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Conference noted::appletalk

Title:Apple's AppleTalk Networking Protocols
Notice:AppleTalk Conference/see RANGER::VMS-FOR-MAC for PW/Mac
Created:Mon Jul 23 1990
Last Modified:Fri Apr 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:247
Total number of notes:844
Number with bodies:2
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1.01SCACT::APPLETALKMon Jul 23 1990About this conference
2.026SCACT::APPLETALKMon Jul 23 1990EasyTalk registered sites
3.01SCADMN::MERRELLThu Oct 24 1991Router Registration
4.012SCACT::MERRELLThu Oct 18 1990EasyTalk Status Reports
5.07SCACT::APPLETALKFri Feb 22 1991Moderator Actions
6.01HALFDM::MERRELLMon Oct 12 1992Conference Availability
7.0SCADMN::MERRELLMon Jul 23 1990Reserved for future use
8.0SCADMN::MERRELLMon Jul 23 1990Reserved for future use
9.0SCADMN::MERRELLMon Jul 23 1990Reserved for future use
10.03TLE::JNELSONMon Jul 23 1990Sources of info about AppleTalk
11.05RT128::BATESThu Jul 26 1990Service Outages
12.03WEORKS::ROBBINSThu Jul 26 1990What does EasyTalk give me?
14.08SCADMN::MERRELLSat Jul 28 1990Public File Server Volumes on EasyTalk
15.06KOBAL::DICKSONWed Aug 08 1990Missing parts of AppleShare
16.04CTOAVX::JENNINGSWed Aug 08 1990Network Troubleshooting Help!
17.01CHOVAX::WILLIAMSFri Aug 17 1990Appletalk Documentation
18.07BOMBE::ALDENTue Aug 21 1990Looking for some Appleshare help
19.04WAV13::DENTONThu Aug 23 1990How install NETWORK control panel device!?
20.06SCADMN::MERRELLSat Aug 25 1990Dayna EtherPrint
21.03MAIL::SCHWENDEMANTue Aug 28 1990AppleTalk traffic monitor?
22.032SCADMN::MERRELLSun Sep 09 1990FastPath 4 issues
23.02LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKWed Sep 26 1990Easytalk layout ?
24.01DUCAT2::SMILEYSun Sep 30 1990New EasyTalk Node: Am I Doing Things Right?
25.01ARTVAX::MCHIASSONThu Oct 18 1990where to find APPLETALK Kits
26.0RT128::BATESSat Oct 20 1990How to build Low Cost AppleTalk Connectors
29.02NETMAN::SEGERTue Oct 23 1990Appletalk Network Management from Ultrix
30.05RT128::BATESSat Oct 27 1990NuvoTech Mac Networking Products
31.08RT128::BATESSat Oct 27 1990Farallon Mac Network Products
32.02RT128::BATESSat Oct 27 1990CE Software QuickMail
33.0RT128::BATESSun Oct 28 1990Novell Netware for Macintosh
34.01TRLIAN::KAYCEEWed Oct 31 1990sources??...specifications??
35.02INFACT::BEVISThu Nov 08 1990Designing Appletalk tunnels
36.01FSADMN::EPLEY_TFri Nov 09 1990differences in V3.
38.01BOWLES::BOWLESWed Nov 14 1990Appletalk/Tunnel Routing question
39.01RUFOUS::ROBBINSWed Nov 14 1990CDROM Presentations
40.0SYOMV::CROSSENSun Nov 18 1990Farallon-PhoneNet experiences
42.01MUDHWK::LAWLERMon Nov 19 1990Help with Appletalk/PC?
43.0NZOVTue Nov 20 1990ULTRIX host for WAN of LANs
44.01FSADMN::CORDELLTue Nov 20 1990Multicast Address and Protocol Type please
45.012BOWLES::BOWLESWed Dec 12 1990EASYnet/Appletalk Performance
46.03FSADMN::EPLEY_TFri Dec 28 1990VAXshare file server disappears
47.08SSBN1::HORNIKFri Jan 04 1991DECmug Meeting Announcements
48.02FSADMN::CORDELLFri Jan 04 1991Multiple Appletalk zones on one ethernet???
