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Conference campy::acu

Notice:See Note 2.Last For DCU KIT Location
Created:Fri Aug 04 1995
Last Modified:Fri May 16 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:133
Total number of notes:755
Number with bodies:4
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1.05NODEX::CROSSMANThu Aug 10 1995Welcome
2.024NODEX::CROSSMANFri Aug 11 1995Location of ACU kits
3.012NODEX::CROSSMANFri Aug 11 1995ACU Release Notes
4.0142NODEX::CROSSMANFri Aug 11 1995User Registrations
5.013NODEX::CROSSMANFri Aug 11 1995Outstanding Bug List - Read only
6.017NODEX::CROSSMANFri Aug 11 1995Outstanding Enhancement List - Read Only
7.032NODEX::CROSSMANFri Aug 11 1995Bug List - Resolutions
8.01NODEX::CROSSMANFri Aug 11 1995Enhancements - Completed
9.0NODEX::CROSSMANFri Aug 11 1995Reserved for future use
10.0NODEX::CROSSMANFri Aug 11 1995Reserved for future use
11.027TROOA::CSULLIVANFri Aug 11 1995Canadian Pricing - Version 2
12.02UTROP1::ZWETWed Aug 16 1995Will concurrent use licensing be in the august version?
13.010TROOA::SOLEYTue Aug 22 1995TZ877
14.04UTROP1::ZWETWed Aug 23 1995Internal SCSI cables missing in aServer 1
15.08BGSDEV::MORRISMon Aug 28 1995When will ACU run on AlphaStations?
16.05VAOUMon Aug 28 1995Save-as fails if you don't type .CFG
17.01BAHTAT::HILTONThu Aug 31 1995Proper (some) error messages please!
18.03NODEX::USER_SUPPORTFri Sep 01 1995SW3
19.0NODEX::USER_SUPPORTFri Sep 01 1995ACU Survey: Console device tickbox
20.05TROOA::CSULLIVANFri Sep 01 1995ACU for Business Partners?
21.01TROOA::CSULLIVANTue Sep 05 1995Original Sin
22.03CGOOA::BONTJETue Sep 05 1995Specifying # of CPUs request
23.011WARNUT::RENCONTREThu Sep 07 1995AlphaServer 1
24.05NODEX::USER_SUPPORTWed Sep 13 1995SURVEY: Remove CPU tickbox qualifier
25.03BPSERW::BPPDCA::MeWed Sep 13 1995Errors in the utility (and SOC), and the database
26.05RTOOF::CSO_SUPPORTThu Sep 14 1995Data Structure and Logic of Configurator
27.0NODEX::USER_SUPPORTThu Sep 14 1995Sept 15th Move to PKO3
28.03MOTLVT::COLOMBERTThu Sep 21 1995Wide disk drive on AlphaServer 1
29.02ANNECY::BULTEFri Sep 22 1995Max 4 DNSES in an AlphaServer 1
30.01ANNECY::BULTEFri Sep 22 1995Good tool, perfect with a good service
31.01ANNECY::BULTEFri Sep 22 1995ACU and ASE configs ?
32.03PATRON::CLAUDEFri Sep 22 1995Turbolaser SBB, 1phase or 3phase?
33.02GUIDUK::HEALYFri Sep 29 1995"Copy to Clipboard" works exactly once
34.05NETRIX::"vangastel@bro"Thu Oct 12 1995New ACU version ?
35.01MSAMTue Oct 17 1995Error Message
36.04NETRIX::"pierre.musy@aty.mts.DEC.COM"Tue Oct 17 1995DW3
37.06TLAVThu Oct 19 1995Error of AS2
38.02TRU116::WEISSThu Oct 19 1995Why can't new releases open configs from earlier r
39.05NETRIX::"pierre.musy@.aty.mts.DEC.COM"Thu Oct 19 1995BA66
40.02TROOA::CSULLIVANFri Oct 20 1995Slight bug in CUSTOM.EXE
41.01EEMELI::KOLBEFri Oct 20 1995Holy Moses - problem?
