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Conference nlfdc::linux-users

Title:Linux, the Free Operating System
Notice:New here? Sign in on topic 2
Created:Fri Feb 11 1994
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:609
Total number of notes:2862
Number with bodies:179
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1.01NLFDC::SYSTEMFri Feb 11 1994Welcome
2.0+141LEDS::BRAUNThu Mar 17 1994Introductions
3.016LEDS::BRAUNWed Mar 16 1994HOWTO and FAQ documents
4.05LEDS::BRAUNThu Mar 31 1994Welcome new reader
5.09LEDS::BRAUNWed Mar 16 1994Seminars and Conferences
6.08LEDS::BRAUNWed Jun 15 1994Goodbyes
7.0LEDS::BRAUNWed Mar 09 1994Reserved
8.0LEDS::BRAUNWed Mar 09 1994Reserved
9.0LEDS::BRAUNWed Mar 09 1994Reserved
10.0LEDS::BRAUNWed Mar 09 1994Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
11.036LEDS::BRAUNWed Mar 09 1994Linux Software Distributions
12.03LEDS::BRAUNWed Mar 09 1994TCP/IP and the Internet
13.015FORTY2::SIMSMon Mar 14 1994V1
14.02ZURWed Mar 16 1994Linux for a novice
15.01XELENT::MUTHFri Mar 18 1994Developing Products/Licensing Questions
16.04INBAL::VLADMon Mar 21 1994XFree86 2.1
17.011FORTY2::SIMSMon Mar 21 1994Help with serial link
18.02COMICS::WBROWNTue Mar 22 1994dosemu
19.03ROCKS::KEANETue Mar 22 1994where is Mosaic?
20.03CECEHV::VERHEIJENThu Mar 24 1994Slackware and lpr and DEClaser 115
21.0431336::PETERSEN_EJThu Mar 24 1994Don't throw tomatos
22.06SMURF::ACHANMon Mar 28 1994Mouse problem from a linux novice
23.017BOOKND::kennellTue Mar 29 1994NFS problems
24.04XELENT::MUTHWed Mar 30 1994SMBServer - A link to PATHWORKS
25.02NIXFIX::PSCFri Apr 01 1994CR 562B / CR 563B compatibility
26.04SNOFS2::MATTHEWSSat Apr 02 1994LSL FAX number needed
27.06LEDS::BRAUNMon Apr 04 1994Linux is Music to your Ears
28.02TOHOPE::WSA1Mon Apr 04 1994Linux Journal (LJ) Information
29.01NWTIMA::PETERSEN_EJThu Apr 07 1994slackware com file for vms ??
30.0331336::PETERSEN_EJFri Apr 08 1994Xircom PE2-1
31.01PASTA::SCOTTMon Apr 11 1994New user questions
32.01ARRODS::FLAVINEThu Apr 14 1994PS/2 Bus Mouse Problem - device or resource busy
33.02DEVLPR::OWLMED::gentileThu Apr 14 1994Where OpenWindows?
34.02STUFri Apr 15 1994aha2842.* driver ?
36.019BACHUS::WOODFri Apr 22 1994CD-ROM Suppliers in Europe
37.02LINZFri Apr 22 1994xdm
38.07SUFRNG::WSA1Sat Apr 23 1994DEPCA / EtherWORKS Ethernet Board driver
40.01FORTY2::SIMSMon Apr 25 1994Novell is trying to Sell a derivative of Linux for a big PROFIT
41.014USCTR1::CAITI::SohaTue Apr 26 1994Ignorant beginner w/GZIP questions
42.05CECEHV::VERHEIJENWed Apr 27 1994Linux Mosaic Pages: put them here?
43.0KAOFS::J_TRIMBLEWed Apr 27 1994IRQ of PCM
44.07SPESHR::ROCKWELLSat Apr 30 1994display scrolling on boot
45.033MSESU4::MCCULLERSTue May 03 1994LILO Problem
46.01COMICS::WBROWNTue May 03 1994RPC problem
47.0LEDS::BRAUNTue May 03 1994Mail/netnews site servers
48.012WRKSYS::ARTHURWed May 04 1994DECpc Configurations and Linux
49.02NLFDC::MULHUIJZENFri May 06 1994DLC or SX ?
50.031336::PETERSEN_EJSat May 07 1994FYI, DEC32
51.010BUMP::MDOODYThu May 12 1994Linux on Easynet
52.0BRETIM::GORDONFri May 13 1994Xconfig, tvga9
53.02HBFDT1::HOFHANSLFri May 13 1994bootpd ?
54.03TROOA::HENDRIKSEFri May 13 1994linux nfs and msdos?
55.03ATHINA::SKARLATOSMon May 16 1994Databases available?
56.04TOHOPE::WSA1Mon May 16 1994Mail Delivery Blues (smail)
57.02HAZEL::KOUTue May 17 1994Linux and Coherent
58.01HGOVC::YYLEETue May 17 1994Postscript support for standard laser printers?
59.01TROOA::HENDRIKSEWed May 18 1994scsi disk only system\
60.06XELENT::MUTHThu May 19 1994Linux Security
61.02COMICS::WBROWNMon May 23 1994gopher server where ?
63.0TROOA::HENDRIKSEWed May 25 1994excursion xterm termcap entry
64.04KOALA::BOUCHARDFri May 27 1994PCI / Pentium?
65.07SPESHR::ROCKWELLThu Jun 02 1994DUMP equivalent on linux?
66.05TROOA::HENDRIKSEThu Jun 02 1994multiple ethernet cards.
67.019TPSYS::WONGFri Jun 03 1994Linux CDROM software distributions?
68.02EMC2::POGLIANIFri Jun 03 1994FIPS Experiences ?
69.01TROOA::BANGUSFri Jun 03 1994A Few Odd Things
70.07COMICS::WBROWNMon Jun 06 1994mouse type for notebook
71.01SNOCTue Jun 07 1994UMSDOS/425sxlp woes
72.0COMICS::WBROWNTue Jun 07 1994GREAT !!! ??? !!!
73.012CEEOSI::WILTSHIREFri Jun 10 1994Point to Point (PPP) Support
74.02RANGER::COOKMon Jun 13 1994Boot sector details?
75.03SMURF::ACHANMon Jun 13 1994xlock - invalid password
76.07METSYS::GOODWINThu Jun 16 1994Why Linux?
77.037BOOKND::kennellThu Jun 16 1994Linux on Alpha AXP
78.06BACHUS::RENTYMon Jun 20 1994Linux Yggdrasil boot problem
79.01JGOUX3::dekkersTue Jun 21 1994scsi (auto)config problem
80.04MSBCS::3HTue Jun 21 1994A beginner's questions
81.03SPESHR::ROCKWELLWed Jun 22 1994Xconfig for s3-8
82.04HELIX::KEITHWed Jun 22 1994Finer-Grained Pointer Into the Linux Distribution
83.05COMICS::WBROWNFri Jun 24 1994Linux access Stackered drives ??
