991Trying to find VMS bugs
1312.01CSSEDB::CHADDOCKTue Oct 01 1991checking for ECO from a command file
1313.03IAMOK::WOHLMUTHThu Oct 03 1991Any VMS BANNER programs??
1314.05TALLIS::KIRKThu Oct 03 1991Fixed image header information
1315.04AIMHI::DECARTERETThu Oct 03 1991Certain time for installed image
1316.08INFACT::NORTHERNFri Oct 04 1991ACL questions, prevented file deletion by owner
1318.07DCC::COURTSMon Oct 07 1991Improving $SEARCH ...
1319.01TAVTue Oct 08 1991Mailbox Question
1320.02KALISE::BURGESSMTue Oct 08 1991RMS file locks & blocking ASTs (again)
1321.01TROOA::NYULTue Oct 08 1991In C, fopen attributes for SYSUAF.DAT
1322.05SICVAX::WICKERTThu Oct 17 1991TRACEBACK info from shareable images
1323.01SOS6::LECANNELLIERThu Oct 17 1991create a virtual terminal, how ?
1325.04ESASE1::JCFERGUSONWed Oct 23 1991How to perform a process context switch in VMS
1326.02LAIDBK::ELLISONWed Oct 23 1991Replace Last Chance Exception Handler?
1327.08BLKPUD::SHAWKThu Oct 24 1991Combination time to absolute time
1328.013GANTRY::FISCHERThu Oct 24 1991Ignoring Spurious MOP Download Requests?
1329.02KBOMFG::ARMSTRONGMon Oct 28 1991Inter-system termination notification
1330.04SUBWAY::BARASCHTue Oct 29 1991ANAL/PROC virtual address space is full
1331.023IOSG::TALLETTThu Oct 31 1991How efficient is PROBE?
1332.09WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Oct 31 1991Removing escape seqences from a string?
1333.01MLNEDU::DI_DEOTue Nov 05 1991ACLs on System data locations?!!!
1334.011INFACT::NORTHERNWed Nov 06 1991Finding value of SYS$SPECIFIC of remote node via lexical
1335.0WKRP::LENNIGThu Nov 07 1991'Munge the running system' hacks
1336.0IOSG::MARTINJThu Nov 07 1991HELP: Return Character Attribute
1337.014CNTROL::DGAUTHIERThu Nov 07 1991Need a 2-D compression routine for 2-D data in mem
1338.0UTRTSC::OOSTERHOFTue Nov 12 1991How to get to a logical name table...
1339.014HEAVY::JAMIEFri Nov 15 1991Files under corrupt .dir ?
1340.04SFCSun Nov 17 1991Security Alarm ACLs on Logical Name Tables?
1341.01ACE::BREWERMon Nov 18 199126
1342.02WKRP::LENNIGWed Nov 20 1991RMS lock resource names?
1343.01STKAI2::LJONSSONThu Nov 21 1991LIB$INSERT_TREE problem
1344.01THEWAV::GASSNERSun Nov 24 1991Ethernet/8
1345.02AKOCOA::HADDADTue Nov 26 1991Two Filenames for 1 File?
1346.02SCHERZ::SAMPLThu Nov 28 1991VMSMAIL/Transport
1347.04TSGDEV::FAULDSFri Nov 29 1991Need to hack the CLI$ tables...
1348.06SEDSWS::PHIPPENMon Dec 02 1991Changing VMS version in SYS.EXE
1349.04TAVIS::BOAZWed Dec 04 1991A hack to deallocate a device from a process
1350.014AIMHI::DECARTERETWed Dec 04 1991Help getting system started...
1351.013PIPPER::DEANFri Dec 06 1991How do I get specific UAF info using a .com?
1352.0HGABSS::SIMONSZETOSun Dec 08 1991Hacks and proper documentation thereof
1353.06TINGAU::HEFELESat Dec 21 1991Delete / Remove UCB's ??
1354.08SCAACT::SIMMONSSun Dec 22 1991Asynchronous DECNET behavior
1355.06SHALOT::JANCULATue Dec 24 1991Robotics Optical Drive - feasible?
1356.04JENNA::SANTIAGOMon Dec 30 1991LIB$FID_TO_NAME handling MSCP served disks
1357.04MSDOA::SECRISTWed Jan 08 1992Determining Rev./ECO Levels -- from software ?
1358.02EICMFG::DOUGLASWed Jan 15 1992program for module parameter checking
1359.01DTENG1::CARTYThu Jan 16 1992ESC sequence on OPA
1360.04--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 21 1992Accessing ALL-IN-1 from VMS for Mail Status
1361.02TAGART::CARTYWed Jan 22 1992DAT/TIME/YEAR in slick format..???
1362.016VOGON::MCKENZIEThu Jan 23 1992Protecting MAIL.EXE; Hacker vs Cracker
1363.02RTP4ME::GIOIELLIFri Jan 24 1992User-defined String on PRINT FLAG page ?
1364.02HUGH::RAYNERTWed Jan 29 1992SYSUAF and $GETUAI
1365.05TROUThu Jan 30 1992Tool to $show dev/files without privs
1366.02TROUThu Jan 30 1992Tuning the rightslist.dat file
1367.010SHALOT::JANCULAMon Feb 03 1992Stalling and restarting I/Os (IRPs)
1368.027RUMOR::FALEKWed Feb 05 1992Ideas needed for determining base vup rating for CPU
1369.09ALFTP::HENNESSYWed Feb 05 1992multi-volume system disk?
1370.01MANWRK::COOKEThu Feb 06 1992Windows as Printers
1372.04DEBUG::GALLOThu Feb 13 1992Tool to change file ownership
1374.0MSDSWS::SECRISTFri Feb 14 1992Announcing FOCAL_LANGUAGE
1375.0MSDSWS::SECRISTFri Feb 14 1992Announcing the PDP_HOME_COMPANION
1376.0MSDOA::SECRISTFri Feb 14 1992Pro/VENIX Doc Only ?
1377.04CIVAGE::LYNNMon Feb 17 1992Tracking file read accesses
1378.010MSDOA::SECRISTTue Feb 18 1992Anybody done a postscript-to-text converter yet ?
