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Conference noted::compuserve

Title:CompuServe users at Digital
Notice:CompuServe users at Digital
Created:Thu Apr 08 1993
Last Modified:Fri Apr 18 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:211
Total number of notes:1815
Number with bodies:66
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1.02PLUGH::NEEDLETue Apr 06 1993Welcome to the CompuServe Conference!
2.0109PHOTON::LichtenbergThu Apr 08 1993Who are you?
3.012PHOTON::LichtenbergThu Apr 08 1993DEC-related forums on CompuServe
4.03PLUGH::NEEDLEThu Apr 08 1993Conference Announcements
10.0PLUGH::NEEDLETue Apr 06 1993Reserved
11.010PLUGH::NEEDLETue Apr 06 1993HOST32 (A CIM for OpenVMS VAX)
12.027PLUGH::NEEDLETue Apr 06 1993Membership information
13.0PLUGH::NEEDLEThu Apr 08 1993Conference announcements
14.034CFSCTC::BASLIN::RYANThu Apr 08 1993OZCIS
15.09COFFEE::PFAUThu Apr 08 1993Why Compuserve?
16.011ADVLSI::BLEAKNEYMon Apr 12 1993Where to find freeware/shareware...
17.06PLUGH::NEEDLETue Apr 13 1993THE COMPUSERVE SAMPLER: A Free Online Preview.
18.01TLE::TOKLAS::FELDMANTue Apr 13 1993On Using CompuServe for Market Research
19.0CURRNT::BAILEYThu Apr 15 1993WinCIS
20.0JAYDA::LOFTINFri Apr 16 1993Information Management software descriptions/comparison?
21.024FSOA::NBUFTONSat Apr 17 1993WinCIM
22.03SMAUG::GARRODTue Apr 20 1993Looking for info on SNA Server for Windows NT
23.087DEMON::INGALLSThu Apr 22 1993Sending mail to and from Compuserve
24.025MEMIT::N_RICHFri Apr 23 1993Internet Newsgroups from CIS?
25.02DOMO::NEILFri Apr 23 1993Information re: E*TRADE ?
26.011DV78Mon Apr 26 1993Looking for Rush L's address
27.08EDMUND::ADAMSat May 01 1993WinCim modem problems
28.011JGODCL::APETERSThu May 06 1993GO.....anywhere?
29.04STAR::DZIEDZICWed May 12 1993Connect time charge kickbacks?
30.011FENNEL::MAURERWed May 12 1993Billing Schemes for Cserve
31.018I18N::GREENWOODThu May 13 1993WINCIM vs WINCIS
32.0RICKS::PHIPPSMon May 17 1993AOL to be bought out? - Vogon News
33.015STAR::DZIEDZICMon May 17 1993Nashua users - request upgrade to 96
34.05DSPSMon May 17 1993Macintosh CompuServe Users
35.09TAVIS::GURTue May 18 1993Compuserve access via DTN
36.02RTOEU::KPLUSZYNSKIWed May 19 1993Competitive Information (Tandem)
37.014NASZKO::ROBERTThu Jun 10 1993Problems with Nashua dial-ups
38.08BACHUS::ROETSWed Jun 16 1993wincim and winnt
39.03SWETSC::NORDBERGWed Jun 16 1993Looking for MS NETNews
40.08BHAJEE::JAERVINENMon Jun 28 1993MHI?
41.04JUPITR::FLOODTue Jun 29 1993Harpoon Online?
42.0DSSDEV::CHESTNUTTSun Jul 11 1993WinCIS Terminal and the Weather
43.08LEMAN::EMADThu Jul 15 1993What is "BBS"?
45.029DANEK::DANEKFri Jul 16 1993OZCIS2
46.04SNOCSat Jul 17 1993NavCIS SE Compuserve offline navigator
47.05HDLITE::HOPEWELLFri Jul 23 1993Tracking messages in forums
48.0ILBBAK::CASSWed Jul 28 1993WIGWAM Experiences ?
49.02POLAR::TOMKINSFri Aug 06 1993CIS Beefs.
50.02MFRNW1::DENISTue Aug 10 1993InfoMgr for X-windows ??
51.03AOSG::NORDLINGERTue Aug 10 1993Latin American countries supported by compuserve
52.01JUPITR::FLOODMon Aug 23 1993Downloaded Programs Help
53.016VIVIAN::GOODWINMon Aug 23 1993Whats available in the Digital areas
54.06TRUCKS::CONNOLLYThu Sep 02 1993PSI access without the two terminal ports!
55.012LMOPST::SLDUNK::FLOSSFri Sep 03 1993Downloading from Ziffnet?
