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Conference noted::decnet-ultrix

Title:DECnet-ULTRIX Phase IV [only] Q&A, NoteD::DNU_OSI for Phase V
Notice:See topic 2 & 70 about kit info!
Created:Thu Sep 03 1987
Last Modified:Mon Nov 25 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1496
Total number of notes:6150
Number with bodies:0
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1.02UPSAR::SYSTEMThu Sep 03 1987Welcome
2.08TOOK::MICHAUDThu Sep 03 1987KITS
3.08--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 13 1987DECnet-ULTRIX Documentation
4.0111TOOK::MICHAUDFri Sep 04 1987Introduce Yourself!
5.01TOOK::MICHAUDThu Aug 08 1991Conference Directory [of Topics]
7.0516821::SMITHWed Sep 09 1987Ultrix and DECnet Area Routers?
8.03RAYNA::FARICELLIWed Sep 09 1987Better filespec conversion for dcp
9.04WINERY::THOMASMon Sep 14 1987Passing links around & Wish list item
10.063TOOK::MICHAUDThu Dec 06 1990Patches
11.01WINERY::THOMASThu Sep 03 1987dnet_spawner, bind, listen question
12.015UTRUST::SNEIJERSFri Sep 18 1987Internet Gateway Performance ???
13.0WINERY::THOMASSun Sep 20 1987Doc error: non-blocking dn_connect(2D)
14.07GLORY::BENORETue Sep 22 1987DECnet-Ultrix Programming Examples Wanted
15.017AIAG::BRENNANWed Sep 23 1987Async DECnet-Ultrix?
16.04WINERY::THOMASWed Sep 23 1987text of nerror
17.01COOKIE::KITTELLMon Sep 07 1987Bug in V2-1 CTERM?
18.03OPHION::JOHNSSONThu Oct 01 1987Proxy yields "no response" errors
19.05WINERY::THOMASThu Oct 01 1987Equal cost path splitting and Out-of-order cache
20.01COOKIE::ROLLOWThu Oct 01 1987Generic Network Management Databases?
21.09WATNEY::MONTIJOFri Oct 02 1987Netstat -i af12: address
22.015SUBARU::HARRISFri Oct 02 1987Wildcards through a gateway
24.03TOOK::MICHAUDMon Oct 05 1987YP and DECnet Access Control
25.05EIGER::HOURIETThu Oct 08 1987Node name conflict (DECnet - TCP/IP)
27.04WATNEY::MONTIJOThu Oct 08 1987Receive Buffers??
28.011COGITO::REHMFri Oct 09 1987PC/XENIX to GPX/VMS via GPX/ULTRIX?
30.03RANCHO::HSUTue Oct 13 1987ncp: inconsistent commands
32.03RANCHO::HSUThu Oct 15 1987dcp: ultrix to vms & dropped connections
35.02THUNDR::SOUZATue Oct 20 1987Database Updating?
36.013NAVAJO::MRIPLEYWed Oct 21 1987NFS and DECnet in Harmony?
38.03HSTSSC::LEHTINENMon Oct 26 1987Problems with ftp through Dnet/Inet-gwy
39.01COOKIE::ROLLOWMon Oct 26 1987mail11 - no host entry for ...
40.03HSTSSC::LEHTINENMon Oct 26 1987Gateway, not enough core errors
41.04WATNEY::REEDMon Oct 26 1987Invalid ID Format, node
42.03CERN::BOGSTADThu Oct 29 1987Packet sequence problem using DLI.
43.03HIT::GLASERThu Oct 29 1987V2.
44.05RANCHO::JENSENThu Oct 29 1987dn.h changes in 2.2?
48.03BREAKR::PACEWed Nov 04 1987Gateway Reference Sites?
49.09WATNEY::L_ANDERSONWed Nov 04 1987/usr/etc/dsh - used in DECnet somewhere?
50.010ITAMKT::PAPARELLIThu Nov 05 1987DEC & HP interc. thru Ultrix Gateway
51.010GUIDUK::STEBBINSWed Nov 11 1987Ultrix / VMS problems on Ethernet?
52.02MUNICH::MARSHALLThu Nov 12 1987mop_mom and booting to second ethernet controller
55.04WINERY::THOMASSat Nov 14 1987Why does DLI require uid
56.04ENUF::GASSMANTue Nov 17 1987LAT Loads without DECnet
57.01WATNEY::P_SCHMITTFri Nov 20 1987LAT on qe1 .vs qe
58.01WINERY::THOMASTue Nov 24 1987Reverse Path cache == no On-Ethernet cache??
59.02DPDMAI::SMITHTue Nov 24 1987Multiple Ethernet Devices?
60.04WINERY::THOMASSun Nov 29 1987getobject & proxies
61.01IND::GALLOTue Dec 01 1987task-to-task TCP/IP vs DECnet
62.06TAVWed Dec 02 1987Gateway- copy doesn't work from VMS to Unix
64.06WATNEY::MONTIJOFri Dec 04 1987DCP fails with dap message out of order
65.06COOKIE::DOUCETTESat Dec 05 1987DECnet Programming Questions
66.019HSTSSC::LEHTINENSun Dec 06 1987All-In-One Mail
67.030THEBAY::WOODRIMon Dec 07 1987Need DECnet VMS <-> DNU programming example
68.020CIRCUS::KOLLINGTue Dec 08 1987dlogin to a vms system, and displays
69.012RANCHO::JENSENTue Dec 08 1987buffering questions
70.099CANPAC::MCPHERSONSun Dec 13 1987COPYing NETRIX kits to VMS system...
71.02WINERY::JAEGERMon Dec 14 1987Garbaged databases?
72.01HSTSSC::LEHTINENThu Dec 17 1987VAXphone?
73.04HSTSSC::LEHTINENThu Dec 17 1987fal'$'log?
74.038GERUND::WOLFEFri Dec 18 1987Auto Login VMS <=> ULTRIX
75.07CHFVFri Dec 18 1987Internet Gateway file type support?
78.02RANCHO::JENSENMon Dec 21 1987Change Node Name?
80.05OVDVAX::ZIGLERMon Jan 04 1988Gateway vs. 3rd Party TCP/IP?
82.02GLIVET::FLORENTINEThu Jan 07 1988use of OOB msgs for asynch I/O ?
83.083Thu Jan 07 1988segment size weirdness
84.08WATNEY::REEDFri Jan 08 1988VMS to Ultrix CTERM and ^C
87.05KERNEL::TBOOKERMon Jan 11 1988Micro/RSX to/from ULTRIX, dcp -i corruption
88.04SMAUG::GIANATASSIOMon Jan 11 1988Problem with record formats
89.03MALLET::SARFASWed Jan 13 1988dir : ULTRIX to VMS?
91.0NAC::WALLACEFri Jan 15 1988Changes between V2.
92.06WATNEY::REEDFri Jan 15 1988LAT users get dropped by host
93.04UTRUST::CVDHOEVENTue Jan 19 1988ftp commands in 'batch' ?
94.06WATNEY::P_SCHMITTMon Jan 25 1988MAIL fails from VMS to Ultrix
95.02WATNEY::P_SCHMITTMon Jan 25 1988Sharing LAT Printers with VMS
96.01TKTV2Wed Jan 27 1988'vi' problem on the remote node(DECnet/ULT)
97.0428776::P_SCHMITTWed Jan 27 1988ftp cd command on gateway to vms "bug"
98.02REGENT::WOLFThu Jan 28 1988Help with Programming Examples
99.05GIDDAY::CHEUNGFri Jan 29 1988Ultrix to DECsystem1
102.0128776::P_SCHMITTMon Feb 01 1988transparant task and source for dcp?
103.01ISTG::NBENDERThu Feb 11 1988NFS *over* DECNET????
104.08WATNEY::P_SCHMITTWed Feb 17 1988intermittent lat printer problem
105.01CURIE::BAKERMANThu Feb 18 1988Remote TASK invocation question
106.01WATNEY::P_SCHMITTThu Feb 18 1988LTM for Ultrix??
108.01MUNICH::ROGERThu Feb 25 1988VMS<-Ultrix/DNU<-IBM RMS error
110.03KAOFS::F_KANNEMANNTue Mar 01 1988FTP through gateway > 6MB fails intermitantly
111.03DECSIM::FARICELLIThu Mar 03 1988Problem with many sucessive VMS copies from Ultrix
112.03WATNEY::REEDThu Mar 03 1988Programming thru gateway
113.03SUBSYS::LAWLERFri Mar 04 1988Help - no inbound set host...
114.01WATNEY::P_SCHMITTMon Mar 07 1988DECserver 1
116.03NAVAJO::MRIPLEYTue Mar 08 1988Gateway (node!user password) Required?
117.02LISVAX::PRAMOSThu Mar 10 1988Inter Proc. Comm.: UNIX-VMS
119.03DYO78Mon Mar 14 1988Configuring Inet Gtwy mail
120.06KAOFS::F_KANNEMANNTue Mar 15 1988Shutdown messages to GATEWAY users?
121.05WATNEY::P_SCHMITTWed Mar 16 1988There is a node name restriction (X)
122.04ULTRA::ELLISMon Mar 21 1988Network Databases Vanish!
123.013SICVAX::TIMMINSTue Mar 22 1988dcp -P to non-default VMS printer???
125.04THEBAY::JENNINGSTue Mar 22 1988Sync / Async?
126.0WINERY::THOMASWed Mar 23 1988Wishlist: Making DLI_MAXLINE user settable
128.02TIMO::LEHTINENMon Mar 28 1988dlogin argument order
130.02REGENT::DAILEYTue Mar 29 1988Online QAR system?
131.05WATNEY::P_SCHMITTWed Mar 30 1988dsvconfig problem on Ultrix 1.2
134.02PRSUD2::DUVILLIERFri Apr 01 1988VMS-->HP9
135.01WATNEY::P_SCHMITTMon Apr 04 1988ESC becomes CTRL across Gateway
136.0BRGNDY::THOMASTue Apr 05 1988SIGPIPE and modular programming: Wish
137.03151719::LEHTINENTue Apr 05 1988FTSV, restartable/retryable dcp
138.013WATNEY::P_SCHMITTTue Apr 05 1988need dcp to keep format identical
139.02JRDVWed Apr 06 1988a mail problem
140.04VICKI::CURRIERThu Apr 07 1988Proxy prob from VMS node
141.01WATNEY::OLSENTue Apr 12 1988DESVA-BA designated router problem
142.02WATNEY::REEDWed Apr 13 1988Gateway fails from VMS to UNIX
144.03WATNEY::P_SCHMITTThu Apr 14 1988Yet another lat printer problem
145.09COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Apr 15 1988Cluster alias doesn't respond.
147.03PRSUD2::DUVILLIERTue Apr 19 1988ULTRIX servers for PCs with DECnet
148.03WATNEY::P_SCHMITTTue Apr 19 1988telnetd.gw core dumps on >25 char host names
150.05TYRANT::SZEMPLINSKIWed Apr 20 1988Decnet/Ultrix and Decnet/DOS
151.04WATNEY::P_SCHMITTThu Apr 21 1988ncp> set known objects all
152.013WATNEY::P_SCHMITTThu Apr 21 1988invalid service class on LAT connection
154.06WATNEY::P_SCHMITTMon Apr 25 1988Mail problems from VMS thru Ultrix to Internet
155.01KETJE::DELAMPERWed Apr 27 1988Change executor address
156.04WATNEY::P_SCHMITTWed Apr 27 1988VAXstation 2
157.04WATNEY::P_SCHMITTThu Apr 28 1988dlogin problem on GPX2
158.05KLEINE::DONOVANFri Apr 29 1988Gateway Info Needed
159.07TOOK::MICHAUDWed May 04 1988DEC Stock Quote
160.015WATNEY::REEDWed May 04 1988dgate; Permission Denied
162.05ULTRA::ELLISTue May 10 1988Help: ncp Management program error
164.07WATNEY::P_SCHMITTMon May 16 1988Error in compilation of tranparent task
165.09KERNEL::TBOOKERTue May 17 1988Weird timeouts & DECnet
167.02IPG::MCDONNELLThu May 19 1988VMS V5 vs ULT V2.2 CTERM Problems
168.04IPG::MCDONNELLThu May 19 1988wtmp corruption by dlogind?
169.01IPG::MCDONNELLFri May 20 1988DTR - What can it do?
171.04GIDDAY::KOTWALMon May 30 1988Problem connect. VMS - Ultrix
173.07REGENT::KACHRANIWed Jun 01 1988select and DECnet blocking I/O
175.06JRDVTue Jun 07 19888th-bit drooped in mail
176.04XNOGOV::JCHThu Jun 09 1988access rights
178.01ROMFri Jun 10 1988DECnet/ULTRIX over X25 Networks
179.01GRANMA::FPRUSSSun Jun 12 1988OSI Migration
180.0DELNI::AUGUNMon Jun 13 1988Announcing ULTRIX 327
183.03PRSUD2::NEYERSWed Jun 15 1988Ftp gateway problem PC/XENIX
184.01HILLST::MCHUGHThu Jun 16 1988Problem installing Network Database
185.05WATNEY::REEDThu Jun 16 1988cd through gateway;wrong dir
186.03COOKIE::ROLLOWSat Jun 18 1988DNUUNS
187.01WATNEY::MONTIJOMon Jun 20 1988Socket Network Task Status
188.06GIDDAY::KOTWALTue Jun 21 1988Invalid ID format
190.010WATNEY::MONTIJOFri Jun 24 1988
191.012GIDDAY::KOTWALTue Jun 28 1988Copying data files from Ultrix to VMS
192.03WATNEY::P_SCHMITTWed Jun 29 1988Can't clear qna from database
193.08WATNEY::P_SCHMITTWed Jun 29 1988dcp/NFS problems
194.04COMICS::BUNNThu Jun 30 1988wildcard copy Ultrix-VMS ?
195.01CSC32::J_HASSENCAHLThu Jun 30 1988Invalid 'Start Slot Messages' ...
197.017WATNEY::REEDFri Jul 01 1988FTP syntax things
199.02GUIDUK::MILLERWed Jul 06 1988DNS & DECnet-Ultrix
200.08KERNEL::TBOOKERThu Jul 07 1988Ultix sys calls for MCP (ish)
203.02MSDOA2::LOVEThu Jul 07 1988MOP SYSID nonconformance
204.01GIDDAY::KOTWALFri Jul 08 1988Login slots used up in internet gateway?
206.04REGENT::KACHRANIFri Jul 08 1988detecting broken link and dnet_eof
208.05RHETT::BRYSONFri Jul 08 1988Adjacency Up/Down Again!
209.08CSC32::P_SCHMITTWed Jul 13 1988MAIL11 docs anywhere?
210.03KERNEL::TBOOKERThu Jul 14 1988Pushing images from VMS
212.02COOKIE::ROLLOWTue Jul 19 1988Netman Problem
214.04WATNEY::P_SCHMITTTue Jul 19 1988Non-blocking i/o with dnet_conn?
215.02BUNYIP::QUODLINGWed Jul 20 1988Record too large errors?
216.06BMT::GRAHAMWed Jul 20 1988How to "show known links"?
218.01WATNEY::P_SCHMITTThu Jul 21 1988problem with remote logins over DECnet
219.02UTRTSC::KUIJPERFri Jul 22 1988FTP: difference in directly vs through gateway ?