84.08IOSG::FIELDERAMon Jun 27 1994Linux / Demon
85.07EMC2::POGLIANIMon Jun 27 1994Some NOVICE questions
86.06FEENIX::OWENTue Jun 28 1994Linux and X terminals, and bootpd ??
87.04LEDS::BRAUNTue Jun 28 1994Security
88.03DELNI::DESIRAZUWed Jun 29 1994DEPCA not being recognized
89.0CEEOSI::WILTSHIREWed Jun 29 1994dip chat script documentation
90.05RUSURE::MCQUADEThu Jun 30 1994Reasonable graphics for Xwindows?
91.02TOHOPE::WSA1Thu Jun 30 1994X Keyboard Mapping
92.05BACHUS::ROELANDTSFri Jul 01 1994why does it hang when installing ??
93.01EMC2::POGLIANIFri Jul 01 1994problem with SELECTION
94.0HGOVC::YYLEEMon Jul 04 1994Xwindow on WD chipset.
95.0EMC2::POGLIANIMon Jul 04 1994X EMACS and application keypad
96.02COMICS::WBROWNMon Jul 04 1994anyone got DOSEMU
97.0HKOSTue Jul 05 1994Problem on Westen Digital VGA/SVGA
98.014NLFDC::MULHUIJZENThu Jul 07 1994Slackware 2.
99.03COMICS::WBROWNFri Jul 08 1994movies for xanim
100.01CADSYS::CHAMPIGNYWed Jul 13 1994Pentium/DX4 Support
101.03OLCROW::HERRLICHWed Jul 13 1994What do most people do to dialin from home?
102.06COMICS::WBROWNThu Jul 14 1994message interpretation please
103.0COMICS::WBROWNThu Jul 14 1994IPX ??
104.0COMICS::WBROWNFri Jul 15 1994Linux in the press
105.0MUNSBE::SCHWARZWAELDMon Jul 18 1994Sony GDM 19
106.02EMC2::POGLIANIMon Jul 18 1994Date displays 7 hours in advance
107.03COMICS::WBROWNMon Jul 18 1994PCMCIA modem drivers
108.02CARAFE::GOLDSTEINTue Jul 19 1994SCSI host
109.01MUDIS3::HHEYNGThu Jul 21 1994SLIP: udp works, tcp don't
110.01HERON::LALLIFri Jul 22 1994linux on DECpcXL
111.01HOO78C::SINKEFri Jul 22 1994Depca detecting wrong IRQ.
112.0MUNSBE::SCHWARZWAELDFri Jul 22 1994Installation failed on 56
113.0HKOSSat Jul 23 1994Seeking for AHA2842 SCSI driver
114.01SMURF::SNAMANTue Jul 26 1994x on 433slc?
115.01EST::REUTERTue Jul 26 1994Xserver on Cirrus clgd5422
116.01CARAFE::GOLDSTEINTue Jul 26 1994elvis (vi) screws up console scroll
117.03KAOAWed Jul 27 1994Can't GZIP Boot / Root disks
118.02KOALA::NOZELLThu Jul 28 1994How best to move files? (ftp, rcp, kermit, zmodem)
120.07COMICS::WBROWNMon Aug 01 1994Wules and Wegs on releasing s/w
121.010KAOATue Aug 02 1994Can't find source code
122.06SNOFS2::THOMPSONSFri Aug 05 1994Linux for Firewall
123.05BRETIM::THOMASFri Aug 05 1994How do I get a streaming tape to work?
124.08RUTILE::BUCZMASat Aug 06 1994Postscript version of the user manual
125.01SNOFS2::THOMPSONSMon Aug 08 1994Sunsite, TSX-11 and GNU ARCHIVES
126.0NLFDC::MULHUIJZENWed Aug 10 1994NOTE: Change of nodename for this conference
127.010EXOCET::ATTWOOLWed Aug 10 1994New User, read the FAQs but still more Q's
128.0COMICS::WBROWNWed Aug 10 1994Samba!!!
129.0BACHUS::DIDDENFri Aug 12 1994LILO technical overview guide, where are you???
130.02NDLVAX::MBECKERTue Aug 16 1994AMIGA as X-Terminal ??
131.016KERNEL::BROWNMThu Aug 18 1994Linux Help Wanted (Beginner)
132.03TROU52::GREENALLMon Aug 22 1994DECpx XL questions
133.01EXOCET::ATTWOOLMon Aug 22 1994RDEV ?? and bootfloppies
134.063Mon Aug 22 1994DECpc LP
135.03COMICS::WBROWNWed Aug 24 1994Time-d ??
136.017COMICS::WBROWNWed Aug 24 1994mouse on DECpc 466d2 DT
137.0FNYCNV::DEE_CONV_PNLThu Aug 25 1994Ingres/Postgres database on Linux
138.013WANTON::daviesFri Aug 26 1994New EtherWORKS 3 Driver available
139.04TROU52::GREENALLSat Aug 27 1994Adaptec 4842 ?
140.010JOBURG::RYANSun Aug 28 1994DECpc XL, S3 928, RX26
141.02JULIET::BODINE_CHMon Aug 29 1994Can't get mouse to work
142.02RANGER::BRADLEYMon Aug 29 1994best amount of disk space?
143.03HANDVC::EDDIEHOTue Aug 30 1994Can't read binary files from DOS partition
144.02COMICS::WBROWNTue Aug 30 1994kcore required ??
145.02JOBURG::RYANTue Aug 30 1994DCL FTP copy procedure
146.04MUNSBE::SCHWARZWAELDFri Sep 02 1994Unusual Graphic Card
147.016MARIN::KIRKSun Sep 04 1994Which is the best LINUX CDRom on the market?
148.04COMICS::WBROWNMon Sep 05 1994L.B.U Linux Backup Utility
149.04DCEIDL::TRIOUTue Sep 06 1994Segmentation fault?
150.07COMET::CASCIOTue Sep 06 1994Best Motif for Linux?
151.07METSYS::PICKERINGWed Sep 07 1994Which is the quickest way to replace a kernel?
152.02KELVIN::KOUWed Sep 07 1994IDE drive greater than 54
153.03TALLIS::RIEBSThu Sep 08 1994Who says IBM is sponsoring LINUX on PowerPC?
154.04RUSAVD::RAJThu Sep 08 1994ADAPTEC 294
155.0KDX2Fri Sep 09 1994Trantor T-16
156.07TALLIS::SENDLOSKYMon Sep 12 1994DOOM v1.666 at sunsite
157.04TLE::PERIQUETFri Sep 16 1994LINUX: How much disk space needed?
158.01AOSG::CARDIMINOSat Sep 17 1994how to track what hardware is supported?