1379.03DELNI::STACKTue Feb 18 1992Extracting VMSMail and record size
1380.05RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Feb 18 1992SYS$GETDVIW with wildcard as device
1382.06SANFAN::BATESON_MAWed Feb 19 1992FAST DDIF to TIFF one way
1383.02CSC32::J_FELDMANWed Feb 19 1992message control flags
1384.07ROMThu Feb 20 1992Looking at variables without DEBUG
1385.014SHIRE::PHILIPMon Feb 24 1992Metering ideas and tools wanted
1387.04SALEM::WONGMon Feb 24 1992DETACH a program and continue the process
1388.04SALEM::WONGMon Feb 24 1992VMS STAND-ALONE-BACKUP to copy a file
1389.010CX3PT2::WSCTue Feb 25 1992Boot output to file as well as OPA
1390.0SWAM2::MIYAMOTO_KYTue Feb 25 1992BACKUP w/ multi-volume save-set
1391.03JENNA::SANTIAGOWed Feb 26 1992How to access heap storage performance information?
1392.08CSOA1::LENNIGFri Feb 28 1992"AST history" hack?
1393.013TPOVC::THYANGMon Mar 02 1992Printing with even pages
1394.02STORMY::BMSMGRTue Mar 03 1992DCLTABLES Verb Extraction Tool?
1395.03GALVIA::UKELLYThu Mar 05 1992Cannot create a file
1396.05DSTEG::HOSSFELDThu Mar 12 1992Check for process
1398.04KXOVAX::SECRISTSun Mar 22 1992ISO 966
1399.011TRNAF1::ALLOISMon Mar 23 1992how to free unused pages ???
1400.05AUSSIE::CHANMon Mar 30 1992examine data during image execution
1401.016WAYOUT::LOATTue Mar 31 1992WATCH for 5.4-3?
1402.02ESSAT::THOMPSONFri Apr 03 1992Need pointer to DDE.EXE and related notes
1403.03KERNEL::HAWLEYIMon Apr 06 1992Using MAIL from within a procedure
1404.02MEIS::SARAJIANMon Apr 06 1992$QIOW Problem?
1405.011MOVIES::PALMERMon Apr 13 1992Random Numbers in DCL ?
1406.022CSC32::S_MAUFEWed Apr 22 1992storing passwords encrypted in VMS
1407.02KAY::FISHERFri May 01 1992Where are you writing this - BATCH
1408.06MQOOA::LEWed May 06 1992Process's name blanked ?
1409.02MSDOA::SECRISTWed May 06 1992Portable XLISP V1.1 (VMS,CP/M,MS-DOS,RT,RSX,OSF/1)
1410.04HKOVThu May 07 1992VAX/VMS troubleshooting guide by Ruth Goldenberg?
1411.018CLO::FORNERThu May 07 1992tape drive allocated by non-existant processes.
1413.07TAVMon May 11 1992direct/indirect communication - please rate
1414.044KXOVAX::SECRISTTue May 12 1992Useful X.4
1415.03UNITED::MCDONNELLThu May 14 1992System stats from 'C'
1416.01MISTIK::LECANNELLIERTue May 19 1992ghost.mar
1417.020UNTADH::BRETTFri May 22 1992Self modifying code Questions ?
1418.07GIDDAY::WANFri May 29 1992how to make sure volume set system disk is bootable?
1419.012WRKSYS::MCMULLENSun May 31 1992DCL quotes ?
1420.010TAVENG::FENSTERMon Jun 01 1992Trying to stop kernel/executive mode looping
1421.015MSDSWS::DUNCANThu Jun 04 1992B XQA
1422.0+3CSC32::S_LEDOUXTue Jun 09 1992Where am I ? Vax or Alpha ?
1423.07METZFri Jun 12 1992Absolute addresses in VAX-VMS
1425.07SMAUG::MENDELFri Jun 19 1992Can INSQUE be interrupted?
1426.03MSDOA::SECRISTSat Jun 20 199211/78
1427.02CANYON::LEEDSSat Jun 20 1992Program to change ACCOUNT name ?
1428.013RANGER::GRANOFFThu Jun 25 1992Callable VMS COPY and then some
1430.03CANYON::LEEDSFri Jun 26 1992Compiling DCL Command Procedures ?
1431.03MSDOA::SECRISTTue Jun 30 1992Coding an open/damnit
1432.05VAXWRK::ZAITCHIKWed Jul 01 1992Need copy-on-write
1433.09BRSTR2::SYSMANThu Jul 02 1992user written lexical functions?
1434.0MSDOA::SECRISTMon Jul 06 1992Scheme for VMS, OSF/1, and MS-DOS
1435.022THEWAV::TAKASHIMAWed Jul 08 1992Changing a process' JOBTYPE
1437.01MSDOA::SECRISTThu Jul 09 1992VAXTREK !
1438.04SICVAX::WICKERTThu Jul 09 1992An easy way to drop your quantum?
1439.04LARVAE::BALDOCK_IFri Jul 10 1992Filename or no file name?
1441.010WFOV11::DOBOSZ_MSat Jul 11 1992editing a file based on alphabetic and numeric characters
1442.01LARVAE::DRSD21::PATTISON_MMon Jul 13 1992Hack to stop audit alarms on CDD.DIC ?
1444.02VERGA::WELLCOMETue Jul 14 1992A tab fixer in TECO
1445.03CUSTOM::FISCHERThu Jul 16 1992Looking for a LAT File/Data Transfer Hack (non-DECnet)
1446.06HAM::KUPKEMon Jul 20 1992Imagename in SHOW PROC disappeares
1447.03WRKSYS::MCMULLENMon Jul 20 1992? Term. Mailbox AST
1448.05PIDA::DEEGANTue Jul 21 1992LOGICAL HELP
1449.05MSAMTue Jul 21 1992SET HOST from a LAT application ?
1450.04TROUWed Jul 22 1992Change DECwindows Session Manager?
1451.010GLDOA::WHELANTue Jul 28 1992"SET HOST" without login?
1452.07TAVENG::FENSTERWed Jul 29 1992Is it possible to do $QIO[W] in kernel mode?
