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Conference noted::coasters

Title:The Amusement Park/Roller Coaster/Carousel Conference
Notice:Park list: 9 -- Census: 15 -- Carousels: 38 -- New: 95, 96
Created:Thu Aug 09 1990
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:261
Total number of notes:4184
Number with bodies:74
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1.0CAVLRY::BUCKSun Mar 17 1991Welcome to the Wonderful World of COASTERS
2.027CAVLRY::BUCKThu Aug 09 1990Moderator Announcements
3.0+64ICS::BUCKLEYThu Aug 09 1990Introductions -- Who are you?
4.01CAVLRY::BUCKMon Sep 16 1991KEYWORD Directory Topic
5.0+51ICS::BUCKLEYThu Aug 09 1990American Coaster Enthusiasts -- ACE
6.030CAVLRY::BUCKThu Aug 09 1990Six Flags over Texas; Arlington, TX
7.0+99ICS::BUCKLEYThu Aug 09 1990Riverside Park; Agawam, MA
8.04335843::REAUMEFri Aug 10 1990Paramount's King's Island; Cincinnati, OH
9.01CAVLRY::BUCKMon Sep 16 1991Alphabetic Topic/DIRECTORY Listing Note
10.0635843::REAUMEFri Aug 10 1990Theme parks vs Traditional parks
11.01916697::HEISERFri Aug 10 1990Your First Coaster
12.0+79FREEBE::REAUMEFri Aug 10 1990Coney Island; Brooklyn, NY
13.0+79LOOKUP::CISFri Aug 10 1990Canobie Lake Park; Salem, NH
14.0+128CAVLRY::BUCKMon Jul 22 1991Whalom Park; Lunenburg, MA
15.03CAVLRY::BUCKWed Feb 20 1991North American 1992 Roller Coaster Census
16.025CAVLRY::BUCKFri Aug 10 1990Adventure World (was Wild World/Paragon Park)
17.04CAVLRY::BUCKTue Sep 22 1992Master Census Listing (Monthly Post with updates/changes)
18.016FREEBE::REAUMEFri Feb 15 1991"Fairground" Coasters
19.01836984::HUBERTue Aug 14 1990Cedar Point; Sandusky, OH
20.05FREEBE::REAUMEWed Aug 15 1990Racing Coasters!
21.0326984::HUBERWed Aug 15 1990Darien Lake; Corfu, NY
22.08FREEBE::REAUMEWed Aug 15 1990Wild Coasters of the Past
23.046984::HUBERWed Aug 15 1990The History of Roller Coasters
24.01716577::STARKGRAFWed Aug 15 1990Suspended Coasters
25.032FREEBE::REAUMEThu Aug 16 1990Knoebels Amusement Resort; Elysberg, PA
26.057FREEBE::REAUMEThu Aug 16 1990Elitch Gardens; Denver, CO
27.017FREEBE::REAUMEFri Aug 17 1990Lakeside Amusement Park; Denver, CO
28.026FREEBE::REAUMEFri Aug 17 1990Wild Mouse coasters
29.0FREEBE::REAUMEFri Aug 17 1990***** - rating a coaster
30.03CNTROL::HUBERFri Aug 17 1990Coaster Aesthetics
31.013FREEBE::REAUMEFri Aug 17 1990(defunct) Crystal Beach; Toronto, Canada
32.023FREEBE::REAUMEMon Aug 20 1990Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk; CA
33.08FREEBE::REAUMEWed Aug 22 1990New England's Coaster History
34.0638482::RAMSTADWed Aug 22 1990Park Operation Schedules
35.01FREEBE::REAUMEThu Aug 23 1990Glossary of Coaster terminology
36.010FREEBE::REAUMEThu Aug 23 1990Le Ronde; Montreal, Quebec, Canada
37.012FREEBE::REAUMEFri Aug 24 1990World's of Fun; Kansas City, MO
39.021Sun Aug 26 1990Season passes???
40.03CAVLRY::BUCKThu Jun 13 1991Harry G. Traver
41.015CNTROL::HUBERWed Aug 29 1990The Best Amusement Park - IYO
42.020FREEBE::REAUMEWed Sep 05 1990San Diego's GIANT DIPPER
43.011ICS::BUCKLEYWed Sep 05 1990RollerCoaster Magazine
44.0438482::RAMSTADWed Sep 05 1990Coaster manufacturing company information?