49.03NEMAIL::KALIKOWDSun Jan 06 19911
50.0SCADMN::MERRELLThu Jan 17 1991Macintosh Connectivity Conference - July 91
51.01SCADMN::MERRELLThu Jan 17 1991AppleTalk Network Manager's User Group
52.0CAPITN::MORRISON_HUThu Jan 17 1991How to fix "ghosting" in the chooser
53.02WILARD::JENNINGSSun Jan 27 1991TokenTalk discussion in this note
54.06FSADMN::EPLEY_TWed Jan 30 1991setting up seed routers?
55.0CAPITN::MORRISON_HUFri Feb 01 1991Support for new mac ethernet cards ?
56.01ATFAM::HARRISWed Feb 06 1991Some questions/problems about zones and routers
57.07RT128::BATESWed Feb 13 1991Chooser Service Ghosting Timeout Solutions
58.02AUNTB::TOWNSENDTue Mar 05 1991printing to LocalTalk
59.01CTHQ1::LANGLOISThu Mar 07 1991Anyone heard of this A.T. mngmnt sftwre?
60.02HDLITE::ALJAARFri Mar 08 1991Mac hangs when copying from Mac to VAX
61.0HAMSUP::BBURGERThu Mar 14 1991Ethertalk spec's ?
62.02RT128::BATESSun Mar 17 1991AppleShare 3.
63.02VMSNET::S_YUANWed Mar 27 1991volume won't mount at the system startup time
64.04PANIC::HOUSTONTue Apr 02 1991Intermittent zone list?
65.0FSADMN::EPLEY_TTue Apr 02 1991Line characteristics and appletalk-4-vms
66.0RT128::BATESFri Apr 05 1991Radar from Sonic Systems
67.0PANIC::HOUSTONMon Apr 08 1991Tunnel bottlenecks
68.01LISVAX::DOMINGUESWed Apr 10 1991MAC SE/3
69.0MVDSMon Apr 15 1991Problems with Shiva EtherGate on EasyNET
70.04RT128::BATESTue Apr 16 1991Cayman GatorBox
71.01AUNTB::TOWNSENDThu Apr 18 1991A "virtual zone"?
72.0RT128::BATESTue May 07 1991Shiva NetModem/E
73.03CENPCS::HALSTEADTue May 07 1991Addresses and Protocols for Appletalk ?
74.01YUPPY::HOUSTONWed May 08 1991Phase 1 to Phase 2 transition
75.0BOWLES::BOWLESWed May 08 1991Digital Review "Commentary" on Phase II
76.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed May 22 1991ATK gateway in network range 1-65534 and heartbeat
77.01CTHQ3::WICKFri May 24 1991performance metrics
78.01OSL1Thu May 30 1991Odd/even # of bytes problem.
79.06TKOV51::MATTHEWSThu May 30 1991Help on Fastpath in Tokyo
80.0RT128::BATESSat Jun 08 1991The GraceLAN Note
81.0RT128::BATESSat Jun 08 1991STATUS*Mac
82.0FIXSR1::WHITTINGTONTue Jun 11 1991Packet Header lost ?
83.0SMURF::LARRYDWed Jun 19 1991AppleTalk's new Voice - TalkManage
84.04LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKMon Jun 24 1991Appletalk over X.25 ?
85.01COPCLU::GREGMon Jul 08 1991AppleTalk tunneling over X.25
86.02MVDSMon Jul 08 1991Where did they go??
87.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLWed Jul 10 1991ATK/VMS V3.
88.01RCODDF::FOLTSWed Jul 10 1991Migration Questions APPLETALK Phase I to Phase II
89.05MCTOSH::Joe BatesSat Jul 13 1991Press Releases and News Articles
90.05OSLACT::ARNETue Jul 16 1991Problem with Pacer on RISC ULTRIX and FP4
91.0OSLACT::ARNETue Jul 16 1991Strange unknown AppleTalk Devices
92.05CAPITN::MORRISON_HUTue Jul 16 1991Poor VAXshare performace issue
93.04MERIDN::JENNINGSWed Jul 17 1991New to the Appletalk Corporate Network
94.01RDVAX::DAWSONFri Jul 19 1991Getting started with LocalTalk
96.03VAOUSun Jul 28 1991CAP 6.
97.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Aug 02 1991Phase 1 versus Phase 2 Ethertalk question
99.0YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUTue Aug 06 1991Bad performance from 3com or other eth. cards?
