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Conference help::dns_programmer

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Created:Sun Feb 26 1989
Last Modified:Tue Feb 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:189
Total number of notes:805
Number with bodies:2
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3.07TOOK::PEDERSONTue Apr 11 1989V5.
4.08KNOWAY::WOLFFTue Apr 18 1989What to look for when converting from DNS$Clerk calls.
5.010SUCRE::CONWAYTue Apr 18 1989DNS caching
6.03SUCRE::CONWAYTue Apr 18 1989Timing out DNS requests
7.0COMICS::SIMSTue May 23 1989DNSDEF.FOR won't compile.
8.01CLUSTA::VIRGILTue Jun 13 1989Naming Management and Comms objects in DNS
9.02FORTY2::AMOS_NETThu Jun 15 1989ULTRIX/UNIX asynchronous Clerk Interface
10.05FORTY2::MIERSWAWed Jun 28 1989Attributes with binary names not displayed
11.04KNOWAY::WOLFFThu Jun 29 1989Calling DNS Client from kernel mode.
12.0HYDRA::COARWed Jul 05 1989VMS_CLERK_DOC - Is it outdated?
13.08GALAGR::CHENThu Jul 13 1989DNS Callable Interface
14.07MARVIN::COBBMon Jul 17 1989VMS V5.2
15.04GALAGR::CHENTue Jul 18 1989DNS Callable Interface Doc ?
16.04CHRLIE::HUSTONThu Jul 27 1989dns$set_remove_any problems
17.012FORTY2::MIERSWATue Aug 01 1989Timing Problem?
18.0TOOK::FRANKELFri Aug 18 1989DNS Portable C Interface Available
19.01CHRLIE::HUSTONFri Aug 18 1989can you add mult. values at a time?
20.0BUBBLY::LEIGHMon Aug 21 1989VMS V5.2 and the DNS clerk
21.02BROKE::BAHLThu Aug 31 1989Can a GROUP object take user defined attributes
22.07FORTY2::MIERSWAWed Sep 27 1989Odd directory problem
23.02FORTY2::MIERSWAWed Sep 27 1989Is this a bug?
24.03FORTY2::MIERSWATue Oct 03 1989Access Violation
25.06CHRLIE::HUSTONMon Oct 09 1989connecting from a hidden area?
26.04SNOCFri Oct 13 1989Cannot convert class name to opaque format
27.0RIKKA::PALOThu Nov 02 1989Optional Parameters not optional
28.02CHRLIE::HUSTONMon Nov 06 1989What is error 12
29.054TOOK::M_FOXFri Nov 10 1989Ultrix clerk now available
30.04TOOK::ZEETue Nov 14 1989VMS Clerk kit
31.0TOOK::SMARTINWed Nov 15 1989clerk interface cross ref ptr
32.039225::RAMFri Nov 17 1989On-line copy of examples
33.09CIMNET::KISHANMon Nov 20 1989DNSCP?
34.09BUBBLY::LEIGHMon Nov 20 1989Example programs
35.01CIMNET::KISHANWed Nov 22 1989dnsb status in synchronous call?
36.01CLUSTA::YANGMon Dec 11 1989delete an object
37.02CLUSTA::YANGTue Dec 12 1989attribute update
38.04CLUSTA::YANGThu Dec 28 1989Context Variable
39.01CLUSTA::YANGThu Dec 28 1989how to get timestamp of an attribute value
40.0BUBBLY::LEIGHFri Dec 29 1989Support guide for VMS V5.3 clerk
41.06JULIE::CORENZWITThu Jan 04 1990initial value of CONTEXTVARNAME for enumeration
42.04CHRLIE::HUSTONSat Jan 06 1990Why the extra 2 bytes
43.019IORST::mfoxTue Jan 16 1990Changes in the portable API
44.01CLUSTA::YANGWed Jan 17 1990multi-value attribute update
45.08VIA::EWALDMon Jan 22 1990Access denied when writing objects
46.02IORST::mfoxThu Jan 25 1990Abbreviated fullnames on Ultrix
47.06FORTY2::BROWNINGTue Jan 30 1990absent attribute vs. empty set
48.03TOOK::NELSONThu Feb 01 1990high confidence when the master server is offline
49.03COOKIE::WILKINSMon Feb 05 1990Are the portable interface routines thread reentrant?
