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Conference noted::diplomacy

Title:Digital DIPLOMACY Players
Notice:You want to play? Note 94!
Created:Fri Oct 10 1986
Last Modified:Wed Feb 19 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:296
Total number of notes:3598
Number with bodies:1
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1.013BISTRO::REDMONDFri Oct 10 1986Welcome to the DIPLOMACY Notes File
2.013BISTRO::REDMONDFri Oct 10 1986Results of Netgames
3.0138BISTRO::REDMONDFri Oct 10 1986Network DIPLOMACY Players register here...
4.0114BISTRO::REDMONDFri Oct 10 1986A Rating System for DIPLOMACY Players ?
5.028BISTRO::REDMONDFri Oct 10 1986NETGAME 9 - looking for players
6.040BISTRO::LIRONFri Oct 10 1986Rules
7.013CADDLE::GOUNFri Oct 10 1986August Reinig's thoughts on playing Diplomacy
8.0DSSDEV::WALSHFri Oct 10 1986What country do you like least?
9.09DSSDEV::WALSHFri Oct 10 1986What's your favorite country?
10.013NONAME::GOUNSun Oct 12 1986Notes vs. Mail for Diplomacy
11.0DSSDEV::REINIGMon Oct 13 1986Netgame1, the moves
12.0DSSDEV::REINIGMon Oct 13 1986Netgame 2, the moves
13.01DSSDEV::REINIGMon Oct 13 1986A program to assign countries to players
14.07BASHER::SMITHMon Oct 13 1986Where is NG7?
15.04DUBSWS::MACKEYTue Oct 14 1986Ian Smith
16.07HOMBRE::CONLIFFETue Oct 14 1986Diplomatic Software
17.03ARAGON::TYCASTFri Oct 17 1986Diplomacy in Valbonne
18.011HOMBRE::CONLIFFEFri Oct 17 1986Aid to gamers: the excuse dictionary
19.033HITECH::ALCOCKFri Oct 17 1986Announcing a Call for NG1
20.01BISTRO::REDMONDMon Oct 20 1986Information on Moderators
22.06DSSDEV::REINIGMon Oct 20 1986Netgame 3, The Moves
23.099NONAME::GOUNTue Oct 21 1986Greater Maynard face-to-face Diplomacy
24.02BASHER::SMITHTue Oct 21 1986What is a good game?
25.0BASHER::SMITHFri Oct 24 1986Remember the time difference please
26.01BISTRO::REDMONDFri Oct 24 1986Results of Netgames by countries
27.06DSSDEV::REINIGSat Oct 25 1986What's a moderator to do?
28.01DSSDEV::REINIGSat Oct 25 1986What is an acceptable description of a move?
29.01WHOARU::GOUNTue Oct 28 1986New player needed to play England in Netgame #8
30.048STAR::KAPLANTue Nov 04 1986Anyone interested in "live" DIPLOMACY?
31.07STAR::KAPLANWed Nov 05 1986Calander of Events
32.01BASHER::SMITHWed Nov 05 1986Live in the UK?
33.03BISTRO::REDMONDWed Nov 05 1986Game in Valbonne, France
34.016STAR::GRANFIELDFri Nov 07 1986Guard your mail!
35.0BISTRO::REDMONDFri Nov 07 1986Netgame 6 conference
36.025DAFFY::RICHMon Nov 10 1986Looking for Fresh Blood
37.06ECLAIR::GOODENOUGHFri Nov 14 1986Serious for a moment
38.010BEING::WEISSWed Nov 19 1986Multi-universe alliances
39.028STAR::KAPLANThu Nov 20 1986NETGAMES 12 & 13?
40.05BASHER::SMITHFri Nov 21 1986Let the moderators fight...
41.09DSSDEV::WALSHFri Nov 21 1986First annual(?) Diplomacy luncheon
42.02STAR::KAPLANSat Nov 22 1986Divide and Conquer -- or waste of time?
43.065BISTRO::REDMONDThu Nov 27 1986Latest Rating Reports
44.01BEING::WEISSWed Dec 03 1986Switzerland
45.014BISTRO::REDMONDFri Jan 02 1987Yet more games of diplomacy...
