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Conference campy::ai

Title: AI issues
Created:Fri Jan 31 1986
Last Modified:Mon Aug 19 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:535
Total number of notes:2268
Number with bodies:0
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1.05CDR::GREENBERGWed Nov 16 1983Introduction
2.0436CDR::GREENBERGWed Nov 16 1983Mailing list
3.02CDR::GREENBERGWed Nov 16 1983Project descriptions
4.0CDR::GREENBERGTue Dec 20 1983Mail to/from CMU
6.02CDR::GREENBERGMon Jan 09 1984SRL technocal issues meeting
7.06EGAVTue Jan 24 1984DEC and ROBOTICS
8.03CXTOOL::CURTISFri Jan 27 1984What languages are in use?
9.02CDR::GREENBERGThu Feb 02 1984UNIX
10.0BARTOK::PARADISETue Feb 21 1984SRL Technical Issues Meeting -2
11.0BARTOK::BARABASHMon Feb 27 1984Minutes of OPS5 User Meeting
12.02GIGI::MERRILLTue Mar 20 1984Partitioning OPS-5 applications
13.0BARTOK::BARABASHThu Mar 22 1984New OPS5 NOTESfile
15.05HAZEL::SLEDDMon Apr 23 1984A view from a cynic
16.0GIGI::MERRILLTue Apr 24 1984Languages:Applications rankds
18.04VIKING::PERRONFri May 25 1984diagnose sick computers
19.01BARTOK::BARABASHTue Jun 05 1984Gordon Bell on LISP
20.04VIKING::PERRONThu Jun 21 1984Teknowledge products
21.0RDGE17::SIMPSONMon Jun 25 1984UK Products
22.02EXODUS::MCKENDRYThu Jun 28 1984MIT AI Lab
23.0EXODUS::MCKENDRYFri Jun 29 1984Request from USENET
24.01CDR::GREENBERGFri Jul 13 1984Talk by Arvind Sathi
25.0ASGMKA::PENNEYMon Jul 23 1984Request for XPCCON
26.02RAVEN1::STOGNERFri Jul 27 1984IMACS
27.03FARMER::SHARPFri Aug 03 1984What do LISPs taste like?
28.02HITECH::EVANSThu Aug 23 1984IBM Reveals 6 AI Projects
29.0STUSWS::KRAMERTue Oct 02 1984speed of lisp-fcn 'reverse'
30.07GVATue Oct 02 1984Obtaining VAXLISP and PROLOG
31.03PIXEL::PWONGFri Oct 05 1984Will computers ever think?
32.0PIGGY::BROUILLETTEThu Oct 11 1984Wanted: Sr. Software Engineer/AI
33.07FELIX::JANZENMon Oct 22 1984I think therefore I crash
34.08GVATue Dec 11 1984Introduction to AI
36.01PARROT::GOUTALThu Dec 27 1984XLISP
38.06CYGNUS::ARVIDSONMon Jan 07 1985Information needed
39.0CDR::GREENBERGTue Jan 15 1985this is a test
40.02EKBVSat Jan 19 1985pop-11
41.01PHOBOS::WICKERTFri Feb 01 1985Info on Symbolics
42.08JAWS::KAISERWed Feb 06 1985Small practical applications?
43.03PHOBOS::WICKERTWed Feb 20 1985Announcing AINEWS
44.04MEO78B::TURNBULLFri Mar 08 1985xpert systems
45.02YIPPEE::GLANTZTue Mar 12 1985ART ?
46.02TAVThu Mar 21 1985idea for software conversion to
47.01NY1MM::SWEENEYFri Mar 22 1985AI and Financial Service
48.0STSat Mar 23 1985Info to Sales Product Training
49.0STSat Mar 23 1985Sales Product Training NOTE FIL
50.04FDCVThu Apr 11 1985KALAH
51.02RAVEN1::STOGNERMon May 06 1985Digital AI Sponsorship
52.0PHOBOS::WICKERTThu May 09 1985VAXnotes Server
53.0RAJA::MERRILLWed May 22 1985Search Tree Controls
54.0RDGE21::GAUTIERFri May 24 1985[micro]PROUST
55.03KIM::SCHUETZLEFri Jun 14 1985Flavors for Vax Lisp
56.01GIGI::BRENDANWed Jun 26 1985AI Network Digest
57.03NOVA::GIOIELLITue Jul 09 1985Expert System Tools
58.05TAVMon Jul 15 1985Smalltalk-8
59.04NOVA::GIOIELLIThu Jul 25 1985Expert Systems Notesfile
60.02TAHOE::JENSENFri Jul 26 1985?Req: AI hardware info
61.02NY1MM::WOLFESat Aug 10 1985TI Explorer
62.02YIPPEE::GLANTZMon Oct 07 1985Anyone have a lexicon?
63.02WHAT::SHUBINThu Oct 10 1985Debate:Software for "Star Wars"
64.02EDSVAX::CRESSEYMon Oct 14 1985? MDL Language ?
65.02LATOUR::AMARTINThu Oct 17 1985AI Satellite Seminar
66.04LAUSAN::NGUYENTue Nov 05 1985MACSYMA and SMP on VS-II?
67.03PRSIS3::DTLMon Nov 25 1985How to start?
68.02USHSThu Dec 05 1985NASA certification ?
69.0GVAThu Dec 05 1985AI conference @ MIT
71.03ZHORA::BILLMERSThu Jan 02 1986A new Expert System Language
72.01CAPTIN::KIRKThu Jan 23 1986Conversion to VAXNOTES
73.03KZIN::CORNEMon Feb 10 1986?Mail screener anyone?