56.08PLUGH::NEEDLEThu Sep 09 1993New DEC4WNT Windows NT support forum...
57.03AOSG::NORDLINGERTue Sep 21 1993PKUNZIP: Warning! I don't know how to handle:
58.04SPECXN::ODONNELLWed Sep 22 1993No contract for CompuServe access for Digital Employees
59.02AIMHI::TINIUSThu Sep 23 1993Need help dialing in from Nashua
60.02DANEK::DANEKFri Sep 24 1993What's CIS like in different territories?
61.01ATYISA::ALLIN1Fri Oct 01 1993ET4
62.02SHARE::BURKITTThu Oct 07 1993Knowledge Index & IQUEST
63.02SPECXN::LEITZTue Oct 12 1993folklore/factoids
64.016GVAFri Oct 15 1993Prospective User's questions
65.011CEEOSI::WILTSHIREFri Oct 22 1993X.4
66.023DEMON::INGALLSFri Oct 29 1993Is there a problem w/Internet?
67.01BLGEUS::FABITue Nov 02 1993WinCIS and Login Procedures
68.01ATITUD::ATKINSONDMon Nov 08 1993How to use WinCIM with Modem Pools
69.01BUMP::GCLIFFORDFri Nov 12 1993Sure Could use some HELP!
70.020AOSG::NORDLINGERMon Nov 29 1993Compuserve access > 96
71.05Thu Dec 09 1993Somewhat confused about new membership kit.
72.01ISIDRO::FSSOP2Mon Dec 13 1993WINCIM, Error reading forum messages
73.01SKYE::MAURERMon Dec 13 1993DELPHI and GeNIE conferences anywhere ?
74.03BGSDEV::peretThu Dec 16 1993Journlist live page layout
75.08AOSG::NORDLINGERTue Dec 21 1993CIS in Europe?
76.032MROA::BARNESTue Dec 28 1993CompuServe Navigator, CSNAV (briefly known as WinNav)
77.013TAVENG::RAVIVMon Jan 03 1994Sending VMSmail to CIS
78.03NAC::GIBIANTue Jan 04 1994Posting questions and Fast Forum response fetching
79.0JGODCL::APETERSMon Jan 10 1994Read, file and delete mail in 1 session?
80.0UNXA::PATELFri Jan 14 1994Downloading notes on DEC/OSF1 Alpha
81.06TRUCKS::SMITH_BWed Jan 19 1994Mail from CIS to a P.S.I. (X.25) address?
82.02ANGLIN::SCOTTGWed Jan 26 1994What does mail across the internet cost?
83.05KAOFS::M_LUKWed Jan 26 1994WinCim a Shareware ?
84.035Thu Jan 27 1994Anyone have Compuserve doc on the net?
85.010BAHTAT::HILTONFri Feb 04 1994Is Compuserve Profit making?
86.025Tue Feb 08 1994I am a CompuServe widower.
87.08POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAFri Feb 18 1994Descriptions of Digital related forums??
88.017GIAMEM::CHARRIERMon Feb 21 1994Help, Need Toll Free # (Fitchburg/Leominster)
89.02VIDEO::WILLIAMSWed Mar 02 1994Printing & viewing GIF files?
90.03VIDEO::WILLIAMSWed Mar 02 1994Weather Charts
91.0SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed Mar 02 1994Bix online service info
93.01MOLAR::BRIENENMon Apr 04 1994WinCIM 1.
94.012WRKSYS::SWARTOUTWed Apr 06 1994Compuserve accounts
95.07ISTWI1::DATCA::darugerFri Apr 08 1994Urgent: Compuserve Startup
96.02NSICSat Apr 09 1994X4
97.0KEPTIN::GRANOFFTue Apr 12 1994CIS chooses Windows NT for next generation servers
98.03WRAFLC::GILLEYTue Apr 19 1994Sniper?
99.0SNOFS2::VISSERTue May 03 1994OS/2 online/offline navigators?
100.016NAPIER::BARRETTTue May 03 1994What us Compuserve's CD based offering ??
101.05FLAMER::OXENBERGTue May 10 1994How to leave MSKB?
102.01PICT::MRAMSAYFri May 27 1994Addressing internet from CIS
103.012NEWVAX::MURRAYSun Jun 12 1994DF296 and Compuserve 14.4 setup?
104.05GVAFri Jul 01 1994Unseen list problem with this conference
105.04SUOIS2::MGOLDWASSERWed Jul 06 1994data use for business?
107.08BLAZER::MIKELISThu Jul 21 1994SYSOP Information, please
108.011ROADKL::SHEEHANMon Jul 25 1994Assistance for New Member
109.01EPS::HARRISMon Aug 01 1994Free Download: SNAPGRAPHICS - any luck ?