46.011BASHER::SMITHTue Jan 06 1987Netgame 12, healthy????
47.0DSSDEV::WALSHTue Jan 13 1987Alternate ranking systems results
48.03BURGER::SIMPSONWed Jan 14 1987Stand off tutorial lesson...
49.029WHYVAX::VOGELThu Jan 15 1987The "Only" rating system
50.03WHYVAX::VOGELThu Jan 15 1987Current ratings
51.03BISTRO::REDMONDWed Jan 21 1987Wanted : Russian with talent.
52.017BISTRO::REDMONDThu Jan 22 1987Anyone for "BLITZ" Diplomacy ?
53.09BISTRO::REDMONDThu Jan 22 1987Network Diplomacy Tournament !
54.03WHOARU::GOUNThu Jan 29 1987Call for players: Netgame #14
55.073NZOVFri Jan 30 1987Limited visibility (Super-) Diplomacy
57.032BISTRO::REDMONDTue Feb 03 1987Replacement Players - Job Openings here !
58.018CIMAMT::RICHThu Feb 05 1987Variants Galore!
59.011NZOVSun Feb 08 1987queries on cutting support
60.04RUBY::CORBETTTue Feb 10 1987Another Begginer game??
61.013CRISIS::OCONNORFri Feb 13 1987Call for LVD1
62.05MOZART::ABISFri Feb 13 1987A queue for available players?
63.020BISTRO::REDMONDMon Feb 16 1987Moderators Register Here
64.018BISTRO::REDMONDMon Feb 16 1987Players line up here for warmstarting
65.022TLE::KNOWLESThu Feb 19 1987Coming soon!
66.025DSSDEV::WINKELMANThu Feb 19 1987"Proxy" moves by other players?
67.02ARAGON::TYCASTTue Feb 24 1987Resolving Meta-Diplomatic Conflicts During Netgames
68.02RDGE21::SIMPSONTue Feb 24 1987Forcing yourself to retreat
69.01SHIRE::PFEFERThu Mar 05 1987HELP
70.053BISTRO::REDMONDMon Mar 09 1987Current Netgames Status
71.01DSSDEV::REINIGSat Mar 14 1987Netgame 4, The moves
72.0THATIS::SIMPSONTue Apr 14 1987New novices' netgame
73.02VINO::JMUNZERMon Apr 27 1987fake name
74.01COBRA::CAIAZZIWed May 13 1987Questions about game
75.04THATIS::SIMPSONThu May 14 1987For Sale
76.0BISTRO::REDMONDThu May 21 1987Netgame 16 under way ( at last )
77.0763Thu May 28 1987Netgame12: A search for a way forward
78.02HOW::BARRONWed Jun 03 1987Looking for NG17's GM
79.09SSTMV1::DERKSENThu Jun 04 1987Tighten the Rules?
81.03DSSDEV::WALSHThu Jun 18 1987Can you cut your own support?
82.05USMRW4::SHANSONWed Jun 24 1987Where to get Diplomacy game
83.017SSTMV1::DERKSENMon Jun 29 1987The Scarlet Letter.
84.02MRYUK::GRANFIELDTue Jun 30 1987Live game in MK
85.034XPLODE::EDDIEWed Jul 01 1987Graphic Diplomacy Maps?
86.05316BITS::KRUGERFri Jul 10 1987Youngstown Diplomacy, anyone?
87.013VINO::JMUNZERTue Jul 14 1987what rule prevents swapping?
88.02CURIUM::YOOFri Jul 17 1987Where are the moves for NG5-NG9?