100.0YOSMTE::MORRISON_HUWed Aug 07 1991Can't see some of 5
101.01CSCOAC::CANTRELL_BFri Aug 09 1991System Crash INVEXCPTN
102.0LEVERS::ANILFri Aug 09 1991AppleTalk storms
103.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Aug 22 1991ATK-E-ERRCOMCPN when starting AppleTalk/DECnet Gat
104.0LASSUP::MAUTZWed Aug 28 1991Fastpath Bad ARP Responses
105.01ORABX::CARZELL_MThu Aug 29 1991File Serve Will Not Appear In Specified Zone
106.01ORABX::CARZELL_MThu Aug 29 1991Zone Will Not Appear in Chooser
108.04VMSNET::J_CORDELLTue Sep 17 1991appletalk causes user buffer unavailable?
109.01VMSNET::J_CORDELLFri Sep 27 1991Non-seed router thinks seed list bad
110.0NAC::REUTHERThu Oct 10 1991Async Appletalk
111.08LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKFri Oct 11 1991Hidden zones ??
113.02GUCCI::RJENKINSTue Oct 15 1991Supported Appletalk Networks ?
114.01SUBWAY::YANNIOSWed Oct 16 1991?Resource Error-192
115.04CGOSThu Oct 17 1991Tunneling over Ethernet?
117.01LARVAE::HOWLETT_TTue Oct 22 1991Colormate_ps anyone appletalking to it?
118.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Oct 24 1991Appletalk router question/problem
119.0VMSNET::J_CORDELLThu Oct 31 1991V5.4-3 and Appletalk via Router
120.02HYDRA::ALDENMon Nov 04 1991ATK router question
121.01MARX::DUMASFri Nov 15 1991Locating Appletalk devices?
122.01SMAUG::MORENZMon Nov 25 1991SNA Gateways supporting Appletalk
123.01STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LTue Nov 26 1991WAN solution Macintosh -> VAX?
124.02STKAI1::JNORRBOMWed Dec 04 1991Problem with Pathworks LocalTalk/Ethernet
125.03COPCLU::DVORACEKThu Dec 05 1991Pausing/stalling Macs using AppleTalk
126.04HANNAH::B_COBBMon Dec 16 1991APPLETALK questions
127.01BOWLES::BOWLESWed Jan 08 1992Cisco Routers / Appletalk
128.06MYKENE::MOXLEYThu Jan 09 1992Tunnel Design Help
129.0TRUCKS::DUGGAN_RTue Jan 21 1992Pacer, MS-Mail for PC Networks (Macintosh client)
130.01DEMOAX::GLICKMANWed Jan 29 1992Prob w/ VMS 5.4-3 & APPLETALK
131.0VMSNET::T_EPLEYMon Feb 10 1992configuration with 1
132.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Feb 13 1992APPLETALK header packet?
133.02BLSEYE::DELINOSat Feb 15 1992need help fast on design
134.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANSat Mar 21 1992ATK Gateway won't start, ERRCOMCPN, DEVNOTMOUNT
135.02WHYNOW::NEWMANFri Mar 27 1992AppleTalk Zones appear and disappear at random! Help needed!
136.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Apr 07 1992last and appletalk dont work together
137.01CARRIK::MCQUADEFri Apr 10 1992Mac II, EtherPort II Problem!
138.01YUPPY::STUBBSPWed Apr 15 1992ARAP & Pathworks
139.0TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CMon May 18 1992ATK on Two Enet Controllers?
140.01GREG::MERRELLWed May 20 1992LocalTalk vs EtherTalk
141.012GIDDAY::CANTLONThu Jun 04 1992ATP Retry Timer and Retry Count of Transaction Requester?
142.02WR2FOR::FIELDS_WIWed Jun 10 1992Default Zone problem
143.05VMSNET::J_CORDELLFri Jun 12 1992atk$dsp_read paramaters
145.06MORO::MAUTZ_RIMon Jun 15 1992Net. Mgt. Update Please!!
146.05FUTURA::MCNULTYWed Jun 17 1992Mac to Mac file transfer over WAN ???
147.01SWAM2::DEWEBER_DOWed Jun 17 1992Appletalk on switched 56KB
149.01BACHUS::SASMon Jul 27 1992reason for choise of seed router
150.0MKONCG::ARDENWed Jul 29 1992AppleTalk network service descriptions
151.04HYDRA::ALDENMon Aug 24 1992Trouble with LTN Littleton MA zone.
