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Conference noetic::stars

Title:STARS data retrieval tool - See note 1145 for V2.6-4 info
Created:Fri Apr 24 1987
Last Modified:Thu May 29 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1163
Total number of notes:6110
Number with bodies:10
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1.010RESOLV::KOLBEFri Apr 24 1987Welcome to STARS conference
2.02DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Jun 03 1993Latest kit Annoucements
6.02IMAGIN::KOLBEMon Apr 27 1987author date problem
7.011CSC32::STARKEYTue Apr 28 1987Synonym and noiseword coordination
8.03CSC32::STARKEYTue Apr 28 1987How do you get a hardcopy of synonym file?
9.02IMAGIN::LOWELLTue Apr 28 1987132 column display of title list has problems
10.01IMAGIN::KOLBETue Apr 28 1987STARS V2.1-5
11.013CSC32::PRATTThu Apr 30 1987Title list database order messed up
12.05NEXUS::B_GEIGERMon May 04 1987C command in CREF?
13.02IMAGIN::KOLBETue May 05 1987ugly mail files
14.02CSC32::WILLISTue May 05 1987Help On SYNONYMs (Continued...)
15.01CSC32::WILLISTue May 05 1987Suggestion To Allow For Personalized Database Search Definitions
16.02IMAGIN::SAUNDERSWed May 06 1987TERMINAL setting for STARS cause errors
17.07CSC32::STARKEYWed May 06 1987How do I combine synonym files?
19.0IMAGIN::ROBBINSTue May 19 1987Last line not displayed properly
20.07CSC32::LEFEVREFri May 22 198778-character title truncated to 74 characters
22.01CSC32::STARKEYTue May 26 1987Is ; recognized as a suffix by STARS?
23.04IMAGIN::ROBBINSTue May 26 1987Stemming algorithm changes
24.02IMAGIN::WILLISWed May 27 1987Suggested STARS Enhancements And A Minor Bug...
25.01MSTIME::SORENSENFri May 29 1987deleting articles and cursor positioning
26.03FURILO::MENCYWed Jun 03 1987Installation Guide
27.03CSC32::NOLLWed Jun 03 1987Suggested enhancement
28.01IMAGIN::LOWELLWed Jun 03 1987suggestion to expand header fields
29.06CSCMA::DEL_VECCHIOThu Jun 04 1987maintenance keyword question
30.02LINCON::DEGROSSFri Jun 05 1987Default Database Selection
31.01IMAGIN::ROBBINSFri Jun 05 1987STARS Reindex Program
32.0IMAGIN::KOLBEFri Jun 05 1987DBA crystal ball
33.04IMAGIN::KOLBEFri Jun 12 1987tech review date always today
34.02CSCMA::DEL_VECCHIOFri Jun 12 1987%LIB-F-BADBLOADR error
35.02MSTIME::SORENSENMon Jun 15 1987get deleted text into the FEF?
36.02IMAGIN::KOLBEMon Jun 15 1987the value for STARS$LOG
37.07IMAGIN::SAUNDERSWed Jun 17 1987SDL of STARS log file for datatrieve.
41.0IMAGIN::SAUNDERSWed Jun 17 1987Articles created with FEF without titles cannot be selected
42.01IMAGIN::SAUNDERSWed Jun 17 1987Load of FEF files Defaults to current date and
43.07CSC32::SORENSENThu Jun 18 1987stars kit info
44.05BARAKA::BOTTOMSThu Jun 18 1987Extract and Delete?
45.0PIKES::ALVEYFri Jun 19 1987STARS-W-SKIPLINE displayed when database was full
46.01IMAGIN::KOLBEMon Jun 22 1987what is a synonym?
47.01CSC32::STARKEYMon Jun 22 1987WARNING to people using the original synonym file.
48.02IMAGIN::KOLBEWed Jun 24 1987final pass on V2.1
50.01IMAGIN::KOLBEThu Jun 25 1987bug in RMS
51.07CSC32::LEFEVREFri Jun 26 1987No way to abort COMMENT facility?
52.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 26 1987Add Automatic '\keyword' Search For Regular Keyword Search
53.04IMAGIN::WILLISFri Jun 26 1987Add Automatic '\Keyword' Search For Regular Query Searches
54.01FURILO::MENCYMon Jun 29 1987SID data conversion
55.0IMAGIN::KOLBEMon Jun 29 1987RWAST process locks database
56.01IMAGIN::SAUNDERSTue Jun 30 1987BUG on STARS/add with V2.1-7
58.01IMAGIN::WILLISThu Jul 02 1987Make STARS Articles Write-Locked During MODIFY...
59.03CSC32::M_BAKERTue Jul 07 1987DTR32 and DATE
60.0CSC32::LEFEVREWed Jul 08 1987Disk Quota Exceeded Ignored On Create Disk File
61.01CSC32::LEFEVREWed Jul 08 1987Another Nit
62.08NEXUS::GULDENFri Jul 10 1987Who sent that Comment???
63.01NEXUS::GULDENSat Jul 11 1987CBI not working on resolv
64.09IMAGIN::KOLBETue Jul 14 1987words in standard text cause search problems
65.09IMAGIN::KOLBEWed Jul 15 1987STARS procedural issues
66.09IMAGIN::RUSSELLThu Jul 16 1987Restrict keyboard keys
69.01SOFBAS::PALUSESTue Jul 28 1987Is There An Article Limit Per database
70.01IMAGIN::KOLBEWed Jul 29 1987possible corruption at max article count
71.03IMAGIN::KOLBEWed Jul 29 1987is 8 a db size special number
72.05LSNCSC::SID_MANAGERTue Aug 04 1987RMS-F-CRMP map global buffers
74.05BELKER::MENCYWed Aug 05 1987STARS Screen Management
77.04MONSTR::DUTKOMon Aug 10 1987STARS
78.05IMAGIN::KOLBETue Aug 11 1987location code
79.024CSCMA::DEL_VECCHIOWed Aug 12 1987Accessing by Article Number
81.04CSC32::STARKEYThu Aug 13 1987Please remove these words from stemming
82.01BARAKA::BOTTOMSThu Aug 13 1987Change needed in STARS installation
83.02UTRTSC::SONNEVELDFri Aug 14 1987STARS loading instead of replacing
84.012BRSSWS::LIDSKYFri Aug 14 1987How do I make my database larger ?
85.08MONSTR::DUTKOMon Aug 17 1987Uniqueness of Id's across archival?
86.02BARAKA::BOTTOMSMon Aug 17 1987No deletes please...
87.03PILOU::ANDERSENMon Aug 17 1987KP2,remove => choice wish ..??
88.04BISTRO::WLODEKTue Aug 18 1987Notary function.
89.05LINCON::NSOHLWed Aug 19 1987Atlanta's Wishlist
90.06IMAGIN::SAUNDERSWed Aug 19 1987REPORTS sharing library
91.02MONSTR::DUTKOThu Aug 20 1987STARS Section files and VMS V5.
93.04MONSTR::DUTKOThu Aug 27 1987SHRIDMISMAT and V5.
95.011BISTRO::WLODEKMon Aug 31 1987Synonym problems.
96.01BISTRO::WLODEKMon Aug 31 1987Maintenance of noise and synonym files.
98.03CSC32::LEFEVREWed Sep 02 1987Interactive DELETE Is Gross
100.06MAGI::NORDLINGERFri Sep 04 1987System crashes during a strs/format...
101.01IMAGIN::KOLBEFri Sep 04 1987Offical STARS User group
102.0BARAKA::LASTOVICAFri Sep 04 1987Memory disk drive speeds database loads
103.08UTRTSC::SONNEVELDWed Sep 09 1987Whishes: print to a server queue
104.04SOFBAS::WOLFFFri Sep 11 1987SOFTbase needs a mod to STARS...
105.05SOFBAS::WOLFFMon Sep 14 1987Question concerning foreign applications...
106.09LARKAN::KRALWed Sep 16 1987STARS Server Request
108.02IMAGIN::KOLBEThu Sep 17 1987unknown terminal type hangs STARS
109.06CSC32::LEFEVREThu Sep 17 1987Random BADVIN And ARTEXTNOTEXT Errors
110.06TKTVFri Sep 18 1987Can't select articles.
111.02LINCON::DEGROSSFri Sep 18 1987Obscure Problems Our Specialty
112.02CHIC::SEGONDWed Sep 23 1987STARS does not like "PATCH" !
113.06CHIC::SEGONDWed Sep 23 1987some wishes...Xmas is coming...
114.06VULCAN::WILLIAMSMon Sep 28 1987Where is the necessay manuals?.
115.01IMAGIN::KOLBEMon Sep 28 1987need new CBI for V5 VMS
116.0IMAGIN::SAUNDERSMon Sep 28 1987STARS Quick reference card (electronic version)
117.03ILO::MCKNIGHTFri Oct 02 1987STARS/BASIS Comparison
118.06IMAGIN::SAUNDERSTue Oct 06 1987WISH STARS_USER as default vs identifier
119.02IMAGIN::WILLISWed Oct 07 1987Batch Loads "Wash Out" Quotation Marks & Apostrophes In Title
121.02MAKER::ROBBINSFri Oct 09 1987STARS and VMS V5
122.0RESOLV::KOLBEFri Oct 16 1987STARS V2.2 in field test
123.06DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Oct 19 1987V5 compatible stars kit
124.0NOETIC::SAUNDERSSun Nov 01 1987Context sensative quoted strings
125.0HSTSSC::BACKSTROMWed Nov 04 1987'Position Window/Display' wish
127.015NOETIC::KOLBEThu Nov 12 1987restrictions on STARS use outisde field service
128.0NOETIC::KOLBEThu Nov 12 1987how about a catch 22
129.01CHIC::SEGONDTue Nov 17 1987Why not a "simplified" version of STARS
130.010NOETIC::SAUNDERSTue Nov 17 1987STARS Performance tests in Europe
131.04SOFBAS::WOLFFTue Nov 17 1987CREATE_DB.COM enhancement request
132.05GALAGR::MOODYTue Nov 17 1987BUG - BADVIN - STARS 2.1-9!
133.03CSC32::STARKEYWed Nov 18 1987A program to match pairs of words for STRS!
134.011KAOFS::READWed Nov 18 1987Questions about TIE files
135.0NOETIC::WILLISFri Nov 20 1987STARS Moves You Backwards On Title List After MODIFY
136.02GALAGR::MOODYMon Nov 23 1987.COM to optimize Keywords.
137.09CHIC::PETERSFri Nov 27 1987User requirement to measure Article Quality
138.04NOETIC::KOLBEMon Nov 30 1987problem with logfile fields
139.0NOETIC::KOLBEThu Dec 03 1987bug - can't find unique id
140.09KERNEL::BROWNFri Dec 04 1987<> in col 1 of FEF causing problems
141.04RENKO::MENCYMon Dec 07 1987Catching up
142.01BARAKA::BOTTOMSMon Dec 07 1987Space in Unique_id = trouble
143.01HLFSTue Dec 08 1987STARS V2.2 upgrade problems
145.06NOETIC::WILLISFri Dec 11 1987Please Get Rid Of The "Working..." Status Message
146.03NOETIC::WILLISFri Dec 11 1987Include Article Title & Database Name In Maint. Screen
147.02FURILO::MENCYTue Dec 15 1987STARS/Terminal Emulation
148.01NOETIC::WILLISThu Dec 17 1987Title Line In Header Screen Needs More Editing Features
149.03FOOT::BROADBENTFri Dec 18 1987Help Required on Article Numbers
150.02NOETIC::LOWELLWed Dec 23 1987RADS definition, please?
151.02ALBANY::MULLERThu Dec 24 1987Poor SWS Specialists?
152.01NOETIC::WILLISMon Dec 28 1987STARS Doesn't Allow You To "Back-Up" From KP5
153.0NOETIC::WILLISTue Dec 29 1987Today's Date Doesn't Automatically Get Filled In...
154.0NOETIC::WILLISTue Dec 29 1987Create Logical NOT Capability Within Header Search...
155.02NOETIC::WILLISTue Dec 29 1987Confusion In The Way STARS Handles Date Parameters
156.03NOETIC::WILLISTue Dec 29 1987Append Database Name & Query Listing To Title List
157.02FURILO::MENCYWed Dec 30 1987Database Access Control
158.0CSC32::NOLLWed Dec 30 1987Stem for DOCUMENT
159.02UTRTSC::KUIJPERThu Dec 31 1987Other seperators in match recognition ?
160.01KAOFS::R_VIERICHMon Jan 04 1988our own database ???
161.02UTOPIE::WILFRIEDFri Jan 08 1988/DATABASE qualifier doesn't work
162.06CSCMA::DEL_VECCHIOFri Jan 08 1988How long is the Unique Identifier?????
