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Conference help::dns_program

Title:DNS Program Office Conference
Created:Thu Dec 10 1987
Last Modified:Fri Sep 01 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:238
Total number of notes:1273
Number with bodies:0
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1.04DISSRV::JANSENThu Dec 10 1987The DNS Program Office Conference
2.014FIDDLE::JANSENTue Dec 15 1987Prelim DNS Program Proposal
3.042FIDDLE::JANSENTue Dec 15 1987Introductions
5.017STING::MCILVINMon Dec 28 1987NameSpace tree context debates
6.05FIDDLE::JANSENTue Dec 29 1987DNS Naming Meeting
7.06BOEHM::SMARTINThu Jan 07 1988Seminar on DNS/DFS Jan 25-26
8.0FIDDLE::JANSENThu Jan 14 1988DNS Task Force Meeting Minutes
9.03FIDDLE::JANSENThu Jan 14 1988DNS Naming Guidelines
10.0FIDDLE::JANSENWed Jan 20 1988DNS Action List
11.02MORGAN::MCILVINTue Feb 02 1988Network Response Analyzer??
12.0DISSRV::JANSENThu Feb 04 1988Task Force Minutes - 2/2/88
13.01FIDDLE::JANSENThu Feb 11 1988Budget Guideline
15.05DISSRV::JANSENThu Mar 03 1988March 8 Task Force Meeting
16.03DISSRV::JANSENFri Mar 04 1988Sent in for DNS Phase
17.01FIDDLE::JANSENWed Mar 16 1988Minutes - March 8 Taskforce
18.0FIDDLE::JANSENTue Mar 22 1988Program Office Status
19.01DISSRV::JANSENTue Mar 29 1988Phase V Notes
20.0DISSRV::JANSENThu Mar 31 1988DISMC Decision
21.0DISSRV::JANSENMon Apr 11 1988DTSS Program Management
22.013FIDDLE::JANSENWed Apr 13 1988Mail from Europe
23.03FNYTC1::SYSTEMThu Apr 14 1988I would like more technical info on DNS
24.09FIDDLE::JANSENFri Apr 29 1988DNS Management Committee
25.04EASYNT::HUTCHINSONFri Apr 29 1988DNS Implementation/Operations Questions
26.0FIDDLE::JANSENWed May 04 1988DSE April Status
27.012FIDDLE::JANSENMon May 23 1988X.4
28.06FIDDLE::JANSENTue May 24 1988DNSMC - May 17
29.0OSI::MILESThu May 26 1988Naming users with DNS
30.0IAMOK::JANSENFri Jun 10 1988May 31 DNS Taskforce Minutes
31.02CSOA1::ROTHFri Jun 10 1988Synchronizing of computer to NBS via dialup
32.0ISURIA::JANSENTue Jun 14 1988DNSMC Minutes - June 2
33.01FLOCON::AUNGIERFri Jun 17 1988I need some help in understanding DNS
34.0IAMOK::JANSENThu Jun 23 1988DNSMC June 21 Minutes
35.05IAMOK::BRAVERWed Jun 29 1988DNS Example (Understanding DNS)
36.0IAMOK::JANSENWed Jun 29 1988DSE Program Status - May/June
37.03CABOOS::WRIDEFri Jul 29 1988Site management issues
38.011STING::MCILVINMon Aug 01 1988MEM DNS TASKFORCE: Preliminary Report
39.0ISURIA::JANSENWed Aug 03 1988DNSMC Minutes - July 19
40.0ISURIA::JANSENMon Aug 08 1988DSE July Status
41.0ISURIA::JANSENMon Aug 08 1988DNS Taskforce - 4 August
42.0ISURIA::JANSENFri Sep 16 1988Sept 14 DNSMC Minutes
43.03IAMOK::JANSENMon Sep 26 1988TRG Sept 2
44.0ISURIA::JANSENMon Oct 17 1988DNSMC Minutes, Oct 11
45.0ISURIA::JANSENFri Oct 28 1988DNSMC 24 October Minutes
46.05ISURIA::JANSENTue Nov 08 1988TRG Nov 8 Minutes
47.0ISURIA::JANSENThu Nov 17 1988Namespace Standard
48.0ISURIA::JANSENFri Nov 18 1988DNSMC Minutes - 17 November
49.0ISURIA::JANSENMon Nov 21 1988DSE Status - November
50.082UPSAR::THOMASTue Nov 29 1988Notes T2.