74.05Thu Feb 20 1986?? AI for process control ??
75.0OSLCSC::ARNESat Mar 08 1986Any graphic demos for AI VAXstation ?
77.03ZGOVThu Mar 20 1986AI for MRP II
78.03NUGGET::MITCHELLSat Mar 22 1986Intellect
79.0EKBVMon Mar 24 1986Search Trees
80.03ZGOVSat Mar 29 1986GCLISP
81.03OZONE::FOXMon Mar 31 1986??medical AI systems?
82.01MERIDN::BAYWed Apr 02 1986?Info on Knowledgecraft?
83.0WHY::FANEUFWed Apr 02 1986MS in AI nights or part time?
84.04RACHEL::BARABASHWed Apr 09 1986Seminar on Parallelism in Production Systems
85.0SUBA::PERRONWed Apr 09 1986EXTRAN
86.04GYPSC3::SCHUBERTFri Apr 11 1986Looking for DEC expert systems
87.02WHICH::CHERUBINIThu Apr 17 1986NOTES Support Utility
88.03HOW::WISNERFri Apr 18 1986AI demos avail/needed
89.06PRUNES::VASKASThu May 01 1986LISP is not a language?
90.02NEDVAX::ARMISTEADThu May 01 1986AI Tools Information Needed
91.03HOW::WISNERThu May 01 1986AI_VMS
92.0MERIDN::BAYSun May 04 1986CERBERUS for VAX
93.01MERIDN::BAYSun May 04 1986LISP Toolkitfrom OEM
94.0YIPPEE::GLANTZMon May 05 1986LogicLine from Thunderstone
95.0EXIT26::GUIDIMon May 19 1986OPEN HOUSE -MAY 22- FPO(ED SERV-R&D)
96.0PHOBOS::WICKERTTue May 27 1986TI Satellite Symposium 6/25/86
97.04OSAVFri May 30 1986Expert Systems in Finance ??
98.02WINERY::STRIEPEFri May 30 1986S.1 Sales Update Announcement
99.0DAIRY::SHARPTue Jun 03 1986Call for Papers, AAAI Conference, 13-Aug-1986
100.02DAIRY::SHARPTue Jun 03 1986All Things Considered considers AI
101.05KBOVTue Jun 03 1986UNIX vs VMS
102.02WHICH::TURNERTue Jun 03 1986DELTA CATS1?
103.06OSLSWS::PAULWed Jun 04 1986? Info on KEE ?
104.0PIXEL::PWONGTue Jun 10 1986AI software for MS-DOS
105.01CADLAC::CHENGTue Jun 10 1986MARK and RELEASE features.
106.0LOGIC::KEVINSun Jun 15 1986Fancy Logic Programming Hardware TSS
107.01HBO::ORNSTEINFri Jun 27 1986?Rule Base Expert?
108.03TKOV58::SHIMONOMon Jun 30 1986"AI Expert" magazine
109.06YIPPEE::GLANTZTue Jul 01 1986Bitmap-to-ASCII document reader
110.0MEWVAX::AUGUSTINEThu Jul 03 1986RPOPS now available internally
111.02EDEN::KLAESWed Jul 09 1986COLLAGE HUB
112.01COOKIE::BURBACKMon Jul 21 1986Does anyone have an online copy?
113.0BARTOK::ARNOLDTue Jul 22 1986Tom Dean TSS at HLO - 7/29/86
114.04KBOVMon Jul 28 1986AI workstation
115.08LISVAX::VALENTEMon Jul 28 1986AI DEMOS
116.03KBOVWed Jul 30 1986Crashdump Experts
117.02BUCKY::MPALMERWed Aug 06 1986SymKit/KEE?
118.02ISWISS::KIRSTEINMon Aug 11 1986AI Specialists wanted
119.0WME::BIRNBACHMon Aug 11 1986Comercially Available LOGO?
120.01BACH::KEVINTue Aug 12 1986Functional Language Bibliography
121.0BUCKY::MPALMERFri Aug 22 1986AAAI reports?
122.0KBOVMon Aug 25 1986AI ALERT Publication
125.02USHSWed Sep 10 1986AI/GPX demos?
127.04WHYNOT::DENISThu Sep 11 1986Image Processing & AI
128.051538::OLAVMon Sep 15 1986Robotics hardware available?
129.01USHSMon Sep 15 1986Price/performance of BI machines
130.03ATFAB::REDDENSat Sep 20 1986Defining the difference
131.04BARTOK::LERNERMon Sep 22 1986SDI - is it possible?
132.02TKOV5Fri Sep 26 1986TVX ??
134.05DV78Mon Oct 27 1986FLAVORS for VAX?
135.01--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 06 1986What's new in XCON/XSEL Development
136.0PHOBOS::WICKERTTue Nov 11 1986Announcing VAXFlavors V2.2
137.033589Wed Nov 12 1986DEC AI Products
138.01SPYDER::YONGEFri Nov 14 1986AI Class 1
139.0ISTG::CARRSun Nov 16 1986Knowledge engineer opportunities in XCON/XSEL Development Group
140.0MERLYN::BILLMERSMon Nov 17 1986IDECUS advertisement
141.0YIPPEE::GLANTZTue Nov 18 1986What do our customers do with PROLOG?
142.07ERLANG::SUDAMAFri Nov 21 1986Blackboard Architectures
143.07ECCGY4::ANDERSONFri Dec 05 198688
144.0PRSIS6::MERCIERFri Dec 12 1986E.S for Analog PCB's diagnostic ?