220.01HIT::GLASERFri Jul 22 1988DECNET V2.2 transient problems
224.03WATNEY::P_SCHMITTThu Jul 28 19882 dsvconfig questions
225.02WATNEY::REEDThu Jul 28 1988ls prob when ftp to vms thru gateway
226.03ULTRA::WRAYWed Aug 03 1988Problems using dnet_conn
227.09SMURF::LARKINWed Aug 03 1988Problems with the 'dcp' utility
229.02SMAC1Mon Aug 08 1988Transparent SET HOST from VMS to ULTRIX
230.07DYO78Thu Aug 11 1988Logging snooping events???
231.06ULTRA::WRAYThu Aug 11 1988dnet_conn and proxy logins
232.02LDP::WEAVERThu Aug 11 1988Order number for SDC?
233.05KIPPIS::LEHTINENMon Aug 15 19882'nd LAT service a'la latdate.c, how?
234.02RANCHO::ROMEROThu Aug 18 1988dlogin: Connect failed, Insufficient network resouces
235.02MERIDN::KEHOEMon Aug 22 1988Keeping out CISCO
236.01LOOKIN::BUNNTue Aug 23 1988decserver printer problem
237.02KIPPIS::LEHTINENSun Aug 28 1988lattelnet probs
239.01KAOFS::F_KANNEMANNThu Sep 01 1988ftp to LTA worked in v2.
241.07CVG::PETTENGILLFri Sep 02 1988Installation documentation problem
242.03UTRUST::DEHARTOGSun Sep 04 1988what's netstat showing?
243.06KIPPIS::LEHTINENMon Sep 05 1988Remote execution on VMS?
244.03DPDMAI::MASONMTue Sep 06 1988Backspace problem w/DLOGIN
245.02WATNEY::P_SCHMITTWed Sep 07 1988controller loopback problem with deqna
246.01TALLIS::ROBINSONWed Sep 07 1988ULTRIX Lat Protocol Problem?
247.0DELNI::MCGREGORThu Sep 08 1988Phase
248.05ULTRA::WRAYFri Sep 09 1988"#" in filenames causes strange behavior
249.01STKHLM::HALLINWed Sep 14 1988VMS=>Ultrix=>HP
250.03WATNEY::REEDMon Sep 19 1988telnet + sub-net = user-fret
252.02TLSETue Sep 20 1988Eight bit problem
253.05ULTRA::WRAYThu Sep 22 1988dcp and dates
254.07KIPPIS::LEHTINENSat Sep 24 1988dls(1)'s output
256.01MUNICH::SCHMIERMon Sep 26 1988does DMR11 and DMV11 work together ?
257.01DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Sep 26 1988Ultrix COmmands and SVID
258.05CALLAO::SANZWed Sep 28 1988Backup copy
259.01REGENT::KACHRANIWed Sep 28 1988ULTRIX-PrintServer SW is available
260.03DYO78Sun Oct 02 1988DECnet/ULTRIX versions?
261.03WATNEY::P_SCHMITTWed Oct 05 1988tell from Ultrix to Ultrix?
262.052Thu Oct 06 1988children lost on set host ??
263.0CSCMA::CHUFri Oct 07 1988dnet_proxy problem
264.02CSSAUS::DIMITROVSKIMon Oct 10 1988Cannot install a new server on ULTRIX V2.4-6
265.06WATNEY::REEDTue Oct 11 1988v2.2 Release Notes RSX
266.020NEVADA::JENSENWed Oct 12 1988FAL & chroot (Anonymous DAP)
267.03REGENT::KACHRANIWed Oct 12 1988dnet_conn undefined error in T3.
268.03GRANMA::FPRUSSThu Oct 13 1988Submit a VMS batch job?
270.012KIPPIS::LEHTINENMon Oct 17 1988TELL from VMS to Ultrix (and
271.02CGOSMon Oct 17 1988DECnet-Ultrix Gateway and DECnet/SNA DTF
272.02OZROCK::LEHMKUHLMon Oct 17 1988ULTRIX conn to X.25 PSDNs
273.02MUTTON::LAMBTue Oct 18 1988DEC <GW> HARRIS w/2 passwords
274.05BMT::BRIGGSTue Oct 18 1988Loading Routers Possible?
275.05BMT::BRIGGSThu Oct 20 1988Synch Decnet-Ultrix Devices
276.0MDVAX1::HILDEBRANDThu Oct 20 1988NCR with CTOS, Xerox, Z-248s?
278.03WATNEY::REEDThu Oct 20 1988SO_LINGER option not working
279.01BMT::BRIGGSThu Oct 20 1988NCP lacking commands??
280.02FSTVAX::GALLOFri Oct 21 1988Ignoring a DECnet node?
281.013AIAG::BRENNANFri Oct 21 1988Mail VMS -> Ultrix problem
282.01ULTRA::WRAYFri Oct 21 1988Who's my source?
283.08AIAG::BRENNANMon Oct 24 1988ncp - listener response: File open error, Volatile database
284.01GRANMA::SSTUARTTue Oct 25 1988DNS for Phase V DECnet-ULTRIX?
285.01DUBTue Oct 25 1988Internet Gty Questions
286.01KETJE::DELAMPERWed Oct 26 1988environment variable to translate filenames
287.05MUTTON::LAMBTue Nov 01 1988Transparent SET HOST through Gateway?
288.07MUNICH::ROGERWed Nov 02 1988No Responce from Object while using DECnet.
289.0REGENT::WOLFThu Nov 03 1988PrintServer4
290.02STKHLM::ALINDBERGMon Nov 07 1988Telnet/DECnet faster? NO ESCAPE character !!
291.02UTRUST::DEKKERSMon Nov 07 1988Number of supported sessions thru gateway??
294.08WATNEY::REEDFri Nov 11 1988v2.3 g/w performance slow?
295.02WATNEY::REEDMon Nov 14 1988sync writes or flush?
297.08CHOVAX::ALPERTMon Nov 14 1988No known lines or circuits
298.07CHOVAX::ALPERTTue Nov 15 1988dlogin hangs w/VMS V5
299.01MEO78B::LANDSBERGThu Nov 17 1988Print from Apollo to LAT port?
301.02MARX::ANDERSONMon Nov 21 1988remote boot
302.010DYO78Tue Nov 22 1988genkits or gentapes???
303.03XNOGOV::JCHWed Nov 23 1988Maximum segment size?
304.01MDVAX1::HILDEBRANDWed Nov 23 1988SNA access routines for ULTRIX?
305.01DWOVAX::BONINITue Nov 29 1988How to change exec address?
306.01BOEHM::D_BALLTue Nov 29 1988Phase V Plans?
307.01USHSThu Dec 01 1988Submitting job from VMS to Ultrix
308.02MISFIT::FLOESERThu Dec 01 1988VMS -> VISTA? (Allen Bradley's VISTA)
309.01GERUND::SMITHThu Dec 01 1988DECwindows DECnet Problem?
310.01WATNEY::P_SCHMITTFri Dec 02 1988Using port number through internet gateway
311.03WATNEY::P_SCHMITTMon Dec 05 1988Need for a V2.2 dlogin with V3.
312.02WATNEY::P_SCHMITTMon Dec 05 1988How to restrict certain user's from fal?
313.01RTPSWS::DAVISMon Dec 05 1988internet gateway and Sun
314.04VAXWRK::DSMThu Dec 08 1988TCP/IP terminal servers
315.05DLOACT::SCOTTKFri Dec 09 1988DECnet-VAX File Spec From Ultrix
316.04NAC::WALLACESat Dec 10 1988Security hole fixes for 2.2 & 2.
317.02KYOA::MAUROTue Dec 13 1988New Virus lurks
318.011GIDDAY::KOTWALTue Dec 13 1988control returned to node _VMS
319.01MARX::ANDERSONTue Dec 13 1988dms,diskless,shared kernel
320.01NAC::WALLACEThu Dec 15 1988SPD for V3.
321.02UTOPIE::ASCHAUERMon Dec 19 1988Adjacency up/down from DECnet/VMS - Help!
322.01TPOSTue Dec 20 1988mail to bitnet's problem?
323.02WATNEY::P_SCHMITTTue Dec 20 1988LAT device errors, what do they mean?
324.09BISTRO::PEDERSENWed Dec 21 1988DECnet crashes Ultrix V3.
325.013BISTRO::KELLEHERFri Dec 30 1988VMS Upline Broadcast's terminate CTERM link
326.01RHETT::THOMASWed Jan 04 1989MOP packet lengths
327.08EAGLE1::DANTOWITZWed Jan 04 1989Undefined: _decnetdomain error code 1
328.04CSCMA::ELKINSMon Jan 09 1989lcp problem with Ultrix 3.
329.01TPOSWed Jan 11 1989a set host/dte's problem
330.0MALLET::MARTYNThu Jan 12 1989FTP and Scripts
331.0VAXWRK::DSMThu Jan 12 1989remote boot from DECstation
332.013MARX::ANDERSONThu Jan 12 1989mop_mom and update_nodes
333.01SMURF::GRIFFINFri Jan 13 1989DECnet and NFS
334.02CUJO::WILLIAMSONTue Jan 17 1989fal -> ftp (get) problem
335.01ORACLE::MARKSTue Jan 17 1989Problem accessing a LAT printer
336.09BOMBE::PETTINITue Jan 17 1989Setting maximum packet size?
337.01WATNEY::REEDWed Jan 18 1989LAT Service Ratings
338.010LDYBUG::HERRLICHThu Jan 19 1989No response from object
339.02LATINA::SANZFri Jan 20 1989DEMSA & Decrouter2
340.0NAC::WALLACEFri Jan 20 1989VAX clients with DECnet under the new dms
341.0NAC::WALLACEMon Jan 23 1989V2.2 -> V3.
342.0DELNI::D_MANGANMon Jan 23 1989Field Test for new DECwindows SNA 327
343.04MPGS::PASQUALETue Jan 24 1989out of order packet caching?
344.03WAV12::HICKSWed Jan 25 1989X.25 for DS31
345.06TKTVThu Jan 26 1989Control-X is unavailable.
346.022ANNECY::LOVELUCKFri Jan 27 1989Hidden area problem with DECnet-ULTRIX
347.07AUSTIN::FLATLEYMon Jan 30 1989UNIX <==> VMS what's best?
348.01WATNEY::P_SCHMITTTue Jan 31 1989multiple buffering for DLI?
349.07WAV14::HICKSTue Jan 31 1989access term server through asynch port?
350.02TALLIS::ROBINSONThu Feb 02 1989Insufficient Node Resources with LAT
352.01WATNEY::REEDFri Feb 03 1989LAT LA1
353.01NCCODE::KOWALSKIFri Feb 03 1989NICE/NML monitor?
354.010MUSKIE::COPELANDFri Feb 03 1989X transport gateway?
355.02LDP::GAUTHIERMon Feb 06 1989error reading NETRIX,
356.01CONTXT::ROSEMon Feb 06 1989Help with broken pipe
357.01WATNEY::P_SCHMITTWed Feb 08 1989SET HOST to Ultrix hangs intermittently
358.03LENSMN::boniniThu Feb 09 1989DECnet status info
359.02DPDMAI::STROIKThu Feb 09 1989DECnet-ULTRIX ==> AT&T
360.010ORACLE::MARKSWed Feb 15 1989Keypad chars garbled in Ultrix/VMS link
361.05LUVBOT::NETWORKFri Feb 17 1989need ultrix help despairately
362.02CIMAMT::KELLYWed Feb 22 1989On acquiring latest DECNet
363.026GIDDAY::KOTWALWed Feb 22 1989dlogin to VMS/FMS don't work...
364.01BISTRO::LAFORGUEThu Feb 23 1989dxnotepad stops DECnet copying
365.01WATNEY::REEDThu Feb 23 1989the disappearing line
366.02WATNEY::REEDThu Feb 23 1989IBM 3
367.02LESCOM::WIRYAMANTue Feb 28 1989installing DECnet on diskless client?
368.05KIRKWD::FRIEDMANTue Feb 28 1989RMS Indexed Files
369.03SNOCWed Mar 01 1989OEM connectivity problem
370.01ENGTN1::GRAEMEThu Mar 02 1989Xn -> X$Xn what versions do I need ?
371.04DOOZER::DAVIDSONFri Mar 03 1989Terminal server load host SW?
372.01NYEM1::FERMIFri Mar 03 1989DDCMP & uVAX2
373.03ENGTN1::GRAEMEMon Mar 06 1989CC: missing in V2.2 mail11 ?
374.02XCUSME::DLUGOSZWed Mar 08 1989Performance Problem (7 char per min!)
375.01KIPPIS::LEHTINENThu Mar 09 1989XTI anyone ?
376.03DYO78Thu Mar 09 1989Ultrix -> VMS questions
377.07WATNEY::P_SCHMITTThu Mar 09 1989dmv line won't turn on
378.04PRSPSU::PASCALFri Mar 10 1989Gateway problem
379.0MUSKIE::KOWALSKIFri Mar 10 1989Specialist needed
380.0COOKIE::ROLLOWMon Mar 13 1989DECnet-Ultrix mail: Service unavailable.
381.03HIT::GLASERTue Mar 14 1989dlogin/LSE interactions
382.014HGOVC::KENBERKUNSat Mar 18 1989dlogin don't work (risc)
383.01CURIE::RICHARDFri Mar 24 1989DECnet-ULTRIX Model Numbers, correct??
384.0TKTVTue Mar 28 1989How to change the address of executor
385.04TDCIS2::MEYERMon Apr 03 1989Adjacency up/down on ULTRIX/VMS Network
386.02ASD::PAYETTEMon Apr 03 1989DECnet Net Management under ULTRIX?
387.04SYOMV::KRASTue Apr 04 1989Ultrix loading of network servers.
388.03WATNEY::REEDTue Apr 04 1989LAT ? Printer problems
389.06KIPPIS::LEHTINENTue Apr 04 1989lcp crashes Aino, #$@=%!!!
390.07FACTThu Apr 06 1989Can't find TK descriptor
391.04TOOK::MICHAUDThu Apr 06 1989Mail-11 problem with long recipient list
392.07REGENT::AUGERIFri Apr 07 1989ncp trigger command fails -- sometimes
393.06SIMBA::WATERHOUSEMon Apr 10 1989EVL - How is it started?
394.07NITMOI::WITHERSTue Apr 11 1989"login information invalid at remote node"?
395.02ASD::PAYETTEWed Apr 12 1989What group does DECnet/ULTRIX development?
396.0ROMThu Apr 13 1989MICOM Micro 8
397.02ASD::PAYETTEWed Apr 19 1989VMS<->ULTRIX comms/known object task
399.07SYNTH::SEIGELThu Apr 20 1989network object is unknown at remote node?
400.09TAVMon Apr 24 1989Copying image files Ultrix --> VMS faster then VMS
401.04ASD::KRISHNAMon Apr 24 1989what's wrong with the NCB format?
402.01EIGER::IMHOLZTue Apr 25 1989VAX 35
403.01PRSUD1::DUVILLIERTue Apr 25 1989DECnet/Internet Gateway with 2 controllers
404.05NAPALM::WATERHOUSEWed Apr 26 1989Purge known Logging or what?
405.06NCCODE::WATERHOUSEThu Apr 27 1989A monitor of my very own?
406.0CSC32::REEDThu Apr 27 1989HIC giving 'can't assign requested address'
407.03KETJE::DELAMPERFri Apr 28 1989dcp -r disappeared ????
408.02HARPO::WALSHSun Apr 30 1989Projects do Monday
409.06GALVIA::GALVIA::STEPHENSMon May 01 1989Management program error?