1453.07ACOSTA::MIANOSun Aug 02 1992LALR Parser Generators
1454.010TAVENG::FENSTERMon Aug 03 1992Looking for a way to start a process on another node (Not batch)
1455.010IMPROV::DEEGANMon Aug 10 1992CLI/CLD command extractor
1456.03DWOVAX::STARKMon Aug 10 1992Sanity check of objects linked in ?
1458.01DIODE::CROWELLThu Aug 13 1992ELF_FIND broken
1459.02FLYSQD::FERJULIANFri Aug 14 1992Undocumented VMS cmd...?
1460.0CIMNET::MIKELISThu Aug 20 1992Yet another DCL prompt routine
1461.016RANGER::HARRISFri Aug 21 1992UNIX like 'tail' utility to watch BATCH jobs
1462.013CHOVAX::YOUNGMon Aug 24 1992Efficient user-mode access to EXE$GL_ABSTIM_TICS
1463.05COMET::WACKERTue Aug 25 1992How to open a new version of sys$output from a program
1464.0WRKSYS::MCMULLENFri Aug 28 1992? KITINSTAL/Session mgr
1465.03SMAUG::MENDELMon Aug 31 1992share access to NET
1466.01XSTACY::PATTISONTue Sep 01 1992DECwrite/CMS hack sought
1467.019IOSG::TALLETTWed Sep 02 1992Compression anybody?
1468.0STAR::PRAETORIUSWed Sep 02 1992proposed new device
1469.04DSTEG::FOXWed Sep 02 1992WANTED: Way of cabling out internal RX33 connector in VS2
1470.04TAVThu Sep 03 1992Sending Images Via MAIL?
1471.03CLO::FORNERFri Sep 11 1992VMS 4.5 and backwards Lat question
1472.04MUDHWK::LAWLERThu Sep 17 1992Line-counter program?
1473.012ALICAT::MACKAYTue Sep 22 1992Reading nonpaged pool from another cluster node
1474.05DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Sep 28 1992fix_memory.mar - alter someone else's memory - working without a net
1475.018VERGA::WELLCOMETue Sep 29 1992Sending escape sequences from TPU
1476.02EVTDD1::ALETONFri Oct 02 1992trigger a process after creating file
1477.01TAVMon Oct 05 1992LIB$SIGNAL from an AST?
1478.03HALIBT::MCCANTAWed Oct 07 1992Terminal Emulator w/Scripts for VMS
1479.034RAYON::RASOOLMMon Oct 12 1992Is it possible to hide a directory
1480.03EMIL::KANDERWed Oct 14 1992PC keyborad hack?
1481.04--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 16 1992Node/name validation for C program
1482.04UTRTSC::VDBURGTue Oct 20 1992BYEBYENODE, program to force node out of the cluster
1483.016CGOOA::RATHNOWTue Oct 20 1992Extracting records from SYSUAF
1485.0UTRTSC::DORLANDWed Oct 28 1992Monitor Volume Blocking lock
1486.014NEWOA::BAILEYThu Oct 29 1992Who is using that global section?
1487.01MU::PORTERSun Nov 01 1992KDF9 info sought by crazy fool
1488.010WRKSYS::MCMULLENMon Nov 02 1992UCB access from C ?
1489.0LEDDEV::DELMONICOTue Nov 03 1992VS31
1490.02MSAMFri Nov 06 1992Disk corruption .. any ideas please ?
1491.010MISFIT::SALEHIMThu Nov 19 1992Save the output of a print command
1492.08KALI::SCARAMUZZOFri Nov 20 1992Trying to send ZIP files through Internet mail...
1493.013TAVENG::FENSTERMon Nov 23 1992Why was the TRANSCRIBE command in PHONE turned off ?
1494.015TAVENG::FENSTERMon Nov 23 1992More than 4 unique characters in CLI ?
1495.0VCSESU::BRANAMTue Nov 24 1992Tool to analyze quota/sysgen reqmts for a process?
1496.024HKOVC::TERENCEWed Nov 25 1992How can I modify the `Last Login' UAF field of a user?
1497.08UTRTSC::VDBURGMon Nov 30 1992CALL or JSB of the SAME entrypoint...
1498.02RDGENG::HAYWARDMon Dec 14 1992X over the phone ?
1499.012CRIME::BIJAOUIWed Dec 16 1992TOUCH on VMS ?
1500.05CLADA::BREATHNACHTue Jan 05 1993Best way to shutdown a process
1501.02SCAACT::BROWNLTue Jan 05 1993Shareable Image Tracebacks?
1502.03COMET::LYNCHEWed Jan 06 1993Soft faults vs. hard faults for a process?
1503.03HLRGFri Jan 08 1993Transparant pause screen
1504.05CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed Jan 13 1993MOD looking for advice
1505.01NSTG::FOXWed Jan 13 1993Directory Tree to CMS library and Groups needed...
1506.03STKHLM::P_SUNDSTROMThu Jan 14 1993shareable image address space from debugger
1507.0MNATUR::LISTONThu Jan 14 1993Algorithm for mapping UBA I/O space on 662
1508.011PAOSUD::GODINWed Jan 20 1993VMS reboot from batch ?
1509.03SCAACT::HILDEBRANDFri Jan 22 1993MP Sync time analyzer?
1510.08KAOFS::CARSWELLFri Jan 22 1993Stuff the Typeahead buffer, from DCL?
1511.04PMRV7Wed Jan 27 1993File with
1512.02MUNICH::PFLUGERWed Feb 03 1993mail$_send_message hack with own signal handler
1513.03GIDDAY::BARLINThu Feb 04 1993LAT service offered on port of (VAX)VMS
1514.03TAVThu Feb 04 1993EYE info?
1515.01GNPIKE::MIKELISThu Feb 04 1993increase the command line limit?
1516.05TKTVFS::SHINOSAKISat Feb 06 1993Watchpoint new maintainer?
1517.08TIMABS::TSCHECHTELINWed Feb 10 1993Password synchronisation from VMS and Pathworks
1518.014HALIBT::MCCANTAFri Feb 12 1993Node Names on Demand
1519.056SNOFS1::ZANOTTOSun Feb 14 1993Software protection !
