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Conference campy::natural_language_computation

Title:Natural Language Computation
Created:Fri May 02 1986
Last Modified:Mon Feb 21 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:50
Total number of notes:265
Number with bodies:0
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1.0CDR::LEPINEFri May 02 1986Welcome
2.067CDR::LEPINEFri May 02 1986People interested in NL
3.03CDR::LEPINEFri May 02 1986NL projects
4.04CAD::PRENTICEWed May 07 1986LOGLAN
5.012BUCKY::MPALMERTue May 13 1986TI's NLMenu
6.05CIM::JONANTue Jul 01 1986request for resources
7.05LENITA::SCHAFERMon Jul 07 1986IBM, the typewriter people
8.0JUNIPR::DMCLUREFri Aug 22 1986Announcing: Battle of the Languages
9.014WHO::LEPINEFri Aug 22 1986NL-KR Digests
10.01ANT::CONTINIWed Nov 12 1986What skills required for NL
11.01BUCKY::MPALMERFri Jan 16 1987TI Explorer sought
12.0NAC::HARBOSun Feb 08 1987Public-domain ATN request
14.0JENEVR::SILVAMon Oct 19 1987Text reformatter
15.0NOVA::LEPINETue Oct 27 1987Online bib for Comp Ling
16.02SAHQ::HENNESSYWed Dec 02 1987PROLOG and the ungrammatical
17.02TEACH::ARTMon Dec 14 1987Conceptual Dependency Parsers
18.02TEACH::ARTMon Jan 11 1988Book Reviews
19.019CREDIT::LEPINEFri Jan 29 1988NL-KR DIGESTS, VOL. 4
20.02MDVAX1::KUTZFri Feb 19 1988Digital's NL projects
21.0MDRLEG::RUBENTue Mar 08 1988NL Proceedings
22.0JRDVMon Mar 14 1988report of IPSJ NLPT Symposium
23.01FULLER::MPALMERFri Jun 03 1988Barbara Grosz?
24.0IPG::KEENMon Jun 06 1988Language Craft Query
25.036BRMUDA::LEPINEThu Jul 21 1988NL-KR DIGESTS, VOL. 5
26.0TKOV58::ITOUTue Aug 02 1988Project in CMU. Japanese -> English
27.03YIPPEE::TARANTOLAFri Aug 12 1988FYI - WPSPLUS Grammar Checker
28.0CIMNET::LEPINEWed Sep 07 1988NL evaluation workshop
29.0CIMNET::LEPINEMon Oct 24 1988Machine Translation references
30.0CIMNET::LEPINEMon Oct 31 1988SUNY Buffalo Linguistics Colloquium
31.04CIMNET::LEPINEMon Oct 31 1988Neural Net Papers Available
32.01MDRLEG::RUBENWed Nov 23 1988Announcement
33.0LEVEL::REITHTue Dec 06 1988LanguageCraft being discontinued
34.0NAC::HARBOMon Dec 12 1988Req: random sentence generator.
36.021HPSTEK::PATTERSONTue Apr 18 1989< <Cu vi parolas Esperanton?
37.0TROAWed May 10 1989Where to look??
38.0REVEAL::LEEFri Jul 14 1989Syntactic Parsers
39.03HLDGTue Nov 28 1989NLC tool ??
40.03BALZAC::COUILLAULTMon Dec 18 1989Dictionary access programme ?
41.0AIADM::CHERPASWed Jan 24 1990OPS5 and natural language?
42.01MDRLEG::JM_GONZALEZMon Feb 19 1990English to Spanish machine translation
43.01FASDER::MTURNERMon Dec 03 1990MCC Research and Development
44.0NIOMAX::LAINGWed Apr 03 1991Human language problems/deficits?
45.0AZUR::PAUWed May 27 1992Course on constraint based logic programming-Free - at DEC Valbonne-With hands on
46.0FASDER::MTURNERMon Jun 01 1992Language Samples Wanted
47.0AZUR::PAUFri Jun 12 1992GENELEX European EUREKA project on terminology databases and tools
48.0NIKEZ::BREEDINGTue Jun 23 1992Online Newsletter starting up
49.0HGRDFri Jul 10 1992Knowledge Acquiristion
50.0OASS::ADAMS_SMon Feb 21 1994any translator s/w available? DEC or non-DEC?