45.013FREEBE::REAUMEFri Sep 07 1990Kentucky Kingdom; Louisville, KY
46.04TLE::FORDTue Sep 11 1990Are rollercoasters ever re-built?
47.091TLE::FORDTue Sep 11 1990Six Flags Great Adventure; Jackson, NJ
48.0222889Fri Sep 14 1990TV Rollercoaster Documentaries
49.011ICS::BUCKLEYWed Sep 19 1990Coasters outside of North America
50.04ICS::BUCKLEYWed Sep 19 19905
51.06935847::REAUMEThu Sep 20 1990Six Flags Magic Mountain; Valencia, CA
52.08ICS::BUCKLEYThu Sep 20 1990RollerCoaster -- The Movie
54.076ICS::BUCKLEYFri Sep 21 1990Events / Get Togethers / Road-Trips
55.0+4229545::HAYMON_TTue Sep 25 1990Six Flags over Georgia; Atlanta, GA
56.06FREEBE::REAUMEThu Sep 27 1990Six Flags over Mid-America; St. Louis, MO
57.09AIMTEC::HAYMON_TFri Sep 28 1990The new pipeline type coaster
58.045FREEBE::REAUMEMon Oct 01 1990Disneyland / Walt Disney World / Westcot
59.01138644::SURESHMon Oct 01 1990A coaster question?
60.0935847::REAUMETue Oct 02 1990Six Flags AstroWorld; Houston, TX
61.0+44FREEBE::REAUMETue Oct 09 1990Busch Gardens Williamsburg (formerly 'The Old Country')
62.0+44FREEBE::REAUMETue Oct 09 1990Busch Gardens Tampa (formerly 'The Dark Continent')
63.09GUESS::RAMSTADTue Oct 16 1990Knott's Berry Farm; Buena Park, CA
64.024ICS::BUCKLEYMon Nov 05 1990Froniter City; Oklahoma City, OK
65.0+269CAVLRY::BUCKWed Oct 31 1990General Coaster Chatter note
66.03FREEBE::REAUMEMon Aug 31 1992The Water Park Connection
67.07CAVLRY::BUCKWed Jul 03 19911991 North American Water Park Census
68.02--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 21 1991Western New York Coaster Club (WNYCC)
68.07CAVLRY::BUCKThu Feb 21 1991Western New York Coaster Club -- WNYCC
69.02ICS::BUCKLEYFri Nov 16 1990Coaster Royalties?
70.034FREEBE::REAUMETue Dec 04 1990Six Flags Great America; Gurnee, IL
71.04155Fri Jan 04 1991A rollercoaster at Disneyworld.
73.029ICS::BUCKLEYWed Jan 16 1991Paramount's Kings Dominion; Doswell, VA
74.014FREEBE::REAUMEFri Jan 25 1991Inside Track (newsletter)
75.04GUESS::RAMSTADThu Feb 07 1991Arrow Development goes Chapter 11
76.09CAVLRY::BUCKMon Feb 11 1991Mid-Atlantic Coaster Club -- MACC
77.03CAVLRY::BUCKMon Feb 11 1991At-The-Park Magazine
78.035CAVLRY::BUCKMon Feb 11 1991Kennywood Amusement Park; W. Mifflin, PA
79.04CAVLRY::BUCKMon Feb 11 1991IAAPA
80.014FREEBE::REAUMEMon Feb 11 1991Paramount's Canada's Wonderland; Toronto, Canada
81.08CAVLRY::BUCKWed Feb 13 1991National Amusement Park Historical Association (NAPHA)
82.030CAVLRY::BUCKWed Feb 13 1991Simulators -- The future of park attractions?
83.025CAVLRY::BUCKFri Feb 15 1991Endangered Coasters!
84.01CAVLRY::BUCKWed Mar 20 1991Endangered Parks!
86.03CAVLRY::BUCKMon Mar 04 19914-6 Character Coaster/Park-related node names
87.021CAVLRY::BUCKTue Mar 12 1991Anton Schwarzkopf -- Coaster Designer
88.09FREEBE::REAUMEFri Mar 15 1991Philadelphia Toboggan Company (PTC)
89.09CAVLRY::BUCKSat Jan 25 1992Curtis D. Summers, Inc.