51.0ISURIA::JANSENMon Dec 12 1988DNSMC Minutes - 9 December
52.04FDCVTue Dec 13 1988Hidden Areas
53.0ISURIA::JANSENThu Jan 05 1989DNSMC Jan 4 Minutes
54.02ISURIA::JANSENWed Jan 11 1989DNS Resource Data
55.02NAXOS::WOJCIKWed Jan 11 1989Who owns non-engineering namespaces?
56.0ISURIA::JANSENFri Jan 13 1989DSE Prog Status - January
57.05FDCVTue Jan 31 1989US DNS Questions
58.010582Thu Feb 02 1989DNSMC Minutes - Jan 27
59.0ISURIA::JANSENFri Feb 17 198915 Feb DNSMC Minutes
61.0ISURIA::JANSENThu Feb 23 1989DSE Status - February
62.06ISURIA::JANSENMon Mar 06 1989Map of DEC:
63.0ISURIA::JANSENFri Mar 10 19898 March DNSMC Minutes
64.01FDCVFri Mar 10 1989Phase V Appl Test Environment
65.06NETRIX::MICHAUDThu Mar 16 1989The infamous reserved $
66.016SCRUZ::SERKSNIS_KAFri Mar 17 1989Hardware Configurations
67.038IAMOK::DEVIVOTue Mar 28 1989X.4
68.0ISURIA::JANSENMon Apr 03 1989DSE Status - March
69.02ISURIA::CASSONTue Apr 04 1989TRG Notes
70.0ISURIA::JANSENWed Apr 05 198931 March DNSMC Meeting
71.02ISURIA::JANSENFri Apr 07 1989New DNS V2 Doc
72.08AKOV11::FAUCHERFri Apr 14 1989Sitecode in Namespace
73.01ISURIA::JANSENWed Apr 19 1989DNS V2 Phase
74.0ISURIA::JANSENThu Apr 20 1989DNSMC Minutes - 19 April
75.021CVG::PETTENGILLThu Apr 20 1989What is the status of installing site DNS and DTSS servers?
77.0ISURIA::JANSENMon May 01 1989DSE Status: April
78.07ISURIA::JANSENWed May 03 1989Length of Object Names
79.014EASYNT::HUTCHINSONWed May 03 1989Namespace Service Provisioning - Who
80.03IAMOK::CASSONFri May 05 1989Tape DECnet/OSI Phase V Architecture
81.0ISURIA::JANSENMon May 08 1989DNS Videotape available
82.0ISURIA::JANSENMon May 08 1989DNS V2 Phase
83.06MILPND::MCILVINMon May 08 1989PDFD/WAN Layouts
84.01ISURIA::JANSENMon May 08 1989DNS Seminar Tapes ready
85.0ISURIA::JANSENThu May 18 1989DNSMC Minutes - 1
86.0ISURIA::JANSENThu May 18 1989Ginny's training status report
87.0ISURIA::JANSENTue May 23 1989DSE May Status
88.02CABOOS::WRIDEFri Jun 02 1989Why not a Nameserver-1
89.0IAMOK::JANSENFri Jun 09 1989>1 Namespace on a LAN
90.040FDCVFri Jun 09 1989Admin. access to ::SYSTEM accounts
91.01AKOVMon Jun 12 1989Multiple Servers on one LAN?
92.0ISURIA::CASSONFri Jun 16 1989Minutes of The June 2nd DNSMC Meeting
93.04FDCVThu Jun 22 1989Security?
94.0ISURIA::JANSENMon Jun 26 1989DNSMC Minutes - June 21
95.02EASYNT::RUBINSTEINWed Jun 28 1989DECnet Area Moves and DNS
96.0ISURIA::JANSENWed Jun 28 1989June DSE Status
97.031ISURIA::JANSENThu Jul 06 1989DNS Names for EASYnet Mail Subscribers
98.04ISURIA::JANSENThu Jul 06 1989Dedicated Server hardware not required
99.05MARVIN::WARWICKWed Jul 12 1989 Is DNS set up redundantly enough ?