152.02TOHOPE::CARZELL_MWed Sep 02 1992Reducing Ghosting
153.03CNTRLZ::WALTERSWed Sep 16 1992Installing Internet Router V2.
154.01BOGUSS::CABREIRATue Sep 29 1992Appletalk Zone problem
155.06NERSW5::MARTINELLOWed Sep 30 1992Network slows down with router
156.0HALFDM::MERRELLTue Oct 06 1992Dayna's NetMounter (Netware client)
157.01GORE::G_FROEHLINTue Oct 06 1992Nonpaged pool exhausted by UNKNOWN packets
158.01CARMEL::MERRELLMon Oct 12 1992Document: Managing our AppleTalk Internet
159.05TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CTue Oct 13 1992AARP Cache size/Aging Algorithm?
160.01STKAI1::JNORRBOMWed Oct 14 1992How do I program my VAX to use AppleTalk-routines?
161.01ROMThu Oct 22 1992VAX/VMS and ULTRIX machines APPLETALKing to a RIP
162.03UTROP1::SIMPSON_DWed Oct 28 1992Topology/Zone questions
164.0STKAI2::EXTEN::cederhagFri Nov 20 1992Decnet and localtalk, problem with chooser
165.01STAR::BOIKOMon Nov 23 1992Mac to VAX - Average 3
166.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Nov 30 1992A/D gateway wont start. errnetobj, toomuchdata
167.08TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CWed Dec 02 1992ASPBufTooSmall? -1,
168.01MLNTSC::CASAROTTIFri Dec 11 1992Filtering on Decbridge 5
169.02TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CFri Dec 11 1992Farallon PhoneNET Talk?
170.01ONOIS1::COLAS_YThu Dec 24 1992The zone
171.07TOHOPE::MANDERSON_CThu Jan 14 1993VMS 5.5-2 "Initial Probe" DEUNA
173.01LEDS::PRIBORSKYFri Jan 22 1993Appletalk won't start up
174.02KETJE::VANHOVEWed Jan 27 1993New Apple Internet Router software from Apple (+comments)
175.01ADO75A::MCSHANETue Feb 09 1993Pc or DEC screen on MAC LC II
176.0ONOIS1::DEGATWed Feb 17 1993notes/nodec
177.06NEWOA::HARRISONMon Mar 15 1993Appletalk in Area 44??
178.01PRSSOS::ROBEThu Mar 25 1993about AppleTalk Versions
179.01MRKTNG::SKINNERWed Mar 31 1993Two enet controllers
180.02NZIRC5::SYSTEMWed Apr 07 1993Nuvolink II drivers requried
181.01VMSNET::T_EPLEYFri Apr 09 1993secondary port stays in an RTMP_WAIT state
182.01XLIB::SCHAFERTue Apr 20 1993multicast problem on 11/785
183.01WARABI::LAMSIMONThu Apr 22 1993NETcw Modelling of Appletalk
184.02LEARNFri Apr 30 1993backup questions
185.01VMSNET::J_MORGANMon May 03 1993max open files for gateway
186.03VMSNET::S_VOREMon Jun 14 1993MAC Layer Address
187.05VMSNET::S_VOREWed Jun 16 1993Multiple AT Addresses from One VAX
189.03TRINTY::MERRELLTue Jun 29 1993ANF - AppleTalk Networking Forum
190.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Jul 27 1993MSA 1.2 and DELUAs, problem with appletalk
191.03COLThu Jul 29 1993Mail VMS to APPLELINK
192.02MIMS::GRAFT_JWed Aug 04 1993Phase V routing and Fastpath
193.01COPCLU::TROELSMon Aug 09 1993ZONE Filtering?