50.03AZTECH::LASTOVICAMon Feb 05 1990optional parameters aren't quite as optional
51.02SNOCWed Feb 07 1990DNS$_TEST_GROUP
52.04BOA::SALEMThu Feb 08 1990Portable Interface and Document Suggestions
53.04COOKIE::WILKINSThu Feb 08 1990Problem with dnsCreateObj
54.0COOKIE::WILKINSThu Feb 08 1990dnsCvtSimpleToOpq loops forever
55.01CSC32::S_JOHNSONTue Feb 13 1990Is dns$a_grpmem_member correct?
56.01VIA::EWALDThu Feb 15 1990Partial matching on attribute names
57.02COOKIE::WILKINSTue Feb 20 1990Problem with the VMS DNS$PI shareable image
58.03KL21Tue Feb 20 1990Confidence as an output variable...moved to here at popular request (now that I'm a moderator!)
59.0TOOK::NELSONWed Feb 21 1990internal error in dnsReadMbr?
60.0TOOK::NELSONWed Feb 21 1990which status field is the correct one?
61.0VIA::EWALDFri Feb 23 1990Retrieving timestamps using portable interface
62.01CSC32::G_UPCHURCHWed Feb 28 1990problems with using DNS$_ENUMERATE_OBJECTS
63.01PAMSRC::SKELDINGThu Mar 01 1990DNS$CLERK broke for VMS 5.3?
64.07FORTY2::BROWNINGWed Mar 07 1990IFT1.75 problem.
65.0PRSIS7::ALETONFri Mar 09 1990documentation + pascal ex
66.06TOOK::M_OLSONMon Mar 19 1990dns ultrix update
67.012VAXWRK::GRANOFFMon Mar 26 1990DNS$CVT_NODENAME_TO_DNSADDRESS => curious results
68.03CLUSTA::YANGWed Mar 28 1990DNS$ACS questions
69.08RC3Thu Mar 29 1990How does an application create a directory ?
70.02RC3Tue Apr 03 1990dnsGather routine - problems with skip = -1 ?
71.02TOOK::NELSONTue Apr 03 1990using enumerated attribute names
72.03TOOK::L_OUELLETTEThu Apr 05 1990New DNS$PI.exe shareable image available
73.01RC3Mon Apr 09 1990dnsEnumObj routine looping in kernel mode AST ?
74.01TOOK::NELSONWed Apr 11 1990binary attrib names not returned on enumerate
75.02CHRLIE::HUSTONTue Apr 17 1990Can you modify DNS$ACS through sys$dns or pi
76.01LENIN::GAUTREAUFri Apr 20 1990Create clearinghouse command in the portable clerk ....
77.0TOOK::L_OUELLETTEFri Apr 20 1990Portable Interface problem/workaround (VMS)
78.03RC3Wed Apr 25 1990Reading attribute values without attribute name
79.03RC3Wed Apr 25 1990How does dnsCvtStrSimpleToOpq terminate strings ?
80.01FORTY2::BROWNINGThu Apr 26 1990ULTRIX pi BL3 directory create problem
81.05RC3Fri Apr 27 1990Status of portable interface when used with ASTs
82.0FORTY2::BROWNINGFri Apr 27 1990VMS pi E2.
83.01RAB::EWALDTue May 08 1990Problem with dnsCvtStrFullToOpq in VMS portable interface
84.01FORTY2::BROWNINGThu May 10 1990dnsCvtStrFullToOpq error return "granularity"
85.07CHRLIE::HUSTONMon May 14 1990pblm using dns$cvt_to_username_string
86.02CHRLIE::HUSTONThu May 17 1990DNS$ACS bit masks available?
87.01RAB::EWALDFri May 18 1990Timestamp question
88.01VANGRD::QUIRKMon May 21 1990DNS programming definitions?
89.03CHRLIE::HUSTONMon May 21 1990moving from sys$dns to pi questions
90.07LENO::GRIERFri May 25 1990Where is the Portable Interface documentation?
91.01FORTY2::BROWNINGTue May 29 1990dns ultrix BL4 case preservation problem
92.0RAB::EWALDFri Jun 01 1990Problem with dnsFlagStat structure on VMS
93.01TOOK::M_FOXThu Jun 14 1990XDS API available for comment
94.05LENO::GRIERMon Jun 18 1990When to update location information
95.02RC3Thu Jun 21 1990What's the best way to determine a directory from an object
96.05CSC32::CESARONEFri Jun 29 1990Retreive a single attribute in a set?