410.02MORO::SANFORD_LIMon May 01 1989Connection timed out with Router
411.04EEMELI::TUURITue May 02 1989Ftp via gwy file format problem
412.01SNO78C::MCLARENWed May 03 1989ftp --> VMS
413.01HILLST::MCHUGHFri May 05 1989DAP error, Copying large file using dcp
414.05YUPPY::MELVILLEMFri May 05 1989DECnet for DECstation 31
417.02GLASS::OWENFri May 05 1989Netstat- collision counter =
419.01MINDER::MCHUGHTue May 09 1989LAT to UNIX, TELNET to VMS?
420.06TPOVWed May 10 1989ds31
421.07UTOPIE::ASCHAUERWed May 10 1989Poor-man's routing via GWY?
422.02HARPO::WALSHThu May 11 1989calling node info for DNET_ECHO1D
423.03NOATAK::WAITEThu May 11 1989NCP differences
424.01ARGUS::CLARKThu May 11 1989dnet_check 11/78
425.01MANMFri May 12 1989LAN all DECnet-ULTRIX
426.010KIPPIS::LEHTINENMon May 15 1989dsh(1dn) anyone ?
427.01CSC32::REEDTue May 16 1989PMAX net down w/area rtr
428.01MORO::SANFORD_LIWed May 17 1989Is a Guest Directory Required?
429.05REGENT::KACHRANITue May 23 1989MOP support for PMAX?
430.01CSC32::REEDWed May 24 1989keeping ALL the header stuff
432.03GUIDUK::SOMERFri May 26 1989ds31
433.01TYFYS::PATTERSONSat May 27 1989Ultrix clients to VMS server?
434.01IRT::SAMBAMURTYTue May 30 1989Ultrix LAT and Protocol error
435.013SMURF::TARSAWed May 31 1989.rhosts for DECnet?
437.07RANCHO::JENSENWed May 31 1989Data Link Access (ala DLI)
438.05CSC32::REEDFri Jun 02 1989max message length on write
439.02PRSUD1::DUVILLIERMon Jun 05 1989dnet_conn() question
440.01TOOK::S_KOTue Jun 06 1989ULTRIX network management information
441.0ASDS::WALSHWed Jun 07 1989Debug remote code
442.03EAGLE1::DANTOWITZThu Jun 15 1989dcp: Record too big for user's buffer
443.0KIPPIS::LEHTINENFri Jun 16 1989DAP message received out of order
444.02ASDS::WALSHFri Jun 16 1989Any way to find out what object started you?
445.03ANAKIN::BIRKHOLZMon Jun 19 1989DECnet 3.
446.01VAXWRK::SHAHTue Jun 20 1989Load balancing for terminal server
447.01POBOX::MOLDOVANTue Jun 20 1989Clarification of Gateway functions
448.0RTL::GRAYFri Jun 23 1989tell node x show node n.*?
450.07TOWNS::RYANThu Jun 29 1989risc load decserver?
451.09KASINO::NEIDECKERThu Jul 06 1989FAL configuration
453.01LARVAE::BRIGGSMon Jul 17 1989LLC1?
454.05LENSMN::boniniMon Jul 17 1989Flume being anti-social?
455.01EST::TOUYSSERKANIMon Jul 17 1989How to put PMAX on network!
456.02LASHAM::HEERJEE_KMon Jul 17 1989*xs5ent() routines missing from DECnet library
457.0CSC32::REEDMon Jul 17 1989LAT printer wont release port
458.04KETJE::DELAMPERTue Jul 18 1989decnet and dms : shared /usr ?
459.03COMICS::LYETue Jul 18 1989Prot mask - copy VMS > ULTRIX
460.04COMICS::BUNNWed Jul 19 1989gateway copy operation not supported
461.02WAV12::HICKSMon Jul 24 1989327
462.02RAB::DESAIMon Jul 24 1989problems with DECnet V3.
463.03TPOVMon Jul 24 1989dcp failed with DAP error from pmax to vms
464.07TPOVMon Jul 24 1989tcp/ip 1
465.09MUNICH::SCHMIERWed Jul 26 1989'dcp -S' is always printing ?!
466.010CSC32::REEDWed Jul 26 1989lattelnet: port in passall
468.05COMICS::CARLETONThu Jul 27 1989UNIX to UNIX via DECnet
469.02ODIHAM::HEERJEE_KWed Aug 02 1989A funny Ultrix-DECnet problem
470.02ODIHAM::HEERJEE_KWed Aug 02 1989Tracing routing information
471.01TOOK::FAIRBANKSWed Aug 02 1989Documentation on NML?
472.04SYOMV::KRASWed Aug 02 1989Transparent Task-to-task communications?
474.01MARX::ANDERSONThu Aug 03 1989ethernet type,promiscuous reads
476.02LASHAM::HEERJEE_KFri Aug 04 1989DLI Examples Wanted
477.04WESSEX::bairdFri Aug 04 1989yet more DAP errors...
478.02MARX::ANDERSONMon Aug 07 1989ultrix-vms remote application
479.02COORS::REEDMon Aug 07 1989Is UUCP supported over LAT (terminal servers)?
481.03MAMTS6::SSTUARTTue Aug 08 1989On-line slides on DECnet-ULTRIX?
482.03TIMO::ttlThu Aug 10 1989counter timers
483.03MINDER::BANKSThu Aug 10 1989Set exec add?
485.0ODIHAM::HEERJEE_KFri Aug 11 1989Problems in copying across V3.
486.0NABETH::alanFri Aug 11 1989Incoming mail problem and SOLUTION!
487.0EST::TOUYSSERKANIFri Aug 11 1989problem logging in on console
488.02TIMO::ttlMon Aug 14 1989mail11v3 flags
489.02NSSG::FEINSMITHMon Aug 14 1989.netrc/ftp equivalent for DECnet side
490.01COMICS::BUNNTue Aug 15 1989remote errorlog config problem
491.0ATHINA::SKARLATOSWed Aug 16 1989DS31
492.011HAMSC3::ROLANDWed Aug 16 1989ds31
493.0TRCAWed Aug 16 1989Internet Gateway for MICOM/INTERLAN?
494.02ODIHAM::HEERJEE_KMon Aug 21 1989VAX/ULTRIX ncp support for X25-protocol?
495.03LAIDBK::ABACHIMon Aug 21 1989DECrouter support for TCP/IP
496.0JIT535::SHIMIZUTue Aug 22 1989Question tell,@TELL.COM
497.012ELMST::ALLISONThu Aug 24 1989Problems dlogin'ing into my workstation?
498.01MANMMon Aug 28 1989MV31
499.01VOGON::DRUMGOOLEThu Aug 31 1989Wildcard copies using dcp?
500.05DACT3::DEADYThu Aug 31 1989UWS 2.1/DECnet
501.02RABBET::FARRELLTue Sep 05 1989a TCP/IP <-> DECnet enviroment?
502.01COMICS::TREVENNORTue Sep 05 1989NCP step by step command entry.
503.02VNABRW::KASHANIPOURWed Sep 06 1989Problem with remote printer ( LAT )
504.05SUONIX::ROBWed Sep 06 1989Counters get zeroed suspiciously
505.05VOGON::DRUMGOOLEWed Sep 06 1989DECnet 3.
506.02HGOVC::FARADAYCHONGThu Sep 07 1989V3.
507.01POPI::STUARTMon Sep 11 1989TELNET to LAT gateway?
508.01EPIK::HOLOHANTue Sep 12 1989Problems creating V3.
509.02IJSAPL::BLEDOEGWed Sep 13 1989X transport gateway doesn't work!?
510.03DSSDEV::GRIFFINWed Sep 13 1989Data base reused???
511.01SANTEE::GREENEThu Sep 14 1989DS31
512.05UTRTSC::VISFri Sep 15 1989dlogin -> VMS (WPS)
513.06DYO78Mon Sep 18 1989DS31
515.05WSEFri Sep 22 1989ncp internal error
516.01MARX::ELKINSTue Sep 26 1989DECnet object spawner vs system calls
517.03JULIET::GRANT_GAWed Sep 27 1989connect to mail object failed/timed-out
518.01TENERE::RIBIT::JULLIENThu Sep 28 1989DECnet Phase V, OSI and ULTRIX
519.01GLIND1::VALASEKFri Sep 29 1989dlogin to VAX with REgis
520.04NIKOS::YANNIOSMon Oct 02 1989Alisa TSSnet and DECnet-Ultrix Problems
521.01DWOVAX::YANCONETue Oct 03 1989ULTRIX load host for DECrouter??
522.04UTRUST::CVDHOEVENWed Oct 04 1989X11 Protocol Gateway
523.01DANAPT::MOREH_JAWed Oct 04 1989"X.25 Communication"
524.04UTRTSC::BOORFri Oct 06 1989set host/log VMS->ULTRIX problem?
525.0DOOZER::DAVIDSONFri Oct 06 1989ncp set node all?
526.01PTOVAX::SCOTTMon Oct 09 1989ncp error messages query
527.0GILDOR::avolioTue Oct 10 1989Need to remove quotes in mail addresses for gateway
528.033D::LEMAIRETue Oct 10 1989Undefined: savucred
529.02GIDDAY::KINGWed Oct 11 1989DEBNI (xna) supported in v 3.
530.02MINNY::IMHOLZWed Oct 11 1989lat/telnet problem on RISC
532.01XANADU::GANAPATHIMon Oct 16 1989How to increase the number of remote users?
533.02TOOK::MICHAUDTue Oct 17 1989Mail to VMS with long To: line fails
534.04DSSDEV::GRIFFINWed Oct 18 1989Need to install DECnet fast
535.01WAV12::HICKSFri Oct 20 1989Automatically load N/W node list?
536.0KCBBQ::MULLINFri Oct 20 1989Xfer lag
537.03MARX::WALSHTue Oct 24 1989x program running under dnet_spawner
538.05MARX::WALSHTue Oct 24 1989trapping X errors from system or execv calls
539.01MAIL::CLAYTONWed Oct 25 1989Unix Record Level Access from VAX/VMS?
540.04RAB::DUFFYWed Oct 25 1989Odd problem with proxies and a user program
541.03UTRTSC::JONKERThu Oct 26 1989DECnet Login: Children killed at logout !
542.0DHHLFri Oct 27 1989Accessing VMS resources from RISC
543.01ERA::JAQUESTue Oct 31 1989connect failed. Insufficent network resources
544.03FSAEUR::FEZERWed Nov 01 1989DECNet-Internet copy with three field access
545.01TOPTEN::GREENThu Nov 02 1989dlogin and script problem
546.01SETPRV::jaquesFri Nov 03 1989Ultrix attacked by VMS worm
547.06ERA::JAQUESFri Nov 03 1989Security Probes
548.01BELMNT::MARTINMon Nov 06 1989Risc machines on SNA/x.25 Network?
549.04MSAMThu Nov 09 1989Ultrix/Unix queries
550.01NBOSWS::HESSELMANNFri Nov 10 1989CC-Problem: How transparent is DECnet really??
551.011SYOMV::KRASFri Nov 10 1989CTERM from DNET/U* to SUNLINK/dni?
552.06GLORY::KATZMon Nov 13 1989Mirror link Problem
553.01EEMELI::LEHTINENWed Nov 15 1989tip over LAT hic ?
555.01TKTVFS::SATOH_AThu Nov 16 1989mail error "network partner exited"
556.07GLORY::KATZThu Nov 16 1989dnet_spawner needed
557.01EEMELI::LEHTINENFri Nov 17 1989Customer claims mail11 changes '%' to '@'
558.07CSC32::REEDFri Nov 17 1989dnet_spawner: setsockopt(DSO_CONACCEPT) failed, operation not supported
559.0TOPTEN::GREENSat Nov 18 1989decnet TS doc??
561.06CRBOSS::LEMONSTue Nov 21 1989Comparison of DECnet and TCP/IP
562.02TROATue Nov 21 1989dlogin VMS,command editing lost
563.03AIRONE::HARKERMon Nov 27 1989dlogin, DECwindows session manager and Motif problem.
565.03DSM11::SLAUENWHITEMon Nov 27 1989DLI + VAX C minor nits
566.01LVSB::CONNORTue Nov 28 1989TTT from VAX VMS to DECstation
567.01CSC32::REEDTue Nov 28 1989Mail from UNIX through DECnet-Internet Gateway to All-in-1
568.03PAXVAX::LONGWed Nov 29 1989Using ULTRIX as the Boot Host for ELN targets
569.0DELNI::AUGUNTue Dec 05 1989Posting of Internet Portal Info here!
570.01RAB::DUFFYFri Dec 08 1989dcp failure Ultrix 3.1 to VMS 5.3
571.02--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 13 1989VMS 5.3 Ultrix Connection
572.05CSC32::YEAKEYWed Dec 13 1989Max links above 25
573.05RIPPLE::KOPEC_STThu Dec 14 1989Print to spooled device thru DEC-TCP gateway?
575.07FRSTSC::CHRISTIANFri Dec 15 1989P21
576.02CSC32::P_TOMAROFri Dec 15 1989binary copy UIX2.3->VMS5.1 ?
577.0TRADE::BAILEYMon Dec 18 1989Ethernet/8
578.08WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIMon Dec 18 1989Accessing VMS objects from Ultrix using DECnet-Ultrix
579.01WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTITue Dec 19 1989dnet_check reports errors why ?
580.02TOPTEN::GREENTue Dec 19 1989ltawakeup?
581.02BCSE::YANKESTue Dec 19 1989Multi-protocol router?
582.03WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIWed Dec 20 1989What is the latest RISC Version
583.05TOOK::FAIRBANKSWed Dec 20 1989Does dcp change any bits when it copies??
584.0FRAMBO::WILTRUDWed Jan 03 1990Communication protocol for v.24 synchronous
585.04DSTEG::SOUZAThu Jan 04 1990Task to Task in Ultrix
587.010IOCTL::ZEMONFri Jan 05 1990Which kit for RISC ULTRIX V3.1C?
588.03NOTMY::LEEFri Jan 05 1990DCP wildcard copying files
589.04COMICS::TREVENNORMon Jan 08 1990Using INETGW for remote access.
591.09MORO::SANFORD_LITue Jan 09 1990Does Berk. BSD TCP/IP Imp. Supp. NLST?
592.02WAIT::DESAIWed Jan 10 1990diskless clients sharing nodes database ?
593.03FORTSC::SHOMOMon Jan 15 1990DECnet-Ultrix Versions
594.02FANGIO::kbhWed Jan 17 1990Data base reused Event?
595.01MARSWed Jan 17 1990TCP/IP Gateway : more info !
596.01HGOVC::FARADAYCHONGTue Jan 23 1990RISC/ULTIRX as load host for DECrouter 2
597.02OZROCK::COURTWed Jan 24 1990mbuf exhaustion problem ?
598.01STKHLM::SUNDSTROMWed Jan 24 1990dxterm and eight bit characters... bug or feature
599.03STKHLM::KARLSSON_SWed Jan 24 1990dlogin whit 8-bit multinational
600.06SANFAN::ROBAK_RIWed Jan 24 1990UUCP and mail11 problem?
601.08RIPPLE::HORMAN_CRWed Jan 24 1990decnet security questions
602.02TOOK::SWISTFri Jan 26 1990getnodebyname("local node name")?
603.010CACIQE::RUIZJFri Jan 26 1990DECNET(RISC) PATCH???
604.02AZUR::BONETTOMon Jan 29 1990UTRIX->VMS Network beginner
605.03TOPTEN::GREENMon Jan 29 1990Executor node =
606.02CIMFIE::RAMESHWed Jan 31 1990Copying DECwrite documents to VMS
607.05FRAMBO::WILTRUDThu Feb 01 1990DDCMP over synchronous lines?