145.0ISWISS::GERACEFri Dec 12 1986AI Specialists still needed
146.0BARTOK::MEEHANTue Dec 16 1986VAX LISP user survey
147.01STKTSC::RYDENWed Dec 17 1986CBIs on AI
148.04MMOThu Dec 18 1986SYmbolics - SNA Gateway
150.03TRCOTue Jan 06 1987Any picture analysis software out there?
151.03ROYCE::ROWLEYWed Jan 07 1987Deep Knowledge Based Sysytems
152.05NANUCK::LUNTWed Jan 07 1987AI application qualification assistance
153.05CURIE::NORDLANDFri Jan 09 1987PC PROLOG for learning?
154.01LEROUF::DENISTue Jan 13 1987Character recognition software/books
155.0BUCKY::MPALMERFri Jan 16 1987seeking a TI Explorer
156.01EXPERT::REIDMon Jan 19 1987DECs Expert Systems Training Program
157.01SLDA::ROYTue Jan 20 1987inference engine in lisp
158.02SAHQ::HENNESSYWed Jan 21 1987AION
159.0LEROUF::DENISThu Jan 22 1987LISTS processing in C ???
160.02NOVA::GIOIELLIFri Jan 23 1987ISTG's AI Guide Series ?
161.012SLDA::OPPWed Jan 28 1987"Nexpert" info anyone?
162.0OSAVThu Jan 29 1987AI VWS from Other Vendors ???
163.05KBOUThu Jan 29 1987CSRL+
164.035SLDA::OPPFri Jan 30 1987Moral responsibility of AI?
165.018ISTG::TEYLOUNIMon Feb 02 1987Nexpert
166.01ZUDEV2::REESMon Feb 09 1987Teknowledge ABE (KIOSK)
167.013EDEN::KLAESMon Feb 09 1987THE BIOCHIP
168.01BUSONI::FOSTERThu Feb 19 1987modparams for AIworkstations
169.02VAXWRK::PETERSONWed Mar 04 1987Book reviews?
170.03MUMPS::SCHWARTZThu Mar 05 1987Wanted - Code to Implement AI Game Techniques
171.0SERIF::TURNERSun Mar 08 1987Article on Computer Chess
172.0HARDY::NUZZOWed Mar 11 1987AI&VMS Training Needs
173.0YIPPEE::GOULNIKThu Mar 12 1987PSYCHO x1.
174.01SLDA::ROYThu Mar 12 1987KnowledgeCraft Experiences?
175.04ELUDOM::COURTNEYFri Mar 20 1987Scheme?
176.01TKOV58::NAKASHIMAWed Apr 01 1987Information on Dispatcher needed
177.0SLDA::ROYTue Apr 07 1987survey of tools + languages
178.02TLE::CONTITue Apr 14 1987Announcing a conference devoted to Neural Nets
179.0SLDA::OPPWed Apr 15 1987LISP co-processor for uVAX
180.03BUSONI::FOSTERThu Apr 16 1987TSS - Reasoning Inc.
181.012ERLANG::SUDAMAThu Apr 23 1987Interest in Machine Learning?
182.07CDR::ROLANDFri Apr 24 1987AI Marketing Feedback
183.010WME::MACOMBERMon Apr 27 19875 years from Now...
184.0CADSE::SCHEIDFri May 08 1987Info on upcoming AI applic CONF
185.01ARTIST::STRIEPEFri Jun 12 1987Looking for Smnalltalk on VAXstation
186.04THEBUS::PERRONTue Jun 16 1987GURU system for VAX VMS ?
187.0CDR::ROLANDThu Jun 18 1987AI 6
188.0WHICH::DREWESWed Jul 08 1987Teaching Machine Learning & AI
189.0MDATA::TUTUNJIANThu Jul 16 1987Manufacturing Software Symposium
190.04SHIRE::WAXFri Jul 17 1987NEXPERT
191.0MDVAX1::JOHNSONThu Jul 23 1987Tools for VAX/ELN???
192.01SHIRE::WAXMon Jul 27 1987New AI Course Curriculum
193.04MYKENE::TURNERMon Jul 27 1987Proteus
194.02NZOVTue Aug 04 1987customer visit
195.01--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 05 1987Rule-driven applic - Advice ??
196.01SUOAI::KRAMERFri Aug 07 1987KEE
197.02AIAG::KAMESHSat Aug 08 1987Announcing the SOAR Conference
198.0EAGLE1::BESTTue Aug 11 1987The adverse effects of AI (?)
199.0AITG::FOSTERThu Aug 13 1987bibliography
200.02TRNWed Aug 19 1987A.I. in Rework and Quality Control
201.0ENGINE::THOMPSONFri Sep 04 1987Hiring person for AI and Mechanical CAD
203.02MARVIN::MCLURCANMon Sep 21 1987Looking for an MSc. thesis.
204.0BRDWLK::VEALEKTue Oct 06 1987AI Undertaking in China
205.01TPOVFri Oct 09 1987KE training schedule?
206.0CIMNET::PSMITHTue Oct 13 1987Considering MSc, want to pursue AI
207.01AYOV16::IGRANTFri Oct 16 1987Could anyone help me.
208.08NHL::GORDONFri Oct 16 1987Resolution, anyone?
209.0JENEVR::SILVAMon Oct 19 1987Text reformatter
210.05FXADM::OCONNELLTue Oct 27 1987On-line Encyclopedia??
