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Conference noted::dce-users

Created:Fri Aug 02 1991
Last Modified:Mon Jul 27 1992
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:77
Total number of notes:376
Number with bodies:0
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1.03SNOOPY::SCHIMPFFri Aug 02 1991Welcome
2.025SNOOPY::SCHIMPFFri Aug 02 1991Kit announcements
3.030SNOOPY::SCHIMPFFri Aug 02 1991Who has the kit?
4.03DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Aug 05 1991Cockpit error or kit problem?
5.03ESCROW::COCHRANETue Aug 06 1991Error on CDS server verification
6.06ULTRA::PROBINSONTue Aug 06 1991Will it run on 4.
7.01ULTRA::PROBINSONTue Aug 13 1991File protection strangeness
8.03SNOOPY::SCHIMPFWed Aug 21 1991Application directory
9.02SQM::EZ2USE::BABINEAUMon Aug 26 1991Crash with startup of RPCD on dual-cpu
10.01KTWO::WIESLERTue Aug 27 1991Creating an namespace directory via program control?
11.0TOOK::WEI_HUFri Aug 30 1991conflict between rpcd and llbd
12.01ISIDRO::AMARTINMon Sep 02 1991Problem with RPC entry in the namespace
13.0TOOK::WEI_HUThu Sep 05 1991DECrpc V1 (NCS1.5) compatibilty library
14.0SNOOPY::SCHIMPFFri Sep 06 1991Constraint on DCE
15.06DECWET::KFAUSTFri Sep 06 1991Question on max_calls arg
16.05HANNAH::DAVIESThu Sep 12 1991while linking a simple client/server rpc on VMS
17.03LJOHUB::GIBIANThu Sep 19 1991OSF-DCE includes Apollo Registry/Passwd etc. product?
18.05EVTDD1::TABURETMon Sep 23 1991Problem with DCE
19.07DCOPST::COLSRV::ASHERISACOFFThu Sep 26 1991How much disk space needed?
20.01TN::teagueThu Sep 26 1991DCE RPC for PCs!
21.05MACROW::WIESLERWed Oct 02 1991HELP - VTALARM signal happening unexpectedly in RPC managment application
22.05MACROW::WIESLERFri Oct 04 1991Problem when adding more than one object uuid as a vector
23.05MR4DEC::JAINTue Oct 08 1991testing DCE compatibility library
24.0HERON::KAISERWed Oct 09 1991DCE Market Minder demo running fine at Telecom 91
25.03DECWET::MPETERSONWed Oct 09 1991rpcd troubles
26.02DECWET::MPETERSONThu Oct 10 1991Commens on Installation procedure
27.0MACROW::WIESLERThu Oct 17 1991Multiple obj-uuid problem.
28.01SNOOPY::SCHIMPFTue Oct 29 1991Product effort announcements
29.017SYSTEM::COCKBURNMon Nov 04 1991Problems with examples
30.04DECWET::KFAUSTThu Nov 07 1991using fork() and signals
31.012LJOHUB::GIBIANMon Nov 11 1991Make Portable Software Choices
32.06HANNAH::BOONEWed Nov 13 1991RPC: vms->ultrix?
33.01VSSCAD::MAYERThu Nov 14 1991VMS KITINSTAL Error
34.06BHAJEE::WOLBERFri Nov 22 1991Include C header files in IDL file ?
35.02KONO::BERUBEFri Nov 22 1991CMA Shareable Image Library Problem
36.0TOOK::SUDAMAWed Nov 27 1991DCE Starter Kit enters Internal Field Test
37.0COOKIE::PORTERMon Dec 02 1991
38.02COOKIE::PORTERMon Dec 02 1991IDL compiler for VMS kit BL1 - error File-not-found dce/nbase.idl
39.07DUCATI::LASTOVICATue Dec 17 1991trouble linking on VMS - missing CMA and EXC symbols
40.03AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu Dec 19 1991many blank pages in the documents?
41.01HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHSun Jan 12 1992csdadv hangs everything
42.02LSNCSC::WALPENThu Jan 16 1992cdsd core dump
43.08AZTECH::LASTOVICAWed Jan 29 1992IDL on VMS has directory length limit?
44.03MACROW::WIESLERFri Jan 31 1992Defintion of RPC errors returned in comm_status.
45.02DBSRFX::HELLIWELLFri Feb 07 1992Anybody using X?
46.0CSSE32::MERMELLTue Feb 18 1992TEP IV announcement: DCE, Pathworks, NAS
47.01COOKIE::MUNSONWed Feb 19 1992no available VP?
48.02OLDTMR::RACZKAThu Mar 05 1992DCE user registry
49.02SYSTEM::ZENTNERSun Mar 08 1992acf problem during idl compilation
50.02SYSTEM::ZENTNERMon Mar 09 1992exceptions and acf's
51.06R2ME2::HINXMANMon Mar 09 1992"Official" documentation
52.04SYSTEM::ZENTNERWed Mar 18 1992return status incorrect
53.01TOOK::DENSMOREWed Mar 25 1992corruption problem when installing from jfcl?
54.02MACROW::MCCANCETue Mar 31 1992how to get version of dce
55.07NIBLET::COBBTue Apr 07 1992RPC/VMS - IFT Site nomination process
56.03HOTAIR::ENGQUISTWed May 06 1992When are other DCE technologies avail?
57.010SNOCFri May 08 1992Release Date Info Please
58.02DECWIN::SZE_CHANMon May 18 1992Problem Starting RPCD (DCE BL
59.04AZTECH::WAGNERTue May 19 1992Trying to debug rpcExample/test1... what am I doing wrong?
60.012KEMER::DARUGERThu May 21 1992Fortran & DCE?
61.05GBLAUT::JANICKIThu May 21 1992VAX/VMS Installation Problem
62.02ANNECY::BONNIERWed May 27 1992magic RPC files ?
63.01OLCROW::PRIESTLEYWed May 27 1992Segmentation fault on rpc_call_start
64.04AZUR::OUSTINOWWed Jun 03 1992using threads in a server procedure of a RPC call
65.0PIPE::GOODWed Jun 03 1992VMS parameter and quota recommendations?
66.06ANNECY::BONNIERFri Jun 12 1992using 'test1' example between VMS and Ultrix
67.0FORTSC::CHABANMon Jun 15 1992Hypothetical Real-World Applications using DCE
68.01TRUCKS::TREVENNOR_AWed Jun 24 1992Where is my server, who is using it?
69.04TRUCKS::TREVENNOR_AWed Jun 24 1992CDS server time: How long, is it settable?
70.01SYOMV::KRASWed Jun 24 1992Good Doc's!
71.0LJOHUB::SCHMIDTWed Jun 24 1992Field Test of DCE RPC for PCs
72.06HANNAH::SMITHFri Jun 26 1992Use of authenticated RPC and the various security options....
73.03AEO78Mon Jun 29 1992RPC general functionalities ?
74.03MOVIES::MOORETue Jul 07 1992rpc_server_use_all_protseqs fails
75.01MINNY::STEINERPWed Jul 08 1992OSF-pthreads != DCE-pthreads
76.01OSTVThu Jul 16 1992getchar() blocks all my thread
77.01AZUR::OUSTINOWFri Jul 17 1992Availablity of DCE security service