163.07CSCMA::DEL_VECCHIOFri Jan 08 1988Two suggestions
164.0NOETIC::WILLISTue Jan 12 1988The Word PROBE Should NOT Be Stemmed Down To 'PROB'
165.02NOETIC::KOLBETue Jan 12 1988corrupted log file problem
166.01CSCMA::DEL_VECCHIOTue Jan 12 1988Lines that contain greater than 8
167.02CSCMA::DEL_VECCHIOTue Jan 12 1988Getting to the ready flag
168.01CSCMA::DEL_VECCHIOTue Jan 12 1988Titles in header information
169.04BISTRO::GEERDESFri Jan 15 1988STARS & ALL-IN-1
170.0CSC32::LEFEVREMon Jan 18 1988extract/name=author="string" case sensitive
171.011PRSOIS::NAGLETue Jan 19 1988BUG:CBI prob after instal.
172.03BISTRO::GEERDESTue Jan 19 1988"quoted strings" query?
173.010NEXUS::B_GEIGERTue Jan 19 1988Quirk in STARS?
174.01PRSOIS::NAGLEThu Jan 21 1988Converting files to FEF.
176.03MALLET::EXTONFri Jan 22 1988Mail/Stars integration
177.0EVOIS2::VANDENBERGFri Jan 22 1988announcing FS PORTFOLIO EUROPE conference
178.02HLFSMon Feb 01 1988mixed access to STARS, prevent writing with STARS_ADD
179.04LINCON::NSOHLThu Feb 04 1988What does STARS do when searching?
180.06UTRTSC::KUIJPERTue Feb 09 1988Two STARS$SECTION files view/comment ???
181.03SUBURB::PLATTPWed Feb 10 1988Another budding STARS user
182.02SUBURB::PLATTPWed Feb 10 1988A bug with STARS/ADD in V2.2-1
183.01SUBURB::PLATTPWed Feb 10 1988Spell checker problems?
184.02LINCON::NSOHLWed Feb 10 1988Articles without an expiration date
185.02HBO::BENTONSat Feb 20 1988V2.3 - release date?
186.02CLARID::PETERSWed Feb 24 1988How to purge a training database?
187.01HBO::BACHELDERWed Feb 24 1988STARS Training?
188.01HBO::BACHELDERWed Feb 24 1988STARS linked with VTX?
189.03HLFSFri Mar 04 1988Wanted Replace/unique_identifier
190.04HLFSThu Mar 10 1988Getting title lists without using KP9 ?
191.04HLFSThu Mar 10 1988Changing stemming algorithm (DECSA --> DEC) ?
192.05RDGENG::NODDLEMon Mar 14 1988A couple of questions.
193.04CUJO::MEIERTue Mar 15 1988Automatic Star Update Procedures
194.04NOETIC::RUSSELLMon Mar 21 1988Optimize screens for dial-up users
195.05HLFSTue Mar 22 1988STARS and hackers
196.010MAKER::ALVEYFri Apr 01 1988STARS v2.3 coming soon
197.02TOMLIN::ROMBERGFri Apr 15 1988Boolean header searches?
198.0NOETIC::WILLISMon Apr 18 1988STARS V2.3 Has 3 New Undocumented Editing Features
199.03TKTVTue Apr 19 1988VEGA-F-BADVIN
200.01TKTVTue Apr 19 1988STARS VERSION
201.08GIDDAY::PETTERSENWed Apr 20 1988VMS V5 release of *STARS* ?
202.042NOETIC::KOLBEThu Apr 21 1988GERBIL
203.02BISTRO::GEERDESFri Apr 22 1988Program calls STARS calls Program ?
204.04BISTRO::GEERDESTue Apr 26 1988bliss/stars question
205.05NOETIC::WILLISWed Apr 27 1988Need For Additional Levels Of Text Viewability
208.0BARAKA::BOTTOMSWed Apr 27 1988Can't prevent local extract
209.03BARAKA::BOTTOMSWed Apr 27 1988Down means up?
210.0BSS::RUSSELLThu Apr 28 1988Directory not found error
211.0BSS::RUSSELLThu Apr 28 1988Problem with remote database
212.0BSS::RUSSELLThu Apr 28 1988STARS distrib. & support
214.05HLFSTue May 03 1988STARS V2.3 installation problems
215.03CSC32::GAZZARAWed May 04 1988Can STARS sort be changed?
216.06KIPPIS::BACKSTROMFri May 13 1988SELECT with <RETURN>
217.0NOETIC::KOLBEFri May 13 1988netserver does not imply free access
218.01SUBURB::PLATTPMon May 23 1988Server use
219.01MDVAX3::DESTERWed May 25 1988who clears the access counter?
220.01MDVAX3::DESTERWed May 25 1988TPU.TJL files?
221.0XANADU::FLEISCHERFri May 27 1988Content-based Information Retrieval Conference
222.05SUBURB::PLATTPWed Jun 01 1988STARS V2.3 synonym problem
223.010MDVAX3::DESTERMon Jun 06 1988Using LSE as default editor
224.01BEAGLE::STEERTue Jun 07 1988STARS server enhancement
225.01KAOFS::READTue Jun 07 1988STARS$SERVER password plaintext in W:RE file
226.01CSC32::BLAYLOCKFri Jun 10 1988STARS leaves comment journal files (.TJL) around
227.03AZTECH::ALVEYFri Jun 10 1988Release Notes for STARS v2.3-11
228.07CSC32::BLAYLOCKFri Jun 10 1988Window Erasure does not clear exit text from Control-Z/F1
229.03LINCON::NSOHLFri Jun 17 1988Database Numbers Magically Change
230.01LEG::SUTCLIFFETue Jun 21 1988V2.2 and V2.3 Extracts Compatable ?
231.0AZTECH::ALVEYTue Jun 21 1988Announcement of STARS V2.3-12
232.010CSC32::ROGENMOSERWed Jun 22 1988New functionality on FILE function
233.01CSC32::ROGENMOSERFri Jun 24 1988Insert/Overstrike on TITLE line?
234.06CURIUS::CIUFFINITue Jun 28 1988Query for title list only?
235.0AZTECH::ALVEYTue Jun 28 1988a bizarre error and its work around in v2.3-12
236.03NOETIC::KOLBETue Jul 05 1988place STARS$STARTUP before STARTNET
237.02CURIUS::CIUFFINIWed Jul 06 1988... looking for a PASCAL file ...
238.0CURIUS::CIUFFINIThu Jul 07 1988... Sample Pascal code problem ...
239.0CURIUS::CIUFFINIFri Jul 08 1988... Calling STARS w/queries from PASCAL? ...
240.02CURIUS::CIUFFINIMon Jul 11 1988... Non-stemmed database ...
241.05KERNEL::BROWNTue Jul 12 1988Synonym expansion with V2.3-12
242.02CLOSUS::MILLERTue Jul 12 1988/MESSAGE documentation or implementation problem
243.01CSC32::B_MACKENZIEMon Jul 18 1988New Cursor Movement Undesireable
244.04CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Jul 19 1988Is there a unique STARs index for each article?
245.03CSC32::ROGENMOSERThu Jul 21 1988new SOFT_STUFF database?
246.010CSC32::GAZZARAThu Jul 28 1988%SMG-F-INVCOL Adding Article
247.01TKTVFri Jul 29 1988%RMS-F-RER file read error
248.01HLFSFri Jul 29 1988Can not use 2 different server nodes at same time
249.02CLOSUS::SCHILLINGFri Jul 29 1988ED Services Library System Needs Assessment
250.09BEAGLE::STEERMon Aug 01 1988STARS and release notes
251.02HLFSWed Aug 03 1988STARS pagefile usages, large, larger,....
252.05CSC32::R_EULENSTEINWed Aug 03 1988Order of Qualifiers Makes a Difference?
253.04USHSWed Aug 03 1988stars allin1 scratchpad
254.03CUJO::MEIERThu Aug 04 1988(Gerbil --> STARS database full)
255.06CURIUS::CIUFFINIThu Aug 04 1988... Support for code/ing? ...
256.0AZTECH::ROBBINSThu Aug 04 1988STARS is Proprietary Software
257.04AMUSED::CIUFFINIMon Aug 08 1988... The Human Interface ...
258.01AZTECH::ALVEYMon Aug 08 1988record locked on purge
260.0AZTECH::ALVEYWed Aug 10 1988STARS usage status
261.09CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Aug 15 1988Printing of STRS articles could be easier...
262.08BEAGLE::MOSERMon Aug 15 1988Extract to file gives 'normal successful completion'...
263.02RIGEL4::DPETERSONWed Aug 17 1988STATUS Line Incorrect when Doing a SUBQUERY
264.03AZTECH::ROBBINSWed Aug 17 1988Freeing up more space for text
265.01LEG::SUTCLIFFEFri Aug 19 1988Adding text files from buffers ??
266.03SUBURB::PLATTPMon Aug 22 1988Help. RMS-E-PRV error...
267.02ESPN::BENTONMon Aug 22 1988strange \NO OPERATION\ error
268.01AZTECH::ALVEYTue Aug 23 1988STARS v2.3-14 Release Notes
269.01PRSOIS::NAGLEThu Aug 25 1988Clarification..
271.010CSC32::BLAYLOCKWed Aug 31 1988STARS aborts with a NOMSG error when selecting a remote DB
272.01CLOSUS::MILLERThu Sep 01 1988Question about STRS/REPLACE in .COM file process
273.04LINCON::DEGROSSThu Sep 01 1988DUMPLOG BUG with CHAMP v1.2
274.06ROMTue Sep 06 1988Stars like asset:is it possible?
275.02HILLST::MENCYWed Sep 07 1988<Out-of-date>
276.05BISTRO::GEERDESThu Sep 08 1988Problem with callable STARS
277.06PUPPIS::LENGYELFri Sep 16 1988Invalid Max record size when creating database
278.01AIAG::HANSSENMon Sep 19 1988Add/Delete Synonym Bug
280.02HBO::BACHELDERFri Oct 07 1988Word stem question
281.01CSCMA::DEL_VECCHIOFri Oct 07 1988Can I get a copy of the STARS software
282.015NEXUS::B_GEIGERFri Oct 07 1988Wish list
283.0FOOT::OTTENTue Oct 11 1988useful extract by application
284.08FOOT::OTTENTue Oct 11 1988Help Wanted - Apply within
285.01HLFSTue Oct 11 1988STARS$SERVER needs SYSNAM ??!!!!
286.0345416::OTTENThu Oct 13 1988copying updates - fails
287.02LINCON::NSOHLMon Oct 17 1988System Modify Date
288.02HBO::BACHELDERMon Oct 17 1988CAUTION notice question
289.04HILLST::STARSTue Oct 18 1988Command table problem V2.3-14
290.04CUTLAS::FENTROSSThu Oct 27 1988Problem characters for STARS
291.023HBO::BACHELDERThu Oct 27 1988How is SERVER set up?
292.02HBO::BACHELDERMon Oct 31 1988General questions
293.02HBO::BACHELDERWed Nov 02 1988How are files "attached"?
294.01--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 04 1988NOOPERATION error on DB open
295.02BEAGLE::STEERMon Nov 07 1988FLASH date
296.01BEAGLE::STEERMon Nov 07 1988exit
297.03HBO::BACHELDERMon Nov 07 1988Access to STARS software
298.01HBO::BACHELDERMon Nov 07 1988Who's CAUTION Text is displayed?
299.02INCH::OTTENTue Nov 15 1988Any Takers?
300.01HBO::BACHELDERThu Nov 17 1988Server & Extracting text
301.08KIPPIS::BACKSTROMTue Nov 22 1988Show art. no of cursor line in header display
302.02FOOT::OTTENWed Nov 23 1988Where's it gone?
303.03KIPPIS::BACKSTROMSun Nov 27 1988MACRO/LEARN feature?
304.02FOOT::OTTENMon Nov 28 1988library stars
305.06FOOT::OTTENTue Nov 29 1988Stars from SPAWN problem
306.011CSC32::ROGENMOSERTue Nov 29 1988Wish List for Modify Function
307.0PILOU::MOSERMon Dec 05 1988STARS V2.3 needs to be updated for V5.1
308.08AZTECH::ALVEYThu Dec 08 1988STARS V2.4
309.05PILOU::ANDERSENMon Dec 12 1988Uppercase >< Lowercase queries
310.03AZTECH::ALVEYTue Dec 20 1988Announcement of STARS V2.4-1 kit and documentation
311.024CSC32::KLIMASWed Dec 21 1988some requests
312.05KAOFS::D_STJEANSun Dec 25 1988Diagnostic Query Problem.