211.05CGOOThu Oct 29 1987Picon or G2 products
212.01HGOVThu Nov 05 1987Magazine Info Needed
213.05LEROUF::DENISWed Nov 18 1987Who does what ?!
214.010MSDOA2::SECRISTWed Nov 18 1987LIPS-p
215.07DUBThu Nov 19 1987Advice needed...
216.04MUNICH::DREWESMon Nov 23 1987SMALLTALK as a ES tool ?
217.01MUNICH::DREWESMon Nov 23 1987?OPS83 on a VAX?
218.01CLT::EARLEWed Nov 25 1987Smalltalk on VWS - Unable to get at it
220.03SMACWed Dec 02 1987POP-11?
221.01TAVWed Dec 16 1987LISP MACHINE --> VAXstation
222.07CANYON::CONROYWed Dec 23 1987C++ and AI - Comments please
223.06AIAG::CARIFIOThu Dec 31 1987Mettrey article originated with DEC work?
224.0YIPPEE::GOULNIKMon Jan 04 1988PSYCHO v1.2
225.022LIRICA::TOGNAZZITue Jan 05 1988VAXlisp version of KEE
226.04TAVThu Jan 07 1988OPS5 course?
227.02GUCCI::LEVENTERTue Jan 12 1988Decision Support Software
228.01DROO::WEYMOUTHWed Jan 20 1988Oil Exploration & Production Expert Systems?
229.0PMRV7Thu Jan 21 1988Nexpert/Datatrieve Interface
230.03MALLET::EXTONFri Jan 22 1988A.I. in the pharmaceutical industry
231.02THRILL::MACOMBERSat Jan 23 19884th IEEE Conf on AI App
232.03TAVSun Jan 24 1988Looking for products/tools
233.03MUGSY::GLANTZThu Jan 28 1988VAX OPS5 V3.
234.02VNASWS::MANNThu Jan 28 1988AI for inventory control,...
235.0RANCHO::HOLTTue Feb 09 1988RASE...?
236.01DDMAIL::MODELEVSKYThu Feb 11 1988Rule base for qualifying an expert system application
237.0TKOV58::MATSUSHITAMon Feb 15 1988Any Informations for ND ?
238.0UTROP1::SPEKKINGFMon Feb 15 1988AI and services
239.01CASVFri Feb 19 1988VMS Monitoring Tool
240.0GOFFY::MANSERMon Feb 22 1988Hope this helps ..
241.02FACTFri Mar 04 1988Better looking Nexpert
242.0FACTFri Mar 04 1988Improving Nexpert
243.01COOKIE::WAHLFri Mar 04 1988Third Party AI Software Royalties
244.0AITG::BETTSThu Mar 10 1988network demo needed
245.0CARMEL::HARVEYThu Mar 10 1988Scheduling or Production Planning info???
246.02GLDOA::CLARKTue Mar 15 1988Any Utilities Applications?
247.0PARITY::JOSHIThu Mar 17 1988Intl. Conf. on CIM at RPI, MAY 23-25 '88
248.05AUNTB::STETSONTue Mar 22 1988Warehouse Control with AI
249.01TELCOM::ATWOODTue Mar 22 1988lanmaster/diana ??
250.01TAVThu Mar 24 1988Help on LISP
251.02AITG::MCINTOSHFri Mar 25 1988AI VAXstations
252.01NZOVSun Mar 27 1988map images
253.02KETJE::HAENTJENSWed Apr 06 1988Smalltalk: where to get it?
254.018CTCVAX::GONDAThu Apr 14 1988On Brain/Mind ...
255.05TROUThu Apr 21 1988AI interfaces to Rdb?
256.0ODIXIE::TURCOTTEThu Apr 28 1988AI in Pulp and Paper?
257.05AUNTB::GETTYSBIThu Apr 28 1988AI for (human) language translation?
258.03DIXIE1::TURCOTTEThu Apr 28 1988Note 2 Set Hidden?
259.01PBSVAX::COOPERTue May 03 1988Boyer/Moore in Common LISP.
260.03OSLVS1::ARNETue May 10 1988Where can we get Spang Robinson Report on AI
262.04NZOVMon May 23 1988risk manager ES
263.02NZOVWed May 25 1988visiting Reading, UK
264.02PUGH::MCDONALDAWed May 25 1988Any operations AI/expert systems?
265.02PUGH::MCDONALDAWed May 25 1988Group working AI systems?
266.02OSLVS1::ARNEMon May 30 1988Application Expert from Culinet
268.0CTHULU::YERAZUNISFri Jun 10 1988Parallel OPS5 Compiler now available
269.05STKHLM::ULUNDQVISTMon Jun 13 1988ES tool Cyber & VAX, KES II ?
270.05SLDA::OPPMon Jun 20 1988AI editorial by Jacques Cousteau
271.012IPG::KEENFri Jun 24 1988The Search For Eliza.
272.04VAXRIO::NUMATue Jul 05 1988Offshore-Prospector-Dipmeter, infos needed
273.0STKHLM::ULUNDQVISTWed Jul 06 1988AI & News papers ???
274.0DROO::WEYMOUTHWed Jul 06 1988MicroExplorer
275.0DROO::WEYMOUTHThu Jul 07 1988Keyless Calculator
276.0ITAMKT::SIMINOFri Jul 08 1988HELP looking for References for an AI customer
277.01RACHEL::BARABASHMon Jul 11 1988AI News Capsule archive
278.08RACHEL::BARABASHThu Jul 14 1988Expert system may have led to plane downing
279.01COGSCI::TATLOWThu Jul 14 1988Looking for AI-ish groups
280.01BRUTEY::BERLLYTue Jul 19 1988SMALLTALK under Ultrix
281.02HGOVC::TONYLOWed Jul 20 1988Figure-print identification ?