1520.08CLADA::BREATHNACHMon Feb 15 1993Where are the $FAO args in Condition Handler's Args?
1522.01HALIBT::MCCANTAFri Feb 26 1993Async DECnet and Scholars
1523.04ALIBUT::BLOOMFri Feb 26 1993How to MOUNT/OVER=ID/SYSTEM ?
1524.02TOOHOT::LEEDSSat Feb 27 1993need to do unattended Zmodem xfers
1525.02IOSG::TALLETTThu Mar 04 1993MAIL$ routines, faking username
1526.05KEIKI::WHITESat Mar 06 1993Method VMS uses for TTY_TIMEOUT process deletion
1527.014OSAPMon Mar 08 1993Anyone attempt to modify TTdriver for full duplex?
1528.04CLADA::BREATHNACHThu Mar 11 1993Master & Slave processes talking via a Mailbox
1529.014TKTVFS::SHINOSAKIThu Mar 18 1993rs232 line hacker (sample)
1530.03IOSG::PYEFri Mar 19 1993Conference access problems...
1531.01PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGFri Mar 19 1993Define "permanent" logical in subprocess
1532.011VFOVAX::OUTMANMon Mar 22 1993Review for customer
1533.0+125UTRTSC::DORLANDTue Mar 23 1993Announcing DFU Disk and File Utility
1534.09DUCATI::LASTOVICAWed Mar 24 1993program to cause another process to enter the debugger displaying on your terminal
1535.05NLFDC::MULHUIJZENFri Mar 26 1993nonpriv delete print jobs ?
1536.03MUNICH::HSTOECKLINFri Mar 26 1993kernel mode logicals
1537.01UTOPIE::VERONIKAWed Mar 31 1993sys$sysroot redefine?
1538.016CGOOA::JIMCKAYFri Apr 02 1993SPY vs SPY (or BUG OFF)
1539.0MFRFMS::RINGFri Apr 02 1993wanted: F$GETAUI lexical function
1540.02MU::PORTERFri Apr 02 1993VR-ML
1541.08TRUCKS::CONNOLLYMon Apr 05 1993sys$check_access and non-priv users
1542.03FLYSQD::FERJULIANFri Apr 09 1993Junk mail filter...
1543.018CSC32::B_MCLAUGHLINFri Apr 09 1993How to change LOGINOUT 'Username:' Prompt?
1544.09ART::COHENThu Apr 15 1993Two-Way Video, a la Spectravision
1545.012FROCKY::KRIEBELWed Apr 21 1993how to rename to "ext-only" filename ?
1546.06RBW::WICKERTWed Apr 21 1993Common Pathworks file access across 3 sites
1547.05REDDWF::GIFFORDMon Apr 26 1993Hack required (OSF/1 Access to TX Card Frame memory)
1548.02HGOVC::ERICHOWed Apr 28 1993Write Lexical Functions
1549.07AMCCXN::FARONMon May 03 1993undelete where is it these days....
1550.05DPDMAI::FISCHERMon May 03 1993$SETAST is time consuming?
1551.01MAJORS::REVELLTue May 04 1993Ultrix keyboard I/O monitor
1552.03GEOFF::SCHULTZTue May 04 1993Hpw to get SystemId of a DSSI based disk?
1553.04SNOCThu May 06 1993Looking For File Access Statistic Tool
1554.08MOVIES::PALMERSat May 08 1993Accessing Debug Symbol Tables
1555.09MANTA::SIMONTue May 11 1993How to interrogate memory pool ?
1556.011MILPND::DPR2AWed May 12 1993Fiscal calendar
1557.03FENWAY::SYSTEMWed May 12 1993? umount procfs (OSF)
1558.04FROCKY::KRIEBELThu May 13 1993ELIZA.BAS anywhere ?
1560.04CSOA1::LENNIGWed May 26 1993standalone CLI$ routines?
1561.03WRKSYS::MCMULLENWed Jun 02 1993? Terminal Mailbox
1562.016SUBWAY::CATANIAWed Jun 16 1993Need Tape un-Inited...
1563.08GIDDAY::GILLINGSNPThu Jun 17 1993How to trigger a shadow merge copy?
1564.01MUNICH::PFLUGERFri Jun 18 1993passing password to sysman from a procedure
1565.04SOFBAS::ORNSTEINFri Jun 18 1993Q: Linker Mysteries
1566.03MSAMSun Jun 20 1993Dupe a System Id
1567.013KAOM25::HAKANSSONFri Jun 25 1993FID (File ID) -> acutal file name
1568.0EWBVWed Jun 30 1993fork dispatching tracer?!
1569.02CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Jul 06 1993Explaination of how to use /select with SALVAGE?
1570.03SUBWAY::CATANIAWed Jul 07 1993DCL Date comparisons..
1571.07HYDRA::ALDENWed Jul 07 1993Need help on replacing terminal echo
1572.013SMAUG::MENDELWed Jul 14 1993PRINT with left margin
1573.06CLADA::JSMYTHFri Jul 16 1993Help with recovering a disk with invalid home block
1574.010AZTECH::LASTOVICAMon Jul 19 1993want to increase number of global page file pages avail
1575.09WRKSYS::MCMULLENMon Jul 19 1993?NVR from ALPHA VMS
1576.05CLADA::JSMYTHTue Jul 20 1993Connect 15
1577.02USHSThu Jul 22 1993question on creating VT on other terminal
1578.02EEMELI::KUPARSAARIFri Jul 23 1993Changing identifier values and ACLs
1579.03AZTECH::LASTOVICAFri Jul 23 1993looking for CNF
1580.02CSC32::J_FELDMANMon Jul 26 1993lib$vm_*
1581.05TYSON::KURATAWed Jul 28 1993Best way to handle repainting screen
1582.05UCROW::GIBSONSat Jul 31 1993AXP OSF callg?
1583.01BLKPUD::TAYLORJThu Aug 05 1993Suite of SPTE programs; count, allocate, deallocate
1584.02FORTY2::STEWARTThu Aug 05 1993listings ?
1585.03--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 05 1993Using Asynch DDCMP from a non-DECnet driver?