313.05BAGELS::FINNERTYWed Jan 04 1989VEGA fatal Checksum error ?
314.03BAGELS::FINNERTYWed Jan 04 1989Documentation Error - Default values CREATE_DB
315.0BSS::RUSSELLThu Jan 05 1989File not found error
316.03KARHU::DUFFYFri Jan 06 1989Channel error entering View Mode
317.09BAGELS::FINNERTYFri Jan 06 1989Latest on ARTICLE NUMBER (Userfriendly) searches?
318.011BAGELS::FINNERTYWed Jan 11 1989DEC Product soon to come????
319.02BAGELS::FINNERTYWed Jan 11 1989Sites using STARS & other STARS trivia???
320.02BAGELS::FINNERTYThu Jan 12 1989SPAWNing out of STARS into DCL ???
321.09RIGEL4::STARSXFRThu Jan 12 1989Getting SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO using COMMENT
322.03BAGELS::FINNERTYThu Jan 12 1989STARS "QUICK REF. CARD" available ????
323.024AZTECH::ALVEYMon Jan 16 1989new STARS_SERVER.COM
324.03VIDEO::PEACOCKTue Jan 17 1989Database list available?
325.02BAGELS::FINNERTYThu Jan 19 1989WISH for Insert mode using KP5.
327.06HBO::BACHELDERThu Feb 02 1989Dup Unique Id PROBLEM
328.06HBO::BACHELDERWed Feb 08 1989Help needed on security
329.02HBO::BACHELDERWed Feb 08 1989Help needed on rights id's
330.01HLFSSat Feb 11 1989STARS server blocking activity ?
331.01ESPN::KOHTue Feb 14 1989What a huge filename!
332.016HBO::BACHELDERWed Feb 15 1989Same Query 2 different results
333.054555Thu Feb 16 1989Changing the Query Algorithm
334.02YARD::OTTENTue Feb 21 1989Title list losing articles?
335.01HLFSThu Mar 02 1989Think about:.... STRS/PURGE/BEFORE
336.03RIGEL4::NSOHLMon Mar 06 1989Move to delay V2.4
337.05HLFSWed Mar 08 1989CRMPSC system service failed to map global buffers
338.05HARPO::WARDFri Mar 10 1989Call for Star experiences
339.04KUDZU::WEIRTue Mar 14 1989Reserved Operand Fault
340.04YUCATN::ALVEYThu Mar 16 1989Announcement of STARS V2.4-2 kit and documentation
341.06CADSE::GILCHRESTFri Mar 24 1989STARS as a SPR tracking tool?
342.0NOETIC::KOLBEWed Mar 29 1989proxy account problem
343.03GUIDUK::STEBBINSFri Mar 31 1989How full is my database?
344.01HLFSThu Apr 06 1989keep on working... after error-message
345.0YUCATN::ALVEYThu Apr 06 1989Access violation in STARS V2.4-1 and -2 (and before)
346.02NOETIC::SAUNDERSSun Apr 16 1989BUG in kitinstall if STARS directory not root directory
347.05GIDDAY::SOMMERVILLETue May 09 1989Particular terminal type for stars?
348.01AZTECH::ALVEYTue May 09 1989Announcement of STARS V2.4-4 kit and documentation
349.010DUNE::BOTTOMSTue May 16 1989Multi-level access suggestion
350.03CSC32::ROGENMOSERFri May 19 1989Enhancement To Error Handling -Wishlist
351.014HLFSMon May 22 1989STARS editor help under V5
352.0CSC32::K_PARRISFri Jun 02 1989VAX Text
353.03BUSHIE::PETTERSENSun Jun 04 1989DECwindows interface ?
354.02FAVAX::CRAWFORDWed Jun 07 1989So close...yet so far away!!!
355.02CLOSUS::CHESNEYThu Jun 22 1989Return codes from DCL level
356.09CSC32::GAZZARASun Jul 09 1989Request for more info in comment subject line
357.03DEPOT::BRUNELLEMon Jul 10 1989STARS & Notefiles
358.08BRSRHM::PIRLETFri Jul 14 1989No control_z anymore ??
359.025CARDHU::HILLMon Jul 17 1989Kit for STARSCBI on V5.
360.01CSC32::ROGENMOSERWed Jul 26 1989Question on NOT boolean operator
361.05SX4GTO::BERNARDThu Jul 27 1989Hanging under captive account?
362.010RICARD::WLODEKMon Jul 31 1989DECSA / DEMSA stemming.
364.0XANADU::FLEISCHERMon Aug 07 1989Reusable answers -- an idea whose time has come!
365.0AIAG::ANICKMon Aug 07 1989Looking for unstemmed synonym list
366.05CSC32::ROGENMOSERMon Aug 07 1989Wishlist Item - Prioritize Databases
367.02HLFSTue Aug 08 1989ACCVIO with STARS
368.07BALZAC::COUILLAULTThu Aug 10 1989french long text database
369.02CSC32::GAZZARAWed Aug 16 1989%VEGA-F-VEGA_ITMALROPN Error
370.020MCGRUE::ANDYFri Aug 18 1989STARS Version 3.
371.04ESPN::VELEZFri Aug 18 1989CLUSTER vs. NODE names?
372.03GUNADO::SOMMERVILLEMon Aug 28 1989Mail articles from STARS?
373.02SUBURB::MILLSONMWed Aug 30 1989help? vegashr.exe
374.05HLFSWed Sep 06 1989%VEGA-F-BADBLINK, what to do ?
375.04AZTECH::RYERThu Sep 07 1989How's the documentation?
376.08BAGELS::FINNERTYMon Sep 18 1989Getting RMS Fatal errors Add/Deleting.
377.04COMICS::PULLEYThu Sep 21 1989Ai Stars on Vt*?
378.04AIAG::ANICKThu Sep 21 1989What is "AI-STARS" ?
379.03CSC32::GAZZARATue Oct 10 1989SPELL capability w/in STARS...
380.013CSC32::IRONSTue Oct 31 1989STARS Enhancement
381.0234223::GELBERTue Oct 31 1989Looking for a product description
382.03GUNADO::SOMMERVILLETue Nov 14 1989Output from ILKG system no longer .FEF format
383.02HLFSThu Nov 16 1989Multiple down arrow => back to the top
384.012NOETIC::SWANSONThu Nov 16 1989STARS functionality request from Japan
385.05CHPSC::CHRISTIEFri Nov 17 1989Searching in long articles
386.04CSC32::ROGENMOSERTue Nov 21 1989'NOTHING FOUND' key function
387.05KAOFS::K_MAINWed Nov 29 1989STARS Updating questions ...
388.0257394::BAIRD_2Mon Dec 04 1989Limiting Search Information?
389.01ASDS::KENNEDYMon Dec 04 1989Control of FEF Indexing
390.01CSC32::KACHELMYERFri Dec 08 1989STARS database number overflows field
391.05AZTECH::ALVEYMon Dec 11 1989Announcement of STARS V2.4-5 kit and documentation
392.01BALZAC::COUILLAULTWed Dec 13 1989Tried to learn French to STARS!
393.04BAGELS::FINNERTYTue Dec 19 1989VMS Bugchecks from Corrupted STARS files.
394.03GUNADO::SOMMERVILLEWed Dec 20 1989Format file/update broken by STARS V2.4-5
395.03GUNADO::SOMMERVILLEThu Dec 21 1989Performance problems with V2.4-5
396.01BSS::WILLISTue Dec 26 1989Articles Queried W/O Using Zero-Filled #'s Aren't Found
397.05BSS::WILLISTue Dec 26 1989%RMS-F-FNF Error Rec'd When Exiting From Header Screen
398.02CSC32::GAZZARATue Dec 26 1989Enhancement to comment facility display...
399.01EXIT26::CREWSWed Jan 03 1990Network Server problem ...
401.03AZTECH::ALVEYFri Jan 12 1990Announcement of STARS V2.4-6 kit and documentation
402.04EXIT26::ZIKAWed Jan 24 1990Moving STARS databases to a new VAXcluster
403.02KAOFS::K_MAINMon Jan 29 1990How to increase database size with active users ??
404.01TKTVFS::MATSUZAWATue Feb 06 1990FF code in STARS article
405.02CSC32::ROGENMOSERTue Feb 13 1990Session not being journal from TPU
406.06CSC32::LEFEVREThu Feb 15 1990Screen Painting Prob in V2.4-6
407.01TIMA::STEERFri Feb 23 1990SUBQUERY inconsistent result
408.05GUNADO::SOMMERVILLEMon Feb 26 1990DB rebuild without .KEYWORDS or .TITLE files?
409.04AZUR::RECHTWed Feb 28 1990V2.4-6 signals bogus %RMS-F-EXT error
411.0333529::MULLERSat Mar 03 1990Opening to the world?
412.02CSC32::LEFEVREMon Mar 05 1990Report matches on *unselected* DBs?
413.02KAOFS::K_MAINTue Mar 06 1990STARS open with "write ??"
414.012RETTA::HAWLEYSun Mar 11 1990Problem with article extract to a file
415.05COGITO::ZIKAMon Mar 12 1990STARS_ASSOC_FUNCTION questions
416.06STRIKE::LENGYELWed Mar 14 1990%RMS-F-PRV, insufficient privilege or file protection violation
417.05TIMA::TURNDALThu Mar 15 1990Article Header has LAST ACCESS Date, How to search on it ?
418.04CSC32::LEFEVRESun Mar 18 1990Stemming request from user
420.01COGITO::ZIKAFri Mar 30 1990Brief shareable File Descriptions wanted
421.02COGITO::ZIKATue Apr 03 1990STARS from a Read-Only Device, Shareable STARS?
422.09XLII::NSOHLWed Apr 11 1990Article Quality Indicators
423.01SHARE::DEVIWed Apr 18 1990Intro info?
424.03PUGH::ANDYFri Apr 20 1990Converting documentation to STARS FEF
425.07PUGH::MILLSONMWed Apr 25 1990access violation on starsv2.4-6
426.05SED75Thu Apr 26 1990Comments Problem - Buffer Already Full
427.02SED75Thu Apr 26 1990Title List Order Varies
428.02TKTVFS::MATSUZAWAFri Apr 27 1990Handling "ISIS" in STARS
430.06COGITO::ZIKATue May 08 1990Looking for latest Rev of STARS -- V2.4-7
431.05MSTIME::GROSSMANThu May 10 1990Can we improve the STARS user interface?
432.0AZTECH::ALVEYFri May 11 1990STARS V2.4-7 Delayed
433.09TIMA::STEERTue May 15 1990db_compare
434.02TIMA::STEERTue May 15 1990article buffer size / fdl
435.07CSCMA::MAYNARDWed May 16 1990STARS title extract in Batch
436.014AZTECH::ALVEYThu May 17 1990STARS V2.4-7 changed to V2.5-1
437.01CSC32::ROGENMOSERThu May 17 1990hyperinformation support?
438.09TIMA::SMITHThu May 31 1990Hidden Lines and Number of Articles Questions
439.03HLFSWed Jun 06 1990VEGA BADVIN, what to do
440.01CHEFS::CULLIGANHMon Jun 11 1990ALL-IN-1 to STARS
441.03SX4GTO::BERNARDMon Jun 18 1990STARS databases over multiple disks
442.015AZTECH::ALVEYMon Jul 09 1990Announcement of STARS V2.5-1 kit and documentation
443.02BUNYIP::QUODLINGWed Jul 18 1990Access for Developers.
444.05MSCSSE::SILVERWed Jul 18 1990Why does this update fail?
445.05UKCSSE::PLATTMon Jul 23 1990Guidelines for article writing?
446.02TIMA::STEERTue Jul 24 1990blank comments
447.03AZUR::BODINWed Jul 25 1990Access to db stored on CD-ROM
448.016AZUR::BODINWed Jul 25 1990Logical database question
449.0AZTECH::ALVEYThu Jul 26 1990Announcement of STARS V2.5-2 kit and documentation
450.03AZTECH::ALVEYWed Aug 01 1990Differences between V2.4 and V2.5 FEFs
451.05HEAD::OTTENMon Aug 20 1990Utility for Hypertexting Articles...
452.0AZTECH::ALVEYThu Aug 23 1990V2.5-2 bug; Article header query followed by text search returns wrong match count
453.0AZTECH::ALVEYThu Aug 23 1990V2.5-2 bug; Nulls in FEF from V2.4 database cause premature termination
454.0AZTECH::ALVEYThu Aug 23 1990V2.5-3 enhancement; STRS/CONVERT speed increased
455.0445218::CLARKETue Sep 04 1990STARS Bug - Help !