89.03MUNED3::REDMONDMon Aug 03 1987Electronic Offences in Diplomacy
90.021MUNED3::REDMONDMon Aug 03 1987All-Star Game I (NG2
91.01316BITS::KRUGERThu Aug 27 1987Youngstown Rules
92.052BELFST::REDMONDFri Aug 28 1987World Diplomacy Game (12 players)
94.011BISTRO::REDMONDFri Sep 04 1987Warmstart queue for *ALL*
96.048BISTRO::REDMONDFri Sep 04 1987Warmstart for Moderators and New Games
97.07BISTRO::REDMONDFri Sep 04 1987Warmstart for Digital World Diplomacy Variant
98.06REINIG::REINIGMon Sep 07 1987No talking in this variant
99.021AESIR::SWONGERFri Sep 11 1987Moral Obligation to Win?
101.0VINO::JMUNZERTue Sep 22 1987moves of Netgame 15
102.05VINO::JMUNZERMon Sep 28 1987postal diplomacy
103.01CRAIG::YANKESThu Oct 08 1987Raw data for the rating system.
104.05THATIS::SIMPSONWed Oct 14 1987Calling NG21 players
105.05COMICS::KEYThu Oct 22 1987Newsflash for micro diplomats
106.0COMICS::KEYTue Oct 27 1987Richard Sharp book wanted
107.017VINO::JMUNZERMon Nov 02 1987Stalemate?
108.05FOOT::SMITH_IFri Nov 06 1987Moral Obligation to PREVENT a win?
109.01COMICS::KEYTue Nov 10 1987Midcon
110.01FOOT::SMITH_IWed Nov 11 1987NG17 over
111.017CRAIG::YANKESThu Nov 19 1987Moderation software started.
112.014BISTRO::REDMONDWed Nov 25 1987What do you do with an army that becomes a fleet
113.03ATTILA::FRANCEMon Nov 30 1987NG 24
114.03REMTEC::ALCOCKTue Dec 01 1987Iberian Penninsula swap - opinions?
115.04SCOMAN::BARBIERITue Dec 08 1987Like To Play A Face to Face Game
116.016NZOVWed Dec 09 1987hidden notes not secure?
117.021TALLIS::ABISThu Dec 17 1987Pointers to active Netgames
119.010NATASH::KETTTue Dec 29 1987Hints on playing Italy
120.05HERON::BUCHANANFri Jan 08 1988rules fiddle
121.01CRAIG::YANKESWed Jan 13 1988NG21 is over (stalemate)
122.05CRAIG::YANKESWed Jan 13 1988Call for LVD2
123.011MALLET::JEFFERYMon Feb 01 1988We need a moderator!!!
124.011BISTRO::REDMONDThu Feb 04 1988Rule question (support)
126.02LARVAE::ODOHERTYMon Feb 22 1988Automated Vax Notes (AVN) A facility for noters
127.02TALLIS::GRECOMon Mar 21 1988NG11 Lunch
128.07SWSNOD::SALLOWAYThu Mar 24 1988NG28 Starting Up
129.019CFACOM::DERKSENWed Mar 30 1988Rulebook question
130.014RUATHA::WAGNERThu Apr 21 1988Is this 'legal'
131.05TALLIS::ABISWed Apr 27 1988Blacklist for civil disorders?
132.06CADSYS::REISSThu Apr 28 1988We're all suspicious here
133.067HERON::BUCHANANThu Apr 28 1988variant suggested
134.0COMICS::KEYMon May 09 1988Anyone played 1958 Diplomacy?
135.0Z::TENNYTue May 31 1988DECWEB - New Game Announcement
136.011VINO::JMUNZERSat Jun 04 1988CD disbands
137.023YODA::BARANSKIWed Jun 08 1988Stalemate untill Bored CD?
138.021--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 10 1988An idea (and a moderator) for a new game
139.0SWSVAX::MORRISFri Jun 17 1988enough players for two games
140.011CFACOM::DERKSENFri Jun 17 1988All-Star Game II
141.01OTOFS::HARPERWed Jun 22 1988NG22 IS OVER!
142.03BISTRO::WATSONMon Jun 27 1988negotiate with others before declaring absences?
143.023RDGOAR::SMITHIJWed Jun 29 1988The Kevin Mackey Award for STAB of the Year!
144.014BISTRO::WATSONFri Jul 01 1988Turkish topic
145.05BISTRO::WATSONThu Jul 07 1988diplomacy sets
146.011SWSVAX::MORRISWed Jul 13 1988Diplomacy in greater Cannes area?