194.01VMSNET::S_VOREWed Aug 11 1993-ATK-E-PAP_OPENABORT, Open request aborted
195.0VIA::CIOTWed Aug 18 1993How to quickly search all the Mac notesfile at once
196.05MIMS::WEBB_ATue Aug 24 1993INVEXCEPTN at GWDRIVER + 5
197.05MIMS::WEBB_ATue Aug 24 19931.2 Invexceptn atk$appletalk_protocol_stack+1BC94
198.01TRINTY::MERRELLFri Oct 01 1993APPLETALK conference moving to NOTED on Oct 5, 1993
199.0TRINTY::MERRELLTue Oct 05 1993Netware 3.11 has AppleTalk problem
200.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Oct 05 1993DECbrouter 9
201.01MIMS::WEBB_AWed Oct 06 1993DOUBLDEALO bugcheck...GWDRIVER 1.1
202.04VMSNET::J_MORGANMon Oct 11 1993VAX 1
203.0LICAUS::LICAUSEMon Oct 11 1993Appletalk Events to DECmcc
204.0TRINTY::MERRELLMon Nov 15 1993Request for AppleTalk (Macintosh) improvements
205.01MIMS::GRAFT_JMon Dec 06 19933COM hub and Appletalk?
206.01STKAI2::SNIKPC::cederhagTue Dec 07 1993Slow copy, Timeout value question.
208.01VMSNET::MSTEWARTWed Jan 05 1994get_our_names and 3.
209.01DRAC::HUELVESMon Jan 10 1994Registration a new server in EasyTalk.
210.03ANNECY::LEMMAWed Jan 19 1994MAcintosh management with poly Netview?
211.02VMSNET::S_VOREFri Jan 21 1994PATHWORKS / AppleTalk for VMS Utils
212.02VMSNET::J_FILLERSThu Feb 03 1994help with ATK$ZIP_GET_ZONE_LIST_W, freezes
213.02BLKPUD::SAVAGETWed Feb 09 1994AppleTalk seed router conflict
214.09VMSNET::J_MORGANThu Feb 10 1994Network problems
215.01VMSNET::J_FILLERSMon Feb 14 1994Appletalk 3.1 bugcheck, system service exception
216.011VMSNET::J_FILLERSTue Feb 15 1994ATK for VMS, socket table values, do they add up?
217.01VMSNET::J_MORGANThu Feb 24 1994invexceptn - new one????
218.04METZWed Mar 02 1994Can a DECSERVER replaces a Ethernet/Localtalk gateway ?
219.03ABACUS::PEREIRAMon Mar 07 1994appleshare/ethertalk
220.05VMSNET::J_MORGANWed Mar 09 1994???? from a customer...
221.03CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGFri Mar 18 1994Interoperability problem between routers
222.03VMSNET::W_FAMBERTue Apr 05 1994AppleTalk for VMS V3.
223.01SWAM2::MENDOZA_DAWed Apr 13 1994Appletalk, DECbrouter Config Questions
224.0VMSNET::J_FILLERSWed Apr 27 1994ATK 3.
225.02KERNEL::SMITHPFri May 27 1994filtering apples.
226.0METZWed Jun 01 1994
227.04SWETSC::AAMISEPPWed Jun 08 1994NBP response goes the wrong way on the internet
228.0NSTG::OUIMETTEFri Jun 24 1994Tech. Reviewers for Appletalk & Netware needed!
229.01NSTG::CARBAUGHWed Jul 27 1994AURP Implementations?
231.01--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 07 1994Printing (everthing looks ok- but no print)
232.01RICKER::STRAUBFri Sep 09 1994DECnet OSI and seed router
233.01CAPO::MORALES_FEFri Sep 09 1994ln
234.03ANCHOR::REGISTRARMon Oct 24 1994copy from perm to Volatile
235.02SNOFS1::MORRISSEYKMon Nov 14 1994DECbridge9
236.0LOOKIN::SCOBLETue Nov 22 1994Appletalk zone availability with AURP
238.01TRNOI2::SORRENTINOWed Mar 01 1995STARTING state queue
239.0B17::LAPORTEThu Apr 20 1995How many AppleZones per Windows NT Server?
240.04BIS1::BHT362::KNEUTSMon May 15 1995AARP problem flooding the network.
241.01CSC32::VANDENBERGWed Jun 28 1995Maximum number of Gateway sessions
242.0REGENT::HUNTINGTONMon Jul 24 1995network management tool
243.01OSLLAV::ARNEThu Aug 17 1995No response from network administration
244.03TRNOI2::SORRENTINOTue Mar 19 1996Pacer and VMS
245.0ZKWRK1::RJACKFri Mar 29 1996Can't print from VMS to HP LaserJet 5Si
246.04MTHOOD::GREGORYMon Dec 02 1996ATP - Re-transmit's?? HELP plz
247.0 *+1VFOVAX::SSIEGLERThu Apr 03 1997Driver for a Printserver 4