282.03MTBLUE::MEYER_TOMWed Jul 20 1988Neural Network Needed
283.02EJMVII::SIMONIANFri Jul 29 1988NEXPERT on Easynet
284.01KETJE::HAENTJENSMon Aug 08 1988Revisiting KEE 3.1/VAXLISP (see also 225.*)
285.010MISFIT::FLOESERTue Aug 09 1988Runtime for AI tools?
286.04MISFIT::FLOESERWed Aug 10 1988Jargon asked, and explained.
287.07OSLVS1::ARNEThu Aug 11 1988NOTES on KEE & KnowledgeCraft ?
288.03MAMTS1::RFOLEYMon Aug 22 1988VP-EXPERT?
289.08COOKIE::WAHLMon Aug 29 1988AAAI-88 Conference Comments
290.06NAAD::REITERThu Sep 01 1988OPS5 clone for ULTRIX
291.02OSLVS1::ARNEWed Sep 07 1988Info on Goldworks??
292.03TPOVThu Sep 08 1988Basic
293.0TPOVThu Sep 08 1988
294.06MUNEDU::BUERKERTThu Sep 15 1988
295.02SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Sep 19 1988VAX Decision Expert
296.01AUNTB::DAVISSTTue Sep 20 1988OPS5 info?
297.0PARVAX::ROCHEMon Oct 03 1988TI's PC PLUS?
298.02PILOU::SEDANThu Oct 06 1988LOGIC:: still alive?
299.03WAV14::VIGNEAULTMon Oct 10 1988help with AI topic
300.04VAXWRK::SHAHFri Oct 14 1988Needs suggestions for COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY
301.01GLORY::APPLEGATETue Oct 18 1988What is raciness?
302.06CSC32::C_NORMANMon Oct 31 1988Future of Personel Dept. and AI???
303.09GLASS::SHIVESTue Nov 01 1988University Rankings
304.01MOSAIC::DOSXTue Nov 08 1988Computer Operator ??
305.05CTOAVX::POMPANOWed Nov 09 1988N P HARD ???
306.02GLORY::APPLEGATEFri Nov 11 1988LISP Notes Unavailable
307.04OSLVS1::ARNESun Nov 13 1988Are Digital serious on ULTRIX for AI??
308.0GYPSC::DREWESWed Nov 23 1988Downloading OPS to PC ?
309.01MALLET::EXTONWed Nov 23 1988KEE and Scheduling
310.04AUNTB::STETSONWed Nov 23 1988AI in Agriculture - Help Wanted
311.06KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Nov 29 1988AI on MAC ???
313.01TKOV58::ISHIKAWATue Nov 29 1988FUSION - an ES building tool
314.06SKYWAY::BOLLIGERBThu Dec 01 1988Diagnosis Expert System in Energy Management
315.0EVOAI1::RIPOLLFri Dec 02 1988AI applications for oil industry
316.06EVOAI1::RIPOLLFri Dec 02 1988Speech understanding needed ?!
317.0SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Dec 06 1988Expert system strategy available.
318.01BISTRO::ZANONITue Dec 20 1988VAX GEN-X anyone ?
319.02YIPPEE::TARANTOLAThu Dec 22 1988Announcing AISE
320.01TRNWed Dec 28 1988Novice & KR
321.03TRNWed Jan 11 1989MAGAZINE ADDRESS - HELP -
322.06THRILL::CHENGWed Jan 11 1989Expert's Toolkit, an expert systems building tool.
323.0BUFFER::MUTHThu Jan 12 1989Does anyone have "Elements of AI" Software?
324.0MUNSBE::BRITTAINThu Jan 26 1989ESs in Market Research ???
326.04DPDMAI::BECKERSun Feb 05 1989AI Handbook Worthwhile?
327.03ERFARE::PERRETTTue Feb 07 198931
328.02NUKMAC::FRANCIS_PThu Feb 09 1989The Initial Choice is Crucial.
329.02COPCLU::TOFTFri Feb 10 1989AI for a low budget terminal
330.01ULF::LUNDQVISTThu Feb 16 1989Performance tests by Dr Metterey ???
331.012TKOV58::MIMOMITue Feb 21 1989Fuzzy Algorithms
332.02ATLS17::HENNESSY_JMon Feb 27 1989searching for help-desk applications
333.01CSC32::W_ROBERTSTue Mar 14 1989Experience with Multi_Criteria Decision Making?
334.02TROAMon Mar 20 1989Lincoln National Expert System
335.013PRCSWS::EDDIELEUNGSat Mar 25 1989Any AI lab as reference site ?
336.0WHYVAX::PUDERTue Mar 28 1989The Virtual Journal, V1N3
337.01IPOVAX::MURTHYTue Mar 28 1989Can VTX be used as a fact base?
338.05COOKIE::WAHLTue Mar 28 1989AIList?
339.01DEKVThu Mar 30 1989Where is the presentation material?
341.0PHOBOS::WICKERTWed Apr 26 1989REBEL -- Announcing a new AI system for your review
342.03HANDVA::THOMASLAWWed May 03 1989Rule-Based System! Help!
343.0COLES1::STRATHOFFMon May 08 1989Knowledgebases for Field Service ?