159.027KERNEL::BROWNMSat Sep 17 1994SBpro CD-ROM Not Mounting
160.05TLE::PERIQUETMon Sep 19 1994FDISK utility with LINUX? v1.2 vs v2.
161.01SIOG::J_DUNNEMon Sep 19 1994Xconfig for S3 Vision864 Chipset
162.08SPESHR::ROCKWELLMon Sep 19 1994DIP to Ultranet?
163.02NLFDC::MULHUIJZENTue Sep 20 1994Setting up a WWW server
164.09CRIME::BONGARTZWed Sep 21 1994RRD42 (CDU541) panics kernel on mount
165.01HOO78C::SINKEThu Sep 22 1994Linux and Gravis Ultrasound
166.02MSESU4::MCCULLERSFri Sep 23 1994How to connect to a PrintServer (LPS2
167.01HGRDSun Sep 25 1994Linux Journal ?
168.04MARIN::KIRKMon Sep 26 1994Ultrastor 34F - how to configure for?
169.0+19MSESU4::MCCULLERSTue Sep 27 1994Pointer to SEDT for Linux
172.08TROOA::QUIROGAFri Sep 30 1994cannot mount scsi cdrom
173.0CRIME::BONGARTZMon Oct 03 1994How does one cope with disk errors ?
174.018HLDEMon Oct 03 1994TDC-885
175.04SOLVIT::PAGEMon Oct 03 1994Mouse HW Info ???
176.0CUESTA::CHAVARRIAThu Oct 06 1994tcpdump, tcpslice, tcpspray
177.010MSBCS::MSD623::GlicklerMon Oct 10 1994SLIP?
178.03WELCLU::SHARKEYAMon Oct 10 1994How do I get LILO back ?
179.0SOLVIT::PAGEWed Oct 12 1994RT-11 File Sys on Linux?
180.05TRUCKS::HAYCOX_IThu Oct 13 1994Xwindows configuration problems
181.04HANDVG::ALEXLAMFri Oct 14 1994What is the support of PCI/VL cards?
182.06SOLVIT::PAGEFri Oct 14 1994X11R6 Anyone ?
183.01SOLVIT::PAGEFri Oct 14 1994Monitor Choice ?
184.0ULYS::VANGLABEKEMon Oct 17 1994The boot process
185.06OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DTue Oct 18 1994aha152x errors.
186.0NLFDC::MULHUIJZENTue Oct 18 1994Bootp
187.03CSOA1::FECICHSun Oct 23 1994Novice "multiple op systems" question
188.01AZUR::BLASSINMon Oct 24 1994MITSUMI CDROM tripple speed problem with Linux
189.03ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue Oct 25 1994Novice Xwindows install question.
190.0HAN::SCHOLZWed Oct 26 1994startx versus openwin
191.03STAR::GILLUMThu Oct 27 1994S3 86C8
192.09HKOSMon Oct 31 1994Adaptec 2842 support ?
193.03MARIN::KIRKTue Nov 01 1994How do I enable mail?
194.02CEEOSI::WILTSHIREThu Nov 03 1994Cirrus Logic 5434 Chip and X11
195.04DELBOY::trekky.olo.dec.com::couplandsFri Nov 04 1994DECpc 425slc - LILO - DAYTONA/NT problem
196.06ZURFri Nov 04 1994Problems with ncr53c7,8xx.c driver
197.03COMICS::WBROWNMon Nov 07 1994NFS mount winnah ?
198.0SOLVIT::PAGEMon Nov 07 1994Linfo Information Server
199.015COMICS::WBROWNTue Nov 08 1994Netscape
200.0+5JOBURG::RYANWed Nov 09 1994LK45
201.01RCHSTue Nov 15 1994Linux on DECpc 466 MTE??
202.01WANTON::daviesThu Nov 17 1994New DE425 Driver...
203.07KOALA::NOZELLMon Nov 21 1994Sound Blaster 16 + CDROM drive: supported?
204.01RANGER::JESURAJTue Nov 22 1994Hardware components to run all of DOS,WINDOWS, NT, Os/2, and LINUX
205.01TROOA::HENDRIKSETue Nov 22 1994cut & paste in X11?
206.0HBFDT1::HOFHANSLThu Nov 24 1994Wordperfect ???
207.04COMICS::WBROWNFri Nov 25 1994Archive Python DAT drive
208.07COMICS::WBROWNWed Nov 30 1994xdm help please
209.04ATSE::KATZFri Dec 02 1994ethernet driver not getting configured ? de2
210.02CRIME::BONGARTZTue Dec 06 1994Posix thread library (pthreads) - is there one ?
211.01NDLVAX::MBECKERFri Dec 09 1994Where is Xcept ?
212.0TAVMon Dec 12 1994DOSemu under DECpc LPx 466d2
213.0COMICS::WBROWNMon Dec 12 1994Help.. DIP kindda works but...
214.02GIDDAY::THOMPSONSTue Dec 13 19942x Etherwork 3 cards
215.010NETRIX::"frank@flintlock.zk3.dec.com"Tue Dec 13 1994Should I update my kernel?
216.0COMICS::WBROWNWed Dec 14 1994which getty and which login
217.0MARIN::KIRKWed Dec 14 1994Problem running 'tune' under ConfigXF86.
218.0248154::POGLIANIFri Dec 16 1994WISH does not recognize .wishrc ?
219.03STKAI1::MALMFri Dec 16 1994TZK5
220.03STKAI1::MALMMon Dec 19 1994Plug and Play Linux
221.05STKAI1::MALMMon Dec 19 1994How do i copy files to my PC....
222.01ZENDIA::MCARLETONWed Dec 21 1994What to save before re-install?
223.03UTROP1::STOUGIE_HTue Jan 03 1995< desperately seeking X-windows>
224.02FROCKY::65477::LEHLSat Jan 07 1995XFree with DECpc XL S3-928 graphics adapter ?
225.04KOALA::NOZELLSun Jan 08 1995Getting term to work
226.02SMAUG::CAMBRIAMon Jan 09 1995Ygg. P&P CD boot w/34
227.09WHOSWed Jan 11 1995Budget SCSI controller recommendations?
228.03ULYSSE::GUINEA::BALLETTAWed Jan 11 1995HP-55
229.07CSC32::R_IVERSThu Jan 12 1995Is Adapted 152
230.03AZUR::GEERDESFri Jan 13 1995SMTP information request
231.01FCCVDE::REINEMon Jan 16 1995problem with gateway 2
232.01ATSE::KATZMon Jan 16 1995Installing from an RRD44 drive (scsi)
233.04ULYS::VANGLABEKETue Jan 17 1995What kind of text is this ?
234.03ULYS::VANGLABEKETue Jan 17 1995Uploading 3
235.02CUESTA::CHAVARRIAWed Jan 18 1995pcmcia ethernet and modem ?