110.09BABAGI::CRESSEYWed Aug 10 1994Compuserve Trivia
111.01BABAGI::CRESSEYMon Aug 15 1994Mail to/from COMPUSERVE
112.017CHICHZ::EDELMANNMon Aug 15 1994New OZWIN available
113.04BAHTAT::HILTONFri Aug 19 1994Off-line MS Windows/Minimum passes
114.0MRED::NAGINEFri Aug 19 1994CNN Interactive Town Meeting
115.0UHUH::BEERMANSat Aug 20 1994USENET newsgroup access
116.05SKYLAB::FISHERTue Sep 20 1994USENET Newsgroups on CIS
117.05WRAFLC::GILLEYFri Sep 30 1994Export text from Compuserve?
118.0+9ULYSSE::MILDERMon Oct 17 1994Access numbers in France
119.04CALDEC::GOETZEFri Oct 21 1994Compuserve -- Digital product clip-art?
120.04CAPNET::ROSCHMon Nov 07 1994New AOL SW
121.01QUARK::LIONELMon Nov 07 1994Membership referral program
122.01POWDML::OFFICERMon Nov 07 1994Online trading service
123.02DAVE::MITTONTue Nov 08 1994Easy way to get WinCim V1.3
124.03TROOA::CURZONTue Nov 29 1994distribution list?
125.011BAHTAT::HILTONThu Dec 01 1994Free Lotus Organizer
126.01QUARK::LIONELTue Dec 06 1994Using CISMGR in Procomm Plus for Windows V2
127.06UNTADA::CRAWLEYWed Dec 07 1994Problems in the Entertainment Center
128.07BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Dec 07 1994Slow response - is it just me?
129.01GVAADG::AMAZONFri Dec 09 1994WARP?
130.01PULMAN::DIZURT::FALKThu Dec 15 1994Internet Access
131.03TALLIS::KOCHTue Dec 20 1994Does CIS charge for shareware automatically?
132.03MSDOA::HICKSTWed Dec 21 1994What runs CompuServe, the service itself?
133.04PLUGH::needleThu Jan 05 1995Compuserve licenses LZW, plans to tax GIF files
134.023BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Jan 11 1995Another price reduction
135.01KEPTIN::GRANOFFThu Jan 12 1995HMI via AppleTalk-LAT to WATN to CompuServe over Async PPP?
136.011STOWOA::KIVLIGHANSat Jan 14 1995Text Files Get Squished to the Left?
137.03DAVE::MITTONWed Jan 18 1995Modem settings for DMCL mode
138.010ALFETA::MAURICIOSun Jan 22 1995Any way to complain via Email?
139.03ABACUS::NESTORFri Feb 03 1995Can I ask a favor of someone?
140.06SALEM::ARNOLDMon Feb 06 1995Smart One Modem
141.01BRAT::NESTORThu Feb 16 1995Motorweek address
142.03TAEC::HARPERFri Feb 24 1995FTP access both ways?
143.05PWRPC::SOHAILTue Feb 28 1995Uploading files to Digital forum(s) on CompuServe
144.015AXEL::FOLEYWed Mar 08 1995Microsoft Network
145.021BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Mar 08 1995C$ and WWW?
146.02COSME3::MUNRO_RWed Mar 29 1995GO PHONES for Cyprus?
147.02SNLVThu Apr 13 1995CIM frontends now available on World Wide Web
148.018DAVE::MITTONThu Apr 13 1995WinCim V1.4 and System updates
149.01RTOEU::EGAUTHIERSat Apr 22 1995RAS/PPP connection problems
150.08ULYSSE::milWed Apr 26 1995Compuserve access from Easynet?
151.06CLARID::HOFSTEETue May 02 1995Where can I find CNL.EXE?
152.06TNPUBS::PAINTERWed May 17 1995Filing Cab. and Files - lost pointer
153.02BRUMMY::WILLIAMSMFri May 19 1995How to access USENET goodies
154.01SPANNA::BALLETTASat May 20 1995Automating stock quotes fetch operation
155.03VAXRIO::JANSENFri May 26 1995I need Help !!!
156.04CHEFS::NAYLORGTue Jun 06 1995UK Mercury connection
157.01STOWOA::BUFTON::NBUFTONMon Jun 19 1995CompuServe's proprietary "winsock" approach
158.0AXEL::FOLEYWed Jun 21 1995Forum to Notesfile s/w?
159.018QUARK::LIONELTue Aug 01 1995CompuServe Cuts Rates, Reveals Plans
160.04MKOTS3::TINIUSTue Aug 15 1995How to mail WORD .DOC to Compuserve account?