608.03MLNCSC::BONFANTIThu Feb 01 1990IBM 3
609.02TPWEST::SMITHFri Feb 02 1990DECnet fails to init device
610.07DECLNE::OKELLEYMon Feb 05 1990TLI and 4.3 BSD
611.08STKHLM::SUNDSTROMTue Feb 06 1990Serious DECnet problem
612.02PHDVAX::DLEWISThu Feb 08 1990How Many Lat-Telnet Sessions?
613.01TKOVOA::HIDAKASat Feb 10 1990NCS(Network Computing System)
615.03VING::LOVEJOYMon Feb 12 1990Ethernet: Ultrix --> VMS
616.01DECWET::DUNLAPMon Feb 12 1990BIND server crashes, ncp takes longer
617.01EICMFG::MALLETTTue Feb 13 1990Installation woes
618.01RICARD::KELLEHERWed Feb 14 1990Congestion Control in DECnet-ULTRIX
619.010COMICS::CARLETONSun Feb 18 1990Controller loopback fails?
620.04MOSAIC::RUMon Feb 19 1990NCP command are not working, Help please!
621.01WR1FOR::ANDREW_MITue Feb 20 1990"state inconsistent" message
623.01FTCODE::tarsaWed Feb 21 1990How does DECnet determine its operating identity?
624.01FTCODE::tarsaWed Feb 21 1990FAL scripts
625.010MARX::ANDERSONWed Feb 21 1990add node information to decnet database
626.0HOO78C::BATSThu Feb 22 1990Internet/DECnet Mail gateway to ALL-IN-1
627.09EIGER::SUTTERFri Feb 23 1990DECnet-Ultrix source license available ??
628.021SANFAN::ROBAK_RIMon Feb 26 1990PCSA SETHOST problems to ULTRIX
629.021AZUR::BONETTOTue Feb 27 1990Network partner exited
630.01LARVAE::NISBET_DTue Feb 27 1990Time on a remote node
631.02PRSUD1::NEYERSWed Feb 28 1990Lat/Telnet problem again .
632.01HAMSC3::ROLANDThu Mar 01 1990PCSA LAT to DS54
633.03BELFST::DOGGARTThu Mar 01 1990ASYNC decnet is it possible
634.02VISUAL::WEAVERSun Mar 04 1990Binary copy from Ultrix to VMS
635.02TOOTER::RUMon Mar 05 1990How to get device name?
636.01REGENT::AUGERIMon Mar 05 1990ncp service disable does not prevent booting
637.02WARLOC::LAWRENCETue Mar 06 1990gateway error in node name
638.05THEWAV::TAKASHIMAThu Mar 08 1990zero xna-
639.04TOOK::SWISTThu Mar 08 1990EFAULT on accept call?
640.01LEROUF::DARCEMONTTue Mar 13 1990Connect diagnostics ESRCH & EACCESS
641.01CSC32::GLAUNERTue Mar 13 1990Lat/Telnet node connection not dropped
642.01KERNEL::WETHERALLWed Mar 14 1990example fal script no good?
643.03GLDOA::RACZKAWed Mar 14 1990is there SNA for DECnet-ULTRIX ??
644.09AZUR::NAVARROMon Mar 19 1990Access control reject event with decwindow
645.01APACHE::BATESTue Mar 20 1990Simple UCX-BIND question??
646.04HOTAIR::RIPLEYTue Mar 20 1990Link Layer Access via SVID/POSIX interface?
647.05HANNAH::LANDAUTue Mar 20 1990Trace back node of requestor of object?
648.010SUBWAY::SAMBAMURTYThu Mar 22 1990DECnet install fails during make.
649.05DOPEY::DICKENSMon Mar 26 1990Ultrix decnet database update... Which are the "master" nodes ?
650.01DENVER::LANGFELDTMon Mar 26 1990TCP/IP Performance?
651.07LENO::GRIERMon Mar 26 1990Multipart long messages with the socket interface?
652.01ATHINA::LAMBRAKISTue Mar 27 1990Connecting PC to Ultrix asynchronously as a NODE
653.03MOVIES::FLETCHERWed Mar 28 1990Remote Terminals & Signal Support
654.03DUGGAN::GAUTHIERFri Mar 30 1990dcp is overwriting first file with second file on wildcard copy
655.03DSTEG::BARALFri Mar 30 1990DMS problem with DECnet-ULTRIX Phase V IFT
656.01CSSE32::MERMELLFri Mar 30 1990can an installable "kit" be copied using TCP/IP?
657.03PEARL::JAQUESSat Mar 31 1990dlogin not termiating some function escape sequences
658.01FANGIO::kbhMon Apr 02 1990Invalid LURT on V4.
661.0SWAM3::MOREH_JAFri Apr 06 1990Can ULTRIX do DDN(X.25)
662.01SUBWAY::KERBSFri Apr 06 1990Capture 8
663.03TRADE::BAILEYSun Apr 08 1990DLI/setting controller characteristics
665.0TASTY::NISBETTue Apr 10 1990For whom the net tolls
666.07OZROCK::FARAGOWed Apr 11 1990dlogin hangs around after DECserver logout
667.04QUIVER::PICKETTThu Apr 12 1990dlogin dxterm cursor problem. Who's at fault?
668.011CHARON::BRUCKMANMon Apr 16 1990LMF Error
669.03COPCLU::BROLINThu Apr 19 1990SPD for V4.
670.09MUNLEG::TUSCHEKThu Apr 19 1990DECnet-ULTRIX Phase V questions
671.03LAIDBK::VICTORMon Apr 23 1990Corrupt binary files
672.05BSS::E_ROBERTSONMon Apr 23 1990Proxy access & su(1).
673.03PULPO::EDMUNDOTue Apr 24 1990No LAT connection!
675.02DECLNE::OKELLEYWed Apr 25 1990HDLC and DECnet-ULTRIX
676.0RANGER::RIZZOLOThu Apr 26 1990zero byte send problems
678.0SHARIF::BULLARDTue May 01 1990Allin1 problems from remote SUN/Apollos
679.07BUCKY::VANDERPOOLThu May 03 1990How to test if DECnet-ULTRIX is running?
680.0DUGGAN::RUFri May 04 1990Type field in ethernet packet?
683.01MAILVX::HENDRIXFri May 04 1990DECnet-ULTRIX dli - close returns -1
684.03BUDDRY::GLAUNERMon May 07 1990ultrix objects & dnet_spawner
685.03ODIXIE::RIDGWAYMon May 07 1990ULTRIX, TCP/IP, RFP Questions - URGENT (Please!)
686.01TKOV5Tue May 08 1990Do you have OPCOM ?
687.02MAILVX::HENDRIXTue May 08 1990shutdown call with dli interface
688.04GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDTue May 08 1990PHASEV and v4.
689.02CSC32::D_LOWRYThu May 10 1990netwatch for RISC Architecture?
690.03KOALA::BANTISThu May 10 1990Circuit always Off after reboot
691.01WBC::HENNTue May 15 1990Help w/DECnet FT4.
692.04RANGER::MCHANDLERThu May 17 1990V4.
693.01BREAKR::JANESThu May 17 1990task-to-task stdout assignment problems?
694.03DUGGAN::NOLANFri May 18 1990telnet problem
695.05LANDO::ARNOLDMon May 21 1990Circuit problem w/DECnet V3.
696.02HGOVC::TIMA_GUESTWed May 23 1990Fusion TCP/IP problems
697.01AIRONE::HARKERTue May 29 1990How do I see DECnet sockets?
698.02KDFF::CONNORWed May 30 1990Data Xfr Between VAX/VMS & DEC31
699.04VOGON::DRUMGOOLEThu May 31 1990ULTRIX V4.
700.0SMAUG::D_MURPHYThu May 31 1990DECnet-ULTRIX V4.
701.02DYO78Fri Jun 01 1990How to order 4.
702.01VICKI::CURRIERFri Jun 01 1990DECnet-ULTRIX FT V4.
704.04MLNTue Jun 05 1990task-to-task over x.25
705.0TRUCKS::WALTON_BThu Jun 07 1990Network comms for DECstation 21
706.01MARCOM::EDWARDSThu Jun 07 1990"Link to partner broken" msg -EVERY OTHER TIME?!?!
708.04UTOPIE::RINGHOFERFri Jun 08 1990many evl-processes
709.03REGENT::BORTMANMon Jun 11 1990Link to Partner Broken
710.08DELNI::CALLAHANTue Jun 12 1990PAK for V4.
711.01DECSIM::RICKABAUGHTue Jun 12 1990Connecting links to pids
713.06DELNI::CALLAHANTue Jun 12 1990V4.
714.01GUIDUK::KANGWed Jun 13 1990DECnet-ULTRIX and X.25 and more
715.02DIZZY::GRADYMon Jun 18 1990What's xna-
716.06BUCKY::VANDERPOOLTue Jun 19 1990dnet_conn and a network link for sys$output
717.02KERNEL::SOLANKITue Jun 19 1990dnet strips esc char
718.06ROMFri Jun 22 1990read block size
719.0DWOVAX::MANUSZAKWed Jun 27 1990Large Numbers of Receive Failures?
720.05BSS::E_ROBERTSONThu Jun 28 1990Problem with fal_params on RISC
721.03CSC32::GLAUNERFri Jun 29 1990decnet-internet gateway questions
722.0BSS::E_ROBERTSONThu Jul 05 1990Copy from IBM lookalike thru gateway fails.
723.010BSS::E_ROBERTSONMon Jul 09 1990RSTS to ULTRIX RISC copy hangs.
724.04BSS::E_ROBERTSONMon Jul 09 1990VMS 4.7 to ULTRIX Copy Problem.
725.03BSS::E_ROBERTSONMon Jul 09 1990Restricted access to FAL object?
726.01HAMPS::HEERJEE_KTue Jul 10 1990Sharing DECnet across two machines
727.04EIGER::SUTTERWed Jul 11 1990Ultrix V4.
728.04POBOX::LARKWed Jul 11 1990Problems w/VMS applications through DECstations
729.02FANGIO::kbhWed Jul 11 1990Bind and dlogin issues
730.05ATLV5::KRUSZEWSKI_FThu Jul 12 1990DECnet changes ethernet address?
731.03CHEST::HAYCOXFri Jul 13 1990LAT invalid service class, time limit expired, ULTRIX V4.
732.03CHEST::HAYCOXTue Jul 17 1990dnet link problems move /var around
733.03HGPSTue Jul 17 1990Questions on DECnet v4.
734.02MISFIT::SALEHIMTue Jul 17 1990dlogin problem
735.04CSC32::E_RIDDERTue Jul 24 1990Removing the Default User gives root access
736.03MAST::GIANOSThu Jul 26 19904.
737.01MINDER::ROXBURGHFri Jul 27 1990DECnet 4.
738.018CSC32::C_OUIMETTEMon Jul 30 1990New dlogin problem w/command line editing
739.05GUCCI::BJELTEMAMon Jul 30 1990VMS->ULTRIX unsupported file operation?
740.03TAVTue Jul 31 1990DS5
741.02FORTSC::CHABANWed Aug 01 1990Weird dlogin stuff with All-In-One
742.01CIMNET::KENNEYThu Aug 02 1990LMI for DECnet-ULTRIX
743.01TRADE::MITRAThu Aug 02 1990How to disable multicast address for DLI interface
744.08LENO::GRIERThu Aug 02 1990Problem with DECnet-Ultrix V4.
745.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Aug 03 1990Accessing internet node failed.
746.04COPCLU::BROLINFri Aug 03 1990Error control and correction mechanism ?
747.04SUBWAY::TWONGMon Aug 06 1990DECNET for Sun 386i,Sparcstation
748.03SALEM::COVIELLOTue Aug 07 1990Unix thru ULTRIX gateway to VMS file transfer
749.05RIPPLE::SEIFERTRAThu Aug 09 1990TSSnet to DECNET/ULTRIX dlogin problems
750.02HGOVC::DEANGELISSun Aug 12 1990Problems after installation
751.01CSC32::YEAKEYMon Aug 13 1990Command recall problem with V4.
752.02HGOVC::DEANGELISTue Aug 14 1990Link to partner broken on large file
753.01KINRYU::JENNINGSTue Aug 14 1990FTP with UNISYS - how??
754.04ACTGSF::STEINBERGThu Aug 16 1990NCP SET commands hang indefinitely
755.0VISUAL::WEAVERThu Aug 16 1990ADS Distribution of DECnet-ULTRIX
756.02CSC32::D_LOWRYThu Aug 16 1990EBADF not always returned
757.02SAC::JENKINS_TTue Aug 21 1990Asynchronous I/O using DECnet
758.05ZMAN::BOWLESTue Aug 21 1990Automatic Dlogin'g
759.08MEADOW::FARICELLITue Aug 21 1990'Jerky' echo of characters on SET HOST into RISC/ULTRIX
760.0GUCCI::BJELTEMAWed Aug 22 1990bridge filtering question
761.03LEVERS::COLELLAFri Aug 24 1990finding Ethernet device name
762.03RANGER::RIZZOLOTue Aug 28 1990More than 12 defined objects causes problems
763.0--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 28 1990
764.0CSC32::GLAUNERTue Aug 28 1990DECnet-Internet Gateway with UCX
767.04WSEWed Sep 05 19904.1 DLI problem?
768.09NAVIER::CONDOThu Sep 06 1990sys$qio => DECnet-ULTRIX server?
769.02BUDDRY::D_LOWRYThu Sep 06 1990echo in telnetd.gw
770.08PEARL::JAQUESThu Sep 06 1990Help decnet connections inbound fail !!!
771.03SCAACT::LEAZERMon Sep 10 1990ULTRIX V4.
772.04TOWNS::ASHERISACOFFTue Sep 11 1990DAP error, file transferred incorrect
773.01TRADE::BOONETue Sep 11 1990looking for DECnet expected behavior when connections terminated
774.04CSC32::GLAUNERTue Sep 11 1990Security problem with DECnet/Internet Gateway
775.0--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 12 1990[Mod note/note= screwed up again]
776.03SUBWAY::HOFFWed Sep 12 1990mail problem
777.02TOOK::FAIRBANKSThu Sep 13 1990Ethernet devices supported?
778.01TRADE::BAILEYFri Sep 14 1990DECnet as an IPC on the same local node.
779.02SALSA::MOELLERFri Sep 14 1990NCP COPY command missing
780.01TRADE::BAILEYMon Sep 17 1990Receiving logical link operation msgs
781.05CSC32::GLAUNERTue Sep 18 1990lat/host initated connects in v4.
782.0THAMWed Sep 19 1990DECrouter2
783.0KAHALA::DOBROWSKIWed Sep 19 1990VMS->ULTRIX seamless interface
784.01ANNECY::ADAMFri Sep 21 1990DLI change in recvfrom() & sendto() ?
785.06CSC32::GLAUNERMon Sep 24 1990tell changed in ULTRIX V3.1 to V4.
786.04JETSAM::GRUBBSTue Sep 25 1990DECnet-ULTRIX V3.
787.01CSC32::S_HALLTue Sep 25 1990NCP LOOP/Ult4.
788.01STKHLM::WIKWed Sep 26 1990dlogin eightbit
789.01SUBWAY::LEYENSWed Sep 26 1990dlogin, stty - rows,cols are
790.06MEADOW::FARICELLIWed Sep 26 1990Control-X eaten on RISC -> RISC dlogin
791.01TOOK::FAIRBANKSThu Sep 27 1990I want to boot a 352
792.03RIXRAX::ttlFri Sep 28 1990Ideas for an online remote conferencing tool ?