236.018RDGENG::CATLINGThu Jan 19 1995Disk Geometry and LILO installation
237.0248154::POGLIANIMon Jan 23 1995Difference in Linux Distributions ?
238.08BIGTEX::RESENDEMon Jan 23 1995LILO and Mitsumi at non-standard address?
239.0BRESUP::THOMASTue Jan 24 1995How to connect a LA21
240.06AXEL::FOLEYTue Jan 24 1995Where to start?
241.013STAR::HUGHESWed Jan 25 1995Linux Books
242.0112478::COOKTue Jan 31 1995NetView and/or SNMP on Linux?
243.02WHOSWed Feb 01 1995RRD4
244.05LEDS::MSOUCYWed Feb 01 1995Linux on 433st DECpc?
246.0AZUR::ASGVBOWed Feb 01 1995XF86 and Matrox IMPRESSION/P+ MGA video board.
247.04WHOSThu Feb 02 1995shutdown missing?
248.01ATSE::KATZThu Feb 02 1995linux exported fs panics OSF 2.1 'rp_rmhash - nill'
250.03GIDDAY::HODGESFri Feb 03 1995Linux & DECpc 433W??
252.02COMICS::WBROWNTue Feb 07 1995snmp
253.01BACHUS::DIDDENTue Feb 07 1995slackware v2.1
254.01KDX2Thu Feb 09 1995The official Xconfig note
255.02COMICS::WBROWNFri Feb 10 1995RAMDISK ??
256.02TRHFri Feb 10 1995Deleting Linux boot.
257.01KETJE::VANWAMBEKEMon Feb 13 1995Slackware 2.
258.09HGOVC::DEREKLUIWed Feb 15 1995Fail to mount CD-rom during installation
259.0COMICS::WBROWNThu Feb 16 1995convertors
260.02DJMVAX::MCCULLERSThu Feb 16 1995How do you create a new Boot DIsk?
261.03TOHOPE::WSA1Thu Feb 16 1995How do you boot when the hard disk's kernel won't?
262.010STKAI1::MALMFri Feb 17 1995UMSDOS (File System) How to and Wher is it!
263.05RDGENG::CATLINGFri Feb 17 1995I want a LINUX approved printer!
264.02MPGS::BLOOMSat Feb 18 1995XF86Config for Linux/X Slackware on DECpc 4
265.04HKOSSat Feb 18 1995Mouse problem on XFree86 3.1 using DECpc XL 56
266.02GIDDAY::HODGESTue Feb 21 1995Video Card Recommendation?
267.04RDGENG::RUSLINGTue Feb 21 1995Help with Linux on a DEC PC 433 ST
268.0GIDDAY::HODGESTue Feb 21 1995PowerChute Software and Linux
269.01BIGQ::COHENTue Feb 21 1995Need help...broken sym link
270.02NZOVThu Feb 23 1995What is the current ver of Slackware?
271.0COMICS::WBROWNMon Feb 27 1995Linux in print
272.07COMICS::WBROWNMon Feb 27 1995Xmosaic problem
273.03HLRGTue Feb 28 1995SCSI Timeout error
274.09UFHIS::SHUEBNERWed Mar 01 1995gcc i2.6.3 -mpentium
275.02MARVIN::MILLSThu Mar 02 1995Logitech Serial Mouse problems.
276.06BACHUS::DIDDENFri Mar 03 1995swap partition maximum size =16Mb ???
277.01MOVIES::HANCOCKSun Mar 05 1995X-Server for ALG23
278.06MCITS1::TEJAMon Mar 06 1995mkfs = Kernel Panic
279.0ADOVTue Mar 07 19951.1.7
280.01VNABRW::SEDLBAUER_WTue Mar 07 1995Linux and PPP
281.0TAVWed Mar 08 1995Orchid CDROM driver?
282.01CROWN::BOLLIGERWed Mar 08 1995Loadlin ?
283.04CGOOA::LEMOINEThu Mar 09 19951.1.95 kernel won't compile properly ??
284.02OSLMon Mar 13 1995Problem installing disk A4
285.0OSLTue Mar 14 1995X-problem non-supported card
286.03SNOFS2::OGDENTue Mar 14 1995S3 732/764 drivers for Venturis
287.01RIGI::BOLLIGERTue Mar 14 1995Problem linux 1.2
288.04UTRUST::TIMMERTue Mar 14 1995Installing RRD42 SCSI CDrom woes...
289.01OSLThu Mar 16 1995Configuration issues?
290.01COMICS::WBROWNFri Mar 17 199564
291.0NDLVAX::MBECKERMon Mar 20 1995Seeking spanish keymap/charset
292.05ZURTue Mar 21 1995e2fsck not working ?
293.01ZURWed Mar 22 1995Fujitsu dl33
295.0ZURFri Mar 24 1995Colorado Tape not working
296.0EST::NTFri Mar 24 1995Free Junk (old terminal)
297.0SAVEME::SMART_MFri Mar 24 1995internal compiler error with g++
298.02POLAR::WALSHMMon Mar 27 1995XF86Config
299.01GIDDAY::THOMPSONSWed Mar 29 1995Modems Modems are more B(*#@&U Modems
300.03VIVIAN::D_VISTUERThu Mar 30 1995tar errors: /dev/rmt
301.02OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DThu Mar 30 1995How to make sco binaries run?
302.04OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DMon Apr 03 1995AMD and linux
303.02AYOV11::JNOLANMon Apr 03 1995Slightly off track, but any help with FreeBSD ?
304.02DECWET::MPETERSONMon Apr 10 1995Them ol' Adaptec 294
305.03GIDDAY::HODGESTue Apr 11 1995Video Card for VRT16. #9??
306.02UTRUST::TIMMERTue Apr 11 1995dosemu
307.01UTRUST::TIMMERTue Apr 11 1995Workman cd player?
308.01ROMTue Apr 11 1995How can erase LILO
309.03UTRUST::TIMMERTue Apr 11 1995twm startup mode?
310.01TAVWed Apr 12 1995Looking for LAT, DECnet and AutoMount for Linux
311.0TALLIS::GREENMANWed Apr 12 1995support for a DECserver 2
312.04GIDDAY::HODGESThu Apr 13 1995SIO Errors with new kernel
313.01TAVThu Apr 13 1995XFree86-3.1 hangs (S3-928,DECpc LPx 466D2)
314.05UNTADI::SAXBYThu Apr 13 1995Killer applications for Linux.
315.02TALLIS::GREENMANTue Apr 18 1995stty for serial printer?