42.01MSAMFri Nov 03 1995Wide_Mode Storage Controller
43.02MSAMMon Nov 06 1995Supplemental Support Services
44.03MSAMTue Nov 07 1995Power
45.03PATRON::CLAUDEWed Nov 08 1995BN23G replacement of BC
46.02BPSOF::MARTHYWed Nov 08 1995Duplication in the database
47.06PATRON::CLAUDEThu Nov 09 1995AlphaServer 1
48.09PATRON::CLAUDEFri Nov 10 1995tz877-af and AlphaServer 84
49.03PATRON::CLAUDEMon Nov 13 1995AlphaServer 8
50.03ODIXIE::WORTHINGTONTue Nov 21 1995manual training materials?
51.03MSAMTue Nov 21 199515 inch Monitor
52.07LAIDBK::PETERSON_RIWed Nov 22 1995Great Tool: Enhancement Requests...
53.03MSAMWed Nov 22 1995Tape option
54.02ATHINA::GABIWed Nov 22 1995XMI and PCI PIUs - How to configure ?
55.01ODIXIE::KIMBELSun Nov 26 1995How about under WNT?
56.02TROOA::MSCHNEIDERMon Nov 27 1995more DLT choices
57.05PATRON::CLAUDEWed Nov 29 1995AlphaServer 84
58.09PATRON::CLAUDEWed Nov 29 1995AlphaServer84
59.04NODEX::USER_SUPPORTWed Dec 06 1995Ver 2 Express/request user input
60.0NODEX::USER_SUPPORTWed Dec 06 1995Ver 2 Custom/request user input
61.0NODEX::USER_SUPPORTWed Dec 06 1995Ver 2/Other Possibilites
62.0NODEX::USER_SUPPORTWed Dec 06 1995Ver 2/New Selection Format
63.04SAWA::63613::KaterzawaThu Dec 14 1995AlphaServer 1
64.02SNOFS1:: Jan 11 1996mdify price file ?
65.02FRAIS::FRLUGR::GRUENEWAELDWed Jan 17 1996Cont.Partner for Updates?
66.02PHXSS1:: Jan 19 1996Distribution to Partners?
67.013PATRON::CLAUDETue Jan 30 1996AlphaServer1
68.02INDYX::ramTue Jan 30 1996u-lp vs swb
69.03NETRIX::"vangastel@bro.mts.dec.com"Wed Jan 31 1996Sales feedback / request
70.01DYOSW5::WILDERWed Jan 31 1996ASE selections??
71.02KYOSS1::MARKOWITZThu Feb 01 1996Virus on distribution?
72.01TLAVFri Feb 09 1996Turbolaser and EISAbridge
73.03TLAVMon Feb 12 1996Alpha6
74.05TAVIS::MIROTue Feb 13 1996TPS numbers - What is the source
75.03NETRIX::"John Carton@cgo"Tue Feb 20 1996Problem with Feb release
76.08UTROP1::ZWETWed Feb 21 1996Alpha XL supports more graphics
77.05QCAVThu Feb 22 1996Some clarifications
78.03ANNECY::BULTEMon Feb 26 1996#DNSES in 21
79.07TROOA::MSCHNEIDERSat Mar 02 1996cabinet and rackmount solutions?
80.03MSAMThu Mar 07 1996Memory Combination in AS2
81.05SAWA::63613::KaterzawaTue Mar 26 1996AS 4
82.05MSAMWed Mar 27 1996ASt 255 &5
83.01MSAMWed Mar 27 1996Well Done
84.02SBPEXE::OTTENWed Apr 03 1996APPIX Internal price version?
85.01TRLIAN::baudr8.mko.dec.com::LAILWed Apr 03 1996DF196-DM listed as table top modem !
86.03ZPOVC::ANDYTANTue Apr 09 1996Please Enhance.....enable automation.