100.01GALAGR::CHENWed Jul 12 1989Callable Interface for DNS?
101.02ISURIA::JANSENTue Jul 18 1989DNS and TCP/IP
102.04ISURIA::JANSENWed Jul 19 1989DNS V2.
103.06FDCVFri Jul 21 1989DNS returns one attribute at a time?
104.0ISURIA::JANSENTue Jul 25 1989DNSMC Minutes - 13 July
105.04SHIRE::SPEEKWed Jul 26 1989Empiric DNS Planning Model
106.0NAC::R_KAOMon Jul 31 1989DNS Capacity Planning Report
107.010SAPHAX::JANSENThu Aug 03 1989Current ideas for DNS Personnel
108.03ISURIA::JANSENFri Aug 04 1989July 25 DNS TRG Meeting
109.01GVAMon Aug 07 1989DNS on clusters ?
110.06SAPHAX::JANSENMon Aug 07 1989DNSMC Minutes - Aug 2
111.01049282::SPEEKMon Aug 07 1989Don't mix up Node Names with Personal Names !
112.0SAPHAX::JANSENTue Aug 08 1989DSE Status - July
113.08GVAThu Aug 10 1989Two Clearinghouses on one node ?
114.01ULYSSE::MCCORMICKThu Aug 31 1989DNS and Phase V
115.05FDCVWed Sep 13 1989Admin Scripts ???
116.0SAPHAX::JANSENMon Sep 25 1989DNSMC - 23 August Minutes
117.0SAPHAX::JANSENMon Sep 25 1989VMS DECnet Architect comments
119.02SAPHAX::JANSENFri Oct 06 1989DNSMC Oct 4 Minutes
120.0SAPHAX::JANSENMon Oct 09 1989Program Office Status - Sept
121.01MAYDAY::ANDRADEMon Nov 06 1989Site general info ?
122.03SAPHAX::JANSENMon Nov 13 1989Site Server Guideline
123.024SAPHAX::JANSENFri Nov 17 1989DNSMC Minutes - 11/15/89
124.0SAPHAX::JANSENFri Nov 17 1989New Namespace Standard
125.01HGOVC::JIMMYCHANFri Nov 24 1989Manual missing?
126.02JULIET::JOLICOEUR_CYThu Nov 30 1989ULTRIX vs. VMS servers
127.06SAPHAX::JANSENTue Dec 12 1989Root Server Guideline
128.0SAPHAX::JANSENMon Jan 22 1990DNSMC Minutes - Jan 2 Meeting
129.01JETSAM::BIGGSTue Jan 30 1990DECdns Root Server Topology Proposal
130.013SAPHAX::JANSENMon Feb 05 1990Site Service Directory Guideline
131.0SAPHAX::JANSENMon Feb 19 1990Program Office Feb. Status
132.05HERMN::WRIDEWed Feb 21 1990Questions
133.012NITMOI::PESENTIFri Feb 23 1990Application requires node name conflicts
135.0SAPHAX::JANSENTue Mar 06 1990DNSMC Minutes - Feb 14 Meeting
137.0SAPHAX::JANSENFri Mar 16 1990DNSMC Minutes - March 7
138.055CVG::PETTENGILLTue Mar 20 1990Naming Again - What about things that are should not be site based???
139.0SAPHAX::JANSENFri Apr 06 1990DNSMC 28 March Minutes
140.0SAPHAX::JANSENMon Apr 09 1990EASYnet DNS Management Change
141.010FDCVTue Apr 10 1990BackTranslation question
143.0SAPHAX::JANSENMon Apr 23 1990Program Office Status
144.0SAPHAX::JANSENMon Apr 30 1990DNSMC April 18 Minutes
145.03IAMOK::DEVIVOFri May 04 1990People naming and personnel data
146.0SAPHAX::JANSENMon May 21 1990DNSMC May 16 meeting
147.0SAPHAX::JANSENThu Jun 07 1990DNSMC May 3
148.09SHIRE::SPEEK::SPEEKFri Jun 15 1990Status of the DEC: Namespace....