316.03IRNBRU::GRANTWed Apr 19 1995No network connections with 1.2.1 kernel
317.06BACHUS::DIDDENThu Apr 20 1995XF86Config issue + hard to catch mice
318.06DECWET::MPETERSONThu Apr 20 1995Setting up PPP
319.03--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 21 1995Installing Multiple O/S
320.04CSC32::S_TEWSSat Apr 22 1995Help with EtherWORKS3 card
321.05DECWET::MPETERSONSun Apr 23 1995Cut and Paste
322.03KELVIN::KOUMon Apr 24 1995NEC CD-ROM drive opinion
323.0VIVIAN::D_VISTUERWed Apr 26 1995Printing on LN
324.03RDGENG::CATLINGMon May 01 1995dip seems to time out
325.06NZOVTue May 02 1995Curious about Caldera
326.05AQUWed May 03 1995cpp:memory exhausted
327.01SUBSYS::DTSULLIVANWed May 03 1995Missing header files (/linux/*.h)
328.05GIDDAY::HODGESThu May 04 1995Kernel build takes ages
329.06CSC32::R_IVERSTue May 09 1995One again! L
330.0ROCK::KENNELLTue May 09 1995Linus will be speaking at MIT
331.05FORTY2::WILLIAMSMon May 15 1995X Windows applications running on X11R6 under Linux Kernel 1.2.3
332.03OLCROW::MCDERMOTTWed May 17 1995can't get X on a Diamond Viper
333.02DIVING::DAVISThu May 18 1995Xfree*^ problems on Cirrus Logic card
334.01NEWVAX::MURRAYThu May 18 1995Digital CDrom install problem
335.01ALCALA::ESTEBANMon May 22 1995AIC787
336.02TAVMon May 22 1995X hangs in a weird way
337.012HELIX::WELLCOMETue May 23 1995TECO for Linux?
338.04CSC32::R_IVERSThu Jun 01 1995X-windows config for laptop
339.04COMICS::WBROWNFri Jun 02 1995Etherman / Interman
340.0229953::SWANSONTue Jun 06 19955
341.06ZURMon Jun 12 1995aic7xxx-new-2.patch not working
342.02ISIDRO::CALVINOFri Jun 16 1995MINILINUX Kernel panic
343.04BIRDIE::REGUERATue Jun 20 1995Alpha & Linux
344.05DECWET::MPETERSONTue Jun 20 1995EDT Emulation for EMACS on Linux?
345.02AOSF1::krasWed Jun 21 1995Caldera and Alpha?
346.06RDGENG::CATLINGTue Jun 27 1995My little linux quirks
347.01MUCCS1::FSPAETHTue Jun 27 1995LINUX install problem with MITSUMI tribble speed F
348.01SERVPC::COPETTITue Jun 27 1995Matrox video driver for Linux, please !!!
349.04ALCALA::ESTEBANWed Jun 28 1995tar hangs with TZK / Tandberg tapes
350.07COMICS::WBROWNFri Jun 30 1995XF86Config help please
351.02MOVIES::HANCOCKFri Jun 30 1995winnah's emacs-19.29, ftp/tar prob?
352.07DECALP::STIEGERTue Jul 04 1995Linux SLackware 2.1.
353.02UFHIS::LOCHSCHMIDTThu Jul 06 1995LINUX/ALPHA: How to test kernels ?
354.02COMICS::WBROWNFri Jul 07 1995Choosey... use chooser !!
355.03HOBBLE::SIMMONSFri Jul 07 1995XFree86 & Stealth VRAM
356.02HDLITE::MODIMon Jul 10 1995Linux on DEC Prioris XL server ???
357.09DECWET::MPETERSONTue Jul 11 1995POSIX Threads for Linux - Beta Test Available
358.03ZURThu Jul 13 1995Shell programing ?
359.02PASTA::SCOTTThu Jul 13 1995How to broadcast a notice?
360.03NETRIX::"vigneau@ljsrv2.ljo.dec.com"Fri Jul 14 1995DECpc 433 Workstation - SCSI
361.01ANGST::legoe.zko.dec.com::marshallTue Jul 18 1995HiNote, X and more than 16 colors, any ideas?
362.0NETCAD::BARENYSFri Jul 21 1995XFree86 and clock problems
363.04ADOVThu Jul 27 1995Problems with ethernet?
364.01COMICS::WBROWNThu Jul 27 1995What does this mean ?
365.0+1ADOVFri Jul 28 1995NFS and telnet slow via DE2
366.01SNOFS2::MATTHEWSTue Aug 01 1995PPP to NT
367.0TALLIS::GREENMANTue Aug 01 1995required X specs for a Sony 17se?
368.03COMICS::WBROWNWed Aug 02 1995nfs mount linux tree
369.04HANNAH::ERICWWed Aug 02 1995Linux and Reveal CD-ROM drive
370.0NEWVAX::DANGMon Aug 07 1995Need help with XL 59
371.02MARVIN::HARTTue Aug 08 1995How do you change mouse sensitivity
372.04DV78Tue Aug 08 1995rc.inet1 data not being used ??
373.0COMICS::WBROWNWed Aug 09 1995libtk.so.4 where ??
374.02EST::NTThu Aug 10 1995Use a Future Domain TMC-167
375.02CHEFS::TREVENNOR_AThu Aug 10 1995Linux aopps list and databases?
376.01BOBSEG::SEGRESTFri Aug 11 1995CDrom problem with BLADE
377.01SMURF::COOLIDGETue Aug 15 1995Compiling Tcl7.4 Fails - missing 'varargs.h'
378.0VENGER::SAUNIERWed Aug 16 1995Xircom support ...
379.02UTROP1::STOUGIE_HThu Aug 17 1995XFConfig problems
380.04FOG3::mbFri Aug 18 1995Netscape V1.1N and saves
381.01ANNECY::LOTTEWed Aug 23 1995LINUX on Alpha???
382.05SIOG::ODONNELLFri Aug 25 1995Linux X problem on a 433W !!
383.0EST::DEEGANTue Aug 29 1995New Moderator/Request for Co-moderator
384.0DECWET::MPETERSONFri Sep 01 1995Install/Config files for DEC Celerix PC
385.02TROOA::HENDRIKSESun Sep 03 1995X11 linker error
386.016BROUGH::DAVIESMon Sep 04 1995Moving data from DEC-UNIS to Linux on DISK
387.01DAGWST::PIAZZAWed Sep 06 1995Double Graphics in Mosaic
388.02WRKSYS::ARTHURThu Sep 07 1995PPP problems - home to work
389.03VIRGIN::BOLLIGERThu Sep 07 1995Vfat in Linux ?
390.09IAMNRA::SULLIVANFri Sep 08 1995Help: Using the OS/2 Boot Manager with Linux...
391.02MARVIN::TANGFri Sep 08 1995CL GDI-5434 config prob...
392.07IOSG::ROGERSSThu Sep 14 1995slackware Linux anyone?