161.0+90BAHTAT::HILTONTue Aug 29 1995WWW home pages on Compuserve
162.08TOOK::BEERMANThu Sep 14 1995Problem sending mail to CIS from Digital
163.01STOWOA::READMon Oct 16 1995Signing Up for Compuserve over Ineternet
164.02STOWOA::READTue Oct 24 1995"No protocol" error from Internet connection
165.01OTOOA::otonThu Nov 09 1995How to cancel
166.02OTOOA::otonThu Nov 09 1995Local Access No change (how to)
167.04NPSS::BENZMon Nov 20 1995Executive News for stock info
168.03CHEFS::NONDEPTue Nov 21 1995Wide posting of message question
169.02PLUGH::needleFri Dec 01 1995Usage credits applied to monthly fees?
170.018DREGS::BLICKSTEINWed Dec 13 1995WinCIM V2.
171.06WOTVAX::HILTONMon Dec 18 1995Forgotten password
173.06WOTVAX::HILTONMon Jan 08 1996Proxy settings with compuserve?
174.03ANNECY::BOCHATONThu Jan 11 1996How to set up a counter?
175.07BATVXTue Jan 30 1996Internet Browsers via CompuServe
176.01VIRGIN::BOLLIGERFri Feb 02 1996Serial Port setting
177.01CRONIC::LEMONSWed Feb 07 1996What name does CIS give your PPP-connected system?
178.09SPECXN::WITHERSFri Feb 09 1996Forum for sale: DEC4WNT
179.011VIRGIN::BOLLIGERWed Feb 14 1996netscape from Wincim
180.0QUARK::LIONELWed Feb 14 1996CompuServe Introduces Parental Controls
181.04BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Feb 16 1996Need US address
182.01BSS::PROCTOR_RMon Feb 19 1996Comp-u-no-more
183.04ANNECY::BOCHATONTue Feb 20 1996Can't upload Web pages
184.02FABSIX::S_ARCHAMBEAUSun Feb 25 1996Help for a new user!
185.09CHEFS::psg_eu_sbp_ad1.sbp.dec.com::hicks_jTue Feb 27 1996Digital deals with Compuserve??
186.05ULYSSE::guinea.vbo.dec.com::ballettaThu Feb 29 1996Wincim V2.* on the net?
187.04IROCZ::MCCARTHYThu Mar 14 1996Settings for CServe over the Internet
188.0ALFETA::MAURICIOTue Mar 26 1996WinCIM V2.
189.02GRINCH::KALINMon Apr 01 1996WinCIM install modifies Netscape installation
190.010STAR::DZIEDZICWed Apr 10 1996CompuServe "WOW"
191.09STAR::HUVALWed Apr 10 1996Member-Profile Issues
192.01STAR::DZIEDZICTue Apr 16 1996Microsoft ceases CompuServe forum sponsorship
193.0+10IROCZ::MCCARTHYTue Apr 23 1996Connecting via the Internet
194.011STOWOA::buzz.ogo.dec.com::BROOKSWed May 15 1996Mailing Attachments to/from CompuServe
195.04MKOTS3::TINIUSTue May 21 1996CompuServe Mail for Microsoft Exchange
196.03EVOATue May 21 1996Cannot send mail
197.02ANNECY::BOCHATONThu Jun 06 1996Webs d'Or '96
198.01WMOENG::CONTRACTOR7Thu Jun 06 1996Are stock prices really out of date ?
199.015CHEFS::NONDEPFri Jun 14 1996Publishing via CS Home page wizard partly works..
200.0+68VIRGIN::BOLLIGERMon Jul 22 1996Wincim 3.
201.0WOTVAX::HILTONFri Sep 13 1996Car world archives on CIS?
202.0QUARK::LIONELFri Oct 25 1996CompuServe strikes a blow against spam
203.02COOKIE::FROEHLINTue Nov 05 1996Flat fee and unlimited access
204.0+56STAR::PITCHERTue Dec 03 1996Junk Mail via COMPUSERVE
205.04TNPUBS::PAINTERTue Dec 10 1996Import/Export CS mails in WFW?
206.011SPOOKS::BOSKLOPPERFri Jan 03 1997Cannot mail to compuserve
207.0QUARK::LIONELThu Jan 23 1997Using CS3 with DEC gateway
208.0 *+2WOTVAX::HILTONThu Jan 30 1997Altavista and Compuserve
209.0 *QUARK::LIONELWed Apr 02 1997AOL buys CompuServe?
210.0 *+2RTOMS::dhcp-2Thu Apr 03 1997Access CompuServe via Internet Browser?
211.0 *BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Apr 18 1997Compuserve Germany CEO sued