344.0SEDOAS::REASONThu May 11 1989IKBS?? What is it??
345.01SICVAX::PATELWed May 17 1989MERCURY - shed some light please
346.0TKOV58::MIMOMIThu May 18 1989HARP exhibition
347.0CIMNET::PSMITHTue May 23 1989Peter Smith, GEEP/Cornell/CS/AI, CMPD
348.01MSDSWS::SECRISTWed May 24 1989Wither XLISP ?
349.01TRCAWed May 24 1989HYPERTEXT?
350.01UPSAR::HARBOTue Jun 06 1989Req: NASA's CLIPS expert shell pacackage
351.0DINER::SHUBINFri Jun 09 1989Human Factors testing
352.01WNDSRF::HEBERTTue Jun 13 1989A survey about selecting tools for ES projects
353.02CAPNET::BARKERTue Jun 20 1989SOAR information??
354.02SELECT::OCONNELLThu Jun 22 1989BURN -- an expert system?
355.023XERO::ARNOLDWed Jun 28 1989AI Training courses in DLB12
356.08MXOVTue Jul 04 1989A SHELL?
357.0MORIN::EXTONWed Jul 05 1989Computer aided parts estimating
358.013HDLITE::FEASEWed Jul 12 1989What AI groups exist at DEC?
359.01TKOV58::MATSUMOTOMon Jul 17 1989XCOST
360.01AIAG::LATHAMWed Jul 19 1989Announcing V4.
361.05AIAG::BRENNANWed Jul 19 1989DECtree 1.
362.01ERFARE::PERRETTMon Aug 07 1989AI in France in electrickery
363.02ISTG::ENGHOLMTue Aug 15 1989Artificial what?
364.01GNOSIS::COGHLANWed Aug 16 1989National Dispatch Router information?
365.0SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Aug 21 1989Are Digital's AI products integrated?
368.04MORIN::EXTONWed Aug 30 1989Matching names from around the world
369.01SKYWAY::BOLLIGERBThu Aug 31 1989Design for manufacturing and profitability
370.0BYENGThu Aug 31 1989Trellis Training Sept. 11-13 in Munich
371.0SELECT::OCONNELLFri Sep 01 1989Expert Systems using Taguchi Method?
372.02HGOVC::TONYLOTue Sep 05 1989Tools for PC and main frame
373.0WAV14::CORTIZASThu Sep 07 1989Job Interest in A/I
374.01REVEAL::LEEThu Sep 07 1989Neural-Network Demonstration in Burlington by Excalibur Technologies
375.0MILKWY::MORRISONMon Sep 11 1989IDEA & ECAPP projects: are there any papers on these?
376.0YIPPEE::HIMBAUTTue Sep 12 1989EAITC in the list
377.01BOSTON::HALPERNFri Sep 15 1989POP-11 Availability??
379.03HGOVC::TONYLOThu Sep 21 1989EPITOOL info & kit ?
380.02--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 27 1989Neural-Net tool now available
381.01AIAG::BILLMERSThu Oct 05 1989Summary of Randy Davis' Technical Seminar
382.0SYOMV::WOJDYLAFri Oct 06 1989AIST Conf. Suggestions ???
383.02PIOPPO::TOGNAZZITue Oct 17 1989ai and security
384.02AYOV11::GKINGFri Oct 20 1989Knights Tour Heuristic
385.02DELNI::W_KINGTue Oct 24 1989Is this letter for real?
386.0DELNI::VASKASWed Nov 01 1989Genetic Algorithms/Machine Learning
387.02LAGUNA::EDMONDSON_NIWed Nov 01 1989What is Trellis/OWL
388.0ATPS::DAWSONFri Nov 03 1989IEA/AIE-9
389.01OTOOSat Nov 04 1989AI in Manufacturing
390.03LARVAE::ROBBINSThu Nov 09 1989AI in QA
391.0TUVOR::POGSONThu Nov 09 1989Quality Assurance for AI/Expert Systems
392.01MXOVThu Nov 30 1989AI Core, New Language: FRAP
393.02MCIS2::RODLINSat Dec 02 1989PC Speech Synthesys/Recognition
394.0YIPPEE::SUTHERLANDMon Dec 04 1989European AITC - Quarterly Report - Q1 FY9
395.0SKYWAY::HONEGGERThu Dec 07 1989bitmap files and NEXPERT
396.03GLORY::APPLEGATEWed Dec 13 1989Expert system for credit approvals
397.0GUESS::WOODRUFFThu Jan 04 1990Job Opening on DFM Architecture Development Team (DLB5)
398.0RICKS::MILLSMon Jan 22 1990Can anyone share their MACSYMA?
399.01SUBWAY::BREITWed Jan 31 1990INFO on CLIM
400.05ESIS::MAKIWed Jan 31 1990AI Courses at DLB12
401.0AIAG::MEDOFFFri Feb 16 1990Announcing the AITC-TECH Notes Conference
402.0MIZZOU::SHERMANMon Feb 19 1990DECPAT 2.5-
403.03WMOIS::CHAVEZThu Feb 22 1990AI For JIT
405.02MARVIN::ACQUAHMon Mar 05 1990Where is the expert system shell?