1586.03KELVIN::LONGFri Aug 27 1993Detached process without DETACH priv???
1587.01PAMSRC::ALF::BARRETTThu Sep 02 1993Reading "Digital" CDs on PC ISO966
1588.020DNEAST::ARBOUR_STEVEFri Sep 03 1993Need HIGH Speed RENAME Utility!
1589.02WRKSYS::MCMULLENWed Sep 08 1993? DEC 3
1590.06RUMOR::FALEKWed Sep 08 1993sys$command / sys$input indirection problem
1591.011GIDDAY::GILLINGSNPThu Sep 09 1993Limit maximum unit number for VTA terminals?
1592.020VNASWS::OFENSCHMon Sep 20 1993Screen snapshot wanted !
1593.05EST::DEEGANMon Sep 20 1993Vaxstation 2
1594.010BOOZER::MARTIN::BELLTue Sep 21 1993USER mode logicals in JOB table?
1595.03SNDTRP::RANNEYTue Sep 21 1993LIBRTL
1596.02LEMAN::BOURAKOFFWed Sep 22 1993a question concerning the DEBUGGER
1597.03CVG::CAMPANELLAWed Sep 22 1993Guess/Suggestion Algorithm (like in spell checkers)
1598.04SCCAT::DICKEYWed Sep 22 1993PC sampling & image "profiling"?
1599.02SMAUG::GARRODThu Sep 23 1993How do you force a process from AST to non AST level?
1600.0BRSTR2::SYSMANTue Sep 28 1993Hack: unsupported sysdisk RZ26B in VMS V6.
1601.01UTRTSC::VDBURGWed Sep 29 1993Copy a dumpfile from a Phase II shadowed systemdisk
1602.08SOS6::BERNARDThu Sep 30 1993Flush the data cache ?
1603.02ELWOOD::LANEThu Sep 30 1993gkdriver and device creation
1604.05BUDDIE::SHWIFFThu Sep 30 1993need -record- layout for password history file
1605.01UTOPIE::VERONIKATue Oct 05 1993system-f-nologtab
1607.05TAINO::FONSECAThu Oct 07 1993New character set / fonts program ???
1608.01RUSAVD::RAJMon Oct 11 1993Memory usage
1609.06BASLG1::MORRISWed Oct 13 1993OPCOM Messages ?
1610.06TLSEWed Oct 20 1993Error logging routines/process
1611.07LYOISA::RIVARDFri Oct 22 1993Find Process That Issued $DELPRC?
1612.03SMAUG::MENDELFri Oct 22 1993Is there a SYS$QIO_SELECT function?
1613.014TKTVFS::SHINOSAKIMon Oct 25 1993ramdisk(fddriver) & shadowing(hbs)
1614.011EEMELI::MOSERMon Oct 25 1993<Ctrl/W> from within a program, how?
1615.0SUOSWS::HAMANNMon Oct 25 1993syquest scsi disk on VAX?
1616.04EVOAI2::ALLIN1Wed Oct 27 1993Universal open files
1617.05HALIBT::MCCANTATue Nov 02 1993Automount CDs for VMS
1618.03HAEXLI::PMAIERWed Nov 03 1993"VUP" measuring tool
1619.031UNSINN::RUGGI::RUGGIEROThu Nov 04 1993playing with DCL set prompt command
1620.07MUNICH::KRAUTNERMon Nov 15 1993Simulating Keystrokes with Pseudo Terminals
1621.03UHURU::LAMBERTMon Nov 15 1993Where to get sources for UUENCODE/UUDECODE
1622.01TLSETue Nov 16 1993Compression/factoring problem
1623.020XSTACY::MDUNPHYTue Nov 16 1993Detecting file creation; waking a sleeping process
1624.017UFP::MITCHELLWed Nov 17 1993Watch a Process
1625.08COMICS::DENNISThu Nov 18 1993SET HOST/LOG from a program
1626.011COMICS::DENNISMon Nov 22 1993Change a binary date without SYS$/LIB$
1627.07COMICS::DENNISTue Nov 23 1993Format symbol table of foreign image?
1628.03PILCH::HELMUTThu Nov 25 1993record definition of SYS$QUEUE_MANAGER
1629.09CSC32::S_LEDOUXMon Nov 29 1993major (?) driver hack ideas needed
1630.0WRKSYS::MCMULLENThu Dec 02 1993? osf PAL_callsys
1631.01SWAM2::PALASE_FRMon Dec 06 1993Latching an Adpaters ISR
1632.0ODIXIE::RIDGWAYWed Dec 08 1993VTX Hack routine wanted!
1633.016EEMELI::MOSERThu Dec 09 1993Change Boot Device on Alpha AXP
1634.02OSLLAV::AGE_PThu Dec 09 1993Anyone worked with tapes made by HYPERtape SW ?
1635.0+4SWTHOM::LELEGARDFri Dec 10 1993Execlet initialization: INIT vs SYSINIT
1636.02DV78Wed Dec 15 1993How to listen to audio CDs on RRD42?
1637.04GIDDAY::GILLINGSNPThu Dec 16 1993Find name of caller from DCL procedure?
1638.021EEMELI::ROUHUTue Dec 21 1993How to restore VMS BACKUP saveset from Ultrix tape drive?
1639.0AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu Dec 30 1993program to set an event flag in another process
1640.0TKTV2Fri Jan 07 1994Hack Timer Queue Elements
1641.04CSC32::S_MAUFEFri Jan 07 1994password vault needed
1642.03DV78Mon Jan 10 1994music CD tracks to disk file?
1643.04CSOADM::ROTHTue Jan 11 1994Ethernet SYSID listner (for VMS)?
1644.03TAVIS::65Mon Jan 17 1994Global or Local - who's the first?
1645.07MSAMSun Jan 23 1994mail from nonexistent account ?
1646.06PASTIS::MONAHANThu Jan 27 1994VMS HELP keys including spaces?