456.02BSS::J_LUNDYTue Sep 11 1990STARS and the 'global village'
458.01CSC32::LEFEVREMon Sep 17 1990STARS V2.5-3 Nits
459.01TIMA::STEERThu Sep 20 1990STARS_BATCH / no WRITE access.
460.08CSC32::GULDENFri Sep 28 1990Default database numbers too small
461.02--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 03 1990Online Help ?
462.0345218::CLARKEWed Oct 03 1990Online Help ?
463.02REFINE::DEL_VECCHIOThu Oct 04 1990Is A Wildcard Search Possible
464.03BLKWDO::LESCAULTTue Oct 16 1990Stars_user identifier required?
465.01BLKWDO::LESCAULTWed Oct 17 1990Is the identifier stars_user mandatory
466.03CAM::BRENNANThu Oct 18 1990Extraction of Articles, Help, Titles.
467.03TIMA::STEERFri Oct 19 1990synonym file modified
468.04TIMA::STEERMon Oct 22 1990this database was last updated on ??
469.06CSC32::ROGENMOSERMon Oct 22 1990No matches on search of qualifier, if no space
470.0145218::CLARKEFri Oct 26 1990Title Name Order ?
471.05AZTECH::ALVEYWed Nov 07 1990Announcement of STARS V2.5-3 kit and documentation
472.02LINCN3::HAWLEYFri Nov 09 1990STARS V2.5-3 (11/7/9
473.06CSOA1::BARNARDThu Dec 06 1990product status??
474.03MARX::CHANDLERTue Dec 11 1990.FEF Error Handling?
475.01CAM::BRENNANWed Dec 12 1990Extracting multiple articles
476.01CSC32::D_WEEKSMon Dec 17 1990STARS 2.5-3 Apparent Bug with Boolean Searches
477.04CAM::BRENNANThu Dec 27 1990Interactive modify
478.03LDOMTS::SYSTEMThu Jan 03 1991Problem accessing STARS V2.4-7 from CHOPS V2.2
479.01BEAGLE::REZUCHAMon Jan 07 1991Callable routine to return a stemmed string?
480.010AZTECH::WAGNERMon Jan 07 1991How important are highlighted words?
481.01SUBURB::64849::MARKThu Jan 17 1991Unable to access AZTECH
482.04CSC32::BLAYLOCKWed Jan 30 1991Why does Stars use TT as its input device?
483.01TINCUP::KOLBEFri Feb 01 1991STARS bookreader documentation oddity
484.01ASDS::BAIRD_2Fri Feb 08 1991Cutting down the STARS.LOG file?!?
485.01POLAR::YUILLMon Feb 25 1991Who Can and/or Should Use?
486.04SED75Wed Mar 27 1991Paralell Versions Of STARS Req'd
487.01CSC32::GAZZARAFri Mar 29 1991New articles not appearing from EIRS sessions
488.01SED75Fri Apr 05 1991Customer Alternative To STARS ?
489.04CLOSUS::DCHAVEZThu Apr 11 1991Error in File's Prolog?
490.016WSCThu Apr 11 1991Suggestion for mult-session auto startup
491.04DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Apr 11 1991next release of stars requires an LMF license
492.014SHIPS::COLWELL_DMon Apr 15 1991Do I need to convert database
493.0AZTECH::LASTOVICAWed Apr 17 1991program to analyze article text sizes in a database
494.024AZTECH::LASTOVICAMon Apr 22 1991performance and tuning guidelines and suggestions
495.0DUCATI::LASTOVICATue Apr 23 1991unusuall server bug fixed in 2.5-4: problem details
496.04TIMA::STEERWed Apr 24 1991"invalid maximum record"
498.0DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Apr 25 1991stars installation generates stars$server account password
499.015AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu Apr 25 1991article delete performance improvement
500.03TIMA::SMITHMon Apr 29 1991LOCAL Flag - What does it mean?
501.01DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Apr 29 1991Sneak Peek at the 2.5-4 release notes
502.011SED75Thu May 02 1991Logical Node Search List
503.05FMCSSE::GROSSMANMon May 06 1991CLI failure using STARS callable interface.
504.06YIPPEE::EZLIFE::YURCHAKTue May 07 1991Using VIEW Mode to get to an external package
505.01USTIM2::MULLIGANMon May 13 1991%VEGA-F-VEGA_UNALLOC, buffer is not allocated
506.01AZTECH::LASTOVICAWed May 15 1991STARS V2.5-4 announcement and kit availability
507.02ESGWST::MOEHLENPAHThu May 16 1991problem with undefined terminal
508.01BSS::P_PREMOVICHMon May 20 1991Strange behavior with server and "mixed" versions
509.05USTIM2::MULLIGANThu May 30 1991STARS Mail Accvios
510.02BSS::SAUNDERSMon Jun 03 1991STARS load access violates
511.09BSS::P_PREMOVICHThu Jun 06 1991VEGA_BADBLINK error extracting to an FEF
512.07ALFAI::HENNESSYThu Jun 06 1991TPU-F-IDMISMATCH w/ 2.5
513.0AZTECH::LASTOVICAFri Jun 07 1991program to zero out the VIN of an existing article
514.04TRUCKS::STIMSONMon Jun 10 1991Stars Standalone?
515.014AZUR::BODINTue Jun 11 1991Problems with STARS$ routines
516.01MINDER::WEBSTERMTue Jun 11 1991How much does STARS cost ?
517.02XLII::DHOCHTue Jun 11 1991STARS is parsing APPLE down to APPL
518.011AZUR::BODINFri Jun 14 1991Trying to use TOOL_ROUTINE_R param of STARS$STARS.
519.02XLII::DHOCHMon Jun 24 1991How do you execute External Procedures in STARS?
520.05BEAGLE::REZUCHAWed Jul 03 1991GERBIL loops creating .FEF files?
521.04TIMA::STEERThu Jul 04 1991resetting of current access count
522.07PAPE::GARCIAMon Jul 08 1991Where to find GERBIL ? (with current STARS support)
523.03ISLNDS::SCHWABETue Jul 16 1991version 2.4 installation info needed
524.03USTIM2::MULLIGANThu Jul 25 1991%SPWY-F-INVCONNUM, Invalid connection number
525.02WSCTue Jul 30 1991HyperText Links not Visible from Remote Database
526.09HLFSThu Aug 01 1991STARS/format <>delete fails with STARS_ALLPRIV ident
527.07XLII::DPETERSONFri Aug 02 1991STARS crashes using FLAGS=NOREADY/BEFORE=date
528.02MARX::ANDERSONThu Aug 08 1991Any kit available for ultrix
529.015AZTECH::ROBBINSThu Aug 15 1991Possible new release of V2
531.03AZUR::PIALETWed Aug 21 1991Problem with call to STRS$STRS
532.015EEMELI::HELMINENMon Sep 02 1991STARS server crashes to accesss violation
533.0DUCATI::LASTOVICATue Sep 10 1991number of articles is 2147483647 with remote database
534.0DUCATI::LASTOVICAWed Sep 18 1991boolean query bug fixed for next version
535.011BSS::SAUNDERSFri Sep 20 1991STARS unique_id keyword conflicts
536.07SED75Thu Oct 03 1991Banner Line Message Suppression ?
537.01SED75Fri Oct 04 1991Difference In Keys
538.03AZUR::BODINMon Oct 07 1991\! hidden lines
539.0528789::LASTOVICATue Oct 15 1991coordinated databases
540.02FMCSSE::GROSSMANTue Oct 15 1991STARS_ITMDEF.H not in the V2.5-3 kit.
541.04CSC32::J_KLEINThu Oct 17 1991KEYWORDS going away?
542.06XLII::DPETERSONMon Oct 21 1991Two problems found if STARS V2.5-4
543.03SITDWN::CHANDLERWed Oct 23 1991\\ adding keyword to .fef entry \\ usuage with .fef entries
544.01PAPE::GARCIAWed Oct 23 1991Are docs on new STARS version available ?
545.02ASDS::BAIRD_2Thu Oct 24 1991DCL access to MAX Articles #?
546.0NECSC::RAINVILLEFri Oct 25 1991Article Writer Questions or Enhancements
547.03NECSC::RAINVILLEFri Oct 25 1991Article Writer Keyword function not working properly
548.01BSS::SAUNDERSMon Nov 04 1991Unexpected rusults from boolean query
549.0AZTECH::LASTOVICAMon Nov 04 1991more boolean query bugs fixed in 2.5-5
550.04KAOFS::K_MAINTue Nov 12 1991Is there way to force exit of users on stars db's ?
551.04VAXWRK::HARRINGTONWed Nov 13 1991Help updating STARS databases?
552.04SED75Fri Nov 15 1991STARS V2.5-5
554.044AZTECH::LASTOVICATue Nov 26 1991Announcing the STARS X2.5-5 field test release
555.08BSS::P_PREMOVICHTue Dec 03 1991STARS-F-VEGA_INCBMFL loading an article after x2.5-5
556.02BSS::MONDRAGONMon Dec 09 1991No articles relating to your query could be found
557.06AZUR::PIALETTue Dec 10 1991Problem with STARS$DB_INFO return values
559.04BAKER::DOUGTue Dec 10 1991a problem w/ logical Db's and keywords?
560.05CSC32::S_ROSCIOWed Dec 11 1991STARS d/b Itemlist and Sessions
561.01CUJO::BROWNThu Dec 12 1991X2.5-5 Server Problem?
562.011CUJO::BROWNThu Dec 12 1991Maximum number of Databases?
563.04XLII::DPETERSONFri Dec 13 1991/NEVER does not work correctly in V2.5-5
564.03TINCUP::S_ROSCIOSun Dec 15 1991STARS X2.5-5 & AccVio
565.03AZTECH::LASTOVICAWed Dec 18 1991customer interest in STARS?
566.01BSS::MONDRAGONWed Dec 18 19911.4.2 of release notes has a grammar error
567.02BSS::SAUNDERSThu Dec 19 1991Command line database should overide /noshow
568.03USTIM2::MULLIGANThu Dec 19 1991Virtual Databases
569.01USTIM2::MULLIGANThu Dec 19 1991Release Notes span beyond 8
570.04USTIM2::MULLIGANThu Dec 19 1991SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO during unique setup
571.03USTIM2::MULLIGANThu Dec 19 1991Virtual Databases
572.01BSS::SAUNDERSFri Dec 20 1991Bug with Sessions and header query
573.02BSS::SAUNDERSFri Dec 20 1991Items for default badge and name fields?
574.01BSS::SAUNDERSFri Dec 20 1991Default address for extract to mail
575.013XLII::DPETERSONFri Dec 20 1991Getting ACCVIO trying to extract to mail or file
577.02FIXES::CALANDRAMon Dec 23 1991Extract text & mail, can't get hidden or header
578.02BSS::SAUNDERSMon Dec 23 1991List of owners on display environment
580.02USTIM2::MULLIGANThu Dec 26 1991Error during the installation
581.05HLFSMon Dec 30 1991STARS server login and INSPECT
582.04AZUR::BODINMon Dec 30 1991Problem with stars$k_tool_rtn
583.01USTIM2::MULLIGANTue Dec 31 1991Single PRINT_QUEUE entry in STARS$DATABASE_LIST doesn't print
584.04USTIM2::MULLIGANTue Dec 31 1991More help for the users...
585.06USTIM2::MULLIGANThu Jan 02 1992Coordinated Databases
586.01USTIM2::MULLIGANThu Jan 02 1992Keypad 9
587.02XLII::DPETERSONFri Jan 03 1992Still get SKIPLINE message for every line
588.0BSS::SAUNDERSMon Jan 06 1992Changes restrictions in release notes
589.019BAKER::DOUGMon Jan 06 1992curiosity w/ STARS rights
590.04BSS::RUSSELLWed Jan 08 19922.5-5 from CHAMP 1.6
591.08BSS::RUSSELLWed Jan 08 19922.5-5 from CHAMP 2.3
592.05AZUR::BODINThu Jan 09 1992Problem with extract all articles from title list level?
593.08CUJO::BROWNFri Jan 10 1992"Session not found in list" error
594.02FOOSW6::ZIPPFri Jan 10 1992Table of contents file for STARS?
595.0XAIPE::KOLBEFri Jan 10 1992co-ordinated database surprise
596.05TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Jan 10 1992Duplication in Virtual D/B's
597.013AZUR::PIALETMon Jan 13 1992Pb specifying Boolean Query in DB Item list
598.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon Jan 13 1992Suggestion: Scroll Margins
599.013AZTECH::LASTOVICAMon Jan 13 1992stars 2.5-5 requiring vms 5.4 or later?