90.01ICS::BUCKLEYMon Jan 14 1991199
91.04FREEBE::REAUMETue Oct 30 19901991 -- The Year in Review!
92.03FREEBE::REAUMEThu Jun 13 1991---- New Coasters for '92 ----
93.025CAVLRY::BUCKWed Dec 18 1991---- New Coasters for '93 ----
94.08CAVLRY::BUCKSat Jan 25 1992---- New Coasters for '94 ----
95.03POWDML::BUCKLEYMon Nov 22 1993---- New Coasters for '95 ----
96.03POWDML::BUCKLEYWed Aug 10 1994---- New Coasters for '96 ----
97.011FREEBE::REAUMEThu Sep 14 1995---- New Coasters for '97 ----
98.0FREEBE::REAUMEThu Sep 14 1995---- New Coasters for '98 ----
99.012CAVLRY::BUCKMon Apr 01 1991Ron Toomer & Arrow Dynamics
100.02CAVLRY::BUCKMon Apr 01 1991International Coaster Census
101.01FREEBE::REAUMETue Apr 02 1991Roller Coaster Club of Great Britian (U.K.)
102.015CAVLRY::BUCKWed Apr 03 1991A Coaster Photo Album?
103.01835847::REAUMEWed Apr 03 1991Blackpool Pleasure Beach - U.K.
104.02POWDML::BUCKLEYTue Jan 04 1994Intamin
105.05CHIEFF::HUBERMon Apr 29 1991"Must be in the front row..." - Coaster Seating
106.0+2CAVLRY::BUCKFri May 03 1991The OFFICIAL Events Topic
107.04CAVLRY::BUCKThu May 09 1991DEC Profiles
108.01FREEBE::REAUMEFri May 31 1991Quality Rides - Weather or not!
109.02CAVLRY::BUCKWed Jun 05 1991Ocean View Park - Virginia
110.036CAVLRY::BUCKMon Jun 10 1991Lake Compounce WILDCAT -- Bristol, CT
111.02CAVLRY::BUCKWed Mar 27 1991LOOPS -- The Official "Loop" Note
112.07CAVLRY::BUCKTue Jun 25 1991Valleyfair! -- Shakopee, MN
113.0+40CAVLRY::BUCKTue Jun 25 1991Dorney Park -- Allentown, PA
114.051Sat Aug 11 1990Shuttle Loops and Freefalls
116.065CAVLRY::BUCKTue Jul 09 1991Spin-N-Barf Rides!
117.08FREEBE::REAUMETue Sep 22 1992A ride into the past
118.019CAVLRY::BUCKThu Mar 28 1991Dinn Corporation/Custom Coasters Inc. (CCI)
119.03FREEBE::REAUMETue Jul 30 1991John F. Pierce - designer/builder
120.01FREEBE::REAUMETue Jul 30 1991William J. Cobb - designer/builder
121.05CHIEFF::HUBERTue Jul 30 1991USENET Roller Coaster newsgroup!
122.05FREEBE::REAUMEMon Aug 12 19912 great woodies in the Pacific NW
123.09CNTROL::HUBERTue Sep 03 1991Geauga Lake -- Aurora, OH
124.01FREEBE::REAUMEThu Sep 05 1991Coaster Coaches - economy and first class
125.013CNTROL::HUBERTue Sep 10 1991Our Very Own Park
126.037CAVLRY::BUCKFri Sep 13 1991The Official Fair & Carnival note
127.02CAVLRY::BUCKMon Apr 01 1991Club Directory Note
128.011LOOKUP::BUCKLEYFri Aug 10 1990Your Personal Top 1
129.06ODDONE::BROWN_PFri Oct 04 1991Coney Island -- Is it open or closed?