97.04BRSMV1::BUTTIENSWed Jul 18 1990Modifying an object while its parent directory is replicated multiple times ...
98.0BCSE::BCSE::NEUMANNFri Jul 27 1990Guidelines for review of name services
99.01SMURF::CHAPMANMon Jul 30 1990Return codes for dns portable C
100.01DEALIN::LAMBERTMon Aug 13 1990DNS$_NOCOMMUNICATION related to concurrent access failure?
101.02WHELIN::CHANMon Aug 27 1990DNS create object - how bad is it?
102.0JENNA::SANTIAGOThu Sep 06 1990Which interface to use?
103.05THEPGA::LEBLANCTue Sep 11 1990 DNS Clerk & Server V1.1 Kits
104.05FDCV1Wed Sep 19 1990append_simplename anyone??
105.02CSC32::R_RODRIGUEThu Oct 11 1990dns$cvt_dnsaddress_to_nodename question!
106.08ASD::MINTZFri Oct 19 1990"Illegal instruction" from ULTRIX dnsCreateObj
107.05CSC32::CESARONEWed Nov 07 1990dns-f-nonsresource
108.01ASD::MINTZTue Dec 11 1990Inconsistant constants
110.01DEALIN::LOMBARDOThu Jan 03 1991Case Sensitivity on CREATE DIRE from DCL
111.0NEWOA::PULLENWed Jan 09 1991Problem with DNS flag fsOutLink
112.01KYOA::MIANOWed Jan 16 1991Problem with dnsEnumObj
113.0NAC::MAGNIMon Jan 21 1991ReplicaPointer questions
114.01SIEVAX::TMJMon Feb 04 1991Error in dnsMaxSize
115.01CESARE::FOLCHINITue Feb 19 1991Problem about dnsCvtStrFullToOpq
116.0CSC32::C_NORMANWed Mar 20 1991NOCOMMUNICATION creating directory/object loop
117.05CSC32::R_RODRIGUETue Mar 26 1991dns$_read_attribute
118.01SIEVAX::TMJWed Mar 27 1991Unknown status value
119.06CHRLIE::HUSTONTue Apr 09 1991DNS RTL calls with no server available
120.05COOKIE::DMILLERTue Apr 09 1991SSRVEXCEPT crash calling dnsRmAttr
121.0MARVIN::MORRISONMon Apr 22 1991dnsCreateDIr keeps returning NO COMMUNICATION
122.03CFSCTC::CHABOTTue May 07 1991How to use name junctions?
123.01CFSCTC::CHABOTWed May 08 1991DNS Status Codes?
124.03CHRLIE::HUSTONWed May 29 1991DNS name from CTS?
125.01OSLACT::OLAVWed Jun 12 1991OSF dce compatible programming interface to dns?
126.03COOKIE::DMILLERTue Jun 25 1991Ordering of set members
128.0CUJO::HILLFri Jun 28 1991FORTRAN DECdns READ/MODIFY examples requested
129.01JURA::LAROCHETue Jul 09 1991Something wrong in example given
130.01KERNEL::TURPIETue Aug 06 1991DNSDEF will not compile
131.02LITRCY::KELTZFri Aug 16 1991dns$_modify_attribute doesn't work asynch??
132.01CESARE::FOLCHINITue Aug 20 1991What is the meaning of DNS_PENDING ?
133.01SYSMGT::DUTKOThu Oct 03 1991DNS Spec
134.02DEKTOL::ROBBINSFri Oct 18 1991Problem with logical names - help needed
135.02DEKTOL::ROBBINSFri Oct 18 1991Where are codes for fsDNSStat defined
136.06CHRLIE::HUSTONMon Oct 21 1991Binary name question
137.03PLAYER::DEVALCKFri Nov 29 1991Displaying timestamps
138.04KNABTue Dec 03 1991Forcing order completion of dns operations
139.05COOKIE::DMILLERWed Jan 08 1992NEW portable interface for VMS 5.5 and Ultrix 4.2
140.01GIDDAY::FLAWNFri Jan 10 1992how does DNSDEF.FOR get used ?
141.02PARZVL::SHIAUTue Jan 21 1992process hung due to DNS?
142.01COOKIE::MCDANIELMon Jan 27 1992Problem with linking against starlet.olb
143.04PARZVL::SHIAUThu Jan 30 1992Entry already exist error when it's not
144.02PARZVL::SHIAUThu Feb 20 1992How the links are created internally by DNS?