793.04CSC32::C_OUIMETTEMon Oct 01 1990Printing to a LAT service?
794.05BAHTAT::ALDERTONMTue Oct 02 1990DECnet-ULTRIX, DIAL-in/DIAL-out?
795.01SMAUG::GOWDATue Oct 02 1990Executor's privileged user-id/password
796.05CLADA::RCOLLINSWed Oct 03 1990V4.
797.02KETJE::GEVAERTThu Oct 04 1990VMS --> ULTRIX task-to-task (again!)
798.011ALLZS::MORRISONFri Oct 05 1990Need a sanity timer on reads
799.01MSPET::SUPPLEEThu Oct 11 1990DECnet write doesn't return error
800.01MORO::SANFORD_LIThu Oct 11 1990Cluster Alias in Proxy File?
801.03USRCV1::LEFFLERMThu Oct 11 1990Files not complete after copy
802.0TKOV51::DIAMONDFri Oct 12 1990Porting DECnet/MS-DOS to DECnet/Ultrix
803.01HGOSPS::JOYCETONGMon Oct 15 1990unable to connect node on ncp
804.08CSOA1::COLLINSMon Oct 15 1990EVL error, DECnet-Ultrix V4
806.02HEART::ECKLEYWed Oct 17 1990OOBs and SIGURG ?
807.05SMAUG::ROGERSThu Oct 18 1990Process Mode (Network, Interactive,Batch...)?
808.0COLFri Oct 19 1990dcp -S and OS/2
809.07TKOV51::DIAMONDMon Oct 22 1990CTERM protocol documentation
810.03CSC32::S_HALLMon Oct 22 1990Bind to sys-generated object number
811.09ZURThu Oct 25 1990DECnet-ULTRIX order numbers
812.011CSC32::S_HALLFri Oct 26 1990dlogin to VMS: Unrecognized object
813.02SUFIX::robMon Oct 29 1990Booting DS5
814.03TOOK::DOUGHERTYMon Oct 29 1990No access from ULTRIX 4.
815.06CSC32::E_RIDDERMon Oct 29 1990DLI not working with 64-byte packets
816.02LISVAX::PMPEREIRATue Oct 30 1990VMS<-->ULTRIX<-->Cyber
817.01SMURF::TARSAFri Nov 02 1990Insufficient resources of what kind?
818.03SMURF::TARSAFri Nov 02 1990SET KNOWN NODES hanging
819.01CSC32::E_RIDDERFri Nov 02 1990What is DECnet-ULTRIX Live Buffer Size?
820.02DEVIN::LUCASMon Nov 05 1990dcp: Bad Format DAP message received
823.01ZURWed Nov 07 1990open(2) on a reverse LAT port
824.01BIGUN::TANNERThu Nov 08 1990ncp loop node problem
825.03WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Nov 13 1990LAT programming Manuals?
826.03CSC32::E_RIDDERTue Nov 13 1990TELL.COM with proxy access
827.01LEDS::CARREIRATue Nov 13 1990PAK that WORKS needed BADLY !!!
828.01BEEZER::TREVENNORThu Nov 15 1990Cursor/Text pointer sync under dlogin/TPU
829.04KEPERA::RIPLEYMon Nov 19 1990LAT on machines with multiple controllers?
830.01CSC32::PITTMon Nov 19 1990Lat logins-wrong account
831.01BIGUN::TANNERMon Nov 19 1990sun ethernet performance doco??
832.01DLOACT::BUTTNERTue Nov 20 1990Proxy continued / TASK=filename
833.0USWS::HOLTFri Nov 23 1990mirror connect failed - dnet_check
834.03CARROL::CONDOMon Nov 26 1990trying to order Ultrix/ DECNET
835.03SUFIX::robTue Nov 27 1990Silly rabbit, trix are for kids??
836.01CERN::BOTHNERWed Nov 28 1990Max limit for PIPELINE quota (sattelite file trans)
837.013KERNEL::CARPENTERSWed Nov 28 1990Proxy name set to uid, not to username
838.01MISFIT::SALEHIMWed Nov 28 1990How to disable decnet events from being reported
839.05RAB::REILLYWed Nov 28 1990Problem with Rejecting a connection with optional data
840.02UFRCS1::DIRKThu Nov 29 1990dnet_spawner: exit status 5 and 1
842.04FLATTP::MURRAY_RUTue Dec 04 1990Internet gateway probelm with sna
844.05GVAWed Dec 05 1990dcp: No space left on device
845.01KERNEL::BAYLISDThu Dec 06 1990file open error starting DECnet
846.03CSC32::T_SANDEFURThu Dec 06 1990What is -v option on dlogin?
847.015TKOV51::DIAMONDFri Dec 07 1990Problems making a server task
848.02HESIRI::WHARTONFri Dec 07 1990dcp connect failed, no response from object.
849.04TOOK::PURRETTAMon Dec 10 1990NMLSHR equivalent in Ultrix?
850.01GLORY::CHARNAWSKMon Dec 10 1990PRIME to DECnet-ULTRIX Gateway
851.01CSC32::GLAUNERTue Dec 11 1990Virtual terminals for ULTRIX?
852.04CSC32::PITTTue Dec 11 1990emacs and arrow keys AGAIN
853.011CSC32::E_RIDDERTue Dec 11 1990listener response: invalid parameter value, name
854.01EPSDEV::BERGERWed Dec 12 1990Setting environment variables for server
856.01SMAUG::GOWDAThu Dec 13 1990Tracing Ethernet Traffic
857.02AISG::LANDINGHAMThu Dec 13 1990Help! can't dlogin to one particular machine!
858.03KAOFS::G_STOFKOFri Dec 14 1990Displaying windows DECnet-->TCP
859.0CSC32::M_CHISHOLMFri Dec 14 1990Colorado Springs anyone?
860.03HPSRAD::KOMARTue Dec 18 1990addnode(8) improvement suggestions
861.02STKHLM::SUNDSTROMWed Dec 19 1990DS5
862.06COMICS::TREVENNORThu Dec 20 1990DECnet slow on a 582
864.03USRCV1::SALEHIMThu Jan 03 1991Node not reachable?
866.02GIDDAY::LIMMon Jan 07 1991telnet.gw ,login appears twice
867.02CSC32::GLAUNERFri Jan 11 1991dnet spawner and wild socket
868.02DECWET::SCOTTFri Jan 11 1991License expiration is not very obvious...
869.02FORTSC::MOKFri Jan 11 1991Version 4.
870.05KYOA::SILVERMANSat Jan 12 1991Help..can't dlogin to self
871.05MUTTON::LAMBMon Jan 14 1991Poor Man's Routing revisited\
872.0KINRYU::JENNINGSTue Jan 15 1991PROBLEM between DECnet DOS and DECnet-ULTRIX
873.02STKHLM::HARTIKAINENTue Jan 15 1991dcp failed with wild card
874.01CSC32::E_RIDDERWed Jan 16 1991Etherfind reports DEC Remote Console msg.s
875.01HAMSC3::VOLKMARThu Jan 17 1991panic: m_free has bad
876.03COPCLU::BROLINMon Jan 21 1991PAK with
877.01SEURAT::NEWMANMon Jan 21 1991Porting from IP to DECnet
878.02OPG::CMITCHELLMon Jan 21 1991VMS command recall with DLOGIN
879.01HAMSC3::VOLKMARMon Jan 21 1991terminal on cxy didn' work
880.010CSC32::M_MENKHUSWed Jan 23 1991Dlogin,swallows escape char sequences?
881.0CERN::BOTHNERWed Jan 23 1991Security Options for DECnet-Internet gateway?
882.02SSBN1::YANKESWed Jan 23 1991Notification when either of two sockets has a connect pending?
883.01SUBWAY::HOFFThu Jan 24 1991ddif ultrix-->vms problem
884.01ZPOVC::COLINTONGMon Jan 28 1991How to get back stdin and stdout ?
885.03SCAACT::LEAZERMon Jan 28 1991"Host Name Lookup Failure" ?
886.03BCAT::HANSONTue Jan 29 1991listener response: invalid id format
887.01THEWAV::TAKASHIMAThu Jan 31 1991Disabling automatic proxy login
888.08HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGFri Feb 01 1991NCP command hangs
889.01STKHLM::STKHLM::HALLINFri Feb 01 1991
890.02CSC32::GLAUNERFri Feb 01 1991scholar modems-ds-vs via dlogin hangs all
893.02TROAFri Feb 01 1991LAT port-ttyxx match problem
894.0LARVAE::HARVEYMon Feb 04 1991Async DDCMP alternative ?
895.01ALLZS::MORRISONTue Feb 05 1991Is "padding" possible with DLI routines?
896.04CSC32::PITTTue Feb 05 1991lpd changes in v4.1?
897.01GVAADG::RAPAZFri Feb 08 1991DCP sleeping
898.0CSC32::PITTMon Feb 11 1991define exec name--error
899.011SANFAN::ROBAK_RIMon Feb 11 1991mop_mom efficiency questions
900.05WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIMon Feb 11 1991Help with dcp -i
901.02CLAMBR::GREENINGWed Feb 13 1991How do you define a line and circuit with a DEMNA
902.05SARAH::WHITEWed Feb 13 1991Can't dlogin or set host in, but can dlogin out
903.02KAOFS::N_PIROLLOWed Feb 13 1991bind() not failing
904.0SHAWB1::THOMASAThu Feb 14 1991DECnet 4.
905.0GORE::J_WIELANDThu Feb 14 1991response timeouts / dlogind floods
906.01OTOOThu Feb 14 1991Please fix setld scripts!!!
907.01TOOHOT::WALTERSThu Feb 14 1991internet g-way copy problems
908.01VISA::PIKETue Feb 19 1991dnet_isserver()
909.03SUBFIZ::FARICELLITue Feb 19 1991How about automatic data compression with dcp?
910.02HANNAH::HAMILTONTue Feb 19 1991dcp files from proxied VMS account without prompt for password
911.06CUJO::GAYTue Feb 19 1991Configuring FDDI on DECStation 5
912.0SQM::MARIAWed Feb 20 1991Security Guidelines
913.01EWBThu Feb 21 1991FTP --> RSX-11M V4.2
914.0OZROCK::COURTThu Feb 21 1991Why do sockets behave like SMP morons
915.01CSC32::M_MENKHUSSun Feb 24 1991what about 8-bit?
916.02MARX::ANDERSONMon Feb 25 1991slip,se
917.08MSAMTue Feb 26 1991DOS->ULTRIX...PRINTER(S) ??
918.06CX3PST::MADMXX::C_OUIMETTETue Feb 26 1991How to disable IP forwarding?
919.0SMAUG::GOWDAWed Feb 27 1991set circuit service enable/disable
920.02VISA::PIKEWed Feb 27 1991getting hold of remote NODE::USER
921.01ADVLSI::FONTANAFri Mar 01 1991Ultrix-Vax Non-Transparent Client/Server?
922.0BEEZER::MORGANIMon Mar 04 1991dlogin - just what does happen ...
923.01LEDDEV::PEACOCKMon Mar 04 1991MOP VAXstation 2
924.01CSC32::D_LOWRYMon Mar 04 1991what is ne
926.02AUNTB::TOWNSENDWed Mar 06 1991Print to Apple Laserwriter?
927.02TOOK::R_WOODBURYThu Mar 07 1991DECnet object names revisited
928.07DATABS::BALLOUThu Mar 07 1991Transparent access to remote files?
929.04KASINO::NEIDECKERFri Mar 08 1991A way to find a route
930.08DENVER::BROTHERFri Mar 08 1991VMS copy to ULTRIX
932.01VISA::ANDREASSONMon Mar 11 1991FTSV on ULTRIX notes conference: VISA::FTSX_NEWS
933.04HILLST::MARTINMon Mar 11 1991Acess control rejected connect failures
934.08KERNEL::CARPENTERSMon Mar 11 1991lcp: directory message not loaded
935.07SMAUG::ROGERSMon Mar 11 1991Data corruption on read
936.06SSBN1::YANKESMon Mar 11 1991Either DECnet or TCP/IP connection to a server?
937.0MANMTue Mar 12 1991DECrouter 2
939.01RTOEU::KPLUSZYNSKITue Mar 12 1991Configuring Ethernet Physical Address
940.04BEEZER::BAYSAThu Mar 14 1991socket already connected - LAT again
941.01CSC32::PITTThu Mar 14 1991Emacs/lat=garbage out
942.03BEEZER::SOLANKIMon Mar 18 1991V4.1 lat hangs server port
943.09SMAUG::ROGERSMon Mar 18 1991addnode,ccr,getnode,load,remnode and trigger
944.06PSW::WINALSKITue Mar 19 1991How to debug a server task?
945.05CSC32::PITTThu Mar 21 1991Ingress(SP?) and Decnet together?
946.02ZURMon Mar 25 1991Gateway not 8-bit clean?
947.0DEDUCE::HARTMon Mar 25 1991Call for Papers - Interoperability/Migration
948.02ZPOVC::COLINTONGTue Mar 26 1991Server could not restart
950.02GLORY::OWENTue Mar 26 1991VMS file sharing on IP backbone...
951.023D::GRADYTue Mar 26 1991581
952.06OSTV1Wed Mar 27 1991dlogin problem: C-Space in JEVE
953.02COSBY::TIBBERTWed Mar 27 1991Does DECnet-Ultrix Phase IV support XTI?
954.02CSC32::PITTFri Mar 29 1991task to task UX-->VMS
955.01DECLNE::KENNYFri Mar 29 1991RISC system as loadhost for DECserver 55
956.04CSC32::E_RIDDERMon Apr 01 1991Warning: Don't forget to install your PAK
957.03BCAT::HANSONThu Apr 04 1991lcp -m 255 out of range.
958.03CSC32::SCHLABSFri Apr 05 1991strange behaviour when sethost from PC to ultrix
959.02BERNMon Apr 08 1991telnet and multinational characters (again?)
960.03TRCATue Apr 09 1991ultrix-lps4
961.03MUDDIN::BUTTRICKThu Apr 11 1991DEcnet objects
962.013CLOVEN::ROYFri Apr 19 1991connect(2) fails with ENOSPC on 4.2 system
963.08ODIXIE::LOFSTEADFri Apr 19 1991DECnet & OSF1?
964.02ZURMon Apr 22 1991What's new in DECnet-Ultrix V4.2 ??
965.01VAXRIO::NASCIMENTOMon Apr 22 1991VMS -> VMS ->(TK5
966.01XLIB::JACKSONTue Apr 23 1991DECnet bundled with Ultrix?
967.01COOKIE::WILKINSTue Apr 23 1991Problem with tell and tcsh
968.03HURON::ALTTue Apr 23 1991net_output: xna
969.01KERNEL::CARPENTERSWed Apr 24 1991dnet_spawner - binding socket problems
970.07THEBAY::SONGRIWed Apr 24 1991Ultrix station act as terminal only
971.02KERNEL::MCNULTYWed Apr 24 1991Get ethernet physical/hardware address?
972.05JITThu Apr 25 1991dcp -r seems forgetful
973.0OSLLAV::SVEINN_PThu Apr 25 1991killed on swap error
974.04BSS::G_MCINTOSHFri Apr 26 1991show line counters fubar
975.03PSW::WINALSKISat Apr 27 1991subroutine packages that must conditionally use DECnet-ULTRIX
976.012SSBN1::YANKESMon Apr 29 1991Buffer size question
977.0AINODE::TURCOTTEMon Apr 29 1991DECnet/Ultrix 4.