130.032CAVLRY::BUCKTue Nov 12 1991Fiesta Texas -- San Antonio, TX
131.07CAVLRY::BUCKTue Nov 12 1991Wonderland Park -- Amarillo, TX
132.010CAVLRY::BUCKMon Apr 22 1991S&MC (was SDC s.r.l. of Italy)
133.03CAVLRY::BUCKThu Dec 05 1991TOGO -- RCCA/TOGO
134.03CAVLRY::BUCKThu Dec 05 1991Morgan Manufacturing
135.07CAVLRY::BUCKMon Dec 09 1991Knott's Camp Snoopy / Mall of America -- Bloomington, MN
136.011CNTROL::HUBERMon Dec 30 1991Spacewarp -- Roller Coaster Model Construction set
137.027CAVLRY::BUCKWed Jan 01 1992Playland -- Rye, NY
138.06CAVLRY::BUCKMon Jan 06 1992Apline Slides (Bobsled runs)
139.04CAVLRY::BUCKFri Jan 10 1992"Guiness Book" Coasters -- WORLD RECORD Holders
140.02CAVLRY::BUCKFri Jan 10 1992Classic Coasters
141.07CAVLRY::BUCKSun Jan 12 1992DreamWorld (Was: MAJOR Theme Park Slated for MA in 1994?)
142.0CAVLRY::BUCKMon Jan 13 1992Amusement Business Magazine
143.026CAVLRY::BUCKMon Feb 11 1991Castles n Coasters -- Phoenix, AZ (Formerly Golf n Stuff)
144.010CAVLRY::BUCKSat Jan 18 1992Roller Coaster-Related Software
145.028CAVLRY::BUCKSat Jan 25 1992Hersheypark -- Hershey, PA
146.0FREEBE::REAUMEThu Jun 13 1991Enclosed Coasters
147.06CAVLRY::BUCKThu Jan 30 1992Chippewa Lake Park -- Medina, OH
148.025CAVLRY::BUCKMon Feb 17 1992Lincoln Park -- N Dartmouth, MA
149.08CAVLRY::BUCKMon Feb 17 1992Dutch Wonderland -- Lancaster, PA
150.08CAVLRY::BUCKMon Feb 17 1992Paramount's Carowinds -- Charlotte, N. Carolina
151.0CAVLRY::BUCKTue Feb 18 1992(Uncle) Cliff's Amusement Park -- Albuquerque, NM
152.02CAVLRY::BUCKWed Feb 19 1992Lightwater Valley Theme Park -- Ripon, England, UK
153.07MR4DEC::LSIGELTue Mar 17 1992Salisbury Beach park..still exsisting?
154.011--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 09 1992White City - ZIP
155.036MISFIT::KINNEYDThu Apr 02 1992Seabreeze; Rochester, NY and the Jack Rabbit
156.017MISFIT::KINNEYDFri Apr 03 1992Books and Reference Materials
157.0+97CAVLRY::BUCKWed Apr 15 1992Rocky Point Park -- Warwick, RI
158.026CAVLRY::BUCKWed Apr 15 1992The official BUNGEE JUMPING note
159.03CAVLRY::BUCKThu Apr 16 1992Adventureland -- E Farmingdale, NY
160.01CAVLRY::BUCKWed Apr 22 1992New Colorado Theme Park in Turmoil
161.018CAVLRY::BUCKThu Apr 23 1992The CHEAP Airfare note!
162.01NOTED::SYSTEMFri Apr 24 1992Longest Coaster Ride ?
163.03CAVLRY::BUCKTue Apr 28 1992MTV and Six Flags Collaboration
164.06XCUSME::BEALANDWed Apr 29 1992Six Flags - New England
165.08XCUSME::BEALANDWed May 06 1992Drive Thru - Safari's
166.024CAVLRY::BUCKWed May 13 1992Paramount's Great America -- Santa Clara, CA
167.09DABEAN::REAUMETue Jun 09 1992Chapultapec Park; Mexico City -- LaMontana Rusa!
168.0+13CAVLRY::BUCKMon Jun 15 1992Conneaut Lake Park -- Blue Streak
169.03CAVLRY::BUCKTue Jun 23 1992The A.S.A.P. Note ('Must Rides')
170.02CAVLRY::BUCKWed Jul 01 1992Roller Coaster/Amusement Park Videos
171.06CAVLRY::BUCKMon Jul 13 1992Santa's Village -- Jefferson, NH
172.0CAVLRY::BUCKMon Jul 13 1992Storyland -- Glen, NH
173.05MPGS::CHRISTENSENFri Jul 17 1992Discount Tickets?
174.0CAVLRY::BUCKTue Jul 28 1992Lake Winnepesakuah; Rossville, GA -- CANNON BALL
175.0CAVLRY::BUCKTue Jul 28 1992Ghost Town in the Sky; Maggie Valley, NC -- RED DEVIL
176.01SENIOR::HAMBURGERMon Aug 03 1992Norumbega Park, Newton MA.