406.02SELECT::BOGATYMon Mar 19 1990AI & Diagnosis: Course in Development
407.01CAPTIN::KIRKMon Apr 02 1990The future of OPS5: TIN
408.01HSSWS2::HELLERTue Apr 10 1990Call for Papers, Proposals, Tutorials at IAKE '9
409.04HGOVC::TONYLOTue Apr 17 1990Security industry AI/ES applications
410.04PAXVAX::TORRESFri May 04 1990need info on XCON
411.01CHISIK::FUNGWed May 09 1990Trellis/awl
412.0SELECT::BOGATYFri May 11 1990Diagnostic KBS
413.0CHISIK::FUNGWed May 16 1990AI in finance AI in finance Ai in Finance
414.01TRCOFri May 25 1990IMKA info wanted
415.0RTOEU::HSTOECKLINMon May 28 1990Genetic Algorithms?
416.03YIPPEE::SUTHERLANDTue May 29 1990Request: User Maintainable Rulebases - References
417.06SWAM2::MASTROMAR_JOWed May 30 1990G2 simulator clones?
418.06SWAM2::MASTROMAR_JOWed Jun 13 1990ART/KEY expert systems
419.0JRDVMon Jun 18 1990CESP and Natural Language Processing
420.02HGOVC::TONYLOFri Jun 22 1990Problem with OPS5, LISP notesfile?
421.06YUPPY::MOYESMon Jul 16 1990AI to help editing ??
422.010ESIS::JOHNSONWed Jul 18 1990AI Courses at DLB12
423.0ESIS::CHERPASTue Jul 24 1990Case-Based Reasoning?
424.01FSCORE::J_WUTue Jul 24 1990which tool to use? which course to take?
425.0HGOVC::TONYLOMon Aug 06 1990EPITOOL status?
426.01DECWET::TENGWed Aug 15 1990Blackboard Servers?
428.0GRANE::HEINTZEMon Aug 27 1990Choosing a paradigms for Analyzing Hardware and Predicting Failures
429.0HENCH1::HENCHEYFri Aug 31 1990Help for ISV in Knowledge-based Image Understanding
430.01GRANE::HEINTZETue Sep 04 1990Implementing Semantic Networks
432.01HLDGTue Sep 18 1990Integration databases with AI
433.02MALLET::POGSONWed Sep 19 1990Aerospace Applications/
434.03WNDSRF::HEBERTWed Sep 19 1990AI applications in Insurance??
435.0GUESS::SCALAThu Sep 20 1990Guide for VDE Development of Expert Systems Available
436.02SELECT::BOGATYFri Sep 21 1990DEC Diagnostic Systems for reference?
437.01CTOAVX::LANGENSun Sep 30 1990Info on Blackboard Arch. and Scheduling
438.0SIOG::DALYMon Oct 01 1990AI presentation required...
439.02JURA::RYDERMon Oct 08 1990string matching
440.05ALICAT::HOPEMon Oct 08 1990AI groups
442.0AISG::CORMIERMon Oct 15 1990ITS Call handling report
443.01ODIXIE::RAMSEYTue Oct 16 1990Need a Knowledgeable Resource
444.05BOSDCC::LANGENTue Oct 30 1990Symbolics CPU Conversion
445.0HGOVC::TONYLOMon Nov 05 1990Nexpert notesfile disappeared?
446.04HGOVC::JOHNSUMMon Nov 05 1990induction ability
447.0WBC::BAKERWed Nov 28 1990Analogy and Metaphor
448.04CSOA1::SCHWERHATue Dec 11 1990Info. Needed on VERITE/TOPIC
449.03HGOVC::JOHNSUMFri Dec 14 1990neural network
450.0TEASE::LEARYFri Dec 21 1990AI in Turbo Pascal diskette ?
451.0TKOV58::KUROSAKIWed Dec 26 1990Scheduling expert system for ARMCO?
452.0HGOVC::TONYLOTue Jan 15 1991IBM's TIRS?
453.0HSOPAS::BIGRED::HELLERWed Jan 23 19911st European Conference on AI in Petroleum Exploration and Production
454.04BIGRED::GALEFri Feb 15 1991KBMS
455.0FSCORE::J_WUSat Feb 23 1991AQ15 and C4 doc.
456.0ORIWS::ORIMon Mar 04 1991SILOS ?
457.06CTOAVX::ALLETZHAUSERMon Mar 18 1991Help for the telephone companies?
458.02VOGON::BOOTHThu Mar 21 1991Can it be done??
459.01AIAG::BILLMERSMon Apr 22 1991Any interest in collaboration with B&O?
460.01ESIS::GOKHMANThu Apr 25 1991Flavors Technology?
461.01POBOX::SZALAJKAWed May 29 1991LOTOS
462.03HGRDFri Jun 14 1991Character pattern recognition, help !
463.01WISCON::WEISFri Jul 26 1991The use of AI with E-Mail
464.0HGOVC::TONYLOThu Aug 08 1991Seismic, Exploration expert systems?
465.0EVOAI1::RIPOLLFri Aug 23 1991NN on MASSPAR?
466.03TRUNCA::FORBESWed Sep 11 1991Form parser/degenerator?
467.02MUGSY::PAUWed Oct 02 1991PROLOG II+ compiler with MOTIF
468.02TKOV51::MIMOMIFri Oct 04 1991Car design ES
469.01MUDIS3::HROESNERTue Oct 08 1991AI in Power Distribution?
470.03CARROL::ZAMBRETue Oct 15 1991ai/expert tools listing?
471.0BIGUN::ANDERSONWed Oct 16 1991COHESION and AI ?
472.02MGOSFri Oct 18 1991Do we have references?
473.05PANIC::CHRZANOWSKAMon Oct 21 1991Any AI expertise in UK?