978.02BAHTAT::HILTONTue Apr 30 1991Remote backup over DECnet
979.01PATTY::TOOLSThu May 02 1991Decserver 2
980.014PARITY::MITCHELLThu May 02 1991I need Help with a DECnet Installation
981.01GLDOA::KATZFri May 03 1991CBREAK Problem?
982.01BFOMV1::LEFFLERMMon May 06 1991DW327
983.03SUBFIZ::FARICELLIMon May 06 1991Problems with control-space, control-Z and dlogin
984.01QCAVWed May 08 1991DECsystem 51
985.04BONKA::FINNIEWed May 08 1991Don't get DECnet events
986.05HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUThu May 09 1991Sample of socket interface?
988.01SHAWB1::LAWRENCEThu May 09 1991dlogin ^u nit
989.013MU::PORTERThu May 09 1991Where do the interrupt messages go?
990.03LISVAX::RODRIGUESMon May 13 1991Problem with dlogin & UNIPLEX
991.01HGOVC::HEERJEEWed May 15 1991DECnet over telephone lines
992.03VISUAL::WEAVERThu May 16 1991Looking for FAL example
993.02FORTSC::CHABANMon May 20 1991DECnet licensing questions
994.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue May 21 1991dlogin, ALL-IN-1, time delays...
995.02MU::PORTERTue May 21 1991Assorted daemon programming questions
996.08EWBWed May 22 1991login information invalid at remote node (gateway)
997.06NITMOI::BROWNWed May 22 1991OS Boot Server Info Help request.
998.02NEGD::CASAGRANDEThu May 23 1991Anyone know how to access DAP specification?!?
999.02KERNEL::MCNULTYFri May 24 1991Invalid identification format
1000.02OSLFri May 24 1991Support for DECnet/OSI over native X.25 on DECstation 5
1001.02EEMELI::WIKWed May 29 1991Connection loss VMS5.2 --> ULTRIX4.
1002.06BEEZER::BAYSAWed May 29 1991LAT printers with v4.1
1003.01NACAD::KASISCHKEFri May 31 1991Need help swapping decnet addresses
1004.01KERNEL::BAYLISDFri May 31 1991VMS to Ultrix DECnet mail problem.
1005.04BEEZER::BAYSATue Jun 04 1991What signal is sent to disconnect LAT?
1006.02ZURTue Jun 04 1991behaviour of the return key with dlogin
1007.08SEURAT::NEWMANTue Jun 04 1991select never returns -- doing nonblocking I/O
1008.01MARX::BARLOWWed Jun 05 1991Problem, DLI socket bind, EADDRINUSE.
1009.02KXOVAX::MACDONALDThu Jun 06 1991lack of dtr,mir cause mop trouble?
1010.01HDLITE::NEWMANThu Jun 06 1991Pipeline Quota=1
1011.05OSLLAV::SVEINN_PFri Jun 07 1991ULTRIX--->VMS proxy problem
1012.09KAL::MFORSERMon Jun 10 1991How to write to an ULTRIX DECnet object from VMS
1013.03COMICS::HWILLIAMSThu Jun 13 1991NML and Objects ?
1014.01ODIXIE::CREACYFri Jun 14 1991ULTRIX tar file transfer to VAX/VMS via DECnet
1015.01OTOAFri Jun 14 1991NICE specification
1016.04CSC32::CALLAGHANFri Jun 14 1991CIRCUIT stays down on DS5
1017.03NEPHI::COARMon Jun 17 1991DELQA in DEQNA-lock Mode?
1018.01WKRP::ROTHMANMon Jun 17 19914.
1019.0CIMNET::MCCANCETue Jun 18 1991ris/addnode question v4.2 DECnet/ULTRIX
1020.06DUSTER::LEONGWed Jun 19 1991Problem using ULTRIX-DECnet spawner.
1021.02KERNEL::CARPENTERSThu Jun 20 1991LAT printer setup info
1022.01KXOVAX::MACDONALDFri Jun 21 1991ncp loop circuit resource error
1023.07SWTHOM::LORENZOMon Jun 24 1991DECnet Ultrix to VMS connection aborts if it takes more than 6
1024.01BEAGLE::ERMITE::PelleMon Jun 24 1991ULTRIX to TOPS-2
1025.02HAMPS::SHERMAN_GWed Jun 26 1991OSI within OSF?
1026.02SEATTL::BAKERTOThu Jun 27 1991problems with new lpd??
1027.04SX4GTO::KIMBALLMon Jul 01 1991Shell script server/dnet spawner problem
1028.01BRSSWS::BOLLENWed Jul 03 1991NSP/DAP problem or normal behaviour ?
1030.02BRSSWS::FOLENSWed Jul 10 1991FAL$LOG on Ultrix ?
1031.02VINO::STEVENSMon Jul 15 1991problem sending data from ultrix to vms over decnet
1032.04GILDOR::avolioMon Jul 15 1991Accessing Public account via the Gateway
1033.08UTROP2::CORNELISSENATue Jul 16 1991problems with dcp and secsetup
1034.03BRSSWS::BOLLENTue Jul 16 1991CTERM/NSP problem or wait for v5.1?
1035.02ACESMK::FRANCUSTue Jul 16 1991mail11 problem after 4.2 upgrade
1036.03VLNVAX::CANUTEWed Jul 17 1991No response from object
1037.04TOSKI::ADAMSFri Jul 19 1991objects, proxy, security, login
1038.01BRSSWS::BOLLENMon Jul 22 1991Product Manager for DECnet-ULTRIX?
1039.02COGITO::ZIKAWed Jul 24 1991New installation, node address, lmf, down-loading
1040.01SWORD1::JAQUESThu Jul 25 1991set cir cir-id service enabled DOES NOT WORK !!!!
1041.03FZOVAX::FRANDSENFri Jul 26 1991dlogin & spell
1042.03TAVMon Jul 29 1991alias node name for mail address
1043.01CX3PT3::WSC147::D_LOWRYWed Jul 31 1991Does the DECserver 9
1044.07STKHLM::SUNDSTROMFri Aug 02 1991dlogin/LAT flow-control problem
1045.01EEMELI::SONKERIMon Aug 05 1991problem with sendmail aliases (mail11)
1047.05OZROCK::FIDLERTue Aug 06 1991Problem returning DECnet mail under Phase V
1048.06SMAC1Tue Aug 06 1991LAT and Stdio
1049.01ROMWed Aug 07 1991Questions about DLI for 8
1050.03REGENT::AUGERIWed Aug 07 1991Boot host Ethernet address is all zeros
1051.01BREAKR::PALASEThu Aug 08 1991Provide easy access between SUN/VAX
1052.04ULTRA::SMITHFri Aug 09 1991configuring DECnet into a diskless area
1054.02CSC32::PITTTue Aug 13 199113 objects patch-v4.2?
1055.04CSC32::PITTTue Aug 13 1991PhaseV to PhaseIV help
1056.01TAENG4::SSDINGPWed Aug 14 1991DECnet-ULTRIX versions?
1057.02PLAYER::VANAVERMAETWed Aug 14 1991transparent task-to-task losing some info at the end
1058.01ARRODS::REIDWed Aug 14 1991Insufficient resources on V4.2
1059.03DUSTER::LEONGWed Aug 14 1991Unable to link DECnet-ULTRIX subroutines with C89.
1060.010GO4GUT::NASHTWed Aug 14 1991Reading optional data in REJECT (ECONNREFUSED) returned from DECnet-VAX
1061.02MANVC::ERICSUNThu Aug 15 1991Copy Ultrix-VMS problem?
1063.0KERNEL::BAYSAFri Aug 16 1991LAT disconnects users ?
1064.01CSC32::GLAUNERFri Aug 16 1991dcp -P and VMS file format
1065.01HGSW15::NICHOLASHOTue Aug 20 1991Support of multiple Ethernet card in DS5
1066.01ODIXIE::STUARTTue Aug 20 1991Characteristics of DMV11-SF Replacement for DS55
1067.06HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHWed Aug 21 1991session terminated without warning
1068.0OZROCK::FIDLERFri Aug 23 1991Can't return forwarded mail
1069.0TRCOA::LEWMon Aug 26 1991Unable to Set Host to ULTRIX
1070.02ANOSWS::COMFORTMon Aug 26 1991Circuit timer questions
1071.011BTOVT::HASKINS_MWed Aug 28 1991NCP-listener response - Resource Error
1072.02SANFAN::ROBAK_RIFri Aug 30 1991Run-away telnet processes
1073.04DUSTER::LEONGWed Sep 04 1991Problem invoking command script from DECnet spawner.
1074.03BCAT::HANSONThu Sep 05 1991task to task->vms to ultrix
1075.05REGENT::AUGERIFri Sep 06 1991How do you find designated router?
1076.02GCUVAX::PALMERTue Sep 10 1991SNAP LLC supported?
1077.026COMICS::ALLAMSWed Sep 11 1991max counters/max links
1078.01WIDGIT::WESTThu Sep 12 1991Question about two controllers on DS5
1079.08LJOHUB::GIBIANTue Sep 17 1991remote command execution originating on Ultrix, executing on VMS, via DECnet
1080.03UFHIS::MMCCREADYTue Sep 17 1991What's a V5 PAK look like?
1081.02ALOSWS::TURPINTue Sep 17 19914.2 DECnet and arrow keys
1082.02TRCOA::BOBMILLERWed Sep 18 1991Ultrix/LAT buffering
1083.03NITMOI::WITHERSThu Sep 19 1991DECnet hangs on startup (set exec state on)
1084.05TOOK::MINTZThu Sep 19 1991What does "NO PERMISSION" mean?
1085.03HGSW15::NICHOLASHOFri Sep 20 1991How to get rid of version number in mget of VMS files ?
1086.01LABC::RUTue Sep 24 1991Problem with 'su' and DECnet.
1087.03KANGAR::TANWed Sep 25 1991dlogin access control
1088.01KERNEL::BAYLISDWed Sep 25 1991DECNET and UPGRADE security
1089.0VISA::ANDREASSONThu Sep 26 1991Restartable copy DAP/FTP prototype
1090.01UFHIS::MMCCREADYThu Sep 26 1991CTF trace
1091.0PRIMES::FINKELSTEINThu Sep 26 1991Problems with DECNET/INTERNET G/W?
1092.02AKOFIN::SOUSAMon Sep 30 1991need help with DECnet Ultrix 4.2
1093.02GLIND1::RAOTue Oct 01 1991Configuring terminal servers from ULTRIX
1094.04STKHLM::WIKWed Oct 02 1991
1095.03DYOSW8::WILDERThu Oct 03 1991DECnet SLOW in enhanced mode
1096.0EVTAI1::DORNANOThu Oct 03 1991double DECnet/Internet gateway
1097.0PENUTS::BBIVMon Oct 07 1991Problem with DECnet-Ultrix pak
1098.01SUOSW4::HARDTMon Oct 07 1991ODT releases ?
1099.05DWEEZL::BOUCHERTue Oct 08 1991Terminal Server loading (via TCP/IP or DECnet) ?
1100.0MEO78B::FLAHERTYWed Oct 09 1991Can't dlogin after installation???
1101.0HGOVC::KEVINNGThu Oct 10 1991Instructor of Pathwork for Ultrix
1102.02SMOOT::ROTHThu Oct 10 1991'DECnet not in running kernel' V3.
1104.03TALOFA::HARMONThu Oct 10 1991Can a LAT tty outlive its login process?
1105.02VIDEO::CROUSEThu Oct 10 1991problem with DECnet running on isolated LAN...
1106.03GLIND1::RAOFri Oct 11 1991dlogin inhibiting arrow keys
1107.04PTOVAX::DANZAKSun Oct 13 1991TASK-TO-TASK *without* C?
1109.03SUBFIZ::FARICELLIMon Oct 14 1991Occasional "wierd" errors on VMS copy from Ultrix
1110.04MANWRK::PORTEOUSMon Oct 14 1991DLI close problem
1111.02DECWET::BETHWed Oct 16 1991SUing won't use Proxies
1112.01BSS::G_MCINTOSHWed Oct 16 1991undefined dnetintr, undefined decnetdomain
1113.02CIMNET::WIESERWed Oct 16 1991dcp -i to VMS without creating new version?
1114.04PH4VAX::NERIThu Oct 17 1991Any ideas why dlogin fails???
1115.01SALEM::WONGFri Oct 18 1991netload source code ????
1116.01TROOA::BWONGMon Oct 21 1991set host/lat equivlent in ULTRIX
1117.04LATVMS::DUGALMon Oct 21 1991Getting MOP service circuit w/o DECnet?
1118.01STKHLM::HARTIKAINENMon Oct 21 1991ccr, no break key....
1119.01MUNICH::CARLITue Oct 22 1991Getting out of Pseudo-ttys with dlogin
1120.08ANNECY::PARKER_STue Oct 22 1991NCB's and ULTRIX <-> VMS help !
1121.0SALSA::MOELLERTue Oct 22 1991new ULTRIX Networking s/w writeup ?
1122.01CX3PT3::WSC147::D_LOWRYTue Oct 22 1991why does dlogin catch different kill signals than other forms of login?
1123.01PLAYER::VANAVERMAETWed Oct 23 1991DECnet task-to-task & DECwrite & setuid & "&"
1124.08HELIX::RUZICHWed Oct 23 1991dcp contiguous copy
1125.04DSSDEV::GRIFFINThu Oct 24 1991rsh node1 dlogin node2
1126.0AKOFIN::SOUSAThu Oct 24 1991keep getting logged off
1127.0CSC32::M_TEMKINThu Oct 24 1991Function Key funkiness with dlogin
1128.03CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESFri Oct 25 1991Phase IV DECnet for OSF?
1129.07ZURMon Oct 28 1991telnetd.gw not 8bit clean
1130.01CSC32::J_DRIGGERSMon Oct 28 1991ultlat pl66 = 79 lines in landscape
1131.02SMD72J::LANETue Oct 29 1991accessing DS9
1132.01SLINK::WILSONWed Oct 30 1991Error setting multicast with DLI socket
1133.02UTRTSC::OOSTINDJERThu Oct 31 199113 objects patch for v4.1???
1134.01STUThu Oct 31 1991initially deferred NCP Line counter always zero
1135.03BAGELS::CHAMBERSThu Oct 31 1991"ncp set executor state on" hangs
1136.03BEJVC::PRCSWSFri Nov 01 1991Help needed in installation V5.
1137.04SAYER::ELMOREMon Nov 04 1991more DECnet object questions
1138.02PARZVL::KENNEDYMon Nov 04 1991what causes a node to enter 'shutting down' state
1139.01KERNEL::CARPENTERSTue Nov 05 1991We have a solution, but what's the problem?
1140.05TALOFA::HARMONTue Nov 05 1991Can't read arrow keys in CBREAK mode
1141.06ASDS::HAWESTue Nov 05 1991Status of a Non-blocking Connection
1142.02TENAYA::HEAPTue Nov 05 1991Does Ultrix support Version 4 MOP?
1143.05TKTVFS::FUJIYAMAWed Nov 06 1991proxy set up question
1144.05SCOAST::stuWed Nov 06 1991DLI examples functional in V4.2?