177.01DABEAN::REAUMETue Aug 04 1992Palisades Park, NJ (near NYC)
178.02SWAM2::JEFFRIES_LOTue Aug 11 1992Willow Grove Park - a memory
179.02CAVLRY::BUCKFri Aug 14 1992Help SAVE the Crystal Beach COMET !!!
180.016CAVLRY::BUCKFri Jun 05 1992EuroDisney; Paris, France
181.01DSSDEV::KRISTYThu Aug 20 1992Coasters/APs in Ft. Lauderdale, FL?
182.01FREEBE::REAUMETue Nov 06 1990Designers of Steel Coasters
183.03ICS::BUCKLEYThu Nov 08 1990Subtleties in Coaster Performance
184.0CAVLRY::BUCKTue Sep 01 1992Fox/Batman/Six Flags Contest
185.03CNTROL::HUBERWed Sep 09 1992Kiddle Park (Brackenridge Park), San Antonio, TX
186.03POWDML::BUCKLEYSat Jan 23 1993Amusement Business Top Parks in the World!
187.03DABEAN::REAUMEMon Sep 14 1992Arnolds Park - Iowa
188.018LEDS::MCGARRAHWed Sep 16 1992Roller-coaster train for sale
189.03CAVLRY::BUCKThu Sep 17 1992Inside Track TOP COASTER Readers Survey
190.02FREEBE::REAUMESat Sep 19 1992Fun Forest - Seattle WA
191.0CAVLRY::BUCKMon Sep 21 1992"Doing" Texas
192.09CAVLRY::BUCKMon Feb 25 1991National Carousel Association -- NCA
193.01SWAM2::JEFFRIES_LOTue Oct 27 1992Rollercoaster in Sporty's
194.0CNTROL::HUBERMon Nov 02 1992Kiddie Park, Garden City Park LI, NY
195.02CAVLRY::BUCKFri Nov 20 1992Universal Studios
196.013CAVLRY::BUCKSun Nov 22 1992General "Disney Info" note
197.0+6HYEND::LSIGELFri Dec 18 1992Millbury Amusement Center
198.02POWDML::BUCKLEYSun Jan 17 1993The Official Time-Warner Note
199.01POWDML::BUCKLEYSun Jan 17 1993Annual Roller Coaster Calendar
200.01POWDML::BUCKLEYThu Jan 21 1993Perinorte Centro Family Centre; Mexico City, Mexico
201.02CAVLRY::BUCKThu Sep 10 1992Theme Parks
202.04POWDML::BUCKLEYFri May 07 1993Magic Springs Theme Park; Hot Springs, AR
203.02POWDML::BUCKLEYTue Jun 01 1993Myrtle Beach; SC -- Family Kingdom & Pavillion
204.09HYEND::LSIGELWed Jun 02 1993Revere Beach Amusements-what became of them?
205.049DABEAN::REAUMEThu Jun 17 1993Great Escape - Lake George, NY
206.05DECWET::PALMERMon Jun 28 1993Old notes show up all over again
207.04--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 18 1993Idora investor scam
208.02HYEND::LSIGELThu Aug 26 1993Will Traditional Parks be built again?
209.05KACIE::LSIGELThu Sep 09 1993York's Wild Kingdom and Amusement Park
210.02CNTROL::HUBERWed Oct 20 1993Americana Park (Middleton, Ohio)
211.06CNTROL::HUBERWed Oct 20 1993Camden Park (Huntington, WV)
212.02POWDML::BUCKLEYThu Nov 11 1993VA to get new Disney park
213.01POWDML::BUCKLEYFri Dec 03 1993Indiana to get new Theme Park!
214.0POWDML::BUCKLEYThu Jan 20 1994How fast do Roller Coasters *really* go?!?
215.0POWDML::BUCKLEYFri Jan 28 1994Wyandot Lake; Columbus, OH
216.0PEACHS::SELBYFri Mar 04 1994Grand Slam Canyon - Las Vegas, NV
217.0PEACHS::SELBYFri Mar 04 1994MGM theme park - Las Vegas, NV
218.0POWDML::BUCKLEYThu Mar 10 1994Theme Park Adventure (Magazine)
219.09POWDML::BUCKLEYMon Mar 21 1994Alton Towers -- Sheffordshire, England, UK
220.0STUDIO::REILLEYTue Apr 05 1994LynneOrama!