147.010FNYFS::BOWENThu Jul 14 1988Gibraltar what Gibraltar ?
148.01BARTLE::WEBBThu Jul 14 1988... all women's game???
150.08TALLIS::ABISMon Jul 18 1988Learn to play Diplomacy, the hard way?
151.0SWSNOD::SALLOWAYFri Jul 22 1988NG28 is over - "The Postman Always Rings Twice"
152.09SWSNOD::SALLOWAYMon Jul 25 1988FTF results
153.06VINO::JMUNZERMon Jul 25 1988overspecification
154.031HECKLE::YANAGIThu Jul 28 1988On Moderator error then "what"? - Opinions?
155.02OTOFS::HARPERWed Aug 03 1988NG25 IS OVER
156.07BISTRO::WATSONMon Aug 15 1988NG36
158.06BISTRO::WATSONFri Aug 19 1988methods of country allocation
159.01RDGOAR::SMITHIJTue Aug 23 1988Problems with HERON
160.07HERON::BUCHANANTue Aug 23 1988Rating the rats
161.06RDGOAR::SMITHIJWed Aug 24 1988My aim is to WIN!
162.07THATIS::SIMPSONFri Sep 02 1988DECworld FTF anyone?
163.02LARVAE::ODOHERTYMon Sep 26 1988Help requested resolving Support cutting moves
164.06NATASH::KETTWed Sep 28 1988And the moderator is.....
166.01CALDEC::GLENNWed Oct 12 1988KAMAKURA
167.047CFACOM::DERKSENFri Oct 14 1988Netgame 23 -- Diplomacy at its best
168.08BISTRO::WATSONTue Oct 18 1988best netgame for rookie study?
169.01THATIS::SIMPSONTue Oct 25 1988NG38
170.0THATIS::SIMPSONWed Oct 26 1988Notes X2.
171.031RDGOAR::SMITHIJMon Oct 31 1988So long, and thanks for all the STABS
172.016HERON::BUCHANANMon Oct 31 1988Return of the Zombie Nomads from the Steppes II
173.013RDGOAR::SMITHIJTue Nov 01 1988CHAOS rule discussion
174.0FNYFS::BOWENThu Nov 10 1988Is this a World record?
176.015DSSDEV::PATTFri Nov 11 1988Do You Know What Day Today Is?
177.07TETLEY::BRUNELLMon Nov 28 1988All diplomacy maps are wrong
178.0VINO::JMUNZERTue Dec 13 1988the moves of NG26
179.01BISTRO::WOODFri Dec 23 1988A bit Different
180.05OKYAH::HARDINGFri Dec 23 1988Hidden notes problem with Vaxnotes 2.
182.014CRAIG::YANKESTue Jan 03 1989CHAOS2 sign up going on now.
183.014OKYAH::YOUNGWed Jan 04 1989Netgame 41: Rookies and other beginners
184.01THATIS::SIMPSONWed Jan 18 1989NG31 is on hold
185.04STAR::BOUCHARDThu Feb 09 1989Mutant game...
186.016AESIR::SWONGERTue Feb 14 1989NG42 starting
187.02BISTRO::WATSONWed Feb 22 1989Interpreting rule X
188.05--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 28 1989NG34 over!
189.0HERON::REDMONDFri Mar 03 1989NG3
190.013BISTRO::WOODFri Mar 31 1989Valbonne, Face to Face
191.016SQGUK::CLEVELANDMon Apr 03 1989Reading face to face challenge?
192.01TALLIS::ABISThu Apr 20 1989NG32 is over
193.011AUNTB::SEATONMon May 01 1989Moves across the Pacific
194.02ESD19::MOSERWed May 10 1989Emergency move repository...
195.02LACASA::TYCASTFri May 12 1989Whatever Happened to What's-His-Name?
196.03BREW11::WILLIAMSMMon May 15 1989count me in
197.02BISTRO::WATSONSat May 20 1989Reading matter
198.01OKYAH::HARDINGMon May 22 1989Moderator needed for NG41
199.011REPAIR::RICKETTSThu May 25 1989NG43 ???