600.04BAKER::DOUGTue Jan 14 1992possible problem w/ coordinated DB's
601.0263742::KOLBETue Jan 14 1992accvio on extract to printer
602.03XAIPE::KOLBEFri Jan 17 1992invalid item length on mail option
603.02AZUR::PIALETMon Jan 20 1992Problem when specifying QUERY_STRING in STARS$STARS
605.04AZUR::BODINThu Jan 23 1992Problem with SMG and callback routines
606.01AZUR::BODINThu Jan 23 1992%SMG-F-INVROW for empty article
607.02CSC32::R_SAUNDERSThu Jan 23 1992Less than 6 digit badge hoses Badge/Name fields
608.01CSC32::LEFEVREThu Jan 23 1992Hope in V3.n for processor nightmare?
610.09BAKER::DOUGFri Jan 24 1992coordinated DB problem w/ "/NOSHOW" qualifier
611.04MSBCS::KINGSun Jan 26 1992article quality indicator function keys do not work
612.01AZTECH::LASTOVICATue Jan 28 1992current 2.5-5 FT bug list
613.01AZTECH::LASTOVICATue Jan 28 1992calling stars$initialize in other order gives odd result
614.02AIAG::ANICKThu Jan 30 1992AI-STARS Technical papers available
615.04BSS::SAUNDERSFri Jan 31 1992SDD theory decoder needs to handle logical/virtual databases
616.01AZUR::BODINMon Feb 10 1992Problem with Show word stem
617.01ULYSSE::M_BLASSINMon Feb 10 1992STARS$STARS .and. TPU ?
618.08NEWOA::SUTTONThu Feb 13 1992calls to VEGASHR / .VEGA files
619.0AZTECH::LASTOVICAFri Feb 14 19922.5-5 nearing end of field test
620.01CSC32::GAZZARAFri Feb 14 1992MAIL Extract Doesn't Display Error...
621.01AZTECH::LASTOVICATue Feb 18 1992Announcing the STARS V2.5-5 release kit
622.011CSC32::GAZZARAWed Feb 19 1992MESSAGE-1?
623.02SHALOT::TROTTAWed Feb 19 1992Upgrade path from V2.4-2 => V2.5-5?
624.01CARROL::DEVANEYSat Feb 22 1992how to update databases ?
625.08SED75Tue Mar 03 1992STRS/EXTRACT Problem With V2.5-5
626.04ULYSSE::M_BLASSINWed Mar 04 1992Problem using starsdba$___ routines, help needed.
628.03GIDDAY::DOUGLASMFri Mar 06 1992how about some consistency, guys?
629.02XLII::DPETERSONFri Mar 06 1992Will PRINT_QUEUE accept a logical name?
630.03DUCATI::LASTOVICATue Mar 10 1992request for better /BOOLEAN string handling in the database list file
631.010KERNEL::WHEELERThu Mar 12 1992Problem with ASSOCIATED FUNCTIONS
632.0BSS::SAUNDERSThu Mar 12 1992Database list next/prev selected database
633.01CSC32::GAZZARAThu Mar 12 1992Querying on Zero-filled Numbers
634.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Mar 12 1992Working msg not turned off b4 pbd update
635.04HLFSMon Mar 16 1992License terminates ?
636.03SED75Tue Mar 17 1992> 1 STARS$DATABASE_LIST File ?
637.01CUJO::BROWNTue Mar 17 1992Error Reporting
638.02SBPEXE::OTTENThu Mar 19 1992RMS-F-TMO ,timeout period expired
639.02USTIM2::MULLIGANThu Mar 19 1992Process appears to be looping
640.02AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu Mar 19 1992print to local printer option
641.03LAVGOD::SIMONIANMon Mar 23 1992EIRS account sought
642.06SYMAN1::SNOWLINGTue Mar 24 1992Connection to remote server not available
643.04XAIPE::KOLBETue Mar 24 1992STARS and the laptop keyboard
644.08BSS::SAUNDERSTue Mar 24 1992Problem with Purge
645.03TIMA::TURNDALWed Mar 25 1992STARS logging activity with LOGICAL db's.
646.04ULYSSE::M_BLASSINTue Mar 31 1992Question about $STARS/QUERY/BOOLEAN use.
647.03SED75Fri Apr 03 1992Non-English Characters ?
648.01MINDER::WEBSTERMTue Apr 07 1992vega-f-vega-bufchksum failure reading vega buffer
649.04CSC32::GAZZARATue Apr 07 1992Phrases
650.05CSC32::LEFEVREWed Apr 08 1992Titles-only indexing problem
651.01ALFWFri Apr 17 1992%RMS-F-MRS, invalid maximum record size
652.02XLII::DPETERSONTue Apr 21 1992Strange error modifying an article in V2.5-5
653.04CPDW::HOWINGTONFri Apr 24 1992Help needed: database, headers, hypertext, access
654.09VAXWRK::ZAITCHIKMon Apr 27 1992Documentation on Calling STARS (also C examples)
655.03USTIM2::MULLIGANFri May 01 1992Enhancement request for V2.5-6
656.01DUCAT2::TNXKEN::ERSEKFri May 08 1992Need info. on STARS project
657.010CSC32::GAZZARAFri May 08 1992Another Enchancement Request for STARS 2.5-?
658.02BSS::SAUNDERSMon May 11 1992Enhancements for a future version
659.01BSS::SAUNDERSMon May 18 1992Enhancement: Find articles NOT matching query
660.01AZTECH::ROBBINSThu May 21 1992STARS - Approval of US sales
661.03AZUR::BODINMon Jun 01 1992Request for STARS V2.5-6: callable tool routine message
663.03TINCUP::BENNETTTue Jun 02 1992Another Enhancement Request for V2.5-6
664.02CEDSWS::MYERSThu Jun 04 1992Problem with article link display
665.03CEDSWS::MYERSThu Jun 04 1992Supress msgs from STARS$COMMAND
666.06XLII::DPETERSONFri Jun 05 1992STARS V2.5-6 enh. req. - Alphanumeric badges
667.03XLII::DPETERSONFri Jun 05 1992Two more enhancement requests for STARS V2.5-6
668.03CSC32::LEFEVRETue Jun 09 1992Blank lines eliminated, extract NO hidden text
669.07CSC32::LEFEVRETue Jun 09 1992Sort Order Box?
670.07NECSC::LEVYWed Jun 10 1992STARS V3 - Vendor contributions
671.01GIDDAY::DOUGLASMMon Jun 15 1992not -so-timely BLITZ info?
672.03SED75Tue Jun 16 1992Load Problem
673.02SED75Tue Jun 16 1992V2.5-6 Enh. Req. - /SORT_FIELD=article_title
674.01BSS::SAUNDERSThu Jun 18 1992Fix for checking null modify date in FEF files.
675.05NSDC::DONALDSONTue Jun 23 1992Selectively un-stem or un-noiseword?
676.02ULYSSE::M_BLASSINTue Jun 23 1992Stars$stars problem??
678.08CSC32::GAZZARAMon Jun 29 1992CDMT Enhancement Request for 2.5-6 Database Descriptions
679.04XLII::DPETERSONTue Jun 30 1992Additional CDMT enhancement Requests for V2.5-6
680.08USTIM2::MULLIGANThu Jul 02 1992STARS V2.5-6 enhancment request
681.011USTIM2::MULLIGANWed Jul 15 1992Error while trying to send a comment
682.04HLFSThu Jul 16 1992query algorithm to 5
683.0DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Jul 16 19922.5-6 format of the comment mail subject text enhanced
684.01SED75Mon Jul 27 1992Reassurance Req'd
685.010ULYSSE::M_BLASSINTue Jul 28 1992%STARS-F-OREXPECT, 'OR', 'AND' or ')' expected FATAL ERROR occurs
686.06BSS::SAUNDERSWed Jul 29 1992Bad VIN's repair and checkpointing
688.07SED75Mon Aug 10 1992Text highlighting misbehaviour
689.0DUCATI::LASTOVICAWed Aug 12 1992ITS (and STARS) highlight wrong when terms are hyphenated between lines
690.0DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Aug 17 1992database opening change for 2.5-6
691.01XLII::RGRUVERWed Aug 19 1992How to search for strings in V2?
692.01GIDDAY::DOUGLASMFri Aug 21 1992Timastars database definitions?
693.0DUCATI::LASTOVICASun Aug 30 1992documentation included with the next version of STARS
694.01AZUR::GEERDESFri Sep 04 1992internals question
695.015SAC::MUNRO_MMon Sep 07 1992STARS PAK
696.01RTOEU::CHEESWIJKWed Sep 09 1992customer presentation needed !!!
697.011COPCLU::NISSENFri Sep 11 1992Heavy pagefault with Stars 2.5-5 when sorting
698.01BSS::SAUNDERSMon Sep 14 1992Record locking errors during symultaneous FEF loa
699.03SED75Mon Sep 14 1992STARS$INIT files
700.02HLFSThu Oct 15 1992multiple directories specs not supported ?
701.03DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Oct 19 1992pre-ft version of 2.5-6 available
702.05MEOCTue Oct 20 1992Can We Sell This to Customers ???
703.06AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu Oct 22 1992NOT_SITE= qualifier for extracts
705.02ULYSSE::M_BLASSINMon Oct 26 1992Error in stars online help ?
706.08BSS::MONDRAGONWed Oct 28 1992-STARS-E-RMDBNOACCESS, Access to remote database denied
707.06BSS::SAUNDERSWed Oct 28 1992Change for some -E- messages to -W- or -IChange for some -E- messages to -W- or -IChange for some -E- messages to -W- or -IChange for some -E- messages to -W- or -I- "
708.07SBPEXE::OTTENThu Oct 29 1992Stars editor and Motif Cut/Paste.
710.02DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Nov 02 1992change with stars$node_list file for 2.5-6
711.02XAIPE::KOLBEMon Nov 02 1992STARS T2.5-6 and TIMA V2.3
712.01CSC32::LEFEVREWed Nov 04 1992External functions work TOO well
713.04REOSV3::HUGHESAThu Nov 05 1992/EXTRACT on virtual databases
714.01BSS::SAUNDERSThu Nov 05 1992BUG in enabled associated functions
715.02OPENED::PERUSSE_LThu Nov 05 1992enhancement request
716.05OPENED::LIGHT_LFri Nov 06 1992Reporting by Logical Database
717.011AZTECH::LASTOVICAFri Nov 06 1992Q&A and fact sheet documents
718.027DUCATI::LASTOVICAFri Nov 06 1992Announcing the STARS X2.5-6 field test release kit
719.0DUCATI::LASTOVICAFri Nov 06 1992accvio bug with x2.5-6
720.03USTIM2::MULLIGANTue Nov 10 1992stars x2.5-6 inconsistant artile counts
721.06CSC32::LEFEVREWed Nov 11 1992Can /EXTRACT be beefed up?
722.020ALFWMon Nov 16 1992%STARS-F-VEGA_UNALLOC, buffer is not allocated
723.01ALFWMon Nov 16 1992%STARS-F-VEGA_NOTOPNPUT, item is not open for PUT access
724.06ONOIS1::AUGERTue Nov 17 1992ACCVIO to access remote database
725.014ULYSSE::M_BLASSINWed Nov 18 1992Question about a message?
726.06ULYSSE::M_BLASSINThu Nov 19 1992Remote access on database corrupt article integrity.
727.06SIOG::BUCKLEYThu Nov 19 1992Mailing extracts to All-in-1
728.0DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Nov 19 1992fixed problem with corrupt article text.
729.0DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Nov 19 1992another problem with corrupt article text fixed
730.07SED75Thu Nov 26 1992Problem with STARS Server
731.02ALFWSat Nov 28 1992Kit from 23-Nov deletes STARS$STARTUP.COM during installation and fails
732.03ALFWWed Dec 02 1992-STARS-E-INDEXMISMATCH, logical database INDEX mismatch with physical database
734.02BSS::SAUNDERSThu Dec 03 1992FULL=TEXT How do you create multi line text description other than via a file.
735.08FUTURS::HENNAHFri Dec 04 1992%LIB-F-INSVIRMEM, insufficient virtual memory
736.02ALFWFri Dec 04 1992STARS X2.5-6 View mode problem
737.012DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Dec 14 1992new procedure STARS$INCREASE_DATABASE_SIZE.COM to increase DB size.
738.08EEMELI::HELMINENThu Dec 17 1992Remote databases, sometimes it takes time
739.09SED75Thu Dec 17 1992Error During STARS V2.5-5 Install
740.04DUCATI::LASTOVICAFri Dec 18 1992parser gets lost
741.03FIXES::CALANDRAWed Dec 23 1992FEF update of a deleted article = %RMS-F-FAC,
742.01DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Dec 28 1992subquery for the same thing again always seems to fail
743.01HLFSTue Jan 05 1993Limit on STARS database list ?