1647.05TEKDEV::READERFri Jan 28 1994help needed in finding way to get DIr info FAST in application
1648.02JULIET::JOSEPH_BOMon Jan 31 1994Can the codes EFFECTIVELY work w/ VMS/AXP? Thanks
1649.01SKIP::MORRISFri Feb 04 1994Terminal escape sequence info
1650.015TROOA::SIEMon Feb 07 1994DCL procedure to check for multiple logins
1651.04IOSG::GILESLMon Feb 07 1994Terminal width ?
1652.02MSBCS::HARTNETTWed Feb 09 1994help with parsing
1653.02MSBCS::HARTNETTWed Feb 09 1994locating VAX devices
1654.02IOSG::GILESLThu Feb 10 1994MAILBOX Creation
1655.034CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Feb 11 1994When software is not a given node
1656.02TLSESat Feb 12 1994Merge fucntion code ?
1657.02ANGLIN::HOLLINGSHEADMon Feb 14 1994light an LED with DCL!
1658.04TEVIOT::PAULMon Feb 14 1994Copy from remote disk to local tape
1659.03UNSINN::RUGGI::RUGGIEROTue Feb 15 1994locating system service code on disk
1660.013PASTIS::MONAHANTue Feb 15 1994Writing image dump file from detached process?
1661.02TROOA::RITCHEWed Feb 16 1994Notes command (DIR/CONF) in batch?
1662.03ROMTSS::DESIDERIWed Feb 16 1994"Invalid media format" Is possible recover data
1663.05PILCH::HELMUTThu Feb 17 1994BBS program for VAX
1664.01MARVA1::SNEADThu Feb 17 1994lib$spawn combines sys$ioutput and sys$error; how do you separate them?
1665.03LARVAE::HOLDCROFT_JTue Feb 22 1994Read BACKUP saveset header?
1666.08DECWET::FARLEETue Feb 22 1994need get_f11_label source
1667.03SMAUG::MENDELWed Feb 23 1994Syntax Check Phase V node name
1668.05CSOADM::ROTHThu Feb 24 1994Tool to create new file from old file and DIFF file?
1669.012CGOOA::RATHNOWThu Feb 24 1994terminating READ and INQUIRE
1670.01BORON5::WIGHTFri Feb 25 1994Vms paramater Tuning..
1671.06MUNICH::KRAUTNERThu Mar 03 1994how to access mixed case CDROMs
1672.05CSC32::S_LEDOUXFri Mar 04 1994How to use LGI$LOGINOUT_CALLOUTS ?
1673.04PEACHS::BELDINTue Mar 08 1994stty for VMS? Possible?
1674.04FENWAY::SYSTEMWed Mar 09 1994? HW_MODEL
1675.01TLSESat Mar 12 1994Link problems with vaxcrtl(g) libraries
1676.010EEMELI::MOSERMon Mar 14 1994How to define keypad keys to act as control chars?
1677.09IOSG::GILESLWed Mar 16 1994Delete unwanted VMS accounts ?
1678.02BNKWed Mar 16 1994Force a process to execute w/out privs ?
1679.01TAVIS::65257::SHAULWed Mar 23 1994Cluster and Network
1680.012ODIXIE::SILVERSFri Mar 25 1994Force DECterm iconify?
1681.0GIDDAY::BARLINMon Mar 28 1994RX23 on RQDX3 or VS2
1682.0FENWAY::SYSTEMMon Mar 28 1994bootable alpha macro ?
1683.09RANKU::S_BAKERMon Mar 28 1994Converting Wps files?
1684.018BACHUS::DECLERCKThu Apr 07 1994How to calculate week number?
1686.04NOVA::R_ANDERSONMon Apr 11 1994Ident mismatch problems with SPISHR.EXE
1687.08CSOADM::ROTHTue Apr 12 1994recursive directory behavior
1688.05I8BEVO::FINDLEYWed Apr 20 1994Changing UIC and SYS.STB?
1689.03VNABRW::EHRLICH_KSat Apr 23 1994Some RMS Index Questions ...!
1690.07LEDER1::PETTENGILLMon Apr 25 1994DISKSUM, or other ANA/DISK/USAGE post processor
1691.031IOSG::GILESLTue Apr 26 1994Recursion in DCL ?
1692.02LEMAN::BOURAKOFFTue Apr 26 1994Who can explain me this feature
1693.06BAHTAT::STARTUPFri Apr 29 1994What causes ILLSELF?
1694.0BLKPUD::RYMERAWed May 04 1994Modifying ACLs from RMS
1695.07RANGER::HARRISWed May 04 1994PCB$M_NOAUDIT seems to reset after audit/alarm event?
1696.02VIVIAN::RANCEWed May 04 1994Ask another cluster member which drives are in a shadow set.
1697.010VNOTSC::EHRLICHTue May 17 1994How to recognize an 'entered' file ??
1698.03TKTVFS::KUSAKARIFri May 20 1994Can I clear bad page count in AXP
1699.012EEMELI::MOSERFri May 27 1994Daylight Saving yes/no for a given date
1700.02CAMONE::JOHNSONFri Jun 17 1994need to make AXP call frame - pass ast param on hangup
1701.0FENWAY::SYSTEMTue Jun 21 1994? Probe TurboChannel
1702.02IMPERO::NICOLAWed Jun 22 1994Strange process behaviour (problem with memory manager ?)
1703.02MUNICH::PFLUGERWed Jun 22 1994file is locked but no lock is seen
1704.0+10PADNOM::MAILLARDFri Jul 08 1994V6 P1 watchpoint driver?
1705.023955Fri Jul 08 1994How to get ENQ count by process ?
1706.015CLARID::JOERG::JOERGMon Jul 11 1994Kermit and PSI
1707.03SOS6::BERNARDTue Jul 12 1994List of HSCs/HSJs ?
1708.09FLYWAY::ZURZI::WITZIGWed Jul 13 1994Searching for a Thesis Topic
1709.03MUNCH::FRANCINIMon Jul 18 1994Anyone got a "descendant" to SHOW COMMAND that works on VMS V6.1?
1710.016ULYSSE::ZITTAWed Jul 20 1994Printing question
1711.05EVTSG8::SCOTTWed Jul 27 1994Recover From TAPE
1712.06SMAUG::MENDELTue Aug 02 1994Help with Multi-Threaded Access to network port?