1145.02DSM::GOULDWed Nov 13 1991DECnet 4
1146.02ZPOVC::COLINTONGThu Nov 14 1991Insufficent Resources
1147.0MLNFri Nov 15 1991xti/tcp problem
1148.01KERNEL::DAVIESFri Nov 15 1991Circuit NE-
1149.0LISVAX::RODRIGUESSat Nov 16 1991Error 42 protocol not available
1150.02DSTEG::OJEMANNMon Nov 18 1991What are Oerrs???
1152.0SAINT::STCLAIRTue Nov 19 1991Apparent bug in sync driver
1153.06BCAT::HANSONTue Nov 19 1991ftp slow - ultrix v4.2
1154.01JITWed Nov 20 1991Questions about installing patches
1155.01BCAT::HANSONWed Nov 20 1991start lat without announcing the node/service
1156.04SMAUG::BLATTWed Nov 20 1991FTP and DTF
1157.03KERNEL::DAVIESThu Nov 21 1991Async ddcmp Yes or No???
1158.04LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERThu Nov 21 1991dual rail ethernet?
1159.04NWTIMA::MARTINCHFri Nov 22 1991DECnet-Ultrix or PATHworks Problem??
1160.03COPCLU::KARSTENThu Dec 05 1991dlogin and MRXMAN
1161.04STROP::LAYLANDMon Dec 09 1991DECnet/osi docs
1162.02MISFIT::SALEHIMWed Dec 11 1991More info on DECNET PHASE V
1163.01SALEM::COOPER_GThu Dec 19 1991How do I tell ULTRIX where to go?
1164.02NEWVAX::MURRAYMon Dec 23 1991dlogin: segmentation fault
1165.01ALLVAX::TAYLORTue Dec 24 1991VMS copy from ultrix to ultrix wipes out file
1166.02RTPSWS::ANITATue Dec 31 1991ncp> set exec state on gives mega-problems
1167.05CACIQE::RUIZJThu Jan 02 1992update_nodes not found...
1168.02FORTSC::TEMPLINThu Jan 02 1992DECnet dynamic host configuration?
1169.06DATABS::HETRICKFri Jan 03 1992File I/O on Ultrix from VMS
1170.02BERNThu Jan 09 1992 How to connect to PhIV object from Ph V X.25 GWY
1171.0HELIX::RUZICHFri Jan 10 1992directory list shows stream format?
1172.02HANNAH::B_COBBMon Jan 13 1992Slow SET HOSTS
1173.01SALEM::WONGMon Jan 13 1992DMS loading by software ID ???
1174.0MLNWed Jan 15 1992xti library: bugs in t_rcv (and recv)
1175.01BCAT::HANSONWed Jan 15 1992file on lat tty hangs with getty on.
1176.0STUFri Jan 17 1992DECnet node db & LPS
1177.01BNCHMK::PALARDYTue Jan 21 1992Local -2
1179.01CSC32::GLAUNERWed Jan 22 1992dcp works differant from vms copy
1180.02TKTVFS::SATOH_AThu Jan 23 1992What is illmseg (LAT)?
1181.01COLThu Jan 23 1992# of evl's (>6) (again)
1183.0CGHUB::AUGUNFri Jan 24 1992Upcoming DECnet/OSI Announcement!!!
1184.03SUBFIZ::FARICELLIWed Jan 29 1992Periodic "hangs" in copying many files to Ultrix
1185.04HTSC19::ANDYNGThu Jan 30 1992dcp: record too big for user's buffer...
1186.01HGSW67::NICHOLASHOThu Jan 30 1992Poor performance found in DECnet-Internet Gateway
1187.04TOOK::K_OUELLETTEThu Jan 30 1992flow blocked non-blocking socket problems
1188.05CARROL::CONDOThu Jan 30 1992dlogin hookups pausing
1190.04COPCLU::KARSTENMon Feb 03 1992DLOGIN V4.2, PATCH DATE 1/8/92 and EDT
1191.03BCAT::HANSONMon Feb 03 1992lat load balance on 55
1192.01SNOCWed Feb 05 1992dnet_eof() equivalent on VMS ?
1193.02TOPCHZ::KASCHINSKEWed Feb 05 1992Restoring Phase-IV after Phase-V installation?
1194.03LJOHUB::BARNUMWed Feb 05 1992NCP hangs with set and clear/SQL NOT installed
1195.0CSC32::D_LOWRYThu Feb 06 1992lattelnet and panic bad cltype
1196.04TENNIS::KAMFri Feb 07 1992QA-716AA = DECnet-ULTRIX V4.2 & DECnet/OSI?
1198.02CSC32::J_WIELANDThu Feb 13 1992cterm into decnet with PCSA installed, unable to connect
1199.01SANFAN::MCNICHOL_THFri Feb 14 1992MULTINET 3.
1200.011PRCFS1::STANLEYWONGMon Feb 17 1992Max. record size Decnet-Internet can handle
1201.03MERISE::BROWNTue Feb 18 1992LISTEN problems on a DECnet socket
1202.02PDVWed Feb 19 1992Remote file access with C
1203.04RTPSWS::ANITAWed Feb 19 1992Able to do a 'dls' of a VMS system, but not a 'dcp -i'
1204.02STUTue Feb 25 1992getDlisocket: Dli/DECnet socket failed
1205.06WMOIS::JAMBU_STue Feb 25 1992DECnet copy using dcp?
1206.05KERNEL::WEBSTERCTue Feb 25 1992VMS -> Ultrix CTERM
1207.0MECCA::STRAUBThu Feb 27 1992Trace for DECnet to SQL?
1208.02SUBPAC::FARICELLIThu Feb 27 1992Problem with VMS directory and Ultrix symbolic link
1209.0MUNICH::BEICHTMon Mar 02 1992"Questions regarding the XTI library"
1210.01CSC32::J_WIELANDMon Mar 02 1992dlogin problems when remote system disappears
1211.01MANWRK::PORTEOUSMon Mar 02 1992Telnet-LAT Gateway for ULTRIX
1212.03FDCV14::FREITASFri Mar 06 1992DECNET on system 5, SCO unix, etc...
1213.04MSEE4::CHENGMon Mar 09 1992help in DLI sample programs failure
1214.03CSC32::HANSONFri Mar 13 1992lat printing on 2 controllers
1215.01TOPCHZ::KASCHINSKEMon Mar 16 1992Device prompt in installation?
1216.04ELWOOD::DLANEThu Mar 19 1992dlogin never comes back.
1217.04XLIB::SCHAFERFri Mar 20 1992Performance of Ultrix <--> VMS via DECnet
1218.03BAHTAT::HILTONTue Mar 24 1992Using someone elses proxy username
1219.0TKTVFS::FUJIYAMAWed Mar 25 1992Please teach me about ftp (DECnet/Inet gateway)
1220.04SEIC::MOSESWed Mar 25 1992dcp problems, please help
1221.05TPOVC::THOMASYANGThu Mar 26 1992Source of ftpd.gw
1222.0PJWL::LAMBFri Mar 27 1992Turn on decnet logging for DECterm
1223.0PJWL::LAMBFri Mar 27 1992Can't access DECnet-Ultrix books on CDrom
1224.02STKHLM::WIKTue Mar 31 1992Gateway problem
1225.04CSC32::PITTTue Mar 31 1992Inet GW>ftp to logical fails
1226.02STKHLM::JOHANSSON_TTue Apr 07 1992dlogin seems to cause ALLIN1 to scroll.!!?
1227.03ZENDIA::KELLYWed Apr 08 1992lat/ln
1228.05MISFIT::SALEHIMFri Apr 10 1992Can TCP be routed and decnet be the same network?
1229.03HITIT::GOKCENMon Apr 13 1992sync configuration
1231.03GIDDAY::CHONGMon Apr 13 1992ccr MS38
1232.0HITIT::GOKCENTue Apr 14 1992DSH8
1233.07BERNThu Apr 16 1992Mail Ultrix -> VM capsar problem.
1234.06COMICS::MUNSLOWThu Apr 16 1992mail11 and parsing the address
1235.04GUIDUK::BRENNAN_JEMon Apr 27 1992DS31
1236.01MXOVWed Apr 29 1992remote printing over DECnet-TCP/IP
1237.03CGOWGS::DREWThu Apr 30 1992dnetrc & StripQuotes wont work
1238.02KERNEL::BAKERAFri May 01 1992dcp -i problem
1239.02KERNEL::BAYLISDFri May 01 1992dcp overwrote /vmunix...yikes !
1240.04STUTue May 05 1992ccr -c sva-
1241.01FREEBE::RUFOThu May 07 1992lps2
1243.03STKHLM::CARLSSON_GTue May 12 1992link to partner broken
1244.04TKOV51::KOBAYASHI_AKTue May 12 1992How to change MAC address?
1245.08FRSTSC::FRITZSCHEWed May 13 1992Copy through Inet-Gateway doesn't work
1246.0CHGVWed May 13 1992MIPS RC24
1247.01CSC32::J_GOODRICHFri May 15 1992insufficent node resources
1248.01CSC32::GLAUNERMon May 18 1992file command hangs on lat ttys
1249.03CSC32::J_GOODRICHTue May 19 1992dnet_spawner:
1250.02AOSANE::NEIDECKERThu May 21 1992Messing around with the data link layer
1251.01SNOCMon May 25 1992Cannot write > 512 bytes ULTRIX->VMS
1252.07TKTV2Wed May 27 1992How to delete the DECNET PHASEV subsets?
1253.02KAOFS::G_STOFKOThu May 28 1992Any more dlogins coming ?
1255.04TKTVFS::SATOH_AMon Jun 01 1992Client program is terminated by SIGPIPE
1256.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Jun 02 1992G
1257.02OSTVWed Jun 03 1992connect() to a non-zero object by name
1258.02STKHLM::HALLINThu Jun 04 1992DECnet/SNA gateway and PHASE V
1259.03ZURFri Jun 05 1992Tell me about the LAT LIO* ioctl's that are in /usr/include/sys/ioctl.h !!
1261.02VNABRW::KASHANIPOURTue Jun 09 1992dcp problem over router
1262.05CGOOA::HOMMENWed Jun 10 1992ccr patch?
1263.02GLDOA::LIBOVEThu Jun 11 1992DECnet-Ultrix v4.2 source kit (internal use only)?
1264.04KTOV11::SATOMon Jun 15 1992trb:dcp,dls on BIND/Hesiod env.
1265.04CALS::WALSHMon Jun 15 1992net_output: xna
1266.02MINNY::WALDISPUEHLMon Jun 15 1992DECnet on OSF/1
1267.03BEAGLE::WARDMon Jun 15 1992Logical links don't go away
1268.01WMOIS::ANANDMon Jun 15 1992run time calls for DECNET-ULTRIX ?
1269.02SOLVIT::MOVALLIWed Jun 17 1992help on decnet/ultrix install
1270.0SWAM2::BOOTH_BIFri Jun 19 1992Cannot Connect msg terminal server
1271.04FREBRD::POEGELTue Jun 23 1992dnet_conn() return EINTR ??
1272.03FREBRD::POEGELTue Jun 23 1992task-to-task and the linger option
1273.02NWTIMA::BAKERWed Jun 24 1992help closing lat tty
1274.01MISFIT::SALEHIMMon Jun 29 1992ARP equivalent for DECNET
1275.06ABSISG::LASSENMon Jun 29 1992dnet_spawner: Connection rejected - No such object (251)
1276.05TOOK::PURRETTATue Jun 30 1992Q: Stream Sock
1277.0CSC32::HANSONWed Jul 01 1992multiple services not assigned to tty device list
1278.04CSC32::PITTFri Jul 03 1992Decnet in Restricted mode??
1279.01BACHUS::BOLLENThu Jul 09 1992dcp error codes ?
1280.03CLPRThu Jul 09 1992orphan dlogin whith PC Decnet/DOS 4.1
1281.09SALEM::COVIELLOTue Jul 14 1992Network not starting
1282.03HGOVC::HEERJEEWed Jul 15 1992DECnet crashes each morning - no keyword table
1283.03MR4DEC::STAPLETONWed Jul 15 1992Problem receiving mail - V4.2
1284.04MKFSA::GOUSLINMon Jul 20 1992Patched mail11v3 core dumps on heavy mailer
1285.05TKTVFS::KITABAYASHITue Jul 21 1992Problem:cut&paste between two windows.
1286.01CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Jul 21 1992dnet_spawner received signal 15
1287.0LACVTue Jul 21 19922
1288.0SMURF::BEIKMANTue Jul 21 1992how to determine a DECnet link to process number.
1290.04CGOOA::HOMMENSun Jul 26 1992ccr and Vista server prob
1291.01BLKPUD::WILLIAMSHMon Jul 27 1992binary compatibility between Ultrix versions?
1293.03CSC32::PITTTue Jul 28 1992dlogin-sethost-logout-broken--no more ^y
1294.01TKTVFS::OKAMOTO_HYOTue Jul 28 1992After dlogin, no response on FMS
1295.0MAIL::FOXWed Jul 29 1992tuning issues ?
1296.05CSC32::PITTThu Jul 30 1992SUNIQUE and ftpd.gw
1297.01BIGRED::PARKERThu Jul 30 1992Is a DECnet license required for diskless clients?
1298.03SHARE::PTREDEAUFri Jul 31 1992DECnet path for Windows ?
1299.02MSEE::CHENGWed Aug 05 1992where is " addnode " ?
1300.021DECEAT::GLICKLERWed Aug 05 1992Task to Task VMS <--> Ultrix
1301.02AZUR::NAVARROThu Aug 06 1992dcp can't open file ??
1302.03ELWOOD::HALLMThu Aug 06 1992connect failed, unrecognized node
1303.05KERNEL::WEBSTERCFri Aug 07 1992Proxies with restricted shell
1304.02WHELIN::TASCHEREAUFri Aug 07 1992SunOS Endian converting
1305.01KISMIF::WITHERSThu Aug 13 1992DECnet aborting logical links
1306.01KERNEL::TRAYLERThu Aug 20 1992dlogin
1307.05ROCHE::LOESCHFri Aug 21 1992"Deferred:" Counters again / DS55
1308.01STKHLM::PENNSATERTue Aug 25 1992PROXY and Password Expired?
1309.02OSTVWed Aug 26 1992anonymous access through ftpd.gw
1311.04FUTURS::MARSHALL1Wed Aug 26 1992dlogin Problems - Help needed
1312.02UTRTSC::PILMEYERFri Aug 28 1992Host initiated LAT and modem control
1313.08CSC32::PITTWed Sep 02 1992process hangs around
1314.02HEAVY::JAMIEThu Sep 03 1992Bug on dls ?
1315.02BRSDVP::VERMEIRFri Sep 04 1992cterm connection does not drop link
1316.01TRUCKS::GIFKINSFri Sep 04 1992pathworks and Internet gateway
1317.02GIDDAY::OLLISSun Sep 06 1992Trying to cheat.....
1318.01HGOVC::LILLIANTANGTue Sep 08 1992internet gateway - ds5
1319.01LABC::RUWed Sep 09 1992FDDI support?
1320.03MKODEV::NAGARAJANFri Sep 11 1992help! can't dlogin out!