393.02AUSSIE::SULLIVANSat Sep 16 1995Any problems on a Celebris 59
394.010ANNECY::LOTTEMon Sep 18 1995anonymous ftp
395.01IRNBRU::GRANTWed Sep 20 1995Creating new Alpha Kernel
396.0BRUMMY::LOXTONWed Sep 27 1995Secondary ide controller
397.0ZURThu Sep 28 1995HP Deskjet 85
398.0+16SIOG::ODONNELLMon Oct 02 1995Looking for good vt comms program !.
399.0NETCAD::WALTERMon Oct 02 1995XFree86 on Digital Starion PC?
400.06DAIVC::IVANWed Oct 04 1995Slackware 3.
401.01DECWET::MPETERSONWed Oct 04 1995Latest POSIX threads kit for Linux
402.01SIOG::ODONNELLThu Oct 05 1995xmh errors need help !!!!
403.01DAIVC::IVANFri Oct 06 1995Linux FDDI?
404.01SMAUG::CAMBRIATue Oct 10 1995tn327
405.04CHOWDA::VARANESEFri Oct 13 1995Can't boot bootkernel floppy
406.04ULYS::VANGLABEKEMon Oct 16 1995Slackware via Decnet ?
407.0ZPOVC::RICHARDTANThu Oct 19 1995Blade on Jensen
408.0ULYS::VANGLABEKEFri Oct 20 1995Need a copy using Decnet ?
409.05CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONTue Oct 31 1995LILO loops on booting
410.0BACHUS::DIDDENThu Nov 02 1995Xfree86 update , how ?
411.02ANNECY::ADAMFri Nov 03 1995install pb Linux/AXPpci-33
412.01SMURF::DMURPHYFri Nov 03 1995TECO? Hmmmmm....
413.0429953::SWANSONThu Nov 09 1995Converting TGA to GIF or JPG?
414.02BROUGH::DAVIESThu Nov 16 1995Oracle on Linux ?
415.02DECWET::LOWEThu Nov 16 1995DE435 problem
416.02SPSEG::REGUERAFri Nov 17 1995xwindows prompt
417.0ANNECY::ADAMFri Nov 17 1995Alpha/Linux/Milo : RAM question
418.0VIRGIN::BAUMANNATue Nov 21 1995Installing Linux on a SCSI Disk with more than 1
419.014XAPPL::MASINICKTue Nov 21 1995Need help with Micron/Stealth64 and XFree86
420.03XTINE::HARDINGWed Nov 22 1995Is this configuration suitable for Linux?
421.07BOBSEG::SEGRESTThu Nov 23 1995BLADE
422.01EDSCLU::BLATTMon Nov 27 1995Help locating driver source...
424.0TALLIS::RIEBSTue Nov 28 199564-bit ELF format
425.04COLFri Dec 01 1995Security-Violation?
426.04ZURWed Dec 06 1995Linux on Dream machine XL4/266
427.01CHEFS::LIPSCOMBE_GThu Dec 07 1995XF86 not to probe s3 chips
428.01SPSEG::REGUERAMon Dec 11 1995manpath?
429.05BOBSEG::SEGRESTMon Dec 11 1995Can anyone serve the Red Hat Linux/AXP kit ???
430.03GIDDAY::SMALLTue Dec 12 1995keyboard scancode errors installing BLADE
431.03RATH::TATHAMWed Dec 13 1995Three Button Serial Mice?
432.01YUPPIE::HERNANDEZFri Dec 15 1995HELP with accessing IDE CDROM during install
433.03TSHKG1::YYLEETue Dec 19 1995Connection from terminal server
434.0+19EDSCLU::BLATTTue Dec 19 1995(yet another novice w/) ppp trouble
435.02IOSG::ROGERSSThu Dec 21 1995X11R6 , S3 and 21" monitor
436.01NEWVAX::PAVLICEKTue Jan 09 1996Upgrading the kernel on an Yggdrasil P&P system
437.09DECWET::LOWEWed Jan 10 1996Adding RZ57s
438.03EDSCLU::BLATTWed Jan 10 1996looking for slackware patches beyond 35
439.016TALLIS::RIEBSWed Jan 10 1996Linus to speak at HLO, Feb 2, 1996!
440.01ANNECY::LOTTEThu Jan 11 1996help on slackware perl
441.05MPGS::REITHThu Jan 11 1996Linux version of SATAN available?
442.04PLAYER::OLLIERThu Jan 11 1996WINDOW 95 and LINUX
443.0329953::SWANSONFri Jan 12 1996Problems compiling some X11 apps
444.014FRSTSC::TLAUERMon Jan 15 1996Install problems with 1.3.18 on Prioris with aic785
445.0229953::SWANSONMon Jan 15 1996bad data in /var/adm/utmp sometimes
446.0129953::SWANSONTue Jan 16 1996How to increase xdoom window size?
447.05STAR::BUDATue Jan 16 1996Pointer to registering domain?
448.0CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONThu Jan 18 1996Weird error on boot of 1.3.2
449.02AZUR::HUREZFri Jan 19 1996LINUX for Power Mac? HD space requirements?
450.01TROOA::BANGUSMon Jan 22 1996Celebris GL - Matrox and Adaptec Stuff
451.011LSNCSC::NICOLETTue Jan 23 1996How to rsh without providing password ?
452.02NETRIX::"booker@szo.dec.com"Tue Jan 23 1996Disappearing Depca -DEC433W
453.023Fri Feb 02 1996Linux-Kernel mailing list
454.01SNOFS1::HARDMANSEANWed Feb 07 1996Problems with S3 Trio32 and X
455.02CGOOA::BONTJEFri Feb 09 1996Free UNIX'es on contemporary Alpha esp XL
456.03PRMSMon Feb 12 1996XF86Config for S3 864 Vision
457.01NETCAD::BARENYSThu Feb 15 1996pioneer 6 disc SCSI changer and LINUX
458.05SIOG::ODONNELLMon Feb 19 1996Vt2
459.04UTRTSC::KNOPPERSThu Feb 22 1996sendmail.cf for easynet use
460.03HAN::ULRICHThu Feb 22 1996Booting Windows NT with LILO ?
461.04HGCSWed Feb 28 1996Kernel could not detect Mitsumi CDROM?
462.05CSC32::R_NICKLESFri Mar 01 1996multiple boot
463.03HGCSFri Mar 01 1996White text on black background under Xwindows?
464.01KAOFS::F_MARIUZFri Mar 01 1996issue > telnet
465.0ROCK::STROPPAROTue Mar 05 1996SIIG Adaptors Driver Needed
466.06CSC32::R_IVERSWed Mar 06 1996Basic network install questions?
467.03GYMAC::PKADLECThu Mar 07 1996Linux on Personal Decstation with MIPS
468.09CPDEV::HURLEYFri Mar 08 1996Installation problems for Digital Celebris GL 512
469.02DECWET::LOWESat Mar 09 1996Delete key behavior
470.019TALLIS::GREENMANThu Mar 14 1996A functioning uugetty.ttysx file?