200.03HERON::ROBINSONMon May 29 1989Beginners' game - when eill it start?
201.07HERON::BUCHANANTue May 30 1989NG37 over
202.02BISTRO::WATSONWed May 31 1989Germany
203.01BREW11::WILLIAMSMTue Jun 06 1989Slow down?
204.011SNOCMon Jun 12 1989NG46 ready, set, go!
205.09NATASH::KETTWed Jun 14 1989The end of open communications?\
206.014CANTAB::MATHESONThu Jun 22 1989NG45
207.0TRCATue Jun 27 1989NG31 over in 1918!
208.015BISTRO::WATSONTue Jun 27 1989XXXX book of records
209.016SNOCWed Jun 28 1989how far should a moderator go?
210.013BISTRO::WATSONFri Jun 30 1989NMAIL - the diplomat's only reliable ally
211.0EVETPU::GOUNWed Jul 05 1989Internet Diplomacy mailing list
212.02BISTRO::WATSONTue Aug 01 1989summary of netgame results
213.026BISTRO::WATSONTue Aug 01 1989remarks on trends in netgame results
214.011FNYFS::BOWENThu Aug 03 1989NG44 has moved !
215.011SNOCThu Aug 17 1989CD City
216.03TALLIS::ABISThu Aug 17 1989NG47
217.08TALLIS::GOYKHMANFri Aug 25 1989Looking for Gamer's Guide to read
218.03ASABET::YANAGIFri Sep 22 1989NG48!
219.09TOKNOW::METCALFEWed Oct 04 1989Keeping Historic Records - Those who do not remember the past...
221.06AKOV13::SALLOWAYMon Oct 09 1989NG41 is over
222.0RUTILE::BOWENMon Oct 09 1989Try again - new date - new time all new people
223.01STARCH::WHERRYWed Nov 01 1989NG49
224.07STAR::BOUCHARDThu Nov 02 1989NG5
225.010CREDIT::WATSONWed Nov 08 1989NG51 - All (well mostly) Star III
226.09HPSTEK::RJONESTue Nov 14 1989FTF in Leominster
227.07NATASH::KETTWed Nov 15 1989Insult Of The Month Club
228.038SNOCTue Nov 21 1989NG53 - Not-the-All_Stars I
229.08TOKNOW::METCALFETue Nov 21 1989Kibitzing - does it include sour grapes?
230.012NSDC::SIMPSONWed Nov 22 1989FTF in Ma.?
232.05HERON::ROBINSONThu Jan 04 1990FTF in Valbonne, anyone?
233.04TALLIS::ABISWed Jan 17 1990Diplomacy luncheon
234.07CREDIT::WATSONWed Feb 21 1990NG52 - Novice game
235.05AKOV13::SALLOWAYTue Feb 27 1990Diplomacy tournament form
236.01BEAGLE::WOODFri Mar 09 1990RE 1.8 I've mailed Eric to say I'll do it
237.07DECWIN::JACKIETue Apr 10 1990Announcing Net game 54.
238.020CREDIT::WATSONFri Apr 13 1990New England FTF Spring 199
239.01STARCH::WHERRYThu Apr 26 1990Replacement Moderator Needed for NG49
240.02SUBURB::ROSSWTue May 01 1990World Dip: players wanted!
241.04TOKNOW::METCALFEMon May 07 1990Resolution Advice Sought
242.04JAZZ::ROSSFri May 25 1990Anonymous Youngstown Non-DEC Game
243.04TOKNOW::METCALFETue Jun 19 1990NG49 is Over - Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of Europe
244.014NSDC::SIMPSONThu Aug 16 1990Saddam Hussein - the ultimate Diplomacy player?
245.09TOKNOW::METCALFEFri Aug 31 1990Variant starting procedure - just wondering...
246.010TOKNOW::METCALFEFri Sep 28 1990NG55
247.02TOKNOW::METCALFEFri Sep 28 1990The qualities of a Diplomat
248.017AKOV14::SALLOWAYFri Sep 28 1990NG56 phase
249.02SWSVAX::MORRISTue Oct 09 1990FTF Game at Decus.