744.02BSS::MONDRAGONFri Jan 08 1993Possible bug on "TO:" line when sending mail
745.05HLFSWed Jan 13 1993Mail an article : invalid item lenght
746.06CAIMAN::CAIMAN::TURNDALThu Jan 14 1993Can we use Db name for remote Db's ?
747.08PCOJCT::TMILLERTue Jan 19 1993Auto-update of Stars from VTX text files?
748.03HIKORY::GILBERTWed Jan 20 1993Test results on coordinated dbs ?
749.03KAOFS::W_LAMBWed Jan 20 1993STARS V2.5-4 server with STARS 2.5-5 databases
751.011AZUR::PIALETThu Jan 21 1993Info about STARS$V_ACCESS privilege
752.04KERNEL::WHEELERThu Jan 21 1993EVE$INIT ignored by STARS
753.03ISLNDS::HOSKERTue Jan 26 1993Stars V2.5-4 with Vms V5.5-2 and Rdb V4.1
754.01DEBUG::GALLOThu Jan 28 1993Line exceeded 255 characters, truncated
755.05BSS::SAUNDERSThu Jan 28 1993Geography specific display of copyright/caution text
757.0AZTECH::LASTOVICASun Jan 31 1993more debug changes for 2.5-6
758.06AZTECH::LASTOVICASun Jan 31 19932.5-6 field test nearing the end
759.06FIXES::CALANDRAMon Feb 01 1993Title list of large database no fun
760.05FIXES::CALANDRAMon Feb 01 1993SERVER accvio
761.0DUCATI::LASTOVICAWed Feb 03 1993higher stars$server account quotas in next kit
763.03KURIUS::PETERSON_DFri Feb 05 1993Problem modifying an article
764.01SED75Mon Feb 08 1993STARS & German ok ?
765.06KURIUS::PETERSON_DMon Feb 08 1993Getting %MAIL-E-INVITMCOD when commenting
766.01NECSC::LEVYTue Feb 09 1993Insert mode in article header editing
767.03HLFSWed Feb 10 1993STARS extract - IFI error means - diskq ext. fails
768.02OPENED::PETERSON_DWed Feb 10 1993Problem sorting the titles list in STARS
769.019TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGFri Feb 12 1993SPWY-F-BRKCON error ???
770.02GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Feb 16 1993are 2.5-5 extracts compat with 2.4-6 stars?
771.025OPENED::PETERSON_DWed Feb 17 1993get '(' or a non-operator word expected ERROR
772.01KARAD::DOELLINGThu Feb 18 1993FIND key translated to E1
773.07CAIMAN::CAIMAN::TURNDALFri Feb 19 1993Can REMOTE access be logged in the local STARS$LOG file ?
774.0DUCATI::LASTOVICAFri Feb 19 1993mxing boolean and english queries and subqueries with remote databases
775.03KARAD::DOELLINGFri Feb 19 19932.5-6 Release Notes update request
776.05BSS::SAUNDERSSun Feb 21 1993Error During batch /notext reload of extracted articles
778.02HLFSTue Feb 23 1993STARS enlarge database-lost articles to ???
779.06TINCUP::DOELLINGWed Feb 24 1993function keys for next/previous open db?
780.05DEMON::ZIKAFri Feb 26 1993Command Line Description Help on AXP
781.04HLFSMon Mar 01 1993Dumplog.exe still old version in V2.5-5 ?
782.04TINCUP::DOELLINGMon Mar 01 1993KP6 in 132 then in 8
783.07BSS::MONDRAGONMon Mar 01 1993%RMS-F-DUP, duplicate key detected (DUP not set)
784.03DEMON::ZIKATue Mar 02 1993STARS load Performance Requested
785.03BSS::SAUNDERSWed Mar 03 1993Comment recieved on use of PC keyboard with STARS
786.06NSDC::DONALDSONThu Mar 04 1993STARS-like functionality on PCs?
787.05USTIM2::MULLIGANFri Mar 05 1993Latest V2.5-6 kit install dies when .b saveset not present
788.01SPECXN::GROSSMANSun Mar 07 1993V2.5-6 problem creating STARS$SERVER
789.024CSC32::GAZZARAWed Mar 10 1993STARS enhancements to improve navigation though db list
790.01DEMON::ZIKAThu Mar 11 1993Rough notes on port to Alpha AXP of STARS V2.5-6
791.08EEMELI::HELMINENWed Mar 17 1993Several database list
792.0DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Mar 18 1993display db info in article header display
793.06HDLITE::ZARLENGAThu Mar 18 1993the list of available databases is empty
797.04FIXSOA::RWALKERThu Mar 18 1993TIMA STARS node database failover need
798.05DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Mar 18 19932.5-6 kit release delayed
799.02XLIB::SCHAFERThu Mar 25 1993whither C plus plus?
800.02DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Mar 25 1993wish list for thresholding
801.07STKSPA::OSTMANMon Mar 29 1993RMS-F-RLK, target record currently locked by another stream
802.02TOLKIN::KILEYWed Mar 31 1993Maintenance question
804.02WSA911::SYSTEMMon Apr 05 1993Problem loading initial database article interactively
805.01TINCUP::BENNETTTue Apr 06 1993Enhancement Request from GIA
806.04BSS::SAUNDERSWed Apr 07 1993Instance where Boolean query implied and does get same results as explicit "and"
807.04USTIM2::MULLIGANWed Apr 07 1993stars server problem with V2.5-6
808.02NECSC::LEVYThu Apr 08 1993V2.5-6 DATABASE_SELECT HELP missing KPcomma and KPminus
809.01BSS::SAUNDERSTue Apr 13 1993Wish: Please enable mouse support in the View mode TPU section.
810.01RUTILE::BERNATTFri Apr 16 19932.5.5 SERVER PB
811.07SEDPCW::CLARKE_CTue Apr 20 1993STARS$LOG
812.0DUCATI::LASTOVICATue Apr 20 1993minor change for next kit
813.0AZTECH::LASTOVICASat Apr 24 1993extr/nohidden=preser didn't exclude blank hidden text - fixed
814.02SED75Mon Apr 26 1993Associated Function problem
815.0DUCATI::LASTOVICAWed Apr 28 1993fef file reading now faster and less expensive
816.0229633::SAUNDERSFri Apr 30 1993BUG: with Next term F18 function
818.0DUCATI::LASTOVICAFri Apr 30 199326-apr-1993 2.5-6 kit should not be used
819.02DUCATI::LASTOVICATue May 04 1993/format/]no]noisewords - we want to remove it - does anyone use it?
820.02USTIM2::MULLIGANWed May 05 1993strs/extract with /since doesn't extract deletes
821.01GIDDAY::DOUGLASMTue May 11 1993have you heard of these?
822.01AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu May 13 1993some extract tests with title file bucket size modified
823.03ESSKON::STEERMon May 17 1993complains about batched display when access is interactive
824.08KURIUS::HOCH_DWed May 19 1993Need Better Documentation on Assoc. Functions
825.03AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu May 20 1993online adds don't set flags correctly
826.02SED75Fri May 21 1993ALL-IN-1 Mail ?
827.01DUCATI::LASTOVICAFri May 21 1993program available to fix database corruption caused by mis-indexed flag fields with 2.5-6 ft kits
828.01DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon May 24 1993%RMS-F-RNL, record not locked loading with /exclusive
831.045SED75Fri May 28 1993STRS/PURGE Error on VMS 5.5 / DECstep 3
832.03DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Jun 03 1993Announcing the STARS V2.5-6 kit and documentation
833.05HLFSFri Jun 04 1993STARS V2.5-6 inst. feedback: server passw changes on upgrades- why
834.02HLFSMon Jun 07 1993extract flashes of yesterday only - getting more?
835.01BXCNEI::DOUCETTEWed Jun 16 1993upgrading 2.5-4 -> 2.5-6
836.07MIMS::HARGUS_EThu Jun 17 1993I know what I want to see....
837.04CSC32::GAZZARAFri Jun 18 1993Another stemming quirk...
838.01DUCATI::LASTOVICAFri Jun 18 1993make your article buffer size a multiple of 512 bytes. always.
839.03SWAM2::LOYD_DAMon Jun 21 1993Saving articles accessed thru CHAMPS ???
840.01BSS::MONDRAGONFri Jun 25 1993Clement Lee has question about STARS
841.0BSS::MONDRAGONFri Jun 25 1993EIRS dies when extracting and sending mail
842.08DEBUG::GALLOSun Jun 27 1993STARS Quick Reference Card anyone?
843.03AZTECH::LASTOVICAMon Jun 28 1993I'm moving on and STARS V3 is in the wings
844.02BXCNEI::DOUCETTETue Jun 29 1993Error creating database
845.02VIVIAN::K_SMITHFri Jul 02 19932.5-6 and euro support
846.04WHATSA::MATTAWed Jul 07 1993Query search
847.04KERNEL::WHEELERFri Jul 16 1993A naughty article
849.01USTIM2::MULLIGANTue Jul 20 1993Deletes don't show up with /mod=user
850.05DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Jul 26 1993idea for central STARS log files
851.02RCWOOD::WOODMon Jul 26 1993How to access....
852.012AZUR::PIALETTue Jul 27 1993Problem with INDEXED database
853.08RDGENG::LYNDONTue Jul 27 1993Need Latest Version of Gerbel
854.02TIMLIB::SEBBAGWed Jul 28 1993WORDS & NOISEWORDS confusion ???
855.05HLFSTue Aug 03 1993failed to open physical db when one or more logical are already open
856.01DABEAN::WOODThu Aug 05 1993Access information
857.08AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu Aug 26 1993observations of copying a STARS database around
858.02DUCATI::LASTOVICAWed Sep 01 1993Patch for V2.5-6
859.01OPENED::PETERSON_DFri Sep 03 1993STARS LOG File Records out of order...
860.04NECSC::LEVYThu Sep 09 1993How to enable mouse selection (cut & paste) in STARS?
861.02--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 22 1993Error when entering STARS
862.01GVPROD::RLEEThu Sep 23 1993 error parsing 'COORDINATE'-CLI-E-ENTNF
863.05PLAYER::HASTFri Sep 24 1993When is Caution text printed
864.01HLFSTue Sep 28 1993STARS - f - delete pending causes crash
865.02BSS::MONDRAGONTue Sep 28 1993%SMG-F-INVCOL, invalid column error
867.05HIKORY::GILBERTThu Sep 30 1993Need some assurance about mixing db types
868.018BSS::MONDRAGONFri Oct 01 1993Strange results from query
869.011ATHINA::KARVOUNISWed Oct 06 1993error when trying to activate database in list
870.01ATHINA::KARVOUNISFri Oct 08 1993error when doing a query
871.06STKSPA::OSTMANFri Oct 08 1993COMET?
872.07NECSC::BITHERFri Oct 08 1993STARS ready flag - enhancement request
873.02--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 14 1993 Tima Receiver keeps stoping
874.03DUCATI::LASTOVICAWed Oct 27 1993Another Patch for STARS V2.5-6 to fix a purge problem
875.0AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu Oct 28 1993Announcing an 'offical' patch kit (MUP) for V2.5-6 of STARS
876.09COLThu Oct 28 1993Update of a STARS database
877.03CPDW::CIUFFINITue Nov 09 1993... Callable Stemming Module Available? ...
878.02SWECSC::OSTMANWed Nov 10 1993What causes STARS to see an article as duplicated
879.07HIKORY::GILBERTMon Nov 22 1993Sending instructions.
880.052AZTECH::LASTOVICAWed Dec 01 1993what ought to be included the next stars v2 kit?
881.06BSS::RONEYWed Dec 01 1993STARS$FIND_UNIQUE_ID %RMS-F-CHK blows program.
882.01CUJO::BROWNWed Dec 01 1993SIZER function utility?
883.016AZTECH::ALVEYFri Dec 03 1993Xmosaic interface for STARS V2.5-6
884.012XCUSME::DOBIASTue Dec 07 1993STARS Query Guide
885.03HLFSFri Dec 10 1993Warning- GERBIL generated uniq-idents too long, STARS no errors
886.02NECSC::BITHERTue Dec 14 1993Ability to re-edit article w/o entering first
887.01CUJO::BROWNWed Dec 15 1993STARS & VMS V6.* compatibility
888.02ATHINA::KARVOUNISMon Dec 20 1993using stars from with olis
889.02BACHUS::LIDSKYFri Dec 24 1993bug in strs/create
890.02NZOMIS::FINLAYWed Dec 29 1993Increase the no. of entries??
891.05AZUR::PIALETMon Jan 10 1994Problem mixing boolean and English queries
892.03COMICS::SMITHERSMon Jan 10 1994Support route??