1713.06GUIDUK::SOMERMon Aug 08 1994Probing Function addresses and Symbolic names
1714.05USPMLO::DESROCHERSFri Aug 19 1994Read data into PC from parallel port??
1715.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSat Aug 20 1994VS31
1716.017IOSG::GILESLMon Aug 22 1994Virtual Terminals ?
1717.09DELNI::RIZVIFri Aug 26 1994sort files by creation date
1718.06TLSEMon Aug 29 1994Graph on VT terminal ?
1719.09XSTACY::JLUNDONTue Sep 13 1994FILE utility help wanted
1720.08IOSG::PYEWed Sep 14 1994Image header layout on AXP needed
1721.07LGP3Wed Sep 14 1994simultaneously direct sys$output to a file and a file to sys$output
1722.02COOKIE::MUNNSTue Sep 20 1994file access report tool ?
1723.012BOHIO::JRIVERAWed Sep 21 1994LAT: Access back to LOCAL> from "Secured" Line
1724.05MASS1Tue Sep 27 1994Tapes and access protections
1725.06COMICS::DENNISTue Sep 27 1994What does IO$M_ABORT do? (to NET:)
1726.0RUSURE::EDPTue Sep 27 1994Reversing Byte and Loading Constants
1727.0IOSG::TALLETTMon Oct 10 1994VMSCIA?
1728.02WRKSYS::MCMULLENMon Oct 10 1994Decoding EISA Vendor ID?
1729.02WRKSYS::MCMULLENFri Oct 14 1994? ISA_CFG_DATA
1730.015BOHIO::RFARDONKTue Oct 18 1994Doing a remote "REBOOT"???
1731.02IOSG::GILESLWed Oct 26 1994lib$spawn returns LIB$_NOCLI
1732.04DPDMAI::LINMon Oct 31 1994DCL procedure debugging??
1733.07MOVIES::VERBISTWed Nov 02 1994Defragmenting the Index File (INDEXF)
1734.06COMICS::DENNISWed Nov 02 1994User-generated Security Alarms?
1735.02BSEPThu Nov 10 1994layout of dcltables
1736.02STKEIS::MALMTue Nov 15 1994DECserver Questions; Keyboard Mappings
1737.02DPPSO::SMYTHWed Nov 16 1994wheres the spin-up jumper on an rz56
1738.01GIDDAY::GILLINGSThu Nov 24 1994Autologin (ALF?) for telnet sessions?
1739.010USOPS::KADOWTue Nov 29 1994Divide a DSM database into pieces?
1740.06AZTECH::LASTOVICAFri Dec 02 1994Debugging Global Section Corruptions
1741.05DUCATI::LASTOVICATue Dec 20 1994how to get a list of activated images from *within* the program?
1742.03RUMOR::FALEKWed Dec 21 1994A Christmas program
1743.03ET45Mon Jan 09 1995SET FILE/ENTER from a program ?
1744.02WRKSYS::MCMULLENTue Jan 17 1995? read/write VUE$PROFILE
1745.022LANDO::CANSLERTue Jan 24 1995Mitnick, Phiber Optik, Other Notable Crackers & Crimes
1746.01VNABRW::REINER_CMon Jan 30 1995LIB$SPAWNed proc sends junk to SYS$NET of creator
1747.013SLBLUZ::BROCKUSMon Jan 30 1995Session/terminal lock
1748.014XDELTA::HOFFMANFri Feb 03 1995Installed Image Section Name Hack Poll
1749.03AUSSIE::GARSONSun Feb 05 1995Unusual Error Code: SS$_QIO_CROCK
1751.018SWAM2::PALASE_FRMon Feb 13 1995Copy Protection & Licensing Schemes?
1752.05TROOA::HALSEYMon Feb 13 1995Determining SHOW MEMORY Reservable value?
1753.014RUMOR::FALEKThu Feb 23 1995EXE$NAMPID equivalent on OpenVMS Alpha?
1754.02IOSG::TALLETTMon Mar 06 1995OpenVMS support for Multia?
1756.03ALEXWS::ARKADYTue Mar 14 1995Undocumented CHILD command
1758.07SLBLUZ::BROCKUSMon Apr 03 1995Signalling and unwinding from exec mode, AXP
1759.02JULIET::JOSEPH_BOMon Apr 03 1995Passing Parameters To UETP Batch Job?
1760.05GNDALF::ROSCOEWed Apr 05 1995DCL Code For Reading Alpha Image Header?
1761.01SMARTT::DGAUTHIERWed Apr 05 1995Modifying dw_lat-created DECterm attributes?
1762.03PLAYER::SAEYSMon Apr 10 1995lib$show_vm_zone, lib$get_vm, lib$free_vm
1763.02LANDO::CANSLERTue Apr 11 1995UNIX Archiver Question
1764.02OOES::NORRISWed Apr 12 1995Hacker-Related Items for Sale, Free or Trade...
1765.08SWAM1::FLATMAN_DAThu Apr 20 1995show device/files from within an image
1766.07SLBLUZ::BROCKUSMon May 08 1995Cheap challenge/response for logins
1767.09LARVAE::DRSDWed May 10 1995Device Driver Access To RMS/XQP; Directory Performance
1768.07TROOA::RITCHEWed May 24 1995Need info on SHARE priv in OpenVMS
1769.016TROUWed Jun 21 1995Monitor OpenVMS file versions | 32767?
1770.03KEIKI::WHITEFri Jun 30 1995Drive Letter hack available?
1771.02TLSEThu Jul 06 1995Force Write into Sequential file
1773.03EPS::VANDENHEUVELThu Jul 20 1995Hack to tell RMS to flush dirty (DFW=Deferred write) buffers.
1774.02PINION::COLETue Jul 25 1995Partitioning Disks under MS-DOS?
1775.07DYPSS1::SCHAFERWed Jul 26 1995MMG$GL_MEMSIZE on Alpha from DCL?
1776.08BBQ::WOODWARDCMon Aug 21 1995Deleting records from RMS indexed file from DCL?
1777.01BESMon Sep 04 1995Where to get sources for ZIP, tools, etc.?