221.01TOOK::DELBALSOFri Apr 08 1994Oz Theme Park mentioned on Sci-Fi channel
222.0POWDML::BUCKLEYFri Apr 08 1994'Gone with the Wind' Themer slated for GA
223.01POWDML::BUCKLEYWed Apr 20 1994Stricker's Grove; Ross, OH
224.01ROCK::HUBERFri Jun 03 1994Theme Park software
225.03FARMS::MARTINWed Jun 29 1994New Elitches in Denver?
226.010LABC::PENNWed Jul 20 1994Buffalo Bill's; Jean, NV
227.0+14POWDML::BUCKLEYThu Jul 21 1994Six Flags over ... ???
228.01ROCK::HUBERFri Jul 22 1994Williams Grove Park (Williams Grove, PA)
229.017ICS::BUCKLEYThu Aug 09 1990Woodies vs. Steel Coasters
230.0FREEBE::REAUMEThu Sep 08 1994Waldameer Park
231.012POWDML::BUCKLEYThu Sep 22 1994Holiday World; Santa Claus, IN
232.0NCMAIL::KINNEYDTue Nov 01 1994Coaster Industry Regulation
233.02POWDML::BUCKLEYThu Nov 17 1994Port Aventura; Barcelona, Spain
234.01MAGEE::SIGELWed Feb 08 1995Wizard of Oz theme park to be built
235.04BIGQ::ZUIDEMAMon Feb 20 1995VHS Home Video???
236.03POWDML::BUCKLEYThu Mar 09 1995Reino Aventura; Mexico City, Mexico
237.03SHRCTR::SIGELTue Apr 18 1995How safe are carnival rides (Traveling)
238.03SHRCTR::SIGELFri May 19 1995Pine Island Park, a NH memory
239.08DABEAN::REAUMETue Jun 06 1995Wildwood, NJ
240.0+7DECWIN::AMACINNESThu Jun 29 1995Lakeview - Dracut, MA
241.0SHRCTR::SIGELTue Jul 11 1995What happened too?? Forgotten NE Parks
242.0GEMGRP::GUSTAF::PARMLINDTue Jul 18 1995Parks in Sweden - Grona Lund, Liseberg
243.0POWDML::BUCKLEYWed Aug 02 1995Ride em while you can...
244.01SHRCTR::SIGELWed Aug 16 1995Pleasure Island..a MA memory
245.02FREEBE::REAUMEThu Aug 24 1995Indiana Beach, IN
246.021POWDML::BUCKLEYSun Aug 27 1995Spooky World; Berlin, MA
247.022CAVLRY::BUCKFri Mar 29 1991Bolliger and Mabillard (B&M)
248.012CAVLRY::BUCKMon Apr 01 1991Vekoma International
249.06WONDER::MAKRIANISWed Oct 11 1995Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
250.08SHRCTR::SIGELMon Oct 30 1995WWW Websites/USENET Newsgroups/FTP Sites
251.0+22SHRCTR::SIGELThu Nov 02 1995Maine A-Parks/Palace Playland/Funtown USA
252.03BEMUS::KELLEYTue Nov 28 1995Glad to see a notes conference on roller-coasters
253.01CHEFS::BROWN_PTue Jan 02 1996New wooden coaster in Wales GB?
254.04BEMUS::KELLEYFri Jan 05 1996Looping coasters
255.02POOKY::OROURKETue Jan 16 1996Luna Park Melbourne, Australia
256.02POOKY::OROURKEFri Jan 26 1996Luna Park Sydney, Australia
257.03POWDML::BUCKLEYTue Feb 06 1996THE RIDE -- Magazine
258.01AYOV25::DGIBBONSThu Feb 15 1996New in 1999 - possibly !
259.06POOKY::OROURKEMon May 13 1996Idlewild Park - Ligonier, Pennsylvania
260.0+5TUXEDO::MACINNESMon Jun 03 1996Quassy Amusement Park, Middlebury, CT
261.01POWDML::BUCKLEYThu Oct 31 1996ROCK THE VOTE -- Internet Wooden Coaster Poll