893.05DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Jan 10 1994word stemming topic
894.01DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Jan 10 1994extract bug
895.012HIKORY::GILBERTTue Jan 11 1994Are 2.5-6 and 2.5-5 db's compatible
896.05EEMELI::HELMINENWed Jan 12 1994Extract /since with deleted articles
897.03FIXES::CALANDRATue Jan 18 1994INCLUDE_FILE and /REQUIRED not working
898.042Wed Jan 19 1994New SDD theories on STARS?
899.05HIKORY::GILBERTMon Jan 24 1994How to avoid STARS$LOG owned by wrong person
900.04OSLFri Jan 28 1994Problems with STARSMUPAU6
901.02ODIXIE::CASASFri Jan 28 1994 Opening databases more than once
902.03HLFSThu Feb 03 1994QUickly find amount of Cus readable articles
903.04AZUR::MORTAINFri Feb 04 1994Problem opening databases, error "Invalid connection number"
904.01NECSC::LEVYMon Feb 07 1994STARS V2.5-6 problem when logical STARS exists
905.01WSA911::SYSTEMMon Feb 07 1994STARS$GEOGRAPHY, STARS$SITE - allow translation other than just LNM$SYSTEM
906.0AIAG::ANICKTue Feb 15 1994Opening on STARS V3 development team
907.06DEBUG::GALLOFri Feb 18 1994Extract database selection list?
908.01PROXY::DEVOEWed Feb 23 1994White papers for STARS?
909.01ESSKON::STEERThu Feb 24 1994true read-only mode versus read-only ?
910.09OPENED::GRUVER_RThu Feb 24 1994Any Problems with \* against left margin?
911.01AZTECH::ALVEYThu Feb 24 1994STARS for sale
912.01AZTECH::ALVEYFri Feb 25 1994Pilot kit available for STARS FT2.6
913.03SEDOAS::CLARKE_CMon Feb 28 1994Text Viewing Bug ?
914.02SEDOAS::CLARKE_CMon Feb 28 1994Up Arrow Returns Query String ?
915.01254323::HASTWed Mar 02 1994General print questions
916.05OPENED::DONOHUE_FThu Mar 03 1994Misleading message when no hypertext articles
917.0354323::HASTFri Mar 04 1994STARS articles lost
918.01FARPNT::PETERSON_DTue Mar 08 1994CURRENT EXTRACT routing causes problem w/ deletes
919.02HIKORY::GILBERTWed Mar 09 1994APA replacing GIA ?
920.02AZTECH::ALVEYWed Mar 09 1994stars$database broken ... and fixed
921.014AZTECH::ALVEYWed Mar 09 1994STARS V2.6 and phrases
922.0429565::GRUVER_RWed Mar 09 1994Can Anyone Explain Alpanumeric Sort Order?
923.01BSS::J_VAETHWed Mar 09 1994V2.5-6 bug; Extract to FEF req. STARS_MAIL_TEXT Id
924.03BSS::SAUNDERSMon Mar 14 1994Integrated tect and graphics in V2.6 on workstations
925.014BSS::SAUNDERSMon Mar 14 1994Consistency with the DSNlinke database list and STARS database list
926.08GIDDAY::BRODRIBBWed Mar 16 1994Not all "Articles Found" get displayed
927.02MSE1::DEVOEWed Mar 23 1994%PATCH-I-NOLCL, image does not contain local symbols - also, strs/create_database
928.014TIMA5::GILBERTFri Mar 25 1994[STARSX
929.0129565::GRUVER_RFri Mar 25 1994Will CHECK_MODIFY_DATE look for time stamps?
930.04DUCATI::LASTOVICAWed Mar 30 1994Anyone interested in an AXP kit of STARS?
931.03TIMA5::CARPENTIERThu Mar 31 1994STARS Article in POSTSCRIPT format question
932.09AZTECH::ALVEYThu Mar 31 1994Logging of logical database name
933.05AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu Mar 31 1994compressed article text in V2.6?
934.016HIKORY::GILBERTFri Apr 01 1994Jump to dbl if no db's open ?
935.09HIKORY::GILBERTTue Apr 05 1994Can I mix Coordinated and Virtual databases ?
936.04CX3PT1::PASSES::C_MARTINTue Apr 05 1994Possible Indexing Problem of Header Fields
937.06BSS::SAUNDERSTue Apr 05 1994NIT: Error message seems inappropriate
938.018DSNAXP::WHITTINGTONMon Apr 18 1994Need STARS/EXTRACT/DELETE/SINCE to work with date fields.
939.03SEDOAS::CLARKE_CTue Apr 19 1994STARS V3, why ?
940.04AZUR::PIALETTue Apr 19 1994Info about [L] in TOOLS db list
941.0SPECXN::GROSSMANMon Apr 25 1994Worldwide Field Test Kickoff
942.01TIMLIB::SEBBAGTue Apr 26 1994HELP needed : Query and Noiseword conflict access
943.03SPECXN::GROSSMANThu Apr 28 1994TIMA V2.4/STARS V2.6-1 Worldwide Field Test Start
944.02AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu Apr 28 1994don't display 'last query string' if there isn't one
945.0429565::GRUVER_RFri Apr 29 1994Keyword Search Lists Article w/out Keyword
946.06WHATSA::MATTAFri Apr 29 1994STARS FT 2.6-1
947.06AZTECH::LASTOVICASat Apr 30 1994full support and testing for phase V DECnet
948.02AZTECH::LASTOVICASat Apr 30 1994dumpvega version incorrect
949.02AZTECH::LASTOVICASat Apr 30 1994nits on environment display
951.0AZTECH::ALVEYTue May 03 1994STARS on-line help updated
952.01VAXRIO::HENRIQUEThu May 05 1994Tools requested.
953.018AZTECH::ALVEYFri May 06 1994STARS FT2.6-1 field test kits
954.02HIKORY::GILBERTMon May 16 1994Can't read with 2.5 client from 2.6 server
955.014DEBUG::GALLOTue May 17 1994Database selection problems FT2.6-1
956.0DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu May 19 1994fyi - increase_database_size procedure doesn't work with V6.1 of VMS on AXP or VAX
957.08DEBUG::GALLOThu May 19 1994missing LOCAL_TOOLS.DATABASES file causes problems
958.0854487::ERIC_SFri May 20 1994STARS FT2.6 (dd 18-may) experiences
959.0954487::ERIC_SFri May 20 1994FT 2.6 Phrases finds too much ?
960.023HIKORY::GILBERTThu May 26 1994[
961.08HIKORY::GILBERTThu May 26 1994[
962.07HIKORY::GILBERTThu May 26 1994Display Phrases for users ?
963.01LEMAN::DONALDSONThu May 26 1994%LSE-F-REBUILD_SECTION, section file must be rebuilt
964.01DUCATI::LASTOVICAFri May 27 1994possible enhancement
965.01DUCATI::LASTOVICASat May 28 1994missing /BEFORE in STRS/PURGE help text
966.08OPENED::PETERSON_DMon Jun 06 1994Logical database not getting logged...
967.01TIMA4::CARPENTIERThu Jun 09 1994Synonyms problem ...again
968.02TIMA4::CARPENTIERThu Jun 09 1994STARS$COMMAND parameters in embedded program
970.02HPS4Fri Jun 10 1994open/closed databases not saved
971.03AZUR::CHAIAHELFri Jun 10 1994STARS$STARS callable help required.
972.01VAXRIO::HENRIQUEFri Apr 14 1995Stars message STARS-F-VEGA_RMSPUTTMO.
973.020CAIMAN::TURNDALTue Jun 21 1994Unkown return status from STARS$DELETE_ARTICLE
974.019OPENED::PETERSON_DFri Jun 24 1994Weird problems with Booleans in STARS V2.6-1
975.04KERNEL::WHEELERThu Jun 30 1994Access violation
976.02AZTECH::LASTOVICAFri Jul 01 1994stuff in the xfer vectors moved
977.04HIKORY::GILBERTMon Jul 04 19942.5 loads of FEFs containing PHRASEs
978.010HIKORY::GILBERTMon Jul 04 1994An open VIRTUAL db that is unavailable ?
979.08HIKORY::GILBERTMon Jul 04 1994What does `V2.4 Format' mean ?
980.01AZTECH::LASTOVICAWed Jul 06 1994maintenance mode screen
981.06HIKORY::GILBERTFri Jul 08 1994Can we block writes to VIRTUAL dbs ?
983.02OPENED::PETERSON_DMon Jul 11 1994Strange extract error under STARS V2.6
984.03AZUR::PIALETTue Jul 12 1994STARS Synonym Mismatch
985.06OPENED::PETERSON_DTue Jul 12 1994Problem with KP6 on STARS V2.6 on an AXP
986.035OPENED::PETERSON_DWed Jul 13 1994More on Expanding/Shrinking the DB list
987.03KERNEL::ALVISThu Jul 14 1994STARS 2.6-1 and European DSIN V4.3 - access violation.
988.01AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu Jul 14 1994don't read copyright and caution multiple times
989.03OPENED::PETERSON_DWed Jul 20 1994Screen scrambled doing KP6 with multiple dbs open
991.06OPENED::PETERSON_DThu Jul 21 1994A potential problem with PHRASES...
992.01OPENED::PETERSON_DThu Jul 21 1994Documentation and help errors regarding Phrases
993.0254487::ERIC_SFri Jul 22 1994STARS FT 2.6-1 dd 17-JUL-1994
994.0654487::ERIC_SFri Jul 22 1994printing from STARS (ft2.6) with qualifiers
995.01454487::ERIC_SFri Jul 22 1994How to FAX from STARS (in Europe) ?
996.03OPENED::PETERSON_DFri Jul 22 1994Stack dumping when using invalid database name
997.09OPENED::PETERSON_DMon Jul 25 1994Misc. problems and questions on V2.6-1
998.01DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Jul 25 1994strs/extract fails with %STR-F-ILLSTRCLA on csctls sometimes
999.07NEWVAX::MURRAYTue Jul 26 1994%RMS-E-DNF accessing CSCPAT from LYNX
1000.01OPENED::PETERSON_DTue Jul 26 1994Problems with new Enable Mouse Functionality...
1001.010OPENED::PETERSON_DTue Jul 26 1994Problems with Alphabetic Sort of Title List
1002.04BONNET::TYCHKEVITCHMon Aug 01 1994Can TIMA banner move to bottom of header?
1003.04AZTECH::LASTOVICAMon Aug 01 1994STARS-W-NOPRIVHIDEXT during install
1004.05EEMELI::HELMINENTue Aug 02 1994Stars says three articles found but does not show any titles
1005.02DEBUG::GALLOTue Aug 02 1994Wishlist Item - Article Selection enhancement
1006.03CAIMAN::TURNDALWed Aug 03 1994Cant extract HIDDEN lines, %STARS-W-NOPRIVHIDEX error
1007.01FARPNT::PETERSON_DFri Aug 05 1994List of still OPEN items?
1008.0CAIMAN::TURNDALTue Aug 09 1994DB selection strange behaviour ...
1009.03BSS::SAUNDERSWed Aug 10 1994ACVIO on Cooridinating a specially indexed database.
1010.02BSS::SAUNDERSWed Aug 10 1994Coordinatin of parent child databases
1011.01BSS::SAUNDERSWed Aug 10 1994Here is the dump from the acvio on coordinating mis-indexed database
1012.0DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Aug 11 1994don't force a new copyright file
1013.01AZTECH::LASTOVICATue Aug 16 1994/COMPRESS missing from /EXTRACT in DCL help
1016.05TIMLIB::SEBBAGThu Aug 25 1994UU: QUERY on abstract
1017.06BSS::SAUNDERSThu Aug 25 1994BUG - Opening Child database from command line does not work
1018.01DSNAXP::WHITTINGTONSat Aug 27 1994Open count shows 2 when it should show 1.
1019.01OPENED::PETERSON_DMon Aug 29 1994New FEF header format causing problems
1020.03OPENED::PETERSON_DMon Aug 29 1994Problem defining logicals to use Remote DBs
1021.04HIKORY::GILBERTTue Aug 30 1994Unable to load database restored from CD ..
1022.02OPENED::PETERSON_DWed Aug 31 1994STARS kicks you out trying to view a header
1023.014CAIMAN::BOLENE::TurndalThu Sep 01 1994U: extract query returns all articles on remote database
1024.01ATHINA::KARVOUNISFri Sep 02 1994error when doing tima tools
1025.03AZUR::HUREZTue Sep 06 1994Where to take the kit from for a customer?
1026.02DV78Tue Sep 06 1994Query questions...
1027.03DUCATI::LASTOVICASun Sep 11 1994IVP fails
1028.03RTFM1::OSTMANMon Sep 12 1994Data lost?