1778.08STAR::FENSTERSun Sep 10 1995Copying code from P
1779.011BROKE::WEIERThu Sep 14 1995WHATS_INSTALLED; List Of Installed Products?
1780.015CUJO::SAMPSONSun Oct 01 1995PFNMAP Section With No Backing Storage?
1781.09VIVIAN::RANCEMon Oct 16 1995What's wrong with this ACE?
1782.020CAM::JOHNSONFri Oct 20 1995disable/reenable SUPER ASTs.. help w/ DCLCMH
1783.04CTHU41::M_MCNAMARAMon Oct 23 1995VAX, Instruction Stream Modification
1784.012DPPSYS::SMYTHTue Oct 24 1995Connecting external rd54 to microvax 2
1785.04DEKVC::JAEHOLEETue Oct 24 1995Program which writes typeahead buffers of all user
1786.020CUJO::SAMPSONFri Nov 03 1995how to force cleanup on image rundown?
1788.04TROOA::BROWNWed Nov 08 1995SPY on Digital UNIX?
1789.013SLBLUZ::BROCKUSTue Nov 28 1995$mgblsc with outstanding I/O
1790.04VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYTue Dec 19 1995DCL Library Loan procedure anyone?
1791.06ACISS2::KATZENMEYERFri Jan 05 1996Queue file corruption woes.
1792.03ROCCER::MORRISONFri Jan 12 1996Help Debugging SUBMIT Protection Errror?
1793.012GALINA::SSMITHTue Jan 16 1996How about a SET FILE /NOCONTIG hack?
1794.04WRKSYS::MCMULLENWed Feb 14 1996?OSF force crash
1795.03EVOAFri Feb 23 1996RETOS equivalent on OpenVMS Alpha
1796.03CNTROL::DGAUTHIERTue Mar 26 1996Where are .H files on OPENVMS AXP?
1797.010MOVIES::BROCKBANKWed Apr 03 1996Loading Drivers via software on VAX
1798.04FIREBL::LEEDSWed Apr 10 1996getting $DIR/SIZ to display BYTES ??
1799.07CRONIC::SHUBSThu Apr 11 1996Supervisor mode
1800.014GTJAIL::MARTINTue Apr 16 1996VU (Virtual User) utility for VMS
1801.07CRONIC::SHUBSWed May 22 1996SYSMAN logicals and cluster transitions
1802.01WRKSYS::MCMULLENMon Jun 03 1996? Any NT hackers out there
1803.0VAXCPU::michaudWed Jun 05 1996ProPhone's Select Phone database format anyone?
1804.01ROMWed Jun 26 1996shadow decram onto ezXX?
1805.02STAR::FENSTERTue Jul 02 1996Free VMS project @ http://www.lp.se/Free-VMS
1806.07TKTVFS::SHINOSAKITue Jul 09 1996librtl tracer?
1807.02BUSY::DESPOTue Jul 09 1996Decoding a Base 64 (MIME) file
1808.04RTOAL2::MAHERTue Jul 16 1996$personna_assume flags
1809.07GIDDAY::GILLINGSWed Jul 17 1996How to pass a *binary* string parameter to a command procedure?
1810.0SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Aug 06 1996CALLMON - a procedure Call Monitor for OpenVMS Alpha
1811.0347211::OLD_CIPOLLAFri Aug 09 1996selective Moni DISK?
1812.01HDLITE::BRYANTThu Aug 15 1996Shadowset copy and merge %
1813.0XDELTA::HOFFMANMon Aug 19 1996New ALPHADEF Symbol Format
1814.010HIGHD::FLATMANWed Aug 21 1996FTP'ing backup savesets
1815.011UTRTSC::DORLANDTue Sep 10 1996Quick hack to recover VMS$COMMON.DIR Backlink
1816.09WOTVAX::WATSONRWed Sep 18 1996Symbols over 255 characters - without LIB$SET_SYMBOL
1817.06ROMFri Sep 20 1996Controlling The Scheduling of a Process?
1818.017CPEEDY::BRADLEYFri Oct 04 1996How To Induce Synchronization Problems?
1819.03MOVIES::BRANKINTue Oct 08 1996Most frequent ASTs
1820.02COMICS::GLEDHILLSat Oct 12 1996support for rts flow control in v7.
1821.08CUJO::MURTHAWed Oct 16 1996lock system pages?
1822.0+3SOS6::LECONTEFri Jan 03 1997Any program to clear first page of "Erase pattern buffer page" which is not zeroed ...
1823.010UTRTSC::EISINKTue Jan 21 1997Reading/Creating stb files
1824.0 *+1CSC32::J_ALBANESETue Jan 28 1997Anything to UNDELETE a LIBARY module?
1825.0 *+1CGOOA::OWONGThu Jan 30 1997RSA 97 Challenge
1826.0 *+2FORAT::PONSThu Feb 13 1997Salvage kit needed
1827.0 *SAYER::ELMORESun Feb 16 1997Psuedo/true-color X-windows capture
1828.0 *+7CHEFS::WILLIAMSAThu Feb 20 1997Quicky C function.
1829.0 *+6GALVIA::FOX_FMon Feb 24 1997User System Services on AXP
1830.0 *+5CPEEDY::BRADLEYFri Mar 14 1997mysteries of sys$getlki
1831.0 *+4GALVIA::FOX_FMon Mar 24 1997SYS$EXIT
1832.0 *+15CPEEDY::BRADLEYTue Mar 25 1997ldr$unload_image
1833.0 *+2GALVIA::FOX_FFri Mar 28 1997ARG_COUNT macro
1834.0 *+4STOSS1::DPROSEFri Apr 11 1997merge mail between 2 systems
1835.0 *+2EVMS::EVERHARTMon Apr 14 1997FYI - an interesting PC to OVMS connection system
1836.0 *+5COMEUP::SIMMONDSSun Apr 27 1997How to Debug DCL.EXE ?
1837.0 *+2BRITE::FYFEWed Apr 30 1997Need to modify system memory on alpha ...
1838.0 *+1ALICAT::dhcp-167-32-82.dhcp.meo.dec.com::mackayTue May 13 1997Intel backend for a BLISS compiler?