471.02CSC32::R_NICKLESThu Mar 14 1996partitioning
472.0GYMAC::PKADLECWed Mar 20 1996General isdn4linux questions?!
473.04TRNSun Mar 24 1996Installation FAILS from floppies !!!
474.03JEREMY::YOELTue Mar 26 1996Connet to Shiva System from Linux ?
475.03CSC32::R_NICKLESTue Mar 26 1996which Linux do you like best
476.01UTROP1::RUSCH_PJWed Mar 27 1996SB16 PnP under Linux
477.020QUARK::LIONELWed Mar 27 1996DEC Fortran for Alpha Linux?
478.01LANDO::EIBENFri Mar 29 1996udb and linux
479.0EDWIN::MACHONMon Apr 01 1996Version incompatibility
480.02TINGAU::HEFELEMon Apr 01 1996XFree86 3.1.2B anywhere
481.01NETCAD::BARENYSTue Apr 09 1996ZIP drives?
482.0STAR::HUGHESFri Apr 12 1996Looking for Video Blaster RT3
483.0CBHVAX::CBHTue Apr 16 1996Linux distributions for Sparc?
484.07ANNECY::quasar.aeo.dec.com::level_cWed Apr 17 1996Another W95,NT,Linux boot question.
485.02VMSNET::F_HARRISFri Apr 19 1996Whats a good wave Player ?
486.02TALLIS::GORTONMon Apr 22 1996ELF vs. COFF
487.02TALLIS::GREENMANTue Apr 23 1996music player for RedHat 2.1?
488.02NETCAD::BARENYSTue Apr 30 1996linux and eXcursion - remote terminal
489.02IRNBRU::GRANTTue Apr 30 1996How to get Free Linux CD ?
490.07SWAM1::BARNETTE_NETue Apr 30 1996setting up a connectivity lab
491.04KELVIN::KOUTue Apr 30 1996Adaptec SCSI problem
492.04TAENG4::DOUBLEThu May 02 1996Install problem on Noname board
494.03LATINA::JAGOMEZMon May 06 1996AIC787
495.0EST::DEEGANTue May 07 1996linux on Mustang3
496.011STAR::FENSTERTue May 07 1996NetBSD on Vaxen anyone ?
498.01FRSTSC::TLAUERTue May 14 1996Install fails with segmentation faults and end-of-file errors
499.04IAMNRA::SULLIVANTue May 14 199616MB limit on swap partitions
500.0RECV::HERRLICHTue May 14 1996Java support in the Linux kernel 1.3.1
501.0QCAVThu May 16 1996s3 driver (venturis 575) for Linux
502.02DECWET::MPETERSONSat May 18 1996How to select for DE4x5 ethernet support?
503.02AZUR::HUREZWed May 22 1996MkLinux for PowerMacs is now available!
504.04DAIVC::HERRYYANTOMon May 27 1996Is there driver for Matrox Millenium?
505.0HANNAH::SMITHTue May 28 1996XFree86 configuration for a Digitial VRT19 fixed frequency monitor and a S3 chipset.
506.01DAIVC::HERRYYANTOMon Jun 03 1996TEAC CD-55A on LINUX
507.02UTRTSC::KNOPPERSFri Jun 07 1996x-server performance problem
508.03DECWET::MPETERSONWed Jun 12 1996Setting up remote printers
509.07SUBSYS::MSOUCYWed Jun 19 1996anyone have some hints?
510.01ALFSS2::FINKELSTEINFri Jun 21 1996Internal linux mirror
511.0STAR::FENSTERMon Jun 24 1996Booting MS-DOSx2 and Linux from EIDE disk using lilo
512.01EDSCLU::BLATTWed Jun 26 1996Java+Linux questions
513.02LISVAX::PACHECOFri Jun 28 1996Linux and fddi
514.01SUBSYS::MSOUCYFri Jun 28 1996mount W95 EIDE C: partition while in Linux?
515.02WOTVAX::wazock.lzo.dec.com::taylor_mMon Jul 01 1996Netbui available??
516.01DEKVC::WONKYUNGPARKThu Jul 04 1996Matrox on Linux Alpha (Redhat 3.
517.01DAIVC::HERRYYANTOWed Jul 10 1996Mount NTFS partition
518.01AOSF1::krasWed Jul 10 1996powerstorm drivers?
519.03COMICS::WBROWNThu Jul 18 1996how best to install to a laptop
520.0SUBSYS::MSOUCYMon Jul 22 1996need help in understanding where I am at here!
521.02SNOFS2::GALLAGHERTue Jul 23 19961 MByte upgrade for PCT7H-EA (and XFree86)
522.01ANNECY::BLANDIN_FWed Jul 31 1996gcc/g+++/gdb under linux Alpha
523.03ANNECY::BLANDIN_FWed Jul 31 1996Linux installation with ARC console
524.0ANNECY::BLANDIN_FFri Aug 02 1996Linux installation matter under AXPpci33 ARC console
525.0WOTVAX::wazock.lzo.dec.com::taylor_mTue Aug 06 1996df, free space, hanging
526.03ADOVSun Aug 11 1996Receive errors, bad card?
527.0NETRIX::"rosaci@pao.mts.dec.com"Tue Aug 20 1996Linux via NFS
528.0OSLWed Aug 21 1996Printing subset missing ???
529.02ANNECY::BLANDIN_FFri Aug 30 1996Linux package for AS255/3
530.03SUTRA::MOXLEYTue Sep 03 1996PPP support for 2.
531.02TALLIS::GORTONThu Sep 05 1996Commercial app. requests?
532.04AOSF1::krasFri Sep 06 1996ELF difficulties
533.0TAVENG::HADADWed Sep 11 1996how do I use RS232 control line (i.e. RTS CTS )?
534.02VAXRIO::VIEIRAWed Sep 18 1996How to configure a remote printer.
535.01IROCZ::NATUSCHWed Sep 18 1996Caldera dist vs. Red Hat Dist
536.04ADOVThu Sep 19 1996XFree86 looks curved on PCXBV-RM?
537.01TAENG4::DOUBLEThu Sep 19 1996disable the virtual desktop
538.01EDSCLU::BLATTFri Sep 20 1996adduser and locked out
539.03TLAVTue Sep 24 1996X server for MGA Millenium
540.02NETRIX::"adrian@imlost.stl.dec.com"Tue Oct 01 1996ELF kernel and Loadlin
541.0CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Oct 02 1996Jumpers for NE2
542.03REDDWF::GIFFORDFri Oct 04 1996Require udb.gz
543.0TAENG4::JSLAITue Oct 08 1996Bug in gawk 3.