149.01USTICA::MISLERTue Jun 19 1990questions about synonym directory
150.03HERMN::WRIDEMon Jun 25 1990Ready, willing, ... able?
151.0SAPHAX::JANSENThu Jul 12 1990Minutes of the June 11 DNSMC Meeting
152.0SAPHAX::JANSENMon Jul 23 1990Namespace Security Standard available
153.0SAPHAX::JANSENWed Jul 25 1990July 11 DNSMC Minutes
154.0BCSE::BCSE::NEUMANNFri Jul 27 1990Guidelines for use of Name Services
155.02CVMS::DOTENWed Aug 08 1990Displaying DNS names
156.0SAPHAX::JANSENThu Aug 09 1990Restrictions on Names of Node Objects
157.09CVMS::DOTENFri Aug 10 1990Phase V node name questions
158.0SAPHAX::JANSENFri Aug 17 1990DNSMC August 1 Minutes
159.0SAPHAX::JANSENThu Aug 30 1990DNSMC August 22 Minutes
160.02SAPHAX::JANSENThu Sep 20 1990DNSMC September 12 meeting minutes
161.02SAPHAX::JANSENThu Oct 11 1990TCP/IP Node Namespace Standard Addendum
162.0SAPHAX::JANSENThu Oct 11 1990Minutes - 3 October DNSMC
163.0SAPHAX::JANSENFri Oct 19 1990Applications Guideline Available
164.0TROU31::ZAIDMANThu Oct 25 1990Error using BOOKreader format of Functional Spec
165.03GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDSun Oct 28 1990Suggestion to use DTSS to keep DEC DNS servers in synch
166.02SAPHAX::JANSENTue Oct 30 1990Program Office Status Update
167.0SAPHAX::JANSENMon Nov 05 1990DNSMC Minutes - 24 October
168.0SAPHAX::JANSENFri Nov 16 1990DNSMC Minutes - November 9 meeting
169.01UFCNET::NETTue Nov 20 1990Can not REBUILD directories, get %DNS-E-UNKNOWNCLEARING error
170.0TROU31::ZAIDMANMon Dec 17 1990GLUTNY status
171.0SAPHAX::JANSENThu Dec 20 1990DSE Program Status
172.0SAPHAX::JANSENThu Jan 03 1991DNSMC Dec 12 Meeting Minutes
173.01BOSNET::COLUMBUSThu Jan 17 1991Looking for location on network
174.02IAMOK::DEVIVOFri Jan 18 1991STRAW FOR X.5
175.03IAMOK::JANSENTue Jan 22 1991DECdns V2 V1 Changes doc
176.0SAPHAX::JANSENMon Jan 28 1991DNSMC Minutes - 16 January
177.0SAPHAX::JANSENWed Mar 06 1991Minutes of the 2
178.0SAPHAX::JANSENMon Apr 08 199113 March DNSMC Minutes
179.01SAC::PRUDENThu Apr 11 1991DNS and CDS compatibility
180.0SAPHAX::JANSENTue Apr 30 1991Status Update - April 1991
181.0SAPHAX::JANSENFri May 03 1991DSE Program Office Job Open
182.051UFHIS::MMCCREADYThu May 16 1991Easynet DEC:.DNA_NODESYNONYM lack of replicas
183.02TOOK::MICHAUDTue Jun 04 1991Moving nodes to different site directories & softlinks
184.010TOOK::MICHAUDWed Jun 05 1991Backtranslation directories in the DEC: namespace
185.0SAPHAX::JANSENMon Jun 24 1991Assessment of Digital's Name/Directory Service Strategy
186.0SAPHAX::JANSENFri Jun 28 1991Positioning of Name/Directory Services - Interesting!
187.04CSC32::R_RODRIGUEFri Jul 12 1991access to dec namespace
188.03CSC32::R_RODRIGUEFri Jul 12 1991error messages
189.0SAPHAX::JANSENThu Jul 25 1991Service delivery manager for DECdns
191.01TOOK::PURPL::TWEXLERMon Sep 23 1991V1 clearinghouse files < 2
192.05MDRA4::DNSADMINTue Sep 24 1991DECmcc & namespace DEC:
193.010TOOK::MICHAUDWed Sep 25 1991Real node objects for hidden area nodes
194.018JETSAM::GRUBBSMon Sep 30 1991dna_nodesynonym NOW available!