145.02STAR::MCCANNWed Mar 11 1992Set Member Timestamp field
146.03CHRLIE::HUSTONWed Apr 08 1992Possible bug??
147.04TPLAB::DEVALCKSun Apr 12 1992VMS logical names and the portable interface
148.02PLAYER::DEMOORFri Jun 05 1992dnsEnumObj problem ?
149.0TUXEDO::ZEEThu Aug 13 1992Are you using the V2 portable api?
150.01SSPENG::JOLYThu Aug 20 1992Limitations when calling $dns
151.01PKDEV1::THOMPSONWed Oct 07 1992Where to find documentation?
152.02WIKKIT::BAILEYMon Nov 02 1992Local Name Space & Portable PI
153.016LITRCY::KELTZTue Mar 09 1993The clerk won't admit the object went away!
154.02TUXEDO::L_OUELLETTEFri Apr 02 1993Directory Service Manager for DECdns
155.04LITRCY::KELTZWed May 12 1993CREATE succeeds but ADD_ATTR gets NOSUCHENTRY
156.03AEOENG::TUAUXTue May 18 1993DNS portable API on ULTRIX or OSF/1 ?
157.03TUXEDO::ZEEThu Jul 15 1993Change in DECdns API with DECnet/OSI for ULTRIX V5.1A
158.06TUXEDO::ZEEWed Aug 04 1993Users of libdns.a please sign in
159.01BUDDIE::SHWIFFFri Aug 13 1993Are programming examples on-line?
160.08FOUREX::BACONFri Aug 20 1993accvio from dnsEnumSLink() after 12
161.01BUDDIE::SHWIFFFri Aug 20 1993need help with DNS Server
162.03BUDDIE::SHWIFFTue Aug 31 1993How do you Enumerate with WILDCARDS?
163.08BUDDIE::SHWIFFThu Sep 02 1993How is ATTRIBUTE value interpreted?
164.03SWTHOM::DORNANOMon Oct 04 1993software error detected in server
165.0TUXEDO::ZEEThu Oct 21 1993Anyone linking against DNS$CLIENT.EXE ?
166.02CSC32::R_STEWARTMon Oct 25 1993DNS Application not working after 5.5-2 UG
167.02BEAVER::MCKEATINGFri Nov 19 1993Which kit to install for Portable Interface on VMS?
168.02SWCAThu Nov 25 1993DNS$CVT_NODENAME_TO_DNSADDRESS equivalent in DECnet?osi
169.07SWTHOM::NOBREMon Nov 29 1993dns symbols missing
170.02GIDDAY::PARSONSFri Dec 03 1993UNKNOWNENTRY from Pascal program
171.01SWTHOM::HOTue Dec 14 1993Use of dns$_enumerate
172.0TUXEDO::ZEEWed Jan 05 1994no DNS$SHARE.EXE with DECnet/OSI for VMS AXP
173.04TAEC::LACOMMEMon Feb 14 1994Looking for dnsclerk.h file
174.012TAEC::LACOMMEWed Feb 23 1994Status codes in dnsmessage.h
175.02AUSSIE::PERUZZIMon Mar 21 1994DEC dns programming doc (take 2)
176.03CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Mar 30 1994DNS error return codes and callable DNS?
179.01BUDDIE::SHWIFFWed Sep 14 1994how do you timeout an enumeration
180.04HGODCS::KEPLERLAMTue Sep 27 1994Problem in dnsadv under Ultrix environment
181.01GIDDAY::CHONGWed Oct 05 1994status query
182.05GIDDAY::CHONGWed Oct 05 1994coding around system-f-nocommunication
183.02UPROAR::BREAMLFri Oct 21 1994Problems upgrading from V1.1 to V2 on VMS - help!
184.01DV78Mon Nov 07 1994OpenVMS6.1 and DNS version?
185.01OPCO::TSG_PLLWed Feb 01 1995How does a program know if an attribute is in opaque format?
186.01SALUD::ORTIZThu Mar 30 1995NOCACHE error when job in detached/noauthorize
187.01PACWH::RIGAUXMon Oct 16 1995Migration form vax/openvms to axp/openvms
188.0SMAUG::GAVINThu Dec 12 1996Is there a DNS Portable Interface for VMS/ALPHA ?
189.0 *DRAGNS::WHEATERWed Jan 29 1997moving this conference
189.0 *DRAGNS::WHEATERThu Jan 30 1997moving this file to node: HELP