544.04SPESHR::roxbox.shr.dec.com::rockwellWed Oct 09 1996linux without monitor, keyboard, mouse
545.014HERON::KAISERMon Oct 14 1996Install w SoundBlaster CD? Win95 dual boot?
546.01ADOVWed Oct 16 1996Linux on an Alpha (25
547.06ANNECY::quasar.aeo.dec.com::level_cMon Oct 21 1996Linux on Multia
548.0129953::SWANSONTue Oct 22 1996lilo caused invalid media type
549.0COMICS::WBROWNMon Oct 28 1996Configuring X on an IBM ThinkPad 755CX
550.01GYRO::HOLOHANTue Oct 29 1996No ethernet with 1.2.13 kernel
551.05ALEXWS::GEULASun Nov 03 1996How do I define printer and modem in LINUX?
552.0BLOFLY::SMITHPWed Nov 06 1996LINUX support for multiprocessor Intel (eg Kauai) ?
553.06CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONMon Nov 11 1996Faster serial ports
554.03BACHUS::DIDDENMon Nov 18 1996UFS patch installatiion question
555.03ANNECY::quasar.aeo.dec.com::level_cMon Nov 18 1996DHCP ?
556.0ALEXWS::GEULATue Nov 19 1996
557.06ALEXWS::GEULATue Nov 19 1996Ummm...whoever said that problems multiply exponentially
558.04VAXRIO::MARCIA_LThu Nov 21 1996Diamond Stealth 64/Linux
559.07FRSTSC::TLAUERThu Nov 21 1996man command not working
560.0BACHUS::DIDDENFri Nov 29 1996slackware V3.1 tape install fails
561.0+4NEWVAX::PAVLICEKMon Dec 02 1996Trying to connect an OKIJET 2
562.01RDGENG::farmsMon Dec 02 1996Boot LINUX from UDB hard disk
563.02CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONMon Dec 09 1996FTP Telnet access is denied
564.036866::PAVLICEKMon Dec 16 1996InfoWorld Review of Red Hat 4.
565.0STAR::BUDATue Dec 17 1996AS4
566.02KISMIF::JEMIOLOWed Dec 18 1996Where is PATH setup during loggin
567.04WOTVAX::wazock.lzo.dec.com::taylor_mWed Dec 18 1996rpc.mountd hangs 2.
568.0VMSNET::F_HARRISSat Jan 04 1997Problems NFS mounting winnah
569.01ANGST::legoe.zko.dec.com::angst.zko.dec.com::marshallWed Jan 08 1997NeoMagic Video and X?
570.0NETRIX::"ford@star.zko.dec.com"Wed Jan 22 1997Id number incre'ed by OS for fragmented (IP_MF ip flag set, raw sock,etc)
571.0 *+1SIOG::ODONNELLFri Jan 24 1997Port of CDE for Linux ?.
572.0 *+6CFSCTC::SMITHSun Jan 26 1997Continental Cablevision's "Highway1" vs. Linux?
573.0 *+10WOTVAX::wazock.lzo.dec.com::taylor_mWed Feb 05 1997MS Exchange client for linux??
574.0 *+2PANTER::MARTINThu Feb 06 1997Slackware 3.1 on Digital Personnal Workstation 62
575.0 *WOTVAX::wazock.lzo.dec.com::taylor_mFri Feb 07 1997MX!*&^
576.0 *+1NEWVAX::PAVLICEKFri Feb 07 1997Should Digital Really Get Behind Linux?
577.0 *+3OTOOA::JPONDFri Feb 07 1997POP3 mail client & SMTP?
578.0 *+5LEMAN::GABLERFri Feb 14 1997Linux on a Digital PWS2
579.0 *+2NEWVAX::PAVLICEKTue Feb 25 1997FYI: PCI EIDE Controller Flaws Discovered
580.0 *+1DJOVTue Mar 04 1997Only root user run startx!
581.0 *+1NETRIX::"neil.foiles@sro.mts.dec.com"Fri Mar 07 1997Serial printer setup.
582.0 *+2LORRIN::LEESat Mar 08 1997Second Ethernet card not seen?
583.0 *+4LEMAN::GABLERMon Mar 10 1997LINUX on PWS2
584.0 *NEWVAX::PAVLICEKThu Mar 13 1997Datamation article 4/96: A good Linux summary
585.0 *+3EDWIN::JJWed Mar 19 1997Redhat 4.1 and UDB installation problems
586.0 *+2ASIC::DEEGANSun Mar 23 1997New Moderator Needed
587.0 *SWAM1::POIANI_MIThu Mar 27 1997Alpha Personal Workstation
588.0 *+2NETRIX::"notov@mail.dec.com"Fri Mar 28 1997Installing PGP?
589.0 *+3ODIXIE::ROWENThu Apr 03 1997Celebris Ethernet Controller 21142 tulip?
590.0 *KAMPUS::NEIDECKERMon Apr 07 1997Redhat 4.1 on Vobis PC ?
591.0 *+1KISMIF::JEMIOLOMon Apr 07 1997Any plans port linux to the AlphaServe 8
592.0 *+4CSC32::T_SULLIVANThu Apr 17 1997Setting up gateway, home LAN -> ISP
593.0 *+4NEWVAX::PAVLICEKFri Apr 18 1997Atlanta Linux Showcase, June 7-8 1997
594.0 *+2ANGST::legoe.zko.dec.com::angst.zko.dec.com::marshallFri Apr 18 1997DE2
595.0 *+3HANNAH::SMITHTue Apr 29 1997I/O Error when trying to access a modem on a serial port.....
596.0 *+2NNTPD::"utz@allvax.enet.dec.com"Tue Apr 29 1997Can Linux be installed on a 5
597.0 *+12NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Apr 30 1997PPPD changes needed to use RAS
598.0 *NNTPD::"CascioP@mail.dec.com"Tue May 06 1997Linux Tunnel?
599.0 *TAVThu May 15 1997Linux on PWS2
600.0 *+2ABBYRD::SULLIVANFri May 16 1997NCR/Symbios 53c875 chip SCSI adapter and red-hat...
601.0 *+5OGBON::t2.tunnel.sno.dec.com::gordonSun May 18 1997Xterm problem
602.0 *STAR::PRYANTue May 20 1997install problem - triGem
603.0 *+8SSDEVO::FIALAWed May 21 1997Looking for gs la75-filter
604.0 *+11DECWET::LOWESat May 24 1997Repairing a partition table.
605.0 *+3SUBPAC::BAIRSun May 25 1997Problem w/AHA152x + recent Linux kernel boot -- System hangs
606.0 *+2VAXRIO::ALCIDESTue May 27 1997linux on a PW 433
607.0 *+1STAR::PRYANWed May 28 1997master boot record lilo
608.0 *+2STAR::PRYANWed May 28 1997
609.0 *+1STAR::PRYANThu Jun 05 1997VFS: mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly - hangs here ???