1321.06MARSTue Sep 15 1992SOCKET/TCP-IP -> DECNET questions
1323.01ROMTSS::CERIOLIMon Sep 21 1992Gateway problem: copy from VMS to UNIX (R6
1324.02BACHUS::CUYTTue Sep 22 1992dlogin problem
1325.010HPSRAD::ARTHURWed Sep 23 1992Poor Man's Routing and 'dlogin'
1327.01FORTY2::MILLSONMon Sep 28 1992DECnet-Ultrix Phase 4 to DECnet-Ultrix/OSI Phase 5 upgrade problem
1328.02RANGER::PESENTIMon Sep 28 1992Trying to talk DECnet via QNA-1
1329.06TOPCHZ::KASCHINSKETue Sep 29 1992tell: Connect failed, Access control rejected
1330.03HEDRON::DAVEBThu Oct 01 1992ULTRIX 4.3 DECnet
1331.01LANCHZ::MAXFIELDFri Oct 02 1992VMS -> ULTRIX problems
1332.02WNRWHO::SCAMPTue Oct 06 1992dlogin RTXX default baud rate
1333.03SMAUG::FURNANZTue Oct 06 1992%SYSTEM-F-LINKEXIT, network partner exited
1334.02CSC32::J_WIELANDWed Oct 07 1992dlogin to vms and set term inquire problems
1335.036Thu Oct 08 1992xti with cots ( over x25 ??)?
1336.03GUIDUK::DAVISMon Oct 12 1992mail over troubled network
1337.01CSC32::J_WIELANDThu Oct 15 1992programming to terminal server ports under ultrix
1338.0GALVIA::STEPHENSFri Oct 16 1992ULTRIX dies if TCP/IP or DECnet started
1339.01MSAMMon Oct 19 1992UUCP <-> Mail-11 ?
1340.03VAXRIO::MEYERMon Oct 26 1992dcp: DAP file transfer checksum error
1341.01BRST13::MYLLEThu Nov 05 19925
1342.0COPCLU::MARTINThu Nov 05 1992dlogin - tty -pty problem
1343.01HGOVC::HEERJEEFri Nov 06 1992AXP IFT Kit?
1344.01SUBPAC::SAUBERFri Nov 06 1992Copy ULTRIX->VMS->ULTRIX with wildcards?
1345.02FREBRD::POEGELTue Nov 10 1992DECnet task-task VMS-Ultrix, kills Ultrix system
1346.02REFINE::BARKERTue Nov 10 1992X connections over DECnet-Ultrix
1347.03SAC::KERRISON_GFri Nov 13 1992Is DECnet-ULTRIX required ?
1348.01KERNEL::TRAYLERFri Nov 13 1992FDDI counters and Decnet Phase IV
1349.02DISCOS::VICENTEFri Nov 13 1992ULTRIX network statistics?
1350.04SUBWAY::BRIGGSTue Nov 17 1992DECnet circuit cost in 4.2
1351.0STKHLM::SUNDSTROMTue Nov 17 1992mail11 modified for X.25 anywhere ??
1352.01CSC32::J_DRIGGERSFri Nov 20 1992access intity management dictionary
1353.01LABC::RUMon Nov 23 1992Dlogin: Access control rejected.
1354.02TONTO::MENARDThu Dec 03 1992Internet Mail delivery gone haywire?
1356.02NLFDC::JACKSON_AHTue Dec 08 1992Task to task, vms-> ultrix, sending message using DCL?
1357.01CARROL::CONDOTue Dec 08 1992Looking for RemoteX
1358.0MANWRK::WILCOXWed Dec 09 1992Group SAP 1 and 8
1359.013D::DUNAISKYFri Dec 11 1992internet->decnet addressing problem?
1361.01EVTAI1::BROCHARDMon Dec 14 1992dlogin /bin/sh and stty sane
1362.06VAXRIO::MANOELWed Dec 16 1992dlogin changing session type
1363.02TKTVFS::SHIMOMURAMon Dec 21 1992File too large
1364.02SWTHOM::LORENZOMon Dec 21 1992dlogin
1365.01CSC32::PITTMon Dec 28 1992256 REAL lat limit?
1366.04SMURF::SCHOTTThu Jan 07 1993MAXQUERIES and mail...
1367.07KERNEL::LLOYDAThu Jan 07 1993lattelnet gateway problem again
1368.05SMAC1Thu Jan 14 1993DECnet-Internet Gateway, FTP file protections?
1369.01KAOFS::G_STOFKOThu Jan 14 1993V4.3 LAT patch clarification needed
1370.02CSC32::J_WIELANDMon Jan 25 1993DMS and DECnet, server not responding after startup
1371.04COPCLU::JRNWed Jan 27 1993Probl with Inactivity Timer
1372.05NOVA::MICHONTue Feb 09 1993can decnet-ultrix route decnet?
1373.04XANADU::GANAPATHIWed Feb 10 1993(another) dcp question...
1374.02HAAG::HAAGFri Feb 12 1993How big a box do I need?
1375.01REJOIN::OPPSun Feb 14 1993Where to find TCP/IP information?
1376.08OLDTMR::CHOUWed Feb 17 1993DECnet socket communication VMS <-> ULTRIX
1377.05DECUK::sacFri Feb 19 1993ncp set hangs
1378.01MQOSWS::A_KALLOSFri Feb 19 1993simultaneous file access from DOS and VMS
1379.06CSC32::J_WIELANDWed Feb 24 1993dnet_spawner, redirect stderr to a file?
1380.01NASZKO::GILFIXWed Mar 03 1993DECnet problems
1381.01CSC32::J_WIELANDThu Mar 04 1993dlogind and hangup signals, ksh and csh shell diff
1382.04DECUK::jmMon Mar 08 1993dlogin to VMS, and function keys ?
1383.02NOVA::JASKIEWICZTue Mar 09 1993Can't get VMS client to talk to ULTRIX server
1384.0JBVJR::VICENTEThu Mar 11 1993NFS/UDP segmentation process
1385.02RHETT::HILLFri Mar 12 1993Product Manager for DECnet-ULTRIX?
1386.03WRLMTS::VIGEANTWed Mar 17 1993ANy way to relate a DECnet link to a pid?
1387.01TLAVC::ORAPINMon Mar 22 1993Many EVL process and not timeout
1388.06OPG::PHILIPThu Mar 25 1993Bug in /usr/include/netdnet/dnetdb.h
1389.01SYOMV::BYERSThu Mar 25 1993Order number??
1391.01ZURTue Mar 30 1993Does DECnet-ULTRIX require a license?
1392.0MLNThu Apr 01 1993KI-NET & NEXTSCRIPT???
1393.04KERNEL::BAYSAFri Apr 02 1993dcp, task to task and perms
1394.03KELVIN::LARSENThu Apr 08 1993set host fails
1395.01CSC32::PITTFri Apr 09 1993Using system(3) to dcp, proxy broke, V4.3
1396.05COMICS::MAGUIREWed Apr 14 1993DECnet internet gateway to a non-UNIX host ?
1397.07REGENT::HUMMERSThu Apr 15 1993dcp slow to cluster alias
1398.05UTOPIE::KASPARTue Apr 20 1993dlogin to VMS-FMS application -> 8-bit control character problem
1399.04AZUR::NAVARROTue Apr 27 1993Connect failed, no response from object
1400.01CSC32::J_WIELANDFri Apr 30 1993Information on Lat Service Ratings and params
1402.03TAVMon May 03 1993DECnet gateway works only one way
1403.03WARABI::CHIUANDREWThu May 13 1993Network security/IP traffic filtering ?
1404.01HGSWS1::WALLACEWed May 19 1993Request for information
1405.04DPDMAI::WOODWARDMon May 24 1993How to increase LAT service rating
1406.03ANNECY::BONNIERTue May 25 1993socket(2dn) returns ENOBUFS
1407.02LISTIM::QUADROSThu May 27 1993With decnet, two login prompts
1408.01AEOENG::BONNIERThu May 27 1993listen(2dn) limits backlog to 1
1409.02LEMAN::AGASSISThu Jun 03 1993System buffer unavailable...
1410.01CFSCTC::RAMAMIRTHAMWed Jun 09 1993VMS->Ultrix--Task-to-task
1411.02STKHLM::HENRIKSSONThu Jun 17 1993dni, DECnet for SUN.
1412.02GNPIKE::LUONGFri Jun 18 1993Received connect resource errors
1413.01ANNECY::BONNIERFri Jul 02 1993how to decode the incoming DECnet name/address ?
1414.02EIGER::IMHOLZFri Jul 09 1993LAT doesn't disconnect me ...
1415.06CSC32::PITTFri Jul 09 1993sva-
1416.03TAVIS::SHEFTELTue Jul 20 1993Way to let non SU users to ncp define ?
1417.01TROPPO::QUODLINGThu Jul 22 1993Accvio on directory
1418.01TRCOA::ANGUSTue Jul 27 1993TCP/IP Portal Potential ?
1419.01SWTHOM::DORNANOTue Jul 27 1993How to use gatewayd ?
1420.0BLGSUP::BONORATue Jul 27 1993LAT session disconnecting on DS9
1421.0WELLIN::GRAHAMWed Jul 28 1993does restricted apply after state on ?
1422.0TAVIS::SHEFTELWed Aug 04 1993Gateway fails to load configuration
1423.01CSC32::PITTTue Aug 17 1993The "no more support" Letter?
1424.0DELNI::S_HAYESTue Aug 17 1993DECnet-ULTRIX V4.2 phase down
1425.01DECUK::lesFri Aug 20 1993dcp not reliable?
1426.03ACESMK::FRANCUSMon Aug 23 1993Argument too large, error message?
1427.07MARX::GRIERTue Aug 24 1993Permission denied on connect() under dbx
1428.02CSC32::PITTWed Aug 25 1993Seconds counter DECrementing
1429.04ZURMon Sep 06 1993DS7
1430.01HGRDWed Sep 15 1993dlogin puts extrraneous characters
1431.01TRCOA::BBUTLERMon Sep 20 1993Using Internet Gwy to access ftcode.zk3.dec.com
1432.04CSC32::J_WIELANDWed Sep 22 1993invalid record size, what are fal's limits
1433.02JULIET::THOMPSON_SAMon Sep 27 1993Support for Ultrix?
1434.02CSC32::PITTTue Oct 05 1993insuff net resources at 5
1435.0BLKPUD::WHITTLEIWed Oct 06 1993DS 9
1436.03CERN::BOTHNERMon Oct 11 1993Does DECnet 4.2 run on 4.3a?
1437.07CSC32::J_WIELANDFri Oct 15 1993proxy login, has it changed?
1438.04BARMY::PETERThu Oct 28 1993update_nodes and permanent database
1439.01FSAEUR::MEREDITHMon Nov 01 1993Running into VMS security wall
1440.03KERNEL::LOTAMon Nov 15 1993tell: Connect failed, Unrecognized object
1441.03TENNIS::KAMWed Nov 24 1993where is the script to install dnet?
1442.01PIETWed Nov 24 1993successors to activate and deactivate scripts?
1443.03PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJAMon Dec 06 1993Notch function doing socket read()'s and write()'s
1444.05PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJATue Dec 07 1993exception on socket as a daemon process
1445.03GIDDAY::STRAUSSTue Dec 21 1993mop_mom dumps core
1446.0NEPHI::COARSun Jan 02 1994Job opening: 16BE in BXB (MA, USA)
1447.0ZURThu Jan 06 1994dlogin problem with escape sequence
1448.01CSC32::J_DRIGGERSThu Jan 13 1994dcp -i zero's out source file
1449.02GIDDAY::WANMon Jan 17 1994Ultrix 4.2a discard retransmitted Decnet Connect Init packet
1450.03RONAN::RONANMon Jan 17 1994can't set volatile attributes
1451.0JITWed Jan 19 1994Metapatch
1452.03COMICS::MACLEANWed Jan 19 1994Intermittent dcp -riv problem ?
1453.01MLNTSC::DOMANESCHIThu Jan 20 1994Insufficent network resource
1454.01LISVAX::RODRIGUESTue Jan 25 1994Can't disconnect Active Links
1455.04HAN::FISCHER_HETue Feb 01 1994TELL, connect failed, Access control rejected
1456.01EEMELI::RUOTSALAINENMon Feb 07 1994Event type 4.4
1457.01IRNBRU::MENNIETue Feb 08 1994can't add node to ncp database
1458.03MYOTT::JOHNSONTue Feb 22 1994fal expansion of environment variables?
1459.02GO4GUT::NASHTThu Mar 10 1994Connect Initiate Retransmit ignored by DECnet-Ultrix ?
1460.03ZURThu Mar 10 1994nft ultrix vms
1461.02MARVEL::DAVIESFri Mar 11 1994Unable to 'dlogin
1462.02COMICS::EDMUNDSSun Mar 13 1994Tell only works from root.
1463.02MLNTSC::LURASCHIThu Mar 17 1994Management program error
1464.01CSC32::PITTThu Apr 14 1994dcp -c nolower noworks
1465.03TROOA::NAISHMon Apr 25 1994ncp - listener response: Resource error
1466.02SX4GTO::MACKBEEFri May 13 1994DECNET 4.35 for Ultrix 4.3a?
1467.05MYOTT::JOHNSONTue May 17 1994Phase IV on Ultrix 4.4
1468.05HTSC19::KENNETHFri Jun 17 1994Question on proxy account copy
1469.02CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Jun 21 1994I think there is a bug in new dlogind security patch
1470.01IVOSS1::MOREH_JAWed Jul 06 1994"DECNET Mail is locking"
1471.02KERNEL::COFFEYJThu Jul 14 1994VMS - mail-11 - OSF gives " " s in addresses
1472.01GIDDAY::STRAHORNSun Jul 31 1994circuit won't come on!
1473.06EEMELI::SYVANENFri Aug 19 1994Event 4.4 and incomplete circuit initialization
1474.01DIEHRD::KENNEDYWed Sep 07 1994dlogin ends abruptly after node reconfig
1476.04GIDDAY::KINGSMILLThu Oct 06 1994Network copies hanging
1477.02PENUTS::DESRUISSEAUXFri Oct 14 1994LAT X window?
1478.06BOUNCR::WATSONTue Oct 25 1994Find uid of remote proxy user?
1479.01SIOG::MARTINThu Nov 24 1994Dap error in dcp
1480.03MSE1::HOWESMon Dec 05 1994DECNET/ULTRIX/A1/2
1481.02MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIMon Jan 09 1995Help on open a file from ultrix to vms
1482.01HOBBLE::MOOREMon Feb 06 1995Cisco Router Anyone?
1483.01ANNECY::AEO452::KENNEALY_RWed Feb 15 1995Programmers guide for DECnet for OSF/1 (task-to-task) ?
1484.02CSC32::SCHLABSMon Mar 27 1995dnet_spawner: setsockopt(DSO_CONACCEPT) failed, Mount device busy
1485.01ZGOVFri Apr 07 1995problem during kernel rebuilt in decnet installation
1486.01ROMTue Apr 11 1995Looking for the latest DECnet/OSI for Ultrix kit...
1487.02MUDDY::WATERSWed Apr 12 1995Can DECNET FAL access control work like anonymous FTP?
1488.02RHETT::LOHWed Aug 02 1995decdns.h not compatible with c++ compiler
1489.08RTL::GRAYTue Sep 12 1995nfs directories treated as files?
1490.02MAHONE::DMCWEENEYTue Oct 24 1995dcp -a and data conversion
1491.01MAHONE::DMCWEENEYMon Nov 13 1995dcp -a and VFCs
1492.03HGOM2Thu Dec 28 1995How can I copy a binary file from VMS to Ultrix
1493.02CHEFS::CRIDDLETue Jan 30 1996DECnet version support
1494.04CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Jun 18 1996Dlogin - bus error (core dumped)
1495.02FORTY2::SINGAPORIThu Aug 15 1996I'm having problems with ttyp?.
1496.01NPSS::KILSDONKMon Nov 25 1996Domain Naming