250.031WESTVW::LEEThu Oct 18 1990NG57
251.010BLUMON::ABISThu Oct 18 1990Eliminate queue for rookies?
252.09BLUMON::ABISThu Oct 18 1990AMEX method basics
253.014HERON::BUCHANANSun Oct 21 1990News from MAR
254.010HPSTEK::RJONESTue Dec 18 1990NG58
255.02SIEVAX::JAMIEFri Jan 25 1991Electronic Judge!
257.05TENERE::HARDWICKWed Mar 13 1991Another FTF @ Valbonne
258.03TENERE::HARDWICKThu Mar 28 1991Diplomacy Variant again
259.014STATOS::BUCHANANMon Apr 01 1991Off-map moves
260.017UNTADH::BOWENWed Apr 24 1991NG59
261.059TOKNOW::METCALFEFri Apr 26 1991CHAOS-III Anyone? Everyone?
262.019TOKNOW::METCALFEWed May 01 1991Proposal for Starting up CHAOS III - How does it play on Broadway?
263.013SIOG::T_REDMONDThu May 23 1991Netgame 6
264.010CAPNET::MACDONALDWed May 29 1991New to Conference
265.03HAMPS::SKEEN_CMon Jun 03 1991En garde netgame on HAMPS
266.04MOEUR2::SMITHWed Jun 12 1991A blast from the past!!!
267.09ICS::KETTThu Jun 27 1991WANTED: chaos captain
268.07HERON::BUCHANANFri Aug 09 1991Official All-Stars IV Startup Note
269.016MOEUR2::SMITHThu Aug 22 1991Netgame 61 (NG61)
271.056TOKNOW::METCALFESat Sep 21 1991CHAOS IV - Commencing in January - Sign up now
272.031TSGDEV::ROSSTue Nov 05 1991Rules question for you Diplomacy Gurus
273.017WOTVAX::CLEVELANDBFri Nov 08 1991Face to face drinkies???
274.0STKHLM::GYULAIThu Jan 23 1992Sun Tzu and the Art of War
275.0R2ME2::TENNYFri Feb 14 1992Distributed Gaming Patent Nonsense
276.037CSCMA::ROSSThu Mar 12 1992Anyone for Blind Diplomacy?
277.01BEAGLE::WOODMon May 25 1992Diplomacy Needs a new home...
278.024CSCMA::ROSSSat Jun 20 1992Welcome to the NEW Diplomacy Notesfile
279.0WOTVAX::CLEVELANDBFri Aug 14 1992On to pastures new...
280.08KIRKTN::TCAHILLFri Aug 14 1992Game Description ??
281.021SKIP::MORRISWed Oct 07 1992Internet Diplomacy Newsgroup
283.012ICS::KETTThu Oct 22 1992NG62 Is Getting Under Way
284.05AMGSEC::SHOCKLEYMon Dec 14 1992Automated Diplomacy by Avalon Hill
285.02AMGSEC::SHOCKLEYThu Feb 25 1993Thucydides an early Diplomacy player?
286.014SUBURB::ROSSWThu May 13 1993AKA CHAOS
287.012BJ6Wed Aug 25 1993Its been fun
288.02SKIP::MORRISSun Sep 05 1993source for Diplomacy game in Switzerland
289.09MOEUR2::SMITHTue Oct 05 1993Netgame 63
290.011MOEUR2::SMITHWed Dec 29 1993Netgame 64
291.09MOEUR2::SMITHWed Dec 07 1994Bye Bye
292.014MOEUR2::SMITHMon Dec 19 1994Netgame 65
293.0MOEUR2::SMITHWed Apr 12 1995To brighten your day...
294.035MOEUR2::SMITHThu Nov 23 1995Netgame 66
295.0SHRMSG::SALLOWAYWed Jun 12 1996New Diplomacy products
296.0+2STAR::ABISTue Sep 10 1996End of Net Diplomacy at Digital?