87.01SAWA::63613::KaterzawaWed Apr 10 1996RWxxx issue
88.01TROOA::CSULLIVANSat Apr 13 1996Part number incorrect in April version
89.01DAVIDF::FOXTue Apr 16 1996How do you create text file output of config? And suggestions...
91.05NQOSThu Apr 18 1996Add floppy required to next ACU for AS255
92.01TLAVTue Apr 23 1996Where is MSACCESS
93.016MASS1Tue Apr 30 1996ACU kit locations and format
94.01DYOSW5::WILDERTue May 07 199641
97.01PRIME8::VAUGHNThu May 16 1996Minor 41
98.021MASS1Fri May 17 1996ACU/Windows NT?'
99.0NODEX::USER_SUPPORTTue Jul 02 1996Pocket Validator V2.
100.01PTOSS1::BREZLERTue Jul 23 1996Is there going to be any update ????
101.01ATHINA::GABIWed Jul 31 1996Why DCU "adds" a BA356-KC when configuring RAID ?
102.0RTOOF::CSO_SUPPORTWed Jul 31 1996How can I know when to look for newversion?
103.02ROUTES::TEDESCOTue Aug 06 1996Support for NT Alpha V3.51?
104.01MASS1Thu Aug 08 1996Minimum Values for DCU
105.02HDLITE::SCHAFERMon Aug 12 1996ACU or DCU, what's it gonna be?
106.03ATHINA::GABITue Aug 13 1996BIG problems in configuring clusters - UNRELIABLE
107.01ROUTES::TEDESCOThu Aug 15 1996Cursor problem with DCU?
108.02BGSDEV::MORRISMon Aug 19 199641
109.03ALFSS2::CHURCHE_JTue Aug 20 1996Windows NT Configuration with Tape Loaders Feedback
110.03KERNEL::HOBBSAWed Aug 21 1996Changing Defaults under "Express"
111.02ATHINA::GABIThu Aug 22 1996No Greek keyboard in Express, no other than India power cord in Custom
112.05BPSOF::bphgcs.bps.dec.com::marthyWed Sep 04 1996Let the button be black, please!
113.01ORHVAX::HOLLYThu Sep 05 199621
114.03VAOUThu Sep 12 1996Availability of 84
115.01NODEX::MACPHERSONThu Sep 12 1996Sep-DCU 84
116.0NODEX::MACPHERSONWed Sep 18 1996DCU strange issues/VBX and DLL's
117.01MKOTS3::OUYANGFri Sep 20 1996DCU v2.
118.01WOTVAX::DODDTue Oct 01 1996Add part quantity xxx?
119.01CGOOA::OWONGTue Oct 01 1996Wishlist -Be able to add a comment on printout
120.01IBWed Oct 02 1996How to install DCU in the net
121.01EEMELI::PKARJALAINENWed Oct 09 1996Finnish keyboard and improvements needed
122.02TOLOSA::SCHLUMBERGERFri Oct 11 1996===53===
123.01RIXRAX::jptWed Oct 30 1996WWW interface ???
124.0MSBCS::A_HARRISWed Oct 30 1996Web url for DCU
125.01NODEX::MACPHERSONWed Nov 06 1996CUSTOM.EXE / Bug fix
126.0+4NETRIX::"snation@ilo.mts.dec.com"Thu Nov 28 1996where are the prices ?
127.03MASS1Thu Nov 28 1996Custom Configurations.
128.02ROUTES::TEDESCOThu Dec 05 1996Rack question
129.01ULTOE::browderThu Dec 05 1996Problems with U-LP1296 - errors unpacking
130.0NODEX::MACPHERSONThu Jan 09 1997NODEX being dismantled...
131.0 *CAMPY::MACPHERSONTue Feb 11 1997DCU/Paul Goguen 297-2272
132.0 *HGOVC::XFMVFri Mar 21 1997StorageWorks3
133.0 *DYOSW5::WILDERWed May 07 1997MOved??