1029.05BSS::J_VAETHMon Sep 12 1994open by physical database doesn't work with 8-sep kit
1030.03CAIMAN::BOLENE::TurndalFri Sep 16 1994STRSDBA$INITIALIZE slow down
1032.01CAIMAN::COULOUVRATThu Sep 22 1994U: stars$delete_session very slow
1033.02COPCLU::ELINWed Sep 28 1994Default print queue?
1034.09CAIMAN::TURNDALWed Sep 28 1994Boolean queryt pased to STARS$STARS is doubled, trippled ?
1035.01DEBUG::GALLOFri Sep 30 1994E1 key revisited, please!
1036.0AZTECH::ALVEYMon Oct 03 1994boolean query bug
1037.01TIMA4::GILBERTMon Oct 03 1994Retrieval selection
1038.013SMTTRN::DEPUEThu Oct 06 1994Problem with STARS 2.5-7 MUP
1039.01AZUR::PIALETFri Oct 14 1994STRSDBA$FIND_DB problem with directory
1040.07CAIMAN::TURNDALFri Oct 14 1994U: STARS$LOG DbName is to short and truncates name
1041.0HIKORY::GILBERTTue Oct 18 1994Feeding from CORE to STARS ?
1042.019BSS::SAUNDERSWed Oct 19 1994Session exit accvio dump
1043.01HIKORY::GILBERTMon Oct 31 1994Bypass priv on geography field
1044.08WHATSA::MATTAMon Oct 31 1994Coordinated Databases
1045.06BSS::SAUNDERSWed Nov 02 1994Extract from Coordinated database by /art or /unique does not work
1046.011BSS::SAUNDERSThu Nov 03 1994BUG in PURGE or REPLACE of deleted article on coordinated database
1047.03TIMA4::CARPENTIERWed Nov 09 1994"%RMS-F-FUL, device full error" question
1048.02BSS::SAUNDERSThu Nov 10 1994Queue reset during load caused VEGA allocation error.
1049.02CAIMAN::BOLENE::TurndalMon Nov 21 1994Database item list for STARS$STARS and STRSDBA$INIT...
1050.02BSS::J_VAETHFri Dec 02 1994strs/purge/article_number doesn't work
1051.0AZTECH::LASTOVICASun Dec 04 1994VEGA V2.1-1 kit announcement
1052.0AZTECH::ALVEYWed Dec 07 1994Announcing the STARS V2.6-1 kit and documentation
1053.012AZTECH::ALVEYWed Dec 07 1994STARS HTTP Server V2.6-1 kit and documentation
1054.01OPENED::PETERSON_DWed Dec 07 1994Bug found when doing a Title List (KP9)
1055.09HLFSTue Dec 13 1994HTTP server package does not run on VMS V5.5 ?
1056.08HLFSWed Dec 14 1994STARS HTTP server setup question
1057.0AZTECH::ALVEYWed Dec 28 1994Job Opening for a Sr./Prin. Software Engineer on TIMA/STARS in Colorado Springs
1058.07QCAVThu Dec 29 1994Error while enlarging database
1059.01ESSKON::STEERTue Jan 03 1995/MOVED ?
1060.01KERNEL::WHEELERThu Feb 02 1995Customising TPU for STARS COMMENTS
1061.02AZUR::CHAIAHELWed Feb 08 1995strsdba$find_db on AXP?
1062.013CSEXP2::DEPUEFri Feb 10 1995Removal of NULL in header???
1063.010DEBUG::GALLOFri Feb 17 1995Broadcast msgs ENABLED by STARS?
1066.03ATHINA::KARVOUNISTue Feb 28 1995Nov CD consolidated database query
1067.08HLFSTue Feb 28 1995STARS server not reused under DECNET/OSI and/or VMS V6.1 ?
1068.06DEBUG::GALLOWed Mar 01 1995View mode clears recall buffer?
1069.01CAIMAN::COULOUVRATThu May 18 1995%CLI-E-INVREQTYP, invalid request type
1070.02ATHINA::KARVOUNISFri May 19 1995Cannot load PAK for stars 2.6-1
1072.05CHEFS::LONG_JThu Jun 08 1995VMS 6.1 and Chops V2.2 and Stars 2.5-4
1073.02CHEFS::LONG_JThu Jun 08 19952.5-4 documentation
1074.05CHEFS::LONG_JWed Jun 14 1995Logical Databases
1075.01HIKORY::GILBERTTue Jun 20 1995`%STARS-F-VEGA_UNALLOC, buffer is not allocated' means ?
1076.010HIKORY::GILBERTWed Jun 21 1995Digital partners and STARS databases ..
1077.05HIKORY::GILBERTMon Jun 26 19952.6-2 (21-JUN) : Process loop invoking associated IMAGE
1078.03HIKORY::GILBERTWed Jul 05 1995[2.6-2] Minimum ARTICLE_NUMBER_MAXIMUM now 2
1079.06HIKORY::GILBERTWed Jul 05 1995[2.6-*] Cannot open PHYSICAL if part of open VIRTUAL
1080.02HIKORY::GILBERTFri Jul 07 1995[2.6-2] Invalid parameter delimiter ?
1081.01TIMLIB::SEBBAGWed Jul 12 1995A: STARS Query not precise ... Could someone help ?
1082.03BSS::J_VAETHWed Jul 12 1995strs/add without /UNIQUE_ID= problem
1083.05CSC32::KACHELMYERMon Jul 17 1995Next/Previous Database keys don't work
1084.03BSS::J_VAETHFri Jul 21 1995Header search ignores /OWNER when used with /SITE
1085.011HLFSTue Jul 25 1995STARSV2.6-2 and DECtrace
1086.04AZTECH::LASTOVICAThu Jul 27 1995Announcing STARS V2.6-2 kit and documentation
1087.04TENNIS::KAMFri Jul 28 1995STARS is NOT authorized on this node?
1088.02DEBUG::GALLOFri Jul 28 1995DECtrace facility definition error while upgrading
1089.02FELIKS::PARACCHITue Aug 01 1995how setup a stars http server node.
1090.02HIKORY::GILBERTThu Aug 03 1995Remote db restriction on compiled db lists
1091.013KERNEL::WHEELERMon Aug 07 1995V2.6-2 associated functions broken with VMS 5.5-2
1092.05KERNEL::WHEELERWed Aug 09 1995V2.6-2 strange article locking
1094.04HLFSThu Aug 10 1995%STARS-F-USERDATALEN after upgrade V2.6-2 and converting the db's
1095.09HLFSThu Aug 10 1995STARS_USER - missing=> STARS no longer working- V2.6-2
1096.01856992::GELOTTIMon Aug 14 1995%STR-F-INSVIRMEM, insufficient virtual memory
1097.012CSEXP2::DEPUEMon Aug 14 1995%STARS-F-VEGA_RMSGETTMO, RMS read timeout
1098.01KYOSS1::MCFADDENJThu Aug 17 1995wildcard capability
1099.07CSEXP2::DEPUEThu Aug 17 1995Question
1100.08HLFSFri Aug 18 1995Specifid VIN is invalid - a quota problem ???
1101.01LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Aug 21 1995Postscript to Text Tool
1102.01HIKORY::GILBERTMon Aug 28 1995Anyone seen a problem with SESSIONS ?
1103.05HARIET::PFEWed Aug 30 1995Search algorythm changed in STARS ?
1104.06CSEXP2::ANDREWSMon Sep 11 1995Multiple screen repaints
1105.010GALINA::SSMITHThu Sep 14 1995New user - Getting unrelated articles for query?
1106.023UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Sep 18 1995strs/extr output format changed?
1107.03CAIMAN::COULOUVRATMon Sep 18 1995Callable for HEADER searches
1108.03HLFSWed Sep 20 1995STARS dbfull when using indexed title file ???
1109.02EEMELI::HELMINENThu Sep 28 1995Netserver access for this function is not yet available
1110.03CAIMAN::COULOUVRATThu Oct 05 1995adding a new application id for STARS$OPEN_LOG_FILE
1113.01KURIUS::PETERSON_DTue Oct 10 1995What time is used in System Modify field in the header?
1114.02TIMA5::CARPENTIERFri Oct 13 1995 %STARS-F-BAD_DBL_TAG error ?
1115.010HLFSWed Oct 18 1995STARS on windows/nt ?- STARS in mixed vax/alpha cluster ?
1116.05HIKORY::GILBERTTue Oct 24 19952.6-3 release ?
1117.0HLFSTue Oct 24 1995Adding a node to the cluster=> STARS server broke
1118.014ULYSSE::GRIMAFri Oct 27 19952.5/2.6 COMPATIBILITY ?
1119.08HUSQY::LASTOVICAMon Oct 30 1995Announcing the STARS V2.6-3 field test release
1120.03HARIET::PFEMon Nov 06 1995STARS search for topics about RESERVED documents
1121.02HLFSFri Nov 17 1995STARS error in help db select: collapse/expand keys
1122.020TIMAMD::AGARRIDOTue Nov 21 1995%STARS-E-SYNONYMMISMATCH, error from ATP procedure. !!!
1124.02HUSQY::LASTOVICAWed Nov 22 1995Announcing the STARS V2.6-3 kit and documentation
1125.02CAIMAN::COULOUVRATFri Dec 15 1995informations on stars$write_log_file
1126.02BSS::J_VAETHFri Dec 15 1995/enable=article_compression and /buffer_size ?
1127.08CAIMAN::FILLETWed Dec 20 1995Problem with queries and callable stars functions
1128.01FELIKS::PARACCHIMon Jan 15 1996run courses from remote stars node.
1129.01BSS::J_VAETHWed Jan 17 1996STARS$SYS:DUMPLOG %CLI-F-SYNTAX, error parsing 'DSNLINK'
1130.02BSS::J_VAETHFri Jan 19 1996/ENABLE defaults to NOROOT
1131.010DEBUG::GALLOWed Jan 24 1996Remote Databases & WRONG Article Count
1132.06AZTECH::ALVEYMon Feb 12 1996Announcing STARS FT2.6-4 kit
1133.02LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Feb 26 1996different behaviour with http server and ASCII
1134.05FELIKS::PARACCHISat Mar 16 1996f17 key do not exit after upgrade
1135.03BSS::R_SAUNDERSMon Mar 18 1996How to negate TEST indexing?
1136.05DJOVFri Mar 22 1996Purge is not working..
1137.010CSEXP1::DEPUEMon Mar 25 1996Where's the PAK?
1138.0117379::NEWCOMBWed Apr 03 1996Stars compatible with OpenVMS 7.
1139.05ULYSSE::INSERRATue Apr 16 1996access violation using coordinated databases with stars 2.6-3
1140.05SETIMC::OSTMANSun Apr 28 1996How equal are STARS and TARGE->Search?
1141.02CTUADM::COOKEWed Jun 12 1996HTTPD STARS Problems
1143.03KURIUS::PETERSON_DMon Jun 17 1996OWNER validating broken using compiled db list
1144.02EEMELI::HELMINENWed Jun 19 1996Best combination of compressed fef, compressed database, deferred_write
1145.03AZTECH::LASTOVICAWed Jun 19 1996Announcing the STARS v2.6-4 kit release
1146.014CAIMAN::COULOUVRATFri Jun 21 1996callable STARS & coordinated databases
1147.010KURIUS::PETERSON_DMon Jul 01 1996Problem extending a database with V2.6-4
1148.02ULYSSE::GILBERTFri Jul 12 1996%SMG-F-INVROW if screen is shorter than 24 rows
1149.0356992::GELOTTITue Jul 16 1996Stars DB Error
1150.0356992::GELOTTITue Jul 23 1996TPULL Failing since STARS upgrade
1151.0156992::GELOTTITue Jul 30 1996Pointer to archive db with new STARS list
1152.04CAIMAN::FILLETThu Aug 29 1996callable function to return geography check?
1153.02HLFSThu Sep 05 1996multiple stars http servers do work ?
1154.05HLFSThu Sep 05 1996STARS http server crash on changing security
1155.08HLFSThu Sep 05 1996Questions/problem around STARS http server
1156.013HLFSFri Sep 13 1996defaul orgination when running STARS$HTTP_PROFILE_MENU
1157.01OPENED::PETERSON_DFri Sep 27 1996Logical database by date??
1158.03HLFSMon Sep 30 1996Separate storage areas for multiple Http servers ?
1160.0 *+3OPENED::LIGHT_LMon Mar 24 1997Errors creating Database Sessions
1161.0 *+1AZTECH::ALVEYThu May 08 1997STARS V2.6-5 kit and updated documentation now available
1162.0 *AZTECH::ALVEYThu May 08 1997Goodbye
1163.0 *+2HAMMAR::klaatu.tay.dec.com::laverdureThu May 08 1997Where did the databases go