474.0AIDIVE::HIMBAUTTue Oct 22 1991PrologIA documentation available
475.04FRAOST::OTTOMon Nov 04 1991Translation systems
476.02YIPPEE::CHEVIE::FITZGIBBONFri Nov 08 1991Customer Refs in Water supply, Petrochemical.
477.0CSOA1::SAFREEDFri Nov 08 1991AI Help Request
478.0WNDSRF::HEBERTFri Nov 15 1991KE Position in Santa Clara, CA
479.0AIAG::REWARISun Nov 17 1991IEEE Workshop: AI for Customer Service & Support
480.01HGOVC::TONYLOSun Dec 22 1991German & DEC AI telecom system ?
481.0TAVThu Dec 26 1991Expert System Help
482.03MACNAS::BATVAN::BATEMANWed Feb 05 1992any GDSS work
483.01SLBLUZ::STEIBWed Feb 05 1992Need latest version of CLIPS
484.02LYOISA::GAUDIEZTue Feb 11 1992do you know CHARM ?
485.01SHIPS::BRADSHAW_AThu Mar 05 1992AI in Command/Control applications?
487.0KXOVAX::SECRISTTue Apr 14 1992OPS5 / Dynamic Master Systems ?
488.0HGRDThu Apr 16 1992suggestion for final yr project
489.06ECAMV1::APPLEGATEMon Apr 20 1992virtual reality
490.0EVTAI1::RIPOLLTue Apr 21 1992Configuration model anyone?
491.0BSS::G_HEDRICKWed Apr 22 1992Artificial Intelligence Hotline??
492.0MSDOA::SECRISTThu May 07 1992Portable XLISP V1.1 (VMS,CP/M,MS-DOS,RT,RSX,OSF/1)
493.0AZUR::PAUWed May 27 1992Course on Constraint logic programming with hands-on work at DEC Valbonne
494.0EVTAI1::SZCZUDLAKThu Jun 25 1992VDE for ever !!!
495.0BUFFER::LIThu Jul 02 1992Machine Learning notes conference announcement
496.0EICMFG::AJKFri Jul 03 1992Any pointers to 'DECsizer' ?
497.01MSDOA::SECRISTMon Jul 06 1992Scheme for VMS, OSF/1, and MS-DOS
498.0HGRDThu Jul 09 1992Knowledge acquistion in Dailogue
499.01LEARNFri Jul 17 1992Machine Learning for Manufacturing Presentation
500.0CURRNT::CHOHANTue Jul 28 1992Advice needed
501.0WBC::BAKERMon Aug 24 1992KODIAK
502.0AKOCOA::JMORANWed Sep 02 1992I THINK from KnowledgeWare?
503.01IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSThu Sep 10 1992AI system in sw development environment
504.02PRIMES::POISSONThu Sep 17 1992Need Recommendation!!!
505.06BIGUN::ANDERSONWed Sep 23 1992DEC Dist Server Lib and DEC Storage Monitor, not for sale?
506.02GUESS::LUTSKYFri Oct 16 1992RIME methodology for rule-based programming
507.04GLDOA::SHOTWELLFri Nov 27 1992Looking for AI System users for survey.
508.02HKGACT::EDMONDLEUNGThu Dec 03 1992Any AI toolkit as G2 ?
509.01JRDVTue Dec 08 1992experts in qualitative reasoning?
510.01AIAG::REWARIWed Dec 16 1992AAAI'93 Workshop - Call for Participation.
511.02LMOADM::LEVINThu Dec 17 1992Training classes at LMO2, Marlboro, MA
512.0AZUR::CHEVIE::FITZGIBBONThu Dec 31 1992NEXPERT licences - help us save some money!
513.01TPTEST::GLANTZMon Feb 01 1993humour/humor/jokes
514.02EDGEGU::SPENCEWed Feb 10 1993AI on a PC???
515.0TKOV58::MIMOMIThu Mar 11 1993Japanese AI notefile
516.01SIOG::FITZPATRICKFri Apr 16 1993Prolog Notes File?
517.04OSITEL::BRITTAINThu Apr 22 1993Dynamic Modification of trees ?
518.01MKOTS1::SEEBACHTue Jul 20 1993AI department???
519.02QCAVThu Jul 29 1993DECmodel...any info??
520.0MR4MI2::DBOGATYFri Aug 06 1993"Opportunity" (job) in Medical Diagnostics
521.02OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Sep 07 19931993 AI tools info ?
522.01ACESMK::RLEEMon Sep 20 1993SNePS-2.1 - available via anonymous ftp from SUNY/Buffalo
523.0ANDREW::OSTROMThu Sep 23 1993Announcing DEC OPS++ V5.
524.0OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Sep 28 1993AI against insurance fraud ?
525.05MEXVWed Sep 29 1993AI QUESTION.
526.07JESDP::GOTOMon Oct 04 1993AI appli on train systems
527.03TAVMon Nov 08 1993XCON ?
528.0YUPPY::NEALDWed Nov 17 1993A-Life Info.
529.02GUIDUK::BARTLETTMon May 16 1994Any AI folks out there?????
530.02TOOK::MORRISONThu Jun 30 1994Upcoming tours of MIT A.I. lab?
531.01DKAS::BLISSThu Aug 04 1994Intelligent Solutions Update
532.01KIRKTN::SUPPALThu Aug 25 1994Rule-based scheduling for semiconductor business
533.0DKAS::ORCIUCHThu Feb 15 1996KBSG Update
534.03MANMTue Jul 30 1996Help!
535.0CPEEDY::BRADLEYMon Aug 19 1996visualization/ocr sw needed