195.03DUCATI::LASTOVICAWed Oct 02 1991namespace doesn't have nodes in it?
196.0CUJO::HILLTue Oct 08 1991%DNS-E-BADCLOCK error during installation
197.03UFHIS::MMCCREADYThu Oct 10 1991DNS V2.
198.01SAPHAX::JANSENFri Oct 11 1991DNS Program Public Directory Moved
199.0SAPHAX::JANSENFri Dec 20 1991Name/Directory Strategy Slides
200.01CTHQ2::MARTELWed Jan 08 1992Jan. 11, 1992 - synonym downtime...
201.01ESSB::BREEFri Jan 17 1992comp info
202.01DSTEG::FOXThu Feb 13 1992DSE Program Office Videotape No Longer Available?
203.04SAPHAX::JANSENFri Mar 27 1992Closing this Conference
204.01CTHQ::MARTELTue Dec 01 1992Re-Opening of DNS_PRogram notes conference
205.0CTHQ::VANDERAATue Dec 01 1992A re-start of the DNS notes
206.02WOOK::LEEThu Dec 03 1992Synonym Outages
208.02CTHQ::SNOWThu Dec 31 1992DECdns Support Announcement
209.01CTHQ::MARTELWed Jan 06 1993GLUTNY Fix
210.01MKOTS1::JREGANMon Mar 01 1993Migrating from DNS V1 to V2
211.010GVAWed Apr 07 1993Use of the DEC: namespace by DECnet/OSI
212.024CTHQ::MARTELMon Apr 26 1993Plan to replicate Snyonym Dir. to Europe
213.01EICMFG::MCCREADYSun May 16 1993Why aren't DNS servers using DNS?
214.01GVAWed May 19 1993European DEC: migration to V2
215.02MU::PORTERWed Jun 02 1993Name of name mechanic?
216.03NWGEDU::MACKNEYFri Jun 04 1993Help with DNS and VAXnotes
217.02CTHQ::MARTELWed Jun 16 1993How to report a Namespace Trouble
218.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDSat Jun 19 1993Using DECdns - somr concerns from afar...
219.06MAYDAY::ANDRADETue Jun 22 1993European DNS Country Coordinators
221.010EICMFG::MMCCREADYMon Jul 12 1993Moving, re-registering and re-naming nodes
222.01PTOVAX::DANZAKMon Aug 02 1993DNS sounds like washer
223.01SWTHOM::DORNANOTue Oct 05 1993software error detected in server
224.06DYOSW8::WILDERWed Nov 10 1993Error accessing node synonym table
225.02CVG::PETTENGILLThu Nov 11 1993Recommendations for server on `private' LAN
226.01CTHQ::SCHULTHEISMon Nov 15 1993** ESC Network Outage (11/15/93) **
227.06EICMFG::MMCCREADYWed Feb 02 1994Can you combine DNS & LNO e.g. no synonym available?
228.01EICMFG::MMCCREADYTue Mar 15 1994parent pointer to 4.478
229.0GVATue Apr 12 1994New Namespace Access Standard and Guidelines
230.04CFSCTC::SMITHWed Jun 15 1994Where is the documentation of the DEC: namespace?
231.02NUKVXA::Andy_DoranTue Jun 28 1994RADISH_CH a gonna?
232.03GVATue Aug 09 1994Availability of the European Node Synonym directory
233.01HGODCS::KEPLERLAMTue Oct 04 1994Error in DNSADV under Ultrix
234.024EICMFG::MMCCREADYWed Nov 02 1994Is EASYnet DNS sick?
235.03GVAThu Mar 09 1995Recommended DNS Server configurations in Europe
236.05TBJPST::TBJUST::KURAMITUMon Aug 21 1995Strange DNS$Replicas attribute
237.0SMAUG::GARRODFri Aug 25 1995Problems with .LKG subdirectory (DNS$REPLICAS)
238.01DYOSW5::WILDERFri Sep 01 1995"Unable to communicate" problem